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All the Live News and Views of the Sporting World
Men and young
men lei! us th?e
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7th at E St.
Hum York. Oct. -?.-During the!
united war work campaign next j
month for funds to continue the vart- j
Ma war work act h i tie-? sport? will
ix- ?*!?? ?l upon to furnish large con- ?
irilm*i?>ns. William W. Roper told
ih?- porterai sports committee yester
day that three football Kam?'?* will b?'
pl.iycd it the Polo ( i round? on No
vellili?? r ?, Pi and ?*, Instead of one
?VM. ??- aaid that the plan? of the
inir.ni'tt?'.' were nebulous, and that
k-tters had been Wl Uten to 50T ' ol
lec**s ask Ina l he in to set into the
? 'arneUes J. Sullivan announced
tha? John l>. RocfcafeBer, ar., had do
lualed lJ29w mudale to be played for In
i.olf rota pet i tion at clubs the i-oun'rv
<! i>. No -ember 16. He
i sued .t? appeal to all the clubs
to fake part. The trophy will be
called th? Victory medal and will
Ixrar a Hkenesa of Oen. ? ooh, who Ls
ap nr?ie:vt footboJl enthusiast.
\rm?. ii?ip- *? will play for the
hu? insists on choosing his own
K, ,*;. tit iee, pr?sident of the Be*h
!? htuu St???! ? '.I'npiinv. sent word that
ba would pa> the expenses nf a tour
cf the country hy the Bethlehem soc
nitional champions, and
ih*? H-etgfeins who have been asked to
Is Try n^ to Secure Home for Bail
Plavers Injured in War.
?Cbloa.ro, OeC - ! ---? plan ?to devot??
the g ? uso r-eceipts of Ihe next world
!*rr\ts to founding a permanent
home i"'?r baseball players who have
be-? ?rounded In ?It- servici: of ?
country was outlined today
by T?. ? Johnson, president of the
???"? ?'? ran Leajpie.
Mr. Johnson believes th" ? ? ceipts
????- ?n?t world serle? aft*?r the
war would he siifflcient to build and
? quip the home for the wounded
soldiers and sailors, and proceeds
from subs?quent series, so far as
could be get asid?* for the
riiaint-'nanc.-? of the institution.
in the establishment, equipment
an-t maintenance of tiif proposed
home the government, accordile^ **?
th*? plan, will b?- asked to handle
all moneys the function of profes
sional baseball b?-mg merely to sup- '
ply the necessary funds through the
medium of its world *
Fu'ton Pires Collins.
Vew Tork. Oct. 23.?Fred Fulton
i< report*?d to have changed man
?helving Mike Collina for Jdb
Mc?loakey it is not reportfd that
hanared his timidity for
combat? vt-nrsi
Laurel Management Be
lieve "Flu" Ban Will Be
Lifted Saturday; Sport
Horsemen Enthusiastic.
(Special to tho Washington Herald.)
fAurei. Md.. Oct 31? In an Inter
view with Assistant General Manager
Harry v. Breivogel of the Laurel race
track Ihis morning. Mr, Breivogel
stated that he hoped that he would
be able to announce tomorrow lhat
racing will be continued at the pretty
LaAiirel course on Saturday.
"From what 1 am able to learn from
Baltimore Is to the effect tha* the
authorities are inclined to believe that
the crest of the influenza epidemic has
been reached, and with statistics
showing ? steady derreasc in the
vital statistics and the number of
cases reported today, it aeems to me
that the han againat outdoor gather
ings will be raised in time to allow
us to proceed with our mecitig on
These statements are .borne out by
ligures printed by the State Boprd o?
Health which show that tho epi
demic is on the wane.
Stori.s are prime?! luoiulcast ,n the
effect that the Public Health Servire
advocates outdoor recreation and
plenty of fresh air. This being irue,
I^aurel is a mecen. H andito mei y r.nd
sanitarily situated in the most ocauti
fili spot in the State of Ma.yland. it
wouid seem that tho*.e person ? sccK
ing plenty of exercise and fresh air
may go to I^-iurel' and r**1 assured
they will receive both.
Many reports came to ! ?nur el tod**>
from horsemen return Ing from the
Monumental City stating that it was
the cottceiKtta of opinion that the ban
will i>e lifted tomorrow on all outdoor
meetings, and in all probabilities the
ban against churches will be retard
at the same time.
In view of these rosy reports horse
men are of one opinion and that
is that racing will he cntinued ?Sat
The match race between Billy Kelly
and Eternal will in all probability
take place on Monday.
Billy Kelly worked six furlongs this
morning with a good-sized package
on his back In better than 114. l'ud
irei, who broke from the mtle-and-an
ejghth j>ole* and took up th?- running
with Billy Kelly at the six-furlong
pole, was no match for Commander
Ross' speedy gelding, the latter win
ning' handily.
Many are of the opinion that Ster
nal will heat Billy when they meet.
staking their judgment on the fact
that l'eternai is a much faster eolt
than the Ro.-'s gelding, but taking
all of Filly's performances into con
sideration it appears that if he is
beaten it will take the best 2-year
old in ? melica to do this.
Much regret was expressed hero
Today when the death of W. < '.
Cappe, of Philllppy. Tenu.. a well
known horseman. who has been
staying for so'ne time it t lie Hotel
- Vis well. Baltimore. Md.. occurred at
Mercy Hospital from a fractured
skull, received yeeterday afternoon
in a tight with John I'. List. 1219
Weat Mulberry street.
hist was arrested following Cappa'
injury, end is being held tor the ac
tion of Coroner William T. Riley.
Patrolman William H. Bruges?, of
the traffic arpi?e!; sent Capps to Mercy
Hospital, where he died without re
gaining conseiousness.
<*apps was well known to the horse
men of this section, and for the last
ten year? had figured prominently
In local racing affairs. His stable
won meyiy victories on the local
tracks and in -Panada, and he was
considered a finished horseman.
Gibson, Harvey and Docsscnck lo
Handle New York Bouts.
New Tork. Oct. 2i?Charles J. Har
vey. William Gibson, and Charles
I ?oesserick were, yesterday appointed
as promoters to handle local boxing
-hows in the United War Work Cam
paign drive set for the week of No
vember 11-18. James W. Oof froth, who
la at the heid of a national boxing
committee, announced these selec
tions, .lack Curley will be the wreet
ling promoter.
New York, Oct. Jl?The football
committee of the1 University of
Pennsylvania haa augft-etited to W.
W. Roper, of Princeton, that a foot
ball grame be played between Penn
sylvania and either Princeton, Yale
or Harvard late in November and
the receipt? donated to the war'
fund committee.
? ?,???G?t?!? Tech's unbeaten eleven Is
willing to play the unbeaten Pitts
burgh or the Pennsylvania team?
in New York. Philadelphia, Wash
ington or Pittsburgh during the
week of November 11 for the fund.
Plans Formulating to Hold
Championship m Pans
During Demobilization.
Those who have an Mea that Just
as soon as peace is declared there ,
will be no further need for welfare
work among the soldiers and sailors
hy the K. of C. Y. M. C. A.? Jewish
Welfare Hoard, Salvation Army and
similar organization* have another
guess commie- According to all in-,
d teat ions, thes?? war workers will
he busier in the period of d?mob
ilisation than they are during the
actual lighting.
When the soldiers are Idle there ?
*r||| be greater need for entertain
ment and relaxation and with this
in mind the united war work cam
paign committee? are already out
lining plans to .furnish recreation
for the veterans. One of the big
features immediately after the ces
sation of hostilities will he a great
carnival of internatinnal sports
modelled on the lines of the Olympic
garnis. These will he open to the
soldiers and sailors of the entente
These contests will undoubtedly
occupy one of the most prominent
places In the peace celebration pro
gram at the close of the war. The
competitions, according to a cable
gram received at tlie headquarters
of the l'nited War Work Campaign
vesterday. will be held in Parts.
Work has already started on the
plan, and as soon as a program Is
arranged it will he suJSmitted to
Marshal Foch, Gen. Pershing and
the other commanders of the allied
forces. Mass athletics will be one
of the chief features of the com
petitions, so that as manv men as
possible may be reached. Champion
ship contests will he arranged for
the American Expedit?onarv Forces
in variou*. zones and the finals will
be held in Paris. Then there will
he inter-allied championships in the
nature of military Olynipic games
' in I In u ?let (Olle??*-? gridi roners got
started at -Kendall Green yesterd;. y
afternoon when they scored a well
earned victory over the Army Medi
cal School by 14 to 0. This battle
was arranged as a practice affair
and ten and eight mi nut** periods
were a ?-reed upon. The MVdicos
fought Galla u de t e ver ? wa v. shape
and form during th*? first three pe
riods when both teams relied upon
straight tactics. In the last period
the Soldiers resorted to forward
passes, three of which went wrona,
Deer of Gallaudet along with
Downs featured in the "Buff and
Blue" aggressivenesa while Wilson
time and again tore off long end
runs that resulted in his going over
for th*? flrst touchdown. Downs
hammered his way over the covet
ed chalk mark for second touch
down with Deer kicking both goals.
Go? to Weet Point.
Ann Arbor. Mich.. Oct. ??N. J.
Smith, the ?quarter back upon whom
* "oach Yost has cast approving eyes.
bringing him from tlie secom! to
the first team, may be lost to Michi
san before h?? Beta an opportunity
to play in a birr came. Sm'th has
been appointed to West Point. He
will be lost to Michigan bv Novem
ber 1
IST? -??
$3*50 $4.00
jOO $7.00 & $g.00
YouTJ never need to ask "What is the price ?" when the shoe salesman is show
ing you W.L.Douglas shoes because the actual value is determinaste1 and the
retail price fixed at the factory before W. L Douglas name and the retail price
ii stamped on the bottom. The stamped price is W. L Douglas personal
guarantee that the shoes are always worth the price paid for them.
Stamping the price oa every pair of shoes ss a
protection against high prices and unreason
able profits is_only one example of the constant
endeavor of W. L. Douglas to protect his cus
tomers. W. L. Douglas name on shoes is his
pledge that they are the best in materials,
workmanship and style possible to produce at
the prie?. Into every pair go the resolts of sixty
six years experience in making shoes, dating
back to the time when W. L Douglas waa a Ud
of seven, pegging shoes.
retail pri?tes
If the
?hequalityof W.L.Douglas product is guaranteed
by more than 40 years experience in making fin?
shoes. The smart styles are theleaders in the fash
ion centres of America. They are made in a well
equipped factory at Brockton,Masa.,by the highest
paid, skilled shoemakers, ander the direction and
supervision of experienced men,all working with ao
honest determination to make the best shoes for tbe
price that money ?can bny. The retail price? are the
?ame everywhere. They cost no more ia Sao
Francisco than they do in New York.
Before yon buy be rare W. L. Doug U e name and th?
? tamped on the bottoni and the inside top facing.
stamped price haa been mutilated, BEWARE OF FRAUD.
Fieas taaajes t?s '. va ; lv,arlaa ?torse snd oser 9,?VI?
W.r.? Doea-flses dessaler?, or raen he ordere*! direse-t f rotas
iV I . ?..?-'.. t?. meli]. Hestad fair haseaklet felling
? order shoe*? throas-te tb? nretkej, pontage tj-as?.
Preeldent W. t? Dong-lea
Shoe Co., aio Spark St.
Brockton, Haee
W.LDOUGLAS STORE: 905 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., WASHINGTON
Heismans "Steam Roller
to Meet Strong Oppo
nents; Strupper with Sol
Atlanta, Ga.. Oct. 23.?Georgia
Tech's new "steam roller" has been
sent against three foes so far In
191!. and has established an amaz
ing result In point scoring.
The new eleven which Coach John
W. Heisman has welded together
from two 1917 regulars and nine
?'green" players so far has made a
record that overshadows even the
remarkable performances of th? j
championship eleven of a year ago.
Up to the present time Georgia
Tech has played thr*?.? games with
this result:
Georgia Tech 2h?Clemson 0
Georgia Tech 118--Kurman 0. *>
Georgia Tech 122? Fort Ogle
thorpe's (lltlj Cavalry) 0.
That makes a total of 269 points
in three contests?au. average of I
almost 90 parints per game.
Georgia Tech on Saturday (Octo-{
ber ??> faces a hard game with the |
Camp Gordon eleven, stationed in.
Atlanta. This is a team made up j
of some of the most famous foot
ball stars that ever walked on the ?
gridiron. .Included ln the lineup Is!
Kverett Strupper. who just a year j
ago was the backfleld satellite of J
Georgia Tech. and was ranked uni- ?
versally as an AU-American back, j
Mt Pleasant, the famous Carlisle
quarterback of a few years ago, ts
occupying a similar position on the
Camp Gordon team, and another of
the stars Is Baars, th*- great Dart
mouth center.
The Camp Gordon team, consid- ?
ered one of the greatest service '
teams in America, certainly will put *
Heisman's squad to perhaps the
severest test of this season.
"But we are going into that con
test with the thought of victory.'*
declared Heisman. "One of the
things that handicaps us is that .
Strupper, now with the opposition, |
knows many of the tricks that were
successful for us last year and ?
which we have used with splendid ;
results in our first three games of
I91K. Naturally, we cannot depend
upon those plays to win for usi
against a team which will get the!
tlpoff on how to stop them from |
Strupper. Ho I am spending the j
week drilling my youngsters in the
new formations and a few in
aerial plays which 1 hope will bring
?esu.ts that will be gratifying to
Georgia Tech."
New York. Oct. 23.?Jess Willard.'
was requested by telegraph to give
his pugilistic services In the nation
wide campaign to raise S ITO. 000.000
for the various welfare organiza
tions engaged In furnishing com
fort to the American forces.
The telegram, which was address
ed to Willard at his horn? at Law-'
rente. Kans.. does not mention the ;
name of a prospective opponent. It ?
simply asks him to volunteer his |
services as many other boxing
champions are doing. In part, the ?
telrpram is as follow?*.?*:
"The boxing committee of the
l'nited War Work Campaign is re
questing boxers and boxing pro- <
moteYs of the l'nited States to do |
their bit. There will be boxing in
every ' city of America during the ?
campaign, and we are asking you j
to volunteer your services. Every ?
one ha? signified his willingness !
and we are awaiting an answer
from you to astuire the complete ;
success and representation ot Amer
ican boxers. At this crisis in world
affairs th*- champions In all branches
of athletics^BTe doing their utmost.
We feel sure that you will help."
tains for the naval unit and junior1
army football teams at Harvard
have been elected.
Alfred Re Uly, former Holy Cross
end. will lead the sailors, and Fishe
Brown, of Plymouth, regular left j
guard at Andover Academy last
year, will be captain of the junior
company, composed of freshman un- !
der 18 years of age.
Chicago, net 23.?Th? price of golf
balls is to be advanced soon, and the
output for the coming year is to be
limited 6y the Government to 40 per
cent, of the production in 1918, accord
ing to agents here of manufacturers.
It is said that leading makes now
selling at SI each will be advanced to
,$1.25 and those-of a lower grado will
be increased accordingly.
The local manager of one m.iuiufac
turer said today that he had been
notified by his ?company to take no
more ord?trs for future delivery at
present prices, while another manu
facturer's agent sad he had already
been notified of the advance.
A Regular Golfer.
Philadelphia has a golfer, the
Rev. Dr. Aquilla Webb, who can
play both right and left handed.
He used to carry two sets of clubs,
but has found that things work
out better with only one set In his
bag at a time. No doubt under that
arrangement they also work out
better for th*? caddy.
Two heights in a
smart rol 1 fr?nt style.
have ? exclu aiv?r1v??
h CIO.?. IOC aVCO-Mmerl.TWOY. M.Y. e
New Yorki Oct. ??.?The revised
football schedule of the Columbja
University team rails for five home
Kami? s at South Field, with a sixth
contest, the opposing team for
which has not yet been selected.
The schedule as sanctioned by Lieut.
H. J. Duffy for the navy and I.leut.
E. C. French for the army Is as
October ;s. Camp Merrltt; Novem-I
ber 2. Amherst; November ?. Union;
November 16. Htevens; November 2J
New York University; November 30,
Capt. Holthauer'a Troop ? eleven
from the Eleventh Cavalry ?cored a
victory yesterday afternoon at Vt. j
Myer over the Quartermaster's Corp*
by 7 to ft M^vla, Holtbauer and
Cardoniar punched their way through
for the touchdown In the flrat period
when Troop ? resorted to straight
Kane. for the Quartermasters,
proved the only ?round Keiner a*
timo after time he broke away for
long daahey only to And hi* team
maten lacking In putting the ball
over. Deep, of Troop B, w-as ea*ily
the defensive *tar of the occasion*
The Hne-U|p and summary;
Torot* ? (T|, PotiUon* Q. M. (tt.
? iumlpiMun .U. ?. Onde
?UM? .?,. ?. No?*
<i?triuki .r.. ti. wiiiui
?*?? Jey .Center. t?ooie
HiitRkt.R. a.:. Semi
Stewart .?. ?. rhepman
1>?? .li S. O'Dajr
Mahoney .Q. ?. IM'.y
G,-ini? ime .\_ ?. HmiUwoii
MHtU .?. ?. Irwin,
HoHeth?iipr (Capt.)...F. ?. Kan? (Capt.)!
fcritatt-tetioM TVop ?: Bush for lUAhr-v. ?.
? m nu raun Ttm itundxpf-m : ?. Ammmnin for
HijiJey : St?nduel for Vee\t; S<retie fui liutaio;
4ggxm*ar tot lloltbaurr; K*ld for ?"arriouiv;
MlCatfl f.* Madfta Kcrenth ('??air*: ??old
here tat lYOsg. 81ii,?uui for -"ha [?nan .
Sehric-tH-r fur Irwin. Tonriulown? - Men-ehor.
(ff*l* tr-mi touchdown? MM*t? Time uf
l-eh'ii? Tm minute? farti. lU-frrw Mr. Ilc
flure. Uohaft^ A. C. Imp?r^-Ser?t. Dsteer,
*-l M. Hf-ad DmMM 4Jet Jrtl. Klrrf-niti
A football team of sea coned players
from tbe ertdirons of nearly a dozen
colleges, men now wearing the blue I
of the navy whose names are already j
known to those who follow Interro!- I
le g i at e sporti?, hm* been organized a*
one of five unit* in the Charleston
navy district. According to the re
I>ort received by Walter Camp, di
rector of the athletic division of the
Navy Commission on Training Camp
Activities, from Walter I>. Powell,
athletic director In the Charleston
district, the team also represents ten
States, as follows:
Center rush. Gresscttc. Kurmanl'ni
verslty. South Carolina; guard, Ster
ett. Cniverslty of Washington; guard.
Prochnau. Oshkosh, Wis.; tackle. Se
gar, Cniversity of South Carolina;
tackle, Harden, Cniversity of North
Carolina, and Wheeler, Cniversity of
South Dakota: end, Sherfy, Washing
ton. D. O. ; quarterback, Byrd. Hyde
Park. Chicago; halfbacks. Fulton
btotbers, Presbyterian College of
South Carolina. fullbacks. Swope.
l?ckinson College Pennsylvania, and
Kib.r, Carnetrie '?, h, Pittsburgh; re
aerve line man. Flaherty. Dean Acad
emy, Massachusetts.
Annapolis. Md.. Oct. 23.?St. John's
is to play Western Maryland Satur
day. The report has b^en confirmed
by Coacto .lohn If. Wilson, of tit.
John's, and Director Turner. of
Western Maryland. It was expected
at flr,st that this gam?1 would inter
fere with the one that is scheduled
at the Naval Academy, but as the
academy is not at present open to
the public, a large crowd ia ex
pected on the campus of St. John's.
Willie Meehan says he never trained
a day in his life?or It is said for
him. Recalls Young Orlffo. the ec
centric Australian, In some respects
lhe most remarkable of fighters, tie
hadn't much, of a punch, but was
amazingly clever in or out of condi
tion, lt was his boast that nobody,
irrespective of size, could put him
nut, such wa* his faith in his sk'll
in avoiding the lethal punch.
?New York. Oct. 23?Kid Elbe
feld la an instructor at Camp
Shelby. Miss., in hand grenade
throwing, which ought to be a
congenial occupation for the fiery
and energetic Kid. The Kid was a
superb thrower In his heyday with
?the \anks; a swift, powerful -Tnd
praceful thrower. He not only had
style, but, what the pretty thrower
does not always do. he was back
of every peg with all his heart and
strength. H?? had a grand arm and
.?nil has
Old Gelding Refuses to Run and Is
Sent to Barn.
Ntw Tork. Oct. 2J.?For the sec
ond time within a week A. J. Golds
horou?h, who has charge of Andrew
Miller's strine of thoroughbreds, an
nounced yesterday that .-"hampion
Roamer has been retired. Th??
trainer said he had sent him to
winter quarters, and that if he did
not show hie improvement next
year Mr. Miller would keep him
permanently out of training.
Yesterday morning Mr. Goldsbor
ouirh sent Rosmer to the track for
a "breeze." Unlike on former oc
casions, the old gelding absolutely
refused to run. Although they kept
him at the starting post half an
hour, he would not "break."
"That settles him." the trainer
told Schuttinger. "Take him back
to the barn."
Gian? Refond for Middleton.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Oct. "3.-The Na
tional Commission today orderi-d the
New York National League club to
return tie tne Kansas City clu') ll.fat)
which the latter club had paid for
the services of Middleton. Th?? evi
dence showed that MteMtet'e,?. hid
never reported to or signed up with
Kansas City. but had quit Oas-bnll.
Dunn Goes to Andnbon.
New Orleans. Oct. 53?Oolf inter
est In New Orleans was stimulated
today b> the announcement t!?.? Au
duboTi? Ciuh had engaged Seymour
Dunn as professional. Dunn has been
the p:c|,.?sionaI at the Latka Placid
(N. Y.) Golf Club.
T. P. Thome's 3-YearOld
Gelding Captures Bed
ford Selling Stakes at
Empire Track.
New York. Oct. a.?T. P. Tborne'a
3-year-old imported bay gelding. Pan. I
aman, which can be counted upon to ',
earn a bale or two of hay every once
In a while, a thoroughbred that haa
the happy faculty of running ptu-tlc
ularly good rarea at karte odd? and
l?artlcularly dull one? at abort odda.
furnlahed the big aurprlae of today?
racing program at the Empire l*lty
t rack.
Panaman. cleverly ridden by I.yke.
won the Bedford Selling stake?, at
about alx furlongs, worth li.fin. from
a better than average field of four.
The odda on favorite. Out the Way.
traile?! the pro?*eaalon at the end. hav,
ing ?topped ?almost to a walk through
the nnal furlt.ng. The race waa run
Just to suit Panaman Walla.. with
Star Spangled, had evidently be?en in
atructed to go out atter the favorite
from the start. The barrier rise earn
Out the Way and Star Spangled ?way
head to head and thla way they raced
around th.? far turn. It waa ?uch a
grilling pace na horse flesh couldn't
stand Hrirl I.yke had the good arenase
to ra-alixo the fa?*t.
He kept Panaman off this killing
pac.? and never made a move till he
saw the leaders tiring at the head of j
the stretch. Then, after he had
straightened his mount for the run '
home he came straight a? an arrow |
and almost aa swift. Out The Way !
was the flrat to gi?e up when this
new menace appeared. Star Spangled
hung on reaolutely till the final six
teenth then weakened.
Because of the fact that the two
moat highly regarded of the field had
run themselves to death before the
stretch. Lyke's tajik with Panaman
was greatly simplified. When Larry
let his mount down he had nothing
before him hut two dead horses. He
shot past them In order as If they
had been out for a stroll ?nd won
Just as far as he pleased.
One of the most -interesting rates
of an exceptionally interesting card
saw the triumph of A. K. Macomber's
colors when Motor Cop lasted Just
long enough under a grand finish bv
Johnny Loftus to gel the long end of
the purse. Motor ?"op. lltim? Thule
and Jock Scot?the last mentioned
running coupled In the Bressler silks
?were only noses apart at the end
Motor Cop had his usual ?pa?ed but
he began to tire under the heavy im
post of 1? pounds toward the end.
The son of fltimus came from
away back In the stretch run and
would have landed a victory in an
other Jump. That he did not win j
was partly the fault of Lyke. who
rode the stable companion. Lyke,
with Jock Scott, got ofT to even
terms with the favorite. "CHim?
Thule was not so fortunate. But
little Ensor soon got this speedy
one in motion. Loftus drew away
far enough in the flrst sixteenth to
get the rail Then Uyke with Jock,
Scott moved up to him. The pair j
fought it out all the way round the
bend. Ensor waiting off the pace ?
meanwhile in the evident hope that
his stable mat?- would pull Motor :
?Op's cork. But when Ensor let.
hi? mount down before the stretch
turn he appeared to be humped by ?
Jock Scott. He tried to go through !
on the rail hut Loftus foiled him.
Then he., had to take up and come
to the outside of the pair.
Hitting the stretch Cltima Thule
appeared to be out of it but the
colt had a lot more in reserve than
either of the other two. Motor ?'op '
hung on gamely until the final six
teenth. Then he began to falter.
Ultima Thule wa? fast eloping at
the end. The summary:
FIK-.T RAfi-For 2ye?x-oad?. ?eliiri? ?le?
v.l -?. >ia:f furlong. ?Varai t?? ??*>-.,- Msir
land. ?tOTTTt,St*>T*t,TtoK?T ?errand. .ioidrale. i
5 t" 2. ?sen: thud, Inderir*?. i tas ;. Ki*r*n
Jane. Sailor. Sea Waj aTara ran
SIV.'ND RACTfi For J-jeavrrjld? and iirsaanieT '
setling: ?ne usile aasd ?r*a.mt? ?arri? sVasa ?> j
?".es. ? ur Ifl, 1 to I. ?ut. ?ea-rmri Ja. k M'??rnt. '?
? fr? 1. 6 to 5: third. Airman, ? ?.? .? I'addy (
IVar. KingfteheT. Hondo and Mrs? Bnaa also
THlltli RACE-All aanrr?. l-.an.lj.-ai? aa? Im I
]? aia? Wear taf Motor ?'"p eresi. T t.? 3. out;1
se.s?n.1 ftUm? Thule. 1 u* 2, .sur rhint. J?ck '
Serf, taut Berro?.. Arnold ?nd High Cars*, siso '
FOt'RTH RA?*K_For - ?ear old? and mm]
?sei?t Bedford Sealing 1 about ?is furiano: ?Vasta
I r Pariaman. 1# to 1. ? to !. i-nt t *-c*nd. Star '
**[.?? sled. 1 to t ?-am; third. Hiwisenisid, out. ?
? nn in? th? Wa? alar? ran.
???? RA?'E-F*ot ?.sraroTjd? an! ul-srarda ,
. mi e ?nd ? fourth Wean |b* Madame Cattle. I
1.? to ??. 1 to X out : aer-on.i. Piedra. 1 to 5. rs.it .
tl?ird. Wondthruaah. l to ?. Pjedr?. I'errapu? and
??' ? Biackner also ran.
-IXTH RACE?Poe ??ear nid maiden?: fir?
arid one hair furlong?: Won tar Alphee; second.
'?*??? There; third Ballet I?snrer 2nd Tab
leau D'Honneur. Virago. Thrrndersv-mi. lesta
aaaie. Different tesen and War Snir.ke a ?? ran.
FIRST RACK For 5 ?ear old? *nil operarsi:
maideris: about ? furino?**. Dnffleld. US: fsaa
tlago. 112; Kolinski. XT?}: Jellies*? 11TT: Rria-tst
Anarrl. It? |ri?h latdv. Mt: Bill ? ???? IB;
Malte?. 10); Caddie. 115: IVsvar.tT. 115: Minata
Jumbo. 115: Mis? Farintlero? It?: lOIlyanna. I
US: Usiholic. 112: Stan-raf ITS
SECOND RArtT-?Or TVjhbu-^?*? and np:
selling; 1 mil? aaid 19 Tards. Hsraaood TM. IH);
Kingtlaher. 110: Snapdraartrai TH. 110: Worrdtrap.
11?: ?Whim??-, 118; ?-heater Tea.? 02t Barry
Shannon, 118.
THIRD RAOat-Ftar all ??reas: erats-jal weight;
1 mile aasd TO yards. Ticket. IT* L ICa-rant,
1-1); Balustrade. ?t? Hsnk ?Day. 136: Natural
ist. IT?): African Arm? IT?
FOfRTH RACK?Fbr 2-yrar-ol.*? : the ?rda
les handirapT 11.500 added t about 6 furlong?.
Dphe'ia. Ill: War Pennant. 130: Star Realm.
TOS: Hrmdias. Ill: Cimi?. ITU Vrruni Adam,.
100: (?rieastkmnair?. 11?
FIrTH RACE?FVsr ? ?ear-old. ?nd up; ;
claiming; 1 l-?*s mile?. H?rsrood Til. 13>: Hrarh- :
lend fasti?. KB; Irretrrlsr U Saadi. ?:
Isandy Dude. 106; xMumho Jimbo. tt: Mr.
Sisrca. ??t xKetao tt: Orderly. If?. Wiklthyns?. '
??: Matin. 100
SIXTH RACaaV-Fhr 2-rasar-okl maiden?: sell
in*: 54 furkttag?. Hiunrneraiati. 112; Hurricane.
11C; Wiarat Fool. 1? ? Blue ISeaii. IOSt John
Poseer?. Mat; Tarisenn. 110: Starlight Dance. (
105: tinaler. IM): Un?is? <*ild. 108: stiletto.
103: l'lrierenai. ?OT : l>??al Peter. 10?: Marion
Adler. MB: Mitchell ?aia). '?*: ITmbala. 106:
?James jr.. Mtl.
a-Ar-aperearnio? allossanc? r-laimrd.
New York Boy May Be Made Box
ing Instructor at Vancouver.
Sain Francisco. Oct. 23.?Marty Far
rell. the New York boxer, who haa
been in this aertlon of the count ny for
som?, time, may be appointed l?oxlng
instructor at trie Vancouver barracks.
The post was formerly occupied by
1 Bob McAllister.
Wally to Be Ace.
New Tork, Oct. It,?Walter G???.
former flrst baseman of the Yankees.
is now finishing his preliminary
course in naval aviation at Massa
chusetts Institute of Technology.
Boston. Piftp has made an excel
lent record in thia hranch of train
ing and will soon he flying. Hia
?next move will be a transfer to the
flying station ?t Miami. Fl?.
Casualty7 - List
P F De Waele Philadelphia. Pa
Franklin J Tiownea. Cincinnati. Ohio
Emerson Elcher. Hcottdale. Pa.
? M Evanovlch. Podgorica Monte
Kmerson Evan? Washington. Pa
George D. He'll Wllliamsport. Pa
Fay N. Pennell. Hal na Pa.
William Finch. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Jacob H Fisher. Philadelphia.. Pa.
John H. Flaher. Beverly. *****
Frank Foster. Malvem. Iowa
Claud A. Fou*i-iee. Nrwpe-nt, Ark.
John J. Foy. Philadelphia Pa
John E. Franke. Blue Earth. Minn.
Isaac N. Frase. choooloc Valley. Ala.
John Oalock. Perriat, Russian Poland
Charlie D. Gibson. Washington, Okla.
J. M. Oeodyear. Mt. Holly Spring?. Pa.
Based C. Oould. Dayton. Pa.
W. F. Gracxyk. Pltt-rtaurgh. Pa.
J. R Orelneiaen. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Giuseppe Grtaafe. Norwich. Conn.
Moni? Orosa. Newport. Vi
Robert D. Gustln. Neodaaha. Kans.
John J. Haney, Philadelphia. Pa.
Charla? H. Jackson. Bolcourt. Kaaa.
F. Jennarella. epat?la. Italy.
C. C. R. Johnson. Harveya. Pa.
Marry N. Johnston. Altoona. Pa.
OU? A. Jones. Columbus. Ga.
P. A. Junge. Fort lAipton. Colo.
Charles Kavuloakl. 8e*"rent.-m. Pa
I^o J. ? en muir. Avonmore. Pa.
Guyen I. Keyser, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Albert Klrouack. Brunssvlck. Me.
T. A W. Kline. Youngwood. Pa
Ralph Konp. Buda. HI
J. G. Kristovenaky. I^banon. Ra.
Charles T. I*arkln. Weedvllle. Pa.
A. 1 .?tino Teramo. Italy.
F. Undenmuth. Schuylktll Haven. Pa.
Julys Laorynasc. Providence. R. I.
Daniel J MeClade Philadelphia. G*
Carmen Mai-earone. ?New York. ? Y.
John 8. M agili, Cjmwyd. Pa
A Magine. Cognano. Italy.
Sheldon I- Major. Wllkasa-Barre. Pa
Nathan A Marah. Athena Ga.
Franklin F Milatl. Allentown. Pa
C L. Montgomery. Tunnelton. Tnd.
Kdward Moore. Dunns) Station. Pa.
K. Mroilnakl. Brackenrieige. Pa
Thomas Mullasn. Philadelphia. Pa.
John Munna, Philadelphia Pa
?~harl.ee O'Connor. Dorchester. Maaa.
W. J. O'Donnell. PhiUeWphlai. Pa.
Bobert E. Park. Nanty-Glo. Pa.
Jose N. Pena, Albuquerque. N. Mex
Jamea P. Pullock. Woodsfleld. Ohio.
John W. Bennlnger. Beiadlng. Pa.
Antonio Ricci. Ron?, Italy.
George I). ?Salaglver, Indiana. Pa.
Camilo Sanche?. Austin. Texas.
H. B. Sandum. Thief Biver Falla,
Anton A. Schneids New Orleans. lea.
B. Se-ossa. Collardo. Italy.
optait Sellera. Milton. I-a.
Kdward G. rseufajr. Cleveland. Ohka.
leewis M Shelton. Bural Retreat, Va.
Daniel C, Showalter. Altoona). Pa
Dominick gkallc. Colabria. Italy.
Walter Smith. Charlotte. N. C.
Walter A Smith. Millersloarn. Pa
Joeeph M Somears. Ocean View. V. J.
George Sossln. Bridgeport. Conn.
Wray Spragg. Washington. Pa.
Paul E. Stainbrook. Washington. Pa.
S. Stawicki. New Haven. Conn
A. Stefanelli. Perugia. Italy.
John J Stratton. Philadelphia. Pa
John Sullivan. Ernest. Pa.
Frank H Kvetllk. Buckholts. Texas.
Arlie I?. Swecker. Monterey. Va
William Tremble. Peor?a. III.
Joaeph L. Trent, Hurt. Va.
F. J. Vyaehrad. New York. N. T.
John Byrl Wallace. Hooker. Okla.
William J. Walla. Allentown. Pa.
Leo Walter?. Wauaau. Wie
W. A. Walther. Wlnona. Minn.
Charles C Watson. Oval. N. C
Albert ? Weingart. Hastinga Nebr.
Henry C Yackel. Wlnona, Minn.
?? ?.ndri. ?Halali.
Capt. Frank W. Gano. Piqua. Ohio
Jasper Hsrria. Harrisville. Misa
Owen F McDonnell. Altoona. Pa.
John W. Day. Dunns Station. Pv
F. B. Bridge?. Washington Ps
William Kokos. Black Uck. Pa
George Troy. Sioux City. Iowa.
Jerome Nathan. New York. N. Y.
Thomas Raffaele. Brooklyn. ? Y.
James 6tafford. Reading. Pa.
Floyd E. Barry. Indiana. Pa.
Walter Branford. Akron. Ohio.
FYed E Buasaard. Black Lick. Pa
Morris A Ludwig. Detroit. Mich
James G. Pearce, Muskegon. Mich.
Benj. F Rose. Huntington. W. Va.
Frank C Shoaf. Smithfleld. Pa.
Bobert Thompson. Stockton. Ala.
George s. Gamble. Huntingdon. Pa
Edward P. Iseman. Blairsville. Pa.
Axel it. Lund*~aulst. Ligonier. Pa
Almen Broadhead. Providence. R I.
Merle C. Leaver Battle Creek. Midi
Emile Messer-avhmidt. Lansing. Mich
crmrles Biggs. New York. tt. Y.
Joseph Cidlevici. Montello. Mas
Jesse Daron. Harrisburg. Pa.
Joe Edward Drapalik. Chicago. 111.
T. J. Black. Highland Park. Mich.
Richard O. Carey, Alhambra. Cal
William Colwita. Jersey City. N. J.
Patrick Cowhej*?. Burlington. Vt.
Floyd M. Dot-eon. Oak ?Creek. Oolo
Otis Jim? Fleming. Bloomington. Iti.
Richard S Gibson. Chlcopee. Mass.
Thomas Hillman. Pitsburgh. Pa.
Edward E. Imbuach. Cullman. Ala.
Burl Jones. Lineville. Ala
Levi ?. Langfor*-! Ixine i;rnis, Okla.
Patrick Leery. Worcester. Maaa
William MoCloskey. Philadelphia. Pa
I-onnie Meek?. Gadsden Ala
A. Munsenrider. I?ke City. Minn
tt. V. O'Connell. Wllkea-Barre. Pa
Donald L. OH, Lebanon. Pa.
Thomas C. Puckett. Aubrey. Ttx??*.
Thomas Qulgley. Brooklyn. ?. Y.
Emery J. Rltchey. Puritan. Pa
1* R. Sanders. Edgerton. Ohio.
Joeeph Simpson. Philadelphia Pa.
William Stanert. Jr.. Philadelphia Pa
William E. Steel. Monongahela. Pa.
Walter Taylor. Frisa?. Cal.
Robert P. Turney. Greeneburg. Pa_
Max A. Washer. Cincinnati, Ohio.
William Yarnall. Ashland, Pa,
Thomas a*. Zehner. Indiana Pa.
W. P. George Vandergrift Hgte Pa.
Albert P. Green. Philadelphia. Pa.
Owen Harman, Gilpen. Md.
Norman s Howell. Ballston Spa N. Y.
W. <*. Kahler. ? a la re th. Pa
John B. Keller Indiana. P.
Ralph W Mlkesell. Pittsburgh. Pa
Thomaa A. Morrla. Philadelphia. Pa.
Howard W. Neleon, Philadelphia. Pa.
Peter E. Nugent, Philadelphia Pa.
BenJ. Prig-off. New York. N*. Y.
Martin E. Robinson. Norman. Okla.
S. N. Sammartino. Philadelphia. Pa.
Joseph Sink. Leechburg. Pa.
Mlaaaaiae? la Aetlea.
Michael C. Bedner. Johnsonburg. Pa
William L. Gill. Huntingdon.. Pa
Albert G. Reifke. -Dswego N.T.
John J. BuUi Akron. N. Y.
Willie Daniel. Northampton. ? C.
Francis Dobbins. Durango. Colo
Arthur C. Douglas?. Weat Park. Ohio.
Angel Duhon. Cameron. La.
Krank R. Glrdler, Somerset. Ky.
?. M. Higginbotham Sentinel, Okla.
Harry W. Hodum. Philadelphia Pa.
Cllltord Jefferaon. Portland Milla. Pa.
S. RoccL Province di Aquila. Italy.
Gus Bemeineik?.. Crocler. W. Va.
Raymond C Shelton. Greenville. Miaa
Ivah W. Wallace Hodgenv-llle, Ky.
Peter L. Welch. Manstleld. Maaa.
S. E. Welcliance, Murfreeaboro. Tenn
John R. Williams New York, ?. Y.
John Peter Zllko. Bristol. Conn.
New Ori ?sana la extenslvaelj?
? ar munitions
Groups of Affili?t?^ Corpo
rations May Mak?* Con
so) i?datte<j Returns.
An amendment to the revenu? MB
lo permit groupa of corpo? at ion?
owned In whole or In part by ? lax
Payer or by ?no? her caisrporavtior, te
make ? "conaolidattaad return' In oom
putlng the Inoonae tax wa? artdopted
by the t<t?te Finance < .rommltle? >??
terday The Houae bill contained a
arpecrlfc provision agairaat auch con.
aolidaUlarsn of return? and required
???eh individuasi trorporauon to mak? a
a separate tiling
The Senate Committee amendment J
Is regarded au of vital importance u ?
business? generally, u It no? only ?grav
pllfles the method of making the rs?
turns, thereby lightening ?The atlinln
istraUlve duties? of the collector barri
it will enable a holding con-oraUon.
for Instance, to make one return In
stead of ? half dosen or more where
?her*?? ?re ? number of ?mailer cor
porations affiliated with it In unum.
Th? committee mad? it mandatos?,
upon auch taxpayer? to file a
idaled rsBturn.
Dran?*?! fky .......
The amendment was drafted by ?Ja
Treaaaury I>epartment and w?a aula,
mltted with the amm-ereml ot intanai
Revenue Commi?>uiai Roper, whe
urged it? ad-ootion In the Intera?? ?g
?impiicity In tbe administr?t ?or of Uh
law. Chairman Kitchin. of th? way,
?nd means committee, contends thai
Ihe Houae provision against th? larg?,
holding corporations to require thea
to nie IndTvidual return? for each mot
every interest Commissioner Hop??
holda. however, that ?alth th? n?atr|e>
tion? pi?.-ed in the Senate ?
corporation? ?rill not be _
favored, while the work of hla
will be considerably tesasene??!
The committee concluded work arasi
the war exc?s? profit? aectlori by mak
ing a number of changes In the artefl.
nltlons of invested capital lnhasrl?
tance taxe? are to be taken up next.
The committee haa under croraaid
eratlon an Important ?ugga-atlon ta
the effect that Individual? and co
partnership? ahould be included ?asta?.
the corporauion? in the class subject
to the war exce-as profits tax Th?
bill as It now stands leviea the ?arai
exceaa profit? tax upon corporation?
only, but many believe, aa Se-nato?
Simmon? stated yesterday, that or>
partnership? enjoy an twormous aid
vantage over corporation? and indi,
vidual? are almost equally favored
hy being exempted from the wan er
cessa profits tax. The committee mas
decide to make the war profits tara
apply to all taxpayers who enjoy
proflts in the "war" class
Kdward Holtaman. of tbe ?r>?ant\nr-??
Depau-tment. has? recaeivayd ? moino
?Chaarlea L. Moultre?. of
Ohio. Is In the city for a few
??"tewart M. Barnea, of tb* Ciar?away
ment Printing Office, haa
LrfTsuta R. John? of tbe
partment. is in New Tork City fi
few day?
Maurice W. ljcmry. of the {Jesse????!
Und Office, hau returrsed from a rWI
to Ms home in Brunswick. Md.
Frederick H. Wlthorow. of tbe Das?
partirsent of the lnt?s*r?or. la awmm?
training friends from BasJllirsore.
Mrs. ?"hase Kennedv has takea mm
?paj-tment at the Di<aads?ii tor the ?-a*?
Mrs John Dix. of Narw Tork. Is at
the Burlington.
Mra Frederick Sciiley ?nil ?pe-Bal
the winter at Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mra. Burwell <2-B?aer left
last eaening for Buffalo.
rapt and Mrs At-rhlb???** Bartct??
?re at the Plaxa Hotel in Narw York.
Lieut Bert F Clark was bere *riait
lng his pereynta laat ???**>??*
Capt. W R. Randolph, who bast
been the gueat of tbe George Waab
ington Inn. ha? been assigned for
duty at Kansas City He left tb?
city yeaterday.
Mrs. ?rharle? B-romwell daughtssr
of Mra Mathew T. Scott, of tha?
city, hays returnesd from ? viatt to
Bloomington. 111., ?here she opened
the family home to Influenaa suf
Mrs. ?robarles Sulxer suid ?on. tb?
wife and son of Repreeenlatlve tSus
?er. of Alaska, have returned ?a*
George Washington Inn for ti?? win
ter, ?after a Journey to ?Their North
ern home.
Judge ?nd Mrs Almon. of Tus
cumbia. Ala. have been called horn?
on account of ?cath in their family.
Mrs. James scanlon of Uu? ?crttTy.
is ill at the Provrdence Hospital
Mrs. l/eroyo P. Hunt. Wt BeAeeej.
Cal., ?ill be at the Iceland apant
rnents. tttt (l s?reet northweat, thla
Mr. and Mr? Andrew Wbaaeler. of
Ardmore. Pa., will be In W"suhirart?>n
for the winter, tu Mr. Wheeler I?
doing government work
Aubrey McFayden. of North Caro
lina, has been appointed aA?n**tawit ??*??
aminer at the Patent Office
Miss Nan Rawlins has rsytuj laarsaT.
from an extended vacation spent at
BuaTaJo and Niagara Fall?.
William I Denning haa rssta*rna??tl
from a business trip to Chicago.
William Katx. of No? Tork. haa?
recently been promoted to the gi ??***?
of third ?usl?t?nt examiner or tbs?
Patent Office
William F Thurber ha." recently
been appointed head of Divinen ?a
?1. of the Patent Office
D. A. Hlpkins has i-etur-nesi fron?
a trip to New Tork
?ol George Grey Turne?, of Eng
land, staying a" the Willard, left far
Tenneaaee laut night
Mis? Josephine McDoowell I? Dl
with influenaa
Dr. Franklin Martin Irrt >-?a?lTaTsr
day for the West.
Mrs James Carrol Fraser 1? con
fined to her house l.y orari? r of her
Mis? Janes Rane?me ?nil spend Uta
next two weeks in Atlsntic >*it>
John W. Bishop, nias F atreet
esst. h?s been commi*? oraed
lieutenant in the Motor Tralla.? art
Lieut. Russell M??*or will ?pend his
furlough ln Atlantic I tt>
Desloa A. Rlodgrtt. I ?'?*" SlXtasenth
street northwesat. has been caryrmnle
?loned asecond lieutenant in tbe ?Chem
ical W arfare service
Misa Grace Snyder is via? U rag
friends in Atlanta.
f*haraa?re E Felton. IC? ?
nor-Lhweret? has been commi
first lieutenant ln the Chemical War
fare aarrtrvlce.
???????The first ccanslernmajnt af
an order for lino.?* cakea of choc- j
olate for dlatribution through tba
American Red Croas to ?oldier? ami
?allora In England, bau arrlrtstl fessa?

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