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1 |m Was
The wedding of Miss Alice Wilson,
daughter of the President's only
brother. Mr. Joseph Wilson. of Bal
timore. and the Rot. Isaac Stuart
*nElrojr, Jr., win take place in the
White House next Wednesday even
The encasement waa announced
to the spring, shortly before Mr. Mc
Zlroy waa ordained. This will be
the fourth wedding in the family of
the President to take place during
bis administration. This summer al
ready ia unprecedented in social his
/w>ry. end * White Houee wedding in
midsummer will be a climax, although
tfca service will be a very simple and
strictly private affair. Thla ia quite
in keeping with the three other wed
dings in the President's family which
have marked his regime. There will
be no carda issued and only the mem
bers of the immediate families will
be present. The bridegroom'? father,
the Rev. I. 8. McElroy, D. D.t pas
tor of the Presbyterian Church of
Columbus, Ga., will perform the cere
mony. The Rev. Mr. McElroy. Jr..
assumed the duties of pastor of the
Presbyterian Church at White Sul
phur Springs. W. Va.. on June 9.
a few weeka after his ordination,
which took place in his father's
church in Columbus. He Is a gradu
ate of the Union Theological Semi
nary. of Richmond. Va., and expects
to remain at White Sulphur Springs
for about one year. He will then
enter the missionary field in Japan,
where his bride will accompany him.
Miss Wilson was scheduled among
the debutantes of last season, but
waa never formally presented to so
ciety. She and her mother spent the
greater part of the winter in the
South. She has been a frequent vis
itor at the White House since her
uncle became President, coming over
for holidays and many times for
state functions. She slso was among
the guests at several state dinners
in the past few years. The Presi
dent and Mrs. Wilson spent last
Sunday with the bride's family in
Baltimore, going over by motor, when
they met the bridegroom for the first
time. Further details of the wed
ding have not been completed.
Frederick Jessup Stimson. Amer
ican Ambassador to Argentina, and
Mrs. Stimson are in Washington for
a short stay. Mr. Stimson is the
brother of Lieut. Col. Henry L. Stim
son. U. S. A., now on duty In France,
end formerly Secretary of War.U Mr.
and Mrs. Stimson were received at
the White House Tuesday afternoon
by Mrs. Wilson.
The Bolivian Minister went to New
York Tuesday to meet Gen. Ysmael
Montes, twice president of Bolivia
and one of the foremost statesmen
of Latin America, who is on his way
to assume his post as the Bolivian
minister to France. It Is not unlikely
that Gen. Montes will visit Washing
ton before sailing for France. He has
many friends here, having spent some
time at the Capital about eight years
ago. when he was accompanied by his
Prof. Vittorio Falorsi. of the Italian
Mission, has joined Mme. Falorsi at
tbi Sherwood Forrest, Md., where she,
and Mme. Ountbertl are ?pending
some time. Prof. Falorsi will be ab- j
sent only a few days. .
Mrs. William Wilson Flnley, of
Warrenton. Va.. announces the en
gagement of her daughter. Miss Lillie
ihUNGTO** ~
Davis Flnley, to Frederick Relnhold
Seller, son of l(r?. Flore lie* K. Sol
Mr, of Washington, and grandson of
the lata Dr. Relnhold 8olger. l(r. Bol
ter left Warrenton thU weak.for New
York, where ha will aall for Franco.
He la In the Medical COrpa. Prior to
hla death. Mr. Flnley. who waa presi
dent of tha Southern Railway, Mra.
Flnley and their family mads their
home In Washington and Miss Lillle
Flnley was presented to society her*
several years ago. Her brother. Will
iam Wilson Flnley. jr.. la married to
Miss Vera Downing, daughter of Mr.
and Mra Augustus C. Downing, of
Rear Admiral and Mra. Albert 1>.
Gleavea will coma to Washington
from New Tork to attend tha mar
riage of their niece. Miss TruxUin
Garland and William George Hill,
which will take place on Saturday
afternoon at the home of the bride's
parents. Mr. and Mra John Spotts
wood Garland. Admiral and Mra.
Qleavea will be guesta of Mr. and
Mrs. Garland. Their daughter, Miss
Evelina Gleavea, with whom Mias
Garland made her debut winter be
fore last, had expected to attend tne
wedding but la ill and will probably
not be able to be preaent. Miss
Gleavea la at present at Jamestown.
R. 1.
Mrs. George Edwards, slater of the
brkle, who will be matron of honor
at the wedding, will reach town en
Friday from Front Royal, Va.. whore
ahe Is spending some time. Others
who will come to town for tha oc
casion are Mrs. Charles C. Wilson
and Mra. Garrison. ?f New Tork. rela
tives of the bride.
In addition to Mrs. Edwarda, the
bridal party lncludea Mlaa Mary
Pearre. who will be {paid of honor,
and two bridesmslds. Miss Gertrude
Thompoon and Misa Elisabeth Beacn.
Henderson Hill, of Boston, will be
best man for his brother. The bride
will be given in marriage by her
father and the Rev. Charlea T. War
ner, rector of St. Albans, will offi
Miss Thompson gave a dinner lxst
evening for Mias Garland and Mr.
Hill, her guests ?,eluding the mem
bers of the wef*ing party. This even
ing Commander Charlea Theodore
Jewell. U. 8. N., will entertain at the
Club de Vlngt for Miss Garland and
her attendants and tomorrow after
noon she will be the honor guest at
a party which Miss Beach will give.
Mr. Hill and his bride will make tholr
home In Washington for the preaent.
? ?
Edouard E. De Billy, of the French
High Commission, has gone to New
Tork and is stopping at the Van
Frrnk E. Ingraham. of Detroit, is
making a short stop in Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Orme are
making an extended stay at Atlantic
City. N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Whiting and
Miss Frances Eveleth Whiting, wife
and daughter of Capt Whiting, left
Washington yesterday for Parkers
burg, W. Va., where they will spend
several weeks with Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Martin. They made the
trip by automobile.
Mrs. Gilbert H. Stewart has joined
Col. Stewart, U. S. A., at their home
in Kf uk street. Chevy Chase,
which they recently purchased, af
ter having ^'osed their house in
Fair Japan, the world's ailk special
lit. comes to the rescue of woolless
Americans with offerings of the most
delectable weaves and colors. No
woman Is coins to weep for the loss
of wool when silk Is here to console
her. This particular consolation is a
tunic of sea gray silk, with grape-like
clusters in purple blues. It shows the
influence of its native land In the
kimono-like cut of collar and sleeve.
A cloee-fltting skirt of gray satin is
Ihe frock foundation.
Springfield. Mass.. where they have
been stationed for a year or more.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Haley are'
receiving congratulations on the
birth of a son last week at their
apartment In the Ontario.
The concert which Pablo Casals,
the world famous cellist will give
in Washington at the National
Theater will be on the afternoon of
Novemb r 1 instead of November 8
as was first arranged.
Mrs. T. Edward Hambleton is
making an extended visit at Brigh
ton Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Robinson, of
Haverford. Pa., are parsing the sum
mer in Atlantic City where they have
a cottage. Mrs. Robinson was for
merly Miss Elolse Orme, of this city.
T>r. and Mrs. Osgood, of Boston,
who are now at the seashore, will
take possession in the fall of the res
idence of Mr. and Mrs. Edmond M.
t Contents ISTluidJ
Read what one of the GREATEST NEWSPAPERS IN AMERICA has to
say on this subject:
"The manufacturers of Castoria have been compelled to spend hundreds of
thousands of dollars to familiarize the public with the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher.
This has been necessitated by reason of pirates counterfeiting the Castoria trade
mark. This counterfeiting is a crime not only against the proprietors of Castoria,
but against the growing generation. All persons should be careful to see that
Castoria bears the signature, of Chas. H. Fletcher, if they would guard the health
of their children. Parents, and mothers in particular, ought to carefully examine
the Castoria advertisements which have been appearing in this paper, and to re
member that the wrapper of every bottle of genuine Castoria bears the fac-simile
signature of Chas. H. Fletcher, under whose supervision it has been manufactured
continuously for over thirty years ."?Philadelphia, Bulletin.
Letters from Prominent Druggists
addressed to Chas. H. Fletcher.
Conger Bros., of St. Paul, Minn., say : "Fletcher's Castoria
is certainly full of merit and worthy of recommendation."
C. G. A. Loder, of Philadelphia, Pa., says: " For 20 years we
have sold Fletcher's Castoria and are pleased to state that it has
given universal satisfaction."
The Scholtz Drug Co., of Denver, Colo., says: "Fletcher's
Castoria has surely become a household word. Seemingly every
family where there are children uses it."
Hoagland & Mansfield, of Boston, Mass., say : " We have
nothing but good to say about your Castoria and we do not hesitate
to give it our unqualified endorsement."
Biker's Drug Stores, of New York City, say: " Fletcher's
Castoria is one of the oldest and most popular preparations in our
stores. We have nothing but good to say about it.
Wolff-Wilson Drug Co., of St. Louis, Mo., says: "Of thi
thousands of patent medicines for which we have demand there are
a very few of them that we can conscientiously recommend and
your Castoria is included in this few."
D. B. Dyche & Co., of Chicago, 111., say: "The increasing
demand for your Castoria shows that a discriminating public is not
slow to seek out a remedy of merit and once convinced that it does
all and evefl more than claimed they do not hesitate to recommend
it to their friends "
The Owl Drug Co., of San Francisco, Cal., says: "We have al
ways been a believer in the 'original man protection' and have been
particular never to sell anything but the genuine and original Cas
toria (Fletcher's). We have many calls every day for this article
from people who say they would not be without it in their homes."
fsisuiatinftadM Iff fegalaj
I Sin?ttoaidBo?brf
I Cheerfulness md
ocia*r Opium. MorpMnc nor
. A helpful
| Constipdfc* and Dun**
and F^wnslwcssMl
I LossotSixep
Copy of 1
In Use For Over 30 Years
Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
Talcott at 8216 R street Th. hous<
ha* been occupied (or a year by Mr
and Mrs. John I. Haas, of England.
Frank B. Aimer, of Detroit, la pass
ing the week In Washington.
Miss Bessie Klbbey will leave Wash,
lngton Saturday to make a series *1
The Washington Collage of Law Bed
Cross Auxiliary, of which Miss Kath
ryn Sellers Is chairman, will glre i
card party at the college, mi New
York avenue, this evening at I o'clock.
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Adams an
nounce the engagement of theli
daughter, Mildred, to Capt Falrfaj
Davis Downey, Twelfth Field Artil
lery, U. B, A. Capt Downey, who' Is
a son of Col. and Mrs. George F.
Downey, reecntly returned to thii
country from Franc*. Lieut Georg?
F. Downey, Jr., who returned with
Capt Downey, Is with his aunt ai
Southampton, and Capt Downey oanw
to 'Washington with his mother, who
went to New York to meet them.
Capt Downey Is now stationed lr
The marriage of Mies Esther W.
Kelly, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. How
ard A. Kelly, of Baltimore, to Ensign
Harry Q. ^elbeU, U. 8. N. R. F., will
take place quietly Saturday at noon
at Grace and St. Peter's frotastant
Episcopal Church, Baltimore.. Imme
diately after the ceremony Ensign
Selbels and his bride will leave for a
brief wedding trip, and on their re
turn will be established fer the pres
ent at Washington, where Ensign
Selbels Is attached to the naval avia
iton bureau. He is a son of the late
George Selbels and ftrs. Selbels, of
Montgomery, Ala.
The marriage of Miss PriscHla Elli
cctt, of San Francisco, and Capt
Thomas Eugene Watson, U. 8. M. C.,
now stationed at Santo Domingo, will
take place September II. The cere
mony will be performed at the home
of the bride's brother-in-law and sis
ter. Capt and Mrs. R. S. Kingsbury,
at Santo Domingo, where Miss Ellt
cott has been living with them for
about a year. The engagement has
Just been announced.
At the Arts Club dinner this even
ing the hoetesses will be Mrs. Richard
C. Desn and Mrs. Emma Prall Knorr,
members of the board of governors.
The chairman will be Alexis Msny,
and the evening will he what Is called
a white elephant exchange. Among
the speakers will be Mrs. Henry B.
Keedham and Barrett Clark, director
of dramatic work at Camp HumT
phrej s. Sergt. Trumpe, of Wslter Reed
Hospital, will give a program of
Mrs. Wilson-Greene left yesterday to
spend several weeks at the Home
stead Hotel. Hot Springs, Va_, having
spent the earlier part of the summer
in Atlsntlc City. New Tork and cruis
ing in Chesapeake Bay with Mr.
Greene on their yacht Arelar.
Mrs. Royal B. Bradford, widow of
the late Rear Admiral Bradford. T7.
8. N.. is in Pocasset. Mass.. where
shs will remain for a time before
opening her summer home In Tur
ner, Me.
Mrs. E. P. Reed, of Belmont. Mass.,
has announced the engagement of her
daughter. Miss Margaret Appleton
Reed, to Lieut. Douglas Seabrook
New York, July 3D.?From the halls
of a conservative girl school to the
war work of th* National Y. W. C. A.
is a popular move nowadays.
One of the most prominent eduea
tors in the oountry who has Jumped
the chasm is Miss Ruth Coit, re
cently head mistress of a girls'
school in Cambridge, Mass.
Today Miss Coit is known ss the ex
ecutive secretary of the northeastern
field of ths National Y. W. C. A.
That means in plain words thst she
dictates the work of the association in
?New England, New York and New
With eight of the most Important
States in the country, from an Indus
trial standpoint, under her direction.
Miss Coit finds plenty to keep her
busy, for she travels continually, ac
quainting herself with conditions of
women and particularly with women
connected with her.
Studdiford, U. S. R., son of Mrs. Mary
S. Studdiford, of Montclair, N. J.
Lieut. Studdiford was graduated from
Princeton in 3902, and is stationed at
Washington. The wedding will take
place the latter part of August at
Judge and Mrs. William Bailey
Umar, who spent the winter !n
Florida and Atlanta. Ga., are in Wash
ington for a short visit. Their Massa
chusetts avenue home is occupied by
the Swiss Minister and Mme. Sulzer.
Mrs. Archibald Gracle has gone to
Bar Harbor for the remainder of tne
I Lieut, du Pasquier, of the French
J Military Mission, and Mme. du
Pasquier have gone to Newport and
1 are staying at Hill Top Inn.
Promised Next Week
National?"Three Fares East."
"Three Faces East," under the per
sonal direction of Cohan and Harris,
will be produced at the National The
ater next Monday night and will con
tinue throughout the week.
This new drama of the secret serv
ice is said to be a darln? play in many
ways. Its prologue, laid in Berlin, pre
sents a German master spy at his dia
bolical work, though his identity is
not revealed.
The cast is one of excellence and
includes Miss Violet Heming and Mr.
Emmett Corrlgan, who share the
honors in visualising the principal
role, receiving splendid support from
a carefully chosen csst that Includes
Fred J. Fanrbanks, Charles Harbury,
Otto Nlemeyer. Joseph Helman, Frank
Westerton. Herbert Evans. Harry
Lambert, David Leonard. William Jef
frey, Frank Sheridan and Misses Cora
Witherspoon, Marion Grey, Grace
Ade and Mary Ilene Mack.
Seats for all performances are now
on sale at the box office of the the
Poll'*?"Where Popples Bloom.1*
At Poll's Theater next Monday even
ing A. ft. Woods will present Mar
jorie R&mbeau in the stellar role of
"Where Poppies Bloom," a play by
Rol Cooper Megrue. It will reveal
one of the most impressive casts that
has ever come from the Woods office.
In addition to Miss Rambeau the com
pany includes Pedro de Cordoba, re
cently with "Tiger Rose," Lewis
Stone. Perclval Knight, recently with
"Getting Together." James L. Crane,
Will Deming, Lwrence Eddinger.
Marcel Rousseau, Sydney Blackmer,
and Charles Mather. The action of
the play transpires in the hall "Of a
French chateau near the front. It Is
a moving and unusual love story. The
heroine is a woman who finds herself
in extraordinary circumstances; the
hero Is a young French lieutenant.
The war provides the tale with a tre
mendous and fitting background, and
a variety of characters. There is a
fund of fresh comedy in the play as
well as a series of powerful and
poignant situations. "Where Poppies
Bloom" will shortly begin a New
Tork engagement.
Belasco?"Helen with the High
A new manager and a new play
make their debut at the Belasco The
iter on August 5. when Adolph Klau
l>er presents "Helen with ttie High
Hand." a comedy brimful of humor,
that has been adapted from a story
)f the same name by Arnold Ben
The adaptation of "Helen with the
PTlgh Hand" was made by Richard
Pryce, well known as an author
md playwright himself. His "Op o*
He Thumb," In which Maude Adams
ippeared with great success is still
emembered with pleasure.
For this Initial . presentation. Mr.
Clauber has spared nothing to Insure
he success of the play. In the leading
oles are Estelle Wlnwood, E. Lyall
Iwete, Lumsden Hare, Katherlne
Itewart, Charles Esdale, Louie Em
iry, Eva Dennison, Edward Broadley,
Constance Hunt and several others.
"Helen with the High Hand" Is to
ie taken to New York directly after
ts premier here. It has already Ixen
cheduled to open the coming the
trical season there at a well-known
J roadway theater.
S. r. Keith's?Eddie Foy.
Eddie Foy, of the slogan "Foy for
roy," "buffoon and musical oomedy
tar, with the seven younger Foys,
rill be the eight-fold attraction at B.
\ Keith's Theater next week. They
rltl present their new hit called
Slumwhere In New York," fitted to
lem by George Hobart and "Bugs"
Dainty Dolly Connolly, the musical
omedy hit, will sing an exclusive
epertolre of Wenrlch songs, which
Ir. Wenrlch will play for her. Mabel
nd Dora Ford, of the original Ford
unity, are included in the stellar
st. They will introduce their "Ford
levue of 191S" with dances, songs and
Ganges. The Ward brother* will tn
lude their "Bertie and Archie" sllly
ims. and Qulnn and Carerly, the lat
ir late of Raymond and Caverly. will
reaant dialect drollery. Hear! Hen
I lere and company will present "Piano
flage." Embs and Alton are to do a
merry diversion and Francis and Koai
will add "Odda and Enda of Dancing.'
The pipe organ recitals and th<
Hearst-Pathe news pictorial and rea
war films are the concluding features
Next Sunday at 3 and S:15., at B. F
Keith's Theater the bill will comprise
Clifton Crawford. Ames anrWinthrop,
Franklin and Tell, and the othei
current offerings.
The Gayety?"The Beaut? Traat."
The 1918-19 season of burlesque here
will be officially Inaugurated Satur
I day night when the curtain of th?
j Gayety rises on the opening perform
I ance of "Nedra." an extravaganza
I presented by "The Beauty Trust."
j Among these are France* Farr, Lil
lian 8malley, A1 Hilller, Jack Pearl,
Frank Damsel. Harold Whalen and
Chubby Drlsdale. A chorus of attrac
tive, well-trained girls Is also m fea
ture. Specialties will be introduced
by Sinai, said to be a marvel
among handlers of the bow, and the
Temple Four, a talented quartet, in
tuneful songs.
Moere'i Strand?"One Dollar Bid.*1
Beginning today and continuing for
the remainder of the week, Paralta's
new release. "One Dollar Bid/* with
J. Warren Kerrigan pictured In the
role of stellar importance will be
shown at Moore's Strand Theater.
This will mark Mr. Kerrigan's first
appearance upon the screen in several
For the first four days of next week
at the Strand the chief attraction will
be "Her Moment," in which Anna Lu
I ther is the pictured star. "Her Mo
ment" in diversity of scene, thrilling
action, absorbing story and magnifi
cence of setting will be recognised aa
one of the moat extraordinary re
leases of recent months. For the last
half of next week the feature an
nounced Is "A Successful Adventure,"
a new Metro aubject ln? which the
principal role is taken upon the screen
by May Allison.
All bills will be, as usual, supple
mented by short-reel features of va
ried interest, and orchestral accom
Moore's Garden?"One Hi o as and
The feature of the photoplay bill at
Moore's Garden Theater today is Vita
graph'a "One Thousand Dollars," in
which the principal roles are taken by
Edward Earle, Agnes Ayres and
Florence Deshon. On Friday and Sat
urday of the current week, the Gar
den screen will be held by Monroe
Salisbury In Bluebird's new melo
drama entitled "Winner Takes All."
On Sunday only of next week. Au
gust 4, the Garden will offer Its pa
trons another Bluebird special, "The
Deciding Kiss." Beginning on Mon
day, August 5, the Garden will be
closed for one week for renovating
and remodeling. It will reopen on
Monday, August 12, with Mme. Olga
Petrova pictured in "Tempered Steel"
as the principal attraction. This will
be followed by Harry Morey in "ATI
Man." and Lois Weber. Phillips
Smalley and Rupert Julian In "The
Scandal Mongers."
Loew'a Colombia?"The City of Dim
Sessue Hayakawa In his latest pho
toplay, "The City of Dim Faces" will
be seen at Loew's Columbia today
and for the remainder of the current
The story tells how Jang Lung, born
of a wblte mpther and a Chinese fa
ther, la aent to an American univer
sity to be educated. He ia taken
from hi? mother by his father when
a baby, and the mother'a brain snaps
under the shock, fend she la kept a
prisoner in an underground den.
8unday and for the first half of next
week Wallace Reld will be seen In a
new photoplay, "Leas than Kin."
Cosmos?*"Mahlag Movie Stars.**
One of the novel attractions of
the Cosmos Theater bill next week
will not only show how movies and
movie atara are made, but will also
show the plays that are made into
film featurea. just as It is done In
a modern studio .and with ezclu
sively Se
players. The following wee?
picture* be
35S Sff' ?
Philadelphia audlencea.
amatTur. of l?lo? tourt t W?g
career. The picture* ?? m*d>by
ST'experlence* '??/???
studio corp*-*f assistant* ?"*
"o"? acts to'eo^Uto * ;???
SJUlLT^of "
will be th? extra add* w" ?u2?
tlon for matinee* end
buckle comedy and the Hearst
pitb# New? will complete the bill.
H.W L,?.?-1UI7 W"^' 0ri~
tal luKHMn
Ob. Of the mo*t widely known
and moit ?ucceaaful producer* of
I burlesque 1* Billy WaUon IgfJ
for the Oriental Burleequer. the of
I ferine at the New Lyceum com
mencing Saturday evening, Auguet
S and the week following with mat
'"in thuTyear'a offering Mr. Wateon
h?> diverged from hl? u*ual form
and hae provided an entertainment
thet far surpMiei anjr-tblnc be h?i
,?r attempted. Hie comedian, are
mort*up-to-date and their line of
comedy l* different from that ueed
hv the old time burlesque comedian.
HL f.mil. contingent U moet ac
compllehed and attractive and the
choru*?the mo.t Important P*rt ?'
mu.lcal .howe?!? composed.of the
*prlgbtlle*t women that could be
PrThUe"offerlrt.. are two' "?? bur
letta. "Joy Une, and Rellly * R?
CeThenca.t include. Leo K'nd*l, .c
centrlc comedian: George W. Milton.
Irish comedian; J. Lee Allen. George
W. Dori.y. Vlda Bopoto. Marie Ba
j^An'entlrtl^'new .c.nlc
elaborate costuming and
bright and .nappy speclaltle* will be
i introduced. J
Camine Theater.
The Casino Theater, will offer bur
lesque lover, for the week ^beginning
with the Sunday matinee. "The EarU
Bird." company, having s*the
.tar "Zallah." known as the G?rtrude
Hoffman of burle*qu*. A. an *^
"ouhi. will help round out the entei
Criteria Th?t*r
w*.rt of the Sunset." admpte<1 (
romance, will be ^ TftMter be,in.
to the ?>"th ?nd th. p ^jre
Nlltoen and
Herbert Hayes.
Glen Behe Parfc.
jr fsKsffSK ?
the'heat of fSTrfSr U a forgotten
thing. raiivaT the derby
Marshall Hall.
An Meal outing to be obtained " I
daily, leaving the Bevenm
wharves at 10 a. m., -"
p. rn.
Himapfake Btaek.
Billed as one of the beet attraction*
of the season, Valleclta's five trained
Indian leopards will be retained next
week as the special vaudeville feature
at Chesapeake Beach. Washington's
only near-by salt-water resort- Free
performances will be riven each day
at 3 and & o'clock.
With the vacation season rapidly
reaching Its height, crowds at the
Beach are increasing In sixe. especial
ly the all-day outing crowds. Cool
groves, containing rustic benches and
tables and quaint pavilions, afford de
lightful settings for picnics: and for
those who fail to carry their lunches
with them, the several cafes offer ap
petizing menus.
Great Falla Park.
Tdeal outdoor amusement 1s to
be enjoyed at beautiful and historic
Great Falls Park at the Falls of
the majestic Potomac River. Con
certs afternoon and evenings by the
Ladies' Liberty Orchestra. free
dancing and free motion pictures
are also features. For the children
a variety of pleasing amusements
are provided and for the camera de
votee and fisherman the opportuni
ties here are enequaled. Great Falls
Park Is reached by fast and fre
quent electric trains from the ter
minal at Thirty-sixth and M streets
northwest, and the ride through the
nearby Virginia hillside country is
a very delightful feature of the
day's outing.
Fun (or Odd Fellows
Today at Chesapeake
Washington Odd Fellows will be the
guests of honor today at the annual
excursion and outing of Forest Lodge
of Odd Fellows, of Foreetvllle. Md.,
to be held at Chesapeake Beach.
Nearly 3.000 are expected on the out
ing. An interesting program of athle
tic events will be presented this after- j
noon. Persons unable to spend the !
entire day at the resort will make
the trip on the after-offlce train that'
laeves the District line at 6:30 o'clock,
reaching the beach long before dark. (
t*c?an P?* AaaaortM. M?ri?
vv.h. r- a-""
Overture. Non?*?
Moeaie. "Kstlota ? ? ? "'"V."" V." Hart man
Trombone Soto. "The F,T0?"
Musician K. B. Clar*.
,. crri-. "I-""*':.
b. Msrch. Carry O' "V""*" B.ll
"Jbt StMr Spangled Banner.
To Have Perfect Skin*
Throughout the Sammer
This is the eeason whon she who
would have a lily-white complexion
should turn her though'a to mer
collzed wax. the Am friend of the
summer girl. Nothing ao effectual
ly overcome? the aoillnK elfecta of
?un, wind. duet and dirt The wax
literally abqprba the scorched, dis
colored. withered or coaraaned acarf
ikjn. bringing forth a brand-new
?Win. clear, aoft and girlishly beau
tiful. It alao unclogi the porea. re
moving blackheads and Increasing
the akln'a breathing capacity.
An ounce of mercoliaed wax. ob
tainable at any drug atorc. applied
nightly like cold cream, and waah
ed off mornings, will gradually im
prove even the worst roisMAxlon.
There la nothing better foi" The re- i
moval of tan. freckles or blotches. |
VPoo&warfc 6? TCotfyrop
Ntw Yatk?WASHDWUOW?Paris
Misses' Lovely Dresses
Of Embroidered Voile
Fresh From the Boxes--livery One
New--Specially Priced at $9.75 Each
They ?rc
frocks, in the
ntially midsummer
delicate colon.
AfHnt, Light Mm, Pink, Biege, Gray,
All arc prettily embroidered, both on
waist and *kirt, in polka dot, scroll and
fancy design*. Some are made with
very deep hems, embroidered to match
the collar and cuffs, belt, and pockets?
in polka dot designs of black, blue, and
rose; others in all-white hare inserted
scalloped bands in the skirt and the col
lars and cuffs are embroidered to corre
spond. There are overskirt styles, the
tunics on the sides only and all-around
overskirts. The most popular style of
waist is the surplice collar, or with
sailor collar and vest.
In the skirt with vest and collar of the same, the voile ks
ing beautifully embroidered. Many of the girdles are of em
broidered voile to match the frock, others are of black velvet,
and some have soft satin ribbon girdles.
The styles are the most popular and the values are ex
ceptional. $1.75 each.
oor. Q
Special Sale of Women's Silk
We will place on sale this
morning 50 Women's 26-inch
Black Union Silk Umbrellas, at
the special price of $3.50. These
umbrellas are of splendid qual
ity material, have assorted
carved and bakalite trimmed
wood handles, finished with
wrist ring and silk cord loops.
We consider the value excep
tional. $3.50 each.
Mtta floor. ? strait.
Why Betnty
"Tell us, oh wise loman, how you
would flx it." raid Jim, as Eliene
6a Id she could improve the natural
laws of the world. "As I under
stand it, we are all to live to ma
"NothiBf of the kind," interrupted
Eliene. "The apan of life would he
juat as uncertain a* it ia now. Ita
duration ahould be regulated Just aa
it ia now by the lews of compensa
?The only thing I would have
changed is that after 85 a woman,
and after 40 a man. should stay ex
actly as ahe or he was aa far aa ap
pearance Roes, until death cornea."
"But some women are wrinkled and
old at SS. Eliene." said Mollle.
"That is Juat it/* snswered Eliene;
"every person In this room knows
that up to the age we are talking
about everyone can almost make
themselves what they wish; after
that, time takes a hand and hair
grows white, flesh grows flabby, eyes
grow dim. wrinkles come. In spite
of the best of care, we move toward
that seventh age of which Shakes
peare speaks:
" 'Sana teeth, sana eyes, aans taste,
sans everything.* **
"Margie,** spoke up Jim. #*!f you
are going to have any more of this
kind of talk about your tea table,
you can count me out. It gets my
goat to have to look into the future
and see that *sans everything* pic
"Again.** said Donna triumphantly,
"you point the moral that adorns
thia tale. Don't you realise that
way back In a man's subconscious
mind that 'sans everything* always
lurks, and cowards that you are, you
won't face ft. So when you can look
across the table, or from even a
nearer vantage place, into the eyes
of youth and getting that forget
tery that Margie is alwsys talking
about into good working order, you
make yourselves believe that you.
too. are young. For you. my friend.
as well as most other men. feminine
beauty and youth must accompany
the lights and the glitter of tall thln
rtemmed glasses and succulent hot
vSo that Is the reason why all man
agers of beauty ahops get rich." said
Jim musingly.
"What about the face across the
breakfast table r* asked Barclay Sill
f*Yes. Donna, tell us that." said
"You had better aak Eliene," said
Shops Prosper.
! Donna quincally. "It has been so
] Ions sine* 1 wt opposite * man at
I the breakfast table that I have for
gotten all about It."
"Will you alolw me to bring back
the remembrance. Donna?" asked
"Is this a proposal of marriage. Mr.
Edte?" asked Donna. "If It la I am
going to make the time honored ex
clamation. This is so sudden.' '*
"I hate to be so un gallant. my dear
Donna, but what I was trying to da
in my stupid way was to inrits you
to breakfast with me. When I ask
j the next woman to marry me. It will
I not be before so many witnessea as
it mi*rht be awkward, you know, in a
breach of promise case."
"You are sure Jim you have not
jilted me because of my gray hair? '
asked Donna, as we all laughed.
Oh, little book, little book, it seemed
so good to pet bsek into the old life,
where we all talked and laughed. It
, was the froth and whipped cream of
I life.
(To Be Continued.)
Ointment tend* to keep your (kin
clear, smooth and beautiful. It also
helps to postpone the appearance of are
hat every woman dreads. Its gentle
ngredients cauae it to relieve itching
promptly and it usually succeeds in
clearing away discoloration*, unsightly
blotches and other embarrassing skin
In tmm MM ml mil JmmU m.
yioof (&ar6eit
3tow Of en
r:30 to a "p.2n.
^\6mlsslon kf Z5lcket Onlj

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