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Dealers and Food Leaders
Confer on Retail Condi
tions in Capital.
It Is expected that conditions in
Washington mai kets will soon be
?flatly improved as the result of a
?onf**r-* nee held yesterday at the
'.?fay ette Hotel between dealers
\hd rcprscntatlve* of the local food
? dministration.
While n<> rieiinit?- plan wa? adopt
1 several ideas wore advanced as
O th?' manner nf improving condi
tone for both thr dealers and the
?ensumer*. Various plan? are at
-?resent being considered by the food
trator and it Is expected
t?!at at the next meeting something
irfinite will be announced.
Rc-trlrt W hntrnnlr I1u>ln?.
-An effort will be made to restrict
;h?' hours of wholesale buying. It
*.*? pointed out that tite present plan
permits th? merchandise to be sold
tljree of four or possibly more times
fi-ffor* reaching the consumer. As
each one of the merchants handling
tpe goods must make a living the
: turni I v Is boosted every
I line the goods are sold.
By abolishing the use of the mid
Ueman in selling this goods it Is
eyp-erted that not only will the
price he lowered but Th?? goods will
be in better eondition owing to the
fact that it will not have been
handled so much.
May PareHnne 4n> ?Ime.
permits r\
? pur hase roods a' any time.
II ?? reported that some of tl
ia. boncht as early ss 11 ot It! n'cloiM
-?A the rieht previous. ?
it is b-'l i? ved. und fn ? >"
. --? ig alone "wholesale,
row" is expected to re.su't.
the public is benefiting h;?
the establishment of the. hranch nine*
in 'Me iVntrr Market of the loo?. I
The ?'
in chart??- of the ?rts thai
fonsftderahl? improvement in traie is
has be. ? stopped b> the inspector i-> |
that ? of selline ' ; ? Id, or s lo. corn '
under the name of sweet corn. ?
?zreaf amount of this coi n was found
in the market and the inspector ,-.i?v
to It that non?? of the persons bu i"-?
it did so without knowledge of what
th? \ were cetting As no one wished
ich corn it was sold to
ision merchants who disposed
of it to ? m,in to feed to citile and
\rthur Weilhurg Struck by Ma
chine Stepping off Car.
f-nts w< re re
>njuring five persona yes
di ?? of an ?uto
il with Arthur Wi H
-r ?. . t northvt est, as he
street r?r nt Fourteenth
northw esl 11?? was
f ?a ' h? * iari?ttd Ilo ?
vi p h> ?:
l? hoast. Was
Vire T't .-n enne and
??*t, slightly Injur
four ??'< ? ; r >;t j 11? of the car.
of Ah xandria, Va.,
>b 1? , knocked down
cet north
Twelfth street nnd Pennsyl
Tbe cai of Walter ? lucrine. ?G
M : k one of the
?hile ran into
Ihe ? strc? t vin
? *? pen a street
rar of th.- Washington Railway and
w hen an iiutomn
bsle driven by V. H. Kelly. v-l Koiir
lortbwi .-t collidi 1 with
? Kleventh ar 1 New
War Industri?! Board
Urces Paper Saving
per <: the appeal of th?" i
? ision of the Wat ?
To ?ave pnpt-r, th' bulletin Issued I
bv th- War ind'iMi - Board states,'
?mean?* I ? i. ?1 wt iuht ;
of coal ? ? d ?? ? r ?*? Is,
A few ' ns the hoard
-i re * ',
"Save paper bacs nnd wrapping
"I'.-e p ket snd eliminate;
? p? r wrapping in this ?
way. *
">?\ e ??? ?nepers "
''.School rhi dp ? sin :,d use both i
j- d??-; r Ibi ?- note-books ?? nd use .
a slate for sc. Ibhlins.*"
No Fcncy Straw Kellys
For Civilians During War
? plain straw ba? for the male
? p. litan ? ext year (ins been ordered
bv the War Industries Hoard As he
rannot hope to be fascinating in any i
k nd of one of khaki ?
? .-dor. this order should he o: litt!?1
moment. There will he no new or
fancy styles of straw hats for Amerl
r-ans hex! season.
"No ela< ! rs, rords. or buttons to
be u*ed and no eyelets except in
harvest hats ?r>r farm? r.- "
THERE'S no safer way to
add to your income
than to maintain t
growing" account in an
such as this.
? ?<??? an account tin:- pay day
and keep adding to it regularly.
We pay the Same Kate ot In
terest on both large and small
National Savings &
Trust Company
?Jor. 15th and ?. Y. Ave.
. ?t-'HtT-eeeonU Year?
Vie iii^i??' *i specialty ?,f correct
ing ?Infects by csrt?ful examination
and proper adjni?tinc. whleh ... ..??
important t?< obtain perfect vision,
.'nnrtdent and eonsclentioiis .?ervice
nt th? right prices.
Fifteen "tear.' Practice.
?.;< Ninth ?t. V W.
Opposite Crandall's.
Late Photo of King George
and Queen Mary of England
?V ?a.*?
? as:, fb *?,' \i ^? '
... .-?:<r\*., '
Thi- photo nf Kin^ Oroipp of Kndand was madr .?? th'?' ..pras.nn ?f
ti.?1 twenty-fifth anniversary <>f his wedding, July ti, and is nn? of the
'atout t<? arrivo in this country.
\*o Limit to the Means Berlin Employs to
Undermine Governments of Opposing
Arts of chock ing ?PP> esslon and .
? an ton p ;.?*ass i tuition were reported
to by Germany to disrupt the Kou
maniun army and government and'
to literally exterminate th?? valiant
h legion.-*, which had been loy
ally fighting, within the Russian !
army, the Teutonic armies on the,
Kastern front.
They r.tn;,'?' from secret plots ?
aerain?t the person and office of the I
Kirnr uf Roumania nnd the brutal j
arrest and maltreatm? nt of that ?
? ys Minister nt Petmgrad to [
order.?* whi* h wer?? obeyed tn '".shoot
en-ma .?? tn-dies of Polish
patriots, a* proven by the fifth in-?
stallment of the official German
Bolshevik disclosures made public ?
hy the I'nited St at? s government |
yesti rd.iy.
Tli" "implacability ' of the ftou- ?
man?an genera] staff, as one Gor- |
man document characterized it. and j
the indomitable and unflinching'
spirit of the Polish lesiona, present-!
ed in the ? irly days of the con
spiracy, formvl.?ihl?1 and disturbing I
obstach -, to ? ;? rman's major plot
against Rus?? ia.
Iterlln Stuff Impatient.
? Moreover, tho Polin General Staff
'w.is impati? nt t<> move Its troops
from ihe eastern area prepara toi y
to the March offensive in France
which it was plann ine at that early
date. German eold having failed to |
,' t i.-i Ro .miniin> arid Poles,
?nd secret propaganda having provea
futile, Germany's fury led it to com
mit, in conjunction with its Bol
shevik co-conspirators, excesses of
\ 10!? nee upon a ? holesnle scale.
Tho remarkable aspect of the whole
offlcial expose is not so mu? li the
fact of ? :? rmaiiy'?i criminality, as
startling as tho details prove to be,
as the fact that <.yr povernment has
ttcen a We to collect unansn crabie
proof of h< : KUilt.
??I nunter-I>pIonjre.**
Possessing the actual detailed evi
ri, nee, til- I'nited States has under
taken to enlighten tho world nfl t?
Germany's infamy, ami the story u.
it stands now Is only partially tuli!
Additional chapters to be Riven to
the public durine: the remainder r ?
?o Dense Hacker Found Difficulty
in Making Avenue.
i .Like old times on tho Potomac la?t
! The moon was luminous as usual,
,hnt rather inilistinct, owing to an en
veloping fog which permeated the at
"It was just 1 ike ohi ti mes before
! Washi net ?? ? went dry,*' .declared "*
?veteran hacker, who was having con
sidera hie difficulty finding his way
1 aloni? the Avenue.
| "We ha vt- not had a fog li ko this
?for more'n a \e;ir,** he added, "and
1 not as dense bs this for morn'n
? twenty years "
The fog ?\ is most evident at mid
night when bit few wayfarers were
about. It hrok?; early in the morn*
?ing with the rising sun, and accord
| ing to late reports no husbands were
? report? d missini to the police. How
i ever, it is said several delinquents
used the fo^? as an excuse with good
Courses in the* actual construction
of airplane? will he Riven hereafter
at K-lly Field. Texas, to the cadet?
and student officer?.
Instructors I..lieve
ture flyer.? are required to put to
gether the plane.? they will after
wards control, there will be less
care*ls*??nesi in their construction.
I The new course will also acquaint
? the flyer with the functional,; of
all part : of his machine, so that in
? c.'.ses of forcead landings he will he
able tn make repairs sufficient to
? carry him back to the American
I line?.
Bowdoin Cab Football.
j Brunswick. Me.. Sept 1*. - There
will h? no intercollfeTtate football at
Uowtlnin rollege this fall, President
Kenneth M. Sills stated today. With
the intensive military program
planned for the studi nt?. li? said,
there would be nrj time ior the
the week will complete for the time
h-'in~r the nmarkahle recital of in
criminating facts.
The h. ,it.nini; of the large scale
% oik to disorganize the Rumanian
army is shown hy an order of the so
. ?,:. ?? "? ? int? ? -. si lonage" of th"
Bols he ? ik regime addressed to the
body of Russian traitors bearing the
- ?gh- ? ululili? t'tle of "?'ommission
on Combating the Counter Revolu
t on." The order follows:
"Commander-ln-Chief Krllenko has
ie<tuestcd the counter-espionage at
tli e staff to inform you that it is
neci. u" to order the following per
sons to the Rumanian front Imme
diately- Krom Petrograd, Commissar
? .hl. Sozialist Rakovsky, Sailor
(?ule.'hin, and from the front the
chief of the Red Guard, DurasOY.
These persons should he supplied with
literature and with linanclal re
sources for ?citation.
"To them i.-i committed the task of
til-ting all measures for the deposing
nf the Rumanian Kinir nnd tho re
mo-, ( 1 of counter-revolulionary Ru
manian officers."
In the light of subsequent events,
il Is obvious that the term "all meas
??p n" was broad enough to include
assassination if necessary. At about
? ho rar..e time the Russian govern
ment s. ixed the Rumanian public Gold
r? *< rves within the Kremlin wall? at
Meo-ture* \ ?, -in?*.? Pole?.
??cre are a few exact quotations
from the documents concerning the
merciless measures pur." und against
the Polish patriots:
"J. To take the most decisivo
mensures, up to the shooting en
mappe, against the Polish troops
which have -submitted to the counter
revolutionary and imperialistic pro
"_' To arrest Gen. Prvbor-Menit
"3 To .arrange a surveillance of the
eonim-itiding personnel.
"I. Send agitators to the Polish
lesions to consult regarding the
Polish r?volutinnni y organizations
known to the committee.
"?. On learning nf counter r?volu
Lionary activity of Polish of?icers to
. ? n medi atei ? arrest them snd send
'hem to the Stavka to tho disposal
? ?f the counter espionage "
"W. S.S. $1,000 CLUB"
? canvass being made of the mem
bership lljt of the District War Sav
ings Stamp Committee's "$?/?? Club"
discloses the fact that the majority
of members have already completed
th* ir pledges by purchasing stamps
to ihut amount. Many of these pur
chases were made during the current
month, and. as a result, it ia expected
that the District of Columbia will re
gain second place in per capita sales
of these securities.
Many of the members signified their
willingness to invest still more, but
aa the law prescribes $1,000 as the
limit a single individual may hold.
this cannot be done.
The name of Dr. W. A. Mess was
added to tho membership list yester
day as the result of a purchase made
by him of /?tamps to that amount
through C. A. Weber, a letter earner.
Five Score Shots Fired; One Takes
Chicago, Sept. is.?A pitched battle
between 400 Chicago policemen rein
forced by Tutted States army sharp
shooters and a burglar barricaded in
an apartment house in the heart of
Chicago's most fashionable district to
day ended when Detective Serpea ? t
Paul Rei urn encountered and cap
tured the m.an single-handed.
Although five score shots were fired,
the only man Injured w.as the burg
Irg. who was wounded in the ankle.
He nave the name of Max Miller.
Thrilled citizens watched the encoun
ter from places of safety.
Three Candidates Report.
Only three candidates for the North
western University football team re
ported for practice, but. undismayed,
the coach, Fred J. Murphy, put them
through a short workout on a muddy
field. Most of the fifteen or twenty
men who were expected to report are
with the students' Aj my Trainine
Corpa at Fort Sheridan. Capt. Mc
I.;?'??.?him and on? other arc the only
regulars for the lpis rustcr, and they
wiU report soon.
Convalescent Yank*
To Operate Biggest
U. S. Hospital Dairy
The establishment of g model
dairy plant at the largest Ameri
can army hospital in France, ca
pable of producing milk to supply
20.000 injured fighting men doily.
was announced by th? American
Red Cross yesterday.
France has agreed to loan the
plant 1.000 cows. It will be operat
ed by convalescent soldiers. Lack
of fresh milk according to the army
doctors seriously retards tht recov
ery of wounded and sick soldiers.
At present only condensed milk.
shipped from the United States, 1?
obtainable in France. Similar dair
ies will be operated at all of the
American base hospitals as soon as
arrangements can be made.
three miles was scored. At variou
points the British swept beyond theli
old trench systems of March, Wl*.
prior to the German super-drive.
The drive was launched between
Holnon Villane, two nnd a half miles
northwest of St. Quentin and Gouz
eaucourt, six and a half miles north
west of Le Catelet.
Violent fighting raged tonight In
Lempire Village, only three miles
southwest of Jja Catelet. Fresnoy-le
Petit, three miles west of St. Quentin,
waa captured.
The British penetrated the German
positions west and southwest of
Belllcourt, where they are abo>.t
three miles due south of I*e Cateler.
which is thus threatened by envelop
The formidable Siegfried line crum
bled like pasteboard In many sectors
of the attack.
Berlin officially admitted tonight
that the German center between
Hargicourt and Omignon Brook?a
front of some five miles was pene
trated, but added that "counter at
tacks aro progressing." The asser
tion that "We are fluhtlng west of
the Siegfried positions'* is mesnt to
camouflage the serious reverse and
instill hope in the German people
that the main line Is still Intact.
To the south of Holnon, which
formed the extreme right of the
British line of attack, the Freni h
Joined the offensive, driving for lo
cal objectives which at last ac
counts had been reached. Details of
the Fren<h pert in the hattie are
?till outstanding at this hour.
i:pehey Falls to Allies.
The fiercest all-day struggle raged
in and around Epehey, where the
Germans concentrated the chief
enercy of their defense. By
nightfall, however. thU village, too,
was taken It lies a little more than
five miles due west of Le Catelet
and twelve miles northwest f St.
The whole Germa.i positions be
tween ?*** Catelet and St. Quentin
must cave in if today's British sweep
is resumed with anything like the
same succ?s that crowned today's
assault s.
Tanks atrain took a prominent part
In the drive.
On the American front In Lorraine
the situation was comparatively quiet
except for a German counter thrust
last night launched from the easi
bank of the Moselle, the Germans
debouching from the Vittonvllle and
Champe y regions, in an effort to
wrest Vandieres village on the west
bank, from the Americans. The as
sault war snuffed m the msklng by
tho American artillery.
A "sensational new American blow"
In Lorraine is frankly predicted by
? the French preps.
French Bench Joay.
Meanwhile C?en. Mangln's French
tenth army has reached Jouy and
? Aixy. a mile and a half from the
: western end of the Chemin des
1 Iinmes. French guns are raking two
i of the five main German supply roads.
j The French are reported to he in
? filtrating across the Hindenburg line
! into Pinon Forest, south of Anizy
ile-Chateau, and into the forest
further north.
Capture by the French of Hill l?i
and penetration of the Pinon Forest
present grave threats to the rear of
; the Chemin des Pames. All French
; advances en this front have be* ?
? made in the face of the Stiftest Ger
. man resistance, but the considerable
? German reserve forces collected for
j the defense th^re have been unable to
| click the steady and skillful forward
I push of Mangin's forces.
1 The allied offensive in the Balkans
I is progressing successfully and
1 .?--['reading steadily. Already It has
; extended to the north of Monastir,
v. hei e the vital Bulgarian rail center
, of Prilep is seriously menaced.
I More than 7.000 prisoners had been
[taken by the Franco-Scrb-Greek
j forces. A military authority pointed
; out significantly today that the new
Greek army, organized since Venlxelos
?took hold of Greece's affairs, has not
? yet entered into action.
Fifty guns are included in the allied
| booty taken on the Macedonian front.
j The Serbs are reported to have ad
! vanced more than ten miles on a
twenty-mile front between Zhorsko
| and the Cerna River.
Serbs Advance 10 Miles
On 20-Mile Front
j London, Sept. l^ -The Serbian*:
? have advanced ten miles on .a twenty
? mile front in their drive in Mace
donia, according to latest news fro.?
that front. Fifty guns have been
Dispatches state the Bulgara aie
not fighting with anything n-nr Ihelr
old time vigor. Most of th?. rein
forcements were isolated in the Prilep
region when they were urgently need
ed. The Serbians are now pushing
down hill and the operations are de
scribed as "going well."
The new Greek armv has not yet
been engaged In the offensive.
Franco-Serb? Continue
Successes in East.
The Serbian troops are meetinc
with continued success, according to
a communication received recently
from the Serbian headquarters at Sa
Col. Teshltch, assistant chief of
staff, announces that the rupture of
the enemy front has been extended
toward the west up to the Grade
"The .Tugo-Slav troops have de
bouched on Koxiak. tfte most impor
tant print in the region," he writes.
"The Serbian and French troops rival
one another tn endurance, in bravery
and in the spirit of sacrifice."
In his second communication Col.
Peshiteh tells of the repulse of a
number of German counter attacks,
and of the flight of the troops sent
to aid the Bulgarians.
The Serbian troops have captured
?i.Oftft prisoners, he states, and over
fifty guns.
German? PoUos Well? in Towm
Paris. Sept. IS.?The Germans are
poisoning the wells in the towns they
are forced to abandon, according to
the newspaper ?? France du Nord, of
? Boulogne. The paper says a French
I engineer from that city and seven
? companions died from poison after
i drinking \vater in a town they had
;ust entered.
Theee Are Not Home Guards, But
Senators Examining Hun Souvenirs
Senators find as keen interest In souvenirs r>f European batti eri?-ids
as do their constituents and as much satisfaction in donnina; a Hun h< Imet
to see howr It fits as does a small boy. Witness this group: Senator
George E. Chamberlain, of Oregon, chairman of Military Affaira Commit
tee, with a German gun over his shoulder: Senator William H. Thomp
son, who brought the souvenirs ba'k from France, wearing a helmet and
apparently ready to don a gas mask, and Senator John J. Walsh, of Mon
tana, and Senator Morris Bhcpp&rd, of Texas, at the extreme right, each
with rifle in hand. All the Impedimenta of war waa picked up by Senator
Thompson <>n battlefields.
A. S. Donipbin.
??? King SttmeL?
Alexandria. Va?, Sept. 1?.?As a war
meas ire city council tonight adopted
a resolution granting the Mount Ver
non and Camp Humphreys Railway
Company permission to treet poles
and string wires from a point on the
river front at Wythe .?treet to Royal
street and th. n? .? ? asi on Royal
street to King street. After reach- |
ing King street they are also given I
permission to lay cables on the poles
of the Washington-Virginia Railway !
Company already erected on the east :
side of Royal street as far south as
the center of Hunting Creek.
Col. Park, of Camp Humphreys, ap
peared before a J'-int session of toun
cil and explained the government
wanted the railway company grant
ed permission to erect ita poles and
string its wires as a military neces
sity. There are. he said. 32,00? men
at Camp Humphreys, and both the j
steam roads and the jitney service ?
are unsatisfactory. I 'ideas permis- '
sion w as granted a steamer would
have to be procured and the men. [
he said, would no directly from ?
Mount Vernon to Washington.
Attorney James R. Caton. on behalf
of the company, toldicouncil that the'
? road will cost $1 >*\??>* nnd the com
pany hue expended $440,005 for new
j The resolution granted Is a tempo- ?
rary measure pending the granting toi
| the com; any of the ordinance for the
' work. However, it gives the com
pany permission to proceed with Ita
work at once.
, This road is now nearing compi-tion1
and a part of it may be uaed within!
the next six weeks, it i-s thougl t.
The resolution was adopted ' ? t
vote of 12 to 1. Councilman MvCaf-j
frey votine against it. and Councilman (
Sullivan did not vote. Just pr. vious ;
to the calling of the joint ?< sslon
President Burke outlined the purpose
of the meeting. Tn the board <?? al
dermen the measure was passed
Sergt. Robert T?. Webber, 2? yars.
old, son of Mrs. Leona C. l'hillips, ?
, of SSI North St. Asaph street, was
?severely wounded in Franco August
?24, according to word received ??
? day by his mother from the War
, D* partment.
Sergt. Webber was a member of the
o':d Alexandria IJght Infantry, and
served on the Mexican border and
; went with that command to Ann!.?ton,
I Ala. He was emplayed at the plant
? of the Old Dominion Glass Company.
The funeral of Charles Mankin took
place this afternoon, Rev. K. V.
? Kcgesler. P. p., pastor of the
j Methodist Episcopal Church S utta,
; otficiating.
The will of Charles Churchman.
I dated November 12. 1917. \\ as :?d
i mitted to probi te today in the Cir
cuit Court for thi8 city in vacation.
Testator leaves an estate worth
! about $40,000. Bequests are made
la? follows: George ? Warfleld, ]
I cashier of the First National Rank.
; $10.000; Lycurgu? E. Uhler, receiv
ing teller at the First National
I Hank. $5.000. Both of the-se be
From ^ ,_ *w Files
?a .$*?
Pyramid Pile Treatment givo?
'?nick relief, steps itching". bleeding
:?r protruding piles. hemorrhoids
and such rectal troubles, in the pri
vacy of your own home. fitlc a b"?
at all druggists. A single box often
rurea. Take no substitute. Irr??
aamplr for trini with booklet mail
ed free in plain wrapper if ? ou send
us coupon below.
??! S ? ? ?, ? cori'llV
I'YRAUU. ??a G.??????.
aio r?ramid Bldj.. atasakall, ?lieh.
Klndl? arni ma a "Tree mini I* ?*
P.'ramid Pll. Tr??itm?M. lr. plain ?rapeer?
?ama. .
quests he states are for valuable
services and business advice given
him; Mre. Emma Owens, * ' '?
Charlea R. Howison. Wh?
?fj.OOO; ?Samuel Napper. $G00. The
residue of the estate he i?? .juea. I
to the trustees of Grace P. K.
The court named C. S. Taykr
Burke, ? ? Taylor. Arthur Herbert.
Jr., H. R. Burke and J. Johnston j
Green, appraisers.
In the same court the will of I
Joeeph A. W. Hardy was probate-i
He leave8 |25 to his daughter. Mis ?
?. E. Owens, and the widow. Mr* ?
.\ E. H-ardy, gets the remainder of
the estate.
The Orthodox Jews of this city have
organised a branch of the Jewish
Welfare Board which will co-op? rate
in the work done by that organisation
at ?.'amp Humphreys. Va. Addresses
were made by Frank Astor and M
M. Brooks, from Camp Humphreys.
I'irectors chosen arc: ?. Abramson.
Max Herman, L. Levinson, J. Hay
man and Abe L. Cohen.
Final Vote by House May Be Tak
en Today.
Such rapid progress was made bv
ti,'- House on the |?.ftno.oo-V ?**''?.) reve
nue bill yesterday that chairman
? it ?di i ? of the Ways and Means
committee announced that the final
vote will be taken probably tomor
row. The House pa.-ct d without oh
j? ? t ion or amendment t he war
pr.-flts. excess profits, Inheritance?
beverage, tobacco and luxury sec
A number of Important amend
ments.were set aside for c n.*idera
tion today. Of these it is probable
the chief fight will come over the
?1 made by K?. ; . ?-? ntative
Moore of Pennsylvania to impose a
tax of (3 a bale on cotton. Mem
bers from the Southern States an
nounced that they would oppose the
am? ndment with all the power at
their command, while Mr. Moore
hopes to he able to rally to his
support the members f'-i.. 'lie man
ufacturing and agricultural States. I
Sew ai Home !
? It's easy and
economical ixhen
you use the
Western Electric
Sewing Machine
?___* - ? LL the drudgery of
*?H&*?~3 ^"^ pedaling is elimi
JflHf >* nated by the little Cice
ro ??^?u? trie motor that operates
the new Electric Porta
ble Sewing Machine.
Another thing ? you
don't have to sew where
the sewing machine is
for this Portable Ma
chine may readily be
carried to any room in
the house ? wherever it
is most convenient for
you to do your sewing.
When not in use it may be put out of the
way on a shelf in the closet.
This machine will do the work of anv
high-grade sewing machine ?
and the price is, complete. *^
14th de C Stt.
Demonstrations in Our Electric Shop.
Potomac Elect r?e Rarer-Co
Phone M. 72S0
Local Authorities Will Take Step?
to Prevent His Return.
John Karl y. the leper who wee
?.aucht at Tryon. ? C. Tuesday
afternoon de. lare* that he will not
return to Washington.
Pr. William C. Jowler, District
health officer, not only rei
send fnr the leper but declares that
he will take step? to prevent him
from being returned to the city hv
th? authorities of Kortfa Caioli ?*.
As Early stepped from the trajr
at Tryon Tuesday afternoou he ? ^
met by his brother. James Eai?y
? ni Marshall Webb, who had bef u
Since his escape trom th? Isolai*
ed but on the Eastern branch. Mon
day morning th??? l-eper las h*"*n it
constant contact with Lund
people. Persons using u ?? b
a j..? h ha slept ?? t
by him are -open to c-int^r
Authorities derla r? 11 at ?ariy > , ?
co.= t I3.0?0 a year for th* fe
;n which he has be/.n In ?he Dis
trict's charge
Kidney disease Is no r<-?r? cter of
persons, it attacks all classes, re
gardless of see. sex or conditions. ?
majority of the ills afflicting peop;.
today 4 an be traced back to the kid
Bey trouble.
The kidneys are the most impor
tant *rgana of the body. They ar?
the Alt?rer*, the pu ritiere, of your
blood. If the poisons which ar*
swept fr-ni the tissues of the h1? ?
are not eliminated through the k"1
nevs. disease of one f-rm or an--th?*r
will claim you aa & victim.
Kidnev disease is usually Indicat
ed hy weariness, eleeplessn* ?*. n?*r
v ou s n f s s, d? Bpondeney, ha< kach*.
?tf mach trouble. diff?cnHv with
urinatine, pains In loins and lower
abdomen, pall stones, gravel, rheu
matism, sciatica and lumbago.
All these derangements are na
ture's signals to warn you that the
kidn*>vs Tir^t* help, T? li sh
?? ? ? ? ui? ,> TV
oil stimul?t?? the k* "
infiammati'.? and destroys the g?*rm?.
' whirh have cs'ieed it V-> ???1 watt
until vmorr^w. Oo to y Ur drug
gist today and Insist on l ??> jupp'> -
Ing you with a box of GO! , ? MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsuler In twentj
four hours you should G?*?? health
and vigor returning ari v 11 h* ?ss
the day you first heard mt G*"?LTi
MEDAL Haarlem I ?
After you feel thst you have cured
yourself, continu?1 to -? ?*,r
appuies each day. 50 as t^keep
in first-class conditi ? ? t\ ard cT
the danger of "ther attscks.
Ask f?T the original import ed
GOLD MEDAL brani Thre* ?ix-p?.
Money refunded if they do not Im i'
you.?Ad\ -.
t Gr\mm j
il ?.1* *
502-504 Ninth St. N. W.
(formerly Cnstelli'sS
Grand Opening Today, 11 a. m.
.4 Restaurant of Refinement
and Exemplary Cui a ine
and Service
(t^ Chinese ?i Am?ricain
fC.dar.ty and Sanitary Throug'n<ii.i.
Everything New.
Private Dining Rooms.
Souvenirs Music
Open 7 A. M. to 1 A. M.
t -DER DOO, Proprietor. PAUL DER YUEN. Manaier.
sB^l^?^F^iiltA?tmrv?^sJSTactiire' c?

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