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Garfield Says Weaver Was
Patriotic as A?rJ
Fuel Administrator Qarfleld has s
lee-ted Frank O. Janes, wealthy borse
owner of Memphis, to direct the mat
?getaent of the District of Columbia's
fuel taffah-a. He wfll enter on hia
duties on Monday morning, when the
merging of the District fuel office with
the Federal become? effective.
sir. Jenes ia a dollar-a-year man. 1
He conferred yeeterday with John L.
Weaver, whose r?signation, offered
some time ago. was accepted yester
day by the Federal Administrator.
Mr. Jona? atated that the office? nf
the District ?administration would he
maintained Cor a time in the Wood
ward Building. He explained that,
(?esloes supervising the local affairs.
Me would have other duties in the
Kaders! Administration, and It would
l*e necessary for him to maintain ait
.?fltce at the Federal Building as well.
The following letter, dated Jun? S
was sent by Fuel Administrator Gai
tleld la Mr. Waavar:
r.arSald ta ?rarer.
"I have carefully considered your
recant recommend.uion with respect
to the future handling of the fuel re
luiremenu of tbe District of Colum
bia, and have approved the adoption
?sf your general plan, with auch sli.it**
inodifltiations as may be necessary to
?-ontorm to our arrangements here, ?
aa? only aorry that this eourse in
volves the aoreptance of your resigna
tion as Federal Fuel Adnnni.ir a tor
tor tbe District of Columbia, ten let-ad
in your letter of June SB. While this
appears to be a necessary featute of
?he proposed arrangement, we shall
want to feel tre? to call upon 3 ou
from time to time for aid and aiuist
ance in an advisory capacity, and to
avail ourselves of your knowl??<l?,e of
?*onditions and of the duties 01 vom
off Ica
"In the meantime. I desire to ex
prese my deep appreciation of the
loyal and patriotic servic-s rendered by
von during the difficult conditions nf
the past winter, and of your untiring
?-.'forts to serve the best interests of
?he -people of the District and of this
? ?ministration."
'1??'??'? Humphries. ? -5-year-old b-o>
ini with hi? parent? at im ??Jine
...th street northwest, was bitten on
>e hand .na boa?, bT ?og own(,d
r.?? father, at noon yesterday. He
? -s taken to the Emerge-ncv- Hosnltal
'? wound? are not serious.
Tbe arrow indicates ??-here American troops wiped out a force of l
t.^00 Germans m-nth of Torcy, killing 700 of them, and captured an im
portant enei.-:, stri ? ih old.
The first deaf mute to apply for
military ?t?rrica since the United
States as*:unud the task of making
the world safe for democracy made
personal application yesterday to
Secretary Daniele for enlistment in
the navy. The conversation was
carried on by pad and pencil. The
Secretary was so deeply interested
in the silent conference that em ad
miral was allowed to cool his heels
in the background while pencils
fsirly flew sjsjpsjsjsj icores and scores
<>f sheets of paper.
"I want to fight the Germans."
wrote W. H. Chambers, formerly of
Mr. Daniel's home town of Raleigh,
N. C, but now a member of the fac
; ulty of the Tennessee -School for
Deaf and Dumb, at Knoxvllle.
11.1?. II Ik h Reca-ntmeadatf-atas.
? The mu'r was armed with a -djosjen
letters >f re commendation from prom
|li?t North Carolinians and Tenres
seans. Governor Thomas W. Bickett.
??f North Carolina, wrote Secretary
; Daniels:
? Hirt (Chambers*) character and pa
ll riot ism are 100 per cent perfect."
| It was suggested to chambers Uiat
I he ould do bis bit by taicin? a Civil
?" Service job.
"I want to get into your depart
ment, the navy," the mule wrote, aa
with a shrug of his shoulders and a
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orruMT?-: i?m?.'s palaci:
Optometrists and Opticians.
wry face he registered a strong tas
taste for bomb-proof jobs
"But the Iiw prevent.* me from
using anybody here except enllsied
men." Mr. Daniels wroU.
"I'll enlist." the pencil flashed
aero.-..-? th? pad, as a broad ?mile
spread over Chambers' face.
K-M'i'i >ssing admiration for the
mute's patriotic spirit and sy.npatny
for his affliction, the Secretary re
luctantly Informed hi?* visitor that the
i;iv> icsulatioiis would not permit his
; acceptance.
I "A sailor must hear as well as see
| the enemy," he wrote.
! "But I can see well cnou*-'h to make
I up for my lack of hearing."' the mute
' argued, pointing with both hands to
hid stron-t. sharp -ryes.
Mr. Daniels warmly commended
Chumb?is for his patriotism and as
sured him that he would help him
, In every way to get into some branch
j of government service where he Is
'qualified to do his bit
"? deaf person always Is handi
i apped,"* the mute confided to Mr.
Dsnieis' private secretary, as they
. left the office, the Secretary's saint.
1 conveying a cordial "goodbye."
! Chambers renewed his efforts to ep
? list for active service in tiie office of
j the Secretary of War. He was told
| that an opportunity for Important
service might be found in the-division
! having charge of reclamation work
?among the returned wounded snd
maimed soldiers. I ?arg e numbers < f
soldiers have their hearing? and
speech impaired by shell shock, an I
a train-t-d teacher of mutes should be,
able to render invaluable aid In flt
tint* for future life work some of
these afflicted heroes.
Will Try IteelsniutloM Werk.
The mute will present his applica
tion to Col. Frank Billings, in chatv
? of this work, next week.
I Chambers Is highly educated and an
? athlete of renown. He was graduati .1
? from Gallaudet College, In Waaiiln-;
? ton, and taught at the North Caro
: lina State School for Deaf and Dumb
? before ffoing to Tennessee. He won
many athletic honors at college and
'also ia amateur circle? of Hal?is ?
* and Knoxvllle. In a field meet
: f?;w years ago li? ran ICO >ards in ten
f-e rends.
; 25,000 TO BE SPENT
Tra A Miller, of New York, man
a?er of the "Million Dollar Dolls'"
[company on the Columbia burlesque
circuit Jast season, arrhrcd in Wash
ington yesterday to supervise the
r-novation of the Lyceum Theater,
? preparatory to its opening as a
".second wheel" house early in Au
.Mr. Miller will authorize the ex
?iditure of 121,004 in improvement?,
t the Lyceum. New seats will be
?-tailed, boxes frescoed, and ad
: onal seating space provided. The
..yreuni will retain the same name
under the new management.
This will be the first show house
, io open in Washington under the
M-tnagfmonts of the American cir
cuit of the Columbia Amusement
' 'ompany. It will be a link in a
chain of thirty-four theaters in as
many large cities in the United
? States.
Mr. Miller will return to New
f York shortly to prepare for the
| launching of the second edition of
l the "Million Dollar Doll?.*' He has
j written the book for next year,
[which ?natures Ede Mae, the Cali
fornia prima donna, in the leading
Young women of the District were
{appealed to yesterday by the Red
j Cross to enter a training school and
learn the essentials of nursing for
war service. Evening classes for
beginners are held at the Red Cross
Teaching Center. 1413 Q ?treet
northwest, and certificates will be
issue.?] to students completing: tbe
prescribed courses.
Applicants for foreign service In
the Red Croe? nursing must have
completed the first aid coarse and
the one in home nursing, it was
j Otl? B. Kent, attorn?, and examiner
for the United Statee chipping Board.
I ha? resigned, to take effect tomorrow.
? Mr. Kent will enter the private pr&c
tioe of law. with offices in New Tork
and Washlneton. Mr. Kent has been
with the board practically slnoe ita
organization, and haa had * varied
experience la Its ?ervice.
He established at Hampton Road?
the bunkering; system whereby the
contreation of vessels durine the past
winter was relieved.
Mr. Kent Is a graduate of George
town Fniverelty, George Washington
Unlveralty and the Catholic Unlver?|ty.
He will be aasociated in admiralty
matters with Messrs. Duncan and
Mount, of New Tork City.
Cyril McCormack Injured While
Rescuing Pel Dog.
Stamford. Conn.. June ?9.?Seising
a large Atrod?i? to loosen it? hold
on th? thrc-*t of hi* p*t dear, Cyril
Mcl'om.-.k, the 11-year-oM ?oa of
Jolia *. I'orniack, the notad mnger.
?m -.adir bitten on th? arm today
at Collender** Polat. Ttaa wound I
v.ae ??t.?terixed.
ExtKutive Follows Burleson
Arguments in Giving
By vetoing the poatofflce appropria
tion bill,- which made provision for the
continued service ot the postoffice
pneumatic tabes In postal delivery in
the cities of New York. Brooklyn. Chi
cago, Boston, St. touts and Philadel
phia, President Wilson brought to an
?nd the lona ficht against the tubes.
which will now go out of service
Automobiles will take the place of
tlie tubes In the cities named.
The House sustained ?he veto by
.he vote of 187 to I1-. and within a few
? ? menta after taking this action
raeaed a new bill In which the appro
? ? m tlon intended for the* tube service
is eliminated.
The bill was then hurried to the
Henate, where, after a brief statement
iiy Senator Bankhead, chairman of
the Postoffice Committee, It was
pac :r<l without opposition.
Burle???. FoBght Tabla,
Postmaster ?General "?.ineaon Ina?
fought the tubas through three sea
slons ot Congress, but the representa
tives from the cities In which tbe
tubes are uaed have al way? been able
to muster enough vote? co defeat the
Postmaster General's recommenda
tions. Tills year the House refused
to make an appropriation for the
lui??.?, but tbe Senate amended the bill
to cont?nue tbe tube aervlce' and the
House, by a majority of one vote, ac
cepted the Senate's amendment Fri
day. At that time-. Chairman Moon,
of the House Poetofflce Committee,
made the prediction that the bill
would be vetoed because it contained
this provision.
Notwithstanding thl? prophecy,
the veto of the President came as
a surprise. Tbe bill did not reach
him until after noon and barely
more than two hours elspsed from
the time of It? delivery at the White
House until It was brought back
to the House by a meseengcr from
the President, who announced that
the bill had met with his disap
Heaaaaa Far Vete.
The President*? rea?on? for dis
approving the further use of the
tubes followed very closely the
recommendation? made by Post
maeter Burleson In hia annual re
ports and In hi? statements to com
mittees of Congres?. In the main
they are that the tube? are unre
liable, that th? service Is subject
to frequent breakdowns resulting in
loss of mall, and that closer <*on
nectlons with mall train? may be
made by the use of automobiles. The
President says that he was guided
| by report? of postal expert? who
have reported adversely on the tube
Prevent raaaage Over Vet?.
When the message had been read
t.? the House. Representative Steen
? raea, ?if Minnesota, moved that the
Iblll become ? law. despite the dis
approvai of the President. On this
[ vote thirteen Demo?*rats, all but two
: of whom were from New York,
! ninety-eight Republicans, and Lon
don. So?*ialist. voted "aye."
Incorrect Report Rectified That
Clerks Made Error.
Oii??nal announcement by the tally
Orle of the vote in the House Thurs
day on the pneumatic postal tub*-.?,
provision in the postoffice appropria
tion bin. proved that the original
? ount of vote.? by the clerk? waa <3or
rcct. It developed at the Capitol yes
terday. There waa confusion In the
! minds of many menuets of the House
on Friday as to the result of the pre
vious day's voting, but this v.-as
cleared away by the statement that
the vote stood as originally announced.
160 for the adoption of ihe conference
report, which recommended retention
of the tubes, and 119 against the prop
It was erroneously reported Friday
that the tally clerk of the House put
the "aye" vote of Representative Rose
| of Pennsylvania in the wrong column
I Thl? was disproved on the examina
tion of the tally sheet.
There were no changes at all in the
official record of the vote as original
ly made, officials of the House de
clared yesterday.
Representative Moore yesterday de
nied that he made any statement re
flecting on the integrity of the clerks
with reference to the vote.
During the fin?l disposition of the
matter in the Houae Representative
Kitchln declared that he had person
ally examined the tally sheet and
knew that the original record wa?
correct, notwithstanding hi? hope thnt
the result might have been otherwise.
Murderer Refuse? Pardon.
Pari?, June ?.-? murderer named
% ander Massen haa been guillotined
after refusing m reprieve granted bv
President Poincar?, saying ha desireii
to expiate his crime.
?. W. Cor? 900 M ?St N. W.
He tBJM Yea Ce te Right < urn- r
My Location Makes It
Poi?.L>.e to Sell
Stylish Clothe*
Roam, with Ortnchcd Bath,
?I.SO Ip.
ft ?a-a?? with FHvale Rath, tn G?.
Club Bnakbat, IBM? d'Hate Dinner.
"8,000,000 Allies Captur
ed in Fran.ce," -Says
Madrid, June 28.?"The unconquer
able Oerroan soldiers are dally ad
vancing Into France, overwhelming
everywhere the American and allied
This is the sort of news which Is
being spread throughout northern
Africa by Hun propagandists, in an
effort to get the tribes to rise against
the French and Italians.
A proclamation attributed to tbe
handlt Ralsull Is being scattered
broadcast throughout Morocco.
? oepy of It haa been published
here by the Sol, which considers a
German spy in ?pain to ba the real
author. Tbe proclamation reads In
"Arise, servants of ?Jod, and drive
the French and English dogs from
your country. Tbe (Jerman, Austrian.
Turk aad Bulger soldiers (may GoJ
grant them victory!? have captured
more than 8.000,000 prisoner? and 70,000 ?
big gun?. I
"They advance continually Into
French territory, overwheliiilne
French, English and American sol
diers. Today Germany (may Goo
give her victory!) haa built a mag
nificent cannon which sballa Paris
day and niant. Tbe terrorised Paris
ians are fleeing in throngs.
"Arise, people of Maghreb! France
can no longer defend herself against
the courage of the noble German sol
diers- How oa? YOU longer support
the yoke of tbeae French cure?"
The object of the HT!K intrigue is
to ?tir up a revolt throughout north
Africa, and Spain, which controls
part of Morocco, la a? seriously con
cerned over it? outcome me are t be
alijes. A? yet, however, there have
been only isolated cases of murder.
Declaring that *o ptr cent of Its
peac? tim? employee have resigned
to enter other branch?:? of the gov
ernment ?erv.ee. the Public Library
yesterday appealed to citizens to co?
operate t* the fullest extent with
the library's new employee to ren
der the maximum service.
The library states that larger
crowds have been attracted to the
library by the war addition to
Washington's population, and that
the resources of the institution are
taxed to meet all ne-?d*. The fol
lowing schedule for summer clos
ing waa announced:
During July, August and Septem
ber/ the central building of the li
brary will close on Saturdays at t
p. m. On other week days, the li
brary will be open at the usual
hour??, 9 a. m. to * p. m.
The library in ordinarily open on
Sunday* from 3 to 9 p. tu. and on
moat holiday*, the usual week-day
hours. On July A, ?nnd on Sunday,
July 7r however, the central library
will be closed.
The TaHoma Perk branch is open!
.very week day from 2 to 9 p. m.
It ii?* regularly closed on Sunday?
und will be closed on July 4.
Sale White Wash
A rousing sale of 500 White
Gabardine Wash Skirt?, made
of trie material that is generally
put m $5 and $6 skirt?. Highly
tailored garments, these, in sizes
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Extra sizes, $3.49.
Georgette and
Crepe de Chine
Oalaty Crepe me Chlac. (.?-?raeltr ami VaUe
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Ii? ? dr.*? ?( ?h***?-r? I? ?he laat teta imye?all
mnrkfd a( l?Nr?. which ta??re raaetaat ar
mami etti *?l?-k ?ale?. ?,w ?hnba?? ?chr?ii-a
? ad heat qaality aatotiab.
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well at exceptional values in materials.
736 Seventh--Near ? Street N. W.
RED CROSS results;
Vivian O. Hill, in France. Writ?
to Chairman Here.
Regret that he was not able to
he bere to take an active part la
the Red Cross last drive I? ex
pressed by Vivian O. Hill, of Wash
ington, now with Persblng'? force?
In France, in a letter to Henry B.
F. Macfarland. chairman of the war
fund of 1?18.
"It would have afforded me great
pleasure to have assisted you In
every possible way." write Mr. Hill
from France. "Permit me to express
my appreciation of the fine work
l>eing done by the American Red
fro??, as I had an insight into the
vork being done while a patient
racantly in a b??e hospital."
In view of the fact that the firet
payment on the pledge? made In the
t**cent drive i? due July 1. Inquir
?as are coming as to where the
pledges should b? piM. Therefore
announcement Is made that while
? new pledgee ?should be sent to Chalr
! man Macfarland at his office In the
I Evans Building, payment on pledges
? should be scat to the war fund
1 cashier, C- H. Rudolph, president.
Second National Bank.
Relatives and friands of soldiers in
American training camps were asked '
acain by officials of the PostoA.ce .De
partment yesterday to cut down the
number of package-s of "eats** sent to
the men.
Hundreds of packages are received
I dally at postofflces near military sta
t lions which cannot be d?! ne red, due ?o
! faculty address or bad condition. It
whs stated.
| 'The mailing of such edibles ?s un
derstood to be contrary to the wishes
of the military* a* :hor;ties. who have
found It necessary in many -r-ases to
withhold delivery In order to safe
guard the health of tb? soldiers," a ?
statement by officials declarad.
War Camp Community Service
Open to Government Employe?.
"Tha Oovarnment Recreation Lea?!?** '
rnade Ite bow to Washington reate* -
day nnder th? direction of Mai.
George P. Ahem, secretary ?ef th*?
War Caliere. It waa organi rod at a
meeting of a special committee tn the
Wilson Normal School Tha red**
All department? ot the government
?re expected to take an active part m
the work of tlie league, which is **?
?.ended to provide recreation aad
aiouMiifat tor ginertuneot workers.
The league proposes to orgamai and
.lom?te aaao-Ptations of ?employes for
the purpose ot bringing theni In t-t-Hirh
with reicraation faciltiea provided *r
the War Camp Community l?er?ic*
the community centers, churches and
other organisations, and to help them
to engage In social enterpnse? of their
Seventh &
Eye Streets
House & Herrmann ! ?t* *
j bye Streets
Cloted AH Day July Fourth, ?ind Dunn?, Jar? aad Aufnst
r Satwday.
Cloted All Day
Other Days at ?
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Choice of either Mahogany finish or American Walnut.
First at a patriotic
duty?and in support
of the boy* "over
there." But rreraember
alao, they are a splen
did in*restnient so
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