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lut yoted
-fatue to Be Asked to Act
at Once to Stop
Tha Ha?*?? Q-e-Mrttts? o? Intarstat?
mam ? iinin-il y??rtarday that. If
tha telegraph and telephone Masa are
taira? over by tbe au ? ?aim*?'*, they
n?lla turned back to their <>??*"
lust a? aeon aa pear* la proclaimed
oarneiship of the -
tf t?m ?
eetvad the wiwimsnt of t*t**? ?_-.
Zrnat Ptsalda-rt WHaea*e <***>??
rejected by a majority vote of
the eu>sndtt?a, . ..
In place af the AavreD r?*?"?*??**?*?
Impcaed ao reattrietstt??? on tua
. at time tha government might
?urto* to bold the linea, tb* cote
mltte* agreed ta a trobatltute reeolu
rioa. which toa? tha period of con
trol and ????*?*? that e??*??*-?"??*??
rotan b* mad? to tha eompanle* for
tho ?a* of thetr pre*??t*t????. TB? As
?eU reaalutloa war r?aoma??-eded by
tha T*it*ald?nt and ?ador?d by J?oet
nia?tir <3?n?ral BurlMOti and ?secre
tarle? Baker and Daniel?.
Th* new resolution which la to ga
attere the House next Vrlday, was
laced by ?UlnM?ntat*v marn
?t Leali???, a aiswir of
?. It la as follow?:
?That tha Pt**???let?t In ttmt of war
I* tlllaatalaasil and empowered to
auperrlee or take pua??*?!?, and as
sume control of any tol*e*raph. tele
photk* mart?? cable er radio tystem
or ayrntarna, ar any lmrt thereof; and
to ??Berat? iha aame Its stach manner
as may be needful or desirable for
the jaialhai of the war, which ?uper
vtata?, Limlllin control or opera
tion fthatll not ?otead beyoad the? ?late
of the pToelsmatlon by tha President
of the ?xehang? or ratification of a
treaty of peace: ptijyVtod, that just
c<vmp?u?t*on shan be made for *ucb
?Ul? ?lai??.. juniamim. control or op
T*h* adoption of the substitute by
the eomlmttee came after a lona
dlscuMloa to which ? majority ot
the member* blankly r*fu?*d to ?up
port any roeaaure that would not
provide ier compensating the own
ers aad limit the length of time that
tha government might operate the
systems. Chairman Sims pleaded
'or lutate upon the ground that the
threatened ?trike by Wetrtern Union
operatera win ?erlouBry lntarfer?
with tfte ?^-?-?rninaat?* ?rar bu?l
aess. He urged the commltte to re
port th? A?w?H resolution and al
low it to be considered by the
Houae. This the committee would
not do.
Th* cemmittee's action undoubt
edly will lannrh a stubborn fight to
the House over the original Aswell
.?ropaaal. trhlch haa the Postmaster
'lenerni* endorsement It la pre
dicted that the Paatmsster General
will and himself In ? contest with
Congres? fully as lnteretrting a?
that over the poetai pneumatic
tube?, which he won after three
j-earsof effort.
atloa Dltailll
_te amon?; ' member* of tba
? omnaittae oa th* limitation clause of
the r?solution vu mat more vigorous
than skat on the question of compen
sation for the usa of the properties
Members ???stated that although the
Presiil??nt*? war power? give him com
mand osar all tho armed foro*?, tha
.constitution Inhibits tbe taking of
property without ?tue compensation;
they insisted that this inhibition la not
? altered la time of arar.
Representative Dewatt offered aa
amei-adtaaat to the effect that. If tbe
quMtfon of compensation could not b*
settled by agreement or arbitration.
-the ecrupanie? ehoald be permitted to
-take their case to tbe Court of Claims
This ?mendment Was defeated In favor
of tbe ?Impler provision in the Sanders,
substitute, which establishes the prin
?atple -that the propartie*. If taken
must be paid for.
' Tbe committee instructed Chairman
Sims to report the resolution Ftlday
and Mr. Sims said b* will ask the
House to adv* imniedlate considerati?-.?
to it To ?that extent this purpose
may Interfere with the plsna for a re
eeea beginning Friday ha? not been
decided. Majority Leader Kitchln told
tha House yesterday morning that,
unleaa the President asks Congress
t? I???III f? laataTlllll. the r?o?*? will
begin Friday and end August 10.
Mr. Sims intends to use all hla in
fluence to combat the Idea of a recess
until the legislation Is passed. He re
garda the strike threat as too menac
ing to panait Congre?? to go away,
without having first provided tbe
It with authority to ?set. if
?hould aria* to demand
? ?ecutive interference.
About eleven soldiert in each
otte thousand on the firing line in
Fran?? are killed in action or die
of wtMindi, according to figures
compiled ay the Frena high com
missioner. On the other hand, it
ia interesting to know that of
tho**e in the ordinary walks of
peaceful life nearly io per cent
are the victims of disease of the
kidneys. In 1016 one of the great
est life insurance companies in the
world paid 913 death claims where
death waa caused by Bright'? dis
Prof. H. Stratus. M. D, Of the
fleyal Chanty Hospital. Berlin,
?ays ? "The canse for an attack of
Rout, rheumatism, lumbago is
?applied by the increase of uric
acid in the blood serum, the re
sult of varions causes, the most
frequent of which is renai. Before
an attach oae suffers sometimes
From bes/lache, neuralgia, twinges
of paia here and there, or confined
to * ?'??*? locality." Dr. Levit?n
.tus? both hold that a
. ?-continued disturbance of the
kidney, functions, resulting in an
? ccurrmbtion of uric acid in the
?lood a?ram. causes these painful
Whes SV<tT Itrdncys feel like
tin-rip? ?w ttAtl. when the back
\> c-.r .^hc urine 14 cloudy, full
'?g' -* a? *e i
organl?ataene which ?naually cele
brate preferred to put all their ef
fort? on th? internation?! Democra
cy Pageant.
More than WO foreigner? have
come to the city to take pan In the
pageant. These include. English.
French and Belgian soldier?, sailor?
aad marine? and trained actor? and
dancer? from all over the United
States. Hundred? of soldiers, sailors
and marine? from our ow ntroops
will march and act as guarda Among
these la tb? crack 4T!d Engineers.
They are a picked troop of 100 under
their captain, Guy B. Sweet.
Wttmt Half Play?**?.
The flr?t half of th? pageant will
consist of "action?"' or playlet? by
the different nation?, representing
?orne phase of the nation'? struggle
for freedom.
The?? action? will take place on the
Hall, and each will be staged with
a pictureeque government building In
the background.
Por instance, one may ?ea the
Greek action at 5 o'clock before the
Treasury Building. Here will be
Greek classic dances and thee more
modern one? at the announcement of
the victory of Marathon.
Prom there one may go to the Brit
ish aectlon. Her? will be the Scotch
Highland fling, aongs of Wales, and
Irish dances and songs. Tableaux of
India and England will be given.
Haar People?.
Then bere ia tbe Bed Cross Build
ing, where Italy baa her part. Here
the Doges and other picturesque,
characters from ancient Venice will
walk again. Member? ot tb? San
Carlo* Opera Company will sing, and
music will be furnished by the Nor
dica Mandolin and ?Saltar Orchestra.
and by tbe Italian Band. The Taran
telle win be one of the most Interest
ing dance*
Nlcaraguan Independence Day will
be acted oat by th? Southeast and
Chevy Chase Colili unity centers, un
der Miss Cecilia OBvta. Mia? Le
Fevre, of the Panama Legation, ha?
reproduced a young Panamas in na
tive coetume.
Typically Chinese, with native In
strumente and costume?. Is the
Chine?? aectlon of the D. A. B.
A whole series of "actions" will
tea? place on tbe Ellipse. Here Por
of sediment, or you are obliged
to seek relief two or three times
during the, night; when yon suf
fer with sick headache, or dizzy,
nervous spells, acid stomach, or
fron have the rheumatic pains or
ambage, goat, .sciatica when the
weather is Dad, do not neglect the
warning, but try ?imple means.
A? Dr. Strauss says, the amount
of fluid should be regalar and dis
tributed through the day. Take
six or eight glasses of water dur
ing the day, then obtain at your
nearest drug store Anurie (double
strength). In tablets, 6oc. This
to flush the kidney? and to act as
a tonic so that the kidneys will
filter out the uric add poison.
Anurie is more potent than lithia,
and in most case? it will dissolve
tbe uric acid as bot water does
Anurie was the recent disctyvery
of Dr. Pierce, Chief of Staff, Sur
gical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. Of
his home remedies the most wide
ly known are hi? "Favorite Pre
scription" for womanly troubles
and run-down conditions peculiar
to the womanly sex, and his
"Pleasant Pellet?," tbe tiny, tonic
laxatives. Anybody wanting to
test the ?/fiea?nr of Aniric can
send iec to Dr. Pier?? aad receive
triai package. - ?t
, tugal will represent a ?cene from the
Festival of St Anthony, with the
national folk dance. The actors will
be the Arion Club under Mm. Cor
Japan WUI Be The???.
Japan will give exhibitions In
sword dancinc*. fencing and other
Japanese sport*
Montenegro will be stationed for
the parade, although no drama will
be given.
The wonderful Russian dance?
will be given on the Ellipse. Ma
dame Botchkaro will be there too.
The Rrmanians, Lithuanians and
Roumanian? will give national ?ongs
and dances In costume.
With the Renaissance background
of the Agricultural Building) France
will play out the drama of her past.
First. Joan .of Arc will come for
ward with the twenty old province?
of France. Then, aa they retire to
the background, the spirit of Mod
ern France and the spirit of Amer
ica will meet and greet each other.
With great rejoicing, the mourning
Province? of Alsace and Lorraine
will be received Into the mldat of
the French provinces.
Here, too, one may see tbe Ser
bian Harvest Festival, which has
been the symbol of hope to down
trodden Serbia for 500 year*
Caeehe-Slavte Leader.
The ?.'?echo-Slav? will have their
program nearby. The great present
day leader, Masayark. will be present
and march In the parade afterward
The action feature? the blind leader
Zlska of hUtory. who defeated eev
eral Roman crusade? sent against the
Huaslte* after the death of John Hua*
A Jugo-Slav wedding will be only
one of the many good things fnr
| nfshed by the Jugo or Southern Slavs.
They dedicated a new national flag
at 4:30 o'clock.
In front of the museum will be the
pageant of Liberia, with all her up?
and downs from the Jungle day? of
the colored race to the ?lave day?,
and from the ?lave day? to the pres
sent Republic of Liberia.
With old Smithsonian, which looks
like a Belgian Cathedral, aa back
ground, native Belgians will act ?rat
the tragedy of their country. A? the
belt? peal from the Smithsonian, the
crowd on the stage will reproduce the
Independence Day of Belgium, July
21. 1S16, after the German Invasion
which cost Belgium a million marks.
Wareh Tkrnegh ?he Mall.
Then will come the grand march
through the Mall down Maryland
avenue to the eaat front of the Capi
tol. Aa the nation? are reached in
tb? line of parade they will fall in
in the order In which they entered
the war. American soldiers, sailors,
marines, the T. M. C. ?.. Red Cross,
T. M H. A. and ?. of C. will march
As they reach the Capitol they
gill be banked on the step? of the
House and Senate buillwings.
Promptly at. dark, that It, about
half past 9, th? Marin? Band will
play th? Shepherd's Dance and chil
dren In classic costume will give the
Dance of the Happy Children.
Humanity, played by Miss Florence
Newbold. will come forward The
music will change from the Happy
Dance to a aad Beethoven ?train
with minor chords, and * ?ad group
will come np the step? to ask aid
of Humanity. They will be com
forted by Humanity. Then, led by
Gilbert Wilson, they will ?ing "Oh.
Ood. Our Help in Agea Past Oar
Hope In Time to Come."
The chorus will join In this. The
whole scene will be lit by th? great
?astice la Fan Paaeyhy.
Justice, in full panoply with all her
aids, will now enter the scene. Jus
tice will be portrayed by Maude
Howell. She win call on Columbia
to aid the sufferers. Miss Anna
Sammy Is Columbia.
Columbia then will call to her all
her resource?, and they will come,
troops of young girl? garbed in rain
bow color* There will be the light
yellow of the Held? of wheat or Agri
cultura, the gold of the Treasury, the
green of the Horn of Plenty or the
Food Administration, the red of the
Red Croe?, the light blue that pic
ture? the wing* of Aviation, and the
dark blue of the Merchant Marine.
The viol? will ?bow the loyalty typi
fied by the War Risk Insurance
They will all gather in a great are
around Columbia, and th? search
light? will suddenly reveal them In
a great rainbow ot hope ta Humanity
and the suffering. ' '
The < IImx?Celara*?*-?
CeltiMfeta will then e*y to Jus
tice, "All our re*ouree* Justice, we
mtt. te ther|" Then. At the rainbow
color? together make whit?, so tbe
resources ef the world will bring
the white of democracy aad perfect
Twenty-six trumpeter* er heralds
clothed in old Ivory color with gold
trumpet?? will now announce De
mocracy, who ?t?p? out from the
Capitol, and the Halleujab Chorus
ot 10,000 voice* will bunt forth.
Park View Citizens
To "Warm Up."
Park View wiU have a "warming
up" celebration preliminary to the
great pageant In the morning and
afternoon of the Fourth on tbe
ground* of tbe Soldier'? Home. The
exciting event of the dmornlng wiU
be a baseball game between the
champion boy?' team of Park View
Champion boy?? team of Park View
and the Feather? of Park View. A?
the Champion team defeated the
team? of th? elty thi? year, many
Park Vlewita are sympathising with
the "Dads."
Miss Margaret Wilson, daagkter
nt the President, will lead tbe chorus
in ?Ingina* In the afternoon. Patri
otic songs and French song? will
be featured. The French band, under
Director Gsbrlel Pare?, wiU give
selection* and Ambassador Jalea
Jessurand will probably attend the
John C. Coons, first assistant post
master general, will make th? ad
drea? of th? day. taking aa hia sub
jest the postofflce In the community
A service flag of 180 star* wUI be
raised and the festivity will be con
cluded in time for those participating
ia the pageant, and the cltixen? of ?
Park View to "doll up" for the pa
geant In the evening.
Th? official? la charge ara Bart 8.
Elliot, chairman of the general com
mittee; Dr. A. B. Crane, of the com
mittee on ground? and transport*?
tion; J. G. MeQrath, on platform* and
decotrattona; R. L, Williams, on re
freshments: Charlea Gilmore. on re
ception? and ushers; John Cole, on
athletic?; C. H. Hanson, on printing
and poster?; Mis? Frances Falrley,
on ?chool? and co-operation, and Mrs.
C. H. Hanson, on Red Cross.
Foreign Born Citi'ens
Invited to Join.
Special Invitation? have been ex
tended to American citizens of foreign
birth to help the Son? of the Ameri
can Revolution and the Sona of the
Revolution in their annual Fourth of
July celebration at 10 a. ra. at the
foot of Washington monument
Brig. Oen. George Richard?, presi
dent of the Son? of the Revolution
of the Dietrict of Columbia, will pre
side. William C. Flits, assistant at
torney general, will be the principal
apeakr. Col. Frederick O. Bryan, of
the Sons of the American Revolu
tion, will read the Declaration of In
dependence* The Marine Band,
undere William H. Santeleman, will
The Joint committee consists of
Commander John H. Moore, IJ. S. X.
retired; John B. Torbett, ?eoretary of
the Dietrict of Columbia Society of
the Son? of the American R?volu?
tlon; Brig. Oen. George Richard?;
Dr. Stewart B. Muncaster and Will
iam V. Coz, of the Sons of the
Revolution in th? District of Colum
bia; and Frederick D. Owen, of thee
District of Columbia Society of tho
Sons of the American Revolution
Brookbrnd Program
Has Good Speakers.
John Temple Orava? will ?peak on
Red Croe* work at the Independence
Day exercises of the Brookland Citi
zen?' Association, held at Fort Banker,
Brookland Third Assistant Postmaster
General Dockery will deliver the prin
cipal addreas and Corp. Spicer, *
patient at the Walter Reed Hospital,
will tell ot hi? expertcm*e In France.
Marvin M. McLean, president of tbe
association, will make the opening ad
dres* Rev. p. DI Paola, pastor of St.
Anthony'? Church, will deliver the In
vocation and Rev. Joseph Fletcher, of
the Church of Our Savior, will say
The Boy Scout Band will play and a
chorus will ?Ing patriotic song*
Athletic events (or the hete and
birla have been arranged by ? eom
mlttee composed of s. W. Burgen?,
Fred Tansll. J. T. Williams. I. H.
Ledger. Harry E Brook?, A. A. Ormi*
by, Qeorge Saltzman, Charles J. Cas
?tdy. Frank How?, Thoma? Curan and
A. A. Carpenter.
The finance committee consists of
Lee R. Wilson, B. w. Turner, T. E.
Stackhouse, C. E. Remaburg, D. 8.
Pollock. M. F. Norwood. B. N. Leech. ?
D. H. Oertley, C. V. Burnslde, John
McPhaul. ? T. Boyer. E. C-Saltzman,
O. ?. Johnson, Charles Krache and
Capt Joseph Baumer.
Tb. Haa ?Tros? committee Is headed
bv Mr*. Robert W. Ftischkorn and
Mra C. V. Burnslde. with Miss Mary
Burr, Mrs. J. H. Ledger, Mrs. George
ICI?, g. W. Burg????, Mia?
criar? Moy??, Mr?, a. B. Jotae-ton.
Mr* EUaabeth Daniel?, Mb
Reeee, Mis? Mabel White. Mr?. Jo
Fletcher, Mr* C. H* Et*. Mr?. ~
?toWlS?. Mr?. M. J. Holme? Bl
D. a. PoUock a? eld* Mia? Mary Burr
win condoct aa ?apataally intereating
Camp Meade WiD
Welcome Visitors.
Camp Meade will be ho?t to many
visitor? today, tot division head?m*r
t?r? has announced wide-open dc-or*
Bvery unit la eruap haa arrangtd a
calibration and tbe soldiers aro hoping
that th? gil?? from th? city win turn
ont in force. There will be plenty of
music. Full bands will be there to
play and the soldier? will all u* on
IV the morning every regiment win
line op for review, and there will oe
brief addresses. The Y. M. C. A. b?
ebtalned ?orne orator? from Washing
ton to ?peek In building?, from boxing
stands, and In the open air theater aa
well a? In tha auditorium.
Dominican College
Flag Raiting.
Friend? ef Dominican Col!?g?.
Ocenin City. Md.. will ?ttend * flag
raising at 10:10 a. m. tedey. There
will be a program of mualc and ad
Golf Clubs of City
To ?Aid Red Cross.
All the golf club? of the city will
hold their Fourth of July affair? for
th? benefit of the Red Croe? under
the euaptcr? of the United State?
Oolf Association.
Columbi* Golf club will hold two
golf and on? tennis eventa. For the
men there will be an ls-hole handi
cap match against par. each parti
cipant to receive a number of hole?
"up" equal to half his handicap? Tb*
women will stage * ?i-hol? match,
play againat par, putting tourna
The ranking need In the regular
weekly event? win stand? and aa par
for the putting course Is * thirty-six?
two strokes a hole?class A player?
will start six up for the fifty-fourth
hole?, ? players, seven; C player?, I:
etc Play may take place at any Hm
during the day. tbe flrst three rounds
to count.
The tennis players will hold ? one
day ?vent with class?e In both men's
end women'? ?Ingles, play starting at
2 o'clock. One set will decide each
match, except the flnal?. which ?etti
be two out of three,
Flag Raising Before
Union Station.
The flag raising in front of the
Union Station by the members of the
terminal station flag committee of
William B. Cashing Camp No. ?. Sons
of Veterans, Divleon of Maryland, will
atart promptly at 7 ? m. today. .
Tha invocation wiU be given by tba
Rev. Paul R Hickok, paat national
Addreese? will be given by Repre
sentative Sanders of Indiana, Com
mander J. Clinton Hiatt. ?Commander
William Tlndall and Chairman Curnon
R. Scott. The meeting will be called
to order by Past Commander Curnon
R Scott, vice-chairman.
Tbe committee on program is Maj.
Frederick S. Hodgson, Wilfred K.
Oarlick. George G. Selbold end J.
Clinton Hiatt,
The terminal ?tation flag committee
of William B. Cushing Camp No.
I? Gustave E. l?eckman. Curnon
Scott. Wilfred E. Garllck. William
Wolf and Sila? ?. Robb. Spedai com
mittees to ???1st are A. J. Schippert,
Jame? 8. Jone?, A. Van Neaa Burst,
William Roaaer. Leo A. O'Neill, Ar
thur ?. Barringer. Herbert W. Rut
ledge. Robert E. Arnold, Dr. Frank E.
Gibson, George G. Slebold. Eugene K.
Steven?, Maj. Frederick 8. Hodgson,
Charle? s. Davi? and Capt. Francia E.
Representatives of tbe Department
of the Potomac are Lincoln Camp No.
3 and George H. Thoma? Camp No. 11.
Sons of Veterans, D. S. A. Cushleg
and Thoma? Camp Auxiliaries, Daugh
ter? of Velersns, Woman's Relief
Corps, and Ladies of the O. A. R.
circles will be present.
Government Employes
To Have Whole Day.
For the flrst time since America en
tered the war, every bureau of all
government department? will be cloeed
and the employes will tak? part in
the celebration? throughout the city.
Every large business house also will
be closed. In short, the Capital will
cease business entirely, and devote It
self to commemorating the Declaration
of Independence In a manner unknown
Oldest Inhabitants
At Briggs Home.
Independence Day will be observ
ed by the Association of Oldest In
habitants of the District by an ap
propriate program of exercises at
"Maple Square," tbe summer home
of J. Edson Briggs, at 630 Pout h
Carolina avenue southeast.
Invocation will be pronounced by
the Rev. William Tayhoe Snyder and
* toast to the flag will be reed by
J. Eliot Wright The Declaration of
Independence will be read by John
Clagett Proctor. The exercises will
begin at 11:10 o'clock.
Charlea W. Darr. lawyer, will
make . the chief address, and D. J.
Callaban will sneak in behalf of war
savings and thrift stamps. Miss
Flora Briggs win sing "Over There"
and "Keep the Home Fires Burn
ing." Dr. Thomas Cai ver will read
an original poem.
Ing" of the American artillery and
that an earlier German ?-?untes* at
tack reaulted I ntbe annihilation of
an entire Germen infantry regiment,
the American barrage cutting It off
from the rear, while our Infentrv
wiped out whole companies with
their machine gun fire using am
munition taken from the enemy *
few hours earlier.
Great heap? of dead were left on
the field. The enemy'? losses In this
fighting were greater than had been
Inflicted In any American action to
Not only was the largest number
of prisoners taken In Tuesday*? ac
tion, bat th? objective? the Ameri
cans had ?et themselves wer? taken
In the quickest time recorded In any
of their light* Exactly II minutes
after tbe flrat Infantry wave bad
gone over the top. all position?
aimed at were In our hand* Alao
we captured Minenwerfer? for tbe
flrst time. The number has not yet
been determined etnee they are ?till
being used against the enemy.
The American* fought like de
mons, overwhelming tbe foe In every
branch. Including aviation.
Nine German airplanes .ere
brought down by its. Our ostai aerial
fore*? lost two machine?. *
Utmostin Ggorcttcs'
Hain End or Cork Tip
People of culture and refinement
invariably PREFER Deities->
to any other cigarette
Marl* Moor? Forrett, Peg??nt Mas
Tba alllad nation? ara arranged
In accordane? with th? data? of
their entrance into the great war.
(July ??. int.)
AtHft. t?M. SMS. ami ?????.
(In Park Below Old Agricultural
Standard of Serbia.
Harvest Home Festival in aaso
cialion with th* Jugo-Slav?.
Dir*ctlon Mra. William P. Bor
len-I. with co-op*ratlOB Serbian Le
(August t. ill?'.)
?StaaSaa Ssaa, ?iM. amt Trtax
(Sew Agricultural Building )
March of provino?*.
Children'? dance.
Spirit of modani Vr?no*
station guarded by saliera from
the French battleship tei Gioir?.
(Augnit I. lili)
A e tl???, S ?SS, ?no, assai TiO?.
(Smithsonian Bullding.)
St. Patrick? choir.
Uttle b??? (thirty Belgian orph
Action built around event* In con
nection with tha celebration of la
dep**idenc? Day. July 21, ltl?.
under the direction of Frederick
L. Stephens and Mia* Elate Kelae.
(Auguat 4. 1(14.)
??io??, s?ao, ?il?, amt Tato.
(Shcrtaan Monument.)
Song? and da noe?,
Indian exhibition.
Scotland?Dance, the Highland
Wale*?atenga. "March of the Men
of Harleeb." "All Through tb?
Nigh." "Drink To Mc Only With
Thine Eyata," and "Britlah Grena
Ireland?Dance, "Top o' th* Cork
India?Scene. "By the Roadside
Well;" tableau, "England on
(Augu?t ?. 1114.)
(Btsnd? Near Ellipse.)
No action. Color? and guarda la
parad? only.
(AuBU?t :?. 1M4.)
, Setloa*. (iM, ??1?, atti 7>0?.
(Stands Near Ellipse.)
Sword dancing, fencing, aad other
interesting feature?.
(November St. 1(14.)
Actieaa. Si30, SUS ?a* Ttaw.
(Ellip??, Weat End.)
Repre??nt lng a ?cene of the Feast
of St Anthony aad Introducing th?
national folk dance, "VI ra do Min
Presented by members of the
Arion Club under tb? direction of
Mme. Cortingo.
Actieaa, a, ?tt?, ami ?taW.
? Pan-American Building .)
Brasil?(April (, 1817) ? Repre
senting tbe nation and her twenty
one ?tat?? aad introducing the
"Hymn of tha Republic," by Alavo
Bilac aad the ehhratctertatlo native
dance, the Mexixe, led by Misa Edith
Presented by a group of Mary
land volume? worker?, under the
direction of Senor Marche?, of Brasil.
Cuba?(April 7. 1?U)?Repre**nt
Inf characteristic Havana scene.
Presented under the Imm?diat?
?uperrtsion of Madama Bruii, of tbe
Cuban Legation.
Guatemala?Featuring tbe Maya
Indiana of Guatemala and tb? Ma
rimba Band (eourteey of the Waah
ington Hotel).
Presented under the (upervliloa
of th* Guatemalan L?eg?tion.
Panama?Featuring a young Pan
amanian native with her native
Produced under th? direction of
Ml?? I?e Fevre. of the Panamanian
Nicaragua?Repreienting the cel
ebration of Independence Day (Sep
tember II).
Presented by th? Southeast and
Chevy Chase Community Center?,
with the aeelatance and direction
of Mlaa Cecilia Olivia.
(May 24. 1(15.)
Aeti???, t. ?ta?, aaat ?ta?.
(Red Cro?? Building.)
Costumes of ancient Venice.
Impersonation? of Doge, pages
Song? by member? of th* San Car
lo? Opera Compaay-, Italian National
Hymn, Santa Lucia. Funlculi. O Mar
The tarantella dance.
Mu?ic by the Nordica Mandolin
aad Guitar Orchestra, Walter T.
Holt, direcor. em? by th* Italian
Station guarded by aallor* at tke
rov?l Italien r?*-rv
(May 14. im.)
Me A elle?.
(Red Croia Building.)
Color? only.
(November 28. 131? .
Aetleaa. St?**?, ??*?, aa? Sia?.
(Treeenrr Building Stepe. South.)
Oreek Hymn and danoee of Ancient
Departure of Spartan Warrior? for
"Cleftieo," a modem dance by men
la National Iniform.
?'Answer of Leonids? at Thermopy
"Syrto." ? modem national daaee
by mea aad women,
"?Vnaouaoement of the victory ef
"The Leap To Death,'' danced by
Greek girl?. Reproduction of the
historical self-destruction of sixty
raaJdea? to avoid enslavement by the
The action ?will be presented by the
Greeks of the city of Weahlngten
??-operation with Misa Bertha Draper
(April (. 1917.)
(Near Ellipe*)
Repreaented by War ?nd W?r Re
lief *genoiee so arranged ae to be
protectora of the Oppreaeed Peeplea.
(July ?. 1?17.)
X? A<-<!??.
?Stami? near Ellipee.)
(Mm and guard in Parade Only.
(Auguat 4, 1117.
Aetteae. 5?*?, AitA, aad ??*>
(National Museum Step* Soath )
Action represent? flve epoch? in L**
beriaa hlatory. The ?tory, written by
Mr?. Helen B. Irwin. Miner Normal
School, of the District of ?ole?ibi?, ta
the pageant of Liberia*? progTeas
from th? early seventeenth century
to the present time. The ?tory of Li
beria I? featured by the Minar Nor
mal, Birney, Danbar. ?Sernei, Randall.
Lovejoy. and West Washington Com?
munlty Center*. The action is under
the direction of Miss Mary Burnii, and
the costuming Is under the direction
of Mrs. Carrie C. Watson.
(August 14. 1?1<)
Aettena, St??, Sito, met 7 r*?.
(D. A. R. Building.)
With the co-operation of the Chinese
legation?Chinese Instruments, Olee
CTuh, Chinese ?Semes.
(With Serbia.)
Aell?.., ?-??. lass, and ?-*?.
Embracing Serb?, Croat?, and Slo
In charge of Mr* Wintern P. Bor
land, ??listed by Srglan Tucic and
the Young Women"? Chriatlan Aa
cia tion.
Jugo-Slav Song. Jugo-8lav choral
"Kola" dance by children of the
Patriotic League
Selection, National Jugo-Slav Tam
burttaa Orchestra.
Dane? by Miss Betty Baker.
Serbian folksong, by chorua of Y.
W. C. A. girla.
Symbolic interpretative dance, by
Mis? Enid Sim?.
Jugo-Slav song. Jugo-Slav choial
? Jugo-Slsv wedding, music by
Jugo-Slav Tamburitsa Orchestra
Croat and Slovene ?onpt. bv a chorus
of T. W. C. A. girla
Dance by Jessamine Borisnd and ?
Jack Baker.
Dancing of the "Kola ' (the Jugo
slav nation*! dance) by a group of
twenty-four ladies and twenty-four
gentlemen of the T. W. C. A. and
T. M. C. A. Mlas Msy Udovk-h and
E. Blasevich will sing Jugo-Slav
songs. Tb* Y. W. C. A. work haa
been In charge of the following eeore
tariee of the T. W. C. ?.: Mie?
Scale* Mia? Norton ?nd Mis? Adams.
The "Kola" dance arranged and led
by J. Grgurevich. of the Jugo-Slav
National Council. Orchestra con
ducted by G- Blesevich.
(Opposite Jugo-Slav Action.)
Action?, ??3?? ?il?, aad tttA.
Drill of Slovak "Bokols" with
hatchet?. .
Per more than "?to year? Haarlem
Oil. tho fa mou? national remedy ef
Holland, ha? been recognlaed ae an
Infallible relief from ?11 form? of
kidney end bladder disorder* Ita
very age Is proof that It must have
unusual merit
If you are troubled with pa.n* or
ache? In the back, feel tired In the
morning, headache, indigestion, in
somnia, painful or too frequent pea
sage of urine. Irritation or atone In
the bladder, you will almost certain
ly nnd Quick relief In GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem On Capente* Thie te the
good old remedy that has stood the
teat for hundreds of years, prepared
m thr proper quantity and conven
ient form to take It le Imported
dlre-t from Holland laboratorio? end
you osa get It at any drug store.
Tear money promptly refunded ?f It
does not relieve yea. But be sure to
get thr? iW'jtM GOLD MKDAL br?nd
I? beve?, three Mee?. ?Adv.
National a*ngt of E*aaT?ata?a and
Otech natkmal dance, "lili ? ??? '
Slovak national dance. "Kataarm? -
Slavonic dance.
Parade formation: National ber?v
Jan Zirka, taw blind Hoawtto tamtar.
accomptnla? by tear suonale? and
twelve footed Huaett* ?vrler?
mouataX Moravia? ???Ilata, te th?
Slovak Bu? fr?ta Ltuuford. Pa
Men sin women te narltaal ?se
ttime? of Bohatna. Meravta and Flo
??? -?rntam.- R?erho-Slevaak ?tp?
nestle SisctStj.
National Borurs and Dance?
irti??., ??ta, aera, amt rata.
aottgi and Dan at? la Nanonal
Armentan 8o?ety ef Boeton.
Lithuanian National Oouncll.
Songa and Dances In N*Hnaal
loaltaa. ??*?, ??aa, aa? Tata.
Song? and Dence* tn National
?eil??., ?ata, ?ta?, aa? Ta??.
National Songa and Dane?* by
1 kranian FederaUoe.
Arti.??, ?ma, ??an, ?a? t ?aa.
At the cloae of the forecotrag A -
tiot.?. the nattona will form tn line of
march at 7:? o'clock, tbe Itea to pro
ceed via Twelfth ?treet to P*aaa?1>?.
nia avenue to the east front at the
Capitol. The natio?? will march la
the order of their dectaratioa of en
trance Into th* ?rar. At the haaat of
[ ?acn ?-ontingent ?tin be the stand* "
bearers and the national hero ten.
tured. Madam? Botchkarov*. loader
I of the Battalion of Death, ?ill n. ? ??
In th? position to irhich Rotala la en
ti tled.
(t o'ctoek.)
iFla.l Aeti?a At ?tea? In? ?r
Part i?Jp*ted to by governnscr,t at*.
fidai? and mea aad wwueu premiti? ?
In profeealonal aad etvil life.
Music by Marine Band and Mr>
Davi* Ot Oleati a.
Written by Marie Moore Forreet
Mrs. WlIBatn P. Borland
Humanity Florence L N'erlaMl
Juatlce. Maude Hnwell Smith
Columbia. Anna Brett ?tummy.
Deimycracy, Flora M atril 1 Keefer.
***HuttnanIty'* and her happy cbtMren
dance upon the ecene They meet ?
sorrowful group, ?\-mbol1e of aaaTet -
lng Europe, fleeing from the ravage?
of *barbarian militarism. "HuiaanitV
itraat? tbe unhappy children of th?
leken group of nation* with
lier own Joyous ones Th? ohorun
?lng?. "Oh. God. Our Help Ia Age?
Past." ?nd "Humanity" ??Trim?a? to
her aid "Ju?tlee." who ta tora ear,?
upon "Columbia," the United State.
She reapond? by offering to the *tr'ic
gllnR people* all her reaomvte -
money, rood, ?rmarnent, ?ovini?; mate
ice. lier own ?on? Then come th?
heralds of th* allied nation?, anaafan?.
ing with joyous trumpeting* tltatooni
ing of the hope of the world? Dea?or
racy Triumphant." She appear?.
bathed In th? ?rtote light of her kith
purpose, brtottiag to the little ?aple?
a? well aa to the trreat nation, te* ful
nilment of Uncoln'? words. "| ?veri -
? la and
ment of the |>eop|e, for the iste
by th* people." Then, -frying
the glory, the ?chora? and the
tote to ?infirm ?The Hallelujari
u*" from Hantle I ? "Meeeish.**
Mane Moore Forrest, paure?
Capttal ?a? a*a?wto???_
FOR more tku
century this
beca a popular
with Federal Employe
Our location, handy
many toverntnent offiet
?bles departmental worll
transact their banking j
nets with maximum
DgroeiTS iBTttat ta? ?ar
?an* rat* ef iatsnat nit
In?, ?a? tett?l
National Sai
Cm. ISA mi N. T.
?um Va.
? ?nth Fttoate nati
am am???. -r**)? t a?-u]

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