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The Washington Herald Company,
435-427-419 Eleventh Street. Phone Main 3300
CLINTON T. BRAINARD.President and Publisher
N?w Tork. Tribune Building: Chicago, Tribune Bulletins; St. Louis,
Third National Bank Building; Detroit. Ford Building;.
Pally and Sunday, 30 cents per month: S3.60 per year.
Dally and Sunday. 45 cents per month; (5.00 per year. Daily only.
I* cents per month; 14.00 per year.
Entered at the poatofflce at Washing-ton, D. C, as second-class mail
The Hindenburg Line and the Americans.
The signs point incontestably to the Germans making their best
stand on the Hindenburg line. Likewise, there is every indication
that Marshal Foch p well aware of this and that he will not halt
his offensive when this line is reached, but will battle to break it.
The very name, Hindenburg line, can be associated with Ger
many's best card. The name, perhaps, was given with a somewhat
prophetic view, that if that line were lost all would be lost.
The news of the past twenty-four hours from the battle front
seems to be unfolding Marshal Foch's tactics to crush the Hinden
burg line. The British have penetrated the vitally important Dro
court-Queant switch of the Hindenburg line. Last night Field Mar
shal Haig reported his men on the outskirts of Lens. This is at
the northern end of the Amiens salient. The Americans and French
on the flood tides of daily victory, at the central southern end of
the Hindenburg line are in sight of the towers of Laon.
This news indicates a "turning back" of the German right and
left which will weaken to no small degree the center of the Hin
denburg line when the allies reach that point.
Marshal Foch's strategy forecasts another interesting feature?
the future employment of the American troops. The first great hole
may be torn into the Hindenburg line by the American and French
forces notwithstanding the fact that the British are across the line
in the north and are slowly crushing their way up the Queant sector.
We may shortly see that the next great move of Marshal Foch4
which has been hinted at mysteriously, will be sending of the Ameri
cans in force with ample artillery along the Juvigny Plateau to roll
back the lower section of the Hindenburg line and deal a crushing
Mow to the Germans which will send them staggering to the Rhine.
Baseball's Swan Song.
The last ball was thrown, the last man was out, the band played
?The Star Spangled Banner," the fans stood at attention at Ameri
ca League Park yesterday afternoon and the baseball season was at
an end?"until we and our allies are in Berlin," in the words of E.
Lawrence Philips, official announcer, and the crowd was with him.
It was an American finish of an American game?a sportsman
like and patriotic finish. The curtain fell and with it fell youthful
ambitions to be a Cobb or a Johnson, the thrill of the game and
personal and monetary sacrifices. But these were willingly made
^in obedience to the requests of the military authorities and for the
winning of the war.
And perhaps no baseball man surrendered the game more
patriotically than our own Clark C. Griffith, to whom the baseball
wor'd will always give no small credit for the promotion of the
game to its high place; for his fairness and gameness and for his
effort in making it possible for the boys over there to play the game
in back of the front-line trenches by the creation of the Griffith
Bat and Ball Fund.
Study War News.
There are still some people who read the war news only in the
most superficial way because they cannot pronounce the names of the
French and Russian towns in which the world's greatest tragedy is
They never study the war map showing the daily moves made
by the allies and the central powers?without which one can no more
understand the progress made by either side than one could under
stand a game of checkers without studying the position of the "men"
on the checker-board?for the winning of this world war depends
almost entirely upon the winning of territory?of getting "across the
Rhine" to Berlin!
If we are to do our best work toward winning the war, we must
be intelligent about the methods adopted and the progress made by
our men at the front.
The newspapers of the country arc spending a lot of money and
Dutting a lot of work into the job of presenting to their readers the
;acts about the war?all the facts that may be printed by anybody.
There is no reason why even the average workingman may not
be as well inforr.icd about the problems of the war as the most
earned high-brow.
He may have a liberal education on the biggest thing that ever
happened by carefully studying the daily newspaper?which he al
ready buys?but which he now merely reads.
Different Now.
In the other days when railroads were 0|>eratcd by private cor
porations for the benefit of stock gamblers and large stockholders,
they used to start increasing wages high up. The gamblers took
?heir profits by watering the stock. The chairman of the board,
president and big executives added to their salaries every now and
then. Well organized labor unions were able to get a bit of in
rease after fichting hard for more. Those at the bottom, the poorly
aid cleric and laborer never received increases of wages.
After the government took over the roads, all employes, except
ing the presidents, chairmen, etc., got fatter pay envelopes.
And now the government proposes to add still more to the wages
of the lowliest of railroad workers, clerks and laborers.
That will leave less for the presidents and chairmen. Xaturallv
they are convinced that government operation of railroad lines
doesn't pay. It doesn't pay them.
Only that "food will win the war" which you don't waste.
Germans face winter with less fuel, less food and less hope than
since thev started the war.
The wise household commander now lays in coal bullets with
which to repel the cold attacks of Gen. Winter.
American Bar Association convention ignores woman suffrage
question, which is much like an ostrich would handle the problem.
Old Friend.!
'Hello, Mr. 'Rithmetic, where you been so long3
I hope you've been behavin' and have come back well and strong,
Cause you and I are going to have the dandiest old fight;
t think I've got your number and can put you down all right.
"Hello, Mr. Spellin'-book, I hope you're feelin' well.
Cause this year you have simply got to teach me how to spell.
You've been a slacker long enough: I tell it to your face;
If you don't teach me now, you'll b. demoted in disgrace.
'H?pkf. Mt Joggerphy, I'm carnpin' on your track;
\'m-. teachVi? better than? last term, or else I'll break your back.
need?! teach me how to bound the German empire, though.
Can?? the German empire's bound to be tin-bound, I guess you know.
'Hello, Mr. History, you're lookin' rather blue.
NO wonder! for they certainly are doin' things to you.
They're making' history so fast in Europe now, they say,
"hat history is wrong unless they right it every day.
'Jirtlo. all you other ? joks, you're lookin' sort of pale.
\ ou've been shut up so long, I guess you thought you w'ere in jail,
But now you're open once again, I hope you're feehn' happy.
V come and teach me ererythin'. Come on, now! make it snappy!"
(Copyright, 1918.)
There are indications that Raymond
Robins' word has not been seriously
regarded by the White House In the
?settlement of Russian problems.
Which leads us to believ? that
'Roblna' defection In ?1? was more
?serious than at tlrst realised, or at
least more seriously taken at the
1 White House.
I Robins Is not a socialist. Merely
! because he believes In (riving to the
j common people some of the rights he
believes are theirs Inherently Is no
reason why he should be catalogued
, as a radical and permitted to be
?flayed In administration papers for
his utter out-of-Jolntness with all
I things sensible and safe,
? Robins understands Russia. He
I knows what Impulses move Russia
land he has told them tersely and
I accurately for those who would make
! Russia a better counry in which to
i Uve. Most of all he has told Russia s
I condition so those who want Russia
to be unquestionably on the allies
j side may know what to do there.
I But hie careful summaries of the Rus
! slan situation have not been given
more than passing attention. Natur
' ally, they are not the summaries one
might look for if he expects Russia to
? remain actively In the conflict. But
I they are the accurate summaries
: which picture the truth of that much
! disturbed and badly-misled country
! Russia is not as she should be. 'All
' should know this. But apparently
? there are those close to the adminis
i tration who want to make us believe
! that Russia is all right under the sur
face, and that we can get her ac
tively in the war equetlon if we but
' move there with our propaganda.
| Robins sees the truth of Russia's
situation. He tells It as he sees it.
And if the truth is wanted by those
? In power Robirf? has it. But this
| truth means that we are to be dls
! appointed If we expect Russia to
enter the conflict at once as activo
! co-belllge.ente in our cause.
Robins was on the ground when
! L?nine und Trotsky were dickering
!wlth the Huns on the Brest-Lltovsk
treaty. A document which Is said
to be a State paper of the utmost
I dignity and of the highest Import
lance to Russian-American relations
! was struck off by them and for
warded to this country. It never
, reached President Wilson. It was
I stalled somewhere between the
state Department and the mansion.
Whether It was because of the more
or less superficial reason that to
I reply to It would be to recognise
the imperialistic democrateers that
I it was turned down is not known.
?of course. There are those here
? who wish they could be given some
! information upon its contents?and
! the reason for its comptete sub
! merslon. The matter may form the
theme of many an Interesting dis
cussion In the future. That Is why
we feel the people should be in
1 formed on It through the columns of
I this paper. We hate to see any
thing of importance hidden from
? the American people. Most of all
do we hate to see it hidden when
publication might disclose that
public affaire had not been con
ducted as they should b?.
For the laxity, of course, no on*
can blame the White House. The
President is known, so we hear, not
to have ever been permitted to look
over this document. He Was given
no opportunity to Judge of its value
to the cause of repaired Russian
American relations. It was as If he
j had no thought of America's wel
Dr. Fess of Ohio, who supplente
Congressman Woods as yie head of
the Republican Congressional Com
mittee, will fill the bill. He is a
j student more than a politician, of
j course, but has subjected the elec
torate to microscopical tests from
which he has doubtless learned
much that will aid him In his new
? task. Dr. Fess is not handicapped.
j as was his predecessor, by objec
j tionable votes which will form the
? crux of this year's campaign. He
?has been a loyalist to conform to
the Wilson requirement;?. His ln
t< p ::t in winning the war cannot be
all ked. He can wage a political
battle without having his motives
questioned. For this reason, and
for this reason alone, he was nec
essary to the Republican party. But
| whether he will prove to be auccess
| fui. In the interests of the same
party, is quite another question.
We cannot answer it until Novem
ber 7 or 8.
Senator Borah for the Republicans
and Senator Hitchcock for the Demo
crats gave their views In Sunday's
New York Times of the Issue which
J. Ham Lewis said in a Parisian
breakfast interview would be upper
most In l!W-the question of our for
eign alliances.
Senator Borah said In substance
that Wilson would he the Democratic
candidate then and Roosevelt would
he the Republican candidati for Pres
ident. He thought their personalities
would he the chief Issue?Wilson be
cause he won the war and Roosevelt
because he comrelled' Wilson to win
the war.
Senator Hitchcock said that the old
parties would be revitalized through
the Republican desire to retain the
tariff as an issue. The Republicans
would rally aroqnd It and the Demo
'?-??> would rtilly to resist It. Then
th- i" would be a multitude of domes
tic issues brought on by the changer)
domestic conditions which have come
to us with the war.
Costa Rica's situation, with re
spect to the Tinoco regime, continues
to be anamalnus, so far as this na
tion's course is concerned. But
whether it would be less anamalous
if we went ahead and recognized
a revolutionary government la
something upon which there has
been no unanimity of opinion
expressed in the Senate. The mat
ter will come up some day when
the Foreign Relations Committee's
subcommittee gets the Galllnger reso
lution to its attention. Obviously,
there are arguments In favor of the
present course ?md there are argu
ments against It. The chief diffi
culty seems to be In obtaining cor
rect Information. Any member who
wants to get a dizzy head has but
to begin a serious study of Latin
American affairs to have his wish
fulfilled abundantly. The fact that
Germany has recognized Tinoco has
been used as a club to make the
United States believe that It should
not recognize him?but this consider
ation is not the chief on? by any
means There are others, and the
more ore studies them the more he
becomes confused. One can easily
see reasons for doing neither thing, or
either?we will see whether, at some
future date, the Foreign Relations
Committee can make "heads or tails'?
out of the itcrplexing affair.
Youthful Gardners Canning.
St. Louis, Mo-Children of the
j Junior Protective Garden League of
? the United State? Food Administra
tion, who have had gardens In vari
ous parts of the city this summer.
| are now beginning to can their vefe
I tables. Several children's canning
clubs have been organized and are at
tended .regularly.
The following casualtl?? are re
ported by the commanding general
of the American Expeditionary
Killed In action . ?5
Missing In action . 96
Wounded severely . 159
Died of wounds . 19
Died from accident and other
causes . 4
Wounded, (degree undeter
mined) . lia
Died of disease . 4
Total . 49:
Killed In Artlen.
Randolph Fltzhugh Mason, Rich
mond. Va.
Gilford C. Davidson. San Fran
cisco. Cal.
William J. Deevy. New Torli,
?. Y.
Townsend Young. Ossinlng, ?. T.
William J. Sergeant, New York,
?. Y.
Fr^nk E. Brown, Rufus. Oreg.
Sigmund Smith. Buffalo, ?. Y.
Samuel Itoberson, Paris, Ky.
Sidney Bodan. Atlanta. Ga.
Harry Bromberg, New York.
N. Y.
William P. Watoka, East Kings
ton. N. Y.
Francis Eugen? Dow, Detroit.
George A. Jones. Elliott ville. Ky
Rex Victor Merks, Pennville,
Alo!? Schlalkowskl, Mllaaukee.
Charles Henry Srhoor. Port
Huron. Mich.
Gerald William Srhwartzburg.
North Milwaukee. Wis.
Harry D. Wilkinson, Rockford,
John W. Kelley. Weedon, Iowa
Stanley K. Smlerciak. Neu Saez
Galicia. Aus.tria.
Timothy A. Harrlnrton, Bayonne,
? N. J.
Marco Pelagalle. Piedmonti. Di
Garano Ciserta, Italy.
Benjamin Robinson, Dover. Tenn.
John Krolikowski. Toledo, Ohio.
Tommy Franks. Joanuin. Texas.
Krank M. Draper. Port Huron.
I Mich.
K.l. P. Lynch. New York. N. Y.
Unatz MaliszkO. Milwaukee, Wis.
Karl Muth. Seattle. Wash.
Krnest Olsen. Coral, Mich.
! Clarence H. Cummlmrs. Rome.
I N. Y.
Walter Czyjka. Hamtramck, Mich
Wayne E. Drake. Jackson, Mich.
Frank Holcomb, Centervllle. S. Dak
Patrick Hourlcan, New York, ?. Y
Floyd Mils Laird. Comstock. Wie
Joseph Henry G. Landon, Brooklyn
? Y.
John J. McNerney. New York. ? V
Melvln Marvin. Sioux Falls, S. Dak
Joseph F. Murphy, Brentwood. ?. Y
Josiah D. Nlckersen. Cambridge.
^Vallac? A. Parm?nt?r. Marlboro.
Jacob Pincus. Brooklyn. ?. T.
Howard J. Sands. Key West, Fla.
John Schleier. Welner, Ark.
Samuel SeldSwitz. New York, ?. T.
Roy E. Simpson, Mt. Union. Pa.
William Stenchever, Maspeth. N*. Y.
Albert Vandenberg. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Walter Austin Underwood, Jackson,
Paul Varga. Detroit, Mich.
William Clopper Wade, Port Huron,
William Edward Welmerlnk. Grand
Rapfd?. Mich.
George H. Wendel. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Walter Ira Whereat!. Mayvllle. Wie.
Harry V. Wilson. 506 Third street
northwest, .Washington, D. C.
Dan H. Yaple, Los Angeles. Cal.
John ?aleskl, Roslyn. N. Y.
William Zeck. Rlpon, Wis.
Roland Harrell. Aulander, N. C.
Harold N. Keith, Worcester, Mass.
Robert McNabb. Fltchburg, Mas?.
William MrGonigle. New York, N. Y,
Harry J. Madeen. Drake, N. Dak.
Robert C. Williamson. Wtnston
Salem, N. C.
Died of Wounds Received In Aetloa,
Sergt. Andy P. Nuckols, Prince
ton, Ky.
Emmit W. Hughes. Ravenna,
Thomas J. Reaney, New York.
N. Y.
J. C. Coker, Soper, Okie.
Edward Flaherty. St. Paul. Minn.
Victor H. Nelson, Minneapolis,
George Nlchol?. Bufords. Tenn.
William M. Osborne, Chicago. 111.
Peter Bilets, Krenlln, Volynek
Alexander Curley, Lomoxa, Po
land, Russia.
Melvin McDeese. Monroe, N. C
Joseph Frank. New York, ? Y.
John W. Ivens, Grand Canyon.
Frank ? Anderann. LaFayette,
Gerald Dillon. Galloway. Ohio.
Jesse Grover Greer, Venus, Pa.
Timothy J. Harrington, Oswego,
?. Y.
Mike Karapetoff. Hopevllle. Va.
Claud Milner, Abeline, Texas.
Died of Disc???.
John E Burke, Asbury Park.
N. J.
Jess? Caper? Durham. Roecoe.
? c.
Jona L. Hugh??, Bryn-Y-Bralg,
North Wales, Great Britain.
Atchison Scott, Elgin, Tex.
Died From Aeelde?t ana Other
(a lue?.
Bertg Ellsworth C. Wood. Omaha.
Bugler Lowrence D. Dresser,
Emmett, Idaho.
Private Alfana? Bayler. R?ther
Glen Va.
Private Mike Prokop. Interna
tional Falls, Minn
WooNded Severely.
Capt. John T. Fi?her. Berkeley,
Capt Matthew C. Tomklns. Waco,
William F Hanlln. Arlington. R I
Harry F Kelly. Ottawa, III.
iliarlea A. Loughlln, Jr. Grand
Forks, N. Dak.
Andrew H. Yorton, Mellen. Wis.
Karl C. Horan, Brooklyn. N. Y.
Clarence A. Ludlum, Jr., Jamaica.
N. Y.
Raleigh Franks. Morris. Ala.
Oiam Ritchey. Lancaster. Pa.
Isabel B. Waggstaff. rambrMti.
Emil G. Zugenor, Rochester. N. v.
Douglas I. Brown, Pound, Va.
Hiram N. Rossuck, l?ayshore, ?. Y.
James A. Dempsey. Madison. Wis.
Leslie E. Hecht, Chicago, III.
Otto Barth. Monroe. Wla,
Walter Bedford. Man.towoc, Wis.
Gus Blrkholz. Cicero. III.
Walter J. House, Bellcvue, Tex.
Selon Pace. Benton, Ky.
Carl O. Peterson. Chicago. 111.
William L. Phlbbs, Knoxville, Tenn.
Wayne Vanderbllt, Juda. Wl?.
Walter Foster, Exodus, Ky.
Harry A. Garnow. North East. Pa
Theodore Robinett. WakerleM,
Joe Albert Demorest, Qulncy. Mich.
William Harker. Woodvllle. Mich.
Allan H. Hess, Chicago. III.
Stanley S. Schmeidin?. Shelby. Mich.
Harold Duncan, Alpena, Mich.
Henry O. Freeman. Chicago. III.
Harry Johnson, Barksdale, Wie.
Jens S. Larson, Helmurta, N. Dak
Carl Paul Orglsh. Spencer, Wis.
Peter Rohleder. Unionport. ?". Y.
Allein ThoHs. Chicago, 11!.
Martin J. Weber. McHenry, 111.
I Milan Mikich. Detroit. Mich.
Tom Pleso. Gorzyl Kosizy, Austria
James C. Dean. Goldville. S C.
I George W. E. Hamilton. Fond Du
! I-ac. Wis.
Paul Belot, Milwaukee. Wls.
Oscar W Malm, Chicago, 111.
Sydney H. Allen. West Lynn. Mass
Harold M Barden, Ix>s Angeles,
Joseph A. Blanchard, San Francisco.
Henry Brauer, Tacoma, Wash,
Denis Brennen. Waterbury. Conn.
?Iules Brydels. Ghent, Belgium.
Poland Cary. Argyle. Wls.
Ilalph L. Clark. Swannanoa, N. C.
John T. Clement?, Long Lake, N. Y.
Lee Couehene, Hooksett. N. H.
Elbert C. Crowe, Cheniere. ?.a.
Alvin Russell Davis, Sharon. Pa
Aristide D'Orazio. Aquala. Italy.
Emerir H Galleo, S. Superior. Wla.
Leonard ? HIlsenhofT. Madison,
Kearney W. Hoch. Linden. Ohio.
Joe Kelly, Madison, Ind.
Louis L. Lacour. Moreauvllle. La
Sem R. Lucas. Kershaw, S C.
John E. Lynch. Chicago. 111.
Warren ?. McKeen. Newcastle, Cal.
Henry ?" McLauchlln. Cease, N. C
Herman J. Maarseveon. Kalamaxoo.
Henry .T Merland. Cincinnati. Ohio.
Ravmond I^uis Mitchell, Hamilton.
Nick Narraccl. Strata Qusllla Bella
Convlrsono. Italy.
Cipriano Alvarez, Tucson. Ariz.
Victor Blaekelandt, Vlaanderann.
Warren Bennett. Arcadia. Ohio.
George Boesel. Ertgerton. Wls.
Harold E Bull?s. Robinson. ?.
John ?. Carpenter. McFall. Mo.
Cordelli Carwlle, Mangum. Okie.
lorenzo ChlefTo. Chicago, 111
lAwson B. Clemens. Spring City, Pa.
Charles Corney. Newport, Ky.
Henry Decker. Karhers Ridge. 111.
Conrad Eggenberger, Greeley.
Pike County, Pa.
Harold H. Emerson. Richmond.
Maille Fleetwood. Kurtz, Ind.
Gerald Glllen. Burt. ? Dak.
Robert E Gloege, Hutchison
Benjamin Hoffman. Chicago. 111.
George J. Keller, Albany. ?. T.
William Cefranz Kissane, Kleven*
ville. Wie ?
Alfred G. Kleisath. Bmithport, Pa.
Norman J. LaFleur, Pawtucket,
R- I.
Peter E I.amkln, Sauk Rapid?
James J Lancer. Buffalo. N. Y.
Ralph Mandeville, Cenby. Ore.
Alfonso Maatrangelo, New York, ?
?. Y.
Montague McAllister, Andereon.'
S. e.
Mantley McClure. Dramont. Ga,
Frank M. McCoy. Sawtelle. Cai.
Ruffus McVay. Gilbert, Le.
Philip Mlldenberger, Flasher, ?.!
Vlrgll F. Miller, Slloam. N. C.
Robert D. Moorehead, Flasher. ?
Nicholas Navigato, Chicago, HI.
Fred J. Nel. San Jose, Cai.
Cari A Nelson. St Hilaire, Minn. |
Henry E. Nelson. Sebeka, Minti
Forest R. Nulph. Crosby, st. Dak.
George W Pfaff. Olympia. Wash.
John Polkowskl. Grand Rapid?.
Richard H. Potter. Santa Barber?.
Edward L. Richardson, Medili.
John L. Robertson, Langdon, N.
Glenn E Schaap. Pratum, Ore
Benjamin H. Seiter, Cincinnati.
George Dewey Slemer. St. Lou?.
Peter Singer, Hebron. ? Dak
Leroy E. Starke. Mott, M. Dak.
Peter Stricker. Gladstone. ?. Dak.
Joseph F. Sullban, Lynn. Mase. '
lesile F. Swanson. Blue Lake, Cal?
Willie A Sweeney. Lottie, Mis?.
.Julius A. Szezukowskl. Alpen?.
Joseph Tamburo. Collinsvllle. III.
Mike Tanchen. Detroit, Mich
Emiliano Tangherllni. Somerville,
Rav R Tucker. Olympia. Wash
Guy S Varns. Mott N. Dak.
Daniel Wallace. Battle Creek. Mieti
Karl Walters, Matayr. Iowa.
Lawrence Warnes. Moline. ?. Dak
William F Wenslaff. Chicago. Ill
Alex Wenstrom. Bowie. Aria
Louis W. White. Baetrop. L?.
George Edward Whltehead. Owoeso.
Willie J Wilson. Memphis. Tenn
John C. Winegardncr. Waynesfleld.
Edwin ? Wood. Springfield. S. Dak
Andrew Yarashins. Tamaqua. Pa
Eutlce M Yates. Merry Oaks
? c
Chirles Young. Newark. N. J.
Walter J. Zirkle. Portsmouth. Ohio
George Nesseth, Twin Valley. Minn
George J. O'Keefe. De Kalb. 111.
Roman Ondrrzok. Wilows, Russie
Harry Pappas. Jorcano Doridot.
Ralph I Perry. Kenmnre. ? DaK
Albert William Pitcher, Grena
Lodge, Mich.
Samuel P.ottman. Tecumseh. Mich
Alex Serefano. Chicago, III.
Edmund H. Shemorry. Wllltston
N. Dak.
Wyett E Silker. Marmon. ? Dsk
John R Slyngstad. Ambrose. &?
Jack Spohn. Shiron. Pa
Stanislaus Terllkowskl. Hartford,
George A. Ward. Angeline. Mo.
Frank Winfrey. Grubbs, Ark.
Robert H. Testman. Washing
ton. D. C.
Louis Zapf. Little Port. Iowa
w,.? mirri (Degree I'HderternaUied-l
Lieut. Col. Frank Howard Adam?
Atlantic City. N. J.
Lieut. Alexander R. Boiling. Cham
bersburg. Pa.
Lieut. Oscar B. Nelson. Ottumw?.
Edward J Bailey. Wheeling. W Va.
William Sherbourne Osgood. Chi
cago. III.
James Watson. Fort Edward. ? Y
Michael J. Vandrlel. Irvington. N. J.
Arthur S. Wolfe. Tam?r.?ua. Pa.
Joseph Kropa. Patterson. N. J.
Edward Chestworth. Philadelphia.
Robert B. Critcher, Durham. N. C
Isaac L. Godsey. Rlclimond. Ind.
Ornile Hardy. Shamokln. Pa.
Henry D. McFall. New York. N. Y.
Robert MacDowell, Hudson. ?. Y?
Chester Isaiah Munyon. Portland.
Nicholas J. Steinbach. Buffalo. N.
William Vandertulp. Peterson. N. J?
Thomas E. Van Wormer. Albany. N.
Theodore Francis Wesllng. Dun
kirk. N. Y.
Joseph Bermingham. ?"hicago. III.
Robert E. Carr. York. Pa.
Victor W. Jones. OlearnVId. Pa
August F. Kaufman, Sandueky,
John Emmett Lisk. Volant. Pa.
Edmund Albert Ovens. Ashley. Pa.
Edward Francie Power. St. Iyiui?
Bugler Anthony Brushlnski. Nantf
coke, Pa.
Wp.goner William Ira Canterbury.
Hunt, W. Va.
Cook Oswln Robert Kline. Camden.
N. J.
Cook Charle? Joseph Winter, Elk
hart. Ind.
John R White. Bethany. Neb.
Joseph E. Akins. New Oilcans. \?
Ingrani Olaf Anderson. Council
Grove. Kane.
Willie I. Benson. Cantonment. Fl?
Harry Elmer Brabson. West Grove.
Sanford George Bush High Falls.
?. Y.
Joseph Leo Byrne?. Uttca. ? Y.
Anthony Caracci. Brooklyn, ?. Y.
Domlnick C?frese, North Adams.
Angelo Paul Costello. E Bayonne.
N. J.
Luke J. Curran. New York. ? Y.
Marvin J Deal. Hamburg. Ark.
William Henry Duncan, Teaman.
Albert Dunn, Allegheny County, P*
Arthur Farance. Cecil. W Va.
Anthony Feck. Adrian. Ohio.
Harry E. Felta, Keisor. Ark.
Matt. William Foss. Red Ridge.
William H. Furr. Maysvllle. Ga.
Raymond A Ganyard. Medina. Ohio
Peter John Georgeopulos. New York.
?. Y.
Chester Delmont Glrdier. Ludlnw.
Lloyd Stanley Graves, Tlnsley. Ky.
Alpheua Great house Button, W. Va.
Oscar E. Griffin. Augusta. Ark.
Cloyd C Grliwold. Eaton. Ohio
William T. Halzllp. Spray, ? Car.
Abraham Henkln. Go?rulow. Gul.
Earl Hartford. Mansfield. Ohio
Adam Hodark. Rachecha. Russia.
Juan Jos?. Moan. Ohio
Joseph Kaperiyskl. Braekenrldge.
George Keenspple. White Haven. Pa
James 81r>an Kelly. Olaesborn ? J
Joseph John Kellev Rochester. Ind.
William Walter Kelly. IBaho Fall?.
Stanley Roawell Kerwtn. Norfolk.
Konstanty Kobesky. Mlnooka. Me.
Conrad Kowslks. Syracuse, ? Y.
T?ldor Krams. New York. ? Y.
Jame? Lattan?, Locoroltondo Prta
evlnjer. Italy.
Mishael Leurlto. Brooklyn. !?. Y.
Phillip Letsuk. Sommary-8ommtr>'.
Abraham I. Levy. New York. V. ?.
George Reuben Little, Prlmihar. Is
Walter Benjamin Long. Gratersford,
? Arthur Mahoney. Metlf Mass.
? Robert S Mam. We?/ -h,ton.
1 etaten Island. ? "" ?
Edward J Mr ?cher, St. Lout?, Mo
Albert Edward Meiler, Buffalo. ?. ?
Jame? J. Miller, Bridgeport, Ohio.
John Shertdlan Mills. Overland, Mo
Angelo Monglol. Montclalr. ? J.
Dominlck Monocco. Bayonne, N. J
Harry Cerner Morris. Peru. lnd.
William G. Moya HtaffordevlII?. Va
William O. Naegie, Whitewater.
Ariz ?
Charle? F. O'Connor. Lynn. Maia
James O. O'Leary. Everett, Mas?.
Vaseleo? Panagopulor. Chicago.
111. ?
Walt?r D Park?. Belton. Mo.
John A. Pierce. Whitebuig. Arm
strong Co.. Pa.
Russell Quartucclo. Mellto-Porto.
Salvo, Italy.
Herbert Frederick Richter. De
troit, Mich.
Archie Robinson. Overnsboro, Ky
Ch?uncey Elwood Sanders, Chi
cago. Ill
Donald Berkely Smith, Sacra
mento. Calif.
Eugene Snyder, Bangor, Pa
Charles R Stine, Akron. Ohio.
Carl W. Wrhme'.er. Columbu?.
Carroll J. Went?, Deeprun. Md.
Will Yarbrough. Adona. Ark.
Hymen Aaronson, Bayonne. N. J.
Lym?n A. Buurd. Spokane. Wash
Dan L. Crott?. Charleston. Ark.
Thomas B. Domlnsuex, Los Angele?,
Rooert L. Early. Clnrinda. Iowa.
Antonio Frustaci. Grand City. N. Y.
William Otis Morris, Mount Hermon.
Edwin Perry. Methuen. Mass.
John R. Peterson. E. Hampton,
Raymond E. Snyder. Lancaster. Ta
Alva U Young. Wallows. Oregon.
Jo* Ames. N?w York. N. Y.
Frank Delmus. KeKy West. Fla.
Leslie C. Dockham. ??? onla. ?. H.
Earl Downey. Arlington. N. J.
Edmond E. Dumias. Linwood. Mas?.
E?rl E. Eaaly. Mo'omh, Miss.
Cecil E Gsmes. t'entrali?. Wash.
Frank Perkins. Triangle. N y.
John T. Scarry. Jotiesboro. Ark.
Carter D. Thompson. Hermitage,
8ylvester Wilson, Okean. Ark.
Migual D. Avals. New York, ? Y
Luther Fltxhugh. Friendship. Tenn.
Jamer. Hansen, Kieemont. Neh:
Harvie E Hart, Sterllngville. ,v Y
Otto J. Haunquelder. Milwaukee,
George I* Hendru k.-on. Bristow,
Jeffcr?on P. Mason. Birla. Ark.
Cuss w Mill?. Ashland. Va
Giovanzu N'.zzi, Stagno. P. Pisa
Claude W Palm. Shilllngton. Pa.
Walter G Parker. Ataetftan. Ark
Walter Parrott. Parrott, K>
Abrahasa Perkel. Jersey City, N. J.
James Proffitt. Congo. Ky.
Frsnk D. Reinhart. Quakci'.own. Pa.
'?lifford White. Philadelphia. Pa.
Hue ? Wise. MeCrory, Ark
Lac A. Wright. Winnsboro. La.
Missing la Artloa.
Ralph D. Gi!o-if. Benud.ii. Minn.
? J Herbert, C leveland. Ohio
Thomas P. Shea. Springfield. Mass.
?orp. Raymond C. Sherman, Lanca
boro. Masa
Corp. Charlie Tidd. Oldtown. Me.
John W. Anderson. Cushman. '
Nicklos Bapcpes. Athens, Greece
Fritx E. Benson. Hasslehohn.
Barney L. Blankenship. Mart.
Arthur ? Bliss. Dolores. Colo.
Met Booty. Flora, La.
Wllber Braughton. Vandalia. 111.
Joseph R Businick. Lake Charles.
Ros? D. Businick. Lake Charle?.
Frenen J. Byrne. Philadelphia.
Fred C. Cabe. Cantor. ? C.
Lee Carroll. Cleveland. Ohio.
Severino Cellini. Oswego ? T.
Pasquale Cerrone. Tooele. Utah.
William A. Cobbett, Cedaredge.
George Omar Cox. Carlos City.
Harry 8. Cunneen. Hiverhill.
Robert I". Donth. New Bedford.
William ? McDonald. Vararti. Ga.
George McGlnnis. Cave Springs. Ga
Dominick Martoect, New York. ?. Y
Irving Noodovltx. Bronx. ?. Y.
Robert Li Owen. Idaho Falls. Idi ho
John Puccinelli. San Francisco. Cal
Gordon G. Toothman, Ron^evc ?r
W. Va.
liominik Laskowskl. Maynard. Mass
James Lasa s Hi. Boston. Mess
Albion Lehr. Eaat Lake, Mich
Bernard J Long. Clifton Forse '
Marion Joseph Losco, Jackeonvil'.-.
J^hn Lovlnuk. Ltpoweckage, Verd ?
Harry O. Lynch. Cohoes. N. T.
John McCurdy. Eastport. Me
James McNsmara New Castle. Ta.
Columbus Mack. Otts Mills. La.
James H. Major, Weat Roxburv.
E.lwln Moore. Worcester. Ma??.
Martin Moony, Chicago. III.
("liarles U N?therland. Wlnnaboro.
SKlrtey Novotny. Chicago. III.
Joseph ? A Ostby, New York. ? Y
Albert J. Ouimette. Holyoke, Mass
Cesare Pennachia. Scottdale. Pa.
George L. Rains. Marthavtlle, La
Samuel ?. Renxl. Connellsvllle. Pa
'irorge R Richardson. Urania. La
John Biley. Philsdelrhls, Pa
Firmln Rodrigue. St. Patrick. La.
Vick Rodrigues. Mansfield. Xa.
izebe Rodrique. Ixigsn. La
Sem Romrevtch. Canton. Ohio.
Ralph E Ssvage. Sarketta yarbor.
N. Y.
G?????G?? UN PAOE KKVE?.
?ye c /fp*+rr??
ys ?'_a-i_
New Tork, R*pt t ? There t? a *?(
of twiddle-twaddle about th? bua.?Mf
of acting Oum-chewing chorue girli
who laap deftly from white-tUe4
'sfeteria* to th* tufted ttmoueln? lif?
delight In painting plorare? of th*j
hardahjpa or a atage career Thej
? hurn rhetoric to a aob aurter*? gib
benrh rn their deacrlption? and dw*l
with emphaaie upon the aaaanttai
temperament needed: to aay nothing
of the long hour? of burning the mid
night lamp.
Broadway is filled with atniUi.uI
peacock??actora who blare? thelfl
gray hair? to hard work and die-p- j
pointment? It would eeera that art? J
ing waa the moat difficult profetalo* "
In all the ? orld There la no roay
path to atardom?the road 1? clogged
with Jagged rock? and only t*noee ?4
courageou? ?pint achieve the?!
nepenthe?th? flaehing of their na**??
in electric light? on the Q*-eat Wh?
Way. That Is th? Thespian'? etory,
and he ?tick? to it.
However, he that aa It may. to quo*?
? Georgemonroe lam, the fact remain?
that the two mo? eucceeeful nlaj*? Ig
New Tork the paat seaaon. financial!?
and artistically, were "Biff* Bani:*"
and "Tip' Yap' Yaphank'"
The^e two musical concoction? wert
?Aged and produced by -.matetin
who had never been behind the foot
light? before "Biff Bang"* waa 'h?
work of recnilta at the Pelham l?a?
naval stetion. and 'Yip' Yap* Yap
?hank'"' was the work of th? kea, ?
' from Camp Cpton.
Even the female parts wer* take?
by th?? men. It might be ima titled
I that a patriotic fervor would to re*
I sponsihle for much of the attorca? ??
1 the two production?, but critic? an4
the publir ajrreed that, leaving oui
the patriotic aide, the two ?how? havg
' never been e'iunlled for fun muai?
and genuine acting.
In "Yip' Yap" Yaphank'" whu-ft
1 may be ?ent to France, the boy? had
th?1 advantage of the aervice? of beriet?
Iriing Berlin. But Berlin ?a n-n ag
j actor. He ie a aong writer?tha tu*?.?
? P-Va-year plutocrat of Tin Pgn Alley.
The men wrote ? ri??iT play and
| staged it in about ? nwntb? tim-??
? Must muMcal production? teheare?
; j-?* ?recita anJ then try it out on the
? "do? - -Pat? urn or Atlantic
? for aroih? r -,x wt*ek* be'ore it la
brought ?? Bi'M?wi;. Many of t.??
| acore did net Know 'left center*?
pa other etag,? term? from a mul^'i
Ih? y exploded a lot of fain
ari tln.'<"Vd th?orie? about ?ata
werk ???? they <:? it without th?
fan-flare of preis agency
N*>w ?- t I: i? b><'irr. .?? ?*? ighhor?y
Ht laut. "sHlock partie?" a?'? tifine
th** Cit.' cf ? h small-tomai
atmo^pher?. The "block partie??*?
con*!*;?* r ?fi'lv in ? losing a bloca,
to traffic for the night Colored
lanterns are 1 ?-; hed and m usi a
p ri kea up and everyagM comes oit
of his eh?ll for the evening and af
t*.".v;.rd lor* ?t? tt? crawl beck mt?
The closed bli'ck ran develop aa*
ten1 eh taue re***-?urcea Th?*re I? old?
fashioned caJc*, ,-i.zes for different
kinds of gaines of skill and there te
t?way* a band or a hurdv-- ?
prit? is offered for the best dec
orated home.
Next door neighbor? of year?
standing get acquainted Many
?urprisinrly talent??! people ara
dus: up on th?? block The block
! party is one <-f the amazing fetta
of the aew spirit that has ?w#>pt
over the country since the aear wag
The negro section of Harlem.
I known journalistically aa the
Black Belt, has given New York a
fine example of thrift Negro?? now
have nor?* than $2?. no?, ft of? investe?*,
, ? Harlem real cartata property.
j New apartment houses for negro?*?
j are going up rapidly. There ar?
I theater?. bcHela, aaioony. movie
' palaces, millinery shops. drug?
stores *nd grocerie? patroni?**?
'. only by the negroe?.
l ear.
Airmen Converse
In "Gimper Talk'1
Pari.? fiept. ;.?Airmen in France
hav? developed an air language all
! their own called ?"?imper talk " Here'?
some of It: ?'Kee-wee." an officer en
gaged In ground work only "Lame
Duck.** an officer mith a single wing;
l on his breast and the obeerver or pho
? tographer who flies with a fullfVdped
flyer; "The Can.'? the airplane; "A
pink tea." a battle in the air.
By John Kratrlrfc. ???*?
My heart is wrung with Jealourr
when I
See on the way some smiling passerby
Who by his Selflessne*e he? wrought
some good
! In war? end byw?y? of man'? BroA
? I envy what he doe? ?nd i? to 4o
I I envy him hi? pathway fair and tro?.
And in my wrath I dog him on hi?
w?\ ?
I And pelt Mm ron?t?ntly with ?nvleu?
icnerrtibt. jrj.i
New September
Victor Records
Among them we mention these magnificent number?,
which are exceptionally good:
Ci7fi? l?HN McCORMACK sings ?1 ??
0<i/OD Dear Old Pal of Mine. ?51.UU
74^41 GALLI CURCI sin*s *1 ??
I'iD'iL Barber of Seville. ?51.DU
18/177 )h? Ladv! Li(,y! (Onc-sicr). cr,
lOt/ ? Sinbad (Medley, Fox Trot). Out
lO^OO Bluin1 the Blues (Fox Trot). or
104-0D Sensation Rag (One-Mep). OjC
1fi/(fi/f When We Meet in the Sweet Bye-and-Byc or
104-0*? ? Rainbow from the G. S. A. ?DC
45153 f?r^;;^rHv^No,For,toue,,.Yo".. S1.00
QCC77 C'tmt from "The Rainbow Girl". ? 1 o r
DDO/i Gems from "Rock-a-Bye Baby". 01.DD
g.OflO Other % le??r Bee?rd? for Year ?rlrrtloa.
rtcrord? ?hipped by Parrel Post?Sete Delivery C? o a re a tersi
Van Wickle Piano Co.
Successor to the F. G. SMITH PIANO CO.
Bradbury Piano? 19 17 17 Q ?._?.?*. Phone
and Player? 1 a* 1 ? G JlICCl Main 747

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