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Farm Board Members Coun
sel Co-operation by Gov
ernment and People.
Thousands of bushels of apples are
rotting in the orchards of Pennsyl
vania, according to W. T. Creasy,
member of the executive committee
of the Federal Board of' Farm Or
ganizations and former president of
the Pennsylvania State Grange.
Mr. Creasy waa In the city con
ferring with the authorities of the
board about the convention which la
to be held In Washington. August 77.
3 and 2S.
"Hundreds of bushels of apples are
rotting in my orchards." said Mr.
Creasy, "because of the uncertainty
of getting the fruit delivered in
marketable condition."
This question of getting produce to
the consumer will be one of the ques
tions taken up at the convention of
the Federal Board of Farm Organisa
? aur?rala Dalrysaea.
S. W. Ayer?, secretary of the Asso
ciation of Dairymen of California:
Milo D. Campbell and a delegation
from the Milk Producers' Association
of California, will attend.
8. J. Lowell of the New Tork
SUte Grange will talk on "How
Farmers May Co-operate."
Gilbert M. Hyatt, president of the
National Federation of Postal Em
ployes, yesterday discussed co
operation as the ultimate way of
solving the hiarh cost of living
Just now. according to Mr. Hyatt,
th? problem conld be alleviated by
allowing government employe? to
purchase at the commissary storea
"The line between the officer in the
army and the other government
employ?e la too closely drawn,"
said he.
"The government employ? Is an
Ideal person to start a co-operative
movement.'? aald Mr. Hyatt. "He la
a settled re?ident of the di.trict
he lives in. He knows from year
to year Jnat what his salary U and
ha 1? more able to plan his part aad
to aubacribe than la th? mas with
irregular habita:
"Tha problem la more aerloua In
Washington." continued Mr. Hyatt,
"than In other parta of the country.
Everywhere price? are outrageous,
bat especially here, and the men In
Washington reclve no mor? than the
men in other parta of the country.
The committee of arrangements
for I-afayette a birthday celebration
met at Hotel Lafayette and com
pleted their preparations for th?
meeting of September S at Conti
nental Memorial Hall, Seventeenth
and D ?treats, northwest, at S p. nv,
the lint birthday of Lafayette.
The folio seing societies were repre
Order of Washington, by ?Wr.
William Bowie: Knight? or the
Golden Horseshoe, by Mr. Thomas
Campbell Washington; Scion? of
Catoni?I Cavalier?, by Mr. Daniel
Smith Gordon; Founder? and Pa
triot?, by Mr?. William Van Sandt
Cox: Son? of Revolution of Georgi?,
by Dr. Joaeph O. B. Bulloch; D. A.
R. by Mr?. Charle? Dreko West
cot t and Mr?. Caiu? M. Brumbaugh:
Order of White Crane, by Sidney F.
Smith; Sons of American Revolu
tion, by Sidney F. Smith: Society
of American Wars. Admiral Frank
lin J. Drak? and Admiral Charle? J.
Badger; Daughter? of Veteran?, by
Mr?. Mary Van Ne?? Nanth; Order of
Lafayette, by Dr. Joseph G. B.
Thc?e Interested are cordially In
vited to be present on September (.
W. H. Kirkpatrick Goiaur Over.
W. I!. Ktrkpatrick, of Washington,
formerly sales manager for a motor
car company here and well known to
many Washlngtonlans aa secretary of
the ???-comers Bible Class, has en
listed for overseas work with the T.
M. C A. and will leave ?oon for
Average Increase for the
Month Ended June 15
Is 2 Per Cent.
The retail prices of food as a whole
in the United State?, according to re
port? received from retail dealer? by
th? Bureau of Labor Statistics, of
the Department of Labor, ?how an
increase of 7 per cent In the one
year period f?om June 15, 1917, to
June IS, 1918. and an increase of 2
per cent in the one-month period
from Msy 15 to June IS, 1918.
Average prices are shown for twen
ty-eight articles of food. For the
one-year period six articles show a
decline In price, ranging from 2 per
cent each for cheese and sugar to 55
per cent for potatoes. Ten articles
show an Increase of 20 per cent or
over, the greatest Increase being 35
per cent for round steak. Coffee
shows no change In price In the
year. Flour declined 17 per cent,
while bread Increased 2 per cent.
Many Advaaeea la Month.
In the month. May 15 to June 15,
1918, sixteen article? show an increase
in price. The greateat increase, 32
per cent, is shown In potatoes, which
Is due to new potatoes being more
generally on the market. The fif
teen other articles show compara
tively small Increases ranging from
less than one-half of 1 per cent for
eggs, butter and coffee, to 7 per
cent for both sirloin and round steak.
Food aa a whole shows an increase
of SS per cent in June, 1918, as com
pared with June, 1913. For thla five
year period every article shows an
Increase of 44 per cent or over. The
least advance, 44 per cent, I? shown
in milk. Butter Increased 46 per
cent; eggs 55 per cent.
Members o? U. S. S. Supply Crew
Lost Lives August 10.
The Navy Department reports that
the following men were drowned from
the U. 8. S. Supply on August 10:
Juan Crus, seaman second das?, (J.
S. N? of Guam, M. I.; Ralph Ray
ford Davis, fireman second class, U.
S. N., of Tayloraville. Ga.; Vicente
Santos, seaman second class, I.'. S.
N., of Guam, M. I.
Sixteen Others Alio Recommended
by Selection Boaid.
Th? Naval Selection Board, of which
Admiral Mayo la president, recom
mended from the Coast Guard for
temporary promotion to the rank of
captain In the navy: Senipr Capte.
William E. Reynolds. Daniel P. Foley
and Francia M. Dunwoody.
Thirteen captains of the Coast Guard
were recommended for temporary pro
motion to the rank of senior captain
In the Coast Guard as follows: James
H. Brown. James M. Moore, William
V. K. Jacobs, Preston H. Ubberroth,
Andrew J. Henderson, Richard O.
Crisp. Frederick G. Dodge, George C.
Carmine. Frederick J. Haake, James
G. Bellinger, Charles K. Johnston,
Aaron L. Gamble and Harry G. Ham
Three captains of engineers of the
Coast Guard were recommended for
temporary promotion to the rank of
senior captain In the Coast Guard:
Ja-nes H. Chalker, Charles F. Nash
and Denl? F. X. Bowen.
The camp quartet of the T. M. C
A. has been filled. Those who are In
cluded In the quartet are Private Lof
tus H. Ward, of American University,
baritone; Benjamin A. Llnebirk.
bas?; Herman Purner, tenor, and Bry
ant St. Clair, tenor. James Jenkins,
jr.. Is the director, and Miss G. Mc
Rae will be the accompanist. The
quartet will ?Ing at all the camps In
the Washington district and will
probably assist in the "G" campaign
for funds In October.
Vaudeville for Tonight and
Field Day Tomorrow
for Public.
Fort Myer Is going to entertain the
people of Washington and vicinity this
evening and tomorrow afternoon. It
yoo. want to :e?. some Idea of what the
boyr: will do to the Hun. be on hand.
Beginning at 7 o'clock sharp this even
ing, a program of eight events will In
clude wrestling matches, boxing and
some vaudeville ?kit? in which soldier
talent will vie with picked profes
sionals from the Keith circuit. The
stage will be on the parade ground,
weather permitting.
Saturday afternoon will be field day
at the fort, and soldi, is of the 312th
Cavalry, the Twenty-ninth and Sixty
ninth Engineers, the Quartermaster
Corpr and the Medical Corp? will par
ticipate In the events, which are
twelve In number, all of them Interest
ing. The following Is the order in
which they will be given: (1), rush
tu* of war. (2), circle wrestling. In
dividual: (3>. circle wrestling, team;
(4). cage ball: (5). mnss ?oeeer; (6), 100
yard dash; (7). pas? the Hun; (8). line
wrestling, team; <?), obstacle race:
(10), skin the snake; fll), mounted
fencing, and Yl2>, mounted wrestling,
cavalry. The program starts at 1:30.
The annual excurpton and outing
of the Washington Ga.^ l-lght Em
ploy??.?}' Heneflcial asocial.on and the
Capital Bfneflcial^Asisorialion will bo
held Tuesday at Chenap?'ake ?iejeh.
More than 3,??) persons are expected
to attend.
One Lost Overboard at Sea; One
Drowned While Bathing.
The Navy Department reports the ?
following casualties:
Wllmer Charles Andes, seaman, see- '
ond class. United State? Naval Be- ?
eerve Force, of El Dorado Spring?, !
Mo., lost overboard at sea August S:
Everett Gerrlsh Phllbrlck. electrician,;
second class. United State? Naval Re
serve Force, of Nabant, Mas?.,
drowned while In bathing In France.
Authorities Will Hold Ceremony To
day, Authorities Speaking.
Petersburg, Va., Aug. 16.?Secretary
of Labor W. B. Wilson will speak
In Petersburg tomorrow afternoon at
the ceremonies, when 2.000 national
army men from Camp Lee will be
come citizens of this country for
which they are ncsw training to fight
The ceremonies will be held In Cen
tral Park, which has been the drill
ground for American soldiers for six
The naturalization court procedure
will be under the direction of Judue
Philip Cocke, of Asheville, N. C, nat
uralization officer at Camp I.ee. and
the ceremonies generally will be under
the Joint auspices of the War Camp
Community Service of the Commis
sion on Training Camp Activities and
the Rotary Club of Petersburg.
The fighting men who are to be
come citizens are largely Italians,
with a number of Greeks and Slavs,
and come almost entirely from the
Pittsburgh district of Pennsylvania.
Two thousand fighting men is the
greatest number which will ever have
been naturalized at one time.
Y. M. C. A. Leaders Meet.
A meeting or fifty camp general
secretaries and religious work'dl^ec
tors for the Washington district of
the T. M. C. A. was held yesterday
at the War Work Building. 1704 G
1 street northwest, for th? purpose of
discussing religious work in the Wash
ington district.
Patriotic novelty for the
front of your car or bi
cycle. Spins merrily in
the breeze. Does not soil,
tarnish nor t?l ??
wear out.?pi.W
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two alike. Value? up to $2.ai?. ?
Today only at ?1.2!?.
Ribbed Vest*. 2 for 25c.
Women'? Coarse Ribbed Ve?t?.
in sizes 34, 36 and IS. Mill :
mends of ?G?? quality. Today *
only at 2 for 25c.
$1 Wash Blouses, Special, 75c. I
Voile and Lawn Blouse?, which]
are odd lota and broken assort- '
m? ms of higher priced blouses -
In all white *?r In colors; perfect ?
qualities, but slightly musse?!
from handling ?none soiled. To- '
day only at Tac.
$2.2g Vo?e BUtues at $1.48.
Voile Blouse? in broken assort
ment? and odd lota, ?lightly
mu??e-d from handling; in tai
lored and trimmed style?, with
embroidered and tucked fronts.
Sise?, as to 46. Today only at
Batkiif Sait*, Today at 68c.
For boys and girls; these one
pi?-- . suit? in black only. Sizef
? t<? 14 year?. Limit, one to a
cwstoan.tr. Todoy only at 86c.
To s? >
Suit?. $1.98
Women's and Miases' Bathing
Suits in a broken assortment ol
sizes. Value? to $3 SO in the lot
Today only at I1.SA.
Children. Dresses at $1.49.
Values to $2.25 in the lot.
About *. dozen a? ? ?-?es of ezcel
l*-nt grade gingham, trimmed in
contrasting shades. Shown In
pretty st ? ipe? and pk.id?; well
tailored and perfect fitting. To
day only at It.St.
Today at 19c.
Limited assortment of Lace and
Km broidery -trimmed Brassiere?.
in >ize? 32 to 3S. We reserve
right to limit purchases. Today
only at l?c.
$3.50 Slipovers, Today, $2.98. j
Of all-wool sephyr yarn; knil-j
ted in solid colors of salmon. J
rose, Pekin. light Mue and green ,
with two rows of white about ;
one inch wide around waist line. ;
Size? 16 to 44. Today only at
?? Sizes Middy Svita. $1.49.
\\ -ni. n s and aliases' Suit?
\v..rth to I?.S-0. Made of good ?
quality ?"?ulatea cloth, with
blouse's of white ana colored
?triped 'Omhinatione. finished
with belt and two pockets. Skirt,
? f all-white Galatea, with ?-?m h
band around bottom to nw'.cta
bloaae. Today only. $1.4*.
Ts7 45c Ribbon?. 29c
Mill lrngths of ?atin. taffeta
<nd moire ribbon., in. ?trip?? or
ferrica; 4 to 6 inch?? wide. Suit
able for ?a.h?? hair ribbon?,
hat.? ?t.. Worth to 45c yard.
<pe<ial for today only at ?Se
Was* Omm ? Ce
TurkUh. all whit? and wltl-^
unk ?trip??. Kri-ular at ine
ach. Today at 6c. Not mor?
han ?ix to ?ach purcha?*r.
12.50 Slipovers at 11.98.
Knitted of all-wool yarn, in
fancy veuve. Color? are Copen,
l'ekin. rose, salmon and pink
Sisea IS to 4 4. Today only at
$1.50 Middy Blouse?, 69c.
Mad? of u? milne Galatea cloth j
in pretty striped color combina
tione or all white with collar.,
cuff? and belt of contrast ing ma.
terl&l. Have square collar, two,
pocket? and are perf?rt lilting
and w?Il tailored. Siiea for worn- ?
CSV miss?? and children. Toduy
only st 69c.
Taffeta Sifc Sport Coats, Today
Only $6.95.
Values to $14.50. These io?t?l
are 30 inches lone;; are -*iade In?
chic ?port model? with K?ther?d <
hack, all-around belt. Come in!
? ivy and black only. Only :i |
coat? in the lot. Special for to
day only at J6.SS.
Bat Cette?, 12Vtc
Half-pound?roll? out In two
yard strip? of pure white cot
ton^^ Tod?y at l?*?c_
Cbaasbray, Today, 17c.
A lovely sh?d? of blue; used
for men'? ? h I r t ? . women?
apron?, wrapper?, etc; SS inch??
?id?. 33c a yard value at lic
To 59c Marquisetti. ISc
For early fall draperies?blue.
KT?en and brown Marquisette.
with heavy taped edf-e. Value?
to s.c a yard at 16c._
Sash CtartaisM, 23c.
All-over deilc-n Lace Curtain?,
with loop for pole. Site SSx3S
inches. Rea-uler at SSc each.
Today. ?Sc._
Marquisette, 9c Yard.
Onlv In lengths?, f one to three
yard??but ralue? to SSc a yard
?re Included; whit? and ecru,
with taped edge for curtain?.
Today. Sc yard._
To $7.50 Was* Dresses, $4.25
Rack of V'a?h Dresses In only
one and two-of-a-klnd style?, j
Made of lawn? and gincliams. in
light and dark shades. Friday1
only at H.iS._j
$130 Howe Dm*?* at $1.19.
Of good quality percale?. |
rhambray? and a few gingham?.
Waist-lina model?, with round
or square collars. Limit, two toj
a customer. Todsy only at $1-1S.
$?5F Htvivse Dresses at $1.89.
Of extra good quality ging
ham. in stripes, check? snd
plaid?; light and dark shad??.
with all-around ?eparate belt? ?
and round or square collars.
Si??? 3$ to 44. Today at Sl.SS
Extra aises 4S. SO snd f>!. st
Dr**t Gisatkasm?, 23c WWt* Piqoe, 29c Yawl
The new plsld? and ?tripes In ? Soft flnl?h and wide arale; alio
rich coloring?; 1.500 yard? to be ? White Madras Suiting, of agured
distributed; 30c a yard quality, ?tripe?; yard wide: ISc wain? at
at Uc ??c yard for today only.
Oa aale Today?Palala Rayai?ISai
$3 U-avbreJa*, $2.69.
Gloria Silk fmbrellas with
?rivage edge; haw? car-red ral?
slon handle? with ?ilk wrist
loop. Today only at S3.6S._
Union Snrts at 29c
Tn low-neck. loo??-kn?e an*
?l?iv?l?ss atyle. trimmed with
lace. Size? 34. 3C and 3S. Mill
m?nd? of SOe grade?. Special for
today only at 2Se- Limit two ta
a cu?tom?r._
? Cersets, $1.95.
Patron* of these model? will
be delightfully ?urpri?ed with
tod?v'? price. Any woman pre
ferring a medium bust and Iona*
skirt corset 1* promised a rara
$1 J? TaUe Csnrars, 89c
Hemmed, ready to use. Highly
mercerised and attractive pat
tern?; ?lse S?x<3 tochea.

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