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News and Views of the Sporting World,
ty - Thousand - Dollar;
:d Cross Benefit Ex-[
icted to Draw Largest;
owd in History.
* Wuhintftoo Herald
Mi. Oct. r ?Billy Kelly vj.
<?' Who will win?
is is the question that is on
f tongue of the lovers of thor
br*d hor>ey. Theso great 2-vear
at laurel on Monday to
the supremacy of the 2-year
sior. The race is worth SSC.OOq
winner. J. W. Mcl<elland,
?f Fternal. and Commander
[owner of Billy Kelly, have
juuited $10,000. while Cot. Matt
of the Maryland State Fair
jtion. has % posted a similar
making* a total of $30,000
under Ron is "a Canadian,
i Mr. McL#*lland is an Araer
nd both of these affable Ken
have shown their true pa
and sportsmanship by
hg to dor ate the entire purse to
^ed Croas of the respect iv?
to which they owe their
ttneiosity of the Laur-1 man
in running off Ave stakes
day is unparalleled ir. the an
[ racin? in America. The bril
6f the card and the manner
|h eight favorites came home
der the wire is unknown to
per* of thoroughbreds and
last race was over on Sat
was the consensus of opin
it probably would be the
that a card bristling over
lass would be seen on the
In turf.
f Hourless met Omar Khayyam
F afro this month in one of the
historical contests ever staged
or any other country, and
when Hourless broke the world's
record on a circular track. It was said
at that time that interest would never
be as keen again in a match ra?*. ?
But this is not so. There is as much,
and perhaps a greater amount of in
terest in the meeting of Billy Kelly
and Eternal than there was in the
famous race stated above.
Both horses are in the best of con- '
dition. and are awaiting the call of{
the bugle that sends them to the post. 1
It is a question of which horse will
win the match. A weli-known docker,
fcere is of the opinion that Billy Kelly !
will win if the race is run this way:
If Billy Kelly can run on even terms
with Eternal Tor the first half a
mile and they are together when they
near the stretch turn, Billy Kelly will J
win. On the other hand. Eternal who
in noted for his early foot may get j
out In front and remain there, but If j
Billy Kelly ever looks Eternal in the '
eye It is good-bye. and Commander
Ross' horse will win.
Both are great horses amd while
Eternal is. much the freshest horse
of the two, he Is noted for his bull}
dog tenacity and has a heart of iron. ?
Two special trains arrived today
from New York, where racing has I
closed for "the season, and General |
Manager Winn is confident that sev- i
eral thousand more lovers of the
thoroughbred will come from New !
York. Philadelphia. Virginia and I
other contiguous points for this great j
race. This being the case, a new j
record for attendance will be estab- j
lis bed.
Besides this brilliant match there i
are six other well-filled and well- j
matched races, and a great day of j
sport should result therefrom.
General Manager Winn stated this i
morning that the race would'be run, j
rain or shine, so there will be no dl?- ?
appointment if rain should fall dur- J
Ing the night. Both horses are good
mud plodders and can run on either i
a fast or slow track.
It would take a heavy rain to make
the Laurel course heavy as the track j
laurel Park
reatest Two-Year-Old
Race of Year
kes to Go to RED CROSS
lal, 122 Pounds (Sande)
Kelly, 122 Pounds (Schuttlnger)
lose, 119 Pounds ( )
Other Big Races
O. Train Leaves Union
ttion at 12:30 P. M.
t Race at 1:45 P. M.
First Race?Marie Connell.
Miss Voakl. IMhlnda
Second Race?Sandman It
C. A. Coml.key, Blaieaway.
Third Race?Nigel. Kentucky
Boy. Pleasant Dreams.
Fourth Racfl*?Ci>d*el, Leo
chares. Icarus.
Fifth Race?Billy Kelly. Eter
Sixth wc??Wiseman. Bay
berry Candle. Valerius.
Seventh Race?l.aiy Lou. Sol
dier, Bravado.
has recently Keen Instal ed with an
up-to-date drainaKe system andlaj
fist as the rain fn'.l. it And. a le^l
outside of the track. rlder '
Karle Sande. Rosa' ??|^ i
will pilot Kelly, while Andv Sc .
t-or will have u leu up on Ktern&M
Sehuttlnger ha. piloted EternalIn jW
of his seven star.. ikW" |{?
whims of his mount. anv- 1
age. and if experience counts for ans^
thins in a pinch, may put it ovt |
youngster rival. But .he fan. can de- ,
pend upon Sande to take care of him .
"illil* Bedwell, who will saddle Com- j
W McClelland, of I-', nl?'?f|| k?S
Kor .he last -tlx year. Bad ,
saddled more winner, than an>
man in the coun.ry. and this I. ?om
record. He ..lso topped the Hal J? |
IMS. which give* '?!"> m ? .
that probably no ether trainer wm cx |
eel for generations. ..
Thev arr familiar figures or .11
wherT But'since having K^rnaljn
his care Pattersons name has b t
flashed all over the country
The Stars and Stripes and the
Union Jack will figuratively go to
Ihe post with this pair, and maythe
best horse win. Whichever does
will be crowned .he champion - i
vear-old of the year, one of the
greatest in the history of the turf.
" when the great Colin. Sysonby.l
Domino and Uncle are considered. (
the statement of Chris Ht.gerald.
the famous old starter and expert
Judge of racing flesh, if there ever
was one, that Billy Kelly is the
best horse ever developed on the
American turf, is all the more re- ,
markable, but Fitzgerald's word is.
not to be taken lightly.
FIRST RACE Maiden*: * rtKifs;
?-Uirg; J4 fnrlmns. IKsuislirtt. IB;
M 1CT; Ruj.l F.iorite, 1?<; K?m<?. J?-,
xSpwdy Ijdj l?t; Tt.mreu-e. *?:
!? Marie Qonnet. IK; B?ll> tVmnell. H6
IMhiidi. IK. J?
Kim. IK; Rainbow Ulrl. 101 Al~> ??'
t him*ra. Ill: Ubcrtr I*1). M: - I
110; xTas. 105. . ., .
PKlOSD RACK -Ctaiminf. JjaaroMa and
up.ard ? fOTtoW. <"ait Marchmoet. 15.
U'ep.wr. It): Breeasaw.y, M; l-ar?h'J*^'
l<v,rira. 101; Kack Ha!. US: llri.li Kl?. KM
Jule. H? IT Campbell. 113; C. A. < nndskrjr. ,
If 9; Sandman 2d. V.J; xjohn Doiutlnv IB.
Mrctfitjr. 10S. A ton elifible; Own*. ??
!?.,> Irinser. 113: lH?n. 1?: Hwfa. 11S; 1 etelna.
115; Reilloc. 106. ? 1
THIRI? R Af*?CVaiming: 3-year-olda
n.~a.-<l: 1 I If miles. Hal. Ill: xftldic Henn.
?IE Nis i HI: liobltn. 102; tiu.l? Bantam.
10, Kaon B.y, : HstkMuII. 110; ??>'
Kirch. K2: *'.ny Eagle 1?: l?.
Horm Finch. 10'; ?r?Unr. w
I*eam*. IV; x*i<a EK1ms. U?. Kentucky Boy.
Ill; nimmm. KB. Alao eligible
xCharley McFerrm. MS: Artist, 102; Tboro- j
bWom. 114; Irish Maid. 101; **? r
FOURTH RACE?Cambria Handicap:
olda and upward; 1 mile and 70 >ard*. Cnd- j
r.; 1? Kate Brijt'.it. K*; ?">?*
1'amv 113; Lr*hawa. WwiMJ E,?>- ,w
Bayberrv l ai?dl??. ltf: Ankt. 1W. j
FIFTH IJArB John R Mrl^n MCMonal
Tup; 1 * car ?>td#; * furlonga. Eternal. 122; B? ?*
Kelly, 1^2: I'en R^^e. HO- ? ,
SIXTH RA? K ?*hea?*ake Liberty B"n?
Pur?e; S year olds and upward ; 1 mile. Ht^
?nd IjuI. 115; Data ^
107 <"ov*lt Law. 93; Cello. .09: R?^ 80x- J?*
I Ohohi^. 107: aWiacmaB. 10T: Barberry ?andle.
Ir?: Valerius. I?. a Loft entry.
SEVENTH RArlfr-ClaiiniPf; 3 year olds and
ni ward: 1 116 a^ea. Little. 1M;J*****!?:'
*7; Soldier. Ill: Fairh. 107: Silk Bird. W.
x Pieman. 105: Lazy Lou. Ill; Bravado. 1W.
The Dream. 100; xBen Hatni-nn. 112; Sk?
| pi},* IOC: Tie l*in. 10T; Paiy legend. ?;
e?apt. Ray. 107; <ialley Head. Ill;
Brnderick. 102. Alw> oligiWe: Ih-. t"haro<. 1W;
m Miller. 110. Millrace. ScarN^o Beach.
102.; BnchnalL 107: Veerle?? On# 106.
?-Ai>preutice allowance claimed.
rambrldge. Mass.. Oct. 17.?Harvard
will not be a football contestant of'
Yale or Princeton this fall In the ,
Interest of the united war work cttin
paign. William Roper, former Prince
ton athlete, announced today. This.
decision was reached after a con- j
ference between Roper. President
Lowell and Dan BriRKs, chairman of
the Harvard athletic committee.
Koper Is now try In* to arran!?"
games between the Crimson S. A. T.
<? and Camp Devens and the Rad o
Naval School and the Newport N?
I val team.
Hasn't Heard that Former Mayor
Curley Will Buy Braves.
! New York. Oct. 27.?Jame. K.
G?ffney, former ownar of the
I Braves, when asked this morntns
' what he knew about the report
I from Boston that former Mayor
Curley, of that city. wa,s at the
he.d of a syndicate of bankers to
buy the club, said;
"1 know nothing about Mayor
Ctirlev in regard to such a baseball
proposition. 1 have heard nothing
frc.m the no.ton club in connection
with a proposed sale, and I don t
i believe there Is anythliii; In the.
' storv. I wish you would sav thai
I have no idea of makinir an offer
! for the Brooklyn club. It is un
I fair to Mr. Ktobets to circulate
stories of this kind. I am sure that
j Mr Kb bets has tig desire to dispone
'of h ? ball club at this time, and for
that matt?r he never has shown a de
Isire to g?t out of the Rame."
Another Athletic Miller.
Philadelphia. Oct. 37?Another
member of the Illustrious Miller
' football family has come into the
I limelight. Kddle Miller, of WiU
, la in.port. Pa. a brother of Allie
and Heinle Miller, former gridiron
Irapi&ins .it the University of Penn
i sylvanta. and a brother of Ray
j Miller, now trying fur the Red and
Blue team, is a candidate for the
i 191* s. A. T. C. team at the Penn
l.ylvtlnla Military College. Chester.
Rowland Now Referee.
Clarence Rowland, manager of
the Chicago White Sox. Is now wl?
ning much fame as a referee of
boxina bout, in the W est. His Hi .t
e.igmement was at Cainp" Q?*aiit.
and his work was so ?itlsfactory
| there that the comtjiander of the
Great Lakes Naval Station had him
?Kfflclate in the bouts that were con
tested at the station. In all the
bouts he refereed hi. decision, sava
general aatisfactlon.
Lady Douglas Heads
English Turf Winners
? Jame* Douglas easily lead*
the list of winning owners of Kngliah
flat racing, her crack thoroughbred.
^Insborjugh. having ao far netted
Next In order cornea Solly
Joel, with $31.34?; Lord Derby. $24,095
MaJ. Waldorf Aator. ?2U5*5, liord
Clanely. 121,315; A. W. Cox. !??;?
W. M. Caxelet. 114.145: w. de Pledge"
*13,S&O; J. Watson. 113.720. C. T. Gar
land. $12.f3?0; Sir G. Noble. $11 *'G0
and Ixird Anglesey, $10,620
All Lines of Athletics Mak- j
ing Monster Preparation
for War Work Fund1.
New York. Oct. 2T. - Never before '
has the sport work] shown such ac- I
Uvlty as it is evidencing in the united
war work campaign to raise ?170,rrf? - !
r J,""? h"re " look" a? 'bough I
the old .port gam,, which every now i
V "kn0l'l",<)" by so-called
dofn, n T SaV ,h,,t "pon ls "<?
doing all It can to help win Jhe war.
la going to do itself proud It would
rail ?' "Urpr'?'nB " $1 000,000 were
w. 1. hT of
Ih? . a,e b'ln,: planned all over
the country next month.
The men who have been Identified
with the promotion of all the big
-port event, of recent year" have
them "P 'hTr ?>"1 ??me of
hh? ar? already working sixteen
hours , day planning events that will
,hh-'p '? ?be huge sum neededby
h!l e WOrk a,lles nrry on
rrr/rthy an<i work
Lre.T /' Wh? "r?" "Khting the
hpu caU8e democracy.
The first big gun was fire<l in the
famo',? Whe" Jlm Cofr,'o?h. the
r,~''r from c?l"omia. ar
and st^rirrfa| r<">"e?t "f officials,
control 1 he y,n.K ,h- Wiro" ,hat Will
age? ' * ~rv,c?" of all the ?u?.
boxers of the
u ^ off roth didn't lose a sec
U h7 leftT?T!Vy h"r,,? hl" a" ??on
. be train he went to the
headquarters on Vanderbilt avenue
j """d dispatching tele-ranis
dutv In ,h'?' K e J""""* WOrW to it"
OhaHie ? K batll,? lo raiiw '<?>???
Charlie Harvey. Secretary of the
"y law hmmK'0n Und" th" yr**
roV J f b<"''n eboaen by c0fr
roth as chairman of the local box- i
in^ committee. He will
assistants Billy Gibs'on ma^r
leona'rd rhan,P'on Henny
who Charlie Doesserick
who so successfully conducted box
< lub and "th" l"" P'?neer Spo?inK
* mi) find the Armory A. A. of T#?r
gan' JimmThrVhW i" ''aVP Dan Mo1"
J; J?hnaon and other live
heln ih^.,n K "'Kht and "ay to
help them secure talent for the big
'how ?r show, that will be put on
month* 8<IU*re C"rdf"
It is really Inspiring to See the
manner which the boxing world
Is working together for the hie
foJ";J'" Wh? h"V' b,"n enemies
?o th., .k Hr? burv,n* the hatchet
0 that the co<n-ry will be aided in
object """"'" PO*"b,e "? >bi? great
Johnny Dundee, the peppery light- i
SrlM ?' H;,,,inK '-v.nsky Jack
?e?. Wiiiri h'avj,wt'?bt champion
the- :*.r ."lrkCO,nml,,M W'"h" '?'!
na7,"t..?Kly ?rP ,h" box ing prinei-'
pal- as busy as bees arranging hig
ban* hi n?' Y"" Kolf world an<,
ball billiards, amateur athletic*, in
ab"ie hn" "J ""'rt wblch is
The"a dol,ar wi" b" ?n
Di^T*nj| Taber?kl. the pool cham- i
P haH arrived here from his
home up-State and offered hN ?erv
relrt"".'' f?r 'he fun<) ?e is
,'t ,? P ay Ralph "reenleaf. the
young: local crack.
Ca^dner" ^ " a'"1 K?ward W.
bm7i?H 1 m"r halional class A
find Th.* vPrn"' Wi" pIav f"r the
rund The National Association of
Amateur Billiard Player,, of which
! .ry nr#; members. is planning many
intereBtinp features. k many
Willie Hoppe has tendered his
serv.ces. as have Welker Cochran
n? n?Un,r ri1 lcaf? Phenom. Alfred
Oro and the Misses Flower.
against WEEK-END ball.
Several American League Owners
Frown on the Idea. ->
f .?lT,;,.?rt' ^-Several American
I. ague club owners do not approve of
the proposed **m?-professional week
season, Han Johnson, president of
'a'i, gafhl'i ,"oai? !?dav- In rommunl
..sser'ed they ^"no^i,*^
J-.OT their plants for suc^arTor^n
Sk'Sd '"KOun"p'a'P"*?nd^ltl^d a
H ?a' ~
stand It. Johnson said. "The ex
pense, of such a project would be
enormous, and there also nS
difficulty obtaining. flayers a'
baseball Is not essential employment."
hank 0'DAY seeks action.
Veteran Umpire Wants to Run
Ball Games in France.
Ch.cago Oct. 27.?Hank (VDav. vet
eran umpire of the National league
sa>s he is anxious to eo to Pmnno
"oldie"" o-l>"?"S f?r ,hP American
kolrtiers. o Day says he has heard
1 u'np!rvg, al*e In particular de
mand back of the lines, where base
?weation" h.f, " v pr,ncipaJ forms of
cuETl? ^"4 " COmn?,rm offl
1 umpires'1 irritthi"S aboUt the need of
umpires |n France recently." O'Dav
"id today, -and I'm going to try lo
Ue* ani?UCh Z'? PrC>Per authori
way o" other! ? ' C""'t he'P ?Ut
No Weit VirfinU-Rntger. Game.
I Morgantown. W. Va.. Oct V ?
est Virginia turned down Rutgers'
proposition to play football In New
. ?1!^?,bf'' 3 hecause no prac
J has been held here since October
s. and the present outlook is that
I none will be hew before November 1
' fir thi t0 play a
for the benefit of the I nlted States
,*ar work campaign, but no games
; can be played till an hour for prac
I tice is allotted.
Game for Wolverines.
Ann Arbor, Mich.. Oct. iT.?Mich
igan and Michigan Agricultural
matched today for a football
frame at Ann Arbor on November 23
the date Michigan left open by the
| cancellation of the Minnesota 9am*
George Hackenschmidt Is
Said to Be Very Poor
in Germany.
? hiV. P7t,y.tOUKh' ,hl1' II"
t l? forming among the former
marvels of the boxing and wrestling
games. but. then, oasy come.. ea.v
goes.' has always held true and
"Ik1"8 *?Jm Lb* "POrt *am? ,han
other. With the boxer or fighter It
r ",eT""wd.to flnd a cot"i?
of friends when he has the money
Whether it be the big or little end I
* p"r"p Atfhters who have i
attained prominence have looked I
forward to the r.iny day p?rlod QdJ
life by putting away a fPW thous.
and. Instead. being "g?od fell.?vs"
moJh . V"' l" " few week? or
months, Just where they were be I
fore the "big mill." and It ha, been)
necessary to fight or starve
' Jack Johnson, former champion i
heavy-weight pugilist. seems to
| have .tarted th.s .ports bread line I
Ifhl.'h' T?. fPOm Spai" tndicated ?
ithat he had lost hi. cafe over in
.ome city of that bull-fluting ?u . I
i ry and was ready to come back ,J
the United States and do something
to keep his backbone from getting!
; closely associated with the fore- i
,Part of his abdomen. In other words
i *'a" flst broke, the dispatch said '
?nd badly In need of k~e i
I Bat Nelson and "Ad" Woigax
. top-notchers in the light-weight
! class, joined the down* anl-ouu
.press notices plicing them in the
I starvation category "
I Now. worst of all. comes George
Hackenschmidt. known In wrestling
?M? -.a" Russian lion and con-|
j sldered premier mat artist of the'
world until Frank Gotch. the lowa
: farmer, pulled his fangs at Chi- I
oi*o. in his prime Hack was con-I
Sldered to be the best-developed i
specimen of a male human obtain-!
able. Now he is i? Germany and
has wasted away until he is a mere
: shadow of his former self The
Russian lion was nlway, a good!
feeder. but. according to word from i
Germany, he has twenty-seven food '
to'e "t a"d < >nn"t *?' enough :
L. VVll<*n Russian roarer met i
'Gotch at Chicago the largest re-I
Icelpts ever gathered ut a wrestling,
, show were accumulated. Jack Cur
I ley was the lion's manager?like-'
; wise he recently promoted the'
I l>empsey.Fulton bout and the Leon- i
j ard-Lewls affair, both in New Jer
sey. and both of which left bad
taste. In the sporting public's I
j mouth After Gotch threw Hack
the tatter dropped out of the pub
lic eye and was not heard from
until now.
In an interesting and exciting game
.the Virg*nia Shipyards!
Meld, the Army Medical School foot
ball team defeated the team re we-1
! renting the 217th Engineer*, of Camp
.Humphrey,. v?.. ye.terd.j- The!
score ? to #. but the game was |
closer than the score indicates. Both I
I learn, played great football and kept I
, the crowd on their toes every mo- 1
| ment of the time. I
j The Engineer, uwd the f.mous
I Georgia shift with good effect, but
found the Medicos' line too .trong
, tor them, and time and again the
j backs were thrown before thev got!
started l-ieut. Rae pia>ed the best
. game for the Hailroad men. Dunn
Hager. IVgman. Hall. Collie and
Wagner were the best ground-galn
*Tl,r/", 'h" * H' men The line-up:
?".Tn ??*??
? nwj bIt'::;; ???
an rv T
: "?'!?* l. ii
I Smith |. T "
urel ; ,, y ???"?
I Mrut iU* , .Q B *,*"**
*<**? R. hZ'Z S
'Bund L. H i^2
? Wwlfer K. B. h"""'
; T.?cM?ra Hwr. Noble! Drgn.?"
fwm tn."|,Jr^ti 'h,?. ,2,. ohpn
! lor HU-iii; I>errir?t f<* Nnbl*- wp.m
|WjK? ' lark rok'ie; B
Refcrer ?Hifpra, Inland Htanfnr,! rmnirr
ll& IMinoiv
I Jim? ? Y?rk' 1.??'- 77 - "English"
Jmm> Carroll. veteran pugilist
' *,ho- . when niore than forty years
I"' *f"v w"".1 . forty-seven round*
Thi i. h. .;.Ul,rr" ,n a rontest for
!the lightweight championship is se
' rtously III with stomach trouble at his
I home In San Francisco. He is now
nearly seventy years of age and little
J hope of his recovery 1, entertained
Carroll became a contender for the
lightweight title in the tlavs of the
old California Athletic Club in San
Francisco, which turned out manv
famous boxers. At the expiration of
.his ring career, he handled boxers
and gave Instruction In the art and
was Bob Fitzsimmons' manager when
"Ruby Robert" first came to thig
country. For several years he has
been bailiff In the superior court In
San Francisco.
jLondon Promoters Cut in on Cost
of Wilde's Trophy
P I-ondon. Oct. 27.-When the pro
; moters of the Jimmy Wilde-Joe
Conn scrap agreed to give the wln
! "cr 60 Per cent of the $20,000 p,lr,e
they failed to consider the Britis.i
military authorities, and now Wilde
the winner of the hout, i. in a com
plicated situation. The military offi
cial, have specified that any man In
the service who takes part in
boxing bout should be rewarded
with nothing more than a trophy
I But they failed to place a limit on
the cost of the reward. Instead of
| giving Wilde the $20,000 the pro
| moters presented him with a trophy.
I the cost of which was considerably
hVrt . ? j20'000 The promoters
I had to flnd a way to use the re
malnder of the purse, so they pur.
chased diamonds to make up the
difference between the cost of th
| trophy and the purse and gave them
I to the conqueror of Conn
I Now Wilde. If he desired to real
ize cash, would necessarily lose the
aLde|tnC* th" b?>'lng price
and the price he would have to sell
the diamonds at.
Patiy Flaherty Enlists.
Pittsburgh. Oct. 27. -Patsy Flah
erty of Carnegie, veteran lefthand
Pitcher, has entered the service
The former member of the Pirates
has passed the physical examination
for tank duty and now is awaitinsr
N. a to Camp polly
The following casualties are reported
by the commanding general of the
American Expeditionary Faroes: v
Killed in action 1S2
Died of wound? 63
xDied of accident jmd other
causes 3
Died of disease T4
Died of airplane accident 1
Wounded severely 30
Wounded, degree undetermined.16<>
Prisoners 3
Total ??26
Killed In Action.
MaJ A 8. 11 outs, Kuclld, Ohio.
Capt, Walter Green. Fort Worth. Tex
Klbert C. Baker. Easton. Pa.
Robt. E. Bentley. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Norwood C. Fairfax, Eagle Rock, Va.
A. J. Gerdin, Chicago. III.
H. J. Gross. Jr.. Oak Park. III.
Raymond C. Hill, I-ewiston. Idaho.
Thos. JK Holder*. Lancaster, Pa
Oscar C. Key. Waco, Tex.
Russel J. Meyer, I^akewood. Ohio.
Thos. J. Quayle. Oberlln, Ohio.
Alfred L. Arnold. Syracuse. N. Y.
('has J. Brooks, St. l?uis, Mo.
L: W Cockrum. Knoxville, Tenn
Roy T. Mitchell, Figsboro, Va.
C. B. Phillips. South Knoxville. Tenn
Major Reid, Greenville. Miss.
R. M. Ryans. East Boston. Mass.
Charlie D Smith. Deleon. Tex.
Frank Stucker. Massillon. Ohio.
Lawrence M. Wimmer, Liberal. Kans.
John R. Balch. I-erna. III.
John B. Barrett. New York. "N. Y.
Herman L Hughes. Cambridge, Mil.
Peter Peterson. Cleveland. Ohio.
Wm. Taylor. South Bethlehem. Pa.
Roy Thomas, Chester. N. J.
Ted Opdyke. Ridgeway, Mo.
Walter F. Runge, St. Louis. Mo.
Seth H. Dickinson. Windsor. Conn.
J. H. I-afranz. Tekamah. Nebr.
Geo. W. Moshier. Kingston. N. Y.
Geo. T. Wolcott. Bloomfleld. N. J
Joseph Aplcelll. Asbury Park. N. J.
Emory Boy kin. Lagrange. Ga.
Robert M Bradley. Cincinnati. Ohio.
Charles Brirk. (4iicago. 111.
Edward J. Cantoni. 8t. Louis. Mo.
Oscar Ma ret. Andersoir. S. C.
John C. Weidman. Buffalo. N. Y.
Peter Paul Wort*. Detroit. Mich.
George W. Smith. Memphis. Tenn.
Charles P. Rankin. Henderson. Tex.
William R. Epler. Philadelphia. Pa.
Zeb Gooden. Chicopee Falls. Mass.
Bugler J. H. Bryant. Boswell. Okla.
BuKler Ernest Wipi>er. Chicago. 111.
Wagoner H. Neely. Fort Worth, Tex.
John Palrick Amos*. Toledo. Ohio.
Carmine Arcuri. Port Chester. N. Y.
Moises N. Carrejo. Slnton. Tex
H. T. Chadwirk. Shallotte. N. C
H. J. Champion. Waddington. N Y
William E. Champion. Jasper. Ga.
Charles E. Chriatianson. Graettin
ger. lAwa.
James B. Gladson. Bridgeport. Tenn.
Exra Gray. Lemoore. Cal.
Geo. B. Higgins. Barnesville. Ohio.
Edwin Jacobson. Flom. Minn.
Troy F. Johnson. Ivanhoe. N. C.
Alfred M Kant. Moville. Iowa.
C. B. Kehoe. St. Louis. Mo.
Floyd M. Key, Kirkwood. Mo.
Edward. A. Lucas. Passaic, N. J.
R. K. Mayfield. Sugar Creek. Mo.
Alfred C. Meyer. Clyde. Mo.
Franceis E. Parsons. Barnard. Kans.
George W Pfitsch. Cleveland. Ohio.
Preston P. Pryor. Saxton. Mo.
Leo O. Reioux. Drlscoll. Tex.
W. G. B. Rollins. Greeneville. Tenn
Ole Statrud. Minneapolis. Minn.
William H. Waldron. Newark. N J.
Charles H. Wood. Almeda. Tex.
John S. Alne. Vermilion. S. Dak.
Roy B- Bayless. St. 1-ouis. Mo
Robert T. Beaver. Flushing. N. Y.
11. Berrue. New Brunswick. N. J
W. H. Boettner. Wellsville. N. Y.
Ijouis E. Bollette. Carrolltown. Pa
Walter J. Bonk. New York. N. Y.
Lew is A. Bright. Red Cloud. Nebr.
Geo. H. Buettner. Elizabeth, N. J.
Michael Burns. New York. N. Y.
D. D. Campbell. Cleveland. Ohio.
Thomas Carr. Chester. Pa^
Michael J. Connors. Yonkers. N. Y.
Jno. T. Cudmore. Brooklyn. N. Y.
1^ S. Cunningham. Delaware. Ohio.
Henry L Currin. Josephine, Tex.
R. J. Davison. Mooers. Forks. N. Y.
? Jos. C. !>ough?*rty. Wilmington. Del.
Leroy A. Doyle. Cementon. N. Y.
Geo. L. Foulk. Merican. Iowa.
I^awrence Freeze. Summitville. Tenn.
Jas. B. Hedge. Kankakee. III.
West Jacobs. -Marion. N. C.
I* W. Josselyn. West Hanover. Mass.
Robt. L Keilner. Bridgeport. Conn
Ferdinand Kinzel. West Orange. N.J.
Fred A. Koca. Eldorado Springs. Mo.
P. M. Lorenzo, New York. N. Y.
Angus Love. Elko, S. C.
Alex Malinowskl. Chicago, 111.
John A. Malone. Afton. Tenn.
Clarence S. Manthe, St. Paul. Minn
[John Montagon. Brooklyn. N. Y.
James G. Munson. Norfolk. Nebr.
\ J. D. Musser. Eldorado Springs. Mo.
J J. A. O'Brien, Perth Amboy, N. J.
I Chas. G. Pestcka. Cleveland. Ohio.
! John Rudy. Cannonaburg. Pa.
Robt. J. St. James, Desloge. Mo.
Wm. J. Sandy. I^ake Forest. 111.
Fred W. Schmidt. Palms, Mich.
Charles Schultz, Chicago. 111.
Robert R. Shaw, St. Louis, Mo.
Walter L Shroyer, Longs. Md.
John E. Snyder. Kansas City. Mo.
Stanley J. Somrau, Menominee. Mich.
Eugene Stackhouse. Wrlgert. La.
I J. H. Stephens. Sandy Hook. Ky.
I R. J. Thibodeau. Waterbury. Conn
! A. A. Wilburn. Meryville. N. C.
Chas. R. Wilhite. Taylorvillc. 111.
Thos. M. Williams, Clifford. 111.
Anthony C. Anderson. Alto. Mich.
C. IT. Bents. Parkersburg. Iowa
Pinkney H. Burton, Greensboro. N. C
Ellsworth Vernon Lanning. Kane. Pa.
Fred R- Robinson. Charlestown. Mass
Jnmes G. Ward. Bayou Goula. La.
Mechanic Charlie W. Forney. Oelrichs.
S. Dak.
Waponer Loren J. Spoonemore.. Town
send. Mont.
Cook L. J. Stanse. Philadelphia. Pn.
Horseshoer Jesse W. Dyctis. Liberty
Hill. Tex.
| Will Burnside, Lyon, Miss.
j William Carter, Philadelphia. Pa.
| John Creighton. Cambridge. Md.
jjohn Croncn. Markville. Minn.
Herman Entes. New York. N. Y.
Ben Fowler. Bonlta. Miss.
Johnny Gaines. Clyo. Ga.
Stephen 8. Gauss. Salem. Mass.
Isaac Gillison, Savannah. Ga.
dohn Hall. Sanderkville. Ga.
l^ouis Hall. Clayton. La.
Emile Hanks. Ravne. La.
Ben Hellem. l^ascassas. Tenn.
! Lucian W. Kaufffman. Milroy. Pa.
'iNels Klepp. Bagley. Minn.
Ward L Knoder. St. Paul. Minn.
Alpha G. Ledbetter. Canton. Kans.
Harry H.?Leno, Wilmington. Vt.
Herman H. Inline. I?ogan, lows.
Jos. Lewandowski. Silver I-ake. Minn
August-V. Lindgren, Sandstone. Minn
-Ernest O. IJnnemann. Furnace. N. J
James l>ong. Cockeysville. Md.
Murphy Lumpklns. Hot Springs. Ark.
David G. Lydell. Aurella. Iowa.
Harbert S. Lytton. Philadelphia. Pa
Newton Major. Madison. Fla.
William H. Marsh. Princeton. Minn
Dave L Martin. Orlando. Fla.
James W. Martin. Sherman. Ky
Clarence I>. Melton. Sparks. Okla.
1 Thomas B. Melton. Bradleyville. Mo
Benjamin J. Mills. Louisville. Ky.
1>ee Morrill. Newberry. Mich.
Fank J. Naxxaro, Millburn. N. J.
[ Stephen M. O'Brien. Detroit, Mich,
i Fred Oltn. Lansing. Mich.
Earl Owen*. Kami** City. Kans
! Homer J. Paine, Ragle Grove, Iowa
.James Patterson. New York. N. T.
j Otto V. Popp. Rochester. N. Y.
j Cleveland Reeae. Atlanta. Qa.
I Ben L Scott. Concord. Ga.
j Fred Shackejford. Pontiac. Miss
. Thomas P. Smith. Quaker. W. Va.
! John F. Stansell, Pickens. 8. C.
! George g. Stout. Sh'.ckshinny, Pa.
i H. W. 8wanson. Chillicothe, Iowa.
; Dulen A. Ward. Tuckerman. Ark.
| P. E. Armentrout. Keaseotaum, Va.
? Orvllle C. Baker, Kingston, N. Y.
IX)rand S. Ward. Hawthorne. Fla.
Robert F Ward. Asheville. N. C.
R. Weirtch. Junction City, Kans.
Henry Weisler, Brooklyn. N Y.
James L. Welch. Simpson. La
George F. Well*. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Ben William*. Monroe, La.
Lee T. Willis. Pine Park. Ga
Died of Aeroplane Aecideat.
Lieutenant Walter W. Goddard, Jr..
Washington. 111.
WoBBdfd Severely.
W. C. Grintead. Houston. Texas.
Gerard B. LuAfrbert. Freeburg. Mo.
i Fred Rau. Jr.. Milwaukee. Wis
John McC. Dickson. Edgewood. Pa.
Everett E. Ford. Oakland. Cal.
N. F Mansfield. Jr.. Philadelphia. Pa.
Frank A Miller. Baltimore. Md.
Samuel Scott. Womsck. Mo.
James A. Adams. Garrison. Texas.
Henry C. Burckhardt. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Anxelo Canzlana. San Rafael. Cat
D. T. Carmichael. Heuvelton. N. Y.
Joseph P. Disco. Munhall. Pa
Otto L. Gaza way. Stmt ford. Okla
Charles R. Hocker. Harrisburg. Pa.
R. A Johnson. Jamestown, N. Y.
Edward M. Kessler. Cheney. Xans.
A. H. Knappen. Grand Rapids. Mich.
Charles Z. Knipp. Kewaunee. Wis.
L. Clyde Lawrence. Oakland. Cat
Worth A Lewis. Boone. Iowa.
William J McCarty. ('later. Pa.
John McDonald. Jr.. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Oeorse J Marcus. Plainfleld. X. J.
C. R. Perkins. Des Moines. Iowa.
Tony Poleria. Flushing. Ohio.
| Harry Spiros, St. Louis. Mo.
? Elmer E. Thery. Racine, Wis.
Mark Thomas. Verbena. Ala.
K. L Wheeler. T?wan City. Mich.
jttoaadrd ir Artfm (Drgrct l?de
l?-rmln?'d. ?
j Lieut. H. A. Harding. Chicago, I1L
Fred Allen. Champlain. 111.
J Chester C. Becker. Harahurc. N. Y.
John Culllgan. Algoma. Wis.
Harry E. I>sugherty. Jeannette. lV
A. Hardenbrook. <'old water. Mich.
Delon R. Knickerbocker, Breeds ville,
Joseph I?honn. New York. N. Y.
Russell Martin. Arkansas. Wis.
Weld S May bee, Detroit. Mich.
Elliott V. Nagle. I^ehanon. Pa.
.Charles P Nelson. Buford. Ga.
D. C.
j Enoch Rogers. I^arksville. Pa.
.John K. Simpson. Philadelphia, Pa.
IChan. Bate. Wappinxets Falls. N. Y
Edward Baugh, Guntersville. Ala.
William K. Crosby, Revere, Masn.
I?uis A. Ksralfa. Johnstown. Ps.
John A. Anderson. Omaha. Nebr.
Joseph Briercheck. ML Pleasant. Pa.
Jas. J. Courduff. Philadelphia. Pa.
Charles Day. East Jordan. Mich.
Jos. Briercheck. Mount Pleasant, Pa.
John Eatman. Mantis. Ark.
John W. Heimer. Nonistown, Pa.
Walter L. R. Johnson. Elgin. 111.
Thos. 11. Jonen. Ell wood City. Pa.
John T. Mc^uesten. I^owell, Mass.
W. J. McVeigh. CI rand Rapids. Mich.
John P. Martin. Philadelphia. Pa.
Georxe Meritt. Brooklyn. N. Y.
J. Fredc. Morrison. Syracuse. N. Y.
Charlen 8c ha oh te. Southwest. Ps.
Henry J. Slmmerly, Elyria, Ohio.
Herman Smith. Durand. Wis
Isadore F. Stats. Klevenville. Wla.
I?uin Wendt. Antoria. N. Y.
Ralph F. Mueller. Jefferson, Win.
j Raymond W. Steger. Chicago, III.
] Bugler J. J. Burke. Brooklyn. N. Y.
I Joseph F Devlin, Brooklyn. N. Y.
j Charles Behrend, West Philadel
phia. Pa.
j M. J. Broundshidle. Kenmore. X. Y.
j I^ D. Callahan. Fall River. Mann.
[ Gun Chimpanen. Vsrena, Greece.
I S. Damianc. Rochelle Park. N. J.
i Robt. Dauxherty. Charleston. Tenn.
W. 11. Davis. Oranxebur*. S. C.
j Ralph W. Douglas. Rockland. Mans.
; Will DoBone. Bolivar. Tenn.
I j Howard Duncan. Bedford. Ohio.
| James Dunne. Chicago, III.
Harry Effingham. Smithburg. N. J.
j i Wm. C. Gurxel. Rochester. N. Y.
| j Henry Hamburger, Weatherford,
I Okia. 4
. j J. E. Heptonntall, Canton. N. Y.
G. G. llightower. Murfreesboro. Tenn.
1 Bernard J. Howe. Chicajro. III.
! Odes O. Jonen. Antioch, Okla.
A. J Kloeppinx. Howejls, N. J. J
j Georire T. Linch, Norbome, Mo.
1 Theodore Manias. Trinidad. Colo.
J Joseph Palermo. Rochester, N. Y.
J A. D. Pendleton. Crandon. Va.
I John E. Rauth. Glendale, N. Y.
j Wharton J. Recee. Baltimore, Md.
j E. A. Richsrdson. Burlington. RV-o.
Joe R. Sergeant, Neodesha. Kans.
IG. H. Schumann. Jersey City, N. J.
I Custer Singleton. Whitenburxr. Ky.
Carl C. Smith. Linesvllle, Ala.
\ Charles E. Smith, Hagerstown, Md.
John Smore, Fairchance, Pa.
Nick Spoden, ColJ Springs. Minn.
E. C. Sutermeister, WoTlaston. Mass
Andrea Tam. Villa Dl Chavcnna
Provlncia Di Sar.drio. Italy.
H. A. Thomas. Bird Island, Minn.
1 Hiram Thornton. Noun. Mo
, M. V. Tillman. Reflwater. Tex.
j Henry Todd. New York, N. Y.
I Nicola Torti, Providence, R, I.
I Salvatove Tribsstone, West New
York. N. J.
i Anthony F. Turras. Philadelphia. Pa
I Carl F. Voxel, Howell, Ind
Martin F. Vutrick. Westville, III.
1 Thomas S. Wh I taker. Colquitt, Ga
? Michael Zannl. Ardsley. N. Y.
i Colons v Chambers. Chestertown
. Aleksander Dobrxycki, Bridgeport
Chris Hanen. McCook. Neb.
j Wlllard U. Hansen. Waunela, Neb
i Wm. Hansanfrata. Weehawke*, N. J.
i Edwin W. Henlnxer. Tilden. Nebr.
j I>elbert J. JIolIHay, Anaconda. Mont
! General B. Hugltes, Mount Hill. Tenn
] B. H. Kincaid. Morganton. N. C.
i Edward W. Kindt Buffalo, N Y.
Oluf Knutson. Hatton, N. Dak.
George R. Nelson. Msnila. Utah.
Wm. Nelson. Shawneetown. III.
Jas J. O'Brien. New York. N Y.
B. F. Ross. Centaur. Mo
John Schultx. Alpena. Mich.
Edgar Weddle. Floyd. Va.
John L. Wilson. Utica. N. Y.
Died frsia Wound
Capt. C. B. Duncan. Jacksonville. Fla
Sam. Haselhurst Philadelphia. Pa.
R. B. Rockwood. Brooklyn. N. Y.
tyomaine Shepard, Brooklyn. N. Y.
John R. Wingate. Waterloo, Iowa.
Frederick H. Bayer. New York. N. Y
Jas. R. Caughlln. Corydon. Ind.
'Geo. Humphreys. Bristol. Tenn
Taylor E. Lewis. Superior. Nebr.
D. D. Reagan. 8t Louis. Mo.
Wm. W. Coon, Burdett. N. Y.
R. L. Eberle. Pittsburgh. Pa
i. O. Gail lard. Rldgefleld Park. N J.
Vernon N. Jones. Orangeburg. 8. C
Jacob Kreis. Sheboygan. Wis.
Arthur J. K roe pel, Milwaukee;. WU?
Hu*h R Meuaer. Ashland. Ohio.
Earl D. Sullivan. Topeka. Kim
Jaa. Tevnan. New Tork. ff. T.
Mechanic I. Morehouse Kahoka. Ha,
Waroner T. J. Tosopowlch. Newark.
N. J.
Jaa. Aucustlne. Kinder. La
John U. Klankenahlp. Clothlar, W Va.
prr<) J. Fudala. Philadelphia. Pa
P. J. Gallagher. New Tork. N. T.
David W. Hum. Ktngstree. 8 C.
Herbert M HIU. Koater. Ky.
Grant Ilolt, Newport. N H.
Charlen Hunt. Darla. Okla.
Q. Richardaon. Read mile. Taan.
J. A Tledemann Jumlown. X. ?.ir
Emanuel Trautman Artaa. g. Dak
Janice Tucker Rjctiwood. W Va
Robert Tutenew Asbury Park. N J.
John J. Wanro. Mahoney City, Pa.
Charles W. Brown. Robertaon. Iowa.
Wlnfleld F. Brown, Parta. Tex.
Coorse O. S. Carr. New Tork. N. T.
James Chestnut. Deliaplalne. Ark.
Charll* Drummer. Salomon. Oa
Claude Earl, HeltonvlUe. Ind
Raxmond A. Goeke. St. Paul. Minn
R. M. Hockadsy, Hoke Forest. N C
J. E. Howell. Detroit. Mich.
George D. Hutton. Rutland Ohio
Henry H. Kasha. Marka. Kana
W. R. Kent. Kansas City, Kana.
w- P. Kurt*. Huntinirton. Pa.
F. G. IarllnT, N?w Tork. N". T
H J McCallum. New Tork. N T
Amoa M< Devltt. 1,0am I, Ill
w f. Montgomery. Louisville. Ky.
Donald J. Moore. Ptnlela. Mont.
P. Ollvleri, Blalrsvllle. Pa
w. c. RatlfT. Salt Lick. Ky. . .
W. R. Shaffer. Moncantown. w. Va
8. J. Shuman Portland. Me.
A F. Soucheck. ^haaeburc. Wta
Ray K Stewart. Hoi den. Mo.
C. J. Sullivan. Brooklyn. N. T.
W. H Sullivan. Valley Falls R. I.
Sebastiano Taras. I^eonta. N J.
B. J. Weston. New York. K Y.
Die* frnm Accident aai other
M. J. Greenthal. St Louui. Mo
Micftele Raspa. Brooklyn. X. Y.
Virgil H. Stephens, Cullman. A la.
of Disease.
j N. T (Vey. New Richmond. Wis.
IM. K. Thorpe. New York. N. T.
J Luther W WfKifrhau*. Paris. III.
Sergt. Danold Pons. Madison, Term.
Sergt Maj H W. Williams. Jersey
City. N. J.
Corp. G. D. Baird. Pomona. CaL
Benjamin Fivel. Troy. N. Y.
Wagoner Gerard Lester. Newburgh.
N. Y.
C. M. Kin*. Wllkes-Barre. Pa.
! Arthur Noftsger. Lemon i. Iowa,
j Edwin Riley. Portage. Wis.
, Frank Allaben. Rochelle. Ill
i A. S. Andrews, Wesslngton. S. Dak.
. Perry R. Barnes. M'-ciia. Colo.
j John Bienkowski. New York. N. Y.
I Walter R Black. Eddyville. N. Y
I Archie T. Blackmon. Lithonia. Gfc.
I A. H. Boenau. Brooklyn. N. Y.
| Eugene Briggr. Mantua. N.
I John Bue. Malta. III.
j Thos. A. Byrne. Brooklyn. N. T.
, Chas. T. Callanan. Brooklyn. N Y.
j H. S. Carpenter. Barnesville. Ohio,
i M*rtin E- Carroll. Enterprise. Ala.
I William Dale. Indianapolis. Ind.
! Robert DeWitt Chicago. III.
jT. F. Donato. Niagara Falls. K. Y.
John A. Drake, New York. N. Y
I Harry V. Ehninger. Lyon*. Nebr
I Francis A. Esposito. Brooklyn. N Y.
j Arthur A. Fitch. Hill City. Kans
. Frank M. Flack. Philadelphia. Pa.
I John A. Frank. Baltimore. Md.
j Vernon M. Goodale. Pl>-mouth. Mich. |
] John J. Greindl. Rome. N. Y.
John H. Griswold. Kill*, Kans
A. F. Harry. West Cheshire. Conn.
Edward Hartwick. New York. N Y.
Albert A. Hillard. Hoboken, Pa.
Milton Hirsch. Silver City. N. Mex.
Alonzo F. Hunted. Charles. Iowa.
Stephen Jurella. Mount Pleasant. Pa.
Levi J. Kelly, Spangler, p*.
Arden Klawitter. Mosinee. Wis.
Horace Knight. Galesville. Wia
Philip E. Knopf. New York. N. Y.
Charles Korri*. Monongahela. Pa
Frank W. Long. Williamsport. Md.
James Long. Hollister. Cal.
John McCarten. Keokuk. Iowa
R. E. McLaughlin. Elwell. Mich.
William D. McRae. Detroit. Mich.
F F. Marbugh. PleasantvilU. Ind.
Jes* Markf.?on, La Salle. Minn.
Encolina Militerno. Jamaica. N. Y.
? Charles G. Miller, Norman. Okla
J <?eorge W. M?.fflt .South Field. Nebr
Wiktor Monit, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Charles Murray. Philadelphia. Pa.
Vernon Nelson. Oxford. Wis
Jose Ortegon. San Antonio. Tex.
Harvey C. Pait. Bladenboro. X. C
Frank Panowicx. Alpena. Mich
John Peterson. Briggsville. Wia
F. L. Pipher. East Stroudsburg. Pa.
E. M. Pisano. New York. N. Y
David J. Porter. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Dave Price. Williamson. W. Va
A. W. Proulx. Attleboro. Mass.
Elmer Putt. Corinth. Miss.
Mauthew Ryan. Soldiers Grove. Wis.
H. H. Scheffer. Williamstown. Mass.
Lloyd Allen Scott. Brookstde. Wis.
Harold F. Smith. East St. Louis. HI.
Patrick J. Smith. Philadedphia. Ps.
Jacob Stroh. BufTalo. N. Y.
E. H. Thompson. Fond du Lac. Wis.
Chas. Tibbs. Benton Harbor. Mich.
M. Vanislavsky. Philadelphia. Pa.
John H. Wall. Dearborn. Mich.
Leonard Ward. Pomeroyton. Kv.
Oscar L. Weeaks. Farmersville. Tex.
Elmer E. Wetsill. Clarencetown. Pa.
W'alter W. Wicklund. Kenner. La
Jay Wiegel. Hammond. Ind.
Ned N. W4ger. Ulen. Minn.
Clarence Winegard. Tampa. Fla
Henry L. Wollea. Fullerton. Nebr.
O. J. G. Youngson, Mt. Vernon, (N. Y.
; William Zollar. Berthoud. Colo.
I Henry J. Bel rose. Frankiin, Masa
Eugene B. Bolt, Fallsburg. Ky
Stanley J. Carp, Amsterdam. N. Y.
Walter Chambers, Oneonta. N. Y.
DenicAo Chaves. Corvlo, N. Mex.
Frknk Cholke. Chicago. Ill
John Connell. New York. N. Y.
Edward M. Connolly. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Earl Corey. Mars Hill, Me.
John Davis. Chicago, 111.
Tony Mattituck. Mattituck. X. Y.
Joseph V. De Sau. Yardley, Pa.
Mike Drew. Chicago, 111.
Roy Allen Exton. I?raine. Ohio.
George Gaston. Windsor. 111.
I^ogan Herbert, Karlsboro. Okla.
Pete Kavouras. Middletown. Ohio.
Roscoe K. KeHo?rg. Peoria. III.
i Abraham l^eon. New York. N. Y.
Tmest R. I>ettan, Norrls. 111.
Philip J. McKenna. Chicago. I1L
Robert W. Miller. BufTalo. N. Y.
Robert E Mullian. Dallas. Wis.
L. 11. Nsugle. Mlddlehurg, Pa.
John W. Newklrk Qulncy Mass
j Soloman Novin. We*! Hobo ken. N. J
I Loui* A. Pollack. Philadelphia. P?
! Arthur H. Pratt, l^eomlnster. Var
; William Redly. Philadelphia. Ps
i Chas. J. Sauer, Buffalo. N. Y.
j Hugo M. Schultx, Chicago. 111.
T. F Shendan. New York Clt>. N Y
John C. Sparling. Kingston. N. >
El wood B. Spotts. Philadelphia. Pa.
Allen Wilson. WaahMfl. Mo
I^ouis De Feelds. New York. N. Y.
. Antoni Jacewica. Johnston. Pa.
Geo. W. Johnston. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Harvard Oarsmen Out
Cambridge. Mass. Oct. 27.?A ftrst
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