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Judge's Punch Gives Nationals Victory?Big Regatta Today--Golf Results
Hvern River at Annapolis
to Be Scene of Rowing
^ Annapolis. M<L. May 17.?The big:
rowing event of the year In South
[fra waters will be the regatta of
[the American Rowing: Association.
American Henley, which will be
contested on the 8evern River, near
Ninnapolls. tomorrow afternoon.
"While a number of the big rowing:
colleges have failed to enter, there
f*rill be two fine three-cornered con
ft"* "? the presence of^he^Unt
The Best Buy la Taws
Far $1.00
Acton I *1M Valm.
825 Seventh St. R.KI. 1
??ratty of Pennsylvania. which up
to this point hu swapt the water.
Insures that the winner will ba the
accepted college champion this year.
The University of Pennsylvania.
Columbia and the Naval Academy
will meet In the hi* event, and Penn
sylvania. Syracuse and the Naval
Academy In the freshman contest.
Both Columbia and the Naval Acad
emy have lost to Penn this seaaon.
but will straggle desperately to
turn the ' tables. The midshipmen
are particularly anxious to try
Penn again. They have a heavier
crew, and have been working hard
since the race, a month ago. Under
Richard Qlendon's capable Instruc
tion. Syracuse and the Navy both
have heavy freshman crews, while
Penn is lighter but well coached
and trained.
The course on the Severn Is a line
one In every particular, with
breadth enough for a dosen crews,
and the high banks at the same
time shelter It from the winds and
afford a beautiful setting. There!
are good points along the banks on I
either side?particularly the north- I
ern side?from which a good view ,
of the race can be had. The races'
will start at 4 o'clock, and there I
Is every prospect of good rowing i
The large entry list from Camp Dlx
in the United Service Meet to be held
at Central High School Stadium the
afternoon of June 1. and open to every
man in the uniform of ths United
States army, navy and Marine Corps,
will compete as scheduled, according
to announcement yesterday from of
ficials In charge of the meet. Camp
Dlx has sent down here names of
fifty men. many of them nationally
known as athletes. The purpose of
the Camp Dix delegation avowedly
Is to wint the point trophy, a hand
some medal.
With such men as J. Howard Berry, |
of Penn State; Lieut. James Mount
Pleasant, of Carlisle, and others na- ;
tionally known on the cinder track
and in the weight and Jumping
events. Dix should make a fins show, j
Ing. A team of forty men from the t
Marine Corps camp at Quantlco will j
try to take point honors from thej
Dix team and has more men entered
in ths special entry list than the Dix '
entry list.
The special events will include a
regulation equipment race, a rifle
stacking race, a bayonet charge race. '
an obstacle race, tug-of-war and a
grenade throwing contest.
Dae to a cancellation, the Rex
Athletic Club is without a game for
next Sunday. Manager Wright is
anxious to book a fast club for this
date, the game to be played on the }
diamond at Fifteenth and H streets
northeast. ?
Wright may be reached at 830:
Twelfth street northeast, or by phone 1
Main SIS between 8:30*and 5:00 p. m.
? St. Louis, May 17.?George Whitted.
[outfielder of the Philadelphia Na- '
| tionals, announced here today that he
j has Joined the army. It is understood
| that he is not to report until May 21. j
Help the Red Cross Today
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OXFORDS AT $4.85 j
Made on Goodyear Welt, with Robber
Soles and Heels.
By Leaps and Bounds the Sale
of the HIRSH Oxfords Grows
From the day we introduced these clever shoes to the men
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Evea the man who professes to know nothing about shoe
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Showm ia over 1M
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of Mr banc Ameri
leathers include Mahogany Tan, Ko-Ko
Tan and Black Gu Metal.
Upsets Galore In Match
Play Among the Golfers
Dempsey Stops Eynon and
Barron Defeats Percy
? R. Pyne.
The second day's pUy In the ChaTf
Chut Clubs annual spring ?olf
tournament yesterday browht out
much better golf than that shown In
the qualifying round and a number
of carda better than that of the low
medalist were turned in.
Norbert Dempaey's defeat of Bd
ward B. Eynon. the District title
holder waa eaatly th. feature match
of the day, the youngster wlrtnlng
one up after a hard ^bt whloh he
c arried to the last green. P^ng the
sixteenth. Dempsey *" t*o d?w";
but a brilliant rally *nab'?? . In
take the next three holea for a *"
The defeat of Percy R- Pyn?. ?n'
a beat players in the country,
br J 8 Barron of the Norfolk Coun
U, 'ciub^S probably the bjgge.t
^rl?ne?Lir picked "be a finals
uU^w^thr^ven" Barro"
and Dempsey were eliminated In the
?Smd round. Dr. Harbanje
feating the first nsm^^ wMle DemP
- SVe ??
? llarban"^ showing some
eolf and now looks to be the best
man left In the event. HU rounds
of TT and 78 of yesterday were tho
best two made. Another playerwho
did some excellent work ye.^rdv l"
Thomas Sasscer, of the Maryiann
Club as he Is a strong player and
won "th of his matches yesterday
' RoWnson'White and Frederick U
Davis furnished the longest match ot
yesterday's play when they went
the twentieth hole m thejr battle In
the flrst round of the third flight,
the latter winning by sinking a '""j
putt. Another cood m?tch which
went an extra hole was that between
John U Weaver and Rudolph KautI
mann in the second-slxteen insola
tions. the former getting t 'e deri.lon
by running down an
Kauffmann missing one of about
foot and a half.
The event will end today with th
semi-flnal on the morning card ami
the finals on tap for the afternoon.
pw round: J. 8. Barron. Norfolk O. O..
v- k'tnm ir Columbia, 1 up; O. ?. rK.?l,
cueS^JTsiSIw: v. S-Stad.
miuk G. c.. of Cleveland. 1
?r. Mary land C. O.. drfeatedU N.
Philadelphia, 8 op *nd I; Edwaad
U lumbia. defaited Glriiut P. Onae. y**
Ma 0up ud >; B. Flnkenataedt. Columbia,
detested John 8. LarCUMhe.
i ? ud I; Richard TunsUll. Norfolk C.O..
defeated Alpheua Winter, Columbia 2
Second Bound: U U Harban d.ldtalBi ;
TOO 1 up; Field defeated Ikupw.! w and ' ?
Saucer def<ated Edward He*". *
t n.ken.Uedt defeated TunstaU. 2 up ^
Cona>latioos-Fir* round: Ctapi. d. totted
r%no hr default; Cleeelead defeated By"0?;
I up; O. P. Orine defeated Murray. > up
and 1; Wiater defeated Iarwanbe. J up and
First round: K. I? Mnkfnataedt. Columbi?.
f?tMa M MeKelrey. (her, Out.* ?P
ml 2" U- H- Cheamr. Columbia. deles'"'
1 ll'vm Jr.. Chery Chase, 1 up at ?
Loles- U B. Puroell, Baltimore C. U. de
feated a F. lawman. "J?** j'
r......I K. Jackaon, tolumbia. defeated: J.
Martin Scranase. Bannockbuia. 4 up and
J U Hiaa. Baltimore C. C-. defeated HwWpn
Kauffmann, Ohery Chaae. 8 up and ?e?
E. it. Wearer, Chery Chase defeated J obnl.
w?ver Columbia, 4 up and 2; I. /r?.
tiaa. Mohawk & O. of New
KJ Onae, Columbia, < up and
Thompson, Chery Chaae. defeated Arthur ?.
Mattinalr. Columbia. 4 up and A
Second Bound: Chaanar defeated K. Ftt
kenataedt 3 up and 2; Jackson defeated Pur
nSlTup E M. Wearer defeated Hi?. 4 up
and' 4- Thompaon defeated Prentiaa, 1 up.
Conaolstion*? Flrat round: Warner faftstcd
McKelrer 3 up and 2; Scranage defeated Low
ma br default; J. L. Wearer defeated Kauff
ZZL i up at 1* holea: Mattingiy defaaad
B. J. Onae, J up and i
Pint round: John W. Childreea, Cheer Uba?e.
defeated T. M. Pbelpe. Columbia. ? up and b,
L? &ln?. Kirtaide. ief?ted W. C. Barr.
Washinston tt C.. 1 up; A. B. !*?.
Chaae. defeated B. H. Bennett. Philadelphia
c C a up and 1; J. B. Baines, Columbia,
drfratid H. King Cornwall. CtotamJ*a?Jr de
fault A. L Tburman. Columbia, defeated Ron
ert u Cortr. Columbia. ? up and 4;
8 Smith, Jr., Columbia, def^ted L. V. Onl"
waj. Cheer Chaae, i up and J; John C. Har''1
.on. OlumMa defeated J. J.
Chaae 1 up and 1; F. U Daria OolumWa.
defeated BoWnron White. Colombia. 1 up at ?
Second round: ChlldrtM defeated Hainan, ? V.
and S; Balnea defeated L?et. 4 upand t.
Smith defeated Thurman, ? up and 5; DarWeon
'^^rtaS'w'ftart^^d: Ban Seated Phelps
4 up and J; Bennett el bj default ;Corbr
defeated Ortwaj, by default; Hamilton defeated
White. 4 np and I
rtrat round: Harry Wartman. Columbia, de
faatad F F Fleteher, Cberr Chase, bj desalt;
0 F Lander. Ctotembla. defeated O. E. Stew
art. Ooturabia. br default; J. R. DeFmee,
Bannoekborn, defeated J. H. <3o?e, Cheey Chaa?.
5 up and 1: Frank S. Apoleman. Columbia, de
feated J. A. Shaffer. CrliunMa. " up aod ?:
r. H. Ynnna. Wykagjl G. ?., of New >ork.
defeated W. W. rmlwnbauer. I.'ilu ti. C..
of PhiUdelpbia. 1 up and 3: H. A. Oillia.
Chery Chaae, defeated W. F. Hasi._
Chaae J up and 1; W. a Prentiea. KirWde.
defected Qeooe E Tfuett. WaaMwton C. C
1 up; Hushes OUphant. Chary <Xaea defeated
E. I- Mifflin, Jr.. KirWda. 1 UP
Second rouad: Warttoan defeated Lender. 4
"P "f1 defeated Apptanao. I 'up
1; GUlis dafcated Toang. f ap aad 3;
aad I; . .
dafeaead OHphant. br dahslt.
2Ld,talt: defcatad ttaiMahaoar.
1 up; Troett defeated Mifflin, by default.
Semi-final round: Shaffer won by double de
Tbday?a pairing ebowinc time of atartiBg.
are aa follows:
What dxteen. aemi flnal round: L,
Hertsa ra Field. loaB-Saaeac ra R. rink
Fourth sixteen, aeml dnal round: ??-Wsnl
sua ra DeFarsra > :?-Gtma ra. Prentias.
Consolations, snnl-flnal round: tJS-Ham <1.
F at 10th St N. W. Uprtam
a. E. Caraer. Id riser.
$25.00 Vahe far (17.00
Hsrylsal Jeekey Clah
"Ortsg Mretlsg, Iter 1 ?? IT.
T Raeea Dally. IselsfUag Stee-plr
Special *iK? 2"?Ur *tSm PwJSia*toa br
Jockt7 Pat O'Neil Dead.
Jockey Pat O'Neil, one of the
moat promiaing ataaplechaae rider*
that haa been eeen on a Maryland
track for a number of yeari. died
yesterday afternoon at Unlveraity
Iioepttal, Baltimore, from injorlea
received when he fell with hla
mount. Rhomb, at the tenth fence
at Plmllco. on Friday laat.
He ?aa taken to the lioapltal In
an uiyxmacioua .condition, auffet
Ins from a fracture of the akull.
In order to prolong life a delicate
operation waa performed, but he
died without regaining conacloua
neaa. He waa riding for Billy
Boston. May 17.?Boston roads It
three straight over Detroit, when J
tlx- Red Sox won toddy's same by ,
the score of 11 to 8. The contest
was marked, by free hitting, poor |
pitching and rather loose fielding:.
Boston: | 1 ?droit:
AB.H.O A h AB.H.O. A B
Hooper.rf. IUIV Bush.* .. 4 S t t 1
Sheen.? .. ft 1 3 4 4r| Walker. If... 5 ? 2 0 1
Strunk.cf.. 4 10 0 0 Cobb.cf 3 S S 0 1
Butkjf.... 1041 0|Veach,rf.... ? S 1 1 0
MIn'ia,lb. i 111 0 0| H'lman.Ib. S S t 1 0
Thomaa,3b. 4 3 2 3 0| Vttt.Sb 4 ? 1 0 ?
"cottaM.... 2 S ? I 1 Yoang.tb... I 1 I tl
Schans.o... 3 3 4 2 0 ; Zelle.e 10 10 1
Leonard, p. 4 3 0 1 0| spenoer.e.. 1 0 1 0 o
? ?, j llnneran.p 0 0 0 2 0
Tatsk.. 3U0V1S J|Jof*0.p..s.. 5 0 110
|*StSDMt.... 1 0 0 0 0
tDjW 110 0 0
I Totals . 35 10 91 10 I
* Batted for Yell* in kixth.
Scots by Inning*?
! lMioit mmm
i .'ton 5*00 01.-11.
j Mnnmary: Runs-Hooper. Stnink, Mclnnia. 2;
Tliomss, 3: Scott, 2; Bchang, 2; Buah. Cobb.
\>ach. Hrilman. Viti, Young. Cunningham.
'I"wo base hits?Htrunk. Bush. Stolen hsee?
Yrach. Left on bssea Boton. 12; Detroit, a
First base on ?rrooi?Boston, 4; Detroit. 1. Base
on balla?Off Finneran. t; off Jonrn. 3; off
(\inningham, 1; off Leonard, f. Struck out?
By Iieonard. 5; by Jones. 1; by Cunningham. 1.
Strrtftoe hits?Bbeaa. Cobb. Scott. Doable
play?Ruth to Scott to Shcan. Hit*-Off Mn
neran, 4 In 3-3 inning; off Jonen. 4 in 41-3
innings; off Cunningham, ft in 3 innings. Wild
pitch?Leonard. Umi)ir??Moriarity ('
< >'Lough lin. Tlmo. 2UB.
The Clarendon base ball team will
play a double header on next Sun
day. the first game starts at 2 p.
m.. when the Foxhall A. C. will face
the home club. This contest will
be followed by a battle with the
Rex A. C. Several of the Clarendon
players are on a trip and will be
battling against the fast Marine team
of Quantico on Sunday afternoon.
t Cambridge. Mass.. May 17.?Thuj
Harvard athletic committee has re
fused to permit the university crew
i to enter the National Patriotic Re
j gat^a at Annapolis on Saturday.
Ilt was announced by the commit
tee today that it would be an un
, necessary expense in war time, even
1 though the crew had agreed to pay
j its own way.
Williams Signs Contract
To Play With the Phillies
Chicago. May 17.?Cy Williams, j
the fleet outfielder obtained from;
the Cubs in the trade for "Dode" i
Paskert, and who notified the Phila
delphia club that he intended to re-j
main on his farm in Wisconsin this
summer, accepted a contract ten-1
dered him by President Faker here!
yesterday, and will report to Man
ager Moran at Cincinnati on May!
24, the day Whitted leaves thel
team to enter the national army.
President Ban Johnson
Flays Draft Dodgers
Chicago. IMy 17.?Baseball play- !
ers of the major leagues who have j
sought employment in shipyards j
and other war Industries in an ap
parent attempt to evade military
service "should be yanked Into the
array by the coat collar," said Ban
Johnson, president of the American
League. In a statement given out
here last night.
Johnson said he had taken up the
question with Charles M. Schwab,
who Is in charge of the government's
shipbuilding program, and that the
latter assured him no overtures
would be made to players in Class
1A to engage in shipbuilding work.
"The American League does not .
desire to impugn the motives of the
players who have gone into this'
work," Mr. Johnson added. "Some I
of them are patriotic. But if there j
are any of them who are in Class '
1A I hope Provost Marshal-Gen
eral Crowder yanks them from the
shipyards and steel works by the
coat collar and places them In can
tonments to prepare for events on
the Western front."
Niagara Falla, N. Y., May 17.?The
United State, cuatom ofBclala today
cauaed the poatponement of the Blng
hamton-Toronto game, achednled to be
Played n Toronto today, when they
refused to pass the American players
across the border here.
The players all carried passports,
but thr officials wanted to know how
[they .stood with their local dratt
I boards and refused to allow them to
' pass.
Red Legs ~ Ve Another
Prom McGraw's Giants
Ctnetanatt Kay 17.?With Rube
Braaator holding the Glanta to four
hlta today, while hn aaaoclatea
batted two Glanta' hurlera off the
mound. Cincinnati had little trouble
defeating tha Glanta In the third
atralght game of the aerlea by the
acore of S to 1, Score by lnnlnga:
R. H. E.
New Tork 100 000 MO?1 4 1
Cincinnati 104 000 0???S 7 0
Batteries?Perrltt, Anderaon, Cau
aey and Rarlden; Breaaler and Win- |
go. Umplrea?Byron and O'Day.
Land Afiim.
The Pepeo Junior* won their aecona
same in aa many daya yesterday from
the Flying Merklea on diamond No. T
of the Monument lot by a count of
13 to C The aoore by lnnlnga:
Merkels 1 3 2 00 00ft?-? s 4
Fepeoa ,.S ? 14 f ? 04 ?-13 13 3
Battarlea?Falna and Zannallottle;
KMIF Hi K Jgvh
rMTnuiAri keivlti.
*?h l njrton, 1; Chictio, 0
Cleveland. I; Athletloa. 4
, New Tork, 4: Louis, I J
Boston, li; DotrMt ?.
J*"? T**T PUT ToaiT.
Chicago at Washington.
St. Loulk ,at New To?fc.
Cleveland at Philadelphia.
Detroit at Boston.
Boston Wr,n' f,*L *?
New Tork /J! "?
Cleveland iJ {J *"
?"c??o ii " fj!
Wa.kl.BtD. Ji
Athletics "JJ?
M"1*.:::::::::::1? ii
rilTEUMri UltlLTI
Brooklyn, T; Pittsburgh, 4.
Cincinnati. (; New Tork. 1.
Chicago. 2; 1'hlllles. 0.
Boston, i; 8t. Louis. 1.
Krookljra at Pittsburgh.
N*?]f?rk ?t Cincinnati.
Philadelphia at Chicago
Boston at 8t. Louis.
?? Won. Lost Pet.
X"J?ork * ,7M
inlcago ?ee.ee. 15 Q |ar
Cincinnati u ,,
Pittsburgh J: : ?"*
Phillies ,, Ji rj?
? ? ,7!
St. Louis
1* .1(0
? IT .140
,May "?Boston Jumped I
Mts and -fti"' p,tcher? ^ ?!???>
?. . and el*ht runs and took the
c^dlnfuft ?f ,h* "erl*? from the
ardlnals here today 8 tA i val# I
SajS^iwmSl baU f?r the Brave*- ao
second for eight In
J?d but two Cardinals reached
first. The score by Innings: I
? , 110 103 013?$ 11 o
Bfc Louis 000 000 001?1 4 1
mfnn' and Horst
Wem-.^maX tmplre^l
fromthe pirates!
1^a^Ur?M Jf*y 1T-Th? Brooklyn.
t??<? Pittsburgh today by a .core
rhe s?? 1?, ? P1?orl>' game.
ine ?core by innings:
PUtat^L Oil 030 301?7 II 11
Pittsburgh lflO a? 001-4 ? j
Batteries?Cheney and Miller' Hsr-1
aTd" H^i?Cnhmld' ''"'Plrrn?Quigtey |
and YANKEES win j
?,>-.&irs, ?rs,sr
Batteries?Sotheron. Rogers Daven
port and Nunamaker; Russell and
Hannah. rmpire^Ev.
great battery will
be in same camp
?,!s? men are usually trained
Mllifer expects to be called Into the
??ne time this month: but has
received no notice to report.
Shortstop Davis Gets Call.
fyraeuae. N. Y.. May 17.-Bob Davis.
Shortstop for Syracuse In the Inter
national league, has been directed to
appear before the draft board at
Auburn. N. T? for examination to
: 'v. * within two weeks expects
to be sent to camp. Davis formerly
Played in the Pacific Coast League
a draft ea" dcc,d?' to
play in the East thts season.
Lewiston Kid Puts Through
Wallop That Gives Na
tionals Victory.
Joe Judge. of Lewiston Maine, with
his black willow, yesterday cava tha
National* an edge on tha White Box
la tha praaent aertaa. when ha punch
ed through a single to OMtif field
which pushed across tha lone tally
of a nine-Inning battle that won the
game for tha locals by one counter
Jimmy Shaw and Eddie Clcotta. of
? shlna-ball fame." staged the plteB
in* duel, which wu one of the h*mt
, that ha* been witnessed to date at
| the Florida avenue bailiwick.
I Shaw appeared to be onoa mora
himself as he set the White Stock
ings cr#w down' with three scattered
blnglea and waa at few times In
danger of being scored upon. This
shine-ball art 1st- of world series
fame, pusxled the Nationals for the
flnat two seaslona, but after thla
frame. It waa Juat a matter of puah
ing through a winning counter as
2! *way M delivery
until this climax in the ninth.
Eddie Murphy saved the day for
the "parafflne pbenom" In the fourth
session, when Milan doubled to left
out Of the reach of Lei
bold. Shanks put him up, by a neat
sacrifice, and hero Joe Judge crashed
a !ong fly to right Held. It was at
this point that Murphy relayed the
ball to 8c ha Ik and Just nipped Milan
at the plate by inchee
Murphy must be given credit for
thla remarkable catch, as John Col
lins. the center gardener of tha White
Box. went acroaa his barrier and
tripped over Murphy Juat as he waa
gathering In the ball. The hot tem
pered native of the "Emerald Iale"
gathered In the horsehide and was
lucky to keep his feet and make the
remarkable peg "to Ray Schalk which
halted the fleet-footed Tennessean
at the plate.
Morgan alngled and Foster sacrt-,
need all for naught In the fifth whan
Alnamlth and Shaw were not equal.
to deliver, but In the ninth waa that
real feature of the afternoon perform-1
ance from a Washington end. La van
aied by Riaberg-Gandil route. The
Tennessee flyer, who waa always In
the battle, singled to right, and while
Shanks was being retired by a fly
to Murphy. Milan stole the midway
With two down there waa but little
hope of the Natlonala placing across
the winning counter, but Joe Judge i
proved to be the pinch-punch IW and
singled to center In this emergency. ;
which aent Milan acroaa with the i
winning tally. John Collins after i
running down the ball and missing
It, turned his back to the bleacher*
and ran for the dugout, as tha hit j
and run was on and Milan had:
rounded the far corner long before
John had sprinting chances to over
take the clash of the Lewiston flrst
HMta?alo_ Ab R H Bb So Sfc Sb Po A B
Sbntton. rf 4 o j 0 , , j j #
? * ?????? J 4 I
VBm>. cf 4 12(100150 A'
,'f ' '???1040 si
Jnd*r. lb 4 ? 1 ? ? 0 0 0 1 0
P<*<*T. ? S ? 1 ? 1 1 ( 1 1 S
AUmnHK c > a 0 0 1 a 0 4 J !
Sh?w- p ? _? ? ? t ? a a i *|
Ttoul" ? I T ? I I 1 } II |
White Sot- Ab B H Bb So Kb Po A B I
<*? ? ? 1 ? 1 0 0 I . s
Murphy, rt 4 0 0 o 1 o a 3 i 0
B roUrn*. 2b.... ? ?as#oi21 at
Oamfcl. lb 4 0 I a ? ? ? is 1 1
J. (Mlha. If 4 0 0 0 1 0 a J 0 0
Rubers. ? 4 a o a a 0 0 a 1 a
? 11 ? ? i T i ;i
"chalk. ?? 9000000100
9 J * o i a a a 1 j
Ttotals S 0 4 4 1 a 1H
Two out when winning run ocneod.
Score by innings?
National? n, m
m? ..
f i
1110 1
White So*
?t* ~.......I!".ui m m -t
Summary: Blnud nia-NaUtmola L Flm
beam on error?1. Uft on basa-White Soj. (:
hotumals. 5. Two-base hit-MfUn. Dooble plar
?Mnn*T to Schalk. Tinw of g?rrr 2 hour*,
t npim-Hildebrand and Ovnu.
BeD in Amy Hospital.
New York. May 17.-John D. Bell,
former New York A. C. athlete. Is In
the hospital at Camp Upton, at Yap
hank. U I. Ha' la suffering from
cheat trouble. It Is believed Bell In- |
Jured himself working about camp. 1
^Mmportant Notice
Red Cross Monday
Parker-Bridget & Co.
THIS Nationally known store for
men and little men will donate
10% of the grou sales of Monday.
May 20th. to the Red Cross 2d War
Are Ready
and the weather calk for them $2?3.
P-B quality and thousand* to select from.
The At*, at Ninth
Georgetown Preps yesterday de
feated the 8t. Albans School team In :
a well played rem.roe by a count of 4
to Z The feature of the game was
the box work of Das ha The score:
O. Prep: I St Alban e:
iB.a.Oi.C ABHO.A.a
Coyne.* . 3 13 1 fcpMrson.Sb 1|!(|
CO'B'ne.lf Jill tjYoanc.lf .. I I I M,
WistJb ... 3 ? 1 ? ijciallejf.... 2 0 t t V
R.O'B>.cf 3*10 ?8examitb.p. 3 1 1 1 a,
C.Daly lb.. 3 I <1 ? Aehfard ?. 3 ? 1 t ?
Purall.Jb.. 3 1 S 2 *Kllei*?.c . 3 0 It 1 2
D'ohoe.rf. 3 ? ? ? I HeyLlb ll!ll
Dacahj.c . 1 1 ? ? tivmaker.2b. 3 11*1
Deaba,p . 2 f t 2 ) t 1 I l|
Totak ? SB ? I Totak S ft It 2 4
O. Prepe J t t t t t *-4
81. Albas ? 1 1 t t t t S-2
Rons-Coyne. O*Byrne. (2J. Tounf.
Etleeeae xrurk oat?by Duia. t; by ttex
?nitb. It. Two-he* bits?C. Daly. Sexmmth.
Fiwt bee* on ?S Wiee (3). Duht. Crmlle.
Pained ball*?Elkreoo, Donaby. Injure-Mr.
Smeecb Tine of >ae 131. Stolen baero
Ooyne. FVrrall. flitlders. Left or. beam
-Q. Preps, 2; St. Alban'a. a
Cornell Officials Deny
Freshmen Are on Varsity
Ithaca. N. T.. May 17.?Cornell
University men are up In arms over
what they believe to be a deliber
ate misstatement concerning Cor
nell's athletic policies, that has
been circulated in some of the
large cities of the country, the
charges that Cornell has played
two freshmen on the Varsity bsise
ball team, and that Cornell plans to
use freshmen In the intercollegiate
Jrack and field championship meet
Professor Eugene P. Andrews,
fsculty adviser for track on# the
athletic council. and Registrar
Davkl F. Hoey, faculty adviser for
baseball. yesterday stated that
"there was not a word of truth"
in either report, snd Graduate Man
ager Kent declared that Cornell's
eligibility code has not been
changed since the outbreak of the
Philadelphia. May 17.? Adams' hurl- .
ing proved no puzzle to the Indians
today and the Indians defeated the
Athletics by a count of 5-4. The score
by innings:
Cleveland 1 2 I 0 0 0 0 ? 0-i 10 2
Philadelphia 0 00220000-4 9 I
Bateries?Coumbe, Ensman and
O'Neill: Adams. Shea. Gear:' and Mc- j
Avoy. Umpires?Connolly and Dineen.
The Marine* of the N??y Inter
urban league handed the Nary Ord
nance e beating yesterday by the
?core of M to i The feature of the
game was the all-round work of
"Dots" Miller at second and Nif
Clarke for the Marines. Score
Ordsancr | Marine*:
McChy.cf. Jtll S'.4ber.? . S I ? ? 1
Bram?d.a>. ill: i 'Hladdmjb. 41111
Buabr.tr . ! 1 II MiOlcrJb... ? t ? 1 ?
fVoaf llll i I'aarTa.lb... 4 14 1#
Bu4aoa.r . 1 1 ? ? ?fOlHka^..M 11!!|
Hoff'asjb. S ? ? 1 ijKnydar.tf... J 1 I M
Jo**.M>.'... S 1 ? ? fMooracf... tllll
Kamri.fr 1 4 1 ? 1 H?it.V 1 I 1 ? a
Wlhnf^f.. 1 ? ? ? *? <w p t ? 1 1 ?
Prima p . . t ? ? ? ?
Totals . 2 ?? t b
Totals . 9 13 B t f
Soon b? iatiing?
Marinaa ............ *: ?-lt
ordnanar ? * B- ?
Mammary Riina-Brand. BwV 1; ?Vow 1.
Baton. Cottar. t: Gla&Wa. ?. Millar. 9.
!'??quHla. Moor* Tapirr-Voi Hr
Alexander Received that Amount
(or Pitching a Game.
Tou'd never think that Grorer
Clevelsnd Alexander mould confidf
sn arduous 3*-mile trip with s $r
pitching: job st the end of it. Vet
once upon a time he did.
"One of the most enjoyable faniea
I ever pitched." wrfa Alexander'* in
troduction to the tale, "waa at As
rora. Neb., long before I dreamt of
following baseball aa profession. I
waa pitching for Elba, my home
town, and Aurora mas a atrong
rival. The teams were finally
matched and so Important waa the
game considered that some gener
ous c It it en of Elba promised me
$2 if I would pitch snd win
"To earn that hoodoo bill I had
to ride horseback seven miles from
St. Paul. Neb., snd go from there
eleven miles by stsge with the rest
of the team. To make the storv
ahort. I traveled thirty-six milea
going and returning snd I won thst
game, f to ?
Coafkfia Quito Bethlehem.
Scranton. Ps.. Msv 17.?Not sstis
fied with prospects at Bethlehem. Bill
Coughlin, of this city, has changed
his mind about managing that city'a
team In the Steel League, and haa re
turned to Scranton. He will most
likely embark In the real estate busi
ness here It la said Coughlin de
manded a free reign st Bethlehem and
when such arrangements could not be
effected he resigned
Men's $2.50 Shirts, $1.79. i
Men's Manchester Silk and
Satin Stripe Madras Shirts, per
feet quality, made with sof
turn-back cuffs. I.arge assov
mcnt of colored striped effee l
Men's $10 SUk Skirts. $7.35
Men'* heavy-weight Broad
cloth Silk Shirts, cut on cus
toms patterns. Shown in a
wonderful assortment of new
striped effects.
Worth to $2.00.
Worth to $3.t0.
Provide* the Biff est Values ? Town.
We always open the straw hat season with this big sale, offering values that stamp it the most important money-saving event
Washington men know. You will find the new Straws out in full force tomorrow?thousands of them?all of the newest style and
most dependable quality, and all priced atMB^Jess than equally good grades sell for elsewhere.
Choose from a complete assortment of u^^ynn's approved styles?in every weave, including fine and course Sennit-. Im
proved and Fancy Sennits, with smooth or edges; in every dimension; in every size to fit every head.
0?r Own Special Brand* of Men's Straw Hals.
The Smart Set, at $2.45; The Bradford, at $1.90; Goldenberg's Dc Lace, at tyoo. These three linaa represent the maximum ol
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Me*'* $1.25 Unioa Salts, F
This well-known make of Men's Underwear Is
noted for comfort and service and thrifty men will
un money by purchasing their aumsner supply of
underwear today.
These "Laredo" Union Suits are made of cool,
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ity; with permanent closed crotch.. An sizes at He
Salt. /
Lnxedo" Made, at
Men's 75c to 90c Sift Hose, Me.
Men's Thread Silk Half Hoae, full fashioned; Mack, whltr and
colors; subject to slight imperfection*.
Men's Athletic Underwear, ^joc Mai's $s_ Union Suits,
Men's Varsity Athletic Under- Men's Globe White RiL
wear, of high-grade cheeked Cotton Union Suits. short sleavaa.
nainsook: sleeveless and quarter ankle or knee-length legs: closed
sleeve shirts, knee-length draw- crotch.
era. with side-adjusting straps. l illia> sag's rir.l rw.

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