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Will Obtain Energy at Coal
Fields and Water
Power Sites.
AaHuaJ operation of electric power
plAMa, ?BssBaaer ?overnment control, at
ihayajossvl ?elds and water-power sitea
of ih? eountry. for the generation
.???af' ta?sW?mil.slon of alectrlss anargy
10 War pianta and shipping yards. I.?
? osi a ?jteflnlte pr?**pect of tha tmme
? ?i?t? ftjture.
Crovstnunental activities from salv
erai ajeurces weir? directed yesterday
to-ataVi-tt speeding Congressional ac
tion aw? the pending emergency pow
er ?sVlI-aimed to solve the present,
proaalem of coal haulage from the
mratM and thereby relieve the In
?'rsakajvg <*i Aleniti es of railroad trans
?frat the a^ajajrimlttee on Rules
returned a special rule giving
the measure a preferred position on
the House calendar. Repr?sentative
Sims, in charge of the bill later
?stated that it would be reached for
consideration by the House either to
?Jay or Wednesday.
Moreover it became known yeater
day that governmental authoritiesre
lying upon the certainty of favor
able Congressional action, have al
ready arranged for the construction
of concreta emplacements for tho
plants ln various localities In the vi.
? inity of the coal fields and water
site-?*. It was further stated that the
necesary machinery has been ordered
In advance and priority order? se
cured for Its prompt shipment
In addition, the report of govern
ment experta who have been mak
ing an exhaustive study of tbe
whole project, declaring It to be
necessary and wholly practicable aa
an emergency war meaeure. was
made public. Coplea of thla report
were hurried to both branches of
Congress, so that members and Sen
ators would have an opportunity to
heeoine acquainted with the tre
mendous advantages la saving of
railroad hauling of coaj and the
generation of an adequate power
The far-reaching possibilities of
the plan have deeply Impressed Its
promoters, which Include President
Wilson, who wrote a letter to Chair
man Sims last Saturday, ln Its sup
port. Chairman Barueh, Chairman
Hurley. Fuel Administrator Garfield
and the heads of practically all the
governmental war agencies, who
have urged the prompt granting of
Congressional authority.
Sunk Trawler Friday with 6-inch
The "i-inch gun.?* reported to be on
marine which sank the Amer
'..m trawler Kingfisher off
Friday morning have a
' about nine miles, according
unis of the American navy.
a! Benson. Acting Secretary
Navy, s? id yesterday that
?wever. had no special eig
-.-. <? as warranting any uneasi
?m*? of the submarines which
en here had guns of leas ?Mit
ch toiild throw shells ten
of the naval officers suspect.
tK'?cau3e there were no American "wlt
..csa-ea of the .?-inking, that the U
boat may have armed the Kingfisher
as an emergency raider.
I.????erty bonds end war saving
stumps, not pledges?, are what the
Meihodist ministers want In raising
?"??fir ?hare of the $25.000 fund to pro
\ ? .*- for aned and infirm ministers
r-.i-rj for widows and orphtna of men
*x ?? hav? served the church, the con
f*rtrce of 1-X Methodist mL-islers de
cided yesterday at a meeting held At
tb* McKendree Church.
\il donations must be male in the
form of Fourth liberty bo.d-j or war
-?...ine stamp?. No bonus of a pre
\it>j< issue will be acceptable Thi?*
Hau bn< the personal Indorsement of
Fr*.>1d?ent Wilson.
?erty loan address was a fea
f the meeting of the District
.tion of Woman's Clubs in the
pal Building yesterday after
?ielivered by W. Curtlse Nich
ons of the four-minute men
- service of the Committee on
Information. There waa
g short address by Helen
* Boswell, former chairman
' ?> department of education in
?nerai federation. This meet?
?2,5 *? gm the first that the federation
*%* t ?Id thle season. Mrs. Court F
Wood prea.ded.
The secret of youth ts **?G?G??
TIO?; OF POISONS from your body
Thle done .you can live to be a hun
dred ?uid enjoy th? good things of
lfe with as much "pep" as you did
when in the springtime of youth.
Keep your body la good condition,
that's the secret.
Watch the kidneys. The kidneys
and digestive organa are the main
jiuaes. The kidneys filter and
?vjrify the blood. All the blood
pasees through your kidneys once
every three minutes. They strain
- filter out the impurities. That is
their work. Keep them clean and
?n proper working condition and
you have nothing to fear. Drive the
poisonous wastes and deadly uric
?acid accumulations from your sys
lem. Take GOLD MEDAL Haar
? Oil Capsules at Intervals and
??"' always be in perfect work
. r? will fevel strong and
??> and muscl?e will
e.xf-i? s*?ce will radl
?? h. GOLD
O?*- '-'* .?psules are
'rosarte?? d?rec*. "rot,, the labora
lurles tai ?,]
They are .- ? medicine.
h??t ? gu?rante? ' r medy which
lia* been us?d by Use. sturdy Dutch
L?? ???? *'? faara and which has
n^lpee them to develop Into one of
be strongeet and healthiest rae. ?
? the world. ?Jet them from your
iruggist. Do not take a substitute
in sealed packages?three sizes_
pstsat ...... tirar In ?lathing ,TrT
??bat s-'-:?)?: have be.ai if year eye?
?G * amm ?? toda) for better
? eas?-??en? glasee? ara? road, fmt
?-'?*-?*?? eye??. At asb.t ?a yea
? ?lee your? ?
??'Hte-e-a Tear?' Praetler.
?7.V ?a In? h St. >. \. .
Opposite CrandAll's.
Lien. H*if ? new offensive on th?
Afieen-raile front from Gouseaucourt
to Essigny-?e-Grand must cause the
fall of St. Quentin to the allies within
a few days.
Thia bastion of the Hindenburg tine
has been occupied by the Germans
ever since 1914. The British made
several ineffectual attempts to cap
ture It after the big retreat to tha
Hindenburg Une last vear, but fpund
the German? too powerfully po
Kow, however, the British to the
west and northwest and the French
to the south are investing the cuy
oft three sides, and its evacuation by
the Hun armies is only a matter of
urne- The allied advance threatens to
. r-eak the Hindenburx line on a bi?
wide front from the region of Cam
brai to a point well south of Bt.
?"n>JSt. Simon | j /????^t31 ?
?."?*' tSi?"?H
' ' ' ' ' i?? ?n.?-?os I
"5 / S E R?B I XT
??? ?>&>?
.???? *[??
Above, the batti? Un? arotind St. Quentin, which Important bulwark
lr.f th? Hindenbuin line the aille? have nearly surrounded. Beiow, the
I Macedonian front, where the Serbian? are conducting? a successful of
i fensiva. Th? arrow? show th? direction of the attacks.
Quentin, """"rom Lena to north of
Havrincourt the great defensive sy?
tem I? already in British hand?.
In the Balkans th? Serbian. Greek
and Jugo-Slav armies ar? continuing
the'r victorious pursuit of the Bul
garian armies defeated east of Mon
astic and the Macedonian battle be
gin? to look like a major offensive.
The Bulgarians are fleeing In disor
der and crying for help from Germarl
and Austria, which In all probabili ..
will b? denied them.
It la likely that the Italian and
French armies ln Albania will soon
join In the allied offensive an?! make
another attempt to drive the Huns
out of Serbia.
Czech Soldiers Help
Italians Defeat Austria
American Red Cross Driver on the Italian Front.
(Editor's Note?Henry C. Wolfe, a Coshocton, Ohio, boy, went to
France with the Phillips Andover Unit of the American Field Service
in April, IQ17. and drove a munitions truck at the front for seven
months. Then he joined the Red Cross and went to Italy, where he
drove an ambulance during the battle of the Piave this spring.)
Milan.?Ifaly owe? much to th?s]
! Csecho-Slovak troopa who are fight-1
' ing with her armies on the Piave.
; And the Czecho-Slovaks owe much
' to Italy, for while they are also
fighting In France and Russia, the
'Italian front is the only one where
i they can get at their former op
pressors, the Austria*!.
During the Austrian offensive on
th? Piave this spring the Czechs
held the first line. The Italian
"Ardlttl." or shock troops, were
held in reserve behind tjiem to be
thrown In if the Czechs failed to
stop the a*nstrian advance. But th?
Bohemians and Slovaks, all of
wbom were former Austrian sol
diers, held the line so well that it
waa not necessary to emplojr the
The Itallarl army officers now re
gard them as among the best soldiers
in their array.
AaUtrlaa Plat Frailea.
Austrian propaganda droppexj over
tbe Italian lines had no effect on
them. They were told that If they
were captured they would be denied
the privileges extended prisoners of
war and immediately be executed.
! This only had the effect of rousing
' them to more intense hatred of their
| racial enemies. They replied by In
; forming the Austrian officers that
they would adopt similar measures
; toward their Austrian prisoners. The
. result wae that no more waa heard
i of killing the Czech prisoners.
I Every day more Czecho-Slovaks in
the Austrian army are deserting and
joining their comrades on this side of
, the Piave, despite all the Teuton offi
I cera can do to prevent it.
Italia? Effort Pelt.
! Italian propaganda has done much
I to encourage these desertions. /?Ir
planes drop circulars over the
Austrian lines, telling the Czechs M
1 their own language how well they
are be.n?? teee-ved In Italy . :i?. urplnj
them to Ma their feI1ow-t>vir? : /,,??.,,
In thu f;a ?in army the Cttvna wear
I the Tta'?i. uniform. ??/*'?. tie? e-tc?.???
I tlon of a red and white r-ar.e??, the
national colors, around their coTlars.
The photograph la one <?f some
Czech-8!ovak soldiers I snapped at
Mogllano when they were sent back
from the frant for a rest d trl?:g the
June ba-.'le.
54,000 Young People
Enjoy Center Work
More than 54.uno young man and
women have found pleaaure and rec
reation at Central High School
community center since ita opening
early laat May. a?ording to a state
ment of the community center secre
tan' y??tei-il?y.
'"laaaic and Greek dancing under
Miss King ?rill continue on Monday
and Wedneaday nights Rhythmic
Players under Mrs. Tinntn will meet
at IT? Church atreet on Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday. Social danc
ing wilt continue on Monday. Tisesdajiv/
and W.dnesuay during the winter.
lati seaplanes In the last four days on
the German docks at the Belgian
base of Bruges. Eleven German at -
I lanes were brought down, the raid
ers losing three machines.
Constantinople Bombed.
London, Sept. 23?Constantinople
waa successfully bombed by British
aviators twice during the night? of
September 20 and 21, the admiralty
announced tonight. Bursts were ob
served on the Haldar Pasha Railway
station. Greek aviators co-operated
ln the raids. Two machines failed tu
British Down 8 Germans.
London. Sept. 28?Eight G-erman air
planes were brought down by the
British yesterday, tonighta eommu
nnque on aviation announced. The
British lost four machines. Fifteen
tons of bombs were dropped on va
rious German target*
Negotiations Interrupted; Finland!
Demands Too Great.
Copenhagen. Sept. 23?The negotia
tions between Russia and Finland ;
have been interrupted owing to die- I
agreement, according to Petrograd ad- '
vices tonight Finland demanded the j
whole of eastern Karolia, control of I
the Murman coast railway as well as
Kola Peninsula.
T-eryVfornm Needs
ON r?t Times
?ft?? *
m-m> If women
?V*T would ?only take
? ?? N'uxatea Iron when they x
feel weak, run-down, tired -~?.
out?when they are pale, ner- .*
vous ?ind haggard-there are thou
sand-? who might readily build up
their Ted corpii*?r*es, become rosy?
r berk eri. strong and healthy and
be much more attractive ?? every
way. When ihe iron goe* from the
blood of womtn, the healthy glow
of youth leaves theirikm and their
charm am! vivacity depart. A two
week? course o? Nuxated Iron .
, \ works wonders m many case?.
* \ Satisfaction guaranteed or
-?.money refunded. At aUy-j?"
gooddruggits. " ?
Nuxated Iron
Advance on Rhine .Aimed
to Prevent Hun Van
London. Sept 23 ?There are more
than purely military reasons v.hy the
I'nited States army -attacked in the
so long quiet sector on the Bastern
frontier of France and why the tide
"f battle ?eems destine?* to flow In
hat direction as indicated by Mar
ihnl Kochs c^bletfrum ? orni sing the
-.nights or Columbus that tha vic
torious standards of America and
i-'ranc? will some time float over
The French have long feared an
utlmite victorious advance which
would provok? the retreating enem.*1
to burn and destroy Lille. Tourcoln?.
Roubalx and other great cities in the
industrial north and would ao do in
his hour of defeat a hundredfold the
damage done in France sine? the be
ginning of the war.
Ithelms Is the only great r-ity ?o far
deatryed. Belgium haa expressed the
?ame fear fur Brussels. Ghent, Bruges
end Antwerp.
Therefore the ?Irongest reason
ex.Us for ? threatening advance tn'o
i.i-ru.any Itself. It Is argued tier ?
? hat with the American.? on the
Khlne at fhristmaa or even next
spring, t??-? ...In,; the Khlne ctt ea and
perii.?, . ?hreatenli-p an ?dvnna?? on
?I'unlch. the clamor of the?? region?
and of the whole German people will
b? so great that Hindenburg will not
dare to give the order for a retire
ment from France and Belgium with
tlie use of the torch and explosiva
This Is only likely If at? Germa."
feel that their own Presides are
menaced. Hence. Persliing'a St
Mihiel victory, and others which It is
hoped are to follow, will do all that
human foresight can suggest to save
the rich and prlcelesa region? as yet
The suggestion Is now reiterated
everywhere that Germany be told
? hat for every city she destroys from
row on a corresponding German city
will be laid in ashes.
But lt Is pointed out that for this
?hreat to be effective the enemy must
i>- lieve ln our power to carry It out?
.nd the American campaign may ln
stitl that belief.
Absence of 30,000 Physi
cians Necessitates Safe
guarding Health.
The withdrawal of 30,00ft physicians
Ci ora communities throughout the
cuntry Imposes an additional obli
vion to avoid unnecessary illness,
?irgeon General Rupert Blue an?
?unced last night.
It Is highly desirable." said Sur
on General Blue, "that the men
und to bo disqualified for military
? ? vice by the examining physicians
f the local draft boards should re
i oi ve definite Instructions as to the
meaning of their disabilities and that
a strong appeal be made to them to
correct the,?e disabilities as far as
Vitality Uuei After 30.
According to the U. S. Public Health
Service experience everywhere shows
that the proportion of parsons with
physical impairments la considerably
greater in persons between 30 and 40
than in those between 30 and 30 years
Of age. This waning vitality at ages
over JO, so commonly accepted as in
evitable, can be postponed to a largt
extent In this connection. It la
pointed out that 60 per cent of th?
physical defects found In the last
draft were of a preventable or cur
able nature.
War Garden Prize Won
By Cincinnati Woman
Winners of war garden prizes of
fered by the National Commission
early In the season to stimulate home
vegetato!? raising were announced
here today. Prise certificate No. 1
went to Mrs. Frank P. Brown of Cin
cinnati. Her garden was only 100 by
IM feet, but from it she supplied the
summer needs of her family besides
preserving 125 cans of vegetables.
Mrs. Isabella St. Jermain. an In
dian woman of Wisconsin, won sec
ond prize.
Unfortunate is the plight of British ?v? mea who- are married t<? <;?
man citiiens. If they remain in Kngland thpy must be hsierned. and if
they return to Germany everybody kn??w? tli??lr fate. The photo shows
an English woman married to a German embarking with her family to
Join her husband In Germany.
Organization Will Co-oper
ate with District and
Federal Agencies.
?With the object In view of secur- ?
Ing the closest possible eo-op?ratlon t
bf'twcen the locai food administra-j
tion. the District governiti? nt, and I
?he puMic, a District Citizen?' Food 1
Council ia to be formed. The or
ganization meeting will be held In j
the Hoard room of the District |
building. Friday evening at 8 .
At the first meeting It 1? planned
to have Commissioner Louis Brown
low preside, until the election of'
regular officers and the enactment '
ot the constitution and by-laws. The |
Federal food administrator for th?- ?
District has also signified his Intcn- ?
tion of betn?-* present. Either Mr.
Wilson ar hia representatives will
he present at every meeting and
will answer all questions and from
time to time outline the policies of
the administration.
Have Wide in?.?-?,.?
Aa there ?re about sixty citizens' i
associations in the city. It la appar
ent that the newly formed council
will have wide influence. It Is pro
posed that the Bureau of Weights,
Measures and Markets, the Heslth
Office, the Street Cleaning Depart
ment, the Refuse Collection Depart
ment, and all offices which are in
dally contact with the public shall ?
be represented at the meetings.
The organization will not l?e mere?- j
ly for the duration of the war but I
will probably continue indefinitely. It !
Is proposed that the president of the
council be given a room or desk in |
the offices of the local food adminis
tration in order that the public may
be sure of being represented at all
times before the proper authorities.
It la possible that a committee from
the council will be present at the
weekly meeting? of the fair price
committee which published the fair
price list. It la pointed out that auch
a plan would have .material advan
The Park View Citizens' Associa
tion has already taken up the matter
and has appointed Ita committee. J.
G. McGrath. secretary of the associa
tion has ben working steadily late
ly urging the eatabllshment of the
council. In urging the need of such
un organisation. Mr. McOratJi points
out the neceajty tor closer co-opera
tion between the varioua forces at
work In the District. The committee
which will represent the Park View
center, consist?, of John O. MeGrath.
chairman. C. Y,'. Gllmore. and C.
Fifty dollars in bill? waa stolen
yesterday from the h-^me of Mrs.
Grace Coleman. ???? WaMiinrton street
northwest. The money was taken
from under a mattress.
Fred Steerman. of 511 Sixth street
northwest, reported the theft of a
suit of clothes raiued at JR from
his room yeeterday.
Steve Chaconas, of *& Pennsylvania
avenue northwest, complained to the
police that a elot machine, vau.ed at
$10, was stolen from his place of busi
ness yesterdav. The machine contain
ed chewing g'??m.
Mrs E. II SchaflTer, of 1?75 M street
northwest, reported the los? of $25
from her room. At the pame time
and from the same place. Miss E.
ICcXutt also reported the loss of a
Similar amount from her room. Both
women say they suspect a colored
servant plrl.
Christmas Present Rules for Yanks
The Red Cross will play Santa
I'lau? this year for soldiairs and sail
ors in t'ncle Sam's ovtrrejeas fort??.
Lack of shippingspace. and the con
gestion of the mail ?ervice will ne
cessitate that Santa Claus restriart
the yuletlde gifts to one present for
each soldier.
Friends and relatives of men In the
expeditionary forces will receive cou
pons which must be attached to
standard container? 9 ? 4 ? 3 inches,
provided by the local branch??? of the
Red Cross. The maximum weicht la
three pounds.
In order that the Christma* ?rifts
can be placed irt the Yank's sock
Christmas morning, all presents must'
be mailed on or before November IS.
Hifjfc Opinion of Scotch.
London. ? Said an oRicer who ha?
been in Scojland for three month? on '
?pedal duty: "The Scotch think
they're the greatest fighters tn the
world. Tbe latest in Glaacow Is:
"What would happen to the allies
if Scotland made a separate peace?"
The Riggs National Bank
The success of the business man, or woman, conduct
ing a small business is of as much interest to us as those
conducting a big business, and our facilities are equally
available to both.
? large majority of successful business men began
with a small business. Many of them attribute their suc
cess, in large measure, to the wisdom displayed at the
start in forming a connection with a strong, helpful
Enjoying the confidence and handling the baaking af
fairs^ of the leading firms, corporations and individuals
in this vicinity, this bank is unusually well fitted to meet
the banking needs of any one desiring to establish bank
ing relations.
Our officers will be pleased to personally meet you.
for ?? Winter
It's Wise to Select Now
In th? splenc?d ?htytsving offered at KAFKA'S
SHOP for young folks are the season'? mott at
tractive model?. Broaddoth, wool velour, unt-ut Bo
livia cloth, pluth and tveal pluah are lite material*,
in all th? fat-liionable colorings. Belted modelt, far
trimmed or ?.elf-trimmed, are mott popular, and ytrttr
(ice u ready for ?lection.
Priced, $25, $35 Uf to $75.
A. E. OcatUpaaaaB. I
p Kim atrnt.
Alexandria. Va.. Sept. II.?The ten '
persons assisting registrant? in fili- ;
li,g out their qu. stionnalrea today
were kept busy. Large number? of
leglstrant? throughout the day call
ed at the rooms of the local exemp- '
tion board for the purpose of hav- j
Ing the volunteers ?rive them assist
The members of the local board
also are busy ln sending out ques
tionnaire? to registrants, and it is
expected that all up to the age of
lb will receive them by the close of
the week.
The board will not for the present
send out questionnaire? to the men
over 36 year?.
Seventy colored men have been
summoned by the local draft board
to entrain at 5:47 Wednesday morn
ing for Camp Lee. Va.
Breakfast was served to 300 sol
diers yesterday morning? by fit.
Mary's at Camp Community Service
at the K. uf C but. Camp Hum
phreys. Those to whom breakfast
was served were men in the service
who attended Holy Communion at
the I and ?? o clock masses in that
hut. The committee in charge was
componed of Mrs. M. R. O Sullivan.
Miss Ellen McFarland. Mra Elis
abeth Keegan, Miss Julia Ryan.
Robert L. Payne, president of the
Alexandria Fertiliser and Chemical
Company, today revived a telegram
announcing the death of Robert W
Baker. Saranae Lake. N. T. He was
second vice president of the Ameri
can Agricultural Company and lived
in Baltimore.
Mr?. Margaret ? Wei-*. 74.
widow ef John Welsh, died Satur
day night at *her residence. tH
South Tat rick ?treet She la sur
Tlved by several children. Her
funeral will take place at I o'clock
Wednesday afternoon from her late
residence and ?atrices w'.il be con
ducted by Rev. Edgar Carpe men
rector of Grace P. E. Church.
Mr?. John Hunt Martin announce?
the marriage of her daughter, Miaa
Ellen Shackelford. to H.rvey Robin
eon, which took p'.ace September 12
at Birmingham. Ala. Tbe bride
groom ia a former reeldent of thl.
city and a son of Mrs John P. Rob
inson, thle city.
A musical tea will be held Tues
day night ln tbe Lyceum Hall from
S until 10 o'clock The talent win
be from Camp Humphrey? ard this
Legation Here Report* Retreat by
?u ganan?
Th? Serbian arni y reached tha ? a*
dar .River on September ? In a ?rte?
toriou.s advfi: ?. the retreat
of all Bulgarian ana G? rraan reaenr^
the -Serbian leca tion announced la.*'
It haa already transferred certa."
detachment? to the Ufi side of th
r.ver. and thu* ha* cut the j
? ail way line of communication of tht
German-Bulgarian ?.rm>.
The Serbian .?riuy .haa ad\ ?
a atra>4>ght hae of iixt)-i... ?...
meter? (abou' forty-one milea; troni
September X% to %\\. according to th?
cabled report? received at the Serbian
legation, some o? the ?r.?aj.t'y troop?
after emerging from the mountain*
have advanced forty k.lomet. -t.
ftwenty-nir.e rmlee. daily. The num
ber of pneoners taken and tbe wa.
material captured i? constantly in
creasing. _
If you have Ca' a: ri- al PeaT
aeaa or are even lu?* a little
-jard of hearing: or have head
:i'-.i*ee go to your dr Lip gist and
get 1 ounce of Parm.nt (double
ttrenrth). and add lo it -V. pint
5f hot water and a tU? granu
lated tufar Take 1 tab'.opoon
ful four time? a day
Tbta will often bring quick rg
l!ef from the diet reatine head
oottea. Cl^irged noatrtla *ho"ild
open, breathing ?become eaay and
the mueu* Mop cr ? pp.ng ?nto
the throat. It is eaa? t> prepara?
coita little and ?s pleasant to
tak'-. Anyone losing hearing or
who has Catarrhal Deafn* ?
bead Lfeofaa* should give this fre
?cription a trial.?Adv.
Perfec! Co?ee
ESPECIALLY at breakfast doe? a cup of delicious coffe?
make the meal most satisfying. Thousands of Wash
ington's housekeepers depend upon our famous Green
Bag Coffee for perfect results. If you have not yet tried this
high-grade blend, do so at once. You'll find it COMPLETELY
_ v. .
There's a Store
m Your Neighborhood
?? ? ?m?wennj ? Hi*..milint ,
?-? aa -T*

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