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The following casualties ar? report
tad by th? commanding general of the
American Expeditionary Forces:
Killed ln action . tl
Missing ln action .tl
Wounded severely .1S3
Died ot wound* .M
??Died of disease. ?
Died from aeroplane accident_ 1
Wounded ?everelp from airplane 1
Wounded, degree undertermined. g
Total .Ml
Killest Is te,in?.
Capt. John H. Bellamy, Scranton, P?.
Capt. H. W. Daniels. Elkina. W. Va
Lieut. F. M. Atwood. Quincy, Mass
Set. M Capptello. New Haven, Conn.
Corp. Jack Palmer. Townsend. Mont
, .Uutgl Cerulo, New Haven. Conn.
H. W Gossett, Indianapolis. Ind.
rhoma? Hurley. Brooklyn, N. T.
Edward Kllmoweex. Chicago, III.
Louis E. Koebrtck, Charles City, la.
Charle? Larson. Crosby. N. Dak.
Edward W. Matthew. Watervllle, Me
Ralph B. Palmer, Milo. Mo.
Manuel J. Pico. Lie* Angele?, Cal.
Robert Blacker, Petersburg. Va.
Stewart E. Buck. Easton. Pa.
H. A. Cahoon. W. Brewster. Mas?.
Walter Mattig. Medina, N. T.
lames A. O'Hare, Brooklyn, N. T.
Sels 3. Olson. Triumph. Minn.
Hyrum A. Perry, Mapleton. Utah.
Stacy J. Pine. Halnsport. N. J.
Bert W. Seeley, Whlttemore, Iowa.
Erick Severaon, Erie, Mann.
lohn A. Plrtle, Bogata, Tex.
Willard Toby. Taylorsville, Cal.
?Valter Grobowskl. Dickson, Pa
Dlaxl ef U ...ran?.
Lieut 9. O. Brlgham, Madison. Wls.
?orp. Lester Macarthy, St. Louie. Mo.
akaul L. Hun, Silver Spring. Md.
tFllliam W. Lee. Fleming. Minn.
Marion H. Marlin. Nay'.or. Mo.
f*b S. Pannili, Martinaville, Vs.
James Parsons, Coal Valley, Pa. '
??ohn Piekarski, Milwaukee, Wla
JJ/llllam W. Seim, Lansing. Mich.
Howard S. Thomsas. Dubuque, Iowa,
lame? Gowan-, Shawano, Wis.
Vaughn Keife-. Stockland. Cal.
femes F. Little, Milledgevllle. Ga.
Lewis Sesnesfsky, Beaver Valley, Pa
Died of Disease.
Corp. Hugh C. Corradlos. Burr Oak,
?eorge Allen. Marcel, Miss.
lohn R. Davis. Chilton, Tex.
Robert L. Frist. Lee Valley. Tenn.
Sharie? Guttenberg. Brooklyn. N. T.
Jouis Pustka, East* Bernard, Tex.
. Dies] from Aerssplaae Acelda-aat.
aUeut. Tale M. Squire, Maxeppa, Minn.
?Minded ??aerei?.
leaj. K. Pepperrell, New York. ?. Y
Sapt- O. T. Falk, Menominee. Mich.
Halcolm P. Ball. Dorchester. Masa
Trank M. Tuttle. Atlanta, Ga.
Soss Mathis, Cotton Plant, Ark.
?torri? S. Clark. Bronxville, N. Y.
Harvey C. Ringer, Paola, Kans.
T. Anderson, jr., Everett. Mass.
Vlbert Orvill Elliott, Monroe. Va
x>uls O. Fischer, Bridgeport, Conn,
?ntonioe G. Fecounls, Fall River, Ala
?euben Racooein, New York, N. T.
G. Grodzinsky. New York. N. Y.
rred L. Armstrong. Corinth. N. T.
?Arnes N. Black, Weir. Miss.
?"rancis P. Johnson, Ansonia, Conn,
'oseph Kruszynskl, Buffalo, N. Y.
Hiomas Claton Lusk, Halls, Tenn.
alichael McDonough. Scranton. Pa
Mw ird G. Meier, Ogema. Wls.
*ictnr Morin. Springvale, Me.
"?arles A. Shoffner. W. Fairvlew, Pa
acob A. Smith. Philadelphia. Pa
a'ei.son E. Heaton, Lyndon, Ohio.
Ofred J. Houle. Leominater. Maes.
Teorie A. Jaskulke, Detroit. Mich,
"larence Juli, M-idison. Wis.
"rank Krest, Maynard, Ohio.
'liarles P. Kuntz, New York, N. T.
leery A. Moore. Charlotte, N. C.
ames M. Campbell, Baptist. Okla
llverne M. Porter, Seattle, Wash.
i: be? B. Correli, Pilot, Va
Alex Combs. Dedm?n. Ky.
Boy M. Firle. Dexter. ?. Y.
John Pore, Newport. Ky.
Frank J. OKane. Philadelphia. Pa.
Frankk Teeple. Brimley. Mich.
R. F. Cnarboneau. New Haven. Conn.
Everett Leonard, Sycamore, 111.
Norbert R. Foster. Ann Arbor, Mich.
Stanley B. Swenk. E. Greenville. Pa
Mech. W. F. Nelson. Marshfleld. Wis.
Far. T. E. Condran, Philadelphia. Pa.
Samuel Allen, New Amsterdam. Ind.
S. A. Ansstasiou, Karanda Thevon.
John T. Barger. Nashville. Ind.
Clarence W. Bromley, Angola, N. Y.
William BurhanA Janesville, Wls.
W. E. Burnett, Champion, N. C.
Jamee A. Carlo?, Pasco, Wash.
V. F. Carl?on. Green Bay, Wl?.
Tom B. Chalmers. Raleigh. N. C.
Jack Clayton. Plum Bayou. Ark.
Brach Couch, Newcaatle, Ind.
Robert L. Cummin?. Hornbrook. Cal
Thomas Davidson. Derry, Ireland.
Victor V. Dodge. McCartney. Wla.
Ulus Dunlvan. Thomp?onville, 111.
A. H. Gllmore, Ontario. Canada.
Joxel Gotoblowskl, Pittsburgh. Pa
Harmon A. Gregson. Spring, Tex.
I Charles Grlgsby, Harrodsburg, Ky.
! Helmer Grinde, Minneapolls, Minn.
I George Joseph Hack. >foalnee, Wls.
i John C. H?nson, Pawtucket, R. I.
Guy C. Hays. Kansas City, Mo.
J. D. McKinney. Geuda Springs. Kans
W. H. McMahon. Independence, Utah.
Glevannoi Menkona, Saseri. Italy.
G. D. Mogle, Indianapolis, Ind.
Rudolph Molina, Yuma. Ariz.
John W. Moody. Harvard. N. C.
Samuel W. Murphy, 8hawano, Wls.
W. E. Norrlngton, Seilersburg, Ind.
Peter Olsen, Ferndale. CaL
Frederick Ott, Bridgman, Mich.
Raymond Otternese. Rio. Wia
C. A. Overholser. Kokomo, Ind.
Michael Pacsesny, Milwaukee, Wla
? Michael Poplel. Chicago. 111.
' Jesse Richie. Ritchie, Ky.
! Albert N. Rlsner, Gascoyne, N. Dak.
j George Rowden, Chicago, 111.
' Brile Rubitz. Minneapolis. Minn.
Earl W. Shearer, Norfolk. Va.
Arnold Strunk. Steam?, Ky.
Walter Stryaleckl. Chicago, III.
Adam Sucheckl. Rockvllle, Conn.
C. E. Wilson, Columbus. Ohio.
Nicoline Zacearo. Manchester. Conn.
Joseph A. Albertson. Plant City, Fla
D?los Albrttton. Lily, Fl?,
IT. F. Ambrose, East Orange. N. J.
I Austin Bower. Bremen. N. Dak.
I Anderson Bowling, Buckhorn, Ky.
? Howard Brown. Owoaso, Mich.
I F. C. Byrne. San Francisco, Cal.
IP. C. Carlson, New London, Conn.
I Harrison M. Cooper. Rochester, Mass
Stephen Courtney. Chicago. IIL
Carl E. Baker. Dayton. Ohio.
I Nelson Barger, Jackson, Ky.
| Charles H. Bateman. Thony. Mont.
| George H. Beckwlth. I-akevtlle, Conn.
? Arthru J. Bellnlan, Bangor. Me.
Joeeph Blrchard, Englewood, N. J.
Earl? F. Blisa Springfield. Mas?.
John G. Boberg, Elk Mountain, Wyo.
Anthony Rogato. Elisabeth, N. J.
Edward Bohajeek, St. Louis, Mo.
Urey Araon Boltnett, Princeton, Ky.
Jacob Boll. Elisabeth, N. J.
Antonio Bosco, New Haven, Conn.
Wilbur Byrley. Evansville, Ind.
George Cannon, Crystal City, Mo.
Berardino Carosello, Orel? Condro da
Capipoat?, Italy.
Orln C. Carpenter, Bolar, Va
John M. Casey, Waterbury. Conn.
Ray L. Catlin. Berg. N. Dak.
W. McKay Clark, Rockwood. Tenn.
Charlie E. demons, Woodvllle, Fla.
Arthur C. Cornelius. Crosby, N. Dak
Arthur Coyle. Neporset, Mass.
Fred P. Cummins. Wisdom, Ky.
j Alexander Davis. Abington, 111.
Walter B. DeGroot. West Allis, Wie.
Eugene DeSoto. Oakland, Cal.
A, F. Diebolt. Dlebolt, Sask. Canada
Joseph Dipaolo. Philadelphia, Pa
Angelo Di Pietro. DI Perugia, Italy.
Howard Dovey, Ma?peth, N. T.
I Michael A. Drake. Wabash. Ind.
i John S. Driscoll. Pittsburgh, Pa
? Leslie E. Eddy. Dietrich, Idaho.
I Newell La. Edwards, Qulncy, Fla
I Elisha Dawson, McAlester, Okla,
Henry D. Dewltt, Flgsboro, V?,
Louis T. Diebner, Gloucester, Mass.
R. G. Dole. Waterbury, Conn.
John V. Ecklund, Berwinsdale, Pa
flake-Shift Remedies Are
Absolutely Worthless.
Don't think lightly of Catarrh.
k> not make the mistake of be
?eving that it is merely an aggra
?ted bad cold. True, this trouble
?ually starts with what is appar
ently a cold in the head, but be
rare of any cold that "hangs on."
'ou may as well realize at the
utset that Catarrh is a serious
isease and one that should not be
rifled with. In fact, in many in
tances it is a forerunner of the
tost dreaded of all diseases?con
Catarrh has become almost a
niversal ailment among the Ameri
an people. Almost everywhere, in
?eaters, cars, and on the streets
aere is a constant sniffling and
?awking. for there is bound to be
orne one in almost every place who
? afflicted with catarrh. And
?eery one is a possible victim, for
it germs of the disease are easily
ommunicated from one person to
So many people afflicted with
?is disease have been unable to
ind a cure, although they have
iken many different kinds of
reatment for years, until now
Ry are almost willing to believe
le disease is incurable. Like
verything else, to find relief from
lis disease, the proper treatment
utst be resorted to. No other kind
an be expected to do any good.
Read what Mr. C. F. Venatta,
i New Kensington, Pa., has to
ly about his Catarrh
"I have used S. S. S. In my
. family and know what tt la, and
have recommended It to my
friends. Some years aao, I had
Catarrh In my head, and after
using- other remedie? without
result?, which only ?eemed to
dry up th? Irritated mucous, I
commenced tatting? 8. 8. 8.. and
f-ff.tter takln? a few bottle?, I waa
MT cured."
734 Anderson Ave.,
New Ktnslnstoa. Pa.
The most common mistake made
in the treatment of Catarrh if in
directing all effort toward the
symptoms, rather than the source
of the disease. The inflammation
of the membranes in the nose and
air passages causing the head to
become stopped up, and making it
difficult to breathe, is but an indi
cation of the disease, ln other
words, this is not the disease itself,
but nature's method of informing
the victim that he has been attack
ed. You may treat Catarrh all
your life with sprays, atomizers,
douches and similar local applica
tions, and you will never be really
rid of the disease.
The burning question, then, is
"How Can I Get Rid of Catarrh?"
You have doubtless used numbers
of local remedies, and like every
other sufferer you have found out
that they are nothing but make
shifts and do you no permanent
good. S. S. S. has proven highly
successful in the treatment of Ca
tarrh because the real seat of the
disease is in the blood, and there
is no disorder of the blood which
does not promptly yield to this
great vegetable remedy.
S. S. S. goes direct to the seat
of the disease, and roots out from
the blood every vestige of impurity.
No disorder of the blood can re
main in competition with S. S. S.
It simply eradicates and elirmnates
every germ of Catarrh from the
blood, after which the irritated mu
cous membranes promptly heal and
the sufferer once more enjoys per
fect freedom from this annoying
Our medical department will
gladly give you all necessary in
formation about the treatment of
your own individual case, for which
no charge will be made. Write to
day to the Swift Specific Co., 411
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Georgia.
-r\dv, '
F. E. Englehaiipt. Ind. Harbor, Md.
Norman W, Fisher, Coatesville. Pa
Joseph Freeman, Brooklyn. N. ,?.
Gustaf O. Gaustad. Henning. Minn.
Luigi Oavaii, Elmora, Pa.
Q. V. Geldeaslelve, Severance. Kans.
M. J. aillles, Richmond. Mich.
Sixth ?treet southwest, Washing
ton, D- C.
Alvin E. Hoeft. North Prairie, Wis.
Philip He. Willow Hill. Pa.
Victor A. Jackson, Sturgeon Bay. Wls.
J. F. Kiernan, Brooklyn. N. T.
Orvllle Knoph. Crosby. N. Dak.
Joseph Koch, Cincinnati. Ohio.
David W. LaChance. Raymond. Wash.
William Lammers. Graettinger, Iowa.
Andy Larson. Ponaford, Minn.
George J. Laurent, Fltchburg, Mas?.
Ray Link. Woodford. Tenn.
Irwin J. Lundstrum. Waverly. Wash.
Bev P. McConnell. Simmons. Ky.
Wllbour A. Mayhuc. Fullervllle, N. T.
R. 8. Mortoccl. t'tlca. N. Y.
Ludwlck Mossmeier. New Orleans. La.
E. M. Muckleroy. San Angelo, Tex.
W. E. Nash. Detroit. Mich.
James J. Neahusan. Montrose, Mich.
Adam Patrick. Henry. W V?
Arno Plckrodt, Glemlale. N. T.
Gusa Pool. Finley. Tenn.
Bert J. Potratz. Beulah. N. Dak.
Earl J. Schryer. Flint. Mich.
Martin Sorenson. Allborg, Denmark.
Edgar D. Svenson. Cheney, Wash.
Stephen 8zabo. Gary. Ind. I
Cornellu? Tackney, New York, N. T.
Thomas J. Thorla. Mount Ayr." Iowa.
Henry Travi?, Detroit, Mich.
Hugh T. Turpln, Forlstell. Mo.
William Vescove. Coaldale. Pa.
Kenneth E. Wilde. Gaastra. Mich.
Charles J. Wilson, Mansfield, Mo.
Severely Wonnded In Aeropiene Ac
Ueut. Cord Meyer. Lona; Island. N. Y.
Wounded 'Dea-ree ? mi ci ermi ned. ?
Capt. G. I* Hopkins, Westport, Minn.
Mus. E. R. Bennett, Sherwood. Mich.
Henry D Bufkin. Willows. Mies.
Jack Leshnlck, St. Paul. Minn.
Charles E. Mack, Hooper, Nebr.
Sylvest Pendell. St. Charles, 111.
Alex Robertson. Bridireport, Pa.
Fred Spencer. Cedar Springs. Mo.
Mis?is?; ? Action.
Charlie Hampton. Grassland. Ky.
R?ssel Joseph Shuey, Lebanon, Pa.
David Aston, Columbia, Pa.
Jack J. Brennan. New Haven. Conn
Redden Denmark, Mahaba. Miss.
Francig G. Grugan. Philadelphia. Pa.
Clayton S. Squires, Montowese, Conn.
Paul F. Swope. Lebanon. Pa.
Mech. A. J. Van Slle. Russell, Pa.
Roman Addison, Ralford, Fla.
Frank C. Bacon, New Haven, Conn.
Arthrur B. Barroii. Arcadia, Fla.
C. C. Baylor, Umatllla. Fla.
Samuel D. Bower. Pottsville, Pa.
James E Rrooks. Mirimi Beach, Kta.
Alex J. Chinske. Michigan City. Ind
William T. Coolahan. Mllford. Conn.
Robert L. Deeds. McClung. Va.
Erwin Dumbolton, Spokane, Wash.
?\rthur S FIvnn. New Alhanv. Ind.
Charles McAllister. Ballard, Wash.
J. W. Nicholson, Marrtotteville, Md.
Cedrlc H. Ostrum. Pin infield. N. J.
Justus O. Pinkerton. Yaklma. Wash.
Jeremiah Pitts, Qulncy, Masa
Wilber H. Reed. Darlington. Wls.
Grady H. Revels. Ft. McCoy. Fla.
Artie M. Rickard, Oaksdale, Wash.
Edward Rose. Culte. Ohio.
Jeff Svkes. Delhi, La.
Robert J Williams, Sarasotii. Fin.
Jesse F. Woodward, Ft. Smith. Ark.
Hoyt L Yates, Wahreton, ?. Dak.
Percy W. Yountr, McAdoo. Pu.
Frank M. Zimmerman. Erle. Pa.
Kanon Bayko, Hartford, Conn.
Dewey Bowman, Horsepen, Va.
John J. Brown. Philadelphia, Pa.
A. Cagnulary. Windsor Locks. Conn.
Morgan L Carter, Cannonsburg, Pa.
Zuozupas Cervalcjus. Enfleld. Cona.
Walter R. Chiles. Paradox, Colo.
J. E. Cllngerman, Columbia City.
Eugene Davis, Brunswick, Ga.
W. H. Dawson, Philadelphia, Pa.
Luigi De Luca. Pittsburgh, Pa.
W. A. Dennis. Mahanoy City. Pa.
Benjamin Fosnes, Emerado, N. Dak.
T. W. Goldsmith. Philadelphia. Pa.
Martin Gunderson, Suttonsbay, Mieli.
Solon P. Gunderson, Mindoro, Wis.
Earl Allan Hall. Erie. Pa.
Jesse Hargrove, Mt, Vernon, Ind.
Arnold S. Helman, Cleveland. Ohio. |
Hugh S. Herring. Dawllng Park, Fla
Leon F. Hewell. Washington, Ga.
Ralph A. Hlllegass. Allentown, Pa.
Ray R. Hoffmelster. Brewster. Minn.
Willie P. Hull. Zona. Fla.
J. A. Kennedy, Philadelphia. Pa.
Martin G. Lehman. Detroit, Mllh.
Harry D. I>ockrldge, Auburn, Wash.
John Mandry, Glouster, Ohio.
Evln Mann. Shawhan, Ky.
Albert K. Mars. Philadelphia, Pa.
Benjamin Martin. Shawmut, Pa.
T. W. Masram. Cincinnati. Ohio.
Elmer Mastre. Park River, N. Dak
Thomas J. Mealy, Reynolds. N. Dak
John F. Mlddleton. Sask., Canalla.
Henry L. Miller. Chllllcothe, Mo.
William G. Nelson, Lamed, Kana.
V. E. Nopowski. Geneseo. N. Dak.
Nicola Pellegrino, GirardviUe, Pa.
Ernest W. Perras, Portland. Ore.
Joe ?. Philapy. Walker, Mo.
Vincent Placek, Prague, Nebr.
C. A, P?lzet, Grand Island, Nebr.
Calvin J. Porter. Kennedy. Ala.
Eimer R. Probst, Derwick, Pa.
Tony Rampone, Oakland. Cal.
Joseph T. Hockey, Drexcl Hill. Pa
Orover L. Roland, Clarksville, Fla.
Frank Simons, Jr., Pella. Iowa.
W. w. Sincerny. Bradford, Pa
Paul R. Smith, Columbia, Pa.
Wilson Smith, Laurel Hill. Fla.
G. W. Snook. Jr.. Pretty Rock. N. Dak.
Alex etaska, Cummings, N. Dak.
Alva Thompson, Elkhorn, Iowa
Wasyl Worochook, Seymore, Conn.
The following casualties are re
ported by the commanding general
of the American Expeditionary
Killed in action. 84
Missing ln action. 58
Wounded ?everely. 118
Died of wound?. 38
Died from airplane accident 1
Died of disease. ?
Wounded, degree underter
mined . 18
Total. ?20
Killed la Aetion.
Richard E. Cook, Minneapolis. Minn!
Alvin Holen. BlB Rapids. Mich.
Ja?. G. Elder. Harrl?burg, Pa
Geo. E- Mitchell, Lent?, Oreg.
Earl V. Jefferson, Hope, N. Dak.
H. E. Johnson. Bloomfield, Conn
John C. Newman, New York, N. Y. |
Loul? Smlddy, Red A?h, Ky.
Edward Benson, Chicago, IIL
Frank 8. Hughes, Brooklyn. N. Y.
John W. Wilson, Chicago, IIL
Joe A. Moran, Chicago, 111.
Joseph L. Shavllk. Bliss, Nebr.
Bugler Angelos Foul??, Xoreon Xor
ldakl, Canta Krete, Greece.
Fred. St. Peter, Menomlnee. Mich.
Eugen Sautter, Tubingen, Germany.
Lyman II. Martin, Mansfield, IIL
Elephalet Snedecor, Brooklyn, N. T.
Jay LeR. Antes, Sunbury, Pa.
Thomas W. Carson, Dillon, W. Va.
Leo Darga. Beaver, Wi?.
R. P. Donnelly, Beachmont, Mass.
Philip Dufren. Raceland, Lav.
Tom Flndley, Alto, Tex.
Henry Frank. Morrison, Okla
Northen C. Green. Ashland. Ala.
Anton? Gustus. Westville, III.
Ola C. Hendrix, Beebe. Ark.
Michael Higgins, New York, N. Y.
Charles R. Hoeb. Orion, Kan?.
Albert F. Holland. Clarendon. Tex.
Grover Houchin, Brownsville, Ky.
Sam C. Hutchinson, Owensboro, Ky.
Stanley Kadelskf. New Haven, Conn.
John Kellar, Philadelphia, Pa
A. Kolodzeonzyk. New Haven. Conn.
John Krumboldtz. Lansdowne. Pa
Milton O. Lewis. Fairfleld. Nebr.
Frank J. Llchtenfels. Richmond. Ind.
Michael McGuire, Brooklyn. N. Y.
Emory Mahafey, Atlanta Ga.
L. Majors, Amelia Court House. Va
Fred T. Merrill, Jr., Portland. Ore.
Robert S. Neel. Love Creek, Va.
Walter A. Nelson. Chinook. Mont.
Walter Newton. Weit Medford, Maes
Thoma? Ogorodnlk, Knlazy. Russia.
Edward Regan. Leominster, Mass.
Chester B. Reise. Hayden. Colo.
Clyde Robinson. Folsom, W. Va.
Charles Rorabeck. Bancroft. Mich.
John E. St. John, Egypt, Ky.
David L. Sayere, Delton. Va
Allen Smelley, Poteet, Texas.
Perey W. Sweet, Platteburg. ?. Y.
Maneell C. Williame. Charlerol. Pa
H. Dauphinale, Indien Orchard. Maes.
William E. Dlneen, Jersey City. N. J.
Darrell M. Dunkle. Vancouver, Wash
Joseph F. England. Monette, Ark.
Gregorio Fozlo. Philipeburg. Pa
Floyd J. Gilbert. Bostwlck, Ga
D. L.' Henderson, New Derry. P?.
Robert M. J. Ihm, Catasauqua, Pa
Elbert C. Ivy. Parsone. Tenn.
John E. Jackson, Indianapolis, Irsd.
Solomon Krupnik, Detroit, Mich.
Charle? C. Lane. Newmanaville, Pa
Dominco Leo, Dee Moine?, la
D. Luciano. Bridgeport, Conn.
Milton Luatlz, Far Rockaway, N\ Y.
John Mares, Movel?, Mexico.
Wm. D. Mahtln, San Point. Idaho.
Manuel Martine?, Tao?, N. Mex.
William D. Mayo. McDonough, Ga
Basii Palmer, Glencoe. Ohio.
Walter C. Park. Mlddletown, Mo.
J. Plchelmayer. Hanceevllle, Ala
Joeeph Reano, Torino, Italy.
Joseph E. Rlgg?. Pangultch, Utah.
Alva Robbins, Laurei, Ind.
Fred K. Rube, Kelso. Waeh.
Angela Santarelli, Tooele. Utah.
Chas. E. Weltmyer, Harrieburg, Pa
Died I rnm VVonnda.
LleuL Otia B. Thomas. Yonkere. ?. Y
Frank Carbaugh. Greencaetle. Pa.
Donald D. Span?, Cromwell. la
Sara Chambers, Sendere, Ind.
Otie ?. Norton, Oakland, Cal.
B. W. Van Hennlk. Utlca, N. Y.
Carl Thoma? GunnlII. Madison. Wi.?.
Jame? J. McCarthy, Chicago, I1L
Jame? McGulnness, Milwaukee. Wl?. |
Harry ?. Kunzie. Hersey, Mich.
Cook Cha?. E. Slocum. Toledo, Ohio.,
Eddie P. Carier. Houston. Texas.
Janies H. Caylor, Kansas City, Mo.
Michael Chlttlck. Nico Patano, Italy.
John E. Ford Manbreho, Texas.
Charles M. French, Center, Colo.
Guy N. Stafford, Battle Creek, Mich.
Jacob J. Statz, Richmond. Minn.
George M. Tuttle, Wlnsted, Conn.
Mahlon J. Wilson, Sanford. Maine
William H. Hink. Joplin. Mo.
Edward J. Lange, Winfleld, N. Y.
Joe I.aucjz. E. Windsor Hill. Conn.
G, W. Pepperman. Jeraev Shore Fa
Hiram B. Todd. Oakland, Ga
R. L. Brown, Quebec, Canada
Frank X. Izzu, Altoona. Pa
F. H. LaFleur, Cataro. La.
H. P. Peesard, Wateiville. Maine.
Ja?. H. Merritt. Camp, Ohio.
Frank Miller. Erie. Pa
Elmer Pero, Watervllle. Maine.
Matt Peterson, Crystal Fall?, Mich.
G. W. Phllbrook, Superior, ' Wla
Wm. Tinker. Jr., New Haven, Conn.
R. L. Wilson. Lexington, Ky.
Died ef IHarase.
Corp. F. A. Coughlln, Archlbsld, Pa.
Zachary H. Button. Lagrange. Ky.
C. M. Jenkins, Mlddletown. Va
. ?. T. Thornton, Columbus. Misa
Chas. Musar, Messsina Italy.
Wm. T. Charles, Chatsworth. Ga.
Peter J. Fleming. Woburn. Mae?.
"led ot Alrplnae Arrldent.
Lieut. LeRoy G. Woodr.-ard, Water
town, Conn.
Wounded Severely.
Felix W. Knauth, New York. N. T.
I. J. Lletem??>????, New Iberia. La.
Lewi? H. Wood. Cedartown, Ga.
Oecar I. Stri.-kland. Portsmouth, Ohio
Earl Norbert Bentley. Jackeon, Mich.
Henry Bray. Jelllco. Tenn.
Erneat J. Gorham. Holyoke. Mas*.
George F. Ryan. Bristol, Conn.
John ?. Garner. Cedartown. Ga.
George H. Bradley. Oil City. P?.
Albert W. Herman, Shcnandoah. Va
William G. Jackson, Pittsburgh. Pa
Burton V. Leader, Bedford, Pa.
Charles Anderson. New Haven, Conn
Samuel M. Behrman, Tatcrson, N. J.
Elmer Carlson. Fulton. III.
Stephen J. Eager. New York, ?. Y.
leorin E. Fowler. Lewi?town, Mont.
Harry D. Jerred. Pardeville, Wis.
Alvin C. Lugg. Bristol. Conn.
P. Q. Moore. New Haven. Conn.
John S. Orglsh. Spencer. Wls.
C. H. Tressler. Stste College. Pa
Jolm Zaja, Chicago. III.
B. L. Gan?, New Brighton. Pe.
H. C. S. Mock, Glouchester, Mass.
Robert A. Ruste. Montrose, S. Dak
Henry Vozsolo, Hartford. Conn.
C. F. Watrous. Milford. Conn
R. N. Angermeyer, Neenah. Wls.
F. C. Blery. Fergus Falls. Minn.
Rcuel Cheehler. Alzada, Mont.
R. J. Fraaer, Dorchester, Mass.
Harold Gebhart. Bridgeport. Conn.
John J. Griffin. Mt Pulaski, 111.
Ralph O. Handwerk. Newside, Pa
Alfred ? Hodges. Wirtx. V?.
Proctor Howard. Hueyville, Ky.
Edgar E. Howe. Lebanon. ?. H.
Florian Jerzak. Stevens Point, Wi?.
George K. McGill. Ft. Wayne. Imi.
Alfred F. McGee. Fitchburg, Mais
Henry Miller, Kansas. Mo.
Marshell Morris. Monticello. Ky.
Shirrel Morris. Dublin. Ind.
George A. Morrison. Camden. N. J.
Lelon W. Moycrs, Cunningham, Ky.
Abe Muchman. Chicago, III.
Wains Radio. Ironwood. Mirti.
Oscar Martin Ramstead, Superior,
Loui.? L. Rath. New Brighton. N. T.
Lorenzo Rea Llvermore Falls. Mo.
Geserve Recrlsci, Falrmount, W. Va.
Fred Rector. Crossville. Tenn.
Alfred Roesener, Bremen. Ind.
Dewey H. Shearer, Anderson. S. C.
Jesse Stever, Conway, Mont
Angelo Vacca. Mlddletown. Conn.
Fred L. Varns. Mott, N. Dak.
Louis KJer, Amherst Junction. Wls.
William H. Reardon. Hartford, Conn.
Wagoner Lester M. Pittslcy, Fair
haven. Mass.
Floyd H. Begley. Eldon. ?a
Laverne Biers. Chief. Mich.
Charle? F. Bonner. Chicago. ??.
Wilford Braden. Tuckerman. Ark
Walter D. Bros?. Water Valley. Miss.
Vincent Comlnskey. Chicago. 111.
William P. Currence. Kimbal!. S Dak.
Orrln Jamea Eckler. Bath. ?. Y.
Patrick F. Flemming. St Louis. Mo.
Daniel J. H. Fram. Waterbury. Conn.
Walter N. Fry. stampede. N. Dak.
Lionel J. Gagnon. Holyoke. Mass.
Glenn B. Gallagher. Miami. Fl?.
John Cogoli. Thomastonville. Conn.
Henry Gump. Hickory. Pa.
Clarence E. Cooper. High Spire. G?
Elmer J. Jorgeneon. Kerkoven. Minn
Barnard Kaegl, Cave-in-Roek. III.
Morris Lappe. Forestvllle, Conn.
? C. A. Lawson. Jamestown. ?. Y.
Raflel Llnvllle. Brooksville. Kv
John I.. McCarthy. Chicago, ill.
David McFarland. Rockhold. Ky.
5-?yf GOOD Mt?rtT-? 's /
//. S\ \ crmVgo
??^?( UGVm4??4Ci- \r
pVi IjJk ALV-WWS 6??G5
Clarence McMillan Arlander. Tenn.
S. M. McWhorter, Weston, Va.
Peter Mickler, Arcadia, Fla.
Albin H. Nelson. Parkersburg, Minn.
Russell Nelson. Almond, Wie.
George Albert Nusselt. Bay City. Mich. '
Walter Ohneck, Fort Wayne, Ind. I
Norbert J. Opltx, Reaver. S. Dak.
Vincent Ostroskl, Pequabuck, Conn.
Angelo Alberico, Erle. Pa.
H. M. Amundson. Hallandale, Fla.
Adam Bacie? ski, New York, ?. ?. ?
Everett E. Cowgill, Columbus, N. Mi
Samml? Ervin, Bardstown, Ky.
Frane?? P. Ertel, Reading, Pa.
Stanley Gadslk, Kensington. Conn.
Charles A. Giles. Wasklsh. Minn.
A. Gligaria, Chicago Junction, Ohio.
David B. Greaney. Chicago, III.
Ole Gronvold, t'nderwood, Minn.
Rudolph Hamm, Valatle, ?. Y.
Jesse J. Houser, Seattle, Wash.
Joseph Janciweskl. Shelton, Conn.
George Jasperson. Elkton. Minn.
John Y. Jearde, Wlllimantlc. Conn.
Emil C. Johnson, Chicago, III.
Walter E. Long. Minneapolis, Minn.
Jos. B. Mclnnes, I,eomlnlater, Mass.
John F. Marshall. Somervllle. Maa?.
Adelchlno Marxolo. Newburgh, ?. Y.
Eddie A Moll. Rarnesvitle, Minn.
John Frank Moreland. Blaln, Pa.
Harold A. Nute, Worchester. Mass.
Wounded I negree Indeterminati.)
Capt. Robert W, Norton. Ea?t Bloom
field, N. Y.
narry R. Crandall, Pottsdam, V. Y.
Earl C. Elliott. Coschocton. Ohio.
' Milford Randolph, Hellenwood. Tenn.
Corp. Michael ONell. Philadelphia. Pa.
I Hector Chartler, Quebec. Canada.
Salvatore Clnefra. Pittsburgh. Pa.
?Raymond Gllger, Wilke?-Barre. Pa.
, George W. Gllund. Minneota, Minn.
! Roy B. Mlsener, Bothell, Waah.
Emll Petrick, Manawa. Wl?.
, Andy Totmxen, Van Buren, Ark.
! Morris Weinstein, Brooklyn. N. Y.
Fred J. Bradford. New Haven. Conn.
Ben Mooney, Wautauga. 8. Dak.
Anthony R. Piccone, Goshen. Conn.
Mlsalaa; la Aetlaa.
Clinton V. P. Newbol<l? Wayne. Pa.
James V. Polaceki Tipton. low?.
Van Winkle Todd. Orange. N. J.
Sorgt. J C. Rutter. Orwigsburg. Pa
Sergt. Earl C. Ranch. York, Pa.
Raymond F. Law. West Have, Conn
John S. Petro, Ansonia. Conn.
Floyd A. Sexton, Buffalo. N. Y.
Joseph L. Slnslgallo. Hartford. Conn
John Washco, Philadelphia. I'a.
Herbert C. Hicks. Layland, W. Vo.
Joseph C. Blxler. Navarre. Ohio.
William J. Check, Sayreville, N. J.
Freeman T. Croley, Willlamaburg. Ky.
R H. Hardke. Baldeagle Lake. Minn.
Sidney Hebert. Napoleonvllle, I.e.
Ray B. Hinchman, North Vernon, In.l
Joseph Hockl. Philadelphia. Pa.
Albert Houln. Albert Lea. Minn.
Benjamin Leibowlta, New York ? V
F. A. MacDonald. Alameda. Cal.
John C. Moe, Le Roy, Minn.
Joseph Moscorello. Brooklyn. N. Y.
I Sam Nazxaro. Branchville, Conn.
1 c.eorge J. Nelt. Johnstown, Pa.
I Edgar D. Park?. GUIaville. Ga.
Harley Pletkiewlch. Mlxpah. Minn.
' Anthony Radice, New York, N. Y.
Ernesto Sposi, Bristol. Conn.
Louie Tracy. Crunawick. HI.
William Bartilson. Minneapolis. Mlnn.
Frank Bauwen?. Portage. Pa
Walter Bogucki. Poriat Ootrow Gu- ]
> berlna. Russia.
Theodore H. Buteau. San Diego. Cai.
John F. Brenner. Davtaaon. Mieli.
Grover L. carter. Duffleld. Va
Herman L. Crafton, Blackstone. Va
Jeete J. Eads. Vienna. Mo.
Ki1i\ard Francie, Greenwood. WJ?.
Wflliem J. Gilbert PltUburjh, Pa
Edward E. Gunicy. New Haven. Conn
Alvln Alexander Harper, Chicago. III.
Herman E. Hutxol. AKn Arbor. Mich.
George Austin McGee. Cleveland, 0
John McKinney. Evelyn. Ky.
Earl O. Maesey. Potsdam. ? T.
Frank J. Naylor. Philadelphia Pa
James R. Nees. Poland. Ind.
Oliver X, Nelson. Milwaukee, Wi?.
William E- Nevins. Rockville. Ino.
Robert Isewltn. Bloomingdale. Ind.
Anthony V. Nicajitro. Norwalk, Conn.
Fred Olaf ?on. Hlnsdale. Mont.*
William A Ratliff. Martlnsvllle. Ind
H. W. Sandland. Waterbury. Conn.
Ernest Schilling. Cleveland. Ohio.
Joseph Verderame. New Haven. Conn.
Cieslow Zwltro.aky Ansonia, Conn.
Death? . ?7
Wounded . ?3
Missing . I joi
Enlisted Men:
Deaths . 904
Wounded .1.J14
In hands of enemy. 18
Missing . IM ;.K2
a OS?
The following casueltle* sre reported
by the commanding general of the
American Expeditionary Force?, re
spectively (included in above total):
Killed In action. 8
Died of wound? received ln
action . 8
Died of disease. 1
AVounded In action (?evereiy?.. 4
Wounded in action 'degree unde
termined) . i
Wounded In ?ction 1 ?lightly).... 1
Killed Is Arti??.
Corp. J. T. Ring, Kern? rsa ille. N C.
Corp. Frank SockeL Chicago. IIL
John Degnan. New York. ? T.
John Flower?. Cocki-urh. Mi
Paul F. Hortemann, Glennbume. Md
Oscar E. Nicholson, Carlion. Minn
Thomas F. Patterson. Eupora Miavs.
Henry Penney, Dsnville. III.
.'led of ?Diada Recela ed lo Aellas?
Trumpeta*r John Mcl^rnon. Balti
more, Md.
R:.?hop S. Batterton. Pali.? Kv.
W. C, Brdk.r. Burlington, la.
Herhert J. Binckley. Chicago. II!.
Victor Jones. Duquesne. P? nn.
l'i.? of IXaaeaaae.
Sergt Frederick P. Taggart Whit
li.r ?
Va oonded la Artloo (Severely).
Samuel M. Burns. Aledo. 111.
Eugene Flavin MaraUioa. K. T.
Howard H. Nelson. CleveUad. Ohio
John W Standfast Flushing. L I
Ha.aar. la. Aetlaa ?!,.?... I?.
Lieut. A. L 81ms. Groveport. Ohio.
Lieut. J. L Thornton, Hestervllle,
Privat? Jo?. Ca?ic, New York. N. T.
-Monad?-? lo ?.rilan, Dearre* t ade
Irranlneri l're.looal? Reparle?
??led ?t I? aaada.
Privat? Allee P. Dtu-by. Venali I inn.
???"???< la ??.?. ? ?.?,.. I ?r.
Irradine?. Prevlaaala Reararte?
Kilted la Aetlaa.
Private H. P. Burton. Yevay. Ind
??a??.? la ???.??- ?Ilarbtty, Treyi
???..? Restarle?? Killed ta t. no..
?, I kit. H. M. Iodo. Dyersburg, Tenn
The following corrections to caus
ait? lists published today have beet
cabled to the War Department:
l'r..i.a.ii Reaanei ?.,?,..,
?Aeaaeed. Naw It rao ne? Kille?
la Aetlea
David E. Monroe. Marlon. B. <?.
Henry P. Reynolds. l'ibrida?. Maas
Steve Angelo. Pittsburgh Pa.
Clifford Armstrong. Darby. Pa.
U?renn D. Balley. Nernberry. Pa.
Lawrenca Boyle. Toronto. Ohio
Mechanic Elrocr Charlea Ah?, W01
Ismsfield Ohio.
D?vld Robidoux. Nashua, ? ?
Ignau Maliazko. Milwaukee. Wl?
William ? Adama. St Ixjul? -Me
Amadeo Alcorace. Waterbury. Con?,
?"harlie Amador. Gollad. Tesa*
Harry F Anderson, East Brady *?*%.
'"h?rles E Andrist. Beaverton, Mich
Joseph Argaits, Covno. Russia?
Edward A. Auer. 8. Bethlehem. Pa.
Pearl C. Austin, Hermon. ?. Y
Ezra J. Bsrrett. Worcester, Mas?.
Toney Basile. New Castle. Pa.
Andrew Bauras, Simpson. Pa
I l*ee Beane, Eaton. Ohio
Arhur W. Bei nema. Janernile, Wla
Russell I Bell. Kshoka. Mo
Hermen V. Denson. Chester, Pa.
Floyd Biddle. Mecca, lnd.
Mearl Billlngsley. Baurite. Ark
Thoma? F. Blake Clearfield. Pa.
Prince Bokovoy. Eagle Butte, Mont.
Herbert Harle Bond. Berwyn. Okla.
Daniel D. Boone. Belhl. Okl?
Max Borri?. Philadelphia. Pa.
I?oui? Breckner. Syracuse. ? Y
??ilmor? Brown Brook? ille. Pa
J Wakessewski Philadelphia. P.
C. J. Elmore. Maggie, Craig Count?,
Dsvid Hatmaker. Jscksboro Tenn.
!.eo W. Kraft. Detroit. Mich
Jim Las?la. Toledo. Ohio
Pretleaoly Reaerted -atiesta? la Ae,
tlaa. Nata Reported taaaatle?.
Pvt Mark Meyers. Eslerwood. La
Prerlaaaly Reperted M tao lag la Ae
tlaa, >aw Repartee Retar era
te Dai?.
i Ga Truman M?-Ginty. Helen?. Oa
The Branch House Man
This is one of the Swift & Company Branch House Men.
They are all pretty much alike in the way they feel to
ward their work?and that is what this ad is ahout.
They know that most' people couldn't get such good
meat promptly and in good condition if it weren't for the
branch houses of which they are in charge.
They know that the branch house is one of the most
important links in the chain of preparing and distributing
meat for a nation.
They know that Swift & Company must have it**
branch houses run at the highest notch of usefulness: that
even a Swift & Company branch house won't run itself, and
that it is up to the branch house man to run it properly.
Any branch house man who doesn't see his work
in this light is transferred to some other place with
Swift & Company to which he is better adapted.
They are picked men. these branch house men. Every
time you sit down to a steak or chop, or cut of roast,
you can give a grateful thought to the whole crew of them.
And remember, in a general way, that everything that
makes life smoother and more convenient for you is
the result of the thougbtfulness and effort of a lot of
people of whom you have never heard.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Washington Local Branch. 10-14 Center Market
D. T. Dutrow Manager
??\ "

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