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?Newspaper Man to Write
for The Herald from 57
Years' Knowledge.?
a Old Washington la fast fading from
; tb? map and In Ita place loom* up
. New Washington, the most Important
; Capital In the world. Tbe quaint undj
| historical landmarks of long ago are
rapidly disappearing to make room
? for mor? modern ?tructure*. There
? have been many Greater Washington
? movements io the paat forty veara.
"but they all came to naught. Then
came the world war and Washington
beeaune great overnight. : Th?? peace
ful, droning, drowsy Old Washington
'.of yesterday haa become a bustlins;
city. To the old-timer? the stories cf
Old Washington will be Interesting; to
those who came here recently and are
part of the war-time congestion, the
articlea will be a refreshing revela
Capt. J. Walter Mitchell has been ai
resident of this city since 1886. He !
' waa her? for a few weeks In lSeO-HT.
' and can therefore write intimately of I
th? city for a period about fifty-seven
years. He has in that period filled I
every position on newspapers from 1
printer's devil to editor-in-chief;)
served in the regular army, the Na- \
tional Guard and as a volunteer in the .
war with Spain ; holds two commis
sions as captain; was personally ic
quainted with "Beau" Hlckman.
"CoL" Maurice Pinchover and other
human oddities at the Capital in the
last fifty years; has vivid recollection
or events and interesting historical
Placea here for more than a half cen
tury; first entered the regular army In
Tbe Heme Fir??,
? He 1* president of the Civic Better
?ment Association, held high nos:t?oi
?in several national patriotic organiza -
? lions.
I The story of the District Morgue, 'he
-? first of a series of articles written for
? The Washington Herald by Capt.
, Mitchell, will appear tomorrow morn
? ing. Other stories will be given read
, er? each Sunday morning.
William Walton, white, aged 28. ?
?employed on a new building at '
Twenty-seventh street and Wood ley I
road northwest, received a painful .
stab in the shoulder yesterday while <
in an argument with a colored man.
John Norris, colored, seven years '
of are. residing on Bruce avenue, I
northeast, was stabbed in the back;
yesterday by Charles Danford. also;
? olored, thirteen years of age.
Young Xorris was taken to No. 11
precinct, where a doctor from Cas
ualty Hospital dressed his wound.
During a fight yesterday between
Km sene Smackiim. colored. 35 year* ?
of age, living at 2707 Dumbarton '
avenue northwest, and Bill North,
*???? colored. 25 years of age. living
at S3S-4 G street northwest. Smarkum
got the worst of It. He was sent to
th? Georgetown University Hospital
buffering from a cut on the head.
Rumanian Offici-*] a Snraffler.
f-'-rne. Awt l?i,?German author- .
iti- ? in Rumania have discovered ;
that M. (Vtrteanu, secretary general
i?f *he Rumanian ministry of financi
an ? ?t? ardent pro-German, has been ?
an ? ? it ling ?ood.-> between Buchi-'
rest and Jasey for personal profit,
oniv his connections with high Ger- j
mrfn officials saved him from penal |
ser\ itude.
Capt Mitchell la a veteran newspaper man and writer and haa lived
In Washington aince 1866, coming here shortly after the end of the clVil
war. He "covered" police for Washington newspapers years ago, having
as his rival for a period Representative Johnson, who waa then a young
police reporter. From his wealth of Intimate knowledge of old Wash
ington Capt. Mitchell will write a series of articles that will be published
each Sunday, beginning tomorrow, in The Washington Herald. Capt.
Mitchell's reminiscences are fall of historical Incidents; they have their
share of pathos and more than their share of humor. Famous and-no
torious characters, once well known to Washington, appear in the stories,
painted with the touch of one who knew them intimately.
The Washington Railway and Elee- !
trie Company yesterday notified their
employes through J. H. Cook man, bus
iness agent of the Amalgamated As
sociation of Street and Electric Rail
way Employes, of their desire to con
fer concerning the wane increase
asked by the men on August 7,
This is the first compromise the
company has made since the lock-out
of March It 1917.
A committee composed of E. C.
Lake, chairman, and H. H. Best and
( . W. Robinson was appointed last
evening by the employes and a date
for the conference will be chosen
by the employes and the committee
early next week.
Several weeks-wilt elapse before the
National War ? ? bor Board will be
able to gather the preliminary data In
connection with the demand on the
rart of the men employed by the
Capital Traction Company for the 4S
cents an hour maximum wage asked
by the men.
John Moore Takes Gai and Dies.
.lohn Moore, colored, 40 years of
age, residing at 230 ? street north
west, was found dead in his bath
room yesterday with the gas turned
William ?. Walker, a roomer in
the same house, noticed the odor of
gas and investigated, only to find
Moore dead in the tub and the room
filled with gas.
Despite the fact that the local food
administrator had intimated that he
would place a check on the Increases
of milk prices and that he was con
siderine; putting; milk on the official
weekly fair price li?t, a local dairy
has Increased the price of milk.
Printed notices were distributed to
the customers of this dairy announc
ing; that on August 12 the price of raw
milk would be ralaed to 16 cents a
quart and 9 cents a pint.
At the top of this notice there Is
a statement to the effect that the
raise In price was dua to Increased
costs of labor, fuel and supplies.
A plan to establish a zone system
In Washlna-ton Is under consideration
by the administrator. The abolition
of the house to house deliver}" system
is nein?; considered.
Man Was Held for Pushing Sailor
A coroner's jury yesterday re
leased William J. Cavender from all
responsibility for the death of Louis
Cole, a coal passer on the steamer
Dorchester, who was drowned In the
Totomac on Auffust 12.
The two men. both colored, were
wrestling on the boat near the rail
and Cole was accidentally pushed
overboard by Cavender. The latter
has been held pending; th. outcome
of the Inquest.
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Production Increases, Says
One Writer; .Another
Disputes Him.
Amsterdam. Aug. ll-Two divergent
article? In tbe German pre** on the
situation In Ruaala give a contrasting
picture of economic conditions there
and seem to Indicate that confusion
prevail* In Oermany aa well aa in
the allied nation? regarding tbe actual
state of affairs.
Th? Berlin Tageblatt gives a rosy
picture of Russian economic condi
tions, declaring th? worker? every
where are obeying orders of their
superiora and regulating Industry,
There are now three type* of fac
tories In Russia, says the Tageblatt;
those ?till privately-owned, whose sur
plus earnings ara turned into the pub
lic treasury; those that bave been
turnad over to the public, but are
operated by local councils of working
men; those now public property. In
which operations have been central
lied for th? whole nation.
fbat Thirty Paper Milla.
To this third group belong paper
mill?, sugar mill* and tobacco fac
tories under this head. Increase of
production is now being striven for
and In many case* realised. Formerly
there were forty-three paper mills In
Russia, of whlcb thirteen produced
eighty per cent, of all the paper mad*.
Therefore the other thirty factories
have been closed and a new organisa
tion haa been created to operate the
thirteen productive one*.
The ?ame form of organisation I*
being extended to the Iron Industry.
The union at Makejerka was produc
ing only 1.044 tona of coal a day dur
ing the Kerensky revolution. Now.
although the number of miner? has
decreased from 20.000 to 13.000, tbe
union 1? raising 1.674 tona a day. The
locomotive department of the Sormovo
factory, which made ?even engine* a
month under the csar, made only four
a month under the first revolution:
it haa Increased to six 'under the
soviet government.
These figure?, ?ay? the Tageblatt.
?how* that the Russian? have *uc
ceeded in remedying the deplorable
industrial situation.
The Internationale Korrespondent,
organ of the "Jingo" wing of the
Social Democrats, prints an article
written by a German who was in Mos
cow In June which pictures conditions
less rosily.
>? Law Ia tbe J.amt.
He say? there 1? no longer any
central government or any law In
Russia, and that the days of the
Bolshevik! are numbered. Trans
portation conditions are indescribable.
If a man wishes to ship a car of
goods, he must first get a permit
from the central government, then
from the local government, and final
ly from the railway administration.
If ty does not bribe everyone, from
the lowest to the highest, he gets
no permit st all. If he doea get It,
there is no certainty that the goods
will be delivered. ? resumption of
commerce to any extent, says this
writer, is therefore impossible.
Only 10 per cent of the working
men are now employed, and where
th* worker* have taken over the
management of factories, they have
produced chaos, he say*. Vast terri
tories remain uncultivated because
th* peasant* lack seed, horses and
tool* to work the land.
"All people, Including tbe poorest
of the population, have no other wish
than to be free from the present
reign of terror." says th? corres
W. H. Klrkpatrick. of Washington.
has enlisted for overseas duty and e
pecta to leave shortly for France.
Commissioner Louis Brownlow has
retimed from a vacation spent at
O can City, Md.
John L. Cassln, of 1330 Belmont
street northwes*. has returned from
a week's rest In the Blue Ridge Moun
Senator Robinson, of Arkansas, ar
rived In the city today from his home
Lieut. Frowment. of th? French
War Mission, and Maj. Brightman, of
the British army, are two of the many
foreign military officers who made
their city headquarters at the Con
gress Hall Hotel.
Mrs. Glenty, the wife of Col. Glenty.
commander of Camp Meigs, joined Col.
Glenty In Washington yesterday after
an absence of several months In Cali
Rufus E. Herxog. of the Government
Printing Office, has resigned.
Walter M. Horn has received an ap
pointment as clerk In the Census
Clifford T. Myers, of the Patent Of
fice, has received a promotion.
George R. Marsh, of this city. Is
spending his vacation at Wildwood,
N. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Gantrell
are stopping at The Breakers, At
lantic City, N. J.
Paul E. Fitihugh has received an
appointment as clerk in the Depart
ment of Agriculture.
Jeremiah A Wheeler, of the Gov
ernment Printing Office, has resigned.
Thomas D. Folsom, of the Geologi
cal Survey, bas received a promotion.
George W. Wetxel, of Baltimore, is
stopping with friends on Thirty
fourth street, Georgetown.
New Tork, Aug. 16?Washlngton
lans registered at New York hotels
Miss G. E. Beale, G r egro; Misa L. V.
Beale, Georgorlan; R. A, Courtney,
Herald Square; R. S. Hill, Grand;
J. Lap id us, Flanders; E. C. Lee, Van
Cortland; Mrs. E. H. Paul. Grand;
B. H. Simmons, Navaree; Dr. C. M.
Williams, Breslln; G. H. Woodman
see. Herald Square; C E. Wright,
Col ling wood: W. A Browman,
Gregorian: B. J. Burns, St. Louis; K.
D. Harlan, Herald Square; Miss E.
Miller, Gregorian; Miss C. Moran,
Martha Wash; Mrs. P. Felix Morris,
Portland; P. Felix Morris, Portland;
Dr. P. Potter, Hermitage; Capt. A.
P. Smelser. Flanders; H. M. Woods.
Broxtell: J. W. Gamble, Normand!;
J. S. Hood. Broadway Central; T.
W. Miller. Aberdeen.
Trade Representative? M. Golden
berg; D. H. Rosen, men's clothing,
trunk? and bags; Hotel Martinique.
Book* for Louvain.
Havre, Aug. 1?. _ ?Louvain library
?xevutlve committee reporta that fol
lowing tbe appeal in MU for boob to
restore the library In th? University
of Louvain devaated by the Germans,
large number* of volume* are being
* B. A Reynoldi Suet W,-V. Co.
Bronte A. Reynolds haa brought
suit against the Washington-Virgin
ia Railway Company for 110,00? dam
age* alleged to have been sustained
May 7, UU, from tb? effect? of a
rear-end collision at Torrey Station.
Nsmtts of ninety-eight members ot
the American Expedltion?ry For?as
wer? reported In casualty Usta made
public yesterday.
Fifty-five names war? Included In
th? list for morning rel????, while
forty-three wer? contained In the liant
published In yesterday afternoon pa
The casualties are divided aa fol
low?: Killed In action, IS; wounded
severely, 70; missina; In action, 10.
The lists follow:
"SVoandett Severely.
Wadislaw Dexak. Housatonie, Mass.
Charles J. Erlckson, Stockholm,
Otto II. Evans, Meta, Mo.
William Oouln, Salean, Mas?.
Pantallon Ciliege, Flagstaff, Aria.
Edwin C. H. Griewahn. Bllufleld,
Joseph Oucclone, Bridgeport, Conn.
Jame? J. Holm, Oconto, Wis.
Herbert Hopkins, Bethel, Conn.
Samuel P. Hopley, Hartford, Conn.
Paul I.. Karamarski, Meriden, Conn.
William Korkoske. Lansing. Mich.
Kdwsrd W. Kustermann. Highland.
John Lapinskl, Mllford. Conn.
Charles Adolphua Leicht, jr.. New
Lisbon. Wl?.
Walter W. Livingston, Plalnville,
James Lorensen, New Tork. N. T.
Charles R. McKey, Houtsdale. Pa.
John McNamara. Caxenovla, Wie.
Michele Maretta, Cleveland, Ohio.
Patrick J. Meara. Manchester, N. J.
Stanley Meslak. Middlefleld, Conn.
Joseph Mlgats, New Britain. Conn.
George C. Miskell. Chicago. III.
Leon Alva Nutting, Kalamaxoo.
Anthony H. Parrlsh, Rocktown, Pa.
August Pelegl, Allevane Umbria,
Frank Piona. New York, N. T.
Elmer M. Pokrand. Sparta. Wis
Guy F. Prlchett, Logansport, Ind.
Fama Rosarlo, Waterbury. Conn.
Garrit Roxema, 7.eland, Mich.
Walter Ryan, Waterville, Conn.
George Stanna, Woodlawn, Pa.
Joseph Switalskl. Detroit, Mich.
Joseph Synkewag, Waterbury,
Brnest O. Tage, Daggett, Mich.
Fred I? Turner. Anaonla. Conn.
John Visser. Hudsonville. Mich.
Isidoro Vlselllo, Detroit. Mich.
Andrew J. Wendllng, New Tork,
N. Y.
Oliver Whltt. South Bend. La.
William John *fVirth. Wilmerding.
Carl Jay Woodruff. Kalamssoo,
John Vanch. Mechanlcsvlll?, Conn.
Hluln? la Aelton.
Corp. George W. Todd. New Bos
ton. N. H.
John Cole. Viper, Ky.
Walter Herkowtski, Milwaukee,
Francis M. Hlnckley, Richmond.
Fleet Johnson. Foxworth, Mis?.
Thomas Jones, Westmoor. Pa.
Jessie Albert Lynch, Mountain
View, Okla.
Walter R Slverllng. St. Charle?.
John Stevenson, Worcester, Masa
Harold Peregrene White. Whites
Valley, Pa.
Killed la Artlea.
Sergt. Peter Daniel Johnson, Osh
koeh, Wis. . ?
Corp. Frederick Dixon. Catletts
burgh. Ky. ; Corp. Snedden E. Win
ter, Ames, Iowa.
John Aliar?a, Calumet. Mich.
Daniel T. Boswell, Byhalta, Mis*.
Patsy Furey, Unlontown. Pa.
John O. Gates, Kalamaxoo, Mich.
Robert Groom?, R-iahville, Mo.
Michael Hoe'er, Marinette. Mleh.
Mathlas Kneer. Eau Claire, Wig.
Antonio Kossewckl. Wallace, Mich.
Pauline Pellaccia. Portland. Me.
Charlee J. Krumrey. Charles City,
Ario E. Pickrel, Glenwood. Iowa,
Robert II. Reed, Red Oak, Iowa.
Walter Henry Sole?, Marshfleld
Patrick A Welsh. New York. N. T.
Joe S. Whitson. Rose Mary. N. C.
Wonadea* la Aetl.a (Severely).
Lieut. Daniel W. Jeffries, Marietta.
John M. Barker. Falrneld. Conn.
Joseph Cunningham, Waterbury.
Fred Holmen. Milwaukee, Wl?.
Albert E. Raddats. Meriden, Conn.
Walter F. Barcomb, Windsor. Conn.
Mike Bolke, Remescha, Russia.
Elmer Brandlock, Milwaukee, Wis.
Bryant L. Burke, Wethersfield,
Rex dimming?. Baraboo, Wl?.
William I* O'Donnell. Hartford,
Dewev R. Roark, Ashland. N. C.
Milton A. Talbot. Wallingford. Conn.
Warren R. Townnend, Grand Rapid?,
Gilbert A. Young, Waterbury, Conn.
Frank Argente, Waterbury, Conn.
Charles Clarkston Bishop, Rich
mond, Mich.
Edward V. Bowie. Deep River, Conn.
Howard J. Bruse. Pond. Wl?.
Thomas Buikeraa. Zeeland, Mich.
James J. Caeey, Wllliamantic, Conn.
William Ellsworth Craner, Omar,
William Arthur Champion, Cold
water, Mich.
Kahne Dervlshian, Turlock, Cal.
Napoleon J. Desplns, Meriden. Conn.
Don't Fail
to Visit
The Handsomest Restaurant in
Washington (Sanitary)
Oriental, Chinese and
American Dishes
Tb. bMt tb* raarkst su adoni, ?t msooatale
price?. Open frota 11 a. ?? to I a. to.
Reservations by Telephone
Franklin 7757
910 F Street N. W.
Calvarr ?. E. Cb-uvb.
Th? Men's Bible Class of Calv.ary
Methodist Episcopal Church will
hoffl an open forum discussion ot tb?
1????? topic on Sunday morning, un
der the direction of James W.
Crooks of tbe Library of Congress,
president of th? elsa?. The class
welcomes all men, regardless of
their denominational affiliations, to
Ita session?, which are held in-the
guild hall of the cburch, Columbia
road near Fifteenth street, on Sun
day morninga at 9:30.
Prtw?rth Basstlac ???Jay beb??!
???I Cbwreb.
Tb? pulpit of Petworth Baptlat
Church will be supplied Sunday
morning by a representative from
the Religioua Work Department of
the T. M. C. ?.. Charle* ?. Hoover,
in the absence of the Rev. F. Paul
Langhorne, tbe minUter, on vaca
The evening servie? of the Pet
worth churchea Sunday will he held
at eight o'clock In Methodist church.
Grant circle and New Hampshire
avenue. The Rev. John R. Edwards
will be the speaker.
Charria ?f tbe Covenant.
The Rev. Wm. 8. Weir, men'? work
secretary of the Presbyterian Cburch,
will preach at 11 o'clock tomorrow at
the Church of the Covenant. In the
evening the Rev. Howard D. Talbott
will preach.
"Ambition will be the subject at the
Christian Endeavor meeting Sunday
evening at 5:45. The leader will be
Mis? Christine Lewis. The "miniature
supper" wilt be served aa usual at the
cloae of this meeting. This supper
Is free to all men in uniform and 'they
are cordially Invited to be preeenc
Everygirl'? Bible Class will finish
Its six weeks' course on "Friendship"
tomorrow, hut has decided to con
tinue Ita work and to take up a new
subject, "The Problem of Faith."
This course will begin August 3 and
1? open to all young women. Miss
Mabel Thurston I? tbe teacher.
"Education In the Bible" will be the
subject of tbe address to th? All
romer's Bible Class tomorrow morn
ing st 10 o'clock by Phllsnder P. Clax
ton, V. 8. Commissioner of Education.
Thi? c?as? meets st Studio Hall, 1*0*
Connecticut avenue.
The All-States Club met as usual
an Tuesday night. The meeting was
very well attended and an excellent
program was rendered. Mr. Gregg.
of the British Embassy, gave several !
Although he "has not been overseas >
yet, there is a lieutenant of engt-1
neers, stationed at Washington Bar
racks, who Is regarded as a hero
by his comrades there.
He is given credit for doing the
impossible?getting Federal Food Ad
ministrator Clarence R. Wilson to
make the only known exception to his
order, or request. In regard to ban
ishing ice cream from the list of
manufactured goods for one week.
Two partie* had been arranged for
the soldiers long before the Ice situ
ation brought about the ban on Ice
cream. The parties were to be cele
brations for the men who are going
overseas next week. They were to
be held Isst night and tonight. Great
plans had been made for the par
ties and It had been decided to serve
Ice cream at them. Just when every
Several important public utility mat
ters which have been waiting to re
ceive attention of tbe full board of
Commissioners of the .District will be
taken up, now that Commissioner
Brownlow has returned from his va
cation. Mr. Brownlow returned to
hs post In th? Municipal Building
today after three week's vacation
which he spent at Ocean City, Md.
Among the most important matters
Church of the Covenant
IStb ??a ? Street?
?sinister?. Assistant.
??-*t*,,?; bim. arm. -a? ??*
TtunHOB. ?awchet. 1*?* **? ?" *?
eouree on '?*G?????1???1?.'?
Maja-All*?????? Bit?. Claaa. H? i-Jg
der P. Claxton. I). S. Own. J* Be?
ration, ?????*?. ??? ?t Stodso Hall.
IO? Oonnecucot a?enue.
Us-e-BesT?l.r ?vite. Dr- ?!??. B. W?*r
tJ?-c.1*?* Vesper. Mia. ChrietlD? saw/l?.
leader. .. ?__ ... .?
IJS-O a, "ilhiiatare Supper. Trm to en
meo in uniform.
T-J5?War ape s k er
7?-Pr?*lmiiiary museal at-mee.
??-Besuler ?errire. Bee. Hosiard D. Tal
?Stpe^cbaa. A? Old lt-wl to ?
New World." _ _
? ?Us, Lincoln few."
?. ?. ?t?. Pmbyteri?B Owrek
?. Y. Afe, WA ?d ? Sta.
Aaaistant to tbe paator.
Special ??ale.
US? l? ?.-*??. 1??? W?rd. DD. "****
to "Billr Sunday." and peetor of Pint
Praeortaeia? Chun* of Boato?. M???..
?ill preach.
I ?a a. BL-BiUe School. Spreial m??sic.
I ?6 a. m-Adult Bible Cla???? D?. Ward,
??111 apeak.
tap, m?Christian lkade???? S?<*rtT. Dr.
Waid srUl apeak
"Tbe Church of tb? President*. "
an g--?-? ti.-a Oomer Fourteenth
All OOUtt LanXB and L Street*. I
l-L?SSES ?. ? FURO?. D. D.. Iltolllll.
Il a. ?a., ?nomini aerrice, aeraste? b? the
Cburch at Oar ratbac ?sorahip. ?tth tM? ???J
iti* 7
? tbe 7.
reading? and Capt. Hawkins, also of
the embassy, sang. Wheeler Wilson.
Covensnt baritone, and the Choral
Club aleo gave numbers. Th? club
?sill meet again next Tuesday snd
newcomers and war worker? are In
Tentale B.?11.I.
The August services at this place of
worship. Tenth and ? streets, have
been quite Interesting. Tb? Rev. H. j
W. Tiffany of Louisville, Ky.. will j
be the prescher Sunday morning and
evening. Arthur Vennum. th? sol
dier soloist, win sing at tbe rxtorning !
service. Tbe Urge chorus choir has j
been a feature at tbe evening serv- ,
leas. A cordial and hearty welcome <
to strenger? ?nd men in uniform.
Ilariatlaa Ksttaiti.
The recently organised Young Peo
ple's Society of Christisn Endeavor,
of the Chevy Chase Presbyterian [
Church, will conduct the regular
Monday evening soci?! for soldier?
?nd sailors at the W. c. T. TL*. War
Work room? on Pennsylvania ave
nue, between Thirteenth and Four
teenth ?treats.
The r?guler Ssturdsy evening eo
clsl for soldiers snd sailors held
st the downtown churches will be
given this evening by tbe Christisn
Endeavor Society of th? New York
Avenue Presbyterian Church, New
York avenue and H streets north
On Fridsy evening the Intermediate
Christian Endeavor Union, of the
District, will hoj.i Its August ?mon
meeting at the Maryland Park Chris
tian Church. The Intermediate? win
meet at Chesapeake Junction at 7
o'clock and proceed to the lawn of
tbe church, where several gamea will
be enjoyed. After the social hour
a meeting will be held Inside the
church, where sn Interesting pro-1
gram. Including the Installation of;
the new officer?, will follow. The|
new officers, who will be installed
by J. R. Thomas, the newly elected
president of the Senior Union, are:
President. Wiliism A. Jenkins. Jr..
of the Eckington Presbyterisn Church;
vice president. Miss Katherine Fos
ter, of the Maryland Park Chris
tian Church; ?ecretiry. Ml?? Kath
erine Wllfley. of the Vermont Ave
nue Christian Church: assistant ?ec
retsry. Mis? Msry Hanks, of the
Metropolitan Baptist Church: treas
urer. William Schooley. of the Met
ropolitan Baptist Chuich: extension
superintendent, William Limeback, of
the Vermont Avenue Christian
thing was ready for the parties, the
Food Administration came along and
prohibited the use of the principal
food which was to have been served.
The men implored tbe young Hen
tenant to appeal to the District Fed
erst Food Administrator. The offi
cer agreed to make the appeal. At
first hi? pleas were In vain. *He
was persistent, however, and told
Mr. Wilson that these psrties would ;
probably be the ls?t ones the men ]
would have before they reached the j
"Besides. Mr. Wilson, you know
that there isn't anything else In
the shape of refreshments thst can
be obtained In Washington." said th?
This last argument was too much
for the administrator, so he gave his
permission, and both the partie? will
have Ice cream.
to be considered are the new schedule
for the Capitol Traction Company,
which has been worked out by John
A. Beeler, and Mr. Bet 1er? proposal
for a beltline.
Hun Hut for "Traitors" Bepns
Amsterdam. Aug. 16.?A German
pamphlet exhorts women to set as
volunteer police agents and urgea
them to further prop?ganos In thea
ters, etc.. by "sotto voice remarks."
They are asked to Inform the military
authorities of romplilnts and rumors
they hear and. above all. to supply
the names of "defeatist traitors."
First Ckarrh ?f IbrUI. Selenita?.
Of Waahiaftoo. Cblnsila? rd. ?ad Euclid ?.
Set-end Chareta at I'krl??. Scienti??.
Of Wssbitaftoo, A*. E. Slasosk; *rempls.
svi ?od G st? S. ?.
Third Chareh af Christ. Srleafi?t.
Of Wa-Unlton. Masonic Tempi?, 13t* aad
S. T. Ase.
SERVICES: gandir. 11 ?. II. ?nd S ?, Il
Sl'NDA? 8CH0OL-U s. ?L
WEDNESDAY r.VESlSi*. iieetixg, t p. il
Colando bids., llth ni O m.. Br? , M to t.
(Wed, 10 to S. ?nd 8am.. IJS le i?). UTB
Adam? Mill rd. N. W. H?. 14 to S (exeas?
Wed et... Bonds vs sod bolidarti. Ml ta?
Ciritol st Bra. IS to S (except Sondar? ?ad
First Congregational Church
TENTH and o streets k. w.
?ter. JAJiEB U GORDON. DD.. SmitW
Rot. WILMER P. JOHNSTON, ???aitili
?JO a as.?Bandar sobocL Ciaaaw for ?11.
11?0 s. m. -Sermon br tb? assistant pastor
S1N?TL ??G??7?0?.??
Tata so ?Chriatisn tndestor. letkrasad at ay
dal ?ad refreshment.
St. Ja?!?'* durch Round Cotton ?aalt?.
D. D ? Rot. Edatsrd Bteter Datala?. If A;
Ret. Otona Wmissaso? Smith. D. D.
S a -?.-Boi? Conuaowon.
U ?. m.-Moraro? Prsrsr ?nd fssttaoa.
Tbaradaj ?od Rstardw-HolJ OMimKni ?t
Otant ?atn-lrrtarctsatoe ?t taooa.
au, wpuxmp.
*. Bas S.ern's pnlpit. r^atenaltl naptssk
SOTtaath snd Sj? r? . Chartas J. ?a??? ass*
ins. 11 a. at.. ' Plodinf F?urt ;" SIS p.
"Whst ? Ber said WIM -
Cburch; music superin teredaat.
SlyvU Payne, of tb? Ecklngtoo P??*
byterian Church; ml?ioinry ??pnrla
tendent. Mia. Irma Huntt. of th?
Maryland Park Christian Church:
?a* superintendent, George Speed?!,
of tb? Ecklngton Presbyterian
?bltok Raptta?!
Tomorrow tbe Rev. E. E. Thorap
?on. D. V.. ot Boston. Ma??., will
preach morning and night at Shl
lob Baptlat Church t "Stranger?'
Home"). Mr. Thompson will be ac
companied by a "Soldier Quarter
, and a ?Moist from tb? oftVeer?'
training camp at Howard University
in special muele *>t each ?ervlce antt
all men in uniform will be guMt?
of the church.
Taslr?* it.?re? ot Cbrts?. irU-otmrt.
Third Church of Chrlat. Scientist,
has taken up new and greatly e?
?arged quarter* at Masonic Temple,
Tbrteentb ?tr?et and New Tork ave
nue, where tbey wll hold ?ervirea.
Thi? church waa organized In March
of this year to relieve the overcrowd
ed condition existing in F1r?t
rhurche* of thi* city. It I* Intend
largely from Flrat ?nd Second
Churrhe* of thla city: It I* Intend
ed to serve the downtown district
snd bas been occupying the audi
torium at National Woman? party
headquarters. 14 Jackson plat-?. Thi?
auditorium, however, ?eat* only
about 400 people and was almost
Immediately overtaxed. The new
location. Masonic Temple auditor
ium has a seating capacity of about
1.200 snd will therefore afford
ample ?pace ?o that the Sunday
school may be held at 11 o'clock,
the same hour a? the Sunday morn
ing service, which w*ae not pocsibl?
at the Jackson place quarter?. Th?
fact that the new church haa ?o
?oon outgrown It? quarter. 1? evi
dence of the growing interest In
Christian Science in Washington.
T. M. C. A
Rev. 8. D. Nicholas. D.D., pastor
of the Keller Memorial Lutheran
Church, will be the speaker st the
Y. M. C A. service in Lincoln Park.
Sunday afternoon, at 4 p. aa.
The following speaker? will sup
ply pnlpits next Sunday under tbe
auspice? of the Religlou? Work De
partment of the Y. M. C. A In
gram Memorial Congregational
Church. He mer J. Councilor, morn
ing aeivice. Takoma Park Preaby
terlan Church. Rev. L D. Thomas,
Y. M. C. A secretary. Bile* Electri
cal School, rr.'srning service Fif
teentn Street Christian Church. H.
J. Otterman, evening ?ervlce. Sixth
Presbyterian Church' Pag? MeK.
Etchiion. morning ?ervlce. Pet
worth Baptist Church. Charle? ?
Hoover, morning ?service. Concordia
Lutheran Church. Rev. Ralph Hlck
ok, morning ?ervlce.
Ken? Tswsk A?
Much Interest 1? evidenced among
tbe many attendants at tb? "Billy
Sunday" meetings last spring; tn tb?
return to our city of the Rev. lesac
Ward. D. D.. who will deliver th?
morning sermon at the New Tork
Avenue Pre?byterlan Church at It
a. m.
Dr. Ward come? from his pastor
ate of the rir?t Presbyterian ?Thurch
of Bast?n. In order that all ?aay
have an opportunity of bearing him
he will ?peak before the Bible
| School at 10 a. m. and again at the
j vesper ?ervlce at ? p. p
A social evening of entertainment
? games, and refreshment? will be
; given at the New Tork Avenue
<"hurch, corner of Thirteenth and
? streets northwest. Saturday at (
p. m. A special Invitation has been
issued to men In uniform. New
comers are Invited to fret acquaint
ed and help in the entertainment.
A noondey prsyer service Is held
dsily at 12:10 in the room where
! Lincoln prayed in the sixties when
I last we felt war's Bery baptism. All
j thst desire a speedy victory and a
j righteous peace and belle.e that
I God can ble?? our cause, regardless
of their ?ect or church affiliation
are Invited to Join in thi* ?ervlce
| The topic of the forty-minute mlrt
! week service of prayer ?nd pr?!??
[Thursday at t will be "Our Birth?
right "
I t?toL ? e?. ??? "th ?e. Rev. Jam. R BriaTSa.
rulln I?. pasti?. ?. ? ? J? a. sa Bichar?
A. Ford, saint. 11 a. aa. ?sas? S p. a* ?eswchin*
by Bes. Dr. ?astea ?????. ot Bales??. N. C
Tha? ka Dr. Bruner? aast aere??? kl Wash
Rev. ?? . W. BeBntee, Miai.1er
I IRRMO? AT 11 ?. ?. ARD ? G. M.
Il l.l ?T IS, ??
Pswtor Rasa Bastia* noun*. Baissait? il, V*
? TW? ia Use laat of tb? ?ana? of aassaetsaa he
Paauv MeDulet. Oow? ?n? haw han and
reos??? a eparitua? ?astttt
S. S. t? a. m . sB*i? sssrdth. Batst. C R
?t ? o'clock.
Otasa? and its)? Us? Teas?* Mee'e Csssas a*
th? Y rain* Ladas?' Chi??
Oar boa? in tmifotw eeaseesaii? ?alfa.
?-1- ? .;. lath a S .?* ??. Bee.
ltma**t LmtfOmt? w. final I. a?
I/ouiasrUks. ?t , sein preasch u 11 ?. >?. ?asa]
( m. M. BUaW arhool ?J? a. a?. Mr. Tasseaaw
th* ?oldier ?alo*??, ?01 ?lag ?t
?arrio?. A hssaitr ?iliifa te
ha saalfors?.
alert ?t Prt?ae? Tssmple MU Meat? m. am.
Ioenr? al?ab Pup Hi Broth? lamm
Bltska axuds at ? a. mm ?Mfl ? ? ?a AB

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