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Advertising Talks
(For Advertiser and Reader.)
Drills at Ellipse Reviewed
by Maj. Gen. March
and Others.
P Seventeen hundred of Washins
ittn'M future soldiers composing ^he
^Washington High School Cadet Brl
ffade. were yesterday reviewed by
'Maj. G?n. Peyton C. March, Chief
'*V?f staff. United States army. In
! Uieir anual review held yesterafy
! on the Ellipse.
Marched Ptft White H*?ae.
IL Th? review Was preceded by a
parade down Pennsylvania avenue.
I Instead of turning into Fifteenth
i street as was expected, the cadets
f marched past the White House In er
*er to have President Wilson re
view them. hut. as the President
C, in New York, they were dls
aP\mon? those who reviewed the
Ittdets With Gen. March were: Com
uiiaaloner Gardiner. Engineer Coni
CUlssionor Knight. George Hamilton.
D Learned. J H. I-arner. presi
dent Washington Loan and Trust
r Company; Superintendent of Schools
Ernest U Thurston. Assistant Super
intendent of Schools, Kramer, and
- Thornton C. Peyton. Mr. Peyton is
\ Uie only negro member of the
| Board of Education.
L An exhibition drill was given pre
1 ceding the review by Companies A.
C and D. of Tech: Company C.
won the competitive drill last year.
> The Marine Band was in attend
ance and furnished music for the
This is the first year in which
I white and r.esro cadets were ever
in review together.
' Three moving picture men photo
I -graphed the cadcts as they were be
| ing reviewed by Maj. <5en. March.
Cartoonist Congressman
? Makes Kaiser of Lemon;
Then Talks to "Boys"
also interested in what your
competitors are doing.
* The public is vitally interest
ed in what they wear, and eat.
and use in their homes, and in
what they wilt have to pay for
those things, and they go to
their only source of informa
tion, the advertising columns of
?? their home paper to learn how
to spend their money to the
best advantage.
Forget your competitors for
a little, and think of what it
would mean to you to place
your store news before 100,
000 interested readers every
Don't think so much about
what your competitors are do
ing. and think a little oftener
_ of what you can do in a com
. munity of 400.000 people who
. need your goods, and who will
buy them when you tell them
fairly and squarely what you
- have.
The Herald is read in 30,000
1 Somes every day ; you can
ulace your store newt before
*100,000 readers every day
through the advertising col
fnn? of The Herald at the co?t
af $1.00 a day. #
We will furnish the audience,
.Jr. Merchant; also, the talk
. rod pictures which will interest
the audience. Will you go be
fore the curtain?
^hone Main 3300.
Kaiser William may not be a lemon,
but a lemon may develop into the
Kaiser. Yesterday Representative J.
' M. Baer. of South Dakota, the House
cartoonist, showed a group of sol
diers at the Y. M. C. A- hut at Camp
Meigs how it* could be done. I nder
Mr. Bear*3 pencil an innocent-appear
ing lemon became the Kaiser, airf a
ft blood-thirsty bulldog. Von Hinden
berg. *
j Mr. Baer spoke briefly to the men
?n their duty as Christian soldiers,
and on their country's duty to them.
- "We want you to feel." he said, "that
1 while you are making the world safe
for democracy, we are keeping democ
racy fit for the world." He urged
! them to come back from the battle
field with higher ideala of manhood
and Christianity. "You are fltfbUng
for democracy." he continued. and
Christianity is the soul of democ
the close of his talk he called
upon the men to ask for cartoons of
various men in public life. At their
request h- drew Wilson. Roosevelt,
and "Dad.1V Miller, the camp's re
ligious worker.
Scuffle Caused Death;
Brown Is Acquitted
A Jury Hi Criminal Division t yes
terday acquitted Raymond Brown of
a charge of manslaughter in caus
ing tlx death at his friend, Paul H.
Moretand, September 23, 1*17.
Kvldenc* In the case showed that
the two had engaged In a friendly
scuffle. In which Morel and was thrown
to the ground and Injured fatally. |
The trial Jury viewed the matter
from the standpoint of an accident,
and held the accused blameless.
Brown was defended by Attorney
Alexander Wolf and former Police
Judge Jssnes I* Pugti. The case mark
ed the first appearance of the latter
In the Criminal Court since his re
tirement from the bench.
Despite Disaster, All Believe in
AIIi?s' Victory.
"There is not one Serbian who has
lost hope," Dr. I. Alcalay. chief rabbi
of Serbia, last night told the*mem
bcrs of the Eighth Street Temple.
"With the enemy occupying our ter
ritory and every male between the
ages of fourteen and sixty deported
to work In the mine^ and Held* of j
Austria and Germany, the people still I
cling to their faith in the outcome of
the war."
, Dr. Alcalay spoke of the many j
sacrifices made by his countrymen !
since the opening of the war?of their
successful resistance to the Austrian
troops. "Had Bulgaria not entered
I the war we would have resisted to
i the end," he continued. "But with
the troops of Austria. Germany and
i Bulgaria within our borders we could
do nothing but surrender for the
J The rabbi told of the gratitude of
I the Serbian people for the aid sent
, to them by the people of this country
j and of their joy at the United States'
! entrance into the war. The food and
medical aid sent, he stated, had saved j
, a nation from death by starvation J
| and sickness. 5 I
Business High Alumni Arranges ,
Many Events for Excursion.
J A silver cup will be awarded the |
| individual who scores the highest
| number of points in athletic events
to be held at Marshall Hall, at the
j thirteenth annual excursion of the
j Business High School Alumni. June
7. A number of local merchants have
also donated prizes of candy, jew
elry. etc., to be given to the best
j athletes.
I Three boats will leave the Seventh
! street wharves at 10. 2:30 and 6:30
j o'clock. The first two boats will
convey principally the students of
; Business and other high schools,
while the third boat, which will t
leave at 6:30, will be mainly for the i
alumni. i
Athletic events will be held imme- j
j diately after the arrival of the se?
ond boat. A swimming tournament
i will be held as soon as the first boat i
I arrives. Fifty per cent of the net ]
j proceeds will go to the Red Cross
: which will use It in work for the
, Business High boys now fighting foi
| Uncle Sam.
i The committee which has charge of
j the excursion Is: Chairman, Joseph
' C. Wilkes; vice chairmen, F. S. Haz
ard and Douglas H. Moore; treas
urer, F. D. Connor; secretary. Mar
tin Schroman; special features. Leo
Racca; publicity. Carl E. L. Gill;
school Interests. Miss Heater Car
ter; decorations. Miss Minnie Gor
man; tickets at school. Miss M. J.
Watts; athletics. Dr. H. N. Dorraan
and Carroll Keenan.
There will be dancing after the
first boat reaches Marshall Hall, and
continuous dancing as soon as the
third boat arrives, as an extra band
has been secured for the evening.
j The Church of Nativity will hold
its annual corporate ^communions in
the Nativity and Resurrection Chapels
tomorrow, Whltsun Day. Services
I will be held at ?, 7:30 and 11 in the
morning, and a| 8 o'clock in the
evening a choir and festival service
? will be held, at which prizes will be
.awarded to the boys who have made
j the best records during the year,
j The choir master is S. P. Minnick.
j ReV. Enoch M. Thompson is pastor
| of the Church of Nativity.
The Christian
Science Monitor
thinks in hemi
spheres. Its
news and ad
vertising and
circulation are
world wide.
This "Interna
tional Dally News
paper, published by
The Christian Science
Publishing Society,
Boston, is distributed
in Washington each
morning by mail and
through news dealers.
Sample copies will
be gladly sent upon
17,000,000 Persons Sub
scribe to Fighting Fund
of Nation.
America'a Third IJberty Lo?n haa
been oversubscribed by t1.1W,0i9.?fl|
the Treasury Department announced
lust night.
This result not only exceed! every
?ilher government loan In proving the
patriotism of the people, accordtn*
to department omelala. but exceeds
sa well the response of the people
of any other nation In the war, in
cluding Germany.
Shtwi l ulled Spirit.
Besides the material purpose of
rawing money to support the war.
it is deemed of incalculable value
?ii demonstrating to friend and foe
alike the readiness and eagerness of
Americans at home to help those
Americans who are at the front.
Approximately 17,000,000 persons sub
scribed, almost twice as many as
in the second loan and more than
four times as many as in the first,
showing an Increasing interest among ,
the people and desire to sacrifice for ,
the American cause.
The subscription by districts, in
money and in percentage, was as fol- J
lews: ? J
District Quota Subscrlp- Pet.
(in millions* tions
Minneapolis... 1<>5 $1*>,H26,350 172
Kansas City.. 130 3tt.301.060 156
St. foutfl 130 1W.0?>.900 153
Atlanta 30 13MM.J5* ?
Philadelphia. 2o? 361.963.500 144
Dallas *> 115.396.200 144
Chicago mjOkm 143
Richmond 130 185.966.950 143
Boston 2Trf> 354.537.250 142
San Francisco 210 296,577.450 136
Cleveland 300 404.H88.200 133
New York ... 900 1.114.930.700 124
V. 8. Treasury 17,915,150
3.000 $4,170,019,650 139
Seeretary Mr Adoo'a Statement.
In a statement issued last night.
Secretary McAdoo said:
?This great result was achieved,
notwithstanding the fact that the
country has been called upon to pay
since the Second Liberty Loan and
to and including the month of June
income and excess profits taxes to
the amount of approximately $3,000,000,
000. which will make a total turned
into the Treasury of the United States
within a few months, from such taxes
and the Third Liberty Loan, of over
In the first campaign, which start
ed just one year ago. bonds were j
sold to approximately 4.500.000 people,
and the country was amazed at this
wonderful evidence of public inter- .
lest. In October about 9.500,000 people
bought liberty bonds, and now, with
1 an even more effective organization
j and an intense spirit of patriotism
throughout the country, approximately i
I 17.000.00o people purchased bonds of j
I the Third Liberty Loan. This equals |
I approximately one-sixth of our total j
; population."
' Charles Psliner has enlisted In the j
I f nited States Naval Reserve Force
land is now at his station in Philadel- j
i phia. i
Mrs. George Curry 'h visiting rela
tives at her former home in West- I
mir.ster, Md. |
John Dudley has returned from
Swarthmore University for the sum
mer vacation.
Maurice Rackey is in Casualty Hoe- [
pital with a fractured ankle as the ;
result of a street car accident yes- I
Howard Grover is recovering from |
a severe illness.
Albert O. Pierro is out of town on
business. I
Clifford Koester. of Georgetown, an
apprentice seaman stationed at Phil- |
adelphia. is visiting his home here
I Charles L. Turren. of Cambridge.
Md.. is in the city for a few days. |
Martin K. Campbell, of the General |
Land Office, is on sick leave.
Floyd S. Emerson, of the Govern- j
trcnt Printing Office, has resigned. |
j Krstis M. Owens, of the Treasury |
j Department, is in Buffalo, N. Y., on |
: departmental business.
Vernon J. Bourke has received an1
j appointment as messenger in the pat- i
? ent office.
j Ferguson Fague. son of Mr. and j
? Mrs. Thomas W. Fague, 942 O street, ,
I a sergeant in the 332nd Field Artil
l lery, has been designated to attend
the fourth officers* training camp at
Camp Grant Rockford, III. This camp J
began May 15.
Miss Dorothy Hadley has returned
home from a week's visit with friends |
I in Montrose, Pa.
1 Rev. J. Quincy Smythe. pastor of j
the Unitarian Church at Trinity Cen- ,
I ter. Cal., has returned to his pastor
j ate after a brie* visit here.
Jonathan D. Spencer, of the Interior
j Department, is on sick leave,
j Dwight J. King hss resumed his j
studies at one of the local schools .
I after his recent illness.
| Mrs. Mazie K. Barnes, wife of Dr. 1
j Clinton T. Barnes, of the Medical
j Corps, has returned home from a visit I
! with friends at Atlantic City. |
I J. Arthur Madison, executive secre
] tary of the Deep Gravel Mining Com
j pany, of Deadwood, S. Dak., is a
i visitor here. I
Member's Death Pats Off
Veterans' Reception
I On account of the death last Thurs
' day of Gabriel Edmonaton, a promi
nent member of Camp 171, Confeder
ate Veterans, the reception planned
to be held last night at Confederate
Memorial Home. 13K Vermont ave
nue northwest, by the United Daugh
ters of the Confederacy, In honor of
the veterans, has been postponed for
a week.
Movie Showing Begins
At Y. M. C. A. Camp Hnti
Showing of motion pictures bona
In nwral T. M. C. A. hula In campt
about Wuhlncton this week. In all
of thaaa other tuc'-i'lon work had
already been carried on.
fehoae In aOlch the motion picture
exhibition* were started were the T.
If. C. A. building for the artillery
section of Quantlco; Potomac Park
buildins; Occoquan building; the new
building at Camp Humphrey* and at
Installation of motion picture ap
paratus also has beep approved for
the Edaall target range and at Port
Foot. * ' : '
Quantico Commandant of Marine
Corpt to Go to France.
Oen. John A. Lejeune, comman
dant of the Marine Corps Camp, at
Quantico, yesterday reviewed Ihc
5,000 troops of his command in a
farewell parade, as he has been or
dered by the Navy Department to
France. Gen. Lejeune expects to
leave very soon, and consequently 1
made this the occasion to bid fare
well to the troops he has com
manded for more than a year.
On the reviewing platform with
Gen. Lejeune were Maj. Gen. George
Barnett, commander of the Marine
Corps, and Gen. Charles Long. also
of the Marine Corps. The brigade
composed of two regiments of ar
tillery, and two of Infantry, passed
in reveiw, and then assembled at
the camp post, where it %* as ad
dressed by Oen. Lejeune. In mak
ing: his farwell address the General
declared that he was not in fact
bidding his men farewell, as he was
but going ty France to prepare for!
their arrival later. Gen. Lejeune;
praised the type of men who were
enlisting in the service of their j
country now for purely patriotic
motives, and declared that the men
of his command at Quantico were
exceptionally good soldiers, and
the finest he had ever commanded.
In the evening Gen. Lejeune was
given a farewell dinner by the offi
cers of the camp at the Officers*
Club, and Mrs. Lejeune was tender
ed a reception at the Y. \V. C. A.
Hostess' Home.
Lure of Spring Calls
Y. M. C. A. Boys from
Homes to Out-o'-Doors
The boys' department. Washington
Y. M. C. A., planned its annual
spring outing today, a little beyond
the end of the Cabin John Bridge
All members were invited, and ask
ed to bring friends with them. They
were to meet at the boys' depart
ment building at 9 o'clock, and bring
luncheons and car tickets.
2to classes were to be held today
in the boys* department, except the
regular classes for employed boys.
Kendall Baptist.
Rev. Harry T. Hoskins, of the First
Baptist Church of Huutlngdon, Pa.,
will preach tomorrow morning at the
! Kendall Baptist Church on the theme
J "The Soul's Right Hand."' and In
s the evening tne subject for his scr
j mon will l>e "Well Done/'
! Anmj and Xn%y Day at Petnorih
Chaplain John B. Fraxier. of the
Cnited States navy, will speak at
i the morning service of Petworth Bap
I tist Church. In the absence of Rev.
| F. Paul Langhorne. who is at Atlan
i tic City, attending the Northern Bap
' tist convention.
Chaplain Stewart R. Crockett, of
, the United States army, will speak in
the evening at 7:45 o'clock.
? Special invitation has been extended
I to army and navy men to visit the
I services. Music will be #eiidered b>;
I the Junior and senior choirs. The
| senior choir continues to visit Walter
Reed Hospital for the 7 o'clock meet
ing Sunday evenings.
First ( ongregatlonal Church.
I Dr. James L. Gordon, pastor of
| the First Congregational Church.
Tenth and G streets northwest, an
| nounces the following subjects for
j tomorrow: 11 a. m., "If Robert G.
; Ingersoll Were Alive Today;" 8 p.
j m., "A Young Woman in Washing
! ton Without a Chaperon." Twelve
hundred copies of Dr. Gordon's book
[ let of poems for soldiers and sailors
j will be distributed at the evening
i service. There will be a soprano solo
i at the evening service by Mrs. Mel
I vllle D. Lindsay. ?
The musical selections for tomor
I row's services will be: _
11 a. m.?Organ prelude, "The Aii
| swer'" (Wolstenholm); anthem. "O
j Worship the Lord" (Hollins); inci
[ dental solo, Mrs. Smart; offertory
quartet, "Forever With the Lord"
(Gounod); organ postlude. Allegro
Vivace (Stansfleld). ?
7:30 p. m.?Organ prelude. Allegro
Moderato. Concerto No. 4 (Handel).
"Minuet" (Boccherini); "Fountain
Reverie" (Fletcher); choir, "Gloria"'
from the Twelfth Mass (Mozart); so
prano solo, "The Day Is Ended"
(Bartlett). Mrs. Melville D. Lindsay
8 p. m.?Anthem, "Say, Watchman,
What of the Night" (Sullivan); offer
tory, quartet. "Dreams of Gallilee"
(Morrison); organ postlude, Fuge in A
minor (Bach); chorus, choir of fifty
voices. Quartet. Mrs. B. H. Smart,
soprano; Miss Marian Lamer, con
tralto; Herbert F. Aid ridge, tenor; J.
Walter Humphrey, bass. William
Stansfleld, organist and musical di
lf?w Vork Avenue Presbyterian.
The presentation by word and pic
ture of the life of the "Sailor. Afloat
and Ashore," by Rev. Dr. Geo. S.
Webster, of New York, In the New
The Horrible Handicap
Of Poisoned Blood
The Meet Innocent Safer Even
Unto the Third and Fourth Gen
eration, Bat Relief U New
ia Sight
It fau Ions been accepted as a mat
ter of course that the aina of the
father! niuat be suffered by innocent
posterity, yet It la hard to become
reconciled to thia condition. The heri
tage of physical Infirmity la a handi
cap under which thousands must face
the battle of life.
Bcrofula la probably , the moat no
ticeable of the transmitted blood dls
orders. though there are other more
sever* diseases of the blood that paaa
from one generation to another. No
?natter what Inherited blood taint yon
?ay be laboring under, a a a oC*
| fers hope. This remedy has been iu
general use tor more than nfty years.
It la purely vegetable, and contains
not a particle of any chemical, and
acta promptly on the blood by rout
ing all traces of the taint, and re
storing it to absolute purity.
Some of the most distressing caaes
of transmitted blood poison have
yielded to the treatment of 8. 8. 8.,
and no case should be considered in
curable until this great remedy has
j been given a thorough trial. S. 8. 8.
acts as an antidote to every impurity
in the blood. You can obtain it at any
drug store. Our chief medical ad
viser will take pleasure in giving you
without cost any advtoe that your In
dividual ease requires. Write today
to Swift Specific Co., <8 Swift Labor
atory, Atlanta, Qa?Adv.
Baer Tells Congress Grain
Will Be Lost if Not
Opening debate on the admlnistra- I
tion "food production" bill yaatarday.
Representative Baer. of North Da
kota. Nonpartisan, predicted a record
I crop of wheat He said the nation
would have to aid the fanners mo
j bllise labor at harvest time the same
I as help Is given shipyards and muni
I Hons factories in obtaining employes
Free Fares im Karma.
The bill, Baer pointed out, ?fcts a
precedent In United SUtes labor ar
rangements , by offering free railroad
fares to farm Isborers. The labor
and agricultural departments are to
co-operate in inducing city laborers
in non-essential industries to take
Jobs in the country.
Five hundred thousand dollars is
appropriated to pay their fares.
Other appropriations are given to
study best methods of killing various
farm pests and food destroyers, to j
give expert instruction In coaxing ad- ,
ditional bushels of crops from sn I
acre, for sell??>x seed at cost to the
farmer, and for making a general es
timate of the country's productive
Ta Aid with Harvest*
"The labor clause in this bill." said
Baer, "vlrtuallv adopts the principle '
of the bill I recently Introduced. It i
will aid the farmers of the nation. I
who have put in the greatest ncreage j
In history, complete their harvest. 1
without waste
"A farmer. h!s wife and a child may !
often .seed 120 acres of wheat, but !
when harvest comes, the seed, the
labor and all will have been lost it I
the grain Is not gsrnered. It It tbr j
best of Judgment to aid the farmer.^ !
then, Ju.:t as It is to help the muni
tion makers and shipbuilders keej. !
their plants busy to cepacity."
Baer said that tractors would be of ?
untold importance in stretching the I
capacity of man power.
Soldier Kelly Disown}
| Father Who Disowned
Him; Asks New Name
' James William Kelly, aged 21. *
! native of New York City, now pri
vate in Company 130, Kleventh Rcgi
j ment of Mobile Artillery, stationed
| at Quantico. Va.. has petitioned the
! equity courts to have his name
changed to that of William Flannery.
I his dead mother's maiden name.
The petition recites that after the
death of his mother in ^August. 1903.
his father remarried and has since
disowned the young msn entirely,
which has aroused his anger so that
he wishes to disown the name of
York Avenue I'hureh Sunday evening
will be of ex'-eeding present-day in
| terest
< harek of the Ciraait.
At the Church of the Covenant
the music will be Riven by the
Triple Quartet and in the even
ing by the Evening Choir of IK
voice* with Double Quartet, both
services being under the direction
of Sydney Lloyd Wrightson. with
Harvey Murray at the organ. The
following are the musical numbers:
Afternoon ? Antlipm-Supplicatlon
(Scott), Soprano Solo. "I Do Not
Ask. O Lord" (Sproas). Anthem,
"Hear Me When 1 Call" (Hall), (In
cidental solo). Miss Craig; Anthem.
"Grant Ue Thy Peace" (Mendels
Evening?Organ Prelude. Andante
B flat (Peace). Anthem. "Abide With
Me" (Reed). (Incidental solo), Mr.
Wilson: Contralto Solo, "Light and
Darkness" (Cowen), Mis* Jacobs:
Anthem. "Dear Spirit Lead Me"
(Miles), (Incidentil solo). Mr. Kast;
Anthem. "The Bells of Heaven"
(Blount). Organ Postlude. Festival
Ckrlstll. KitdeaT.r.
On next Wednesday evening. May
Dr. Daniel A. Poling, associate
president and citizenship superintend
ent of the United Society of Christian
Endeavor, who has Just returned
from Franco, will tell of hie adven
tures with our boys "over there"
from the base to the front line
trenches. This meeting, which will
be at the First Congregational
Church, Tenth and G streets north
west, will be under the auspices of
the Christian Endeavor Union of the
j District of Columbia, with the co
operation of the T. M. C. A., the Y.
| W C. A., the W. C. T. U., and the
Anti-Saloon League. Dr. Poling la i
'a lecturer of nation-wide prominence
Mid his talk is expected to he well I
1 .vorth hearing. Admission to the
church up to * o'clock will be by I
1 ticket, after which time the general
. public will be admitted.
| The nominating committee, which1
will select the candidates for election
to offices in the Christian Kndeavor'
J Union for the coming year, has been J
appointed by the present president
of the union, and consists of the fol
I lowing Endeavorer Earl Taggart j
(chairman) of the* Vermont Avenue
I Christian Church. Joseph Scott. Jr.. j
I of the Ninth Street Christian Church. I
Mrs. Jamea McAllister of the Tacoma |
I Park Presbyterian Church, Miss j
.Grace Johnston of the Ecklngton j
Presbyterian Church. Jamea Prather J
| of the Randall Highlands Baptist
. Church, F. S. Reid of the Shlloh Bap- j
J tist Church, Roscoe Mague of the'
J First Congregational Church, Mrs. J.
. D. Mtirlvln of the Ingram Memorial
Church. Mi^s Emma Hess' of the I
North Carolina Avenue Methodist
Protestant Church. Miss Therese Lee
of the Rhode Island Avenue Meth
odist Protestant Church, John A.
Aman of the Reformation Luthefin
Church. Irving L. Kock of LutnJr
Place Memorial Church. John Else
man of the Friends Church and one
of his fellow members to serve with
| him. and D. Floyd Michael of the
| United Brethren Church and one of
1 his members to serve with him. This
committee will hold Its first meeting
thla evening at the headquarters of
the Christian Endeavor Union, 1325
G street northwest.
The regular Saturday evening so
cial for soldiers and sailors held at
the various downtown churches will
be given this evening by the Chris
tian Endeavor Society of the First
Congregational Church. Tenth and G
streets northwest.
Wllfard Bible Class.
The Mtlford Bible Class of New
York Avenue Preabyterlan Church
Is continuing 1U splendid activities
along the various Una* it has been
interested In. and la constantly
enlisting newcomer*." At Its last
btsinesa meeting it voted to take
II a. m.?Mr. Schroeder speaks at 3124 llth Street
N. W. on'the subject:
"The Red Cross as an Object Lesson
of Universal Unity"
? ^
The Sign of the Ministering Angel
of the 20th Century.
There in in thete times a veritable ocean of sorrow and
suffering engulfing million; of souls. A Society with the
membership and resources of the Red Cross, actuated, as it
is. hy the love of Cod and Man, can best undertake the
tremendous burden of extending succor and relief. The Red
Cross activities are being directed towards supporting the
courage and caring for the injured.
-It is my earnest hope that everyone will co-operate with
the Red Cross committee in their efforts, to the end that the
society shall be enabled to extend the fullest measure of
S?day, Nay 19.
II a. ?.?"IF ROBERT C.
8 p. fc ?"A YOUNG WOMAN
t7 l.Jftfl copied of Dr. Gordi*V
booklet of poems for *??ld iep*
and sailor* will be distributed
at the evening service. It run
tain* "The Sill of the old Front
First Coagref&ticnal Church,
Cor. of Tenth and I. Ma. X. %%'.
Mr. Schroeder's services are discontinued during the sum-.
mer months and until further notice.
During Mr. Schroeder's stay in Washington he will fill j
appointments for various church organizations, as called. No- !
tices of appointments to appear in the newspapers.
N. Y.
wa?hin?;tow rATUKMU
At the National Cathedral ( |n*e
Mount St. Alhnn.
Caracr of VflRUtrlivarftk and
%% i?eoa?in Atrnuea N. W.
K%er> suaday at 4 P. M.
Besiaalas V% hitaaaUa.?. Mmy
Preacher. May 18, Rev. J. C
ence J one.-. Ph.D.. rector of
Mary's Church. Brooklyn. X.
Special wir prayers.
? Music by full Cathedral Vested
Service and aetnion in
Bethlehem Chapel in case of
favorable weather. All are
vlted. Take cieorgetown
Somerset cars.
St. John's Church,
Mu*ic led bT Quartet Choir.
rr? Ret. Jaha V lllta. D.D.. ;
?a -International len
Ave. Presbyterian Church Chaplain John B. Frazier,
Y. Aw.. 13th and H SU. * th* ln,"d *Mm s**> ??"*?*?? I
| monunc srmce at the 1
Petworth Baptist Church,
Seventh and Randolph Sts. N W.
In the absrn-V of the ptst<Y, Rr*. Paul F. j
Lanchorne, mho n at Atlantic City attMiduifi *
the Northern Bai<l.-U Convention.
7:45 P. M?
Chaplain Stewart R. Crockett.
of the I'nited '?tat.** Army, i?|csk*
Special inritati-ti ia etlrrxled to Araij and
Na*r m?n to attend rnices.
S.00 p. m.?Dr. Geo. R. Webster, of
of Kow Vorh. -The
Sailor Afloat and*
Ashore,** llljastrated.
a. m.?Bible School,
a. in.? Adnlt Bible Clnsaea.
p. ra.?Christian Endeavor So
en and nemcomeri eapecially in
First Chnreh of Christ, Scientist.
of Wat-hincton, Columbia road and Euclid bt.
Second Chnreh of Christ. Scientist,
of Waahington, N. E. Masonic Trmpir,
EisbtU and F Sti N E
Third Cborch of ChrUt. Sciential,
of Washington, 14 Jackson Hace.
Subjecti "Mortals and Immortal*."
I 8erricea?Sunday. 11 a. m. and 8 p .m.
| Sunday school?First and Second churches. 11
j a. m. Third church. 0:45 a. m.
I Widneaday evening meeting,'8 p. ra.
RKAUI S?i ROOMS?Colorado bids . llth and
C ata., hours, M> to 0. (Wed.. 10 to 7. and
Sua., 2JO to 530.? 1803 Adama Mill rd. n?r..
hour*. M to I (except Wed. ere., 8unda>? and
holidays.) 118 East Capitol it, hours, 10 to
S (except Sundays and holiday*.)
?<? a. a-flOLT ?X?MMI SION.
?:li a. a-LllCni MXDAY wH?w?L
1,? a. m ? H? ?LY COM ML XKlN AND
Monday- and Tu^tay-Moljr t neiiBun."r at
Wednrttdaf and Friday?Service of Int ns?
mot at 12:15 p. in
Tburada>-Holv t\<n:munion at n<?e.
Church af the Gasd Sbepl d
Rer. C. K ARR??TT. Vicar.
?Ne?ta fr?? and nna*onH
Cordial ?flc>mie to atraas**a
7 Jt> and 11 a.m. and 8 i m
?3& to 8 p m. - Suiprr f?r aaHber* and -*raa
First Baptist
16th and 0 Streets
Close to Scott Circle.
Where stranger* feel at borne.
Minister. Rev. W. W. Mi\luter.
Quartet Choir. All ?eat* free. ?
11 s. aa.- A ri BUO NUISANCE."
? p.^ia.-"IX THE DARK ROOM.**
?:? a. m.-liibJs school, with claa^s for alL
7.00 p. m ?C. E. Society, a meeting express
ly for young jeople. a cordial welcome assured.
* t? IS p.ai - Soma! and dsuce W uien in ?.!?
IS a.m.- Open ug aniw of the taent) 'hif4
annual fowwwtina of the lltnrrse of Washington.
8 pan ?Dioceaaa mie?i"nan serr??T
H street cats fCohanhia lin?" to fth s* n ?.
8th and F rata <?^ap?tal Tra?ii?>n' to fth ?. n *.
W., B. A A ?ar* to Mh at. n #. I'bwids s?*
cars to 8th and H S?. ne.
The Nativity ??
IS. |1 8
Wbita-utdav -~?'ciuu.uni< :i-?. T:?S aud a. m.
Hie Er?nrre<tinn <tanrnuni?t?t ? a m. Th? Na
titity '-hoir teatital. 8 V- ??.
All Souls' Chnreh
LLTSSES M. B. PIERCE. D. D . Minister.
9:46 a. m.. Sunday sc1kx>1. t'lasa for tlir
('omparatiTe htudy of Religion, and Emctx?n
Study Class
11 a. m.t morning service, s rmon by Ret.
!'!>?#? G. R. Pierce. D.D.
There is also kindergarten during the ho'tg.
of raoraing worship.
8 p. m.. liberal Rcligioua Onion will b* at
Imme to yonng people. .Mrs. Ixwiia F. To*?,
wife of thr Assistant Secretary of ljihor. ?.U
-peak on "The Day*pring." All welcome.
BKV. II A It it Y T. IIOSKI>^.
of the First Baptist Church of Hun
tington. Pa., will preach.
11 a. ??-?**The SonPa Kigbt Hand.**
K p. na.?-W ell Done.**
P^|l E. near Tth at. jm. (SoJtbcrn Conren
Ci II'. <<;eorg. t?w?n Pan^lil.
Jl. JOnn S ^40 O hT. N W
Semces. T 36 and 11 a m.. I |>. in
Grace Church T
6enter*. J| a m. and * p. hi.
Holy Coaummirn-First s?nnla> st 11 a ? .
i third Sunday st T3* a. m
tioo.) I'm-tor J. K. Bngg>> will preach j Sf Weirk'f
at 11 and 8. Congressman Candler mill address .
the B. T. P. |\ at 7:15. Wehooie
P.-.-. Ba'afUfffH AND D SL.
urtce DtptlSt Pastor. F W. JOBNbON.
?JO?Sunday school; clawae* for all.
ll-"B*l-at People Are Taikii* About.**
8 ' The Living Dead."
Rfr.V. f. K. MET WON. lU.tm
errice?. 730, 11 a. ra.. st*d ^ p.
ST StrnKpn'c ^H.*?Tf:iCMH AM.
ijt. Jicpnen s < oli mkia road.
SERVICER?730. II A. M.. and ? P M.
The First Spiritualist Church
??Invisible Helper*.
Lecture by the psstor, Alfred H. Terry, Sun
day at 8 p. m.. followed by spirit mcssagv* at
P>thian Temple,, 1012 0th at. nw. 8econd floor.
All welcomf. \
AT FLYKN'8 HALL. 8th and K st# nw -
Sunday evening at 8 o^lock Re*. O. L>al j
Arthaa, noted test ntedium. will deimm>trate j
Spiritualiam. give spirit aicsMge.a. an-wer
questions. I*rirate siting* dailj at his studio I
at tb? hall. I
I?S?B Memorial Conjrcf?hpn>l
Church |
TL.VTH ST AMI lli?S. A>?. \.K
LEWIS t. I'llllll M, MiBM.r.
930 a. m. ? SiimUy t-b><ol.
11 ?0 a. BL-"S| NDAT rA>EKAl.l. *
* p. m.- 'A MiaWENOEK nF MEU< Y."
Ninth Street Christian Church
Ninth and D SUrets N. E.
S. S.. 030; rooming rnkr. II; *ten<u?. f:la. ?
H St. Cbristiaa "
St. Andrew's Church ^ " v ?
REV. J. J DtMON. Zttti'H.
Sen k?a f?ir S?m<lay: Hoir < Oihbiii i ei
COO. Sunday scImo': "t*. Minis |t>h| fl.s
11. fportiMi- urT't ? and rciu ? . *. e. r:.i
aw ice snd wiiikh
St. Ajnes' Chapel
a; yi f. MCE; T
N W .
?veTS, < -W
nh'll ai< .
1*. le :i *. m . a p
mi:th(iim* r r.PlMOftu
Wesley M. E. Chapel.
FTf N W.
Wl IJ l\M HA?^;EC1T. l'aa*nr.
O.tS-S n-lav
S. S.
It; morning aerriee. 11; ereniug. T:lA |
PR a. m ??"Will Sanslsji
'be Hir. -
out a sustaining membership in the <
Hed Cross in the nama of the class. '
and each member is to take out in
dividual membership during: the
present month. A class pin wa*
also deckled upon, which pin is a
special design to be made in Rome,
Membership in the "class is con- J
stantly changing, due to the enlist- j
ing and drafting of the young; men
into government service. The for
mer president of the class, E. A.
Hemsarth, has recently gone from
the city, and the present president.
R. B. Thompson, is expected to be
called at any time.
All^ young men newcomers to
Washington are earnestly invited
to attend f sessions of the class
which ar?tlS at 9:45 a. m. at the
church. _ 'IkAl .
' .>e se?c
Chnreh ^
Dr. Wood prea .i the morn
ing and evening services tomorrow
| at the Church of the Covenant. In
the evening the topic will be:
"Keeping the Soul Alive in the City
and the Camp." In the afternoon
| Mile. H. A. C. Van Der Filer, daugh
I tap of the Court Chaplain of the
i Netherlands, will speak, describing
Holland's part In the great war.
There will also be brief addresses
by the French Alpine Chasseurs, at
the afternoon service.
The Church of the Covenant will
entertain the Alpine Chasseurs at
luncheon Sunday at 1 o'clock. On
arriving at Fort Myer they needed
interpreters, so Uevt. Greene, 1b
whose charge the men ara, found
four soldiers to act in this capacity.
These men also have been invited
to luncheon. Some of tlre.*e "Blue
Devils" will be present at the young
people's religious meeting.
Sunday the last of the three new
galleries, which the Church of the
Covenant lias erected becau*e of in
creased congregations, will be open
ed. Work was begun on the sec
ond gallery on Monday. May 6. and
seats for 150 were ready on the fol
lowing Sunday. On May IS work
began on the third gallery, and 15#
additional seats will be ready this
Sunday. It will no longer be nec
essary for those who have no pewa
to stand in the vestibule. These
seats are being subscribed for by
mothers and fathers and fciends of
soldiers on the honor roll of the
church. In their absence their seats
are available to those who do not ]
have sittings.
Calvary Methodlat 8. *.
? Rev. Dr. James Shera Montgom
ery* will teach the Men's Bible class
of Calvary Methodist Episcopal
Church, Columbia road near Fif
teenth street, on 8unday morning.
The class meets at 9:30 Sunday
mornings in the guild hsll of the
church, and a cordial invitation is
especially extended to strangers
and newcomers to Washington,
whatever their denominational af
filiations. to attend the sesslona The
class how numbers clone to (00
members, and Is under the prenl
> dency of James W. Crpoks, of the
Library of Congress.
? fi p. w.m Th?? Aio^if * lied (Via
A cordial *?? 1 '?me In exteinled t,> *3
l. a. c. a.
Y. W. C A., 619 14th St.
Huildiiitf 130 to T39 p. n?. <
Song ?er* he. s? p. m. ^
OTIint ?>EH\ l( F>.
Perpetunl Huildln* Aaanrtnti?a HaH
IIOI E Street .V W.
HI ?I>AY. kill r. M.
?>t*n fnnmi weetwig to I'L-riis
The rrrsHent and bn Cabinet are rla^M
as "Nociabsta'* by United State* Knators Fall.
Ltwta. Oalliuser. l*-l*r and other legtalatiTe
antvjnaimis ia CsORM. The> iiisim that th.
HaaomHc part>'s anvemtafat (inrucrJiif pn
srsta is "*R??ciah?a" and the nodal m?astn
of toda>.
The **aiemce" aiB he dism^aaod i?d oaa
st tlia wen-forum uaertmc Snoda> ntgh*
?.<aay hall. JHa??l flo.*. Khvtrie lain
New Thought AHiaut-e
Will meat hi the Crystal Rou? stf ih? EhU?<
Houae Sunday ai?ht at I o'clock. Hp?Mk?-r*
Mia. Annie Rtx Hilda, sf Cahfvata
"The Abanlnte Truth." an^ Ret. J"b'
Mum?, af Ken Yort mortal sawn. h*h

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