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Government Departments
Complete Fourth Liberty
Drive Arrangements.
', At a meeting of chairman of twen
'ty-nlne departmental subeommlt
,tee? with the Central Liberty Loan
?Committee of the District, at Lib
erty Loan haadats-arters, 141? H
?atreet northwest. arrangements
.were completed laat eight for eon
?ducting the Fourth liberty Lean
?campaign among the government
.department, and Independent bu
? A fMtare of tb? opening of the
'drive Saturday will be participation
?bv .?repel thousand soldiers and
?sailors, who will distribute litera
ture ad?idalrJaT the mor? than lOO.Ono
?government worker? that the hi?
?puah for the feurth loan Is on. A
!?oldi?r and a sailor will b? stationed
,at ?teach at tbe entran???? of all of the
?department? and Independent bureaua
'and will hand to every employe aa
'ri? or ?he enter? a amali card from
the Liberty La>an Committee, urging
???ch to do hla utmost to? make the
loan a atiretaa tn tb? District.
?Tas?? Detpartmeatal Aide??,
Each of the twenty-nine d?part
emental subcommittee chairmen haa
"?elected g corps of assistant? to aid
in tl-se work of advertising th? loan
do alt th? departments and bureaus,
and several reported last night that
pledge? already hav? been rec-eived.
Thousands of the new Fourth Liberty
Loan poster? ?re being sent to each
ejeeaartmental subcommittees?, and by
???urdav the government buildings
?win be placarded within and with
Tha? ssrork of putting up the poeter?
In the business sections of th? city
wae begun yesterday under the di
rection of th? aub-commlttee on pos
ier?, of which J. 8. J. Clark is chair
man. The sub-commtttee was assist
ed by an army of Boy Scouts, and
the work progressed raptdty. Shop
window? were decorated. Interiors of
efflc?? and ?tor??? were covered, while
street cars, automobiles, trucks and
other vehicle? all were tagged with
poster? of virions sise? and colors alt
proclaiming th* buy-a-bond message.
The committee has an adequate ?up
ply of honor roll blank? for u?e of
?Vi?!ne?e firm? snd the government
department?, and theee are being dis
tributed by the sub-committee on
honor roll? of which C. H. Ooeketer Is
rhalrman. The committee plan? to
have an honor roll In every business,
?"iouae. ?tor?, church, office building
?nd ?rovernment department In Wuh*
ington, upon which will appear the
?tame? of every person buying a
Fourth Liberty T,oan bond. The
?mount of the bond does not appetir
Bn th? honor roll, the name of th?
owner of i til bond being ?riven lust
as much prominence aa th?t of a
person who purchase? ???p,??? worth.
Unpopular AdYertucment.
Amsterdam. ? Wealthy resident? of
Serlln Incurred the wrath of the com
nunlty by advertising that their
loue? was robbed of ?nonno worth of
told trinkets. The newspaper? ap
?laud the thieves, who thus revealed
hat Berlin ia "?tilt infested by un
patriotic gold-hoarders."
To Relieve Catarrh,
Catarrhal Deafness
And Head Noises
Person? suffering from catarrhal
'?arnese, or who are growing hard or
hearing and have head noise? will
?e glad to know that thia distressing
affliction can usually be successfully
reated at home by an internal roed I
?ln? thnt In many instances haa ef
'ected impi?t? relief arter other
.realmente have falleel. Sufferers who
?ould scarcely hear have had their
?earing restored to such an extent
hat the tick of a watch waa plainly
ludlble seven or eisjht Inches away
'rom either ear. Therefore, if you
?now of ?ome one who I? troubled
?Itn head noises or catarrhal dear
ie??, cut out thl? formula and hand
t to them and you may have l>een
he means of saving some poor ?uf
'??rer perhap? from total deafness.
The prescription can be prepared at
io?me and Is made as follows.
Secure from your druggist 1 o?. Par
nint ? Double Strength?. Take this
lome and add to It ', pint of hot
vater and a little granulated ?usar;
it Ir until dissolved. Take one table
ipoonful four time? a day
Parmint ts used In thi? way not
mly to T?-edu??e by tonic action the in
lammatlon and ?welling; In the Eus
achlsn Tubes, and thus to equalise
he air p***ea>eure on the drum, but to
?orrect any excess of secretions tn the
nrddle ear. and the results It give?
?r? nearly always quick and effec
Everv person who has catarrh In
inv form, or distressing rumbllne.
llselng sound? in their ear?, ?hould
rlv? thi? recipe a trial ?A?v.
Elk Grove
: ot
J'- ZK.?. . . It
?* ? .' car
At All Grocers.
Golden & Co.
922-928 La. Ave.
Wholesaler, Only
I ? Your **t WL?
^Ey" ^^B*g
Don't waate iim? la ?labiate mxrr
mmt m.MM ha?.?? herni If *.-?.ir *yrm
r* drtrrtis- mrr ., , tn-rlnr fer hrttrr
T?-n-Tf?t it I :??.??*? mrr marl?? tor
*T,-rrnt - f ? At ??. h ?- .1., ,,?.,
?I?* yaartt
Vitlorm > cor?" Prartl???*.
??,_ r ?Tiorm ?
?SI aal ?a ??!. ?f. W.
? Ci andai Is.
'VOI"? ? ME.BAROt-t
von F\ou6e-nw? umo
PI f? PRWKTt t
Sat? ????GG
WeW* VO?f
SUC* PftWffft M?)
HO?tXt ?AY
frischer -
c'a^oM, uer? eo'.
'vWKI** UP\ A5? TM? KRAUT W??^
WOOVlJ/ife'WWKS . 006**T1?>
??X f?C? OR P?R6H1M4
TO IfcKt HIM PR?*oMfcR
?CA?-et^Ut? A HUM
?or Pice* I
'well -(WATS eftsv ?
?we'll .Tes cut Mis
bottoms amo chevrom5j
OFF "~
^D HO--W tfES
a pmv*re !
Chemie?!? \J?td in Manufacture
Neeckd for Munition??.
I Conservation nf pa|>er muet be ?n
I forced ln order that an extremely
? ?..rlous ?Ituation may not ?nauc. wa?
the announcement yesterday of the
neper economy division of the War
Industries Board. In a campaign to
limit the use of paper nf every kind
to bare necessities, the following
warnipg? have been issued by the
Don't wrap everything.
Carry your baeket to market.
DM paper over and over again.
Start your paper ba? pila and make
each bag do double duty.
Tak? th? Initiative in offering to
carry unwrapped package?.
Use both ?Ides of th? paper for cor
Spread the message? Don't waste
Chemical? lndi?pen?able for making
munition? ?nd poisonous gases are
used hi the manufacture of paper.
Present indications are that there
will not he enough sulphur allotted to
the manufa:t'ire of paper, and the
?upply can be kept ?ufficiest only
through strict conservation.
The scarcity of ?ulphur has recently
forced the government to take over
two mine? ln Louisiana and Texas In
order to meet the sulphur demands
? for war p-irposes.
Employe of War Risk Bureau Dis
appeared Sunday.
The disappearance of Ml*? Esther
Bullock, MX Q street northwest, ha?
been reported to the police.
Sunday morning tho missing woman
called at a friend's house to wait for
her before going to the services at
the Bethany Baptist Church. Thr
friend was not ready and told Miss
Bullock to go on without her, prom
ising to meet her later at the church.
This wee the last seen of Miss Bul
lock. Inquiries at th? church ?how
that she never reached there, nor did
she return to her home on Q street.
At the War Risk Bureau, where she
was employed, she has not reported
for work.
Mis? Bullock, who I? about M year?
of sge. cerne to thi? city from Free
dom. Ky.. to ac?ept a po?ition with
the War Risk Bureau. She I? ?len
der, with black hair and brown ?yes.
At the time of her disappearance ?he
wore a dark dree? and a black coat.
Polle? and detectives stated laat
night that they had not been able to
?ecure any trace of the missing wom
! an. It Is thought that ?he may have
I returned to her home in Kentucky.
Cardinal Gibbons to Say
Ma$s at St. Martin's
' Hi? Eminence Cardinal Gibbons
1 will preside at a solemn hii;h mass
i in 8t. Martin's Church. North Cap?
! itol and ? street?, at 11 o'clock next
Sunday morning, and after the mas?
will administer the sacrament of con
firmation to a clas? of i\Q ehlldren.
A special musical program has been
arranged for the occasion snd a
i number of prominent clergymen of
I the city will assist in the c?r?monie?.
Fight Weakening
Cough With a
Health Builder
' Nothing* pull? down ? weakened
j nye tem so much aa a per*1?*tent
cough. In manv nlmtlar oteen KCK
1 MAN'S A?aiTERATlVK. ? tonic and
; iip-bulldf r. haa been found to be
; moat valuable In stopping the
! nouffh. atrengtheninr the lunge and
helping tn rent ? re health. Twenty
years' auccesaful use. HO* ?ml It LRU
uoit.?-? ii all 4rngf[lata -ar ?ana
fart a rer. pant paid.
-Tapltal **? ??????? HZ.OOO.?HW?.
?"THRIFT in the individual is
t essential if we are to
become Thrifty as a Nation.
And we must become that if
Victory is to be ours.
IDo your duty to your Country
and yourself. BANK EVERY
DOLLAR possible. Your saving:?
trill here have every protection,
and will firn you ?teady inter
est. Any smount will start?your
rTHeeal ?ke Mtmaanl'. laa'an. -
tie??UO-aT ??1TK P1PF.R. "* ?>
National Savings &
Truat Company
?Jor 15th and ?. Y. Ave.
^?- ;-???? ?laaafcat ?enr-a
Tennesset Man Found Guilty Un
der Espionage Act.
Word has Just be?n received at Red
Cross national headquarters of the
conviction of William E. Martin In the
federal court at Greenville, Tennessee,
on an Indictment containing three
counta which chasj-ged him with slan
dering the Red Cross, President Wil
son and the government of the United
f-tatea. Judge Edward T. Sanford
denied the motion for a new trial on
all ground? except that of Insanity
and postponed final disposition of the
caae ten day? to enable the attorneys
to submit affidavits touching on Mar
tin's mental condition.
The first count charged that Mar
tin declared that the Red Croas was
merely a scheme to ?upport a lot of
women and that several hundred Red
Cross nurse? had been sent back from
France because of their conduct in
that country. The ?econd charged
him with making ?currllou? remark?
about the President. He declared,
according to indictment, that the
President was sending all the men of
the I'nited States to France te be
killed and that he would "ate the
resident ?n hell hetoH ht "?vmild go
to France to fight." The third oount
charged Martin with statement? Im
plying that the money raised by the
coVernment for war purpo???? wa? be
ing misapplied.
? plea by the defense that the In
dictment should be quashed on the
?round that the Red Croe? is not a
part of the military force? of the
rnlted State* waa overruled.
Georgia "Tech" Alumni
And Students Hold Smoker
The Georgia Technical Club, of
Waahlngton. held a ?moker laat
evening at the Cushmen Cafe. ?OT
Fourteenth ?treet northwest.
The cluh members are the alumni
and former students of the Georgia
School of Technology who ar? sta
tioned In Washington on duty with
the army and navy and govern
mental department?.
Every cla?? since the establish
ment of the ?chool In IS?? Is repre
sented on the membership roll.
It was decided at the meeting
laat night that a dinner, followed
by a smoker, will be held on the
first Tuesday of each month to pro
mote good fellowship among the
members residing in Washington.
Yale Opens Year With
War Training in Lead
Tat? University open? today, the
?i'?th anniversary of It? founding.
Thla year the ?chool will devot* the
greater pert of It? curriculum to
training ?t?ldenla for ?ervice In th?
I'nited statea army and navy. At
tached to the university I? the only
artillery training ?chool and th?
largest naval training unit connected
with any American university.
All military students, constituting
four-fifths of the entire student body,
will be given frc? consideration. Stu
dents will not be accepted unie??
they have completed at least one
year at college or unies? they have
passed at least fourteen unit* of a
college entrance board.
An official collection made by the
British government to Illustrate
Britain'? Efforts and Ideal? In tnu
Great War" of sixty-four litho
graph? will be on exhibition at th?
Library of Congress all thia week.
The Waahlaa-taa I'.al? glosai.? so
ciety will meet tonight at the T?ale
Zionist clubroom?, lilt* Sixth street
to celebrate the British victory in
Coagre.amSB Reavl? of ?liehraaka
will give his lecture entitled "Gen
eral Pershing and the American
Crusaders" tonight at the Wilson
Normal School at I o'clock.
Helta ? p?II?ibb Fraternity esicaa la
Washington will meet tomorrow
night at 8:30 o'clock at the Univers
ity Club. Dr. R. B. So?man. presi
dent of the club, and MaJ. Rupert
Hughes will preside.
Tbe lirajiirtmrsl of the Potomac.
Q. A. R., will meet Saturday night
at ? o'clock at Grand Army Hall.
A dance for the ?.carral Engineer
Depot Red Cro?? Auxiliary will be
given on October 13 at Dyer's, 1S17
R ?treet northwest.
Hoad or cheat?
best traattad
a^Ve-aassr tr\rtvj, .?~A
NEW rlsKES.aOc, ?o?, $iM
Girls from Various States Art Hos
tesses on Wednesday Evening.
The Wilson Normal Community
Center will have a series of dane.?a
on Wednesday evening of eae'n week
at which the girls of the neighbor
hood from the vsrioui Slates of the
I'nion will be hoste???? to th? sol
dier? of their home Slate who ar?
stationed near here. I?ast night was
California night and the girls from
the Far West had as their guest?
their soldier friend? from Cslirornla.
Registrations wer? being mad? lact
night for the various courses that
are offered by the school. These In
clude work In rhvthmie dancing, pub
lic ?peaking and expression, an art
appreciation course, and gymnasium
work for women.
Ther? are several openings ln the
key punching clas?. This work I?
of special value for war work need?
?? th? government departments are
using thi? system for their statistic:?!
American Agent to Moscow
Arrives in Sweden;
Await Report.
DeWitt C. Pool?. American Consul
General at Moscow, has arrlred ?afs
ly In Stockholm, and today th? Sute
Department hope? to b? in r?e?lpt of
a full account of hi? experience? in
Russi?. H? Is now fie? of the Bol
shevik influence and the terroristic ,
policies of |?? leaders, therefor? he I?
expected to give a complet? recital ?G
th? horror? he witnessed
Th? work done hy Mr Poole. ?nd
hi? courage ln remaining at hi? post
until ordered tn leave, la deeply ap
preciated . hy th? State Department.
Secretary Lansing In ? cabl? to him
yeeterdav says:
?Th? department ha? appreciated
th? grave responslbllllle? which de
volved upon you with th? death or
Mr. Summer? and the distr???lng lo
cal condition? which added to the
difficulties of your task. Your work
has therefore been followed with an
xious Interest. Tou proved equal to
the emor?rpney and I wish to convey
to you, st the flrst opportunity follow
ing your safe departure from Rue?.?,
my commendation for th? capacity
and sound judgment with which you
have discharged your dutle?; not
omitting your courageous determina
tion to remain In Moscow in order
to give moral support to your French
and British eoll?egu*s. and where
you would still be were It not for
orders ?ent you by lh? department
(Sinned. Lansing."
Th? only news received from Fus
ila yesterday by lh? department was
word that th? Archangel government
had notified the p?n-Ru??ian confer
ence now In ?e??lon at Ufa of It?
?agreement to restore the constituent
aa??mblv ?? the governing body. All
Ru?slan faction?, ?ave the Bolehevik!.
are In ?esslon at Ufa and officiale be
lieve the outgrowth of th? session
may he a restoration of a strong
government in Russia, Inasmuch a?
the Siberian dama and th? govern
ment at Em?k hav? ?Ignlfled their
acceptance of the rlan. ?
In Continuous Government Servie?
For Forty Yetri.
tir. Oliver H. Briggs, superintendent
of ?upplles of the General Supply
Committee of the Treasury Depart?
meni. died last night at his re?ldenre,
822 C ?treet northeast.
Mr Brigg? hs? been In the govern
ment employ for the pa?t forty year?.
He was for many years connected
with the Unlta?d State? po?t?l ?ervlc?,
leaving that work to accept the posi
tion with th? Treasury Department,
which he retained up until hi? death.
Mr. Rrlggs was born In Auburn.
Me, January 7. IK."I. At the time of
his death he wa? tt year? old. The
family Mr. Briggs leaves Include? hi?
wife snd hi? ?on, James, who is em
ployed a? a law clerk in the office of
the Comptroller of th? Treasury.
The funeral will be held Friday aft
ernoon at 4 o'clock under Masonic
auspices at the ? h?i>el of J. William
l*e Bon? at 331 Pennsylvania avenue.
M-arket Tips for Housewives.
Price? to retailers and general market Information furnished bv
Bureau of Market?. I'nited state? Department of Agriculture; fair
prices to consumer?, by the District food administration.
ARI NO ?????irlnii hens... pepper., rahh.se. ?Klrplaat. potatoe., e-aek
Ina iiasple?. ...ret corn, tomators, aeiain.lt. lemon?.
?iOH?l 11-Beet?, onion., ?rapea, lettuce, ?as a???*? p?l?(?,r? ?p?sasela, rasl
? CAI?? ??? uriinthers. carro??, ?matea, peaches, hansnn?. pear?, ?n
Several of the new fall product? are being brought to market In
limited quantifie?, and while they arc looked upon a.? delicacies, con
sumer? will no doubt be pleased to know that they are available, and
ofTer a ?hange in the dally menu. Salsify, commonly known a? oyster
plant, is one of the most delicious vegetable? that I? produced, and I?
eapeciii noted for Its similarity In flavor to oyster?. The usual
method of preparing it I? boiling with cream or milk dressing. Al
though there are a number of other attractive ways in which it may
be prepared. Parsnip? are seen on the market In ?mall quantities, and
afford the hou?ewlfe greater variety in preparing vegetable? with roa?t
meat?. Swls? chard I? another vegetable that I? more or lee? of a
novelty, and I* used principally in the preparation of ?alad?. Several
varietle? of pumpkin? ar? available, and lover? of "pumpkin" pie will
?hortly be able to obtain thl? favorite dessert at reasonable price?.
(.HI'.CV TOM ATOE? FOR G?G??.????.
For ?ome time there ha? been a fairly liberal supply of green to
matoes at the farmers' mark??t, and housewives are afforded another
opportunity to procure them for pickling. They are selling wholesale
for 50c to $1.00 a box (1 pecks).
The danger of frost at thl? ?eason of the year i? imminent, and
tho?e who desire to prepare them for use during the winter are advised
to do ?o at once. Following 1? a standard recipe furnished by the
Home Economic? branch of the Unit??! State? Department of Agricul
1 peck green tomatoe? 11 tablespoon? curry powder
2 pounds onl.ins j tablespoons turmeric
Jquart? Pv?negar ' tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 pound ?ugar, or 1 tablespoon ground allspice
?4 lb. ?ugar and 4 lb. sirup ? tablespoon mustard
Chop or slice the tomatoes snd onions, sprinkle with salt and let
them atand over night. In the morning drain oft" the liquid and put
the tomatoe? and onion? in a prepervlng kettle with a quart of vinegar
and a ?juart of water. Let the mixture boll for five minute? and then
drain. To the drained tomatoe? and onion? add the ?pices, sugar and
two quarta of vinegar and then boll for 15 minutes, counting from
the time they begin to bubble. l'ut in Jars which have been thoroughly
?s, allied In hot water and seal
The fair prices to consumers given below cover those charged by
both "eash-and carry" and "credit-and-deltvery" retailers. "Cash-and
carry" retailer? should sell near the lowest figure given. Unless other
wise stated, all price? are for produca uf good average quality, i'oorer
grades ?hould sell for less.
If consumer? are charged, on any day, prices In exee?? of tho?e
published on that day In the ' falr-prlce-to-consumers" column, they
?hould immediately bring the matter to the attention of the ancnt of
the District Food Administration, office 264, ? street wing, Center
Cost to retailer
Beans, ?nap. ?,, pec* . 5 a 7c
Beans, lima, quart . 45 a60c
Beets, bunch . 5 a Sc
Celery, bunch . IUa k
t'abbage, pound . -%a 2??.?'
Carrots, bunch, pound. 34a 4c
" a 3c
a 4c
a fie
a ?.?
a ?<?
4 ? aule
27 a32c
IS al??
arrota, cut. pound. J
Cucumber?, local, each . ?
l'.ggplant. local, each. 4
Kai?, peck (I Iba). 7
lettuce, local, head. S
I -a-11 .?..... New York, head. ?
Onions, drv. V4 peck.
Peppers, local, each .
Potato??. No. 1, peck (IS lb?.).
Potatoes, No. J, peck (15 lb?.)..
Potatoes, sweet. No. 1, ?4 peck.
Potatoe?, ?went. No. I, s peck. 7 alnc
Spinach. New Zealand. '? peck. Be
Spinach, native. ?4 peck. (Hi Ir
S??via?h, white und yellow, each. ?ir
Squa?h. marrow. p?>und. 21??
Sweet corn, large, dozen. 21 a30c
S?A??et corn, medium, dosen. ll!*alf>e
Tomatoes, local, large, ?A peck (34 lb?.) 17 ?21c
Tomatoes, local, ?mall, ? peck (34 lb?.) 8 al3c
Tomatoes, local, green, bunch. S a go
Turnip?, topped, pound. 14a ?4??
Fall; IT??.
Fair price to
7 a lie
5? antic
7 alle
44a lie
2-V.a Ittc
1 li a 5c
a lie
a sc
a 12c
a 14c
Ha l'ic
5* ??.
? 42c
a 13c
!> a 12c
14a 2?fcc
a 42c
a 21c
il 2KC
a 18e
a Sc
a 14c
Apples. Crini??.?, lini grade. ?. peck. IS
nafdwln.fli?? grade. '? peck. 11
Apples. York. ', peck.
Apple?, North. Spv. first grade, ?4 peck. .
Apple?, C.ravensteln. first urode. denn.
Apple?, Winter Banana, first tirade, doz.
Apple?, other varietle?. ?, peck.
Apple?, ?econd grades. U peek. "?.allc
Hanana?, dosen . 25 a32r
Cantaloupes, local. No. 1. each. 7
? 'antaloupe?. local. No. 2. each. '4
?"antaloupe?. Colo, and Del., each. 7
??rupe?. New York. 3-lh. basket.
Grape?, California, pound . ?
I?eniona, Cal. 442?, dosen.
Union?. Cal. 3fi0?. dosen.
Orange?. <?ai.. 216*. doxen.!.
Drange?. Cal, 17???. doxen.
Pear?, fancy, doxen.
Pear?. Kief fer. peck .
Peache?. 4-?.t. ba?k?'t.
reaches, % peck .
a 7c
a ?c
?a 20c
a 5 fie
17 a 27c
II ?He
a isc
a 20c
a ISc
a 15c
? I?
a Jfic
a 15c
a 33c
a ISc
a ISc
a 27c
a 75c
a ?oc
a ?tOc
a ?4c
a sue
a '.
The New All-Year Table Beverage de Luxe
First-grade Winesap Apples and finest hops are the bas
is of "LIBERTY" CHAMPAGNE'S individuality.
There's nothing else in the realm of beverages quite like it.
from the first to the last drop.
For Case? Phone West 1600
$2.50 per case of 24 bottles; 75c rebate for
return of empty bottles and case.
On Sale at All First-Class Dealers
Wants Minimum Price of
$15.50 a Hundred on Hogs
Th? Agricultural AdvI?ory Com
mitte? ha? recommended that the
Food Administration should at once
?nu?.une? Its intention to maintain the
minimum pr'ce on hog? at noi Ie??
than |15.fa0 per hundred contlnuou?Iy
during th? war. Theae ligure? are
hased unon th? price of corn.
The committee announces that th?
Food Administration haa no power to
fix the prie? of hogs or corn and can
only Influence the prie* as far as
army and ally order? will absorb t lia?
surplus production. It aids that a
venerai survey <rt mark -t and ron
?rinntion conditions ?in?? that a ta'r
price for th? month of O;tober v.u.ill
be SlR.se per hundred at Chi ato The
Food Administration should enden?..!
during the war to maintain price? tha?
will be profitable for the pro-t'ic.r
and fair for the coneumsr reports
ite committee
Six Barrels of Tinfoil
-4re Sorted by Soldiers
Six sugar barrels of tinfoil st the
?alvage headquarter?. Delaware ?ve
nue and C street northeast, have
proved such a task to sort that a
committee of ?oldler? from the nearby
liberty hut have volunteered to at
tend to the sortln...
One or more ?oldler? report a?eeh
day for tho work, according to Mrs.
John Allan Dougherty, chairman of
the salvage department of the Red
Cross, In charge of th? warehouse.
Mr?. Charles Keen?, chairmen of th?
tintoli committee, has al?o formed a
committee of women to take charge
of the work each day. The tinfoil I?
sorted Inte thra?e grade*, tin. lead and
Innndeacrlpt. For the best grade rs
? much aa ?9 cents is sometime? re
ta? h i. it a ?.? ??????.
IA. R. larmr-hsn,
TB Kins KiMart.
Alexandria. Va., Sept G??The mar
nag? cf Miss Anna Schneider Bar
Iris, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Bar
i?l?. and Lewis Oordon rorter, for
merly of Richmond, but more re
cently of Alexandria, m-a? solemnise?!
! nt noon today in St. Paul? Episcopal
' hurch. The ceremony waa per
? formed by Rev. P. P. Phillipe. D.D.,
' rector, aaslsted by Rev Matthew B.
i Porter, th? laat named father of the
bridegroom. The bride was given in
marriage by her mother and wa? ac
companied to the chancel by het
grandfather Justus Schneider. She
was unattended. The bridegroom
had for his beet man Carroll Ashby.
Only th* Immediate relatives and
a few friends sttended The brid?
was gowned In blue Georgette crept
trimmed In steel bead? with hat to
match and wore a corsage bouquet
of Ophelia ro**s. A reception to the
wedding party nnd relatives followed
the ceremony at th? residence of the
bride'? mother, ?4 Korth Washington
street, after which the coupl? left
for a Northern bridal trip. The
bridegroom 1? assistant superintend
ent of the plant of the Alexandria
Ferttllier ana Chemical Company.
A special grand Jury ln th? Cor
poration Court thi? afternoon. Judge
L. C. Barley presiding, returned a
true bill ?gainst William Montague,
colored, for th? murder of Irving
Dudley, colored, which occurred
September 19. The trial of Mont
ague was fixed for Wednesday. Oc
tober i. c. page Waller, Jr., wes
foreman of the Jury.
A dance waas given tonight by
Company I, Second Engineer Train
ing Regiment, Camp A. A. Hum
phreys at the War Camp Com
munity Club. An elaborate menu
was served.
Forty-five colored men entrained this
morning for Camp 1*?. Va Th?y
were accompanied to the railway
station hy th* member? of the local
draft board Tlioae In the party were
Arthur C. Morgan. Elxy Spriggs. Will
iam Johnson. William W. Thompson.
Adolphu? Li?, Howard Peyton
Claude N. Lane Kelley Monroe.
Walter R. Nelson. Marlon B. Butler,
Dandrldg? Richardson. Harry L. Will
lams. Charlea Whltlcy. William Mat
thews, David Murray. Joeeph Llp?
eomb, Wavly Lucue, Henry Thomp
son. William H. Pve. Robert Casa,
John Loma?. Elijah Mitchell. Edward
Berry. Rufu? Banks. Oeorge Coleman,
Luther Corbln. Robert H. Bohanan.
Israel Lyon, John Hicks. Milton
Brooks, George L. Llpscomb, Jsoob
Jone?, Robert H. Myers. Hiawatha W.
Oolf, Preston H Ward. Samuel Noble,
<l??orge Robinson, Otto Bo?wcll.
Chsrle? Bradford. Thomas Col*?.
Edward Jackson. Samuel Johnson.
Heseklah Plnkett, Morton Brown.
Marcellu? Johnson.
Lieut. Louis N. DufTey, now ov?r
seaa, has been promoted to captain
and assigned to headquarters with
the lldth Regiment according to
word received today by his wlf?.
j Th? hoard of aldermen has laid
on the tabi* the report of the
etreet committee recommending that
ntney? for Camp Humphrey?. Va-,
Iw placed In Friendship ?lley. Th?
result j? that the Jitneys will con
timi? to operate from Pitt ?treot be
tween King and Prince ?treeta.
"Diamond Jim" Brady and
Julia Sanderson Mention
ed in Correspondence.
Pittsfleld. Mus.. Sert. r. -"I have
been grossly misrepresented," de
rlared Mr?. Katherine I* Mellen, ?if?
of Charlee ?. Mellen, former t resident
of the New Hnven Railroad, tn a
Maternent Issued today and refecrine
to testimony plven hy her husband
ye.?terday ahd to letter? alleged to
have heen written hy her which were
Introduced in evidence in Mellen's suit
lo rain the rieht to dispose of hie
prot>ertjr without her consent
"I hare made no defense airainst the
cruel allejrattnns charted against my
<haracter as yet. but at the proper
time and place re-relations will be
made which will vindicate tee before
the world.'?
A aii-Bth ?erne? tbdsl HimM
The name of Abdul Hamid wa? :
thrust Into the testimony adduced to- !
dt-ty at the trial. It was not the de
funct sultan, hut an Abdul Hamid of
New Haven, a soothsayer and sleuth
whom Mellen testt?ed his wife had
employed to shadow Mr?. Dourlas
Brown, wife of tho assistant manager
of the YanderMIt Hotel. New York.
Activities of a cert.iin Moti*.e <ame
out subsequent to the rrnd-nt of six- ?
tot-? missives, all more <.r leas ardent
? alleged to hare he-en -sen^ hy Mrs.
Melleh lo fcrosrn and tn her 'dauKhte*
? Kfttheryn, who ie -wiu'me to testify
! Jnlla ffand-e-raon, "I ?iara-stid Jim?*
I Brady and others of the earn? social
? circle play a prominent part In the
j correspondence.
I A letter to "Dourlaas Pear*? and
sinned "Fondly Kitten*' contained this
warning: "I want you to have all
the good times you can with the m?n.
but not with the women."
Another in whieh Julia Sanderson 1?
mentioned concludes thus: "I do ro.
want to think yom are having- a nW
time with little blohdie"
Another letter to Brown expressed
a desire for a diamond ring and add?"*!
"You kn-iw dear. I could easily buy
one m>'?elf-or if I ??ked 'S. ?' I
?arnuld have It in the wing of an
Mellen te?ii?n?l thai "J ? " wa? ?h?
late "Diamond Jim" Brady.
Mellen te.tif.et" that he had to eme
?pit doctor? l?ecau?e of tat* phyac-al
effect of the letter?.
Employe of District Auditor Plunges
Into Potomac River.
Worried with th?* th?-?urht flwt tie
mu.?t remain an invalid th* ragt af
hla Uf??. A A Judg**_ 10 rear? -"????
Thirteenth *tr*?t northwwt. cop
mitted suit id?- yeaterday afternoon
hy jumping overboard from th*
Ninth ptr*-*-t wharf
Three colored men a-aw Mr .iurte?*?.
take off hip coat ?nd hat ?nd plunr*
into the Potomac Before
- oui?* ??p??? him h# had sunk Th?
police boat dras-cd th?? river frv
hi? body mnjA recovered] it ehortly
Ifr. Judgea cam?? to tv?.?* h In ft ? ?
fn ltQS from Feattlr. Wi*li? and
took a poaition In th* olT.ce of the
? iuditor for the Diatrict of Colti
hia, which he h??*ld until hia t
Ft tht? laat month or two hi
bt-ei-i troubled with inaomrna
hoart trouble. He had tone
numeroue phyaictan* :n r?rira
hla ailment, hut apparently
rould do nothing for him F
than remain eick the balance
d-iya. Ju?gr* jumped overboard ked
?im? nod He haa a wife and md m
Seattle and thev have be*?, notilVi
of hia death. Hi? body row ta
ih* morgue awa.tina* the ? omn?
i!ui -
Hantji Self by Beh
At School Hoipit
Alexander Ta? lor. colorssd IT a e?
? formearty of New Or'.ean?. ? ?
j eulclde yesterday ?I ?he Natio?
! Tralr.lnr School hnspltat ha hang.
? himself wi?h a helt
Hi? body ?m di?coTera?d about
o'clock yesterday with ?be belt aresund
hia neck, ?he belt ?ajstsei.ded froa a'i
I electric wire over hi? bed He had
i been In the hospital for ?ome
time and had fre-siientl?? ?iffers?afl fro -
, lit? of melancholia Hi? relativ??? ha
i been notified
S. S. S. Hat Proven to ?* ? Blood
Purifier that Will Urans* tke
Vital Fluid snd Carry Of
the Impuntici
The very fact that Cat.irrh is
often considered to be nothing
?more than a bad li^-ad-cold or in
flammation of the membrane? of
the nose and throat has caused
many people to ?0 through years
of suffering, who might have been
fully restored to health had they
realized that the supposed cold in
the head was not a local trouble
only, but that they had become in
fected with the germs of a compli
cated and dangerous disease.
It is true that Catarrh naturally
begins with a cold in the head, and
this supposed cold may ha\-e been
caused by infection through prox
imity to infected persons in a
closed street car or room, inhaling
the germs when some one coughed
or sneered; bot, however the in
fection occurs, the poisons which
are taken into your system, ulti
mately find their way into your
blood and the supposed cold be
comes a constitutional trouble that
will affect every part of your body.
The poisoned blood circulating
through your system will carry
these germs to the very source of
your vitality.
Look out for these symptoms
for there .is no more annoying or
dangerous disease than Catarrh.
There's a continual discharge from
the nostrils, buzzing in the ears
that grows worse and worsve,
sometimes leading to deafness,
scabs in the nostrils, headaches,
dripping in the throat, constant
hawking and spitting, and in cer
tain Sufi's of the disease the odor
'ron the breath is very offe?-? e.
Catarrh is usually worse in ?-in
ter because of over-heated root-s
;,nd offices, and because the low
temperature prevents the little -e
lirf that health sweating will g,?r.
The poison-vitiated air hi ?
rooms is breathed over and ove
in tact, the daily habits of p-?t an..
women in winter are faith!
of this disease. As the bloc?
late? through the body, it ca-ric?
Catarrh germs into the Moniach.
causing chronic dyspcps'i: it a -
fects the kidneys and bladder: it
weakens the general health ?nd
causes loss of appetite. The ?uf
ferer feels despondent and hah'-??:? '?
most of the time, but the great' ?t
dang.-r lies in the fact that if it?
Catarrh is not checked, the Inagi
may become involved, Iwi
in Consumption, the most ie.? <h
ous of all diseases.
Don't expect to permanently
cure Catarrh with ?pray?, louons
and salves or medicate carette
smoking. They give only tempo
rary relief. S. S. ? ?- the bc?t
treatment for Catarrh, because
goes right into the blood and a
sists it in removint; the catarrln
poison and at the same time build
up the entire system by its l?n,
tonic effect, S. P. S is a purel
vegetable rem< dy and not injuri
ous to the system, like minera
medicines arc
Catarrh sufferers will find thr
consulting department hrlpiul ir
advising local treatment to mt us?e
with S. S S. Don't hesitate tt
write them, and if you
symptoms of Catarrh or
that is hanging on, go immefiatefa>'
to your druggist and get a bottle
of S. ? 1 Swift Spec he Con
pany. Drawer 12, Atlanta, Geotgi*.
esitate t?
hav* tha)
?>r a cold

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