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Activities of Women Proninent in the Social Life of the Nation's Capital?
n Vas
j_By ?????
.How a little mystery does stlmu
late the Imagination!
When on Wednesday night It wai
whispered that the President ani
Mrs. Wilson had unexpectedly "goix
North"??Il ?>f a sudden and Just lik?
that, all sort? of mad conjecturei
aa to where they had gone, and whai
for. were in order. I heard it withl?
half an hour of their leaving th?
White House, at Just about the tiros
that their train was starting?an?!
I was puzzle?!.
? It wave all so unusual. The Presi
ojajnt's comings ?nd goings are usu
?ny proclaimed from the housetops
Ope know? weeks beforehand tha
h? intensi? to so. where he is goini
?nd why. and how Ion?; he will stay
f*? when at 8 o'clock one of th?
White House entourage had laugh
Inelv ?aid. 'All'? ?luiet ????? th?
Potomac tonichf-me?ning tha
there w? nothing doing at the Kx
ecutive Mansion?things were very
?lull: and then an hour later th.
?Urn?n ?. ?? ?..
I same man told me that th? President
and Mrs. Wilson had. left Washing
ton?itone Nortlv-of course I was one
lance Interrogation point. And th?
only answer was "search me!"
The Information wa? apparently of
ficial, bul that waa all there was
to it. .
Half a doxen others who had heard
It were equally puzzled. They were
full of surmise and conjecture. One
really intelligent man clung to the
belief that it was the flrst lap of
Journey overseas. There had been
any number of rumor?, most of them
originating on the other side, that
the President was going to France.
The fact that he could not leave
the country during hia term of ottica
was met with the reminder that
Taft hail icone to Panama during hi?
term of offlce. But in that Taft
theoretically did not leave the coun
try, a? he went down on an American
warship?technically American terrl
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tory?and landed in the Canal Zone
also American territory.
My suggestion was "protrkbly gone
up to Gloucester, to ?ee CoL House.
House hasn't been in Washington for
a couple of month?, and President
Wilson doesn't often get ?long with
out him for long.
But there seemed no particular rea
son why there should be any mystery
about such a trip. And besides the
natural way to make It would have
been by the "Federal Express "?which
everyone headed for New England
takei-and that had left Union Station
long before the President left the
White House.
Various other guesses war? thrashed
out. Then I ran into a newspaper
man and asked him what he knew
about It. It developed that the corre
spondents and the pre?? associations
had been told all about the Presi
dent's contemplated trip early in the
day?and asked to suppress it?not to
mention It until he had reached hi?
destination. Of course there wa? not
a line about it in any paper in the
country. The be?t way on earth to
suppress any bit of Information ~ I?
to tell those who?? busines? it is to
spread new?, "In confidence."
The President waa actually off on
his first vacation this summer?only
for a few days, but actually th? first
j time he had allowed himself to get
[ so far from the Capital in fully a
? twelvemonth?not ?Ine? he made the
aame trip last summer on the May
! flower, and for a day or two the little
I vessel was "lost" up on the New Eng
i land coast- Of course the President
I Is not taking the Mayflower outside
, the capea now.
As for the rumors that he is so
i ing to France?they bob up every
few days. But they must originate
from some one who does not know
that one of the few things that the
j President may not do is to leave
! his country during his presidency.
[ It would take special legislation to
I make that possible?and it is more
than doubtful whether Congress
would grant permission even if the
President ssked it. There really
doesn't seem anything to be gained
by his going at all commensurate
with the risk, not merely to the
man. but to the country should It
lose Its head at so crltcal a period.
The immunity with which our big
men have come and gone is an en
during marvel. W-ishingt'-n b??l
reached the stage where it look?
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Phone Franklin ?7:11.
MISS VIRGINIA CANNON LE SEURE, granddaughter of former
Speaker Joseph G. Cannon. Her engagement has just been an
win? whfn It is announced that
nome important executive is about
to ko over and Is ready to bet dol
lars to doughnuts?and Und no tak
er?? that he is already well on his
way. Usually within twenty-four
hours of the newspapers beine al
lowed to print that So-and-So was
going has rom? ths? announcement
that So-and-So haa landed on tl.
Other aide.
People are coming and going at
such a rate that it is almost impos
sible to keep up with them. Take
the cabinet set, for instance. With
the return of the Lansings last Sun
day?and of course the John W. Da
vises who were with them (the Sec
retary of State and his wife an
the Solicitor General and his wife
are all .?orts of chums, and are fre
quently found hunting in couples) ?
several of the lesser lights of the
department seem to have been re
Mr. Frank I,yon Polk, the coun
selor of the department, and, in his
cliief's absence, acting secretary,
immediately hied himself northward
to Join Mrs. Polk at Bar Haibor
whither she had preceded him by
several days. The first assistant
secretary, Mr. William Phillips, ac
companied Mrs. Phillipe, who had
been down here with him for a few
days, back to Highover. their sum
mer home at North Beverly. He
.?pent the week-end with her and the
children, returning to Washington
on Tuesday, to share the burden and
Meat of the day?and certainly it
has been "some'* heat of late?with
his chief, the ?Breckenridge Longs
being also away on their vacation.
One wonders what Second Assist
ant Alvey Adee is doin.tr these days,
by way of vacation. Mr, Adce is
likely to he Second Assistant Secre
tary of State for the term of his
natural life. He was appointed third
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and Good
assistant In Mt, and a few years
later moved up to second assistant.
Before that he had been in the dip
lomatic? service?a legation attache
at Madrid, aa I remember It?and
since, though administrations, and
parties, have come and gone, there
has been no talk of displacing Mr.
McAdoo. He knows so much better
than anyone else c?iuld how to run
his o?vn Job, that it would be a ca
lamity to the department to lose
For years his idea of a vacation
was a biiycle trip thronen s?-me by
way of Europe, lie succumbed early
to the bicycle craze?and never re
covered. lUit for the last fo-ir year?
bicycling in Europe has not oeen In
the nature of a gentle Indoor sport
Things were too likely to happen that
would be disturbing to an elderly
pentleman's nerves. And ? haven't
heard what substitute Mr. Ade?
has found since his established rou
tine became impracticable.
I In the McAdoo family, while Mr.
! McAdoo has returm-d ar.d buckled
down to work In his own well.buckled
fashion. Mrs. McAdoo has net yet
j been teen in Washington. ? She is
1 staving at White Sulphur Spring?,
I with little Miss Stan, and Mr. Mc
] Adoo ia going down for the week
? end?.
I Mme. de Molircnschildt (Nona Mc
Adoo) and her young husband? who
for a while occupied the McAdoo town
house, have lately been making a
seriek of visits. They were up at
Narragan?ett Pier with Capt. and
Mrs. Isaac Emerson, and Mrs. Emer
son's daughter, Mrs. Francis Huger
McAdoo; but now they are down on
Long Island. It is understood that
they will not be in Washington next
winter, but are to establish themselves
In New York. Presumably M. de
Mohrenschildt. who was a secretary
of the Russian Embassy under the
old regime, and "stuck" during the
early days of the revolution, has des
paired of the Russian mess getting
straightened out, and decided to form
other connections. Which, of course,
with Secretary McAdoo for a fatlier
I in-law, he could very readily do.
Mrs. Baker seems to be about the
imsicst of the Cabinet women Just
now. She and the children ha?'e iictn
In town practically all summer. She
always manages to look as cool as
' the proverbial cucumber, and to any
complaint of the blindine heat she
has answered that her family was
managing to keep fairly comfortable,
i-'he Is identified with all and sundry
of the war reliefs, which take up a
pood deal of her daytime, and more
? venings than not she is singing for
the soldiers at one or another of the
ni'arby camps or cantonments.
This last week she has only "given
two performances;" but during the
two weeks before- that she sang for
thirteen consecutive nights?during
that period of extreme heat which
ushered In August?winding up with
appearing Thursday night as "star"
at a big open-air "sing" at Camp
Humphrey?, where her audience?and
frequently her chorus?was 1?.0OO
men grouped on the hillside; Friday
nicrht at the Bliss Electrical School.
at Takoma Park, where a lot of sol
dier boys are getting special elec
trical training before going overseas:
and Saturday at the opening of a
big T. M. C. A. "Eagle Hut," right
on Pennsylvania avenue in the heart
of Washington. And Just about that
time most of U3 were seeking a roof
garden, or the viclhlty of an electrical
fan and something cold and wet. In
fact, as someone said, the weather
Just about then was calculated to
make roof gardening much more pop
ular than war gardening.
Many of Mrs. Baker's singing en- !
ga?rements have been for out-of-door
"alngs," nnd In the camp?, like that
one ?t Humphrey, very effective and |
inspiring?but aa Mrs. Baker mildly
puts it, "on? can't aing pianissimo.
In out-of-door work." On many of
these occasions she haa been assisted
by two of her brothers?the elder.
Capt. Rudolph Leopold, wlio has been
In the service ?nd stationed here In
Washington for sometime: the other. !
her youngest brother, Ralph Leopold.
who ha? been ?pending the summer j
with her, and who Just recently en
listed and left Washington last Tues
About the same time Secretary ?
Baker's private secretary. Ralph 1
Hayes, also en*t?icd, and Mrs. Baker ?
didn't really know whether she was ?
sorriest for herself, losing her brother. !
or for her husband losing his secre- ]
tary thu?. Commenting on Mr.
Baker"? loss, sha said, "Why when ,
Mr. Baker told me. I really felt as if
he were losing hi? right hand. I
can't help feeling that it I? -? weute?
I'-?or econorry?for a man ?thj Is ro
very useful, ?o invaluable, to leave ?
his post simply to take a place that
any one else could fill aa well. Mr. I
Baker has? felt that he could depend
entirely on Mr. Hayes?he was so en
tlrely reliable, and had auph wonder- ,
full?- good Judgment ?nd discretion.
I i-Jj&t kgoa Jjjyr. bo's ?sifti *?, ?tat
?Ion? without htm.?' ?h? admit (?d
however, that there ???men to b? ?
?plrltual necessity tor ? young man
of spirit, to cet into thl? -met war
?rame in hie physical person, ?van
though he might really be servine
the cana? vary much better at a
desk than he po??lb!y could la tin
As for her brother, ha haa ?-on? up
to Fort Jar. on Governor? Island,
N. T., to the bisad ?chool which Dun
! rosch la conducting there. "You
, know he doesn't know anything el??
t but music." waa hla si?t?r'? comment
And I remembered her telline ma
during the winter that thia brother
' had been In Germany ?tudylng when
' the war broke ?at, and he had been
? obliged to come home. He had ?tayed
j for awhile with them In Cleveland.
i and then ?rone down ? Texas to take
I chare;? of a conservatory down there.
He baa played occasionally with the
Philadelphia Orchestra on ?pecial oc
; castori?. I remember he wa? here
?luring that estreme weather laat
] winter when the orchestra wa?
j snowed up ?somewhere In Michigan
about the time It waa due to play
here. And Mr. Leopold, who had
com? all tha way from Tezaa to prao
' tice with It here for an appearanoe
' with It in Philadelphia was waiting
' around to *ee whether It would get
? here at all.
| All tha family seem to he musical,
? They come from Pottstown. Pa.,
i where I bel lev? at one time Mra Ba
ker, aa Misa Elisabeth Leopold, taught
? music. And. by the way. Secretary
j and Mrs. Baker are week-ending at
Pottstown right now. They were to
hare left yesterday morning by mo
tor, and expected to be back this
evening;. A long trip for a very short
?tay, but the only time that Mr. Ba
ker could afford to take from hla
The Burleaons are occupying Mt.
Victory, the beautiful country place
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Craln. of Bal
timore, which ia on the Potomac near
Morgantown. and I? ?aid to be one
of the lovelle?t placea on the river
At leait, Mrs. Burleson Is occupying
it, and busying herself with some of
the writing which usually occupi??
her ?ummers and haa been rather
neglected this season In favor of va
rious war activities. Mr. Burleson
goes down when he ?san take time,
and the girla, both of whom are naval
yeowomen. occasionally get there for
a week-end.
Mrs. Redfleld haa joined her daugh
ter, Mrs. Charlee Drury. at W-satneld.
N. J., for three weeks, after which
?he will go with Secretary Redfleld to
Ladie? aad Gentlemen'?
Cleaned, Bleached
and Blocked
by Expert*.
Vienna Hat Factory
435 11th St N. W.
Hippo.II. llsrrlB??.? Hotel)
ja ??sting of th? Araerican-<"*nadian
! Fisbertas conf?rent-*, on Lak? Cham
Mr?. Daniela, who has bam in town
pretty much an ?umroer, has been
spending th? past week with Mr?
Q?org? Dewey ?t Atlantic City, at
the St. Ciurla??. Mr? Daniel ?nd
Mr?. Dewey an naturally th? patron
aainu of th? navy, and of ?1! tb? na
vi! relief?. Th? Inevitable associa
tion haa been the foundation of a
very platuant Intimacy between tbem.
It haa brought them both bit? clone
asavoclation with Mrs. E. T. Btote?
of Phil???1pM?, wto i? als?? at
Atlantic City tust ?taw, ?Ine? per
hap? >erais?? h*r yoan.*?t m, "Je
mle" Ci-t>nwssU. la an ?astgn. afe? haa
rather ?p?ci?ll?d on na?ral ro.tete.
Pernaps that isn't quit? fair, tor Mr*
Btotcsbury ha? giva* frMly to any
relief that ???? tad to btw. Just re
cently ?h? has furnished fund? for ?
?wlmmtng pool for th? men at Casan
Dig, at Wrightawn. N. J.. I believe
by way of tb? Knight? of Columbia?
organisation there. ?Ithough Mrs.
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