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Utilities Commission Hears
Plea for New Trans
fer Points.
Free Intercompany transfers, at
seven of the intersections of the lines
of the Capital Traction Company and
the Washington Railway and Elec
tric Company were ordered yesterday
by the Public Utilities Commission.
The points at which the transfers
will be issued and accepted by the
companies are: Seventh and Florida
avenue northwest; Florida avenue and
Eckington place northeast; Eighth and
H streets northeast; Eighth and D
streets northeast; Eighth and C
streets northeast; Eighth and East
Capitol streets; North Capitol street
and Massachusetts avenue.
Small Loac to Companies.
^ The proposed plan is framed with
the special intention of relieving the
situation in regard to navy yard em
ployes. The transfer points fixed in
the northeast section are expected to
enable the employes of the yard to
reach the government housing pro
jects, which are being constructed for
them, without the payment of an in
creased fare.
It was brought out at the hearing
that the granting of transfers at
these points would be the result of
only a small loss to the companies.
Edward A. Roberts, assistant to John
A. Beeler. traffic expert, testified be
fore the commission that the annual
loss to each company would be about
13,000, with an additional loss to the
Washington Railway and Electric
Company of about >800 due to the
Brightwood commutation tickets.
The cause of universal transfers re
ceived a "boost" at the conclusion
of the hearing when Commissioner
Louis Brown low announced that
he favored the granting of Intercom
pany transfers at all of the twenty
nine intersections of the lines.
A petition asking for the granting
of further intercompany transfers
was presented to the commission by
James L. Wilmeth, acting for the em
ployes of the Bureau of Engraving
and Printing. The petition asks for
the transfers at Fourteenth street
and Pennsylvania avenue. Twelfth
street and Pennsylvania avenue. Four
teenth and H streets, and Seventh
and G streets.
In the petition, which is signed by
representatives of the various organi
sations of the bureau, it is pointed out
that the granting of transfers be
tween the companies at the points
suggested would tend to relieve the
traffic congestion at these points. It
is also claimed that it would enable
the 8.000 employes of the bureau to
reach their work on time, thereby
adding to the efficiency of the organi
Short Trip ( ijunt.
At present there is in effect a sys
tem of 2-cent transfers from Four
teenth street and Pennsylvania ave
nue. The petition holds that such a
charge is unjust for such a short
trip as the one to the bureau.
The commission agreed to hear fur
ther discussion of this matter. It Is
probable that a further hearing will
be allowed at the same lime as the
companies are to be heard on the
transfer points which have been se
Those signing the petition on behalf
of the employes and the divisions
which they represent are;
Plate printers. Daniel Hassett: ma
Vhlnists. Edward R. Williams; engi
*ers. James Williams; Federal I^abor
Vnion. Nora James; engravers. Will
iam Hass: transferers. Ben Golds
worthy; plate cleaners. William
Brown; firemen and oilers. Daniel
O'Leary; carpenters. John T. Wells;
painters. O. Pillow: steamfitters. Pres
ton Shannon; plumbers, William Sells;
pressmen. F. Gelsler.
In case the companies should have
?ome objection to the points estab
lished for the issuance of transfers,
the commission set next Thursday
for another hearing
Extension of the Federal Food Ad
ministration's licensing svstem over
manufacturers, dealers snd storers of
'oods not touched by license up to
'his time was announced in a proc
lamation by the President yesterday.
All persons operating warehouses
and storage places where food may
!>e stored come under its scope. The
War Industries Board is co-operat
'ng in the enforcement of this re
To get more complete control over
rhe glycerin extraction of animal and
^egetable fats, all concerns entraged
7 the business of importing, manu
facturing. or distributing any of the
materials which may be used in
products of glycerin must take out
Likewise, all millers of corn. oats.
Parley, or rice, no matter how small
heir output, must take out licenses,
ind also importers, manufacturers
ind distributers of sausage casings.
Niewark Employes Ask Labor Board
for Wage Increase.
Forty thousand employes of fac
tories in and about Newark. N. J.,
.esterday appealed to the Nationai
War Labor Board for redress
tirainst their employers. They are
nachinists, tool makers and special
sts and their helpers.
They ask for an increase of wages
md classifications, with minimum
vages in each class, as follows: Tool
nakers. 8T? cents: machinists. 75
ents: specialist#. <5 cents. And help
?rs. 50 cents ho r. present
here is no cl*ssificf -r?id wages
in up and down ^.^Bjh/the vari
o?-ft- rwg q# to what
the e? -Fife is doing.
airfield Wires N. Y. "Hands Off.'*
The United States Fuel Adminis
ration called oti the municipality
?f New York to keep its hands ofT
:he distribution of coal in New
fork City yesterday. Federal Fu#?l
\dministrator Delos W. Cooke came
o Washington to tell Dr. Garfield
>f the plans of the police depart
nent to take a house to house coal
census there.
<-ooerrt b? u>? V. S. goMiets' Horn,
BMd. 8Unl*y Hall. thi. timing begin
ning at 6:15 o'dock. John S. M. Zim
merBina. Director.
Mareh- "Oar Old" Veteran". Zimmennann
Overture. " Soldiers and Sweetheart*'
Bergen hoiti
Soog for Coraet. "The Roun"
Nerin Zimmwminn
Mr. h>ink Bernard.
.Selection. The Bohemian Girl" Balfa
IntcrmesaD, Wh?t*nng Thought*"
M?l. ??<"!? ? Wa?^v..
,Drf ?1? bT Mam. Scbroeder
# ?nd Giaccbetti.i
' B*ck to ? onn?mar?. " Grey
The Sur Spangled Banner "
\>it OrrbMUml Coowrt on Mtmrf.r nnt
ai t .14 o clock.
Burglars Take Advantage of Op
portune Peace Demonstration.
While Mrs. Harry R. Bunnlll. of
apartment 5 on the first floor of
1430 Rhode Island avenue northwest,
sat at the bedside of her invalid
husband, burglars last night entered
the apartment through a side win
dow and committed one of the most I
daring and well-timed burglaries
ever committed in this city. Over
$1,000 worth of Jewelry was taken
from a dresser in Mrs. Bunniirs,
bedroom without the burglar or
burglars making a sound that would
betray their presence.
The theft occurred about 8:30
when every available policeman was
detailed to keep order on Pennsyl
vania tvtnue where nearly 210.000
people paraded.
Mrs. Bunnlll was unaware she had
been robbed until she went into her
bedroom and discovered the dresser
drawers in disorder. One look waa
sufficient and she immediately noti
fied the police. An inventory of
the remaining contents of the dress
er revealed that several large dia
monds set in platinum and several
valuable watches, brooches and
other articles of Jewelry were miss
ing. Detective Vermillion has been
assigned to the case.
The police are confident the rob
bery was committed or directed by
some one familiar with the premises.
Railroad Men Subscribe 100%.
Final returns from all the United
States railroad regional directors
show that every one of them, with
the exception of Mr. Maher, of th?s
Pocahontas Region, reports a 100
[)er cent subscription to the Fourth
IJberty Loan In the general offices
In his respective region.
Duty of Each Subscriber to Com
plete Contract.
Partial payment subscribers to the
liberty loan were urged by Secretary
MeAdoo to complete their arrange
ment in a statement issued yester
Many employers throughout the
country have rendered most patriotic
assistance in the distribution of lib
erty loan bonds to their employes and
have assisted them in the purchase
of these bonds by arranging that
payments may be made in install
ments covering a period of time
longer than that which could be
granted by the Treasury Department.
It is the duty of the aubscribers to
bonds on these partial payment plans
to complete the contract into which
they have entered. If they do not do
so both they and the government suf
fer. as the bonds for which they
have contracted and for which they
do not pay in full must usually be
sold in the open market. It la, of
course, recognised that in case of
necesaity caused by sickness or other
unavoidable circumstances cancella
tions of subscriptions or sales of
bonds are entirely warranted. In
cases where employes have made ar
rangements to purchase the bonds
on installment plans and then sever
their connection with the employer
with whom they have made subscrip
tions, arrangements should be made
for the completion of the subscrip
tion or for having the subscription
taken over by the new employer or
by a bank in the community where
the subscriber resides, thus avoiding
the necessity for sale of the bonds
covered by the subscription.
Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Simmons, of Ap
pleton. Me., say that their flock of
223 Rhode Island Reds has netted
them $1,300 through the sale of eggs
the past year, besides supplying their
own wants. ?
u? at/xu*
Fuel Administration Announces In
crease Averaging 74c Ton.
New prices on anthracite coal to
absorb the recent increase In anthra
cite wages were announced by the
F\jel Administration yesterday. At
the same time special orders were is
sued to guard against an increase in
price to the public on any coal of
the grades affected, which had been
mined previous to the wage increase.
All the penalty of the Lever act will
be invoked against profiteers who
raise prices on coal whose cost of
production was not affected by. the
wage increase.
The actual increase of cost on the
basis of the wage Increase is fig
ured by the Fuel Administration at
74 cents a ton.
The sites of anthracite afTccted by
he new price* are about 70.5 per cent
>f the total anthracite production,
rhe new schedule carrier forward
vithout change the existing differen- :
ial between the large companies and
he individual operators in favor of
he latter, and is aa follows
White aah grade: Broken. 15.96 and
*.70; egg, $5.85 and 16.60; stove, 96.)0
ind 16.85 out, 16.20 and 16.95; pea. $4.80
ind $5.55.
Red ash grade: Broken, 96 15 and
6.90; egg. $5.45 and 96 20; stove, 96.30
ind $7.06; pea. $4 90 end $5 63.
Lykehs Valley grade: Broken. $6.40^
tnd $7.15; egg. $6.20 and $7.06; stove,
6.70 and $7 45: nut. $6 70 and $7 45,
>ea, $5.16 and $5 90.
Existing prices mere continued on
lizes where no changes are announc
>d. They are: Buckwheat, $3.40 and
M.15; rice. $2.90; barley, $2.65, and
screenings, $1.50.
American ports in France, in one
nonth. handled 767,648 tons of army
lupplies, a daily average of 25,588
Big increase in Coal
Output Despite Plague
A remarkable increase hi coal pro
duct ion wm made In October lc the
Pocahontas and Tug River district*
of Weit Virginia, acording to ? tela*
cram to the United State* Fuel Ad
ministration from the products
manager in thoae <5 la tr I eta
Thia meaaage pronounced the Octo
ber production the greateat in the
calendar year, the figures being 1.014 -
242 tona. Of thia. 1.M6.400 tone were
nhipped. and the remainder, IS&.24J
tona. were 'consumed locally. Coal
coked amounted to 308.000 tona.
The Increase exceeded by 40.?0 tona
the production In any previous
month, and was effected despite the
fact that influence incapacitate*
about 2.100 men for more than bail
of the month.
White Pine
Coofh Syrup
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cl#?ar glass; guar
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Excellent flne
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Pee-Chee White
?for white kid.
buck, suede and
canvas shoes,
C o nstipatlon re
lieved. Just take
100 In a box.
Durham Duplex
5 in a package,
Removes corns,
callouses and bun
ions; regular 35c;
AO-Star Hand
Removes stains of
all kinds.
2 for 25c
Cleopatra Mas
sage Cream
?a greaseless pink
preparation that
sinks in the pores
and rubs the dirt
and oil out; leaves
the skin clean and
;"ey:..u.rs.e.... 49c
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necessary to relieve
a fresh cold ifi tha
head or aoreneaa in
the muscles. and
they don't contain
any heart dcprcaa
ant drugs. Choco
late covered tablets
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excellent tonic to promote the
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also a perfect hair
restorer ^
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45c and
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)wdr r
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edy for tired, sore feet 25c
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feet 25c
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stops perspiration 25c
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Ever-Sweet. 25c size
Penslar Cherry
Cough Balsam
Will relieve a bron
chial cough; good
for the young as
well as the old; 3
Nntra Vim
?a tonic wine of
cod liver combined
with wild cherry,
malt and hypophos
phitea; pleasant to
take; excellent ton
ic to put on *1 AA
weight $1.VU
Pompeian Day
?a perfect vanish
ing cream, regular
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Java Rice Pow
der. in all OQ/
shades; choice, "?'t'
Lablache (Ben
Levy) Powder, all
shades AQkgk
Alyslo Face Pow
der, made of first
grade imported rice
powder, in all A OA
shades; choice.
Manila Rice Pow
*??'. an
shades; choice.
Idalia Face Pow
der, made by Duch
esne; a genuine im
ported powder, in
all shades;
Melba Face CA-4
Powder WV
Rice Powder
D u c h e sne Rice
Powder, white OQa
or flesh ^V
,row" 250
Face Powder,
Faclnl Powder.
Merltol Face Pow
der; invisible and
highly perfumed:
once tried alwavs
used; in all 9^|4
shades; choice.
Cold Tablets
Will act quick to
relieve a cold, head
ache and grip; con
tain no quinine,
which mostly gives
a bad after effect.
An ideal laxative
for those
Cleanser, 7c,
4 for 25c
Mirage Cream.
Tubes. lOc and
aOc. 25c; jars
' 250
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