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Peace Will Come, He As
serts, on Basis of Wil
son's Terms.
' Auburn. N. T., Oct. 10?Secretary
of State Lansing, in an address bere
tonight, declared this period of the
war to be the "beginning of the
end." He spoke at a dinner in cele
bration of the one hundredth anni
versary of Auburn Theological Sem
"For four long years the armies
of the allies have heroically with
stood the legions of the 'Beast.' "
he declared. "These war-worn vet
erana, whose unfaltering valor
knows no equal, are today, with
the splendid men of this Republic
by their side, sweeping back the in- !
vaders broken in spirit, sullen and
hopeless. It is the beginning of the
end. The hour of triumph is draw
ing near. The day of the war-lords ^
Is almost over."
Tke "i -?mint Era.*?
The subject of tbe Secretary's ad- !
dress was, "The Spirit of the Com
ing Era"?the ear after the war.
Peace will come, the Secretary said,
on the basis of the President's terms,
therefore all should stand rigidly in
support of the principle? on which
these bases are founded.
When peace comes, he added. It will
be g Just peace which will satisfy the
just, but not the unjust wishes of all
peoples. But. he declared: "When
the time comes to balance the account
?and it scema to be drawing near as
tbe vassals of Germany seek refuge
from the day of wrath?the authors of
the frightful wrongs committed
againat mankind should not be for
gotten." A lasting peace. Mr. Uns
ing said, could not be one written in
terms of anger. It will not come,
though, he made plain, "while the
'beast* is still at large.**
Brotherhood of Maa.
MTou, who are present tonight,"
continued the Secretary, "believing in
the brotherhood of man. know, as I
know, that the American people ought
not. after the war is won, to cherish a
pi?H?a? hate for all those who have
served the military dictators of Cen
tn?! Kurope. We should discriminate
between the ignorant and the intelli
gent, between the responsible and Ir
responsible, between the master and
the serf. It seems to me that it is the
? lain duty of all tho3e who can in- ,
tiuence public opinion in this country '
to so guide American thought, that j
passion will not prevent the putting
into operation of a wise plan for the]
readjustment of the world when
peace ts restored.
"There is also another Influence
which Christian men and women must
combat if this new era is to be an era
of nobler life and loftier ideals than
that which has ended in the grim
fr? enes of death anrf suffering we have
witnessed. For years we. as a peo
ple, have fallen more and more under
the influence of materialism. Physical
pleasure and ease became the objects
of chief desire.
I h a ormai Development.
"The abnormal development of ma
terialistic ideas in the German mind
was a potent force: possibly the
potent force in arousing the lust
for dominion, which was the under
lying cause of this conflict of the
nations. It is the verdict of his
tory th-at a. cold cAlculatttaa; mate
rialism sows in the life of a people
the seeds of degeneracy rather than
the seeds of progress. Materialism
as the basic idea of the new order
of things will revive those very Im
pulses to do evil, which the world
today abhors.
"The years to come must be years
of fraternity and common purpose. ?
1'nreasoning class hatreds and classi
tyrannies must come to an end.
"Society must be organized on |
principles of justice and liberty.
The world must be ruled by the j
dominant will to do that which is j
right. I see no other complete so
lution to the great problems which ?
will soon engross the thought of1
mankind, no other means of de- I
st roving forever that soulless ma- I
terialism which plunged the nations !
into these years of agony."
The r* ? a Inr monthly meeting of
the California State Association,
.-cheduled for the Thomson ?School.
Twelfth and L streets northwest, on
Thursday evening. October 10, has
b'-en postponed. It is planned" to
hold the next monthly meeting? on
the second Thursday in November.
William McK. ?t?a y toa, chaimas
of the Board of Trade committee on
public library, has called a meeting
for Monday. October 14. at 4.15 p. m..
in the board rooms. Star building.
The e??* eat loa of the .???day
School Institute scheduled for Wed- !
nfsday, October 1*>, at th?? Church;
of the Epiphany, has been post- j
The Cottage Bible Inatltate has
postponed several new <ourses of I
study which it planned to open this I
The Anthropologleal gttaiety f
Washington will discontinue its
meetings during the grip epidemic.
The drill? ef the vario?? ?nit? of
the National Guard of the District
are suspended until further notice.
Transactions of official business only
will be permitted in the Armory.
and such officers, enlisted men and
employees necessary for this pur
pose will be admitted.
New Tork. Oct. 10.?The following
tYaahingtomana are registered at lo
ci hotels: H. C. Barldet, Navarre:
Mrs. H. 8. Beers. St. James; Mrs. V
R. Boyd, Algonquin: Miss I. M. Bis
? ?11. Miss ? Blodget?. Martha Wash
ington, E. A. Brand. Breslin; Mrs.
A B'Jrton. Miss 31. Colegrove. Martha
Washington: W. C. Connor. Grand.
Mr?. T. Edward. Endicott7 A. O. Gir
ard. Marlborough; Mr?. G. ?. Gordon.
\Vebster7 A. C. Hubbell. feonta-Nara
-:in?ett; Mrs. W. B. Knapp. Martha
h -".hington: J. L. E. Legouis, Na
??arre; J. E. Morland, Latham; ?ft*. W
fheppard, Herald Square; J. H Sher
man. Navarre; Mis? L. Swanson.
Mortha Washington : Mra E C Will
ems. CapL F. C. Williams,'Ansonia:
A. ?3. Woran, Van Portland: J. W
? Kord. Collingwood: H. S. Beer? et
lames: M. S Cretghton. Latham? J
' umminge. Continental: E. J. Deno
tine. New Strand; Mis? M. C. Em
merlck. Martha Washington; R o
'?onnell. Elendere; J. c. Parker
??rega?an; u L. Raymond. Mar
seilles; Mr?. A. Johnston, Mra. ?
I-emon. Holland; Mr?, w. G. Lyons!
1-atb.am; Miss L. Matkins, Holland
1 ?Pt J. W. Phillip?, Arlington.
Trade repreasentative??Woodward
* lathrop. dry good?; J. tt. Buaxell
dree? go?*?. Unings; XS4 Fourth ave
nue; J. o. Moque, carpet?, rugs, beds
and furniture; HeraM Square; ? G.
Whit., men's and women?! shoes r.?
rourth aw nut. '
The British government t, paving
?? ?t-yunc? for platinum la c?w
-?a**? -? ? _ a
Remains Chairman of Boa/d; Is
Succeeded by E. W. Beatty.
Montreal. Oct. 10? Lord Shaughneauv
'??mains chairman of th? Canadian
Pacific Railway Company, but after
twenty years of office retired from the
presidency at a meeting of the direc
tors held here today. While relieved
>f executive duty, he will continue to
serve with his counsel and experience.
E. W. Beatty was elected president.
This change Is due to Lord .ShauRh
nesey's conviction that in view of the
extensive program planed by the
< "anadian PaclBc for the period of re
??onstructlon after the war the best
interests of the company would be
served If a younger man were to as
sume the active direction of ao large
and ?-omplete a system. Although
several years older thaa either of his
predecessors were at the time when
they retired from the presidency, he
decided when tlie war broke out to
carry on until the financial horizon
should lichten. Now, however, he feels
less hesitation in handing over the
executive responsibility to a succes
sor and peculiarly to one who has
shown .notable administration ability
and who enjoys to a marked degree
the confidence not only of the politi
cai and business leaders of Canada.
but also of the employes of the Cana
dian Pacific Railway itself.
E. W. Beatty, the new president, has
been vice president and general coun
sel, also director of the Canadian Pa
cific Railway for several years.
Sir George Bury, on account of ill
health, is retiring from the position
of vice president, and Mr. Grant Hall,
who has been vice president in charge
of Western lines, has been appointed
ln his place.
Amsterdam.?Child welfare author
ities In Berlin are trying to get the
Reichstag to paes a law making it the
duty of the state to support children
of unmarried mothers.
Car Users to Cut Out All
Nonessential Driving
During Week.
A substitute for motorless Sundays
is to be offered to the American peo
ple by the Fuel Administration. ?
is to be observed throughout the
country, and will curtail pleasure mo
toring every day ln the week Inat.md
of Sunday exclusively.
The public will be asked to curtail
nonessential motoring from 10 to 20
pet; cent every day In the week. No
I special stricture will be pli el on!
Sunday motoring.
Pr. Oarfleld emphasized las' n.ght
that the need for conservation still
waa pressing.
Fuel Administration officials have
been seeking sume m. thod of ?ionaer
vation without motorlese Sundays or
gas rationing.
The new appeal, when made, will be
of a variable sort. When the need ia
for only ? 10 per. rent reduction of
nonessential motoring the Fuel Ad
ministration will tell the public wha'
the need is and ask co-operation ac
cordingly, varying the call for cur
| tallment as the need variea.
) -
Honey Adulteratori Are Punished.
The 1,cense of the Standard Refining
Company of New York City haa been
revoked by the Food Adminiatration
for a period of four weeka because it
sold honey adulterated with glucose.
The concern, in addition to handling
' ayrups, also acts as wholeaaler and
j Jobber of glucose, sugar, etc.
Railway Postage Chiefs Confer on
Transportation Problem*.
Tremendous increase In the amount
of mail handled o-uring the past sum
mer over that of last year is reported
hy the superintendent* of the Rail
way Mail Serrice. now in conference
here, to arrange the transportation
A comparison of the volume of mail
handled at New York during Febru
ary, May and August, 1917, and dur
ing a corresponding period this year,
shows an increase ln the number of
mixed parcel post packages handled
of 160 per cent in February. 27 per
cent in May and 33 per cent in
The immense volume of Chrlstraaa
mail for the soldiers and ?allons
overseas will be tent to New York,
m h err it wilt pasa from contro! of
the Poatofflce Department to the
army and nary authorities. It ia es
timated that there will he 2f*? car
loads or MMH sa-cka of thi? mail ar
riving at New York during a ten-ds>
period beginning about November 10
Gude Boosts Loan
At Florists' Meeting
William F. Gude haa juat returned
from Cleveland, where he attended a
meeting of the Florists* Telegraph
Delivery Association. An Impressive
feature of the meeting was the lunch
eon on the last day, which Mr. Gude,
on the spur of the moment, turned
into a liberty loan meeting, raising
110.000 at the table. Twelve Canadians
bought American bonda. American
Bailors and Marinea sang.
Mr. Gude was elected to the presi
dency of the association for a third
Enlisted Men Prove to Be
Expert Shoe Repairers
All -?-cords for ?hoe repairing by
soldx-r shoemaker? were broken at,
(.'amp Sevler, (Jreene.ille, G. C, am*
day last week, ?hen m pairs of aaiHi
were repaired by ihe twerL. -cla-Jr-t
soldiers on duty in the camp sha? pt
palr ahop Repairs wer? of all at*?
sct?ption* ; In some Instance? the shoe
l?eing almost remade. Th? camp ?
repair shop la only one of the maa-gr
auch shops a--ondurted at thi? ? ?
and other camps and cantonment?
throughout th? t'nited fatate? ny th?
Conservation, and ' Reclamation ?*.
vision of th? Quartermaster Corp*
Beeide the clothing, shoe and pri?t
Ing shops conducted at Camp Cevtf,
tbe Conservation and Reclama tiatv.
Division Is alao operatine ?even otJMr
branche? of repair work. blacksBaKt**?
Iwe, paintlne. waa-awi m? kl ?*, tin w?*?
pair, hat-new repair, tool repair and
cot repair.
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bunions. Regu
lar 35c, 2???.
Cream of Tar
I tar and sulphur
! Loienges for
, purifying the
? b 1 o o d a n e|
1 clearing ?? the
complexion. Try
a boTt. 10??.
G u a r anteed
L a r ge ?asort
ment; your
choice, 275??.
Bee Brand
Root Beer; one
bottle makes fi
gallons. Get a
b<?ttle today:
gamr Owe *>k*w??r Batk
Attaciiea to any fau
cet. Rubber spray brush
ia healthful and ??t.?
orating to the skin. Five
*. - to ??.?0.
r ?
Vi Jm*m\\mW ^] "^ ^tXH
**<A*c=>r-,^W Hot-water Boti
full J-quart size; mu?t especial
ly for People's Drug Stores, of
the best heavy maroon rubber;
puarantced two ?1 G?
years . ??* ?" *7
Combination Fountain Syringe
and Hot-Water Bottle.
Rival Comb! nation, co m ? IM??
with fittings and about Z-quart
hot-water bottle; mad? of b^st
maroon rubber; guaran- CI OC
t???d perf-ect. Spc.ial. -9I.jn
Parisian Sage B a r ? a rd's
will work won- Cocoanut Oil
der?. Removes ] Shampoo, con
dandruff, pre- ? tains cleansing
vents falling and healing
hair, cures' qualities found
scalp itch?, 60c In no other; 60c
size, 4H?. I size. 39?.
There's Only
One Way
to ?ecure a ??tin skin:
?apply Satin Cream, then
Satin Skin Powder.
35c Size, 29c.

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