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Launch Beeler Program to
Increase Local Trac
tion Efficiency.
The first change In the schedule of
the Washington Railway and Electric
* *o uoder the rerouting program ar
ranged by John A. Beeler. traffic ex
pert, goes Into effect today on the Co
lumbia line.
Gnder the general plan approved by
the ?Public Utilities Commission last
week the lines of the company are to
be di ? iddi into unita and the changes
worked out in each unit at different
times. It has been derided to change
the Columbia lines first.
1'nder the change the routes which
will ko into effect today are: Fif
teenth and ? streets northeast, to
Treasury; Pi strict Une, to Traararr.
Keniiworth, to Kenllworth Junction;
l.ladensbuti; and Berwyn, to Fifteenth
ar.? II street* northeast.
u ? Better Service.
The chances are expected to result
In the betterment of service due to
changes In routing and more regu
ir;ty of headway,
QraaUy?>Improved service to Kcnil
worth is^ expected by the Chan sing
from the present forty-minuta line
from the Treasury and Kenll worth to
? eett-miuute service between
Kawllworth and Kentlworth Junction
to connect at the latter point with
District line cars to and from the
It la pointed out by Mr. Beeler that
there js great Inconvenience and
trouble tn operating th? cari on the
Columbia li?..-, owing to the fact that
the XV.. F?. and A. cars use the same ?
tracks. He atrios that there will be j
tnmMe in operating on the schedule
provided as long as the Baltimore
cars are operated en the tracks in
the same manner th.it they are now.
"The large, heavy cars, slow in
starting, alo? In speed, and slow in
loading and unloading passengers, are
almost certain to nullify the
I might otherwise be perfect j
?? of tie city ears, until rad-j
ical ' banges ni?* effected In the opera- ,
tion 'if the Interurban line." says ?.G:\ |
p bis report on the situation;
to th*- commission.
THF. ? ?? Al !> ?G???G.
_ m ?
:?T Kit.? Strt-ft.
Alexandria. Va.. 5-^pt. 14.?The
pubi.?- schools of the city will re
open for studies at !? o'clock Mon
day mon ? the annual sum
mer vacation with an attendance of
approximately 2.71 ? acholare. This,
is about normal it is stated. The
? Issued to white children
-,'.G? and i?*>3 to colored
" chiM
la are as fol- '
lows; High, 3-it: Lee. for girls.
I.M?. Washington, foi h .vs. ;.;.:,:
West End for boys and girls, ap
proximately 1_'."..
? ell, for colored girl*. .110.
ari Rnowden, for rol ?red bo
netr teachei s hfl ? *? b? ? ?
to the faculty since the last
Lie aesaioa. S ? of the
; ? who taught las I ? ar have
accepted positions in other plac-s
and others ar.? now ??-*-, ng G? !?
help win the
? Supt. W. H. Surfen? y wMI Issue
ne imita Monday .it L?? e ?School to
those dt.--ir.ng them.
An entertainment for the ?
mp Humph rei *, \*a-, v. ,?? he
. 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon
Lyceum. Th. public is invited.1
Ll be einging by the soldiers
ender the leadership o? Camp Song
Director Reynolds and \\';?;
song writer. New York, will lead the
l o> - in tl Thi i will
be the tijst of a series of entert?in
Stinday aft* : -
noon for ti.'- men in uniform at
War Camp Com
munity Service.
cial room in Ti inil y M ]'
with p
? nd? r, d the
?: ? ? f
ariti kitchen and read
ing room-: together with other acc?s-I
: ree to ih<?
others for a nominal consideration, j
Tn the Clrciit C n f,:,?.,
? ? he uro ind of
l? ? from Bruno
eiv? n
;?? ? to ? of her
maid' ? na?m< ne?,
Augustus H ? years old
A oi.? hi? 1st. Who
that capacity in on, dici
shortly before '? ? ??'?'??'. this evening
at ' indi ? 1 lospil ~il a. te: ??
?-V lb! v.-ii s t " '
et. Illa wife and five
childrtn are living.
Mrs. Mary C-iMierine Ifnrdhower,
?.[ J'. ? ph 1 lafdbOM ?
latt nigl : ? at he
?. Fairfax County, south of
this City. Five sons an.l two
ter; ar*. living. They arc: Messrs. /'?
lohn. (Jeorne G . Sidney D. and
|, k n Hardbower. the last
ramed now in France, ami Mrs R. ?
Ayers and Miss Rmily M Ha.dbowe.
Her funeral will take pia-" at
??clock Mon."?ay afternoon from her
late resWence. Bervi es will be ton
ducted by Rev. John Lee Allison,
T>. r>.. pastor of the Second Prea lyte
rian Church.
Charlea ?. Churchman, a tru<
drt.er. died th:s aft.?? noon after a
short nines? it his ? ??' ? ?? '
coiner of '.ibbon .ind Henry at
after a short Illness. The body "i
removed to Wh< Ul?". 's mortuary
chapel and prepared for burial.
A handsome silk service flag con
taining fifty-four stars. represetitinL
thnt number of men of the Sccot. ?
vterlnn ''hurch who have re
led to the call to the colors, will
he unfurled at S o'clock tomorrow
niu.it at that church with special "x
erri..r?. The address will he deliver? ?
Rev. John Lee Allison, D P..
Maia urtila motorists tomorrow
r ? ???-*> the third motorless 0ui
Tractically all garages will be cio^cu"
?mpliance with the retjueal of th.
Fuel Administrator, and it ts exr
there will .?e WO per tent n\ -
inre with a view of coii??ervin ;
th? supply of gasoline.
4 -
In fhe Circuit Court f r Ibis ci'?
Judge S- C?. Brent p.-estdinc, in
ehati'-ery suit of 1 toro. hy May ?',
against Frank ? Klrby nn-1 o
a decree was entered ?iitctin
n-r U Boolixe; n...
to enure* resta in funds In his uanoN
amo-jntin? ta ?fJ.0$l.U?
Tr?ese Germans, Magyars and Bolsheviki are prisoners of war captured by the Czecho-Slovak troops when they took Vladivostok. They
are heinr; "uarded by British marines from the cruiser Suffolk at the railroad station of Nikolsk.
Short Trip Schedules Urged Under
War Program.
The committee on ardu -niinn and
,1 training haa defined the policy
of thr army with reference to ath
the W.ir Department .-iniiounced
ht. (??. ?. ? Rees, o( the
: Sirarr. ???? rhulrman of the
ition and ?pei ial
lhe followin? lettrr
? ni commanding ??
a ah St adente' Army Training
. ? oro...
: "It will I?? th?? policy of tl>r oommit
rncnm ac- athli ? ?
?port? within e-aa-h institution, and
ns institution?
ar,? short
no interference with
.::l*'.o' academic :iIlfl
Reer rat each
in ? harfce of the
; . r th.
tary training, routine and d
Washington Chamber Names Own
Anti-Profitcerin? Board.
fi M?. fr
' n ;t .
d c??; ?? ?? mer
lu ? u appointed
I poultry. I
? by -
I Te.? id' i?T * (he V..i>i.in<:- !
ton ? of ? Omnn ree. Thi? |
\, ?ts fei m?O for the pro- j
s of prof. !
on and to mc< t ?
? compart d with j
j those in oil
Th? : -* composed of!
..!!?; 1 >. M
? F-.unce. Vh '? - W. H*?ltmu!ler, F.
\ ]'.. I'ruvo, jr.. -? im' ; M. I'? nty -in?!
? Rrnt .-t ' ' !?? ? ,???- vice chairman;
: - ?eorpre C. A l! -? ??'. secretai y, ai d
(A. U Herrmann. Pr. Louis ?T. Battle,
I Hubert L. Al ?t.?p. I?. W. Ballin
IVrry W. Browning. W. T.
?Heed. Salvatore Sc Ico, A. Liebmnn,
Polvi ?. Jo [ih Jaci hi, M -
Bert !.. Olm?tead.
C Wald, I;.i W. Paine. William
i <?. Carter. W. I. "> ? t, W. P. I?"C".
, i;? n? st M. M? rr?rk.? H. I ?. Stro
Vntnnio < iti. Solomon
' : < '. Br? ? ? nser, N. U
. in, II. K.
rornnrell. .T. B. Karnshaw. A. Vinh
William T. Shea. S. M. Tucker?
?' las Auth, L.
B. Burrleit. William ???< Is. 1 ?. G.
Collins and John E. Wcisman.
Mrs. Court P. ?Wood, president of
II li. urici of Columbia Federation
nf \\ ? I the I'n ? t mem?
I her of tin1 local organization to be
' tn, left
Washington yesterday to nttrnd a
of the General Federa ? Ion
'of Worr.eii's Cluha in Chicago, hegin
? Mrs An?:?: tus FCnlght, District of
Columhi-i Stater, Direetor to the **en
? ? .il Federation of Womeji'a Clubs,
1 report at tbe Chicago meeting
? on th" District's contribution towards
. the War Victory Kurd.
? The Initial fall meeting of the Dts
i trict of Columbia Federation of Clubs,
1 \\ ill be held .-t t L' o'clock Monday,
'. P.t tb? Af erably Hall
'of the District of Columbia J?uildinfr.
Parior Suite
lit the most attractive of
tapestry or leatherette,
sprints, etc , being included
ae ncce3?aary.
Upholstery Co.
?26 10th St. N.W.
2d Floor. Phone M. 818?
Pacific Coast Maker of First Big Wooden Ship
Refunds His War Gains, Explaining He Is
Xot Crazy, but Just Pro-American.
Portland. Ove. ? America's moat
incular millionaire li Brio V. Houser, '
war-profit less shipbuilder, maker ot
ih?? first wooden vessel delivered to
I li?? Kmergency Fleet Corporation.
"I dont want to make any money
out of the war," said Houser when
lit* took over the job of president and
tenera! manager of the r?rant Smlth
Porter shipyards Company, o? Port
land, Or.'.
ile found himself confronted with
money, however, w hich he was com
pelled to accept under the cost-plus
pliii of the government.
I'm he ha.^n't kept one penny of this
Really Ketiiran Promu.
1 !*? has given it all hack to Cncle
Sam, not by the purchase of liberty
bonds and war savings stamps, for
those are Investment*, but by dona
tions to the Ked Cross, the Y. M. C.
? . relief fund:* and other funds help
ing to win the war.
"My two boys, Rupert and Ken
neth," he said, "are staking their
Uvea. The least I can do is put my
money behind them, 1 abhor*waf and
I don't want to make money thruugh
it All 1 want Is to see the world
attain what my two boys are f?-chting
:??'. di im" ? a? \ and pene?. And every
cent 1 make is going to be put to
that cause."
Houser Is a trote! man. He owns
? In- Multnnmah, one of Portlands
bliEgest. He went into the ship
building husine?*s to do bis "bit." He
Is doing it with a vengeance.
The Wnseo, the first wooden ship of
I tuli? Sam's new merchant marine,
??,700-ton freighter, delivered to the
int. i Stat> s on the day of the great
eclipse of the sun in 1918, was Hou
ser'? product.
liii?h.? Hin War Order?.
He then had contrncts to build
thirty ?*u?-h .?hip.?*?. He is turning
? hem o'it in speedy time.
When the last Red Cross drive was
launched in Oregon, the publicity
committee needed an automobile.
"Take mine." said Houser, "and he
cave them a ?reat yellow touring car
in which they toured the State, send
ing Oiegon first "over the top."
On their return to Portland, the
'oimnittee drove it back to Houser's
?-??t ige
"It doesn't belong here," he told
them. "It belongs to the Red Cross
Why don't you raffle it and turn tbe
| money into the fund'.' How much do
you suppose it should bring "
Someone of the committee, an au
tomobile salesman, said he believed
tt would raffle for $10,000.
Raffle Hrlnn ID ?-.-.M.
"Good,'* said Houser and the hi g
yellow car was raffled In the street*
When the committee courted its
money it had $h.W0.
"How much did it bring?'? Houser
"We got more than we actually ex
pected." confessed the chairman.
? 'Kighty-eight hundred."
"Only 18.900.* said the donor. "Then
heres the balance."
? He wrote a check for H,3<X) and
. handed It to the astonished com
? mitteeman.
"Its worth every cent of It," said
[ Houser.
i Houser excuses himself for his
reckless handling of money with this
"I want my eon?-?? in France to he
backed up with equipment and munW
tions that will enable them to finish
. their Job."
New Tork. Sept. la. - Washtng
tonian* r??,s!,i<-d at local hotels are:
Misa H. Buckingham. Martha Wash
ington: J. C Dickey. Breslin; J. P.
' Dodd. H. 3 Foster. Mnrlborough : L?
; Hoover. Herald Square: A. Hughes.
Martha Washington: B. J. Ix>unabery.
Woodward: R. B. McClcrry, Herald
, Square; <?. De S. Thomas. Breslin;
? Mrs. G. M. Haliemhl. I .at ham. H.
? Hernstadt. Collingwood: Mra. L. I*
'? Karlin. Park Avenue: G. F. Oaks.
! Gregorian; J. R. O'I.eary, Contl
! nental: E. A. Sheehy. Marie Antoin
j ette; Mra. E A. Sheehy. Marie An
I tolnette: W. H. Smith. Navarre; Mis.?
I .T. H. <'aulbaum. Latham. W. P.
! Flynn. Mrs. I. M. Fox. Miss M. For.
! Aberdeen; I. H. Lord. V. McGlothn.
Mis? A. L. Piece. Mrs. L? E. Rohbl?.
' Park Avenue; C. W. Simmonds. Aber
?deen: H. I?. 8ims. Wallick: Miss O.
Watts, Park Avenue; R. W. Werth.
Latham. H. Abbott. Grand; F. A.
Cave. Park Avenue: C. H. Collins.
Mrs. C. H Collina. Marine Antoinette:
I W. p. Flint. Park Avenue.
Charges for Additional .Service Not
There have been many inquiries
concerning tbe order Issued by Post
master General Burleson for a charge
on all new or additional telephone
The charges ore ba-aed upon the
minimum net rate charged to the sub
scriber. The charges are to be col
lected from the applicant for new or
additional service at the time of ap
plication and before auch new service
shall be established. They shall b?.
termed by the collector? of the tele
phone companies aa "service connec
tion charges."
Service connection charts do not
apply to extension bella, puah buttons,
or miscellaneous equipment of 11V: ? -
I character, nor to directory li-tint?-.
All subscribers who pay the serrici
connection chargea shall be rettevi 1
? of other service connection charges.
I charges made in liquidation of dam
ages on account of short term rat?-?
' and the use of one year or any other
? period In excess of one month as a
I minimum contract period for tel- -
phone rervlce.
That, According to Dr. Johnson, I<
the Function of Conversation?
Dr- Samuel Johnson, aft shrewd and
sound and sweet on the whole, a com*
mentator on men ?nd things aa ever
lived, came to the conclusion that
three-quarters of the conversation
that one hears everywhere is taken
up with the efforts of the interlocu
tors to convince one another of their
importance. It is even true enough
of conversations one list*.-us to over
the telephone.
The lady of the house is called up.
! for instance, and eavesdroppers ha*?
I no difficulty whatever in determining
at once the social rank of the unseen
party to the conversation.
Humphreys' "Seventy-seven''
breaks up Coughs, Colds,
Influenza, Cold in the Head,
Tonsilitlsand Grip. At all Dnifgist
Men, Be Wise!
Order Your Fall Suits NOW
and Avoid the Coming
Rise in Prices
YOU'LL thank Wilner for this advice?for you can get
a Wilner-made Suit now at less than you will later
in the season. Prices are going up. You'll know
about Wilner quality if you once get into one of our suits.
Ask the man who wears one?he knows we give satisfaction.
Wilner Made-to-Measure
Array Officers' Uniforms
We are prepared to make quick delivery of army and
Marine officer?' uniforms of the following materials: Serge,
Whipcord, Gabardine and O. D. Wool.
Corner Eighth and G Streets Northwest
?Soldiers at Walter Reed Are j
Eager to Become
Building ship* In forty-five da>*s
may be great, but we aleo make citi
zen* of wounded soldiers in a little
over two hours.
Speeding up naturalization of ail
nllen members ot our army wa? a
war measure passed by Congress r.oi
lohg ago. The procesa has been
worked out to its simplest terms at
Walter Ileed Hospital, where many
men seek to bicorne actual citizen? of
Ihe beloved country in whose service
they have become disabled.
The long involved method requiring
first, second, and even third papers
has been aaamaaaaA with, and now in
stead' of two and a quarter years, it
takes about two and a quarter hours
to become naturalised.
Capt Kdward Lambkin, who handles I
thia work at the hospital, said that
about ?very two months a call is sent
throughout tbe wards to all men who
would become citizens of the Cnitcd
States to assemble in the? library at
a certain time, in order that they
may be taken to the court to iwear
Appeared Ih Pajona*.
"The first time I sent that call
about loo men assembled, hut some
?nf them were still in their pajama.s
and dressing gowns and of course
not attired in a fit manner to enter
the august presence of the court.
Tb? next time I -sent the call I stipu
lated that the ni^n be properly
dressed in their uniforms so that they
could be immediately taken into the
"They don't mind the hardship of
being trundled into an automobile
truck as most of them are anxious
to have the ceremony performed,
although many are quite helpless
from the loss of limbs and other dis
At first a man had to have two men
h* has known a long time to testify
to his character. We had so much
trouble locating the.<*e men that the
rule was changed Now I stand as
sponsor to them all and my name la
placed upon all the applications.'"
Capt. I,amhkin is known as thi
"godfather" of the newly made
citizens at Walter Reed.
'Why shouldn't I stand sponsor for
| the characters of these imn" ? -
?asked. "Haven't they proved th? ?r
; worth in fighting for the country by
'which they wish to be adopted?
Waawt Something ?? Show.
'"Many of them feel that it is a
great mark of appreciation for th?ir
?services to the country. It :r
? touching, so many of th? in wish
tangible evidence of their citfsensh p
I something like a lodge card or a pin
i to confound those who would henee
J forth call them "wops' or Ma goes.*
"The majority of th*-m are ??.?.?.-r t.?
< become citizens." said th*? rapta In.
| "Occasionally some one. invariably
! of a stupid countenance, would ha? ?
i back and would have to be urged to
1 take tb*? step.
"When I a eked him why he w.is
! such a booh. * said the captain, "he
I would sav that he might want to c .
I hnck to Italy .some day. And then I
would make clear to him the advan
tage it would be to be a citizen of
the I'nited Mate* when he went back
to visit Italy, *h< re th* I'nited States
w a* so highly e*t< emed.
"One Italian was highly egclted **
the prospect. He aaid that he was so
piad that now ho would r* ally be a
citizen, because he had marr.pd a
! zrand American girl and had thereby
? . .-d her nf citizenship, and that
' his naturalization mould reinstate
1 her."
i The mo?t common rai?take mad?1
Make-Shift Remedies Are n ,hi tre*",,e,,, ?' aurrh * m
. ? ut il directing all effort toward the
Absolutely WorthleSS. symptoms, rather than the ?ourr?
- of lhe disease. The inflammation
Don't think lightly of Catarrh, of the membranes in the nose and
Do not make the mistake of be- |air passages causing the head to
lieving that it is merely an aggra- become stopped up. and making .!
vated bad cold. True, this trouble ? , iC , , , . ,
, . . -, ... .difficult to breathe, ?? but an indi
usually starts with what is appar- !
ently a cold in the head, but be-;cat,on ?f ,he *?***? I" ***
ware of any cold that "hangs on." words, this is not the disease itsell.
You may a? well realize at the but nature's method of informing
outset that Catarrh is a serious L?, vic(im ,hat be has been attac,
disease and one that should not be e? you may treat Catarrh .11
trifled with, ln fact, in many in- vour |lfe WIth spravs atomizers
stances it is a forerunner o? thedoucnes and 5;ml|ar |oca|
most dreaded ol all disea.es con- tionSi and you wj|1 never be rt,aiiv
sumption nd o( ,hf dlfease
Catarrh has become almost a ? -p ? ,
??? .? , ? lhe burning question, then, is
universal ailment among the Amen- ..ae r , ? r> j ? r? ? -??
? .? ? now Can 1 Get Rid ol Ca'.arrh i
can people. Almost everywhere, in v , , , , . .
., ? .. lou have doubtless u?ed numbe
theaters, cars, and on the streets r ? ? ? ...
. ? ot local remedies, and like ever-,
there is a constant sniltnng and ,? ,, .
. , j ? a a , o'her sullerer vou have found oi?t
hawking, tor there is bound to be ... ., . , ,
* ? ? ? ? ? that they are nothing but makr
some one in almost every place who ,,,. , -
... , . , .. slults and tea vou no permanen'
is altlicted with catarrh. And?_? e e e ?
... , I good. S. S. S. has proven hie^ ?
every one is a possible victim, for ? succe5?fui ,n the trea,men, M
the germs of the disease are easily (arrh ?^^ ^ ^ ^ of (, ,
communicated from one perron lo .^ k m Ae h]ood an(J ^
an?,her? , tn. , . , , is no disorder of the blood which
So many people afflicted with Joes not prompl,y V.M ,0 ,,.;.
this disease have been unable lo grM, vege,,b|e nme?v_
find a cure, although they ha\e , c c c . .
. ? jfi i-i r S. 5. S. ?oes direct to t1?
taken manv different kinas ot : . . .. ,
,i _, ot the disease, and roots out from
treatment for years, until now , .. .
La ? , ?,? , ? ??. - the blood e\erv \e-tire o impuritv.
they are almost willing to believe ?... ", , ", , ,
. ? ,.?li ? ;l. No disorder ot the blood can re
the disease is incurable. Like ... . - _
.. ? ? / j ? r r mam in com?
everything else, to find relief from . ', . .. .
..? a- .? ,_, ; It simply erad.ca'e? and e iminat-s
this disease, the proper treatment _ .
. u . j . ? ,u L J everv germ ot Catarrh from th?
must be resorted to. .No o!her kind ,, ', V . .
i_ . j . j j blood, after ?hich the irritated tri
can be expee'ed to do anv ?rood. . .
Rj L . m r c- \ cous membrane? promptly hea a-A
ead what Mr. C. r. \ enatta, . ' ' .
, ,, a/ d L 'he sufferer once more enjov
of New Kensington, ra., has to , , - . . . .
. . .? ,-r. , feet freedom from this annoyi.-ii
say about his Ca'airh 'j,..,..
"I tv,\r um d ?. B S. In mv
family as ?ni ktao..? ? hat n
have rr-cnmni'li'l? it il ??. f.
fri, nd? - ? .?* a^-o I [? rl
Our medical deDarlmer'
r-ladiy ??ve you all ner^
Tatarrh in m\- hi-ad. ai ^..;rt? .U?,,. ak- ?........ ,?
u?inK oth?T .. mation about the treatment ol
? >' only aaea : . vour own individual case, for which
.?:\- ut ih?? irritata-ai mua-nu? r . ... . . .,.
comm.nea-d laVrinit s. s no charge will be made. Write to
cS,rVd'"kin" " f"K bl""" ' *"' ;da>' ,0 ,he ?Sw?i?, S????**: Co?? 4"
r. v. VEXATTA. Swift Laboratory. .Vlanta, CVeorg? .
? ? w ? ?
... , L ^ ?a.?
Mr. Harl? 't f*. K-?
jadctphra. ?ora* mini?*?
?? tbe* honi- <f * nioili-i ,1*.?.- ?'d ?"?*?-? and that I"
avenu?*, hy the Rev. r. .< ' a?
! WHlinm?, of the Petworth ?. G. * "
Ichurih. Tl
lias T>?? >v 'i" ?'* aB"
: Irani". ? - ?har. V?. )i ?
August 1?. 1918, the Postmaster General issued an order t
telephone companies "to confine extensions ?ind bettermei
perativc and unavoidable work to meet war requirements and the
vital commercial needs of the country."
All companies were directed to "ad"pt and enforce su and
regulations as may be necessary and proper to ace - re
sult because of the difficulties incident to war condi -??.curing
adequate supplies, labor and transportation."
In compliance with this order, this company wi' aketo pro
vide service as promptly as conditions wi ; essential war
work .and vital commercial needs.
Where it is not obvious that applicants ;' vice fall within these
classes, evidence will be required th; requested i f
such importance in war production work or is of such vital com
mercial necessity as to warrant service lieing established.
Possession of government contract??", priority shipping ?
or a letter or other fon ? of advice from the chief of a :
department certifying to the necessity for '.he establishment
ice, will be accepted as evidence.
No applications for service except those permitted und?
of the Postmaster Genera' will be accepted.
In view of conditions brought about by tbe war. i* tier
desirable that telephone service be conserved in every possible way
for use by the government and essential war industries and ac
Liberty Bonds?insurance Policies on I ie/orv?Bu \ Ti em

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