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Financial News and Stock Market Quotations
Holland Cites Reports Not
All Favorable to Car
ranza's Rule.
Various published report* of Inter
views With 00mo of the Mexican ed
itors who ere now rial tint Hi the
I nited States do not agree fully with
statements privately made by some of
thoeo Who have recently come from
Mexico to Hew York. There 1j no
disagreemtnt respecting the detire of
the plain people of Mexico to be as
sured of lb stable government, of free
dom from revolutions, end of oppor
tunity to pure vie their vocation with
out unjust interference.
But there does seem to be tome dif
ference of opinion respecting the re
lation of the Carransa government to
Ihe entire Mexican situation. 8om? of
?he published reports hsve spoken oC
I'arransa and hia administration in
vorda of commendation and hope. On
The other hand eome who are qua'.fled
to speak of Carransa and his govern
ment do not hesitate to criticise htm
and It and even so 10 far a* to aay
that no permanent Internal improve
ment can be estsblished until Car
ranxa and his sdminlstration and
methods sre eliminated. Vicwa of this
kind, however, are expressed privste
Jy. even confidentially, at lesst ao fsr
as the Identity of those who give these
Opinions is concerned.
Property Confiscated.
In order to substantlats their opin
ion of Carransa and hia methods va
rloua incidents thst have occurred
under hig administration have been
spoken of In detalL For Instance, a
Mexican citizen who la a man of in
tegrity and of Influence said to m
warm personal friend in New York
that fce could give one or tWo exam
plea which would best illustrate Car
ransa's methods. Hs said that short
. ly after Csrransa had established
himself In Mexico City hi9 adminis
tration <-aused the property of many
citizens to bo confiscated.
The reason alleged for this action
waa9 that the citisens were not loyally
supporting the Carransa administra
tion and were in secret league against
it. This Mexican said that 152 houses
in the heart of Mexico City had been
taken over by the Carransa adminis
tration. Everything in these houses
was confiscated. There remained not
tho slightest item of household fur
niture and Jewels, family heirlooms,
silverware and other valuables were
These articles were collected, a vast
mass in all. and were sent to tho
United States. A considerable part
of this property was landed at Hous
ton. Tex., and all of It was sold. Some
of it commanded high prices. 'The ag
gregate money received for the sale
of these commodities and for articles
taken from public buildings was, ac
cording to this man. approximately
>30,000.000. "What use waa made of this
money after it reached Mexico City Is
unknown. Very likely It was deposittd
in tho Mexican treasury.
Then again, the Carransa admin
istration haa faktn over, according
to this Informant, some of the best
restaurants and a moving picture
rheater which Is said to be on* of
the best in the worl<L
la the OH Region.
American and English capital to a
great extent operates under lease
the enormous oil fields upon the
eastern coast of Mexico. This prop
erty is protected by a friendly Mex
ican who has a considerable num
ber of troops under his control. For
this service the operating compan
ies pay a satisfactory sum to the
Mexican officer. It is not regarded
as blackmail. It is looked upon as a
just payment for adequate service.
Great Britain relies to a consid
erable extent for her oil supplies up
on these Mexican wells. If for any
cause the export of oil from Mex
ico should be ended Great Britain
would be seriously embarrassed. The
apprehensions are strong that the
Caransa administration is about to
make a serious attempt to over
throw the Mexican officer and the
little army which he controls, whose
services have so far been success
ful In protecting the oil region. In
fact It is reported privately that
skirmishes have already begun be
tween Carransa troopa and those
under the command of the officer
who Is protecting tho oil region.
Therefore it is surmised that the
rarranza administration hopes by
the force of numbers to gain pos
session of the oil territory. If that
were done, then the administration
would probably put an export tax
upon the oil so high as practically
to amount to an embargo upon the
ex port.
Reports of this kind that have been
ommunicated by responsible Mexican
itixens to their friends In New York
end to Increase the apprehension that
t may be Inevitable in order to pro
tect English and American capital
invested In the oil region, to send to
those regions English and American
In some of the published reports
the statement has been made that
there is no considerable German prop
aganda or Influence In Mexico. In
reply to this statement, however, it
Is privately said that the Carransa
administration has taken control of
11 the banks In Mexico City except
he one which ts controlled by Ger
man capital. That has been left alone,
here has been no Interference with
.a business. Justly or unjustly Car
ansa himself Is suspected of lesning
trongly In sympathy toward Oer
any, while the great body of tho
exlcan citisens are not pro-German
-many of them, at heart at least
being Tery friendly to France.
Undoubtedly President Wilson
hss lesrned that some of the pub-,
Ilshed statements are not In accord
with the privately expressed views
respecting the conditions In Mexico. I
But 1t Is admitted by all that the I
brief address that President Wilson
made to tho Mexican editors, which
will be widely circulated In Mexi
co, will have great Influence in
changing an opinion which haa pre
vailed. and. It is reported, hss been
cultivated by friends of Carransa,
that the United States hopes that
condition^ will be favorable by and
by for such Intervention as will
enable this country to secure the
control of the rich silver deposits,
of the on fields and of the cattle
ranches in northwestern Mexico.
President Wilson's assurance that
the United States entertslns no
desire of this kind, hoping only for
amity between our own citisens
and those of Mexico and loo kins
for the time when there wilf*>? re
stored peaceful Internal conditions
In Mexico, will. It is believed, be
of the utmost advantage so far as
enabling Mexican citizens to obtain
an accurate Idea of the real pur
poses snd disposition of the Untied
States Is concerned.
R?? Tart. Jmf I*.-**, tettm iwtat 1
. Ml today, hot trad, ? ?an?ar u) maatlr
? Jab >ad OnoM. Exopt for onUmaa
? ?? ?M
i- feAtan ?i? th* MhN flf Mr
> tl? Mfe *"
.J*j? .^a^-sS" Jst: ss t
July here BOld off 4e a na> )<? Of ? *****
lull grim avl tkan n> emertnt infint tbm
Mj^*dTti? ^araU%^2r*k rMnl aM>u~
"*'*1??^b"11^* ***"' * te.#
jof ?w I to H pomla during UM Militia tf
Th. wM tu nal?t lat. tn th. aorninf.
but kald ?n*y at ralHcl tt MMM1 potnta
fma tha aar* tow Wrt.
Pi *tmn hmM lata h. tha aflmo*. *i?t
firms bought July and October on the derf in*.
The rloaa ?m ateedj at a net decline ctf 91 *0
?? MMUt
The receipt* at tha ?er*a for the day srtrs
TJ? ha lea.
The exports for the day aggregated #.?>
Spot at New Orleaha via sfcsdy at a decline
of He it Sic. Ttie mies ?<ri t.W M? Spbt
hew waa quiet at a Mine of TO peiata et
9.Kc\ th?re wttt no Mlea. Receipt a at Mae of
the leading points ware: Qalveetra. 1.T15; New
Orleans, 1?; Mottle, 144; Saeaimah. t?;
Charleetoo. If; WUating**!, H: Norfolk. XK;
' phia, 1(0; St Low* 1.4*; Hoaaton. I.M.
Then Profit-Taking Shades Off the
Whole List.
Kew Tork. June II.?Strong support
came to the stocJr market today, and
the reaction begun yesterday wu
checked. After an advance of a point
and more above the closing prices of
yesterday, profit-taking shaded the
lift again. The close was steady, but
not much higher than the previous
one. There was som? good selling,
and professionals announced their be
lief that most of the buying was short
General motors rose 3 points be
cause the Insiders refused to let the
shorts have the stock they have so
earnestly desired ever since it crossed
American Telephone acted well un
der the announcement of big flnanc
I lng.
tfteel stocks of every descrlptlotf
were strong this morning, and resist
ed the afternoon's selling about the
best of any.
Tobacco stocks under leadership of
I Sumatra were also a strong feature.
Railway equipment shares were led
by American locomotive, the market
for which is understood to have been
placed in new hands.
There is good accumulation In all
I the oils.
The most important new Influence
In the market Is the rapid shipment
of American troops to Europe. It is
considered that the end of the war Is
now In sight, and ean safely be dis
counted. The end is expected to coma
about October, 1319. It seems like a
rash statement to name any date for
this war, but that calculation Is made
by eminent military authorities.
The big fact In the market from the
Wall street point of the view Is the
fact that It has not yielded fender the
offensive In France, under the tax
talk or under the offensive In Italy.
New Tork. June If.-Deal*to the fact that
bunnom onrtinned la wnail robime on the Curb
today, prieee of many of tha imue* armed *ib
?Untial r^mreriee Itnm the low le*eta of 7*a
terdae. Motor etocka were quiet and eteady.
Mi?cellaneoae induetriala were fairly active and
| flnw*r.
Houston on. whirti waa weak yestrrdar on
profit taking aale*. teetered a large j?rt of the
lowi scored and ahowM a gain nt about three
points from the low r4 the week. Other inde
pendent oil etocka were ia better demand and
somewhat firmer.
Metal stocks were again firm, and continued to
. f'trhish a large part of the animation that waa
' rhowii on the <*irb The low prired iaeii
aratn led the list. Bonds were active^ but
Bid. A?k?J
Aetna Wxplo^ree MS
Air Reduction M 74
Americaii Writing Paper com. ! *4
Atlantic Petroleum IS 9
liarnett Oil t-'t S
Dig Ledge IS 1
Itingturm Mining 9 It
Doston and Montana >1 63
Bntterwerth Judeon 45 ?
f'aledooia Mining 44 44
rait'met and Jerome 1 M( 1 9-IS
Canada Coppsr 'S IS
Carbon Steel llf Iff
Car Light and Power fi -*?
charcoal Iron .... t 8S
(Tmrolrt 19 191 |
Cities Herri tit til I
Citim Service pfd 74 7t
t'cn*>lMat ?d Arixona. IS IS i
Omnolidated Copper CS *S
Owden C>? tS T
Owden pfd >4 3SI
Cramps 79 90
CroMl Gold 4S 9S
f'ryatal Copper S *?
rurtiaa Aero fl (IS
Davia-Daly 9 t
I>nheigh t -S |
Klk Baain t S
Pknerar^n Phone 1 ?S
Rmma Cbpper 3-lt 7 73
F>deral Oil ??* rS
First National Copper IS 94 ,
Olen Roek 4S ?S
Coldfleld Consolidated S S
Green MoneV>r S 11 16
Guantanamo Sugar a 62 C?
Hrlly Pugar ?... 39 40
Holly Sutra r jfd M 93
H Tipton Oil 79S 9)
Howe Sound T% 4S
Hull Cbpper 40 80 I
International Petroleum 12S It
I aland Oil ?S 4S {
Jerome Verde 7-1t S ?
Jim Bntler (1 M
Jumbo Extension. 9 11 |
Keystone lire W
)Jh Torpedo 4S 9 I
Magma Copper S 'T.
MarUn 7.1 *>
Maarai Valley i% *%
Maxim Munitioaa 7-tt 916
Merritt Oil 29^
Metropolian P-troleum 19 It 1 7 It
Midwaat Oil em 119 llf
Midwest Oil pfd IS IS
Midweat Refining lit 111
Itltfhell Motors. It 40
Motherlode 35 V
Nipissng -Mi Of a Ob 9% ?
North American P. and P 1 ZS
Northwestern Oil tl tl
Ohio OoppiW a 1 S-ll 1 5 It
Oklahoaaa Oil Oa IS 9 I
Oklahoma Prol. and Befg. Oa... 7S IS ,
Okmulgee Ot ?S 4S
Pacific Gaa - S2S 34S
Peer leas Hotora^ It 14 j
Ray Hercules - ? 4S 4S
Red Warrior 6-1C M4 I
St Joseph Lead.............?..... 14S 14S
Sepulp* t 9S
>!??1 OH %:% S
Sinclair Golf. ITS IIS !
Standard Motors. IIS 12
Submarine Corporation..... 17 It
Snocma Mining. t Id
Tone pah Extenaioa IS IS
*Hkmla Film.'. S S
Trio Bullion. S S
Cluted Eastern 9 314 3 7-14
U. S. Light and Heat com IS 2S
V. 8. Light and Heat pfd: tS 3S
Uaited Motor* ** ?S
United Profit Sharing. S %
U. 8. BteaaMhlp. t% 4%
rnited Verda 9 41
I United Wcetera OIL 1% 1MI
United Sine IS IS
Victor Ofl 3S 3S
Wajrland Oil % 2S 9
Wright Martin Aero 10S 10S
a. W., Jane ll.-WV.t-Spot. No. !
nd. *Jt. 123; spot. No. 1 nd whitf, iu. re
' edptft Mi buAu.
Cort-lacript., 1.437 hodula.
Oata-Bfaadj; runtfard ahite. No. 3
?httj B: rMtipta, 3).m Inialwto; ?port?
)92,fi| hnehela
'litoTSiX**'1 ***** fxport- r*;
I ?Vt?*?>. Ut mWi IW
?Wh. tor. CUM.
All*. OM '. ............... 1* 1* }jj
AUuka Jodns ?.....??*..?.???? 1* HI 1*
a^"? S2 r r
MM BMV ???? .?????? ? ?T ?
Cut ^
Cha JW - WWW*
ST* rsf ?o* mi *
AMkn Hk* * LeatW W% W IS
ABfrtdB Hid. A lit* pfd.... to 74% :?
tmniHn?I ....... 58 ? t>0
Linseed .. 41 40% 40*
Locomotira Mi N ii
Abu rid ii Malting . ? ? 8% 8% ?%
American Smelting 4 Ref .... 'W4 T?% 7*%
American 8m ftRef pfd M8% 1?3% W*%
AttfHnn Sta* Foundry ? 0| ?
Am^rtf?o S.iaar 113% 112% l'S%
American Pnm.tr* Mm 1** 140%
American 8um.tr. pfd .. 100 1? ]W
Atactica TH * Tel?g... 10% tt% *%
American Tobacco pfd (?).??? 96 95 SJ
American Woolen i *??.?..? 17 68% Of
American lino * Lead 1IH W IT'i
Anaconda 05 63\ 61%
A ft Oi W Ind ...... M7% lfT% 114
Ralriain Lnromotlre 90% jji W%
I^thlfhen Steel Clia B 83% 83% 'i%
Booth fUheHet - ?% 23% f*'?
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 4r? 41 4*%
Bnmawidt Tetminai 13% 19% 13%
Bntte Copper ft Zinc *4 *% 9%
Butte Superior ... ?%?%*%
CI Prtroteim ?% *?+
Canadian P.rifio 117 116'* 138%
Ocneral Leather 07 ?7 67
Otandier Motor 83 83 83
Cbca.pe.lte ft Ofcto 97 l*\ 51
Ch| Mil ft St P ... 46*4 44 45%
OM MU ft St P rfd TS 71% 71%
Cbim ft Northwretefa 81% *1% ?'%,
O R I A P>e .. S3 3?% 32%
Ch^? Copper 15% 1 5% li%|
rhino C?rP*t -..., 38 38 ?
Col Fuel and Iron 6"S 4?% 49%
|Ono Gas of Jf T 87 *7 87
| Corn Product? . 41% 40% 41
CNdtlft Steel 81% 6i% M%
Ont?n Can# aur?r 81% 314 31%
iviaw.tr* ft Hndwm 110 110 110
'Detroit United Rre W 86 &
I Oilfillers* Secnritiefl ........ I 17% 5*% **
Dome Mining TH 7 7
me R.itrofld 15% 11% ?>%
ftie Iflt pfd 33 32% 11%
Fisher Body 43 43 43
Qastrm W ft W 30% 3B'| 9
Ueneral lOccirio 148% 140% 146%
,Oeneral Cigan 56% S3 55
! Oeheral Motors 82 83 83
jQrrat Nnethern pfd 89 W HO
lOrrat Northern Ora ?%?:%??%
Hukeli ft Bark 42% 43 13
j Inspiration Topper 62% 61% 61% I
Inter Africnltural 18'4 \% i??4 j
Inter Agricultural pfd 61% 62% 6l?i
Inctrboro Cohan( 8>4 R?4 8>4
I Inter Mar Maria* ??* 9
1 Inter Mer Marine i^d 10^1 ItS'i lf?f%
j Inter NirW sr% 2T% 2T-4
Inter Piprr 57% 57% ST%
jKansa. City Southern 18% 18% 11%
Kelley Tir? Co 48 48 18
Krtinwrtt Copper SFh 321! 7T%
I I^ick.w.n. Bteel 83% 83S >9*4
iLehWrh Yallry 08% 5?^ 50?i
Mackay Coa pfd ... 04 6* G4
S*.xwell Motor 28% 28 D?%
Maxwell fnd pfd r% 30% 30%
Mexican Petroleum 05% 01% 9?%
Ftxican PctnJeum pfd 01 W 94
Miami Copper 27% 27% r%
Mir!vale Steel ftl% 61 63
I Mia St. P ft S S M 89 8r% W%
I Mo Kan ft T pfd 7% 1% T% J
Mi*aottrt Pacific 33% 27% ?%
Miwouri Pacific pfd 55 M% 51% |
?Natiwial Itisoilt 110 110 110
N.t C^? ft Cfcbla 15% i;% 15%
Nat Fnam ft Rtecf 62 52 S2
N.t &.in ft 8t t/J Sl% 9i% S%|
T.-rk Central 72% 71% ll'l
NT. N H ft ll.rt 42% 41% 42
Norfolk ft W .frtil TC3 ICS K?
Northern Pa-fie W% 8ii% 8?%
ML'I* S,l!B ?Gl* - ?? 30%
??hio Fuel Supply 4514 4494 451x1
Ontario Slininf 12U ?jt
! Pacific Mail 89 *9% 29% C9>%
' Pmr.jlnjU ? ?H
Peoples' Caa 42% 4*>%
- 41'. ?\ ?I*
Pifroo-Arrow pfd 97% 97H ?j;u
Pitta A W Ti a s'i
Phlladclpliia^ Co 29 79
- ~ n
I I'reaaed Steel C*r ? ?4 64%
!8y Steel Springfl 63 53 53
Ray Copper 23% r% 23*;
| Reading Rwy 9?*? 91 91%
.Reading 2d pfd 38 3* 30
' Rep Iran ft Ateel 91 ?y% 9?% I
1 Rap Imn ft Steel t*d 9R*4 98% 9f%
Roral Dntoh 117 118 ]13
St I' ft San rVan 11% 11% 11%
8t Ti ft Routhwettrra a fl 21
Saxon Motor Co 8 8 9
Seaboard Air Line pfd 31% 21% 21%
1 ^ars-Rn^bock 134 1:*4 131
8mrtair Oil ft R 2P% ?*?4 2?'i
181<?*-Sheffiold 7C% 68% /0
'Southern Rw-y 21% 31% 21%
'Southrrn Rwy pfd 62% 6"2% 2fi?%
] Studcliaker 4j% 44% 45%
,8ni?rior Ste^l lat 95 & 95
,Tt*iin Cop ft Ch 19% j^h
Texas Cofl 149% 119% 149*4
Texag ft Pacific 17 17 17 I
I T'ibioro Producta 64% ?2% 64%
Fnkm Pacific 122% 121% li? '
1 Unitrd Alloy Steel 4CT4 #>% 40% ;
I Cnited Cigar 8tor?* ? 97
U 8 Cant Ir?n P pfd 4S% 4-% 48'k
It S A?~>hrl 12ii ui 13 1
\ IT. S. Rnbber pfd 1OT 1C.3 iai
r. 8. Steel K4% 1?4% 103%
1 Utah Copper 78% 78% 78%
Va-Car (Mm 49 4*% 4fr.
? 9
WafeMh "... 9 w
W?fltern PaHHo 3P% 30
Western Pacific i^d I.. ?4% fi'%
Western Union 01% 91'* ?1%
Westin/houflfl 43% 4F4 4*4
Wbita M^tor 42 43 4*2
Wilson ft rn 65% 63 63
Willys-rnertand ?S !??% aw
Willya^Orfrland pM 01% 01% 81'
Chicatro, July 1*.-The moremcnt r f corn off J
the farm is likely to aontinue mall f *r a time.
Not only is this the ca.? in the lnrger corn-j
ar??wing States?including Iowa. Nebraska and j
Illinois, but in all of the States w!ier? the
golden eereal ia grown. Farmers are busily en
raged pitting through work that cannot be
There were net price l.*aee of 1% to 2%c In '
con tod?r. *ith but iwtfeey
dxxn tnm th. loin* Unit U ?M ?,???
and (Ik m r"^
M wtm? th. rank
I? ij (olhnred aoae of ihr Urger
<4Uur th. buying ?r the aelUng lite CaeH trade
?M wall at t.n bushel*.
OaU (uturea m (eahWlf with KM
abnnt unchanged. Bale. of carfi oaw Wer.
1BO.OOO buihela. part (or (sport. Tha prioa of
the latter waa lUe over the July futura at
Baltimore OB track. CounbT attaint!. Of ne?
oata (or deferred ?hlpme.ta ?ar?
larger and the iale, tor tha ?<1?r ?l"t of
the new crop ??? mad* at an? <
Augvst pries.
Th? feature of the provisions market wtt
liquidation by longs in port, lard tad fit*
Prion declined 4* the buying power wtt n<*
largo snongb to tako care of offerings. Thero
waa considerable business In tha Wf j of Chang
ing ribs from tho nearby to tl)e def?rred month*.
Some selling of port lata occurred. LOtd Wta
an w^rjrtloti ah owing a amall adtafcee for the
nearby futura nhika tha detrnvd ?*<
Chicago, June IS.-Grain and prortaion futures
hete today were:
CORK?July, J43%; August, 1494.
OATfWuly. T14: August, 004.
LARD?July, J1 *: September, ?lf.
RIBS-July, 22K; September, *?.
PORK-Jn*, 42.11; September, ftMl
Washington Stock Exchange.
Bid. Asked.
v. 9. regi?tfre^ 2? JHfc SO*
I/. 8. c*>urun 2s 974
U. B. registered Si ffH S9%
V. 8. coupon 9T4
U. S. regiatefed 4s.. 1M4 1?4
t?. H coupon 4s 1H5H 10f4
Liberty Loan 54s Hei?
Converted "libert? Loan 4s 94 9* 109
Second Liberty Loan 4a 94 SO 199
Wariilngtm Has 9a WH ....
Columbia Osa and Elee. 5a so M
OdL (Jaa and Hoc. Deb. 9a T9 80
Capital Trtetion Ss WO MW4
Waabingt -n Rwy. and Elee. 4.' ... 084
Potomac Electric Conn. fla 9?-\ 94%
Potomac Electrio Light Bo 974
Potomac Electric Power 4k 90 1?
Chesapeake and Potomac TeL 8a.. U7 10&
Amerlran Tel. and T??lga. 4a S9%
American Tel. and Telga. 44a H4 1
Am. Tel. and Tel.. Ctl. Tr. be.... 92 92%
American Graphophotie 1st fie 904 W*
D. O. Paper Mfg. 0a lflO
Washington Market 5a. 1927 80 ...
Washington Market 5a, 1947 90
W. M. Gold Storage as 91 . ...
Security Stt*. and Safe Dep. la 1 I
((ortolk snd Wash. Steamboat 5e.. 100 . .
R:gga Realty 6* (long) f:
Rig?* Realty 5? (short) 9!?
U. 8. Realty 5s 101
Capital Trtetion *934 94'i
Washington Rwy. ?nd Elec. com.. 4* 80
Washington Bwr. snd Blee. pfd... ?% C"
Norfolk snd Wash. Rtekmbt 1ST 1T0
Waahiiigton Oas 5C4 58
f>?lumWs Css and Electric 25 ....
American Tel. snd Telga 9T
Mergenthaler *107 M0
Is'iaton * W ?2
Lamton Scrip 9T 9T^4
American 140 149*
f'apital 210 v....
rmnmereial ]? 9B0
Idistrict 143
Farmers and Mcchsoics' 2*) 140
Fedfrsl ITT
Lincoln 140
Natinsial Metropolitan >)0
Rik'ga 48S
Natitmal Hank of Washington 230
American Sernrity snd Tmst SDP** ZS0
National Ratings snd Trust 30
Union Truat 1? ...?
WaOiington Ixan s'-d Trust 2*2 ?4
Continental Truat 1J0
ITome if)
Bank of Commerce snd Saringa... 12 124
Va.*t Waabi'iKtoa 11
Security Sarinja and i.'ommercial.. 175 ..
Arlington 8 ]
Corcoran 70
Urcm n's IK ..
'ienntn Aaaeriraa til ' ..
National Union 14 ..
Oofmnbia 4 04
Ueal Estate D
ChspinSacks 180
D. C. Paper Mfg. Co lit
Merchant*' Transfer and S?o?ago.. *1? 110
Security Storage .....
f" 3. Realty Ca i. 1?4
^ashink'ton Market if\ , ..
?Ea diTid?nd.
Pliiladelphla, Pa , Juno IS ?Quotation on the
local prod-ice markrt today were as fallows:
LIV^ POULTRY?f\i? Is, 33?^c. Spring
chickens, not weighing i\a2 lh^.
apiece, jftaSjc; neighing lal4 lbs., apiece, 4Ga
4?c. White Lcgbor.ia according to siae. 40iftc.
Stiggy jouug roosters, Sa3c.; old rooster*, 22s
23c.^ Ducks. Pe^n. 9030c, do, Indian Runner,
2Ga2Tc. Guineas, i?er pair, 1.36a! 45 llganna.
old, per pair, 00a 45c, do^ young, per pair, 28a
DRESSED POULTRT-FreOh killed fowls. In
bbls. fancj. dr> picked, fancy felected, 30'ic;
weighing 4 Ibe aid over apiece, 36c; smaller
sizes, 3.1a.W, Old rasters, dry picked, ZTc.
Frozen roasting cliickens-Weetern, weighing 44
II* and OTer, aMeco ra38c; weighing 4 lbs,
spiece, 38?*; weighing 34 IM spiece, 3Bc; weigh
ing 14 *nd 3 It* apioce, Me. Turkeys, nearby,
dr> Picked, best. Sialic; fair to good, *a30c.
Turkeys. Western, dry-l^ckcd, best. SJa." c; fair
to good, 2?aXc. Turkeys, old t^ms, 3?c; do,
cofr.inon, 25a2?c. Sjiring ducks. Long Islsnd,
3ja3Tc. Squsbs, per dozen, white, weighing 11
to 12 lbs |ier dozen, Ts7.25; white, wrtghinf
9 to 10 lbs per dozen. 6.Ra6.75; white, weigh
ing 8 lbs per dozen, 5s5.?S; do, do, 7 ihs per
d.wen, 4aC50; do. do. 9a?4 lbs per dopcu,
2T5?3.25; dart. Ia2; amall and No. 2, 75?aSl
BITTEIl was in good demand and firm with
supplies well un<ler controL Wo quota ths
[(VH?RS in rue
X?o <?etM~<s.
I'M Le^vi^d-TowN por. a Oaupt-e of
weeKS, Mres.TR.ue. Mf purpose 13 to
HCCp MAK6 thc U)0?LD MM poR VACA
cewvinc You behind.
ONe iawyj::
>l Ml; axtra (an, ?*;
t MMte; tmj Inn* <4
prlnu JokMx at Mk; ?nt Mt; fair W
food, MtMet ?arUaky. Mk
MOB?Cbaiaa ?MI wm MM <Wr ?lM>
(4 lp It flna KtoMi Wa aooU aa f?
ud km; nmot rrcM&M, pm eMi U.M;
VaMii, aatra finu. lis par cm; Itnta, U.I*
par ami Mod led ttm Jo?**o# at Mi
OHEMI wm In fair 4aoan4 and flna. *1
quota: New Tort, whole mil*, ekeit* ftaeh. Me:
fair (neb, Ba?i; choica old. *tta*a; ?acUU
hlftier, New lark. whole milk, fair to aood. oU.
QRKElf FBriTS?Applee, per barrel. Alha
marla I'tppln, ?al?; Baldwin, Sa?; Ben IHrla.
I.90at; Willow T?l?, Ial0.?. Wt?m.
? i *r? ~
W ApoUa. neubr. eM, aer hmmirn, twa
III PMrhaa, Ua.. per loaritat. oarriar, H.M
II Onuigra, Cal., aar boa. l.Hai. Cka
talaapaa. Cal., per baa. fat PliiaawWw. Porta
ftloa, par Oat*, tat. Blacktrrrtra. H. C.. par
qnart, laile. do Dal. and Md . pa ?mait, Ha
88c. Onrriaa, Cal. per bot, LHal cantaloups,
Cal., etindird craw. ML*; do At par pmr
Crete, ?; do do. per flat arat#, IB; Water
melona. FTa., par Ml MalD; ?a *a liar car
?altlmon, Md , June W.-(Jartatloni ow the
loeal j*odues market today ranged as folknw:
POTATOES (potstoea aell by K? lba w4fht).
Old, Western Maryland and Pennsylvania,
iLISal.S; do New Yoft. Ifo. 1. $1.1*1.*; da
F^trrn Shore Mirrland and Virginia, tl.OQa
l.?; new. North OamltM No. 1. i*r bM. *.?a ;
4.?; do, do, No. 1 per bM, ft98*; (JO; de.1
Chariest on, t*r bM, No. 1, M.OOal.lB; de Tort
r'ver. per bW. $3.?aJ.T5; do, feargMhaanock.
per bb). 9B2aS.TR.
Aepara^n. Maryland and Virginia. per doa.
No. I, ?t.-JSirS; do. No. 1. |l.a?alJB; bum,
Charleaton, green, per bat, $M0si?; do, wax,
baa, do, Norfolk, par baa, Mai 9ft;
do, native, per bushel, green t2.T8aS.00; beets,
new, per bund). Sale; blackberries, Southern,
per qt. lTa2Se; cabbage, Norfolk, per bbl, H.BDa
1.75; do. per crate. V.SatSO; do, Eastern
Khors, rer crate. 92.Sat.9B; do. North Carolina,
per era to. $l.T5ai.*; cherriea, nearby, per lb,
larjo, red. 12altc; do, white, talfe; common,
Snur, 8a9c; cucumbera, Florida, per baa. fl.BOa
7.25; eggplants. Florida, per erata, H 00*4.50;
gooeebernea, jwr lb, green, TaBc; grapefruit,
Florida, pet bo*. f5.0Oa3.T5; kale, native, per
bushel bat. fiaSOc; lettuce, native per bushel
box, SOaBDc; onions, spring, per IBB bunches.
Jl.COal.3; do. Texas-Bermuda, per crate, 91.80a
1.76; do, native, per bushel, fl.tta2.10; peaches.
Georgia, per carrier. 91 75a2.30; peppers, Florida,
per crate. I2 25a2.?; raapbcrrtee, red, per qt,
12a 14c; rhubarb, satire, per 100 bunches, 92.00a
3JI; strawherriea, native, per qt. ISaSe; Bait
rrn Shore Maryland, per qt, lSaZte; tomatoes,
Florida, faney, per cratav f4.08a4.BI; do, Florida,
f.'ir to good, per crate, f2.00aJ.00; do, Miflde
ainpl. per crate, fl.30a 1.75.
LIVB POL'LTRT.?Chicken^ vring, per lb,
1*4 to 1^ lba, 45a50r; do, under 1 lb. 40c; do, j
?I'ring. white Leghorna. lb 40c; do, old rooaterS,
per lb, ShtBe; do. old hens, per lb. SOaSlc;
duck* Muscovy and morgrai, lb. SaJBc; do,
whito Pcklna^ per lb, 2TaSBc; do paddle, per lb,
34 lba, and over, Z*t9c; do. Mnaller, ppor.
34aS6e; pigrooa, par pair, old, S6a40c; do.
young. 3T>a40c.
B L'TT fcR - Weatern separator, extra. 44a45c;
firsts, 43a44o; Weatern printa. H lb extra,
45aMe; flrat, 44a45c; Western prints, 1 lb, ex
tra, 44a45c; flrata, 43slie; noarby creamery ex
tra, 40841c; firsts. 99a4?c; dairy printa, Mary
land, Pennsvlvania and Virginia, extra, SlaSSc;
ft rata SOaSlc; rolls, Maryland and Pennsylvania,
extra, 9fr31c; rolls. West Virginia, extra, 90c;
lolla, Ohio, extra, SBaSIc; stcce-packed. SI*.
E<JG&-Western Maryland, Pecnajlvania and
nearby, per dor. firsts, S4sS6e; Eastern Shore
of Mairland and Virginia, par doa, first a 34a36c;
Weatern (Ohio), per dor., firsts. Mc; West
Virginia, per do*, firsts. Sic; Southern (Korth
Carolina), p? doa. firsts. SSol !
New Trek. June 13?Butter-Finn: receipts.
13.WB tubs; croamery higher than astraa. 44\a
; crcamrry extras (9B score). 44^4; firsts, 424*
12\: packing stock current makes No. 2. 32.
Cheese-Steady; renHpa* I2.14S baaes; state,
frrtfi specials. 23%a24; do. sversg* run. S4
Poultry?Live, unsettled; broilers. 40o50; other
.prior** unquoted. Dressed, steady; trios* un
Uniformed Women Drire
Oregon Delivery Wagons
Portland, Ore^ June 17.?Facefl 1
with a ahorta^? of men. one of this J
city'j mercantile establishments has j
secured the services of thlrty-flve
women to drive its delivery wagons. I
The women are uniformed In blue, i
striped with gold, and each is ac
companied by a boy to "trot' par-1
eels from the wagon to residents.
At the Oapitrf.
At S pi m. today by the U. 8. Marine Band.
Willism H. Saiitebnann, Leader.
1. March, "Clear for Action" (Rlattnburg).
2. Overt urn. ' TYicvmphal" (Rnbinstein),
I. Nocturne, "Dreams of Love" (Liaxt).
I. Idyl, "Musicians Astray In the Forest"
(Herman) S^lo obligator Arthur ft.
Witcomb, comet; Peter Hnaei. eupho
nium; sextette, Jnbn J. Miller, Hans
Joerg^nsen, cornets; Adrlphe Seidler,
<k?rneli>? O'Nril, hnma; Robert Clark,
Le* San ford, trombone*.
5. Qrand ecenea from "La Giaronda" (Pbo
t Walts, "Gold and Silver" (Lehari.
r. Hungarian Rbapeody No. 1 (I.isst).
"Hie Btar Spangled Banr.er."
Conewt by the U. B. Boldke* Home
Band thla afternoon, beginning at 4 o'clock.
Ernil A. Fanstad. Aaaistant Director.
"My Country 'Tie of Thee."
March. "Carry On" Pfersm.
Overture, "The Majrto Flute" Moxart.
Novelette, "The Two Lovers" Flath.
Excerpts from. "Going Up" Hirsch.
Grand Fantaag, "English Military Tat
too" Rogan.
Ch&ractariatie, "Texas Fox Trot"?Oui?n
Finele, "Daddy Mine" Dubln.
"Ttie Star Spangled Banner."
Assets, $3,513,732.00
The Time to Save
la Right Now
While you have a steady
Income is the time to prepart
for emergencies that may ;
arise in the future. Join the
Subscription* for tie
74th Iline of Stock
Being Received.
Shares $2.50 Per Moath
A Jo Interest
915 F St. N.W.
The Safest Investmeats
Ale thoss that So not fluctuate during dis
turbing coniitflns m the ?oaf ot slock
soarketa k"im deed of trust aotas (first
corporation, ft* Oaa ataMMtj Wa aaa
SwartseD, Rheem &
Hensey Co
727 Fiftees Street
"Democracy Trmmphant" to Have
I Pan-Western Future.
I ~T
One ef the moat beautiful "end
artlstle ecenes of the Fourth of
Juljr Pereaht "Democracy Trium
phant." will be the joint action of
the Ave Central and South Ameri
can republic* engaged In the war,
which will be staged In front of the
Pan-American Building. By Invi
tation of the Pan-American Re
public*. Portugal will al*o make It*
contribution to the great allied
tiageaat by participating In thla ac
An Interesting program of song*
and dance* haa beeh arranged to be
led bjr aome talented person of the
nationality portayed. These will be
aaalated by m corps of three hun
dred girls aelected from the Arlon
Club of the Signal Corpa of the
War Department.
Mr*. P. J. Maxwell, prealdent of
the Arlon Club, la coaching the girla
for thl* section of the pageant ill**
Bertha Draper King, of New Tork,
ha* charge of the dances, aaalated
by Mlaa Selma Borchart and Hiss
Cecilia Ollva.
Music I* to be furnished by the
Marimba Band through the cour
tesy of the Guatemalan legation.
Food ronarrTitloa demonstrations
Will be held at three pubilc schools
In Washington today, as follows:
Parkview School. 8 p. m., Miss Grace
E. Schaeffer, demonstrator; Wilson
Normal School, 2 p. m.. Miss Mar
garet Evans demonstrator; Phelps
Community Center School, 7:80 p.
m., Mrs. C. B. Seabrook, demon
The exeentlve Heard of the Col
lege Women's Club will entertain
the elub members at a lawn party
at the elub house, 1822 L. street
northwest, tonight.
Wanhlnirton Society of Draftsmen
will meet at 8 o'clock tonight at
Pythian Temple, 1012 Ninth street
The Board for Representatives of
the Federal Employes' School will
meet In Perpetual Building Associa- j
tlon Hall, Eleventh and E streets
northwest, at 8 o'clock tonight I
A meetlnjr of the Independence
Day Committee of the District will j
be held at 8 o'clock tomorrow night
in the board room of the District
The war Relief Vslt of the Fed
eral Trade Commission will give
a supper and moonlight dance at
Great Falls Friday night.
Telephone experts will confer on
the question of government oper
ated telephones in the District at
the Bureau of Standards, Connecti
cut avenue and Adams Mill road,
Saturday night.
7-ongmont. Col., June 17.?Sugar
refiners of Colorado have been so
hard hit by the draft that a bid haa
been sent to every co-ed in the lab
oratories of every college In the
State to accept a position In the
chemical departments of some sugar
plants. Experiments were made with
Women chemists by the Great West
ern Sugar Company last year, and
the trial was ao successful that 100
college girls will be added to the
chemical staff of that corporation
this summer.
Herald Square Hotel
Jwt WM< of BrMrfwa, )
ONE block from Penn
sylvania Station. Two
minutes walk to the finest
shop6 and theatres. Every I
comfort and convenience
at these low rates, r
With privilege of b?th"V
SI.SO per day
With private shower bath
SS.OO per day
With private bath
S2.SO and up
Club Breakfast e ? j ? 30c up
Special Luncheon ? ? 60c
French Table JHote Dinner $ 1.00
or a la carte at moderate price*
J. Frod Say era
Munviif Direct**
"Commodore" Longfellow Instructs
in Life-Mvinf Work.
June ?, UtlL
"CommoflW W. X. LouffsUow,
life-saving expert ot the American
Red Crae*. yesterday benn a course
of Instruction with the policemen of
the District on police school methods
end first aid work. A class of captains,
liutensnts and sergeants was held In
the Rymhnalum of the Business High
f-hool, followed with work st the
o'clock roll call. Giving one day to
each precinct. Mr. t?ngfellow wilt
complete the work with the depart
ment In eleven days.
"X started the police school here
four years ago." said Mr. Longfellow.
"At that time we had a water-safety
campaign here and the polio* were
instructed In resuscitation, and more ,
than twenty persona have alnce been
saved by the police as a result of this
werk. Mors than Me Red Cross Brat
aid kits hare been Installed In the
pollcs boxes, and It Is not uncommon
for a hospital to call up the police de
partment and commend the work of
the police in resuscitation. The pollcs
hare the advsntage of working In the
first five minutes following sn electric
shock, drowning or asphyxiation, and
are accordingly In a position to do
a great service, since they are frs
I A Very Quiet. Accessible Tletel,
Resaasable la Pries. I I
Hotel Seymour
44-50 West 45th Street
Between Fifth Arrom
and Broadway. Three
TnlnntH from Grand
Central Station. Near
Shope and Theatera
T-arje. Light Room*
Beautifully Furciahed.
Rooms, with Bath,
6 01 up.
rt Tartar, Bedroom it Bath,
r ?? on
Excellent R<*tanrmst a la
W. T. Montgomery,
, wiw^iasiY
to cultivated, interesting people
seeking rest and recreation at the
seashore. Hospitable?homelike
?modern in everyparticular. 10
story, fire-proof. Wonderful snrf
bathing. All sports and pastimes.
Golf and yacht cllib priril*|c.
The Leeds Company
On tha Beach and tha Boardwalk
all 7w. excellent table. Mra. R. Raw??y.
Kentucky Are.. Near Beaek.
Capnrtty, 400.
Majority mcius with hot ani cold ranninf
water. 38 with private hatha Trln-bone and
electri? light* in every room. Elrvator from
street level. Fine dance floor.
American Plan Ritr* for Janet
?ir.so (e >4 Dallyi |12A) f 92Q
!T. B. KRKXADY, Praprleter.
Ts Ave., HO Yd*. from Bonrdwalk.
Capacity, V*1, elevator; ima'e hatha.
Bot and cold running water in rooma.
June Hatea. American plan. 12 to H da'ly,
S10. *1* W 91S. I 'M weekly.
America's Famoua Ail-Year Resort.
Overlooking the most
picturesque lake in
Central Park at 74th St.
*?? W?t
Occupies an entire block. 450
roomi, each with bath.
Appeals to father*, mothers, and
children. Bos ting, tennis, horse
back riding and charming walk*.
Room with private bath, $2. par
day, upwards. Special ratee lor
suites for a stay of or
longer. ?
Booklet with ^gWwMjlil pictures
*Tumo cm. m. s.
* i
?Mtk CarcMu Atmw nl
I* tin hatn ft AUantte CMr's a?ri
m tttm w th.rTi.TL
d.- Ka
Octu Emd, T,
Om of Attest* Ot/ a
7Vie Wiltshire
Ope. Al Tear.
_ Two doom from BotHvtlk
; and Stool Pier. on vlrglilt
? ivcnvc. Many chamber win
? dowa oTerlooal
? dowa or^rlooklni tbo ocw
I Patronised bf tbooo dooir
s Inpr an unobtrualra earlroa
a mont at moderate coat.
" Katrt, IS per 4mj A
5 For many yeara
5 ownerahlp manaffcn^at
AAilP K?tnrky A#., nssr Bsacfc
r P. ?Unctwn Hnw iniQIaa
riwl?1^ ?u f?ja Kw ?n??a
New CUnon'^r wa?!^??7iyAm
Greater Pittsbsrg
? 4*7. toritl awti.. Kn L
wu iiwoon. i. j.
SitutW a a
* th? Atlantic
, and Delaware Bay, te
I aurinc a cool, 4c
lijMfol climate.
WlMwooa hat
on* of
the world, a tnai
rifletnt boardwalk,
lined with ahopa.
t hoatroa and
T Concorta dally by a
, portion of the PhiJadal
pbia O reheat ra.
Fart convenient train
service on both tho Penn
aylvania and Reading Rail
The mort desirable aottagea
and apartment* are now being
rented for the coming aeaaon.
For particulars and lllo^ratod
fnlder write
S. WBITF?fLL. Ctrr CVrl
Mllrfwsod. If. J.
rxnnrrir a iKw Mira FtrriMit
i/UKoLT Modasm. w?
fnrtaWa. Goad tsMa. bstbkr*.
?4e*ator; prutf baths; ioobm en suits, bool
swto D. I. WOOD*.
for excellent tshla. n>?ta ssrt.ra:
blrawss^ JlTfi, as4 Beack
Ocean View. Modern.
Forroyly of Washington*
? ?
A*W'HV PARK* !f. J.
Jane to October.
Social Center of the Coast
Every room with running
hot and cold water.
Beautiful corner and other
suites with private batha.
White service. Illustrated
booklet, also "Asbury Park
Attractions" on request.
J. W. HOCKAFRLLKR. Proprietor
Ona a qua re from ocean. Capacity,
S00. Modified Eur^.pran plan.
Club break Casta. Tabla d bote
luncheon and dinner. Alao a la
carte aerrlce. Rooma. fl per
day and upward. Logical hotel
for motoriat*.
Now Jar My
A Block on the Ocean front. S
Fifty mile* from New York on fl
Peon. R R. Located between 5
Asbury Park and Spring Lake, g
Safest Beach on Jersey Coast
Jj A high-class R aeort Hotel cater
ing to families with children.
Special Bates anr Faarth af Mf
From Wednesday dinner
on til Monday after break last,
Telephone 211 i

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