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In the. Social Worl?
The Pr*?tdent ?nd Mr? Wltaon at
tended the performance at Poll'? l??t
night. They were eccompanled by
Mise Bone? end Mr John Randolph
During the morning th? Preeldent
went out to one of the country club?
for ? round of golf with Mr?. Wllaon,
Io th? afternoon he went over for
the Lafayette Dey exerclie? et the
foot of tke Lafeyette Monument
where M. de Chambrun. counaelor to
th? French Embany and a direct de
?cendant of Lafayette, and Secretary
Daniela were the chief epeakera.
A great many of the diploma'.?
were in New York ye?terday for the
Lafayette Day ceremonia?, at which
Secretary Lane waa one of the prin
cipal ipeaekr?.
The French Ambe???dor ?nd Mme
Juaaerand went up yeeterday morning
to take part In the exerclaea. They
will return thia evening.
The Argentine Ambeesador, Mr.
Romulo Neon, who hae been tn New
Tortt for several dey?, stayed over
for the Lafayette-Meme celebration,
hut expect? to Join Mm?. Neon and
the children et Blue Ridge Summit
The Breaillen Ambatudor, Mr.
Pomicio da Gama, wa? alao In New
Tork for the Lafayette celebration.
The Jepaneee Ambaeeador and Vie
counteee I?hil went to New York
Thureday to ?tay over for the Lafay
ette celebration, and expect to be ab
?ent In all about ten dey?.
The Belgian Minister, Mr. de Car
tier de Marchlenne. alao went to
New York yeeterdey to attend the
Lafayette celebration.
The Italian Embaaav was repre
sented at the latfayettc celebration
hy Gen. Emilio Guglielmotti, and
Capt. Vanutelli. military and naval
attache respectively, who will to
day Join the Ambaeeador and Cnunt
ea? Macchi dl Caliere at Kearney,
N. J . when the counteea will chris
ten the Piave, a new steamship to
be leunched there. The Countess
di Cellere came down from Blue
Ridge Summit yesterday and goea
up to Kearney Point thia morning
with the Ambassador.
The Minister of Greece, Mr. Rous
eos, and tha Archbishop of Athena
who hea recently been hi? ?ue?t
here, are also in New York attend
ing the Lafayette Day celebration.
The B, S Minister to Sweden and
Mrs. Ira Nelson Morris entertain
ed at dinner laat niant In honor of
the Secretery of State ?nd Mr?.
I?an?ing at Cliveden, the Rlchard
?ons* country home on Grant road,
where they arc established during
their Washington ?tay.
Mm?. Tamaki Miura. who ha? ap
peared in giand opera, is to be the
iruest in Washington for several
days of Mr?. Newton D. Baker,
wife of the Secretery of War.
While here Mme. Miura. who has
been called the Japenese nightin
gale, is to sing at Camp Humph
rey? and Camp Leach. The recital
at Camp Humphreys i? to be given
Monday night, and et Camp Leach
Tuesday night. William Santle
mann, jr., i? to play the violin obli
?etoa Accompanying the vocal num
bers. Mrs. Baker will accompany
Mme. Miura on her visita to the
two camps.
The Secretary of Commerce and
Mrs. William C. Redfleld are at
Ukf Champlein. ?. Y.. attending
a meeting of the American-Cana
dian Fisheriea Conference, of which
Mr Redfleld I? chairman. They
will be at Lake Champlaln for a
week longer, and will probably vis
it the Secretary's old home in Pitt?
fleld. Mug., before returning to
Secretary Redfleld left W??hington
laat Saturday and Mrs. Redfleld. who
has been visiting her daughter, Mr?.
Charle? ?. Drury. In We?tfield, N. J..
joined him In New York. They spent
a few days at Cie Betmont Hotel be
fore going to Leke Champlaln,
Mra. David Franklin Houston, wife
of the Secretary of Agriculture, and
her children will return to Washing
ton from their ?ummer home at
Wood? oHIe, Ma??., shortly after
September 15. Secretary Houston la
at present on 'a business trip in the
West, and the date of hi? return ia
Mra. House, wife of Col. ?. M
Hou??. 1? ?pending a few day? in New
port aa the guest of Mr? .Cornelius
Vanderbllt at Beaulleu. Mr?. Vander
bilt gave a luncheon In honor of Mra.
House yesterday, and a number of
other featlTltlee will be given for her.
Mr. Hennen Jennings haa gone to
Manchester-by-the-Sea to visit Mr?.
Jennlnga and their daughter. Mrs
' chauncey Hackett, who have ?pent
the ?ummer ther?. Mr. Jennlng? will
leturn to Washington the eerly part
of next week, but Mra Jennlnga and
Mra Hackett wilt remain away until
the first of October.
Miss Ann? Irwin Powers, daughter
of Mr?. Hopklna. wife of MaJ Eu
gene ?. Hopkins, now stationed at
Walter Reed Hospital, and Lieut.
Jamea Warren Feeney. u. 8. ?..
were married yeeterday morning at
19 o'clock in St. Alban'a Church,
the rector, the Rev. Charlea T. War
ner, officiating. Only member? of
the two families aod Intimate
friend? were present.
The bride waa unattended. She
wore a traveling suit If dark blue
serge with a amall hat ot dark blue
Georgete crepe and a corsage bou
quet of Bride roees and lille? of the
valley. The church waa decorated
in white flower? and gr?en?.
The bride I? the granddaughter
of the late Mej. Malcolm McDowell.
and a niece of Mie? Mary McDow
ell, settlement worker, of Chicago.
She made her debut Ia?t ?pring at
I Fort Sam Houston Immediately fol
lowing her graduation from ?chool
; The bridegroom 1? a ?on of Jim?
! Feeney of Anrtover. Mm? He ta a
1 graduate of Phtllip?-Andover and
I of Harvard. HIT- He graduated
from the first Platubur? camp a
I year ago and Is now stationed at
| Camp Cu?t?r. Mich, where he will
take hi? bride.
Among the guest? at th? wedding
wa? Mra. Lewi?, wife of MaJ. Gen.
Lewi? now in France, who wa? a
brideimaid for Mr?. Hopkins at her
wedding to the bride's father. Mr.
Powers. The bride's two brothers.
' Herman Powers. 2d. U. 8. ?.. and
| Etheridge Powers. U. S. M. C, are
in France.
Dr. and Mrs. David Jayne Hill,
who have had a cottage at Bethle
hem, X. H., for the aummer, will
remain through th? month of Sep
tember, a? Dr. Hill's health I? Im
proving rapidly. He was seriously
HI during the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlea J. Bell, af
ter spending the summer at Canan
dalgua, near the Rangely Lakes
and touring through Main?, nava
returned to Washington, and are
at their residence, 1327 Connecticut
Miss Kathleen Crawford, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. William Gor
don Crawford, is in town for a few
days, preparing to return to West
over, where she la attending ?hood.
Mr. Clarence F. Xorment. ot
Washington, has been tn the Chat
ham Hotel, Vanderbllt avenue, New
York, where he went to attend the
marriage of his ?on, Mr. Clarence
Forhe? Xormant. Jr.. U. S. N. R., to
Ml? Margaret Policy, daughter of
a prominent and wealthy family In
Buffalo. X. T., that of Mr. and Mrs.
Cyrua H. Policy.
The aurlgcal dressing? aectton of
the College Women's Club will
meet each Wednesday and Friday,
from 10 to ?>. at the Geographic
Building, Sixteenth and M street?.
All club members and all college
women in the city will be welcome.
Mr?. Richard Hooker haa leased
her houee at No. 1811 Jefferson
place, to Mr. and Mr?. Charles
Pratt, New York, for the coming
season. Mr. Pratt is with the War
Trade Board.
Step Up Gardners and
"Register" Your Work as
D. C. Man Makes Big Boast
Get in line, war gardener?, and
"register" your work, for here i? a
District of Columbia" man boasting
about hi? bean crop!
Can you beat it?
If ?o, the National War Garden
Commleeion avant? to hear from you.
In a report to the commission to
day. O. K. Griffin, who has two
plots, each iltll feet, at Sixth
street and Massachusetts avenue,
says he has raised forty-five quarts
of string beans from on? quart, and
that he has many more coming.
The National War Garden Com
mission, which is offering national
capital prise certificates for the
best canned regetables put up by a
war gardener, want? to hear your
championship performance.
Saturday. September T, ISIS.
This is read by astrologers as a
day of strongly contending in
fluence?. The Sun. Neptune and
Mercury are all in benefic aspect
during the early hours, but toward
night Juptter, Uranus and Venus
are adverse.
In the morning the sway ts favor,
able for many tinea of activity,
eepecially for advertising, publish
ing and writing.
The 8un promise? good luck to
politicians or candidates for public
office, while thi? configuration pre
i vail?. Again many ?urprise? are In
: dlcated.
Tha rule presage? great honor?
and listing fame for more than on?
| American, but especially for the
President, who win win new and
enthusiastic tribute when some act
of diplomacy long covered shall be
The seers declare that the plane
tary government foreshadows for
th? United State? "more glory and
eminence than la dreamed of even
by the moil ?angu?n? ?oldier on the
?oil of France."
The cycle bring? to Americana a
new stability. It Is said, and they
leave behind them the Imperfections
due td the fact that they belong to
the youngest of the great nation?.
Love effalra hav? a forbidding
aspect today. Too much Impetu
OBlty In wooing may he encouraged
by th? ?tar? and many disappoint
ments are forecast. Divorcee will
Increase tn the next few months.
Increase In organization wlhlch
centralises ?ffort of every sort I?
prognosticated. Women will come
under som? ?ort of government
direction In regard to service during
the war, tf th? planeta ar? read
Serbia come? under a ?way or the
?tar? that I? encouraging. Addition
of territory i? one of the probabili
ties when peace Is declared.
Th? King of Sweden haa In hla
horoicope indication? that may mean
impairment of health.
Person? who?? birth date It ts
should not make any change? ln the
coming year. Speculation will be
eipecially unfortunate
Children born on this day may be
Inclined to be extravagant and too
fond of amusement. These ?ubj?ct?
of Virgo are usually great favor
ttea with the opposite ?ex.
ICaapjTtltlt, Mki
You Need not
Suffer from Catarrh,
Bat Yon Ma*. Drive It Ont o?
Your Blood to Get Rid of It
Tou have probably been in tb?
ablt of applying external treat
ments trying to cure your Catarrh.
You have used sprays, washes and
otiona and possibly been tempo
rarily relieved. But after a ?hort
time you had another attack and
wondered why. You must realise
' that catarrh 1? an Infection of the
?lood ?nd to get permanent relief
ihe catarrh infection must be driven
?ut of the blood. The quicker you
'orni to understand this, the quick
s' you will ?et ?; out of your sya
tem. S S. S., which has been In
constant us? for over flfty years,
will drive th? oatarrhal poison? out
of your blood, purifying ?nd
?trengthenlng It, ?o It will carry
vigor and health to the mucous mem
branes on It? Journeys through your
body end nature will soon restore
you to health. You will be re
lieved of the droppings of mucus
In your throat, sores in nostrils, bed
breath, hawking and spitting.
All reputable druggists carry
S. ?. S. in stock and we recommend
you give It a trial immediately.
The chief medical adviser of the
Company will cheerfully anawer all
letter? on the subject. There la no
charit? for the medical advice. Ad
dress Swift Specific Company. 432
Swift Laboratory. Atlanta, Ga.?Adv.
"Battery" on Wheels Here]
Makes 250 Soldiers
"Present Plates."
A long line of khakl-clad aoldlera
of Uncle Sam's national army, each
carrying a tin cup and folding ;
plate, gave an atmosphere ot war I
to the neighborhood of the Quar
termaster general's office on Seven
teenth street at noon yesterday.
Aa the trumpet sounded the weird
but welcome notes of "Coffee,
coffee, pork and beans," otherwise
the mees call, the fighting men
stepped briskly forward Into the
adjoining reservation where they
were greeted by the savory odor of
a real soldier dinner.
In the immediate background
wa? a queer-looking motor car.
open at the ?ides, several great
kettles end other Utensil? and a
sweep of fragrant stream? This
strange-appearing automobile was
presided over by two stalwart fel
low? in Immaculate apron? and
French chef cap?.
Tank The? Ohjectlv?.
The men In khaki marched reso
lutely towards this ?teaming "tank,"
bringing their cup? and plates to a
aort of "present arms." The "tank"
waa clearly their objective, and they
came away from It with their uten
sils laden with smoking viands.
"What's the grand Idea?" queried
a fat woman engaged In war work.
"Must be feeding the new mili
tary guard of the White Houle," a
thin man resembling an Interroga
tion mark suggested.
"Naw." exclaimed a raw fellow of
the know-lt-all variety, "them's
army officers de-mon-strating a
new-fangled cook house on wheels."
In the meantime a crowd of several
hundred persoti? had l?eeiv attracted
by the unusual eight of the open-air
cafe ?upplylng dinner fur S soldier?.
One of the rifty officers wltueuslng
the proceedings explained that the
quartermaster general of th? army
waa conducting a teat of the Taft
army kitchen, with which It 1? pro
posed to feed the American boya in
"And," said President C. M Brad
ford, of the Factory Product? Export
Corporation of New York. "It I? pro
posed with that fast-moving motor
kitchen to rush hot meals to the boys
in the trenches and on the firing
line, instead of requiring them to eut>
alat on the travel ration of hard bread
and embalmed meat?."
Coagreaamen See Performance.
The Quartermaster General's De
partment waa represented at the dem
onstration yesterday by William A.
Graham, chief of the hardware and
I metal division, and MaJ. J. W. Peck,
Q. M. C. Seven member? of the
House and Senate Committee? oo Mil
itary Affnlrs also witnessed the test.
Gen. Pershing ia ?aid to have five of
these speeding kitchen? In use on the
We?tern front and more will be ?ent
Another demonstration will be given
at the same place at noon today, after
which the portable kitchen will be
taken under Ita own power to Camp
Grant. III., in charge of Private ?eter
Thomai, chef. L?. S. A.
Single Sunday Mail
Collection Hereafter
Only one collection of mall will
be made on Sundays, according to
?in announcement Issued by the
local postoffice last night.
The decision Is in line with the
request of the Fuel Administration
for the conservation of gasoline,
and will remain in effect as long
as the gasoline regulation ia ob
The ?Ingle collection will be
mede In the residential section at
5 p. m. and in the business section
at ? p. m. Heretofore there have
been two collections, one at 4 p. m.
and one at 10 p. m.
Study the store ads?that you mar
know what price-changea tbe new
trade aeaaon brings.
m mil?
Copyright, ISIS.
Mother Lorimer Kisses
Me?"This for a Little
Lately, when GpG very ?orry or
' very glad?it doesn't make any dlf
; ference which?I cry. Both emotion?
? have crammed today. In the dusk
i of the evening I ?lipped away to my
I favorite bench under the pine?, die
I tractedly glad to find a ?ufflclent
I reaaon for Bob'a mood when he !cft
excited ?till over the departure of
I tha recruit?, troubled enough by
Tony Curt? too Intimate glance,
and worried to the depths of my
?out because there did not appear
to be any way of "ahaping" Jim'?
affairs as I had so valiantly de
manded In the morning.
"I wa? sobbing ?oftly to myself
vvh?n Jimmy-boy dropped onto the
bench be?lde m?. He cam?, I knew.
to talk about the Thoma? girl.
J ; mim- la a kind and tender crea
ture, and aa impersonally chivalrous
a? Cartels is selfishly ae. Now I
dropped my head on Jim's olive drab
.shoulder and ?hed my ready tear?.
'It wa? a handy moment to b? a?
weak aa I felt I needed to be and
I must have made the moat of It
for presently Jimmie wa? pleading:
"Aw, cut it out, Susy, can't you?
A man can't ?tend a whole lot of
that, you know!"
"But Jimmie-boy." I wailed, "thl?
Is the flr?t chance I've had to lean
on a atrong arm since Bob left."
"Make the most of it. If you've got
to," he murmured resignedly. "But
?Aiiot ? come over you? Usually
you'r? too Independent. What?
making you woozy alt of a eudden?"
"Getting married did It," I ?aid
defiantly, a? If he, being mala and
doubtless conacrlpted for matrl
Mr. and Mr? Harry Lowman have
returned from Mandine', Plymouth.
Dr. Rllla A. Bryant ha? returned
from a week-end visit with Dr.
Laura Brannon at Atlantic City.
Miss Maybell Turner spent last
week-end at Atlantic City.
Lieut Thomas Lewi? Morrison,
recently returned from Franc?, la
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A.
Dobyns at their Maryland home.
Miss May Larkln haa returned
from a week-end trip to Atlantic
Mr. and Mr?. Henry Clifford Stuart
have returned from a motor trip to
New York.
Miss I. Joan Ohi left for Boston
Mrs. H W. Schulte has returned
from Cheleea, X. J.
Miss Helen Pogue. of Omaha,
Neb., arrived in Washington yester
day to accept a position in the War
Miss Mary Grant, of the War De
partment, ia visiting friends in At
lantic City.
James R. Tucker, of the Treasury
Department, haa enlisted In the
Miss Bertha Grey, of the Federal
Food Administration, is spending
her vacation in Buffalo.
Thoma? Holt, of New Tork. Is In
Washington on business.
Miss Josephine Douglas. In gov
ernment work here, went to Boston
yesterday for her vacation.
Misa Mary Mclvor will return to
day from her vacation ?pent in At
Mrs. George Hous and her daugh
ter. Marjorie. went to Mount Gret
na, I'd . yesterday.
Miss G. L. Donaghy and Mr?
Jacob Underbill, of New York, sis
ter and niece respectively of Mrs.
Florenc? Jackson Stoddard, 2019 ?
mony, must he lergely responsible
for its defects. If I hed stayed an
old maid I could always have kept
my poise. But Bob taught me how
comfy It la for a woman to lean and
let a men worry for her."
"Poor Sissy! You're euch a little
kid, too. Not 22 yet. a year older
than ? a,n. I guess we soldier L>oy?
don't always think a? much a? we
might about the tears we leave be
hind u?.'?
"It? well for you that you don't.
And any girl who lets you know
is a selfish, ?Illy, miserable ?Inner."
I ?at up suddenly and stiffly self
reliant. Chrys ?ays it's Just as easy
to make your mind reflect your body
as to let your, body express your
"There, now," I said. sure.that ?
wouldn't weep ?gain. "Lend me your
handkerchief, Jim."
A? Chrys' emotion? never get be
yond her control, her theory may
work for her, but I disapproved It
for myself. I felt suddenly as If I
were floating out Into a nice cool
black night where I could sleep for
ever and ever.
When the light came back after
my faint, I found myself in bed.
Bob's mother wa? sitting by my aide
BenJIe named her "precious old
thing"?he got the slang in Canada
and ?he loves to have us call her
by the queer English phrase.
She said she had sent for Dr. Mas
ters, and she held my hand while
the doctor asked me a lot of ques
tion? no physician ever put to me
before. Then he discussed my con
dition in plain words.
sVf'er he had gone, dear Mother
Lortmer kissed me on the right
cheek saying, "This for a little grand
son." and then ?he kissed me on
the left cheek with "Or this for a
baby granddaughter. Oh, if only wc
could see Bob when he gets the
(To Be Continued*.
street northwest, art vlaiting Mrs.
A. L. Sterne, of the American
Federation of Labor. Is taking a
brief vacation In Virginia.
Francis W. Thomason. of the
Treasury Department, ha? returned
from a visit to his home in Ctica.
?. T.
William P. Marsh has received an
? appointment as atenographer with
the Department of Labor.
Benjamin A. Morris, of the De
portment of Commerce, haa resign
Floyd 8. Lampson, of Gaithers
burg, Md.. I? vUtting hi? horn? on
? ?treet in Georgetown.
Charle? D. Bigelow. of th. Gov
ernment Printing Office, haa re
ceived a promotion.
Earned D. Comaford. of th? Navy
Yard, ha? resigned to take up em
ployment in Chester. Pa.
Landrup Thorson. Anaconda, Mont.
Abencio Trujlllo, Nembo. ?. Mex.
Peter John Van Linn. South K?u
kauna. Wi?.
Ole Vodall. Lcnnep. Mont.
Forest A. Wood?, Columbus. Ga
Arthur G. Ziemer. Watertown. Wi?.
William I-e.no. Detroit. Mich.
Abbie J. Langon. Covington, La.
Robert F. Lewi?, New Orleans. La.
I-Awrence l.loyd. Reyno, Ark.
Roy W. Ix>an. Marllnton. W. Va.
Fred M. Love. Trout, I*.
George J. McDonald, French Lie?.
Joehn Maglelskl. Detroit, Mich.
Brodle ?. Martin. Jr.. McNary, La.
Kbere Mier. Morewater. La.
Joseph Minker, Chicaso. 111.
l?eonard J. Palazzo. West Apollo.
chiude L. Phlfer, Tipton. Ind.
Sam Poole, Jr.. Leakesville, Ma??.
Wyatt Pridemor?, Charleston. W. Va.
Wirt Rlgsby. Indi?n?polis. Ind,
George W. Roddey, Port Vincent.
Norman L. Roe. Ellwood. Pa.
Sidney Samuels. I.oui?ville. Ky.
Julius William Schleiiter, North
Monomonic, Mich.
John Edward Shannon. Clinton, Ind.
To th? Houieholder? of the District of Columbia:
Below are given the fair price? on ?tapie food remmodltle?. If
your dealer charge? more for any item? than the pricea li?ted below.
plea?e report and ?end your ?ale? ?lip. If po??ible. to Clarence R. Wil
?on. Federal food admlnl?trator for the District of Columbia. 901 Six
teenth street northwest, oaly those dealer? ?k? buy ni the toy ?.bole
tale ?Tier? ?hould ?ell at the toy price to consumer?.
sTJt.An. Pay"
Per 100 lbs.
Granulated, bulk or package.ST.95 l??S
?hould pay.
Per Ib.
| .OH Vi I '>'.'
.08>.? .09
J4>i-lb bag.
12-lb. hag.
?-lb. bag.
Broken lot?, per Ib.
Barley flour.
Corn flour..
Cornmeal. white, bulk.
Rice, fancy, whole head.
P.ice. Blue Roae.
Victory loaf, machine made: ?? Ib..
Victory loaf, machine made: 1 Ib...
Best table first?. In print? >.
In carton?. 1 cent higher.
Proc?s?, in print?.
In carton?. 1 cent higher.
Per bag.
1 50
1 ?6
1 | :
Not mora than ,???
Per lb
Per lb.
Not mor? than
Not more than
Per Ib.
Per lb.
Oleomargarine .
Nut oleomargarine.
Per Ib.
Pure. In tub?.27 29
Compound .24 .25
Per Ib.
Whole piece?, fancy.-..4? .4?
Sliced. In bulk.
pieces, standard quality.4? .44?
In bulk.
in carton?.5! -II
Per Ib.
standard.,'.32 .34
fancy.14 .85
Per dos.
Select, freah. candled; none ?mall or
dirty; ahould weigh not lea? than
24 ounce? per dosen.10 .15
Told storage.44 .47
Current receipt?; candled; none very
small, very weak or very dirty;
?hould weigh not less than 20
ounces per dosten .41 .47
Per lb
.53 .51
Per lb
.3? .38
.29 .11
Per lb.
.30 .31
.27 .29
5 S
Per lb.
Per lb
.36 .38
.17 .St
Per dos.
S 2
American, whole mlik .
Half-pound^ lots .
Quarter-pound lota ....
Per lb.
Per lb.
grade, No. 1...?.. .45
grade, No. 1...,.23
15 lbs.
Per lb.
.32 .39
Per lb
(1 peck).
?White potatoes, U. S. grade. No. 1: minimum ?iie, 1% tnche? In
diameter: free from damage cauaed by diseaae or Insects; free from
cut? and bruise?.
tWhlte potatoes. U. 8. grade. No. 2: minimum ?lie. 1* Inche? In
diameter: free from ?erious damage. "Should tnclude no ?lock which
i? not of desirable quality, both for market and for table use. and
should be of fair average ?ize."?Department of Agriculture. Bulle
tin No. 753.
Search 'for War Workers'
Quarters Brings Up
Washington hou?eholdei? will be ?p?
I caled to for rooms for j.000 war work
er? today.
Edwin S. Hege, ?ecretary of the
District Council of National Defenae
and in charge of the housing section,
yesterday sent out G,.??? potter? asking
that every householder regiater every
room poaalble.
"We need houeea rooms and apart
ment?," ?aid M Hege "We eapecially
wish rooms where light housekeeping
is allowed."
"We have heard that many land
lord? and owners are now sending
lists of dos and don't? to their ten
ante of long standing.
"These landlords forget that the
Saulsbury law continues their con
tract? in toto. The contract la not
subject to change In any way.
Many landlords also ?r? beginning
to curtail and cut down on service and
comforts formerly furnished.
'They read their contracts aa some
people do their Bible?, merely the
parts that please them. Thia la con
trary to the Saulsbury lew.
'Heat,' hot water and all ?arvlc?
formerly ?upplied rnuit be continued.
It would be Juat as reasonable to re
move the front steps from a house
which you had rented as to cut down
on any part of the thing? contracted
Hew the Profiteer I hlnka.
The attitude of mind of th? rent
profiteer may be aeen from a con
versation heard on th? ?treet yes
A young and well dressed girl, ap
parently a government employe,
had Just come from an appeal to
a Congressman as to an alleged
Injustice done to her aunt
This aunt, it seems, had rented
an apartment for $s" a month be
fore the wer. She had "good fur
niture" which ?he cherished, so she
had sublet her apartment to war
workers for ?1165 a month.
The owner of the apartment had
heard of It end protested. Finally
because of pressure brought to bear
the rent had been reduced to Hoe
per month. She thought it an out
When It was pointed out that at
?165, less $47 per month, the rent
for the furniture was ?1.416 per
year or 6 per cent on $22.600. ?he
waa unconvinced. It waa sugge?ted
to her by the business man to whom
she wes telklng that her furniture
was pretty fair if It represented
$5.900. a fourth of that outlay, end
that in ?bout four year? the rent
would buy the article? aerala.
Still the lady w-is unconvinced as
to the taimes? of $100 per month
or less.
33,500.000 Pounds Purchased for
September Requirements.
Purchases of potato*?.*? and onions
for the September requirement? of
the army by the subsistance division
of the Quartermaster Corpa total 33,
?jM/Wf pounda. The purchase value
of thrse commodities totals approx
imately 1900,000. These purchases do
not include approximately 3.500.000
pounds of these articles which were
purchased directly by the Depot
Quartermaster at San Francisco for
the Pacific Coast.
Savings, based on the acceptance
of more favorable bids submitted di
rect to the subsistence division as
against bids submitted locally to the
various camps and depots, total 1100.
00ft. This is a saving of 15 per cent
over the prices that would have been
paid without the central rurchas;..,.*;
control system, as put into effect by
j the Quartermaster Corps.
The average price for September
per ion pounds delivered at ail ramps
in the Un I tad States except Pacific
Const points, was JC-70 for potatoes
and $2.r?S for onions. Us compared
with the August price of J3.fl f,?r
potatoes and 1317 for onions. The
reduction in price Is due primarily
to ihe increased supply of both com
modities from l\e Northern produc
ir-, areas and also to the more spir
ited and closer competition offered
j by the trade in general for this buai
TErom tl)a>13utpit5
?econd BaptUt Clierck.
Rev. Howard I. Stewart, pastor of
the Second Baptist Church, Fourth
street and Virginia ?venue southeast,
will observe the third anniversary of
his pastorate with special services to
morrow. In the morning his topic will
be "Three Years' Search for a Man."
and at night "The Woman Who Kais
ed Her Boy to Be a Sold.ex." Dur
ine Mr. Stewart*? three years* pas
torate at the Second Church 3S4 new
member* have been added to the rolls
and the church has raised upward
of J^.OOO for all purposes Seventy
two of the young men of this church
. have responded to the call to the
I color?. There will be extra musical
j features tomorrow. The pastor has
: ju)=t returned from a five weeks? va
ret worth Baptist Chnreb.
After a month'? vacation. Rev. F.
Paul Lanphorne resumes -his duties j
as pastor of Petworth Baptist Church
The subject of his morning sermon j
on the sth instant will be "Forward |
to Christ.*' In th? evening at 7:4G>
o'clock, hi? subject will be *'Our ?
Allies." There will be baptism
At tbe Monday morning session of |
Baptist Ministers' Conference, at Cal
vary Baptist Church. Dr. J. S Rra
ker, of the First Baptist Church of |
Burlington. Vt.. will be the speaker.
His subject wl.l be "What the Bap
tists Can Do for the Soldiers and I
Sailors in Washington."
rrovirienre FIrlKhfi> Churrh,
Religions service? at Providence
Heights Industrial and Agricultural
School, West Falls Church, Va.?Rev.
Logan .lohnaon. D. D.. pastor Center
A. M R. Zion Church. Burrville, D.
C., and chairman of board of di
rectors of the school. ?Ill deliver
a sermon tomorrow at 3 p. m. The
building which has been under con
struction for severnl months 1a in
condition for use. Sunday School and,
preaching services are being held each |
Sunday under the direction of Rev.
A. A. Loti, president and promoter
of the school.
Flrat Cnnc regnilo rial.
Dr. James T?. Cordon pastor of the
First Congregational Church. Ter.th
and G streets northwest, having Jjat
returned from ? three months' lecture
tour of the Chautauqua platform, will
preach at both the morning and even
ing services of the church fc*.nday.
In the evening Dr. Goirlon will pi each
on 'After the War? What**'* taken
| from his ?"hautauqua lecture this
summer,, which was heara by 100,000
people. The nuartet ?nd choir of
fifty voice? will ?Ing ?t both service?.
Extensive repair? on the church
building are now being completed.
Church of the <'o,en?nt.
At the Church of the Coven?nt
tomorrow the pastor. Dr. Charle?
Wood will ?peak at both morning
and evening service? The ?ubject
for the evening will be 'Tnexpected
Deliverance?.'* The Chriatlan Endeav
or ve?per? at 5:30 p. m. will be led
bV Rev. David Kdward?. ? private
?oidi, r in the U. S. army. At the clos?
of this meeting the usual "Miniature
Supper'' will be ?erved to, all present.
At 7:15. Mis? Agne? Morrison, who ha?
been In charge of a hospital at
Neuilly, France, will ?peak.
Rear Admiral Cary T. f*s-?yeon.
t*. S. N., the attending physician of
the President, will address the All
Comers' Bible eia?? at 10 o'clock at
the Studio Hall, 13? Connecticut
avenue, on "Medicine of the Old
The Everyglrle' Bible class, which
meet? In the chapel at ?:45. will con
sider the third topic In th? course
on "faith."
Rurgical dre??lner? work has been
resumed, meeting on Tuesday and
Thursday morning? from 10 to 1.
Wednesday evening nt 7:30. Friday
afternoon? from 2 to 5 p. m. Every
body welcome.
The All State? Club meet? ?? usual
on TuejKlny at SIS. A ?plendid pro
gram will be given.
Ce?tennlnl HsptUt.
"Why I Pray." la V. Met Swem'e
?ubject Sunday nicht. Centennial Bap
tlat Church, Seventh and I ?treet?
northeast. The morning ?ubject i?
"God ? Gold "
Fifth Rnptl.t.
At Fifth Baptist Church the pa?tor.
Dr. John E. Brlsgs, will deliver a
?tereoptlcon illustrated ?ermon-?d
dre?? Sunday night on "The Life of
Chrlat" or "From Bethlehem
C?r?lry.'" The ueual ?oclil hour will
be held with refreshments for sol
dier? and stranger?.
"s". T. .?.venae Preabyterla?.
Dr D S. Kennedy, of Philadelphia.
W?11 again be the preacher at the
morning service in thi? church. He
will ,:>eak more Intimately before
the Bible ?chool at 10 a. m.. preced
ing the church ?ervice upon "The
Conquering Life."
The Christian Endeavor vesper ?erv
ice at ? p. m. will be led by ?Ils?
Helen Day. Strang, rs are invited to
actively paitieipate in thi? meeting. ?
Ail of the comfort? of home ar? pro?
\#oo?war? ?? TCotljrop
Store Will Close Today at 3 P. M.
School Girls' Wash Frocks
In Most Attrtictire Stylei ?nd Fretii Color?ngs
School day? are drawing near and mother? will want wkth
frocks for their little daughter? for the early fall ?eaaon. Our
flock i? large and most complete, and the ttyie? ar? prettier thai
season than e\er before, and the prices are most reasonable.
Al *s)2 71? Dre??e? of pink, aand or blue crea*, ?in
ni <???. o broidered in ? pretty design, ?hirted te
form yoke effect and made with ??perite
At ?S."} ^il r're?ee? of checked gingham. In pink or
ni eo.ov b]ui. trlfntned wlth whjt? plain collar
and cuffs and belt.
At s?."} 7"v Glnsrtiem, in pink, eend or cedet: mad?
ni oo. ? o wlth (jout,,, cuiiai
At $425
At $3.00
ith double collar and cuff? and pocket
flaps of linen: two wide tuck? finish np /
It at the walit line.
Dresses of Peter Pan Ooth. In ro?e. yel
low, green and blue; fastened tn the back
and embroidered la ?elf with black -*????
Dreae-ea of Peter Pan Cloth, made with
jacket effect In front: white pique veM
collar and cuff*, with embroidered dr
eien on tha jacket; In blue, arree*, rose
and yellow.
Striped Crepe Dreaaea, with Eton jacket
efTect In front, pocket? and black velvet
belt, white hem-Mitch, d organdy collar,
in wide tan and blue stripe?.
At ?*." Q^ Box-plaited Poplin Dreesea, smocked b<*
HI ? i.ZO low wt,??.t une back and front, wide bell
and orean y collar. In rose, blue, tan
green; embroidered in black and gold.
Otber Pretty Stylei from $3.50 to $7.95
v.ded for men in service In th? city
ever)' Saturday night at Bethany
Chapel, Thirteenth street, two blocks
south of Pennsylvania avenue, at a
charge of W cents. Accommodations
are afforded to seventy men
The cool weather ha? marked an In
creased attendance at the daily noon
tide pra>er meetings in the New Tork
Avenue Church, Thirteenth and H
T. M. C. A. Kate?.
Page McK. Etchison. religious
work director of th* T. M. C. ?.. '
will speak at the morning' service
at the Tngrem Memorial Congrega
tional Church Sunday. The subject
of his address will be "Should a
Cbristlsn go to War."
The morning service at the Mount
Tabor Methodist Protestant church
will b? conducted Sunday by Ed
ward Taber.
Rev. Edwerd Hayes, the pastor*
of Douglas M. E. church, will de
liver the addrraa at the T. M. C. A. \
open-si r meeting; in Lincoln Park
Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
krUtlaa ? r.rf*-e?*r.
Dr. Daniel A. Poling-, associate
president and cltixenship auperin
tendent of the United Society of j
Christian Endeavor, will vlait Wash
ington to organise a District of Co
lumbia Christian Endeavor Alumni
Association at a dinner at Calvary
Baptist Church today. At I o'clock
the same evening; Dr. Poling* will lec
ture on "Found in Franca." in the
auditorium of the church.
The president of the Christian En
deavor Union urges the attendance
of the presidents of tHe Christian
Endeavor societies of the District
at a very important conference Sun
day at 3:30 p. m.. at Christian En
deavor headquarters, 132., G street
The new officer? and committe-s
chairmen of the Christian Endeavor
Society of St. Pauls Engli?h Uith
eran Church will be installed at th?
regular Sunday evening service of
thia society tomorrow * ven*?ng at m
o'clock. On Friday evening, Septem
ber 11. this society will hold its
first fsll business meeting and social
at the church. Eleventh and H
streets northwM
The annual reorganization and In?
stallation of officers of th*1 Chris
tian Endeavor Society of Bethany
Baptist Church will be held in the
social room of th* church on Sep
tember 13.
CaHrvrr'sl." wzTctmmrrm.
Judge Joeeph W. Thompson. e>f
th* Bureau of Mines, the associate
teacher, is to be the instructor of
the Men's Bible Class ' I -
MethodiM Episcopal church tm-Gu?m*
day morning.
Sunday. September 15 Will he
'?Montgomery d*> " when Dr James
Shera Montgomery, who return*
next week from hi* Chsutauqua
lecturing tour through ?he West.
will teach hi? class. The class
meets at 9:1*) Sunday mornings In
the guild hall of the thutch, Co
lumbia road near Fifteenth street
Temple Baptist Ck)m\Wm*m.
At the Temple Baptist church a
special service will be held tomor
row evening under the auspices of
the Temple Service League Mr.
Dykema, musical director of the
? community service will lead th?
song service. Mr. C B. A. Bryan*
IT. M. C A satrssary at Libert y
Hut, and pastor, will deliver th*
sermon. The pastor ?rill preach in
? the morning.
(Laurel) notices
Church of the Covenant
IMk mm? > ?le?.la
Re?, til AHI.?.* W Olili. I?. IS.
si muy sirimu ?
?O-g.erveW??' B.ta? il?. M?a> Mala?
?'?????., le.??)??. ?"??Ml ras ?????
t ?ira? <?? Tn? G,?-?-?? ,?t r'aith
???-Al' Uncam' Uli? < ?a? B??r ??
>?arr ? <lia'?as ??.??? ?ta.
U? <'?sir a?,
l: ? K,?,il,r am?, IV ????? ??sax. ?
S9S-C R Vasaara ?? ?.?4 ??.-?'
lea lw
?:??-lJ I? " llielslar? ? .rtsst. ' ??*?? t? ?II
men I? utulisra.
T.la-Ww H-es*" M.aa ???? ? ? ?r, ?m? ?a?
I? fra?, KnuM.
Tes? I"r.]*T?lnarT ?svsucal aw?*? ?<srsl a.?
leo?Itsriiar aersisf G? ?.???? i??ar es
?ulsseet, ' iDcinerted ]?Ii?m?^s '
* "? , Ltncol? I >? "
N. Y. Are. Preibyteritn Church
N. Y. At?., 13th and H Su
PR. ?VALLACE K Al*. Li G? f., laatw
A salata r.t to tb. paater.
Music l?d ti? Qiitr ft (?heir.
liaste m.?Re, II. * K?nr>^,, I> G? , ?dito*
?T Tii. PreabMerian. l'hilaUtlptua. Pa..
?i*l i?.?ch.
Ne ?vrntn? ??r,:?..
S 38 A w. - BiW. gchcol. f>i??eial ?c-isi?
? si a. sv-Bibi? Claa??? Dr. I?,nn?j! arili
? ?? a. m-Christi?? Endearer Sortets. V??sp?r
?"Th. mure? of tb. IlswilaBt?.??
< OM.RKt.ATH>> U?.
11 A. M? "Anfrici
ths Salt?."
8 P. !.. "Aaerica -After
the War."
El ? ^a ? Capitol, cnr. Vim, ate. A Q
CKlDglOD Ret ?. E Bnmrta?. mm
? IS a, ?a.-? B. claaa?* 't ill fradaa.
6 tip. m.??Sector ai fi Interro? ??.?* C m\
UDO a. m.-.Sstnaoo, ' tugut That Ar? to Pri
ced? CMn'e Se??-oo<i Osariag.**
7 ? p. m -Praia? i-tTTic? folk>?ed hf nrrme*\
" Thing? That Are ca.aar'a-nilug?
That Art (iod'a-"
IV f?eeH'ti, Sannt ?*..??????, ?'?'? ?pane,
inff titrr*? munt! a <n th? Chau- ; u plat?
G?p?. ?ill praart. on suntU) aa ?
?ml?jer.?. tn ?a ?-".ret ?. ?^???????!
Ckaacjh, wroar of Tenth aod
Temple Baptist j. j 'mu?, pm-o..
I'reai-tuiif U a. tr. . *\*lr*?,,j?ir.unca with
t.M," 7JO p. a$. ^x-aai anKt under ?uapica.
of Tornirle bcrrift? l.?et?gu?. G W. pfhaaaa
imiiaral rliractor War Co?? unit?, toll lead tba
Mugir.,: Sriraken. ('. ? A. Brant, Y. M. <*
A. Ulxrtj Hut, and tit? i-tator. Public in.Util
G???- D,?i- * 7TH AND D tit.
Urte e Da ? usi i-.u?, r. w. joun.son
l'autor back fren vacation and will preach at
11 and 7:*. ?. 8 , 9JD; ? ?. P. 0-, -?
B. Haa ?wem ta-.lt: * waj 1 Prat." MS p.
m. ; coo) bout?; bit; irte chaira taken Mw them!;
Sverna ?nn? 11 a. m, "Uod'a ?Jokl " Cen
tennial Baptiat Church. 7th A tje aa
G?? k near 7th aw, (i**outbern tJon?tnun?r.. >
G li ID i-rwBchtnf bf Dr. Joe ? Br-igaa U ?ni
I. StereoiAicoe. ilhittfra.??*. at ran on at rug-ht on
"?)?? Ufe ot CUna " Burial bnur ?ili. re
fret?.nMPta fnr aoldiera and ttr.na*rv Wet-come.
St. Johos Church ho a
D. D?; Ht? Cd?an) Slater D-mlap. IL
Ite? Geurgt Williamaon bm.lL. U. D.
I a- nt-HoJj Conmunwc.
U K. m ?Uaminf i-rcr-aT and
ThnradtT-Hot* i'nitiinuiil.io at r ?
Other daja? l?-ferte???too at noon.
Free Methodift Church,
U? tMsxihi et
IM p. a?.; S.
Aletus?, t j? g.
n? -l?rtachlD| ? n ?'?"
S, 10 a. an. Y'?un? PflOfaiaVs
m. aat ?. m. ??? !jm<
G?'?< Ckarek of Cbrlet, ?elratut.
|)f t\aal .Dfton, 01tiB,t>is rd. .?? Eucla? ?X,
si?e??? t harrk ?I t kri.t. SrleatUt,
Of Masbmgiou. N. B. .Maacnsr Tempi?.
?ili and r ?aa H. ?
Tklrg Ckarrk ?f Ckrlet, ?ri.?tl?t.
Ot ?aatiinfue. Manoir Temple. Ittk utl
I I An
SttUElT? ".?>IAX.
MKVM D?l ?i.tKta,, Il A. M. asat ? F. M
blXDA? SIHIHJU :i ? rr
wti'M.MJAv ?,'?????a ??.et??, ? r. ?.
?:, torado bla? . Ulli lia ti a> . Ma?. w t. ?.
IW?d.. I? to .. and ?un. : J? U> ?J?.. itti
Adaras Siili ni. *> W. Bra. 10 t? ? Mao???
ned ate.. Hunda,, and ?Muda?!. 1? Beet
lAiaiol ?V Bra. 11 u I ,????(?. hoed??? ?asl
Lwlur. b, tba naatar. Allied li ??tt, SV
das at ? ?. ?t. Ii?l?ws?l b?
l'rtbian Taa.pl., ?eil ?U ?. ??.
All ??Ictst?
K<? t. L>al Arthatt. noted plstfetw tssst
?wdiuau ?ill rssjprn his tall and ?auaUr ..nw
?f mull?? ?? bocartr Tawpi. H Mtr.au
ti? t'ita Sundai ??ssning at ? ? rlw? ?paTR
?Mp ?n? eiaaatani a?ssrwssl Datlj alttaa?
?? hu ?andid? ?t hall
OTHI-.H ?CKsiret.
Ma?t al l'Mkian Tempi?. 1?'-1 Nusl? ?
Laetiut at S ? m. I?? J G ?Aspkl
Mk ?u.?i ai??.

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