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Creation of Separate Port
folio Fought by War
The War Department is holding
nrm in Its opposition to the creation
M a department of the atr. or anT
other measure that would take away
from the War Department any of Us
authoritr or control in asronaultci a?
relaten to the war
Many Senators, and ?specially mem
bers ot the Military Affairs Commit
tee!?, have advocated th? establish
ment uf a separate control over the
I restactMai and operation of fighting
machine? of the air. and In the last
report of the committee a str?me rec
ommendation was made for the crea
tion of a Department of the Air to
rank with the War and Na?y Depart
ments and with a Cabinet seat for
Its head.
Senator New. of Indiana, embodied
these recommendations In a bill to
create a Department of the Air and
the hill was referred to the War De
partment for an opinion or recom
mendation. Acting 3ecretary ef War
Benedict Cromell in a letter to Sen
ator I'hamberlain, opposes the meas
ure on the sround that the principle
la wrons. and that the War Depart
ment bats la effect accomplished the
desired ohje.ts by reorsanisatio?. He
rrlwlssle Wraseaj.
"As far aai the War Department is
concerned, the urbanisation of a de
pasrtmeat of the aair, separate from
:he War Department and contem
plating military activities not un
it?? the control of the Secretary of
War, is beilesed te be essential!}
wrong in principle
"The ?'resident has nominated and
the Sen-ite confirmed ihe appoint
ment of John D. Ryan as Second
assistant Secretary of War. who is
lirector of the air service for the
War Department, by placing in his
aands and under tke supervision uf
:he Secretary of War and the Presl
ient the complete control of our air
service. It is believed the essential
pointa aimed at in the bill in ques
tion are covered in the best possible
It is not probable that a serious
tftort will be made in the Senate t"
pass a bill creating a department of
the air at this time in face of de
:ermined opposition from the War
Department snd the administration.
The new War Department annex,
west of Potomac Park, is giving the
Department trouble deciding just what
1.visions are to occupy tht* new i.uar
Fire of the seven wing? will be usci
by the Quart er master's Department.
...it ihe question of the two remai ?
igs appear? to be an unsolv
the choke of the new occu
? bet v. en the Motor
? ion < Orp?, and the office
.! ih?? 'iiicf of Riiuineers.
..?L? Pl?ISONAL.
in <J p tians
?m Work in ;?? imp<>! :-mt
J ?rosle Advocat* '?en
ti:.? U r Department
ral Btafl Cora*.
Croi e Howes and daughter, ?
have returned J/
?? at Mt. Gretna
' , I ?avis Walker is on a
lo her patents at ?'ort
ion. ,
? ?. ?Vewhold, of the Cor-;
. ?, iti in New York l'or a few days.
I- : - k T. F. Johnson has
? trip to Was lem New
Iind Eastern Maryland.
?'. (leones Meint y re, of Camp'
? lit ? short time in thi
e r da y.
John r. Turgnan, of the Navy Tard,!
h;.?* return, d lo his work after ihn e
-reeks' \i itlon at Buffalo Beach.1
'? Norfolk. Va.
Franela ?. Wbittakef, of the Go??-,
emmen? Printing ? >nVo. ha? resigned. ?
Walter R. Garses is visiting lus ?
home in Klmira, N. Y. He expects toj
be gone two weeks.
William H. Redmond, of-New Bruns-i
?rick. N. J.. is visiting friend? on ?
?treet. in Georgetown.
Joseph J. Kellner, of the Treasury
Department, hma received a promotion.
I Vernon A. Weeks, of the Depart
ment of .^abor. has been transferred
to the Treasury Department
Miss Altre Cary of the Federal Food
Administration is spending her vaca
tion ira Atlanti? -'Ity.
Miss Helen Fetter of the Haskin
? ? dicale Is spendlnn her vacation at
North Beateli! M ?rytand.
.. Kdmund Barry. 1M4 Columbia Road
L n??. Llnvsot, has been < ommissioned
y captain in the Medical Corps
f Mbm FJIrabeth Bloodworth has re
turned from her vacation spent at'
I'ii?.? y l'oint. Maryland.
Kmil ft. Johnson. MC East Capitol !
?tre**t, has been '*ommissioned second i
lieutenant in the Air Service.
Miss Blanche .Mack of the War De-!
p?riment ia visiting her family In!
Chieaeo. m.
Herbert A. Watson. 4<?i*$ Conduit I
road northwest, has been commis- ?
sioued ?-rst lieutenant, in the Air ?
Serv?, e.
Food Lestons in Stores.
Department stores in manv of the
lar?" riti'1? have called on home
demonstration scents to assist thorn]
In giving Instruction In food eonser- !
va: Ion to their customers and em-1
p|o\<-s in some f?torttn special ? oms ?
have been equipped when? demonstra-1
ti? ' ? are giren and literature dis- [
?rlbuttt-d. Attractive booths have been'
set in the aisles of others where <*x-|
hiS',3 of war eooklng are shown ahd I
rer ipes m - iven out The agenls ,
ha' [ worked wilh the window d?co- I
rat'.rs in planning window exhibits In'
many places wheat substitutes have'
been featured in demonstrations, and!
each purchaser has i ?fa* ? supplied with
rfcetpee and instructions for using
them. Classe? for emploves after j
Hours hart? ^?t\ s : rongesl In some j
cttle.s the agent meets these groups :
r< rula 11 ? ererv week
- ?
3eginning Saturday,
September 14th
RcS TA U R ? ? ?
Mother of Lieut. Srmth Informed
of 3on's Heroism.
Lieut. Claren'-f' W Pmit*i. U. 8.
last C. listed aa killed ln action, has
' beea cltesl for bravery by his com
mandtn?; ofTlcer
I TISI? ne?-? was fecetred yesterday
from tha Wsr pepsrtment by his
mother. Mrs. Martha M. Smith. 1359,
Otis place northwest.
latent Smith was born In Deeatur.
111., and was killed In France exact
ly one year ?go from the date of
his ?rraduation from, th* University
of Illinois, June 13.
He sailed for Krance on Septem
ber IT. 1917. Previous to salit?*
he had been stationed at Quantico.
I Just eleven days before his death
?? Was cited for bravery snd coot
! ri?.?? In handling his men under
! Since the death of her son. Mr?
I Smith has enlisted In the Naval lie
serve as a yeowoman. Two of her
| daughters are attending Fairmont
Seminary and expect to enlist In the
I same hranch of service after they
'finish school.
Telegraph ic ad ? ices received from
'? all sections of the country during
late yesterday afternoon and ertrly
last evening were bo completely re
assuring that by the time the regis
tration boards had closed Gen.
Crowder and his aides. h?d left their
offices in ?beolute confidence that ?
Gen. March would have hla army of
l.noft.ono, with a safe reserve. In stipu
lated time.
The elaborate machinery organized
to record the country's man power;
had worked without a hitch. While
definite returns are naturally lacking]
toniaht and are not expected to he- I
gin to reach here until tomorrow. I
Gen. Crowder bel Leves the final count
will verify his original estimate of |
1?.???.??? registrant?.
A noteworthy feature of the day j
wat? the absence of any report of die- j
tmhance ?r a breakdown In the rttli?
tration machinery In any part of the j
country. Everywhere. It was an- \
noiinred. the registration proceeded \
with extraordinary regularity. The j
".??fl local boards aie under Instruc
tions to report tonight directly to i
the Adjutant Generals of their States. |
who will report to their respective |
? ? verno rs. The returns to Washing- !
ton will be made by the Governor.,
flegln ?i-twplnc Csrds.
During fhe day local boards ?rer*. (
advised to stamp the serial number
| on the cards the Orsi thing this morn
1 inz. Thev were told to then airante
the ranis acording to age? so as to
; be in rendine.?* io classify all regis
trant?, to lie Included in the tlrst call.
It was further explained thai there
is nothing to prevent the drawing of!
numbers taktnjt place probatHj the
latter part of next week.
Member? of Clefts 1 under the pres
ent registration may expert the first
eoli to )>e loimj In October. It lr?
understood that this is to be followed :
by a second call to he sent out nome- 1
lime in November.
OiN MSI Ei> ?.?? G?'.? ONE.
have so altered lhe situation ihel
some lesrlobtMoli I? deeded tn counter- i
balance the effect of tli- raising of
the rates.
As the situation was explained to
Lhe committee, either one of two
avenues of legislation was open to,
the Treasury Department to remove
the tendency to depress the bend
values which the new tax rates
would lia ve. These were: 1, to In
crease the Interest rate of the
liberty bonds, ???. 2. rai?O the ex
emption so that a large portion of
the income held by any one person,
tirm or corporation .might be free
fr?>ni the taxes. The Treasury '
adopted the second as the best
economie policy, inasmuch as too
many eomplleat ions woutd be in-|
volved in any plan tn Increase the'
Interest rate? on the bonds.
To Chasse f.lmlt on W. S. ft.
Other sections of the bill pro- t
vide that $1.000 of war saving? !
certificates of each Issue may be ;
held by one person, authorize the
?=?er!-tary of the Treasury to deposit
money collected as war profits taxes
In any government depository in ?
the same mann-r as money from in- ?
come and excess profits taxes are '
deposited, authorise arrangements j
with foreign counttles to stabilize
foreign exchange, empower the
President to prohibit the melting ,
and hoarding of gold as well as the
export of the metal, nnd permit na-|
tlonsd banks to increase the amount
of money which may he loaned to'
an individual borrower.
Supply Shipbuilder? with Milk.
Twelve refrigerator milk cars were
rerentlv put in operation in Virginia
through the efforts of the Bureau or
Market? and Interested local dairy
men and in 11 ft distributers. Ilefore
these cars were sent to Virginia there
was a surplus of milk produced In the
valleys in the western part of the
State, but because of lack of adequate
transportation facilities (t could not
b? tt -msferred to Norfolk. Newport
News and other coast points where
the increasing population of shipbuild
ers and Industrial workers had inten-j
sifted the demand for milk. It was J
ascertained that the valley section
would have In excess of local1 demand!
approximately t,<BB gallons of milk for?
shipment dsUy, and the amount need-l
ed for government use alone at the
const points was 12,0? gallons daily,
an amount too large for the eastern]
and central sections of the .Slate toj
furnish. Shipments are note being
made at the rate of three cars a day,]
which is solving ?he problem of both
consumers and producer?.
Wheat and Rye Conference.
Plans for carrying out the wheat,
nnd rye planting program of the j
t'nlted States Department of Agri- j
culture tut* iruS-19 In the Central
West were ronsldered at' a con
ference of officials of the depart- !
ment and State representatives, held]
in Chicago. July 26 and 26. State
agricultural college extension dl-1
rectors and wheat specialists from
ten States ?vere, prewent. These ;
States?Ohio. Indiana, Illinois. Iowa.
N.'unska. Kansas, Missouri. Minn*?-}
.-??(a, Wisconsin and Michigan?have ?
b ? ?sked by the department to '
Plant a little more than 27.000.000 ?
aerea of winter wheat or practically
three-fifths of the aereag*- suggest
ed as a minimum (or th? entire
I'nited States. Every State repre
sentative at the contrrtnee reti con
fident that the minimum Aereare al
lotment for this State could and
would %*> planted, and that if cortdi
tlo?Is '"ntinued favorable the max
imun. reage suggested by th? de
partment might be reached.
Try "Hrfs oa Your Zither.
Oh' why* does Love toga me about
fiiii.er. thlth? r"
With hsjf LiA?iij live?w Ubo el net Id
\ -kjarioona ??agamia?.
Wilson's Secretary Sends
Reply to Charges Upon
Stand of Democrats.
Joeeph P. Tumulty, the Presiden?'*
. ceretary. and Will T. Hay*, chair
man ol the Republican National Com
mittee, exchanged ''notes" yesterday.
Mr. flays denied that he had said
ifie Democratic leaders in Washing
ton were ready to do anything in
'heir power to perpetuate their party
in office, and wound up hi* communi
cation with a (?lea that both major
parties forget partisanship for Ihe pe
riod of the war. Air. Tumulty replied
to this by citing a number ot in
stances wherein Republican leaders
have Infely brought the .?ubject of
Partisanship Int.*- the slim pest play,
by demandine the election of a Re
publican Congress nnd Senate, and
the defeat nf members of their own
party, who have roted for the Presi
dent In the conduct of the war. Mr.
Tumulty said:
Letter to Mr. Hnys.
September 12. {%%%
My dear Mr, Hays:
I am very glad indeed to have your
disclaimer. Although I observed
In one of the Washington morning
papers an acknowledgement by
Republican Chairman M otter. of
Kansas, that he had given to the
press in that state the interview ta
which ? called your attention, I
prefer to accept your own explana
The penerai trend of your letter,
however, still leaves doubt in my
mind as to thf responsiveness of some
n( the Republican managers to the
clearly implied desire of the Ameri
can people to keep politics out of
the war While the whole thought
of President Wilson has been given
to tho ."uceessful prosecution of the
war, the foremost leader* of the
Republican party, includine yourself
and Senator Pen rose, have been mnk
?nr fere vent nreuments in favor of a
restoration of the old political con
trol of the nation. I have In mind
your obviously partisan statement in
the New York Times of a short time
aso wherein you said:
? f?ur coming politicai activity ts not
to he lessened. On the contrary, what
we want in this country Is not 'less
polities,' hMt more attenion to poli
ti, i.?
AIM I recall a recent speech you
mido in Philadelphia in which you
"We will bring the government hack
to the limitations and principles of
the Constitution in time of peace and
establish policies which will again
bind up the wound* of war, renew our
'-rn*penty, administer the affairs of
tho government with the greatest
economy, enlarge our strength at
home and abroad, prevent ?he fur
ther spread of the Socialistic tendency
of the time* towards Federal owner
ship of all the creation and distribu
tion of wealth as a panacea for all
the real and fancied Ills of society
and pet the nation** feet once more
firmly on the path of progress."
Attempt Against re ? rose.
I doubt whether the remarks
which 1 have quoted can be in
lerpreted in any way other than as
mo implied criticism of some of the!
?? ? - -sary wsr policies of the gov
ernment, which you claim the Re
publican party, a* a minority, sup
ported in Congress, and which, you
?'a ini ? indi'-ate, tin y would over-,
mm if returned hs a majority in ?
Congt??'.-?. A similar political *pecch
by Senator Penrose of Pennsylvania
makes tiii? assumpt Ion of your
p -ning In?vitable. H? said:
?J want to say to the Republican :
natty: Keep it vigorous and virile j
all through the United States, eue
reSpful whenever it can be success-?
ful nnd if under the guidance of the!
'halfmnn of the National Commit-1
t< ". we ran secure a Republican
majority in th-? House of Repre- j
senta tires at Washington, i beli o ve
that we have reached a point In thej
development of the situation when!
it Will be beat to replace the D?mo
cratie party for military Improve- :
ment nnd economical efficiency. We j
are all pulling together in order to
stop th** war as soon as we possibly ?
can stop i*. and then, Mr. Chairman.
over and above all the people, by
an over whelming note, we will vote |
the Republican party in control ofi
the American people; as the country
has never prospered economically
till lesa it hri* bren under Republican
eontr.nl. Tjct us keep up an efficient,
organisation in Pennsylvania and
s II tlrrongh the Knifed States, and
make a successful Republican con
test gt every opportunity (n every
Con fresst dna} district and at the
next Presidential election, and en
deavor to assure the election of Re
publican candidates."
Even more partiB-m was the speech
61 Genfft-i W. Wlekersham. for
merly Attorney General of the
United States, some weeks ago at
a Republican meeting at I,ancast-?r.
Pa. He was ((noted in the Lancas
ter intelligencer as follows:
"See to It that you elect Repub
lican Congressmen, Congressmen
who will not be at the beck nnd call
of the President. Also see to it
that the Republican Congressmen
who acquiesced In what the Presi
dent wanted in the Iflst two years
are retired." *
Democrats \ ote ?olili.
I am afraid that your quoted
?speeches, the spt-eeh of Senator Pen
roee, and your letter of today, indi-.
cafe all too plainly that some Repub
licans And it difficult to think outside
the realm of politics. The vast body
of Republican voters, now standing I
with all Democratic voters, staunchly I
behind government doubtless will be
interested In nny statement you might
care to make as to how far you would '
go in repealing the law* which have
made America'* participation in the
war so effective
Tim president's war aim.-1" have been
made the aims nf all the nations fight
ing against the <>rioan government.
These aims have been Stated unequt
vocally hy the President upon a num
ber of occasions since the war began.
Not merely the American people, but
al? Ihe world is familiar with these
alms which assure '*force without
?tint" until victory i* achieved.
It is only through the subtle Insin
uations that characterise partisan
politico ?hat these aims might be di
luted with any doubt It is quite I
obviously partisan and gratuitous for
you to refer to "the imperative neces
sity of a vigorous proseeu/ion of the
war and a conclusive peace only, and
the need of a Republican Congress ?o
that end " That this reference was
not ? ? inadvertence is shown by the
SgM-ach of Congressman S. *D. Kess. ?
chairman of the Republican National
Knnffres^lohrtl Committee, Wherein he!
RetHiblicatt succ?s? vili ndl only
Insure the most vfghroua pro-sfecutlon
of the war. but It will be a guarantee
against ?> compromise, and, therefore
? ? - ' ?- -
or Headache ?
Rub th? forehead
and tornplcs wilh
new racEd?am ?o?, fi-is
an inconclusive peace, 'a peso? with
out victory,' but an assurance of a
definito peace dictated by victory on
the fteJd."
These statements with reference to
an "inconclusive peace*' by yourself
?nd Mr Fosa, rari he icgarded eithe
in the light of atraw men raised up
to be knocked down, or as efforts to
introduce doubt into a decision which
the Konrernment has already an
nounced and upon which the Amer
ican people ?re agreed.
Very truly your?,
Hon. Wifl H. Hays,
Woodward Building,
Washington, D. C.
Special Meeting Called to Straighten
Kinks Caused by Draft.
A ?pedali meeting I.? called thl?
afternoon at 2:10 o'clock by th?
Merchant? nnd Manufacturer? ASso
I elation ln the ?star Hulldint, to dl?
cusa the effect of the new draft on
Washington mercantile establish
The credit section of the association
will meet tonight at 7 o'clock to plan
for the problem? the war has brought
to them. ? ?
"The business problem la greater at
the National Capital than at any
other point." read? the call. "By. all
means have your house represented
by an authorlsed-to-act representa
tive at the ?pedal meeting Friday
afternoon "
France Presents Gift
Vases to U. S. Congress
The two Houses of Conn-rose will'be
presented hy the national manufac
turers of Sevres with girt vase?. In
token of the appreciation of France
of America's welcome to the two
French mtagion? that have vlsltod this
? letter from Ambassador Juseer- j
and to the President informs him or;
the desire of France to ?how It?
gratitude |n this manner. The Presi
dent ha? tran?mltted the Ambassa
dor's letter to Con*res?
Save Stones far Gat Masks.
Signs on the bulletin board in the
Surgeon General's office request that
soldiers and civilians employed there
save stones from fruit for "the Girl
Scout?, who recently organi??-! a
campaign to save peacn, cherry,
prune, plum and date pits to be used
In the manufacture of fra? masks.
Board of Farm Organiza
tions Complete War
The Win the War program of the
National Board ot Farm Orga'nlia
tlona, ?15 Woodward Building, was
completed >c8tfrday at a meeting of
the Executive Board.
First, to win the war: and, second,
to secure for the farmer a vole? in
national affair? was the definition of
the aim? of the National Board as
drawn up at the convention held In
thl? city the last week ln August.
At ihe meeting of the Executive
rtoard yesterday at which *t. T.
Creasy, ?ecretary of the National
Dairy Union of Pennsylvania and
chairman of the Executive Board of
the National Federation, presided.
linai plans ware completed following
the convention.
In conference with the Executive
Board were the deleeates to the Na
tional Milk Producers' Federation who
are here working out plan? to co
operate with the government depart
ment? in relation to the country-?
milk supply.
With th?. Bureau of Market? they
are planning .an Intensive organisa
tion of the milk producers of the
Yesterday they also conferred with
Herbert ?>. Hoover, Food Administra
tor. In regard to the dangers attend
ing the milk problem.
Decrease la Dairy nerds.
"Recent Investigations hy govern
ment authorities," say the officials of
the National Milk Producers' Federa
tion, "In certain sections of the coun
try show a falling off In the number
of dairy, eattle.
"Because they do not receive the
cost of production, dairymen are
obliged to sacrifie? their heifer
calves. Unless checked by an ar- ?
rangement which will guarantee at
least production costs this action
will ultimately hear down heavily
on the consumer.
"Representatives of the National
Milk Producers' Federation feel an
absolut? necessary of educatine; the
consumine; public as to the eoo
notnlc conditions surrounding th?lr
"When thl? Is done.' ??Id Milo ?
Campbell, president of the Ved?rs
tlon, "the housewives of the coun
thy will be our allies.**
Axnong the leaders In the dairy
Interrai? in th? country who were;
present ?ere: 3. A. Scollsrd, presi
dent or the United Dairymen of the
; State of Washington: Alma D. Kati.
? presid? nt of the Oregon Dairymen's
I Asanciation: S. N. Ayr??, secretary
I of the ^Dairymen of California; R. I
D. Cooper, president of the I>atry- ?
men's league, and f. T*. Wlllets,
president of th? Interstate Milk
| Producers' Association.
Red Cross Chee; Make? Wounded
Soldiers Happy.
The Red Cros? nurse? are a 'smiling
lot, according to Sergt Milton E
Loyry, of 72 U street northwest, M
the ?ervice "somewhere In Ft ance "
Young Loyry recently spent ?om?
time in a base hospital and from
there write? his appreciation of Am
erican nurses. "I have always heai'd
It said that the best way to reach
?a man? heart I? through hi? slom
I ach." he writes, "but since being
over here In a hospital G have Jearne.t
la bettfr way. All the men are'treated
! in tho ?ame way and a nurae I* ?1
| way? near one's bedside endeaaorlnc
to add some comfort or case the pain
"They are a smiling, cheery lot.
? ever reedy to help us 'eheeryward'
or contribute a good story.
"It mean? something I can tell you
and the hoys love them all. They
give a home spirit that permeate? the
whole atmosphere.
"We're nil over here for one t??k.
to lick the Hun, ?nd every man Is
working night and day to finish the
task and haste the home coming."
Maryland Farmers
Seek Help of Women
Women sre needed to harvppt.the
gam crop In nearby Maryland, ac*
?,-ordlng to en appeal sent out yes
t??rdey by the District division of
the Woman's Land Army from th??ir
headquarter? at 1410 Pennsylvania
The women accepting thr invita
tion offered by the fermere will be
ftivrn comfortable room? nnd pro
vided with excellent food while en?
(caned in the war work.
k a. DaalutMB.
7T Kua, limi.
Alexandii?. V? . BePL ?-Approxi
mately ?JH? mean had rc?.?tcred witli
the local draft board In Ibi? city ?hen ?
ih* rcri?;ratlon Place* cloaed ?t m
o'clock tohight
It la ??limateti that aho?t 5.0? cg
?tcrod In Alexandria County wliuh
would bring th* (rand total for the
two to nearer t.000 which la ?bout Ih*
flturea ??tlmated by th? government
officiala. The total refiatration In th,?
city waa 2.30 Mchaatr? of the ?m
ploye? of th? Virginia ehlpbul'dlng
Corboratln?? With their returna It I?
believed that the total for th? city 1
will be about ?,?? Th? return? mt
rendent, wiin remetered In other
citi*? and irhl.h will be received In
mall later in the week by the local ;
diaft Ixaard ?ill ?dd conalderably to
the pie??nl figure?
The reeUtration today wa? un
u?ually light, only about ?00 perann?
regi?terlng m the four reajl?tratjon
Thi? waa due to the fact that
throughout th* week per.on* be
tw**n the are? of 1? and 4a regleter
cd with the local draft board. Aa a
refu?. the fifty.odd r.gietrar? today
had little or no work to ri,, and at
p.o time wer? they ruahed. The aver
age number of peraaon, who icgi?
tcred at each ward today wa, but
altghtly in exce?? of 200 each. *Uong
before the hour for closing the reg- ?
latrar?; were Idle.
* In Alexandria County the work ef
registration wa, d?.ne by thirty m.n
and ther? were eight regl??tr?tion
place?. All of the tegiatrar? were
kept buay during th? morning hour?
in th?t county.
Maria Craven, a? \r?r? olei. ?*ho
reelded on Semtnnry Hill. Fairfax
rounty. aeveral mile? weat of Alex- ?
nndria, wa? burned to death at her
residence >e?terday afternoon. She
poured keroeen* on th? lire in ornrr
to mak? It burn and her clot ne?
caught and ?oon ?he wa? enveloped.
Her ?cream? attiacted her g-andaon
and he ?ummoned hi? mother and
when ?be arrived the womah wa?
l'urned froni head to foot.
The chamber of commerce today
r-reived a letter from Secretary of
th" Navy Daniel? relative to locat
ing the torpedo ?.?emb?ng plant
here. The Secretary ??id that for
th? purpose of areali ng a tor??"'
assembling plant th? gc??ra???ri .
h?? derlfl?4 to acqulr? nil? te a tf?e
of lsnd situsted l? this ?rtty
He also states that th? depertme-i
U now invasa ila? ling th? ?aleas m*g
a vi?w ot effecting a aatUaoMBt wf*e
lhe owners BecreUsi-y Da&tmi* dl?
rect? the Chamber of Coturueii? t?
?'ia tee th? owners eecordlngly. lea??
much as the negotiation? for th* mai
ter have been carried en through that
Fltxgrrald Council. ?a ?*?
Knight? of Columbus, haa electee:
the following officers to sere? fos
the year: F. T. Quinn. grand knight
M. J. McFarlan?. deputy grane
knight: M B. Oreen?, chaeieell???
W. A. I>e Vtughan. recorder: C. M
Unnnn. financial Mcretary: I A.
Breen, treasurer; R?v. L. T. Kail?,
chaplain: J. H McDonough. edve
cste: Alphnnao Lucas, werden: An
drew A. Lucas. Instde sentir??!,
Thoma? Murphy, outside sentinel;
T. ? Dyson, trustee.
The funerei of Anthony E. ?moof
will take place at 4 30 o'dock Fri- I
day afternoon from hla late ree
Ideare, toi South Pitt street? Serv
ire? will be conducted by Rev. W.
J Morton. D. !>.. rector of Christ T.
K. t'hurch ?nd Rev. E V Regeatar,
D. D.. paator of th? M F. Church
Kouth Member of Alexandria
Washington Lodge of Mason? will
Boi>rmaker?. Iron ?hlpbuilders ?nd
helpers of America have ortantaad
odge Ne M with a membership af
lat? Meeting? will he held every
Friday night at f e cloak at the
- of Pythias Hall on Cameros?
ln the circuit Court yrslerdey In
'he rase of F. F Marburi and other?
?gainst tb? Mercantile Railway
Building and Loan Association. Juatoe
** r5. Brent entered a decree referring
the cause to F. B. Taylor, wha l?
appointed special commlsslotser 1r
chancery to settle th? accounts ol
Douglas Stuart, receiver tn the caaaa
This In all Probability will wind a?
the affair?
In connection with ?he "pl?7 w?*k'?
program for th? soldier? being havld
here, a caharet performance will bo
given at ? o'clock tomorrow night ln
the auditorium of th? War Ca
Community Club
Baruch Gire? Zmmsts $10.00*
Bernard M Bai ut h of th? War
industries Board bas ronerfbtitat
lin.Ann ta tho Pale? t Ine Restoration
Fund, at-fordina to an announce
ment mad?vy?*?terdav by tt.e Ziofttft
flrrnnlaatlnn cf America.
Housekeepers Who Seek Quality First and Economy, Too
In the Sanitary Stores housekeepers are proving ev
ery day that good foods are not the most expensive
ones. These housekeepers go to their neighborhood San
itary ?Store for "Quality First"?for here quality goes
hand in hand with economy.
U. S. Food Administration License No. G-05559
Thinking people no longer frown
upon oleomargarine as a "cheap
substitute for butter." Being made
under strict supervision of govern
ment inspectors, oleomaganne is
necessarily a pure and wholesome
product. Many of our patrons have
found Marigold Oleomargarine en
tirely satisfactory and we recom
mend it to any one who wishes to
avoid paying the high price of
"Marigold" Brand
For Your Information
We have just unloaded a carload of Scott
Paper Co.'s Toilet Paper. These goods are
nationally adverlised. and as quickly as we
can distribute you can ("?et them at all our
Scott Tissue, 1,000 Sheets. Roll.20c
Sani Tissue, 834 Sheets, Roll.20c
Waldorf, 650 Sheets, Roll.10c
"Snap" Brooms, Each ... 55c
Jewell Brooms, Each. . $1.15
RIDGEWAY'S TEA, Orange Ubel,
\\ lb.
The successful wartime housekeeper knows that \t
is just as essential to save money as to save food. And %o
you, too, will find our 102 pure food stores are thriving,
busy economy centers, where you can obtain "Quality
first?and economy, too."
Beginning This Week Our Stores Will Close
Promptly Each Saturday Night at
8 P.
(Close Other Days, Including
Wednesday, at 6 P. M.
This is a voluntary concession to our store
employes who are serving both YOU and
Ourselves faithfully.
Wc feel, and have felt for a long time, that
the Saturday hours were too long, and on our
part we are ready to sacrifice some business.
if necessary, in order that our employes may
get the benefit of better working conditions.
Better Working Conditions
depend upon public co-operation. And we
have always found the public glad to help
their fellowmen, once they understood that
any co-operation on their part would bring
about such an improved condition.
Do Your Saturday Buying Before 6 P. M.
?whenever possible?and avoid the inevi
table rush between the hours of 6 and 8 p. m.
?the only time some people have for grocery
We Recommend
Marshmallow Creme
H*?rf> a copy of edvortiem^nt running ta t*?
Tour evir>-day ?ernertn; your reatine? and
tapioca-?, frutta and puddings. Th-?y n'-'d a muc*.
*">f coarse, plain cream doee imp? ?- * \??+t??a
little. And wMpp-f-d crram make? thafB attrac
tif, delectable?and expensive
Put marahniellow Mure add? t>># caterer's
touch that makes wonderful deawerta of ?Imple
AmmmertM. Tet it copte )eem than ordinary cream
tnd au car.
This is how to make 1t:
Put two tablespoonfitls of "?*?^"*??? 1a *
?mall mixing howl. Add a faspoonful or two
yf water or milk. Stir together half a mlnut?
und you'll have th*? \eiy same marsh mal i o?r
?>atir#> that's served with sundaes at ?od? foun
You ran get Hipnl.t*"* Mar?hmat]ow *"re?r* at
til our stores. It . ?? ? ??i Mason Jars and la
absolutely ready to ???. ?Co roolttftff, no nui?
iing, no chan? e nf fa -'
Per Jar. 23c
Fancy U isconsin product
One pound or more. 32c
.!.. 17c
. Jc
Good Old Fashioned New Orleans Molastes.
For Baking. Cooking or Table Use.
Gold Label.14c
Green Label. ?.lie
A?k the clerk to let you read the label oa
the can.
Brands Well Known to You.
Silver Label 17? 2c Blue Jay 16e
Round Top 15c Moosebead .?1/.
Meadow Lark. 15c Jockey deb 20c
Need very little, if any, sugar.
40 to 50 size, per lb_18c
50 to 60 size, per lb_16c
Star Soap
4 Cakes for 25c
?Soap is going up soon,
word to the wise. etc.
Terrapin Brand, -fl Q e+
Large Can. I ^ W
LUX, Pkg, 12c
No. 1 Can. 9c
No. 2 Cae.15c
No. 3 Can.19c
Fine Beets
Surer Lake, Ne. 2 Can. IS?
Silver Lake, No. 3 Can. lie
if you want some fine be*4a,
we urge you to try these.
Evaporated Milk
Tall Size Cam,
Per Can.
Bee Brand
Salad Dressing
Gold Oust Ritters Catsup
A Genuine Mayonnaise
If you use milk take our ad
vice and buy more than fcne can.
We will fill all orders for reason
able amounts. Enough said.
Washing Powder
Tbe New 5C Package
2r 55c 3 M 3c
This exceptional product wil
appeal to all discriminating tastes
None bettet nevr tnade.
A good thins to keep ahead
on. At this price jou can afford
to keep a few packages on hand.
New pack just recette?-1. Only
a limited quantity so far receiv
ed, but enough to gire everybody
a bottle until larger shipments
Regnar Style.
Per Boit ?:
Tomato Soup
These new pack foods are tat
and are be;ng distributed m fast
as possible. Tbe price u

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