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Financial New^-Stock i?arket PriceslNews and Views of Sporting V/orla
Property Custodi-an Seizes
Half of German Estates.
Says Holland.
In hi? Informs1 talk to a fsw friends
who wer? his hosts at a luncheon ln
thla city a day or two ago. A. Mitchell
Palmer itated that h? has now In his
possession aa custodia* of alien
property about ????.???,???. All this
has bean secured since hia ap
pointment to the office of custodian
of alien property, an office which
was created by an act of Congress
last year. But. Mr. Pal mer said.
M00.009,ooo are only g little more
than one-half of tbe total amount
which he expect? to secure and
to hold ln his possession until
after the war. He said to his friends
that his estimate Is that the money
tbe United States Is not far from
fl. 000.000,000. His organization Is now
so well perfected and the means
which b? haa adopted to secure In
formation respecting alien property
are ao adequata that he 1? convinced
that withm a few months ther? will
be tn hia possession as custodian sub
stantially all of the alien property
held in the United Stata? and that
this will amount to SI, 000.000,000 st
Mr. Palmer's investigation? lad to
the discovery of an unsuspected
method adopted by German capital
and German Interests for obtaining
gradually but surely complete con
trol of many important Industries in
the United States These methods he
spoKe of as insidious. skillfully
planned and. in the majority of cases,
successful y adopt?**.
< natam?mg* Representatives.
To illustrate his meaning he aaid
that he had discovered that when
German capital and German inter
est? had in mind the establishment
of the important industry in the
United States and one which would
be ?able successfully to compete
with any like American Industry, a
skillful and competent man, com
paratively younfr. would be sent to
the United States for the purpose
of promoting the establishment of a
new Industry, for Instance, the man
ufacture of tools, and especially of
iberniceli? and drugs. This rep
r?sentative ha\ ing organized a com
pany saw to it that at least eighty
per tvnt of the capital stock was
held usual ly under cover in Ger
r.\r.ny. The man who promoted the
-try would himself hold per
?ap? with a few unsuspecting
.Vmcricans. not more than twenty
per c^nt'of the capital stock. This
entativ? usually professed it
to he his determination to make the
United States his home and Mr. Pal
*.i' r keew of cases where the rep
llv? had convinced Ameri
?mtXg of his sincerity by marrying an
?a i>..., l-an girl.
rfevcrtheles? the industries were
' ?- r.:* ??. their mur age ment and at
*o eontrol th*"1 markets were
?stice of secretive German
??ri? Control ladnstries.
rnnoevj of industries of this
.i Mr. Palmer has uncover
?I ? l-r-je. Hut he has been es peci
. :% ?'.?:>.. cd by the secretive, cun
nd >rt audacious methods
h h.tve characterised the German
ftp* ..adually but surely to en
Ipsisfh in the United States industries
n- Hy owned by Germany and domi
*m*Mr4 by Gernsaa methods.
Th?.? ?Mece* cry of these German
?i:.?, ? ?la h..s led Mr. Palmer to the
'piim-n that it ?s the wiser part, be
" it is the safer part for him to
rlTer for sale ar* he has already been
doing in rome instance!?, these indus
trial organization*, takln? pains that
? he purchasers shall be Americans
who ha\e no pro-German tendencies.
if he puts this plan into full execu
tion there will be before the end of
:h* war a transfer to exclusively
American capital of the German
created industries.
Mr. Palmer said that this is the
Asiens, 53.581.361
Join the Equitable and
Save Systematically
Th? ?en ?i.d wo??jn who ui? ?tre
t.k*? ottet wl*?? ifot4-?r. Art? ..on lading
tha f "i, n<1ati"i, f. t your financial ll?
drpeiitlfiir* hy ??t?p^* Mike ill* your
laind to join the RquiUMe and ?te
--*..'.?.?? far the
75tfa Issue of Stock
n? ??? lleeelved.
Shares $2.50 Per Month
i% Interest
915 F St. N. W.
JOH*l JOY KI>H?>?J. I>rr?l.lrnt.
I'BAXk P. IIKKilDF. See*jr.
flrst time he ha? made thi? ?tatement
of his purpose to ?oil the Germai:
controlled industrie? in the United
State? to exclusively American cap
' Ita! He alao had a further purpo?e
which he mentioned for the first time
I in thi? Informal talk. There are
many Americana who have claim?
: asainat citiiens or corporation? in
Germany. Of course theae claim?
have been held up since the beginning
of the war. There la ? suspicion that
some of them have been confilecatetl
by the German ?rcicernment since the
; United State? entered the war.
Now Mr. Palmer contemplates using
' the money which he receive? for the
i ?ale of theae German properties to
' liquidate the claim? of American citi
sene againat citisene or corporation?
In Germany. He la of the opinion
that in thia way all of these claim?
can be liquidated speedily, although,
of course. American creditore will be
compelled to offer satisfactory proof
of the Justice of their claims. If thia
plan be carried out then within a
few months alien property, which has
paased Into Mr. Palmer's possession.
i will be used to pay American claim?
; against Germany, so that when the
I time of peace discussion comes that
? claim will have no part In the dle
! cu?sion. German citizen? and German
! corporation? must in their own way
j and at home tmon, themselves Ilqui
I date these claims if that can be done.
I At all eventa their property will be
lawfully used by Mr. Palmer u> pay
American claims.
Washington Stock Exchange.
Waihlxstoa Gat ia 11.1? at *?
Attar call'
Lanaton. 10 at 5SH.
1-i.i. ?ate?.
C. S reratarcd a,. MH .
U. H. coul?m 2a. fa*? .
D. S. regiatered la._. 10M .
V. ?. coupon tt . 1?H. .
i>. c. SM? . ?
I IJMrtr Lou 3*4?.?? ?-100 .
?Cooaertsd Ubarti Uaua tt..M ?IH .
Second I.tx-rtT Loan tt.9* .
Third Ijbenj Lnao ?Ha?.M HOO .
Kim Coo?. Lab. Loan 4?*?.... ? ?la? .
I Seoi.nl Con?. Lib, Loan 4?*?... ? So-WO .
uas Bonds.
I ??aoraatoani ???? Ss. S?
?Vaahtngton Ha? Sa. SS?* Sa**
Capitai Traction la. *r\ Ut
I \Ietrour4itan 5, . ? IT
| ?ul.mjmi R?y; and Kttc. 4?.... CSV? TU
' ivtoeuac t-'lecrric Cina. Sa. SC'a ?
1'ottaaao Electric Light S?. ? .
: Hotoen.c Kttetric l'o?aet te. S"r*a
l'otocnac Qectric general te. SS SO"?
. Cheea|?ea?? ?od l'otoauae Tel. Sa ST SVft
' Anv-ricait T. I. al.l T. Ina. 4?.ITS ??
Aanerican Tel. and Talea. Wat- EVa Si
j Ab. IVI and TH. til. Tr te. M?, ?Ae
, Aaa. Tel ?od Tel. con?, te. ST ?%
I American tirar1'.,??!,'., a 1 -t te. 90 '? j
! D. ti Paper Hit. te.. 1??
! Waahmatoa Market 54. IS?. * . ,
Wjaliington llarkrt Sa. ISC. SS .{
; W. U. Cold atora?? M. M _
Sec. Storace and Sale Dem te. IDI
I Norfolk and ?iah. Steamboat te.. 'CO .
? Hissa Keaily te Unii... ?
] R-gire Realty te (thon!. St
U. S. Reali? te. W
iTBi.io i-rii.iTT stocks
?Capital Traction . U t?"?
?Aaahingtoa Rwy. ?nd Elee, por? . S5
?Va?hir.gton Karr, and Klee. pfd. ?*H 6?
Nirfotk ind Waah. sl.ainlajJt. I* l.'O
; Waahington Gaa . ?t\ .
'America? Te!, and Tel??. a? .
Vea ??l??ael . in nia?
Lanatoa . M ?
l.anatoo Scrip . S? ? ?
; American . 1;? .. ..
1 l'aiutai . ?fit*
? uiunuTcial .M 1? 70?
inatrict . 147 .
Kanters sud Macilauic?'. ZK IM
I Federal .,. 13? .
, Lineo*??. la? .
National Metropolitan .H. ?00 -
Rigas . ?06 a*a
Second . ISO
. National Baok of Waaotnatoa. a?
American Security and Truat. tSS
National Saringa aod Truat. 27S .
?*.-?hingtoi. Loan a?? 1 Truat. IS M
Continental Trost . Ila l:S
! Horn? . <s? .
: Bank of commaree and Safinga., 12 .
' Eait Washington. 11 .
Security Sarings and Com. 175 .
Arlington . 8 a?
Corcoran. SO .
firemen's. 11 .
i;> .nun Ameiican . -V- .
| Nati.a-.al Coi, ? . "'? .
tteal but? . ?
Chap?n Sacka . I?
I? C Peptr Mf?. Co. SO .
| Merchant?? Transfer and Storage.. 100 ILS
? Seenni.? St, rage. IBS .
! U. S. Beali? Co. . IT? .
??a.jington Market . !6\ .
Cliictfo. Sept. IT.?1Chnoton? were freely e
prea-vd by caaii grain liantU-eri on the board
of trmom t'iday that the embargo on train to
thi?* market will be remoied in a dar or two.
Tite etui-a rgo waa t?? ion J>* considered-?. b<m
eetr, and it ca'iaed ner-rouan-N? in the tratte
tifi fthnuat prevented any lar?e commitment*.
? ? local pmf-eaai?oala bugged the apeculati*?
[ <?. tr.
The rang? of price? wa? r.arrcw, but tbe
flnctua?cna were cnotinuou*.
Morr oc ?em of ?tub-bornnea? waa t?own by
tbe oat? market today, aa price? were \% to *fcc
higher In tit? f.ue of a dieline io corn.
Country offering tn oata to anire were
?nail and local iwceipt? were moderate.
Baltimore. Md.. Sept. 17 -WHBAT-Spot wax
-, ted m inter, garlicky. 13344a2.M; spot No. 2.
rwd winter. !.35\a2.36 : receipt?. 101.KB bushel*.
COKS?Receipt?, ?.314 boahela.
OATS?Firmer, Standard, wbit?, ne?. TSa
TVm; No. X whit?, new, TTHaTS; receipts, ?.TU
RYE-et-??ilj, No. t, Webern -eport. LT2;
receipt?. 368 boahrl*.
? SO?jT??*1, r',7 COPM?
|__ ?5 ' ' ..nei H c; "'".
S.I^TMsVt S"
New People Coming
To Washington
on Government work
are cordially invited to
make the Union Trust
Company their bank
ing home.
Here you will find
complete and conven
ient faciliti*?, tor the
transaction ot your
banking business; we
will be glad to serve you
in every way within our
power and to give you
any information about
the city that you may
Few Specialties Display
Freakish Weakness
During Lull.
New York, Sep. 17.?While a tow
specialties displayed freakish weak
ness today, the stock market as a
whole wa? quiet and strong. The
weakness was only in the mor ni ??
and evidently was b.osed on announce
ment from Washington that the army
would require some seven billion dol
laro more than had been expected.
This f? America's answer to the
Kaiser's request for a peace con
ference. In the afternoon rumor of thy;
Kaiser's abdication came from ?Lon
don and while nobody believed It, it
waa commented on as at least some
thing sensible and no doubt Influenced
the buying?the very slight buying,
necessary to advance prices.
So drill was the market that be
tween 1 o'clock and 1.15 p. m. there
were only 1.600 sha res of st ocks dealt
In. At one time the/e was an in
terval of five minutes between hun
dred share sales. A few bonds came
out in this Interval, but there was a
two minute interval In which the
ticker did not move at all. Such a
condition is beyond all precedent in
Wall street In recent years. It per
suades many observers that the mar
ket is well sold out. But In spite
of this, there are traders who insist
that big news will come from Wash
ington on Saturday or perhaps Friday
night that will cause free selling
again. Several are known to have
sold stocks In expectation of some
development of this Rind.
Amerleas. flnnntrn Weak.
Weakness of American Sumatra at
tracted much attention because the
?short interest In it Is said to be small,
vepy little having been sold short on
the recent decline. That the trouble
is with that stock In particular and
not with the tobacco group was proved
by the firmness of tobacco products
In General Motors there was a break
of 4M points due to the fact that
stockholders of the Chevrolet Com
pany will meet on October It to vote
for dissolution of that company. All
its property has already passed to the
Cenerai Motors Company with the ex
ception of General Motor? stock
which Is to be distributed to the stock
holders of Chevrolet through the act
of dissolution. This will furnish such
a large supply of General Motors
stock that persons who are still short
of it may cover with ease. The corner
is a thing of the past.
Mexican Petroleum and Texas were
both strong features in the after
Distillers gained strength because
the company Intends to sell nineteen
of it? distilleries on October 1. there
by relieving itself of the burden of
carrying them. The company has the
larsest cash holding In its "hlstury.
Unconfirmed report said that one
important railroad system had signed
th? tontract with the government and
had secured some modifications.
.New Tort. Sant. 17.-Trafilo? on ?ha curb
to-lay arava quiet, and prices ?hoset?! Irregular
Tradirla tn th? arar atoe*? aa? almost at a
standstill with oo Important fhietuatatsu*. Tho
mote?? were extremely dull.
Aetna Kx|.a<eiees . a?
Air Reduction . ?**
Am. Writing Paper, com. 3V1
AtlsntJc Petroleum . l?a
llarnett Oil . 3-1*
Kig Ledge . ?"
lu .ton and Montana . 44
Rutterwcrth Ju'l^otv . 3*
Caledonia Minine; . 43
Csli-nen ?nd Jerome . ?a
l'aravo? Copper . ,:?
Carbon Steel .-. 11?
tar Light and Power.
CI,arc-,?! Irco .
Clicsrolet .
I'ities Serelcs? .
Citie? KerTiee, 1M
Consolidated Aru.*na
c, n-oluUted Cop.str ,
loadcn Co.
Caaden, pfd.
Cranua .
Cresson (.old .
?Crvstal Copper .
iCurtts? Aero .
| l>ast?f)aly
. 7Va
. 115
. 3?
. Tl
. IV,
. 5
. H,
. 3V,
. f?
. 4:?
. a
. 5
Ocnbeigh Silver .-... Pi
t ':1k Basin . J
Kmerson ?Vhoeie ?J. 1?.
Kmma Copper . 2'a
Federal Oil . . Ia?
First National Copper. G?
film Book . 2S
a:-Litici,! Consolidated . ?
'fireen Monster . "4
. 11? !lv Sugar .
Holly 8ug?r. pfd... e?
I Hruatrai Oil . 7S4
Howe Sound . ?
iHull Copper. K>
hit rrkuional Petroleum . 13
Island Oil . 3'?
Jerome Verri. . H
Jim Butler '. ?4
-Iiimhn Extension . 9
Krystone Tire. 154
I.?ke Tonedo . ?
Mairma Copper . 2?
Marlin . 73
Mason Valley . 3'e
Maxim Munitions . '?
Merritt Oil . 19
Metropolitan Petroleum. 1
Midwest Oil, com. 88
Midwest Oil. pfd. 1
Midwest Refining . 106
'Mitchell Motor? . It
: I
Mother lodi
Sii'iasing Minea Co.
North American P. ?red P..
Nortlmestem sjVil . 44
Ohio C.-pper . 15-1?
Oklahoma Oil Co. 1
Oklahoma Prod, and Refg. Co..
Okraulgee Oil .
Pacific Gae .
reerli-s? Motor? .
Rae Hercules .
lied Warrior .
R.-le ?.luipment . H*4
St. Joseph Lead . 14
?.vi/Ulpa. com. ,. ?
?*eqisoy?h (Ml . ?.
Sinclair CnB .... 15
Standard Meter? . IT,
Submarine Corporation. M
esocceaa Mining . 11
Touopah Extension . H,
Triangle Film . J-1G
Tn Bulli? . t.
United Eastern .3 13-14
D, 8. Light and Heat, com. I?,
D. 8. Light and Heat, pfd. 2Vt
Ini'ed Motor* . 27
I'nited Trofit Sharing . J-l?
1*. S. Steamship . 5*4
I'nited Verde . MH
United Wester? Oil . ?,
Inited Zinc . U
Victoria Oil ....?.?. ja?
Wavland Oil . ?,
Wright Martin Aero .a.. ?a,
Weat End . a?
1 11?!?
21 :
'.- i
I le
s; vis
New t???*, sept, d -Barin? by tnd? inter
mtt *r.<i lt*s?4?B**d ?pprefcer.Si?n orer the Ad
mjnirtr!.t;nn"f attitude toward the ?tapie
Tbe Safeft Investments
are tb??? tu?t 3c Dot tlactnete daini dl?
turbici a ? '? r.t.? ot 'he money or etoci
it.m1.?*U Kit?? deed of truat octea tur??
atorttagee) ?eu at-cured oo reel eatata It
the l)i*.*-n?-t of Columbi?, ?wwfitnt? "fili
edgr" (ni*?tm?M)ta tad do net deperii a??
the OoeaHaJ res-pcD-iI-ilif? at l,.1i?r1df,aii ,t
P>rpor?tior.. ^or Uieir i-tibilit* W?? ran
?tnppl* euch in?t?tee)nt*i tn ? mount*, tram ?**
oiiward. SfTid for hOv?.let, ''CorcerTlEJ
Lorna* end 1d*/mUb?du."
Swartiel, Rheem &
Heuer Co.,
727 FrftccB Street Netthirett
strengthened tb? cotton market bar? today
?fter an easier ?tart.
Spot new? fmm tb? entire belt wa? cak-ui?t
ed to restrict contract aalea. a? offering? were
? milted aod the ba-is atrong. -paitl-wUrly tor
the grade? abo?? middling. Final pnce? were
y-afiO pointa net higher. Exporta for th? day
?-G* 19,8^9 bftl?, ta, Great Britain.
.Spot at New Qrlmnj waa quiet, with mid
dling unchanged it i?.1* cent?; the tale? wer?
:.00? bale?.
Spot here waa quiet at as advanc* of 3*
point? at ? M canta; there were no ?ala?.
Receipt? o? ?orne *>f th? leading port? were:
New Orleans. 5.113: Mobil?. ] ISO; 8?'?nnaJi
4.S3?; Chirleaton. 1.2?: Norfolk. 104 ; Boitoo. j
90; Angusta, '?,??; ?. Loma, 415.
High. Is,?. <
Adam? Expresa. . is a
Alaak? Juneau . is IH
Alba Cl>?tfj?era. ?r. -.S*.
Allls ClialmiTa pr.. 83*. ?.31,
Am. Ag. Ch. pfd.. ? st
lift. Beet Sugar. I? rf}
American Can. 44?, 43a,
.?un. Car k ??p. JS>. U\
Am. Cotton Oil. ?U 41
Am. Hide k Lea. 19% lg?4
Am. Hide k L. pr. ST?, 37V,
Am. Internal!. 52 SI?,
Am. ijiwel.?.. ?54 ?>..
Am. l?comoti,e. il?, MS
Am. sa. k Ref. ;s>. ?s.
Am. steel ?Airy. ?,* ??
Ara. > ?mau??. :fa?i. ?pa?
Am. Sumatra pr. 86 es
Am. Tel. k Teleg. n'i 91%
l\m. Tobncts?. ito 160
Amer. Woolen. 54*4 S3?.
Am. Wrtg. i?a. pr. S g?
Anaconda . ?7?. iga,
Atchinaon . aaa? ??a,
Atclilaon nr. SI M
A. O. k W. In. pr. il M
Baldwin Loco. 9? erti
?talto. k Ohio..... ?AV. 53a,
Itcth. St.. Claa? ?. lu? 7?"?
Iteth. SU. I per cent pr... IOS lor??.
Itrooklfn. Rap. J. Ja?. Sia?.
Itunia Uro,. li? m
llntt? Cop. A C. MU, ir,?,
Butta Superior. ?>??, ae.
CaUtorni? Petm. .?a. ia?,
Canadian l'aeific. Kl?, ?57
Central Leather. COS 01
Cer? de Paaro. 35. sj
ctiaJidl<T Uotor. ira, p
Chea k Ohio. SOS Si?.
Ch. t?re?t Wn. pr. S CS
rhL MU. k St P. 1, us
Chi. Sill, k St P. pr. ? l*.
Clil. R. I k Pac. SS ?S
O.'It. 1. k ? T per cent pr TV* ??
Chil? Copper. Its 15?.
Chmo Couper. ??. ?M?
Col. Fuel k Iron. iSS 45S
Con. In. CH Min. S 8
dora Pr??ducr?. 41 41
Cora frod. pr. 101S 101S
Cruabi? Steea. 65 ?4
Cubia cane Sug. SOS 30
lieu, k Rr> Or pr. J% VU
Outillera' Se?sir. S3 SIS
H nie Mining. 9S SS
Krie Railroad. 15% ISS
Er?? lat pli. SOS 30S
l-'ed. Min. k Sm. 11% 11%
Kel M. k 8m. pr. 3?S ??,
Kiatier Body. 3g SS
'.enera' Motora.?.. 113% nos
C.en "Motora nr. ???? ?
C.oudrich (t-. F.l. iSS 45S
tiranby Con. Min. ??? ???
Cri. Northern nr. 10% SO
Ort. Northern Or?. 30?. 3t%
Oreene-C.nanea . 44% 44%
fiiilf State. Steel. 78 ,T%
Illinois Central. S5S ?SS
lnat>inaaon . 53% 53
Interborough ..'. a*. g%
Interlwrough pr. 21 CO
Int. Har?. of N. J. 12S ISS%
Int Harr, ot N. 1 pr. 104 104
Int. Starine. ZT as%
Int. Marine pr. 101S VIO\
Internati. Nickel. SO 2SS
Int. Paper lata). SSS 30".
Kcnneo.t . 3>S 38"*
I.?eka?annna Sie?!. 81 81
Liggett * M?,?? pr. 1? Ml
Manhattan Blare. So1.. So
Maxwell Motor. SS', SS
Manli 3d. JO?. 35%
.Mrxhan I?, Ir??,?,,?.. 11?', IM
MUati Cl?per. S S%
HUtab Steel. JB SIS
Minn, k St. Louia (n). ?S ?
Miaaouri Pacifie. S3S 33%
Miaaouri Pacific lar. SO 36
Nat- lit. k Stpg. ?IS 51
NcT.d? Ottmm. 10'? 30%
N.w T,?rk Airhra?e. 130 110
New tort Central. 73% TI?
M. Y , N H.. A Hartford.... 3T, ?ja.
N. Y., ?int k Wn. ?*", S?,
Norfolk k Weattarn. 103S '??"*?
N'rfolk k Western pr. t? ?0
Will Mil? l'aeiflc.a. ?TS K\
nino ini,?? Um. 3?% :7?.
??Ilio G??-1. 41S 41?
Ontario Mining. ?S 8
"wen, Urtile. 58?? SS
P.nrn?l?anla . 43? O?.
l'icrce-Armw . 30 38
Pierre-A ? >w te. 96% 95?,
Pierce Oil. li? 15?.
Pltr-hcrtSi Cbal. 4S% I?1.
Pre?? Steel Car. 87S 47?
l*rm? sieri Car pr. 96 96
?.? Steel Spring?. ?7 OS'?
Ra, Copjier. 24 23?,
Reading Railway. 87% MS
Reading 3d pr. ?7 37
Rep Iron and Steel. 91', 89
R.1?. Iron a Steel pr. ???', ????
Rnyat Dutch rt?. 1? 18?
Sarage Anna. 72S 72??
SeaSoarrt Air Lin?. *% 8S
S? .?v ar't pr. tfa? 20s
"car? Roebuck . 140 I"?1,
Shattuck Ariano? . IS 15
s-sclair Oil k a. 31% 31
s?.u,hcm Parlile. SS ?S
Southern Kallwar. 95% 25%
Studi-Uker . 45". 4IS
Suierinr Steel. 41? 11
Tenn. Cop. k Ch. 18 19
Texa? Co?. 139% 15*
Third Arenne.17 15'a
Tobacco Product?. 05% US
Tranaue * Wil. 37% J7%
?fTnion Baf A Pa. TS? 72?
fnlon Pacific. 151? 123
I'nion Pacific pr. 70? 70?
I'nited AMoj Steel. ? 3?
I'nited Cigar Store?. 99% 99?
V. 8. Alcohol. ?.]??? 112?
D. S. Alooliol pr. 91? 91%
U. S. Rubber. ?0? 59?
G. S. Ruhber lat:. 103 HC,
G. S. Steel. 109% 107?
?. ?. Steel pr. Ill 110?
l"tg?h Copper. S*? 85'.
Virginia-Carolina Chemical... 53S 53?,
?abash pr. k. 3?S SES
Wells Kargo Express. 63% 6.??%
U'eatinghouae . 43', I.?
WiKon ga Oo. 51 31
Will?, rrrerlaod . ? 1?,
W ?M>.-0?erland pr. fCi, aj?,
W'orthington ?. 92?. fi"i ?
Worthlngton Pump pr. B.... ? 00
Baltimore. Sept. 1T.--Pn.ce* for produce tn ;
the Baltimore market? range ?* follow?:
BOTTO -Wertem separator, extra. 4Sa*9c;
?M4 46ai:c; Weitere print?, **-lb. extra?.
??Sie; ^r-i- 4Ta<8c; W?Mere prints, lib. ex
tra*. M*51c;'flrat?. f!mi6c; nearby cr?amrry ??
trai. *3a4?c; flrat?. 41a43c; dairy pnnt?. By
laud, Pennsylvania ?nd Virginia, extra?, 33atfc;
first*. ??aAic; ?tore-paeked. Wtc. ** I
EG<?S-We?t?Tn Maryland and Penn*Tt?aiiU ?
?nd nearby, per do?., flr>u. <7c; Eastern Shore I
o? Maryland and Virginia, per do?., flrata. 47c; j
??liio. per dor., flrst*. 47c; West Virginia, per
doz., 46c; Smthem (North Carulina), per dor..
firn*. tSr.
N. B? To eommard top vr\cet, all !*?'? ,
emuli and dirty tag? ?hould he taken ont from ?
the choice, cktn ?tort and ?M former *hippe?l )
cepa rately.
LIVE POCLTRT-Chicke??. spring. ! ??*.
?Terage, per lb, 36c; do. do. 1-* to 1*4 lh?.
per lb. 36c: do. do, i*i to 1\? H*. per lb. 95c;
do. do, White Leghorn?, per lb. 34c; do. do. by
mamma, ?s to fa, ptr Im, 33c; do. old roo*t
er?, per lh. ?4a25e: du. old hen*, irr lb. 3a^; j
do, old White Leghorn hen?, per lb, ZZeHc ; \
ducks, M '??cotT unlT mongrel, young, per lb.
36a36c; do. White Pek?n*, old. per lb. ?a^Oc;
do, puddle, old ?*t lb.-; do. ?prin*. Ml lbs |
and fTcr t>pr lb. 3?29?, do. do, ?nailer, poor, j
per lb, 25?26c: pigeon*, old. per pair. ttaXc;
do. young, per -pair. 3<!?.35c ; guinea fowl, jonr-f.
each, W lbe and up, G0f ; do. -anali?, ?a.>5c. ,
POTATOES (Potatt-e? ?ell by 100 lb*, welfht.) ,
White, Western Maryland and P-armsy-lrani?.
2!Ca3.00; do. New York. No? 1. 3.Xa3.3>; do.
Ka-tere Shore. : jAa.t.OO: do, Norfolk. No. 1.
bbl. 4.50*300; do. do. No. I. bbl. ljQa3.00;
ftweets. yelliwr?. North Carolina, per bbl 5.00a
5.64; do, Ann? Arendei, per baaket, 86a90c,
do. Eastern Shor? of Mar)'land aad Dela
ware, per bbl ; no?.'50, ? ir cinta. 5 00a5.?0.
vamt, faner, bright, per bbl. 4.50*5.00
pJes, Eaatere Shor? Maryland, choice, per bbl,
..OOa3.50; do, ordinarr. 1.35a2.?; H bbl baa.,
TScal.aO; do Western MarTand ?nd Pennsylr?nia,
parted, bbj. 5L<Caft00; beana, natire. per bu?.
?Mk *?R.J0c: betta. nalT??. per beh. 6?Cc; cab
bage, natire, per 100, S.?Oaf.OO; do, Nr'T
York State, per ton. 30.Ofo2S.00; cantaloupr?,
Potomac per crate. i.50a2?00: da. natire, pec
Yr.K, 5C*"V. corn, migar, per do??., 15o25; enaim'
ber?, native, per peach baakcC. 50c; Damaona,
M ?try land and Virginia, per peach b?*
ket. .'.it?e2S. do. ner pound, I4a?c. grape?.
Concord, per 4-.b bes. iTnlSc; do, Niagara, per ?
orxxiistxi? oiTpAGB arv?w.
Captures Steeplechase at
Havre de Grace Under
Brilliant Ride.
Havre* de Grac?. Md , Sept. 17
Milkmaid. purchased la?t week In New
York by (Juy Redwell for ("ommiin.ler
Rob?, won the opening event thi?
afternoon from Mahoney, the ?econd
choice. Duchea? Lace ran Into third
position. Lucky I^ady went out to
nmke the pace and ?he did It well.
Milk Maid running second and Ma
honey third. Coming into the home
stretch, both Milkmaid and Mahoney
moved up stoutly, and during the la?t
sixteenth? Kummer put up a whip
ping finish, but Milkmaid maintnlned
her lead advantage without being
lapped with the baton. Milkmaid wa?
the heavily-played odde-on favorite.
McCloskey rode an entirely differ
ent race on New Haven In the ?teeple.
chas? thl? afternoon than he did the
other day. and a? a reiult he won
hand? down. Instead of making a
couple of run? and t/vo far ?way from
th? finish, he didn't ?tart to move up
today until rounding the lower turn
H? wa? over the laat fence on the
heels of Lemarsouln and Little Horn,
and then outfooted his rival? to the
wire. H* won by more than a length
over Lemar*ouin. with latti? Horn
just a lenfith way to ?how.
New Haven equaled the track rec
ord of 3.47. which wa? made by Aa
tute September SO. 15)14. Thi? was
McCloakey'i first winning mount.
L'Infirmier barely won the third
race from Blaieaway. who followed
the winner cloeely from ?tart to
finish. Aldebaran beat out Douglas
B., the favorite, In the fourth. Be
nevolent and Little Cottage ?et the
pace In the fifth, the former win
ning at a ?mall price. Boxer, how
ever, gave both a good run and fin
ished third. Charlie McFerran. who
won several day? ago and paid a
fine price, wa? among the al?o ran?
In thl? race. H? wa? not backed
very heavily today.
Great Dolly knocked the prop?
from under th? wiseacre? in the
?Ixth and won out handily, paying
the succulent price of $42.40 for each
ti. Sky Pilot, the favorite, finished
third. Jockey 8talker put over hi?
third win for the day when he aent
Royal under the wire ahead of Aus
tralian In the la.?t race, paying 17 80
for each and every $2 bet on him.
Dalrox. a favorite, ran third. Stal
ker'? other win? during the day
were with Benevolent and Great
Fins, _
Oandei. SS?. 2.? sis! IS?; Mahony. 115 (Rum
aver), 2.4? and HO; Ihacheava Lace. 10? (Alesi.
lea* Time: 113 SS ??teen Mint. Twilight 4th.
Christie Hollers. Lucky Lads also ran.
SECOND BACB-Two anilea. New Hasen.
143 lUcCtoakeyl. a?, tas) ?rad tt?; L. Msr
siuln. 143 (Aller.?, 2.? and 2.4?; Little Horn.
1?0 (Bryanti.. Is?. Tiara?: 337. Otto Floto.
Tightsead. Bob R.dflell. Infidel 2d alao nan.
TIIIRD RACE-Six furlong. Unlvraver. 107
I.Saadel. L3?. ?90 and 4 00; Blare Asa, 112
lOBriam). t.S9 and S50; BeUnngcr. Ill ??t??
lerl, aiO. Tame; 1 13 2 5. Paganini. ?. ?.
I.miaker. ?'". Boberta. Indian Chant, choir
Maai.r. Kockaarar, Sibola. Flame. Inali Maad.
Vocahulary. Juanita 2d aim ran.
FOCRTH RACB-Mile and a ?lxtasenth. Al
debaran. IK (Collins!. H?. St? ,:A tv?; Doug
Us? 8 . U] ? Sand?'. 2 7? and HP Knag Neis
ir- i;r iSrirlansi. ?0?. Tuas.: 1?: :s Dea.
Rar of rasossaix. laury Lou. Vabspar ?aao ran.
FIFTH RACB-Mile and a furlon?. Beejero
l.nt. H9 (Stalker.. ?40. tt? aad -40 Littl.
Cottavge. It* 181 rting Sa? aasd ISO; Boxer, tf
IPrearcl. tl?. Tim?; 1.54 2 5 Crumneall. Hand
ful. ? ...a.?. ''?!..r!f, McFevTavn abo ran
SIXTH ?; ? i: \| . and a quarter. Gnat
Dally. 103 .S'aller', 42.??. ? t* and 4 40; Hay
den, m (Bursrear). LI? and 370; Sky Pilot, in?
O'Btlni. ts?. Tin,?: to? 25. Stir In, Bier
anan. Christie. Pandean alao ran.
SEVENTH rack Mile ?rad a quarta-. Boy
? t. t? 'Stallen, 7 ?. 3 70 and "40; Alasstral. ??
llVifordl. St? ?ad 2.7?; Dalrose. M (Wessxler'.
2*. Tiixv: til. Brando. Flora Flach, Farc
ite Article, Baby Re,- alao ran.
FIRST RACT-For ma?oem l-year-olds; claim
irg; ?ix furlongs: Clean (?one, 115; Armant,
115; li.,ari.,. 115; Mau.apare limp.). US. lull?
113; Ti.ldler. 112; ?Juii-tuatesp. Ill: ?Hasts Lady.
107: Clip. 115; Sunningdal.. 115: Prevaricate, llf;
Posteria. 115; .Mormon Oder. 115; hundan?. Ill:
"Triomrexant, lia
SECOND HACE-rtsr J-yeetr-old? and np: mil.
and seventy jarda; claiming: Petetua, 115;
vVurting Lad. U2. Thrift. 10?; Candidate II
'imp.l. KO; .prtnee Henry. 107; Dare l'amohel:
115: Refugee. Ill; Helen Atluu, KB; R sisaro
II . KB: ?Expr-esaion, ?S.
THIRD RACE-For S-casxr-oid? .nd up:
claiming; mil. and ?eserjty yards: Ray o' Light,
115; S,a Gull. 112; Euterpe. 10?; Silree Sandsla.
10?. ?Syphon Boy. It?; Dr. Charcot. 113; Charlea
Francia. Ut; Glory Beil.. 100. Lesa, 103 ; "Queen
Blond?, a*.
FOURTH RACE-Th. TSclipave Handicap; for
2:ear-old. and up; six furlong?: Startling, lis.
Prince of CVamo. 110; Highland Lad. 10*. Han
ber?:. II?; Billy Kelly. 103.
FIFTH RACE-Selllng; for Stear-old? ?nd
up: mil. ?nd aasrenty yard?: Flittergold, lit:
vMonomoy, 114: Sereneat. Ill; ?YVauke.g, It?;
Fountain Far. 11?; Queen of th. Saa. UI;
il'leasant Dream?, 11!. xBou entry.
SIXTH RACB-For S Issxr-olda .nd up: clalasv
irg; mil? and aerenty yards: Casato?, 112; Dar
key. 115; Tranb? (imp.). 112; Oceldcreat Boy. 112;
Cncl. Sand. 103: ?Th? Belgian II limp.). 107;
Trial by Jury, 115; Opt- Bay. 112; Greeting?.
109: Wood Violet, KB; ?Humiliation, 10T.
SEVENTH RACB-For S-year-old? and np;
claiming: mila ?nd a sxstea-nth: Lytle. Ill;
Fairly. 112; Mix. Filler. IM;'?Cap?. Msrchraosvt.
107; ?OoL Valentine. 105. Eejmor.l. Ill: Thrift,
107: Millraesv. 107 ; ?Tootaae. lot
"Ar-prentica allowance claimed.
FIRST RACE??six furlongs: Bill Hundley.
!97 (Slocruyl (dasadbeatl. 34.10. StO ?nd a ?*
Jiffy. 107 (Gentry) (dcadheat). S.?. S10 and
390; Capt. Hodge, 1W (Moma). 1?? Time.
1:17 3 5 Blu? Magnet. Poly Singer. Ruben
Hugh. SeriK Shot, Hasty Mabel. Sasenta. Rora,
Black Rasa. Hold? also ran. ,
SECOND RACB-Two-vwu-^d. and As? fur
lonsa: C*raoneur, 105 (Murphy). 7?.80. 9.60 ?nd
6.3a): Exempted. 103 (Simpson), t.30 and 1.3?;
Archie Alexander 103 ILonMord). 3.90 Tim?.
1 :r? 1-6. Came Moore, Lancelot, Sentimental,
(*ckroacb, John Churchill. Norm? T.. Beasi?
Atkin. Wise Joan and Guidatone alao ran.
THIRD RAOE-Purse. sWO: for 3-year old?
and up. six furlorgs: Sun Gold. 107 (*A'e?tea
hrlme). satat. 4.10 ?nd 5.30; Premium. 112 (Van
dimtn), 9.60 ?nd 5*0; Tom Goose, 10f (Barrett).
3 6? Tins?, 1:17. The Toff, Irrin Arthur.
I'.cksst Ctisng?, Oli..? Israel, L?dy G.. lui ab ili
11. Augustus, Wcerae Girl and Mondain? also
Fiil'RTH RAOE-Mile and one-aixwa-nth :
Whirling Dun. 110 IMiak . 6 90. ?.10 and 340;
Tinco. 107 (Connolly). 12.14. 7 50 Mistress? Polly.
14? (C.rtiberl. no price. Tim?. I 1? 4-5. Handle
Mar, Irish Gentleman. Diamond 'axaaw also
FIFTH RACE-Six ftirlo- * ?an. 112
(Howard), S50. 1.10. ?nd 2 .a m sd. i:o
(Conooll.i). ll.e? and 180; ?? :*? (JT.
Smith). 2.30. Time. 1 15 I S. -Ic,
Harry Breirogel, Manokin, o
SIXTH RACB-Flse and oeH
Regalo. 117 (Howard?. 2.60. 2.30 a.
10? (LOnnollv), 2.4? ??? 2 40; Brimfu.
erij), 3.S0. Time. 1:0? ? 5. War Mus.
also ran.
SEVENTH RACB Mile and one-aix -
Ernest B.. It? IM Gamer'. ?SO. 190 and " *?'?
j (?vdillae, 116 (Donaliuei, : ?0 ?nd 1.5?; Q'
: .?v-l.le, 1? (Smith?. 2.80. Time. ItatM. Bl.s
; r.rooin. W. P. Dabney, Stir ol Us? ant.
Marasmus also ran.
Few Gridders Report.
? Minneapolis. Sept. 17.--Thirteen
prospective football candidates turn
jed out for flr?t practice at the Unl
j verelty of Minnesota yesterday.
?Thi? wa? conaidored an unusually
I poor showing for th? flr?t day.
School haa not yet opened, how
ever, and many mor? candidates are
expected then. Capt. Klingsley.
Henrjr William?. Jr.. Lampi and
TxyUm, member? ot la?t year'? squad.
Wat?* tUBODS thcaa ?be reiorUii.
I.oaSing team? to play off tie this
Stn.tllii? ?f ti?? ciak?.
? Won Lo?t Pet,
M?rlne?. 6 1 ?3?
War Riele. 6 1 ????
Cappub. 2 4 .333
Yestrrdar'a Ra>??lt?.
Army Medie?,s. f Ilex A. C, 1.
"Where I'hey Plsy.
Navy T?rd v?. OpfratHti?.
At American ' * .~ ?< l'ark.
Umpire??Hughe? and Carr.
Stnadina of tke Club?.
Won Lo?t Pet.
Navy Yard. ?I 0 1000
Operation?. 6 1 .833,
clarendon. ? I .600
IlexA.C. 1 S .1?7 I
Army Medico?..... 1 5 .1*7
Army School Lands Inter-.
esting Battle from North
west Clubmen.
The Army Medical put a win In tha
lonesome column ye?terd?y by trim
mine th? Rex A- C by a ?cor? of
i to 1 at American Le?gue Park.
The Medico? ?ot on to Ferguson tn
fh? second frame when Howard was
hit by a pitched ball and Hull waa aafe
on Roach*? error. A wild pitch ad
vanced both men. Howard scored
when Dyer hit him In th? back try
In?; to catch him at the plate. Ruff
?cored on Welter-? Inffeld hit.
The Army Medical can? back In the
third and grabbed two more putting
the old ball gama on fee Parks waa
fait and Brumbaugh got a life on
Fltxgerald'a error. Howard hit ?cor
ing Parks and Brombaugh scored on
Hull's ?Ingle.
The Rex A. C. got their lone tally
In the eighth Inning. Poach beat out
an Infield hit. ("affrey bit and Roach
?cored on Kitsgerald'? ?ingle. Carl
pitched a good game keeping tbe hits
well ?catteied. The acore:
SBcniiS TWO.
R*s ??? ? o A E Ana?. Ab HO ? E I
Ruw-b.a? . 4 1 ? < l.VTeltnab... itili
lalTrej.ir.. . J 1 ? ? ?Cllli?. ??411'
?--lUSvraM.aa 4 1 * I 1 Tarta.?*.. 4 J I 3 1 I
Stecl.ef. 4 2 1 ? ?JBl??r.l?aiagh.c. 4 ? ? 1 ?
lha->. 4 1?] ! H^tari.lb... 3 1 14 ? ?
Mfingaton.c 4 1 ? 1 1 Hull.rf. 4 11??
mimi?. > eu > ?|??9?.?t. 4 ? ? ? ?
B?b?.rf. 3 ? I I tMone.lf. 3 ? 3 ? ?
r?rtruaon.p. 3 ? ? I ?.'ari.?. ? I ? 4 ?
Total?.... 3 ?SU 5, Total? > ? ? a. i
Arm? a!,.iica:. Il II MUH
Ile A. C. I I I I ? M 1 hi
Left on baia? Re?, 4; Army Medicai. S.
Struck out-Br Cari. t; FVrru???. 4. ??amnc?
liHs?JatvB?. C?Srey. Staira taiaa? Howard,
Koadj. SUI. Doubl? ntum-Carl to l'ara, to
H ?-ara: Ugge?, ,., Si' R,.,, to Sili. Wild
?.?tch-Carl. 2- Feiaruaon, L Umr?r?s?^Me?ara,
Hugh?? ?nd Oarr.
Compadre Captures Wood
mere Selling Stakes at
Acqueduct Track.
Aoueduct Race Track. X T.. Sept.
IT.?Compadre. Quoted at 4 to 1, .cap
tured* the Woodmere Selline stake? to
day by a length from Jynte, the 7 to
5 favorite. The race was run in a
heavy rainstorm. Jynte was ?low in
getting away, but closed very fast in
the last furlong.
In the handicap for all ages Regal
Lodge got a flying start and aet a
killing pace all the way. finishing
Bhout five length? In front of Star
Master, the 11 to 10 favorite. Regal
Lodge was quoted at 7 to S.
Mocasaln III. paying 11 to 10 wa? an
easy winner In the steeplechase. He
was under a pull for the last half
mile. He was the only favorite to
win. The eummary:
FIRST RACE-Six furlong? Turf, 1?4 (Shut?
'.:-g?ri. 13 to 1. I to 1. and S to ?; HouaeanaKi.
11? (Krlaej), 1 to 1. ? to f ?Ml ? to I?. *U?elr.
IV (MeCrannl. ? to 1 S.to ] and I to S Tun,.
1:13. Bom Finn. Peranna, alisa Kruter. In
triguer. Annie Edgar. <.?n?ja??. Hwf?. DnflVid.
I .eri ? a Zanate. Prep Sight. Burlingamr. Aj?p>
ton "Rular. Bathikia tod Sierro ?lao nn.
SECOND BACE-Abcut tan mile? Moreaalo
3rd. 143 (Kratingl. I! to 10. 1 to 5. ?nd 1 to
4 Brand. Ir* (Boati) I to 1. I to 1 ?nd : to II:
Tudor King, lit (Waiafh). V to I, I tit I and
1 to L Time, 4:15 15. Mohah. Whiat tnd.
Gloriola. Toppy Nix, and CVmteoder alao rao.
THIRD RACR-Si? furkm?? Coanpaor?. 14?
(Schnttingerl, I to 1. 3 to 1 ?nd Itoli; Jmt?.
113 (Lrmi. ? to B. 1 to 1 arvi 1 to S; Pansman.
Ill (Cooatantin?), IJ to 1. ? to I and i to 2.
Tinte, 1 II ]-5. Snap Draguai ?nd. Th? Ma?
0'ierader, Columbino. ????.-:??, Wkirrs?; ?nd
Minto kid ?Jao ran.
FOURTH ""UCE-Mile: Rea?! Uodgt. 11?
'lokal, I I, I. I to ! and oat. Star Maaur.
131 (loltal, 11 to 11 1 to i. ?nd out; Papp.
HI (Ktraeji. I to I, ? to i, and otri. Tim??.
1 -St ?-?, ?Tenon. Bon alao r?n.
FIFTH RACE-?G? and nte-?l?t4?e??tl??: H?r
??ood ?. 115 ayWI. 3 to t. 1 to 4. ?ed o?t;
J'idg? tnttmtt, 11} tEnsorl. J To ?. out ?nd
out; 8tr?dlr?riouv It? rrreaae). 30 to 1. 4 u> .
and out Time. tM 1 ?. Hi?, Fanr'e alao ran.
SIXTH RACE- Maulen, ?-ioar-old??, ?".lit?:
da? torrent? Ballet Dancer. II I!? (Rico), I
to I. 5 to ? and e?en; Petrol, U? ti?"*??????).
H to 1. I to 1, ?nd ? to I ; Marmite. 113 (Loft
?1. 4 to 1. I to 1 ?rd i Vi i. Time. 1* DI.
(?rorg? Elliot? Sinai?. Mario? Add'.er. Sub
terfuge, .act ?.??. Onpkalo, Julia Be??. Mar
cl.??? 11 ?nd ne*???,* ?lac r?n.
CentTsJ A. A. U. HoDort Dcan
Chicago. Sept. 17.?Chrtrl?? Dean.
cf Chicago. ?Ti elected president
of th? central branch of the Ama
teur Athletic U"lon last night, and
C. A, Lynch, of Detroit, first vice
president. Waller H Llgenger. of
Milwaukee, was raped delegate to
the National ? ? I'., mcetirg in
"hiladelphla November 1? Camp?
? 'lAse. Grant and Cutter were
trded memberships. The ?ec
tlon?I boding championships will be
In Milwaukee, September 17
nnd ?"??
RvWm Mead? Metropolitan A.A.U.
New T k. Sept, IT.?Frederick
"?? ! '.en ?e???? "elected president Of
th. ,. ''an As0oei?tion of the
Am?.- tic Union at the or
fani, ition'? tnnual contention here
lust rr>?.
Plan? i'rr so ?Intment of a ape?-.
clal comrtlf.? ?,n war activitie?
Were at > A proposal that
'soldiers . ? be barred from
?point cor ? the A? A. U
game? on e jnd that the
strong a? m ???' > team? pre
vented oihei ''"? ??? capturln?;
uaM eoln<? tri..-.? y . t reject?*.
Ever s Predicts Baseball
Revolution to Fol
low War.
?Mi (Ore,,pondent of the ? ?, a, tBi
Tbe Waaraisaajtoa Heraldi.
Pari?, sept. 17-Revolutionary ra-:
organisation of baseball will be In- !
evitable ?iter the war-wlth major:
league teame recruited exclualvely '
from men who have foutht ior Uncle
Mm In Krame
. ???1 'Vh* 1",-<,ic?? ?tatement made
to The Wa?hlngton Herald and the
NE. A. rcpreaentatlve In Pari? by I
Johnny Kvera. for many year? ? big I
lcasue ?tar and member of ?everal
world'? ?champion team?
Ever? I? now In France, attach??]
to the Knight? of Columbus overseas? '
unit, promoting baseball among Amer
ican ?oldier? and teaching the French '
how to play the Ameritan national
"They aay the ?oldier? of thl? war?'
will be a power In politica back home
after It'a over," Ever? aaid "Quite
likely-but put a bet down that tl.?
boya fighting over here will be the
big power in the reorganization of
professional baseball.
"Baaeball will never be aa It wa?
before?the same old atara drawing
fabulous ?alarle?. The gam? ha? re
ceived Ita death blow till the war t*
over?and won for democracy. And
tbe big league atara of the future
and of the minor league?, too, of
courae?are th? doughboy? playing
here within the sound of the guns,
in the rest and recreation camp? ar.d
In the Innumerable American military ;
centera ?cettered over France.
"Boy? never heard of In baseball
are going to go back home not only
with bright military rax-ord?. but
possessor? of baseball fame earned
in game? snatched between battles.
"I'd almost he-willing to bet that after
the war the baseball fan? In the major
and minor league circuits will hoot
off the field any player, no matter
how good. If he can't ?how that he'? j
done hla bit for 1'ncle Sam'"
Ever?' opinion was born of hi? sur- I
mey ot conditions here, of the spirit
of the men in the American army, of
their continued lntereet ln the game '
a? exhibited in their own game? here, ?
and of their candidly expressed ap- j
provai of the suspension of profe?
?lonal baseball In the Statea for the
duration of the war.
Every rogim? nt ha? It? baseball
team and in Pan? the troops stationed |
in or near the capital league ?ea?on? :
the Paris lesgue-whlch ended !n
August. The season ended with elch
teen teams out of thirty that ?to
the others having been compelled to ?
withdraw because ot troop move
At the outset French army com
mander? sent men to watch the games '
with the view of introducing basebell
to French soldiers. The result? are
meaner, however. During the latter
part of August, after Evers' arrival. ?
he has been touring the French front,
at the official Invitation of (Sen. Vidal
He waa furnished a statt of Inter- j
preters and the necessary "materiel
de baseball"?meaning bats and balls
?and In various sectors he laid out :
diamonds, ?bowed the poilus how the
gam? wa? played and picked team? '
and umpired games. By the time
Evers left FYench camps early ln
September to give baaeball a boost
??sons Us? American soldiers, the
French were enthralled with baseball.
In French newspaper? Ewer? I*
hailed a? "Monaleur Jeannot Ever?.
anclen champion de baseball de t'li
cago. le maitre de g?ographie de la
deuxi?me base, celeore professeur du
sport national amercain-'?which la to j
?*?>'. approximately. "Mr. Johnny '
Ever?, old baseball champion ?if Chi
cago, the man who mastered the geog
raphy of aaeeond ba?e. celebrated
profe??or of th? national American
"All right. If they ?ay ao." said
Kvers. "but what did th. y want to
tack on tha 'ancien' business for?"
Schedule Will Not Be Interfered
with at Penn State.
SUte College. Pa., Sept. 1T.-Tlie cer
tainty of football at Penn Slate wa?
definitely assured yesterday by Mal.
Baylies, the military commanalant. He
returned from Washington with In
formation that the government clasa
work ac'.ieajule for colleges having r:
A. T. C. units provides for at h*a?t
one hour every afternoon for athletic?
He aaid no required college work or
military driH woul 1 Interfere with
State'a plans for til? season's grid
iron program. Tha???? is no reason.
Ma). Bayliea ?aid. why the comrlete
schedule should not be played
though It calls for long tripa to Dart
mouth and Cornell.
Furlougha will be lsiued. he ex
plained, to er-vble the enisted stu
dents on athletic team? to msi,e the
trip* Bravdek drilled State's i:-mr.ti
squad In formations and ?itmal.? today.
Back Field Coach. Bezdek't Aisist
ant. Joins Army.
State College, Ta. Sept ?-Penn
State ha? lest Bull McCleary. the
back field coach of it? football eleven.
He wa? to have assisted Hugo Be?
dek thl? ?e son. but ha.? joined the
arir.v Maxi ? ?1 not '??e available.
McCleary captained State'? team In
190? and flayed full back for three
years. Pu: ins the seasons of 1910 and
lini be w.T. an assistant coach here.
It Is do'.utful whether an outside
'coach will be brought In to succeed
?McClear* B-:.lek has agreed to
handle the entire ?vyj?d. with the
'occasioni help of "Chuck" Terger, a
former Penn State half back, who
coacbtV the wrestlers of the Inter
collegiate championship last winter
Verger Is on the faculty staff.
Flicker Joiai T."
i Charles I^onard Fletcher, known
Internationally a? the **gl?jln U
golfer," who haa swung tbe ?
oxer more cours?e than any ot! or
chaser of the gutta percha, will ?.>i?n
be over In France a? a ? M C A
i ?ecretary. Fletcher. who?e extensive
! golfing experience? wouM fill a librar?
, and who can talk like a rbonogr.iph
? In recounting hla experience? In play
| In? golf nil over the world, wa? an
I actor until last week, when he changed
? hia profession ' to a :4-hour-a-day
I ?ervant of I'ncle Sam through the
! medium of the Y M. <" *>
Ste?re O'Neill with Lebanon Steel
Lebanon. Pa.. Sept. 17 - Steve
] O'Neill, late of the Cleveland Ameri
can League team, ha? obtained e?
?entlal employment at tbe Leebanon
plant of the Bethlehem Steel Com
pany, and I? expected to begin work
today. O 'Nelli, who la a native ol
Mlnooka. l'a and haa Ju?t finished
hi? ?eventh consecutiva ave??on with
the Cleveland team, will become a
member of Charley Kelcbner'? Bethle
hem Steel League team? catchlns
?taff dividing the work witn Osxorg?
Hale, lai? ol tne Sl_ Loulj Browns.
Hank GowcJy Says Hf Wil
Stick Until Yanks Put
Winning Run Over.
Here he caroe, swinging -down to*
road Just hark of tb? Hoe?, with tha
name old inn. H? had been under flre,
he had been herd at lt for some Liase
past tn tbe biff puah, but the old frin
and the seme <Hd gangling gxtt arara
?till there
War had been unable to '?hangt Lenk
Hank Gowdy from the.old Lank Hunk
of baseball days, ?rite? a khaki boy
in "The Stars ana Stripes."
"This came over here ta nil riebt,*?
said Hank, "but for ? steady Job all
the rest ef my life I sues? I'll take
baseball. We are gotn* to arm Chi?
one thr-pugh to a finish, till tbe win
ning run goe? over in the ninth, but
after that I don't mind udmlMir.z T.I
be ready to change the gss mask 'er
the catcher ? mask, and to take m?
chance? Against \Valt*r Johnson's fast
ones rather than one of the fast enee
from Frits.
"At thst. Fritz hasn't got much
more speed than Walter bao aad no
better control But he's noleer snd
meaner, and I guess ? e'11 hare to
drive him from the box. or help ia
doinrf It. Frits won't follow the rule*.
and he wants to do his own un-iptr-in*
but we've been landing; on him lately
and he's about given up hope for art
lucky seventh He had a rally going,
but he ?vmldn't keep it up "
Lank Hank look? just aa he did ln
the old da>? l?^? uniform Isn't the
same Datar or shape, and neither ta
the mwk he weara. but the change
hasn't affect??d that woHd-embra., ln.r
crin nor tbe cheery call along tha
Chicaro. S?pt ? ?The national
track and fi* Id championship? of th?
Amat* ur Athletic I'nion of the
United Statai?, which ?ill be held
on the fleM of the <;rcst Lake? Na
val Training Station here, starting
on Friday afternoon, promise to be
the greatest amateur athWtic event
ever seen ln ?he Middle West.
The fields that have be? ? named
for the sixteen events numi?
30? of the finest athlete? out of the
war sone and a large majority ft
the contenders will be mm wearing
the uniforms of either the army or
the navy Th're is an mv+rmajm of
about twenty starters for ea< h
The gam* a w ill be run on what
la probably the guala sf athletic
field In the world, there being se-ps
rate straightaway earn^?*? for both
the 2211-yard and quarter mile runs,
as well ?a as fine a quarter-mi la
circuit as csn be found anywhere.
FoHvell's Proteges Postpone Appear
ance on Franklin Field.
Football practice at the 1'nirerjtty
of Pdknsylvania has been postpo*-?-4
Not a player appeared on >
field yesterday, the date that ? ???
scheduled for the opening of prat a
for Bob Folwell a proteges. In fact,
there were ? cry pgrnm playera an; -
where on the campus who were ?
pedi ve members of the IM1?? eleven
There appear? lo be no doubt what
ever that football practice will rot
start until after the ? nivere?ty acui
ally opens; and until the many un
solved p r?bleme ? ? co r. nor t ion w ; I h
the students' army training ???? *?
which up to the presen* time hav?
shrouded everything with a cost of
uncertainty, have .x-cn sufficiently
cleared up so that the athletic ofTl
ciala know the po.*-- * pla> ;? ?f
St Marys. Kan? . S. pt. IT -'Talc
about football trainine. ICi
aoft compered to thi.? drill work *
said Lew Lane, captain of
Msr> > C <-.",. ., fooChaB team of Htm,
today, as he talked to a ast
a minute betieeea nan? aven 'V t**
a chan-ce to break trainine ? hard!*" a
mini.t? for a smoke between rewill?
I and tapi ? used to call a few h )-?
?on the gridiron s day's work, but
| lookinc back nt it now. I'll ssy wa
I were r-'al lounce-lirards ther
1 Well I seem to think it i.?
it will do gfie rood or help em In
t'nele Pim'i ganse, I guess we ?
stfind it"
The c-? <*et officers scleded for ? -
t ra i ni p t reta rned to t he ?
1?re on September G., snd they err I?
fag put through the drill :
?ifRourkc. formerly instructor si -*
Thom.as' Militsry Academy '
was athletic Instruier at Fort 1: I? -
during the summ? r of Wl?, and ll
summer took officers' training
L^kc Geneva.
Rea William E Cogley. ? '
newly appointed president o*
Mary's College, has made ai<
to Washington for th?
of a stu-dents' s rmy irait..'?
at the college, and the applicalo?
has been favorably ra
ciale, though formal government ac
ceptance ha* no. yet baca
It is expected within a short tin -.
however, and the cadet off
training while ilicy weit.*
Condi ta Have Spart?.
New York. Sep. 17.? IntercoIUff
ate atMftlra will be maintained t
Cornili ujring the nest ?allege ye r.
? ?t least as far es major aporte ere
concerned." -declnr* * the Cort?e4l
?Alumni Ntwa, and continues "It ta
, proposed te ge ahead and d-.velao>
teams for football cross-country.
track, snd beeehell In view of tha
lack of undergraduates' interest m
rowing Ian year it Is regarded aa
doubtful If an effort should be
to carry out any sort of inij
?riate rowing sche-r. ile this year.*
? ? t ?
Havre de Grace
Daily Until September 28. l-aclm????
Seven Races Daily
Includinf a Steeplechaa?.
ra-aata. II ?? Tralaa !.???? ?a? trata??
?tati?? at 11?? A. U. f
ADMISSION": Grand Stanti ant)
Paddock. $i 6v Lcd'cs $i IO- ;n
cludinp War Tax

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