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The Herald's Military and Navy Men's Page
Where to Get What You Want, and Get It Right at the Right Price?Clothing, Novelties,
Accoutrements, Equipment, Leather Goods, Eye Glasses, Military Books, Jewelry, Etc.
Military and Navy Men, Watch for This Page in The Herald Every Saturday
Insignia, Equipment,
Supplies, Novelties,
Special Needs of
Ofhcers and Enlisted Men
Headquarters for Liberty bronze Insignia and
high-grade shoulder marks. Wholesale and re
Washington Mercantile Co.
427 Tenth Street N. W.
Franklin 202?
Specialist for Military Men's Clothes
r v
>IAI\ OFFICE. 7S8 I .Ilk !*. W. Mnln lOO.Vi.
214* I'?. %?e. X. W. We*t 12M.
nn? ink x. w. col. 4imi.
-:u?0 14th X. \\. Col. 6.17B.
I-.4 14th JS. W. Frnn. .V4!Ht.
3134- >1 X. W. Went inn.
714 II X. R. I.In. IV*.
1401 North ( npltol St. X. 7373.
Officers' Uniforms.
We are prepared to make RUSH
delivery of Uniforms if necessary.
We always maintain the highest
standard of excellence in Uniforms
for officers of all ranks.
We carry the following materials:
Serge, Gabardine, Whipcord and
O. D. Wool for Suits and Over
Raleigh Tailors.
420 Twelfth Street N. W.
Chief Petty Officers,
We've just unpacked a new
shipment of C. P. O. Uniforms
and Ovcrcoats for winter. Wc are
ready now.
C. P. 0. Blue Serge
The prices arc remarkably low compared
with those of stores in the high-rent section.
We pass the "Rent-Savings" on
to our customers. The same es
tablished "B-K" standard of qual
ity obtained in these garments.
C. P. 0. Blue Goth
Bieber-Kaufman Co., Inc.
901 09 Eighth St S. E.
"Down by the Navy Yard'
< ntr
Drug Stores
For Army-Navy
Store at 8th and I Streets
for Marine Barracks.
Store at 36th and M N. W.
for Fort Myer.
*o?ln. t'nnriy. Kodak". Film*. Clean,
r Spfrl!ill> to \pm> ??o?J \nvj 1lt*n.
I'rompt Attention.
:5.50, $3.95, S22.50
and $30.
U. S. Army &. Navy
Eq uipment Co.
1436 V V. A*f? < or. 13th St.
? For Tokens. Gift* and Pres
ents by officers or privates.
Our stock is full of desirable
Jewelry. Diamonds. Watches.
Wrist Watches, Pins. Brooches.
?emi-precious stones, etc. Call
and we will cheerfully show
923 G Street Northwest.
Fatnhllwhrd 187ft? Reliable.
Kit Bags---Comfort Kits
for Officers and Soldiers
For camp or traveling the famous kit
bag offers a safe place for the soldier's
belongings. A fine linff of comfort kits
and officers and soldiers' lockers. Highest
grade and quality a specialty In leather
1339 F Street N. W.
Influenza Decreasing in Army Cantonments.
New cases of influenza reported from the army in the United
States continue to decrease. The latest report shows 5,668, against
6,498 for October 14?a decrease of 830 cases. The total number
of case* reported since September 13 is now 262,186. Influenza at
army camps appears to be on the decline, and the cases will prob
ably continue to decrease from now on. Since Thursday, October
11, the number of new cases reported daily has dropped from
12,321 to 5,668, less than half that number. New cases of pneu
I monia reported on October 15 number 1,895, a decrease of 21 as |
compared to the number reported the preceding day. The total
I number of deaths from all causes reported October 15 was 710,!
against 89 for the preceding day?179 less.
More Field Clerks Going Overseas.
A bill authorizing the appointment of additional field clerks, I
Quartermaster Corps, for service with the American Expeditionary
Forces has been introduced by Chairman Dent, of the House Com-1
mittee on Military Affairs. The measure provides that the num
ber of clerks shall be increased by not to exceed 500 men. The
clerks shall be selected from those who have had not less than
three years of service in the corps. They will receive the same
allowances, except retirement, as heretofore allowed by law to pay
clerks, and shall receive the same increase of pay for services in.
France as is now allowed by law to commissioned officers of the I
army and shall be subject to the rules and articles of war.
939 Penn. Ave.
vra A splendidly selected variety
gSK '?f the prettiest kind or' Jewelry
SS Kifts?moderate prices.
Diamonds, Ilrooches, Earrings.
Watches. Fobs, Necklaces, Lava
lieres. Chains, Cuff But
tons. Pins. Etc. Ten per
cent discount to mili
tary men.
Mrs. Anna Herrmann,
One Billion More for Big Guns for Army.
Vast increases in the artillery program are contemplated. This j
has been made plain by the submission to the House bv the War I
Department of additional estimates for $1,100,000,000 for big guns;
and other artillery purposes. The previous estimates totaled)
$2,667,000,000. The expectation is that the House Appropriations
Committee will put the additional estimates in the new army ap
propriation bill, thus lifting that bill above $8,000,000,000 The
added sums are needed because of the fact more heavy guns will
be provided for each of the eighty divisions America will have in \
France next year. The details of the estimates are not given out. [
Buy Matches for Overseas Force.
Six billion matches have just been purchased by the suliMst
ence division of the Quartermaster Corps for use of the American
Expeditionary Forces. This purchase represents about 190.000.000
boxes. Most of them will be packed in containers adapted for
mobile and trench warfare. Since Northern France is almost con
tinually damp, the packages have been made watertight.
600,000,000 Cigarettes Shipped Monthly.
Six hundred million cigarettes are being shipped to the over
seas forces each month by the subsistence division of the Quarter
master Corps. The demand for tobacco is increasing day by day.
In the olden days our fighting forces preferred chewing tobacco to
smoking tobacco. The greatest demand today is for cigarettes.
Suits, Overcoats
in Our
Styles, Qualities and Fit Absolutely
Guaranteed?Moderate Prices.
1235 G St.
Perfect Glasses Give Perfect Vision.
Officers and enlisted men are entitled to the
best skill and experience in fitting their eyes
with c?|rect glasses. Depend upon Simpson
skill for perfect results. Bring us your pre
scription or the broken lenses for duplication.
913 G Street Nortkwest.
From collar to knee buckle /
you will find our workman-r
ship Is of the very highe.t
grade. Materials are, of
course, the very beat qualities,
whether you choose s e r % e .
whipcord, gabardine or wool. 1\
Considering quality obtained.
our prices are very reason
P. J. Foley Co.,
Merchant Tailors 1335 F Street
N. W.
Clothing and Equipment
for All Branches of
We can supply officers and
enlisted men with everything
for the army, navy, or marine
service. Look over our mer
chandise and get ou.' prices.
Army & Navy Clothing Co.
1215 Penna. Avenue.
Naval Supply Shop.
Tailor-mad."4 Suits. Hat*.
Caps, all kinds of cloth
and silver rating- and
equipments for bluejacket*
and petty officers.
Officers' supplies. re
braiding and refinishing a
915 Eighth St. S. E.
Down by the y Yartl.
i'hunr l.inroln 14H4.
Personal Tailoring
Service to Officers
Perfect-fitting aervice and ex
cellent workmanship in Heb
bard Uniforms make them
wear longer and look better
during their entire life. Let us
have an opportunity to supply
you with our superior service.
Geo. E. Hebbard
1312 F St. N. W.
Robert MacGregor
Tailor and Outfitter
1421 Pennsylvania Ave.
To the Army, Navy or
Marine Officer
?who knows values and appreciates
snap, dash in design and fit in uni
form without deviation from the Serv
ice specifications.
Articles for Personal Convenience of
Soldiers, Sailors and of Officers.
Souvenirs of the Capital for the Folks
Back Home.
National Token Shop
1217 Pennsylvania Arenne.
The Washington Herald
Military Page
Every Saturday.
'? The following casualties are report
ed t)y the commanding general of the
American Expeditionary Forces. f
Killed in action J
I>ied of woiiimJ". .. ' I'd !
Dud of accident and other ? I
causes 3 ! f
Died of disease 31 |l
Wounded (degree umooter- I J
mined) 1'** ; '
Wounded slightly W j J
Priffaer? 1 i ^
? 1
Total c* jj
Killed in Aetlon. : f
Lieut. Col. Henry Wistar I'arker, | ^
Brooklyn. N Y. . (
Charles K. Arnold. Bryan. Ohio.
.Harold E. Goettler. <'hi<ago. 111. ?'
Slvner'J. Noble. Wallace. Idaho.
Frank I'. Adams. Kansas City. Kans. I j
'Arthur E. Brown. Findlay. Ohio. J |
Krne??t Cridler. Oil City. Pa. U
liarton L. Danlefc*. Goldsboro, N. C. I
A. S. Harrington, Philadelphia. Pa. J }
Stephen Helnis. Gallia. Ohio. | '
Walter E. Johnson. Chicago. fll. i ]
James Keed Moss. Freeport. Pa.
Lewis W. Hurry. Perrysvllle, Ohio. J1
Edwin W Wiggins. Carthage. Mo. ij
t Ray H. Cobb. Bowllhg Green. Ohio.
James W. Hudnall. Critx. Va.
J. McCormiek. Launching. Canada.
fJoseph J. Owen. Hereford." Texas. |
C. Richardson. Livingston. Tenn.
Allen G. Bussey. Jacksonville. Fla.
Jesse M. Conley. Thomas. Okla.
N. D? Santi. San Francisco. Cal.
I. B- Englebart. Pipestone. Minn,
peter Gedda. Bessemer. Mich.
Pearlie n Harris. Smithfleld. N. C.
rWHL>.m W. Hayden. Chicago. III.
Jas. L. Hessee. Durham. N. C.
1 Charles S. King. Chester. Okla.
J. V. Kosloski. jr.. El intra, N. Y.
-'August J. Lippman, Newton. Pa.
Walter A. Looraan. Princetown. N. Y.
ri Andrew M. Opel. Jefferson City. Mo.
\ Harrison Shearer. Ashland. Ohio.
"Vincent J- Bismar. Bridgeport. N. J.
Thomas A. Carr. Philadelphia, Pa.
Ross Cline, Amelia. Ohio.
Thos. C. iKnslev. Edgeworth. Pa.
J a*. A. O'Conncr. Prattsburg. N. Y.
Harry Speyer. Phelbina. Mo.
|f)tee Thomas. Hume. N. Y.
BukI er A. Costanzi. Lackawanna.
N T.
Bugler Leslie C. Zcger. Dayton. Ohio.
Mech. L. W. Hulme. Cushing. Okla.
^ Msy't Tr^ftm^nt worst ra?eg oi
*r,iWp?y. ftpasma. Conditions. Nerroua Dlsor-,
|er?. Geoer^ns Si 00 bottle wnt free. Stats An
&JLW H. MAT. 543 PEARL ST.. NEW vnagj
Ift hnnic Kir! Kendi?. 'Ashland. Ohio,
'hauffeiir V. Barker. Selma, Cal. ,
lohert I.. Alston. Littleton. N. C. |
I. L. Andrew*. Roanoke Rapid?. N. C. J
? ns Auckland, Stavan^cr. Norway, j
ilvin M. Beasiey, Joplin] Mo.
"ritz E. Mrrison. Hasselhohn. Sweden. |
loss Besse, Buffalo. N. Y.
".zra Blake. Springfield, Colo.
irmand J. Boissy. New York. N. Y.
>aniel S. Bollinger, Greensbvkrir. Pa.
ohn K. Borski. Ludinglon, Mich.
VllliaiM V. Collins. Chicago. 111.
Carry J Conrad. Nanty Glo. Pa
ohn Conyua. Braznell. Pa.
la re nee Coo!*.,. Evanaport. Ohio.
farry E. Cooper. Grafton, \V. Va.
Ibert F. Hailing. Toledo. Ohio.
>>car Danielson. Belview. Minn.
Anthony Dantonio. Marsello, Italy.
)mer Davis. Smithton. W. Va.
farry Dempaey. Chicago, 111.
Lesley Brush. Brushvale. Minn.
ohn H Calhoun. Philadelphia. Pa.
S. Callispeakis. Heidlersber*. Pa.
larry I?. Calvert* In%lewood, Cal.
\ E. Campbell. Lenoir. N. C.
Vilbur Carpenter Sandusky Wis.
Cinu Carter. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Valter Cashmore, Kansas City, Mo.
I\ J. Cassidy. Philadelphia. Pa.
Iubert Cates. Louisburg, N. C
Maude M. Chafoman, Canton, Ohio.
\ Chedotal. Paincourtville. L?a.
ohn Chwaike, Kenosha. Wis.
.arkln J. Clay. Wells vllle. Va.
fnmes J. Cogswell. I.os Angeles. Cal.
?'arl E. Davis. Whitney. S. Dak. I
Jeorge T. Dixon, Franklinton. N. C.
Jeter J. Domonlo, Idlewood, Pa.
I. I. Doubt. McKees Rocks, Pa.
Fames O- Driver. Selma, N. C.
lohn Y. Earl, Buffalo, N. Y.
)tho Eason. Rocky Mount. N. C.
f ?nn R. Erickson. Kersey, Pa.
xenncth Evans. Fairoaks, Cal.
Uonroe Goff, Parayburg. W. Va.
Ced Golling, Nevada. Ohio.
'harley O. Gourley, Vastus. Mo.
Maximo Griego. Propreso, N. Mex.
[esse P. Grim, Cameron, W. Va.
Everett M. Guynn, Fries. Va.
'larencf H. Hammell. Oakland. Cal.
'larry D- Hanes. Union City. Pa.
Maude Highland. Newark, Ark.
leorge P. Hogwood, Norfolk. Va.
?*. I*. Ingvorsen. Berlin, N. Dak.
5. Johnson. Telefon 'Station on Tran
ninge, Sweden.
Sdgar Lfc Johnston. Sylvarena. Miss.
Jeorge A'. I^ane, Coshocton. Ohio.
>oy R. Olney. Nashville, Tenn.
?uy Owen. Cooksburg, N. Y.
larley A. Plummer, Matthews. Mo.
tr.drew E. Ruff Strasburg, III.
1*. E. St. John. Woodsfield. Ohio.
Tonstantine Souza. Gustine. Cal.
tYilliam C. Spencer. Walker, Minn,
^uther Stacy, Rockville, Mo.
'rederick S(ange: St. Louis. Mo.
Robert Sutton. Graham. N. C.
Martin Taylor. Paintrock. N. C.
-enley B. Tavenner. Akron. Ohio,
ay Deuel, fowling Green. Ohio,
'atrick Dillon. Sacramento, Cal.
ordon E. Dobba, Rochester, N. Y.
A A. Donahue, Oakland. Cal.
frank Eidam. Philadelphia. Pa.
ohn Ger??hon. Plevfland. Ohio. ! >
E. Green. Derbyshire, England. I
oseph L. Green, Gay. N r. | j
larry Harris. New York. N. Y.
). D. A. Hazelbaker, Gaston, lnd. ! *
'heater B. Heggem. Ix>ngmont. Colo. ^
iV. Helbikowski, Cleveland. Ohio. ^
Carroll G. Herrick, Norway, Mp
?*. H Hickman. Council Grove, Kans. p
*amonie M. Hisgins. Gardner, Kans. 1.1
lenry F. Holtz, Thornton. III. 1 J
Itanley H. Hugunine. Oneida. N. Y. ! 3
>1. L. Humer. Port Cheater. N. Y.
>ramell K. Hunton. Portland, Me,
Andrew J. James, Clebourne. Tex. j i
ohn S. Kietbaaa. Wales City. Pa. |(
F\ S. Killingsworth, Ash Grove, Mo. J
'harles L. Klein. Pittsbunjh, Pa. i 1
lenry R. Klenck. Brooklyn. N. Y. I 1
lenry W. Kline, Oxley, W. Va. !j
*eo. W. Knight. Griffin, Ga. 1
facob F. I./ang. West Hoboken. N. J. ' J
W. I^eighton, li&sbrouck Heights. * I
x J. !i
'hilip Link, Pearl City, 111. : I
1. J. Ix>effler, College Hill, Pa. ; I
\ E. ^Iclntosh, Hollldaysburg. Pa. | 1
?amuel McKinney, Stonewall, Okla. j I
K V. McQueen. Barre, Vt,
?"ranklin Lafayette* Clarendon. Pa. . 1
.'ittorio Mazzlna. Calico. Italy. |j
laither Miller. Johnlen. X. C. 11
leorge* Mitchell. New York. N. Y. I
"laude L. Mour J*?per, Ga.
"lement ?Nlehaus, Cincinnati. Ohio. | J
Vm. C. Xlxon. San Francisco. Cal. ]
?"red F. Norris. Hutchinson. Kans. | 1
?"arl H. Opel, Meyersdale, Pa. 1
3. X. Pearson, Oshkosh, Wis. '
aipes Porter. Tomahawk, Ky.
=toy Prosser. Fayetteville, Tenn. '
hi. J. Purinton. E. Liverpool. Ohio.
fohn S. Rives, Mulberry. Tenn.
"arl J. Roessing. McKeesport, Pa.
_#ouis Shlllito, Brooklyn. X. Y.
?nnie J. Thomas. Polkton. X. C.
\. \V. Torrey, Cambridge. Mass.
.Villey S. Towry, Taft: Tenn.
V. H. Vedellus, Minneapolis. Minn,
i A. Walsh, Providence. R. I.
r. C. Williamson. Buffalo, Tex. ]
Vlax M. Wren, Van Wert. Iowa.
lames Zeigler, Sylvania. Ga.
M. Thomas. West Chester, Pa.
*arry E. Thomas, Downleville, Cal.
Corner Welaa, Sugar Creek. Ohio.
?. M. Wilkinson Union Church. Miss,
t'rban X. Winnow. Ccxitinental, Ohio.
Died of Wound* Received in Action,
W. Sohnelle. St. L<ouis. Mo.
rhos. J. Weaver. Wapakoneta, Ohio.
F\ S. Bjurford. Franklin. Pa.
V. L. Burns, Indianapolis, lnd.
""has. B. Echeverria, Brooklyn, X. Y.
Sdwin S. Goodson. Smithfleld, Va.
fesse Gravely, Cleveland, Ohio.
fames P. Kane, Philadelphia, Pa.
tf. H. McDougall, Jamaica. X. Y.
[). H. Readinger, West Point, Nebr.
?*alph Snook. South Lebanon, Ohio.
2. H. Solomonson, Maas Mine, Mich.
3eo. C. Culeton, Oswego. X. Y. (
Jeo. C. Dunlap, Staunton. Va.
3ert Elliott, Casey, 111.
3arl S. Gregg. Stockdale. Kans.
:arter Hasklns, Burkevllle, Va.
Jam Jackson. Corsicana, Tex.
G. Saunders. Hop Bottom. Pa.
iVllliam Schrader, Pittsburgh, Pa.
[acob W. Swanaon, South Elgin, III.
r. E. Wheeler, Chlttenango St*., N. Y. i
talph E. Williams, Comers Rock, Va.
/. M. Meade, drove City. Pa.
iemon Anderson. Millry. Ala.
5u8 Bouzas. Hange Pillas, Greece.
?Valter M Brign*. Galthersburg. Md.
?Vm. Brinkman. Narrowsburg, N. Y.
?arl S. Brown, Milo, Me.
Tames A. Brown. Sequel, Cal.
fohn J. Brown. Melrose. Mass.
Martin V. Charlston, Bhush Prairie,
Hmothy B. Cogle, Petersburg. Va.
kVr. D. Compton. Santa Barbara. Cal.
2. C. Condery. Underwood. Ind.
Tames A. Cooper. Elba. Ala.
'atrick J. Cronin, Pittsburgh. Pa.
lobert II. Cross, Marshall. Tex.
Arthur A. Damerow. Tomah. Wis.
i^red J. Demski. Toledo, Ohio.
Vlfred Dent. Sarpy. Mont.
Fred Dube, Biddeford, Me.
L?oui8 Dultz, Jersey City. N. J.
;^eonard C. Duncan. Rich Creek, Va.
rl. M. Eklund. Turlock. Cal.
Harry Ellman. Pittsburgh, Pa.
D. .B. England. Paradise, Ky.
V. B. Evans. T^ewistown, Pa.
Bernard Farrell. New Havep.* Conn.
Tames C. Glover. Zebulon, N. C.
IVm. W. Griffith, Rose I?dge. Oreg.
Peter J. Gross, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Mike Grugel, Seattle, Wash.
Fohn J. Gunning, Cambridge. Mass.
Russell Guth, lx>ckland, Ohio.
Ralph L. Hageman, Alexander, Mo.
Robert E. L. Hart, Hazel, Ky.
Cecil E. Hayes. Bucyrus, Ohio.
George Hazleit. Tarentum, Pa.
Frank J. Heim. Cambridge, Mass.
Martin H. Helling, Union, Mo.
John J. Horty, Wilmington, Del.
Lee Hoskins. Brookhaven, Miss.
Frank Hummer. Metuchen, N. J.
L. W. Jennings. Smith Center, Kans.
William N. Johnson, Athens, Tenn.
I^eo M. Kane. Platteville, Wis.
John P. Kayes, New York, N. Y.
E. J. Kearney. Philadelphia, Pa.
R. H. Koch. Sinking Springs, Pa.
W. A. Kurkowski, Grant, Nebr.
G. M. Lardinais, Toledo, Ohio.
William P. Lawson, Eidson. Tenn.
Maury Lieberman. Philadelphia. Pa.
John C. Lindemon, Cockeysville, Md
Joseph A. Long, Bremen, Ga.
Daniel McDevitt, Philadelphia. Pa.
Frank McKinney, Grandin; Mo.
John B. McLain, Riverton, Nebr.
Giovani Manyiappani, Brooklyn. N. Y.
John D. Mizell, Williantston, N. C.
Wade J. Morrison. Mayville, Mich.
H. Y. Oelschlager, Bergey, Pa.
Lawrence E. Perkins, Potsdam, N. Y.
Jesse Robinson. New York, N. Y.
Arthur M. Rogers. Memphis, Tenn.
Johr J. Schindler. Tappen, N. Dak.
George Schneider. Woodhaven, N. Y.
James W. Sheridan. New York, N. Y.
Walter Smigle, Carnegie, Pa.
Lyman T. Spradlln, Oran. Mo.
Leltch W. stalllngs, Concord, N. C.
Joseph H. Weber, Brooklyn, N. Y.
William O. White, Marysville, Cal.
Eugene Wilburn, Alexandria. Va.
John Daniel Wi ners, York, Pa.
3eorge A. Wood ill, Leatherwood, Va.
Henry Young. New Orleans. La.
Ralph G. Yountf, Sharpsburg, Pa.
D. Youngberg, Whatcheu, Canada.
Charles Yaebaeit, Medford, Mass.
Died from Accident and Other
C MHirt.
fohn W. Delon I Truro, Iowa.
Homar Johnsor ?Berlin Mills. N. H.
Glenn H. Nichols, Yenedosia, Ohio. [
Died of DUrair.
Lt. R. K. Moorman, Glen I>ean, Ky. J
Edward J. Dempsey, Mildred, Pa
William E. Kolbas, Cleveland, Ohio. ,
Mearl Wheelwright, Ogden, Utah.
Aehley I"). Collins. Dudley. Ga.
Charles V. Craig. Midlothian. Texas.
Arthur J. Daly, Arco. Minn.
Fred T. Dwyer. Centerville. S. DaK.
George W. Elrod. Habersham, Ga.
William Robert Gohl. Hudson. N. V.
Louis O. Grill. Rhinelander. Wis.
Lynn L. Havens. Grays I?ake, 111.
Emmet Hendrickson, La Fayette, Ind.
Horace Kelley, Lancaster. Pa.
Harold L. Klrby, Elliott, Iowa.
W. Kowalewski, Buffalo. N. Y.
Robert Lewis, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Roy Lewis, Ellsworth, Ohio.
Robert Lewis, Pittsburgh. Pa. *
R. G. Lillyblad. Red Wing, Minn.
C. Mattingly. Arkansas City, Kans.
Ballard Miller, Winston-Salem, N. C.
Lewis Renfroe, Oconee, Ga.
James Salk. Vilma, Russia.
Albert E. Stanton, Cause, Ala.
William D. Wagner, Somerset, Pa.
Curtis S. Webster, Montclair, N. J.
Matthew J. Weldon, Brooklyn. N. Y.
Vere W. Wine, Baltimore, Md.
Earl S. Wiseman, Pickaway. W. Va.
Chester G. Wozniak, Milwaukee. Wis.
Fred Zimmerman, Suttons Bay, Mich.
Wounded (Decree Undetermined.)
Lieut. F. E. Rushing. Coalgate. Okla.
Sgt. K. C. McDonald. Chillicothe. Ia.
Sgt. Joe Selkins, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Walter Bischweitz, Brooklyn, N. Y
Thomas J. A. Lees, Philadelphia, Pa.
Hoieen K. Loard. Montgomery. Ala.
Arthur D- Muddtll, Brooklyn. X. Y.
Claude W. Oyster, Villisca. Iowa.
Francis X. Ryan. Philadelphia. Pa.
Horace Smith. Pensacola, Fla.
Francis X. Ernst, Middletown, Ohio.
J. C. Gowdy, Comanche Co., Texas.
Peter T. Martin, Greensboro. Ala.
Harold C- Moore. Garrison, Iowa.
Harry T. Murphy. St. Louis. Mo.
Daniel P. Silva, Lawrence. Mass.
Bugler H. I. Shaw, Ulster, Pa.
Mechanic M. Welch, New York. N. Y.
Wagoner R. H-ughes, E. Palestine, O.
James D. Belk. Pittsburgh. Pa.
John Blahnik, Menominee, Mich.
I P. J. Ballard. Mount Clemens. Mich.
John F. Beglinger, Eagle Bend. Minn.
M. E. Berger, Ansonia. Conn.
[Harry S. Brean, Jeannette, Pa.
j Antoine Burby. Marble. Minn.
John J. Burns. New York. N. Y.
Mat Ryan, Celina, Tenn.
I Fred Champagne. Nederland, Tex.
I Roland I* Dyslin. Aurelia, Iowa.
Thos. Earles, North Seattle, Wash.
Clarence A. Gift, Pittsburgh, Pa.
! Chas. Qutofski. Charka, Minn.
I Burnzy Hardy, Brewton. Ala.
[John Harris, Philadelphia, Pa.
Thomas Hart. New York, N. Y.
Marvin M. Hays, Sheldon, Ind.
! Wiley Heavln, Edgar Springs, Mo.
IWm. Hennebry, New York, N. Y.
Joseph E. Hickey. Rossville. Ga.
Norman E. Hinton. Warren. Pa.
I Emmit M. Hired, Beatrice. Ala.
Harry Howard. Summit. N. J.
[Claude Johnson, Sherman. Tex.
Mike J. Klus, Philadelphia, Pa.
Chas. R. Lockett. Flagstaff. Ariz.
Patrick McCarthy. New York, N. T
Chester A. Mann. Winchendon. Ma.?s.
Lee Martin. Coalfield. Tenn.
Basil Merrill. Sheridan. Ind.
Edward W. Miller, Bad Axe. Mich.
Hugh F Murray, Philadelphia. Pa.
Chas. O. Pierson, Wslsenburg. Colo.
Carl B. Randolph. Athena, Pa
Robert Randolph. Cleveland. Ohio.
V. Slenkiewicz. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Andy Stevens. Frankfort. Ky.
John I a Sullivan. New York, N. Y.
H. J. Thelen. Shelby, Nebr.
Andrew Veneri. Yonkers. N. Y.
George Walsh. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Joseph B. Walsh. Jeaaup. Pa.
T. W. Whartenby, Philadelphia. Pa.
Jefferson White. Gilbert, La.
Clifflord E. Yerklna, Sharpsburg, Pa.
William Yurecke. Chicago, III.
Pominick Zeoli, New York. N. Y.
Peter F. Zuk, Jamaica. N. Y.
Roy J. Angevine. Saginaw, Mich.
Albin Bielski, Chicago. 111.
W. F. Brotton, Wilmington, Del.
Wm. F. Cain. New Haven. Conn.
Wm. C. Cantrell. Atoka. Okla.
F. 11. Chappell. San Francisco. Cal.
Charles L. Davis. Genesee. Cal.
Joseph De Merolis, Norristown, Pa.
Orville O. Dennis. Phillips. Wis.
John B. Dewitte. Brussels, Wis.
Alex. Dorfman, New York. N. Y.
Garfield Dunning. Aulander. N. C.
Geo. B. Gedney, Brooklyn. N. Y.
| John F. Geraci. Chicago. III.
.Jack J. Hennerty, A lien town. Pa.
Paul E. Hosier. Canton. Ohio.
Timothy Kauppi. Mason. Mich.
Lloyd Lee Lowe, Gravity. Iowa,
j Walter McGowan. Lim Rock. Ala.
I Allie G. Marklsen. Racine. Wis.
I Jos. L Marnien. Philadelphia, Pa.
Jos. P. Megee. Mount Holly, N. J.
I Fred D. Miller. Brooklyn. N. Y.
1 Albert L. Morgan, Kingman, Kane
Rudolph E. Moser. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Earl Lester Neff. Wlthee, Wis.
David Pay ton. Martinsville. Ind.
B. F. Ramsey. Germantown, Ark.
F. E. Rancier. Port Byron. N. Y.
M. J. Reidv. Cambridge, Mass.
Joseph Suzpanskl, Sedlec. Russia.
Roy Stokes, Enterprise. Ala.
Emery Voohres. Palatine Bridge. N.Y.
Wm. A. Walker. Alpharetta, Ga.
Wm. T. Warnes. Washington. Mich.
t Thad B. Watkins, Bryson City, N. C.
Byron L Wilson. Mt. Vernon, Iowa.
Robt. K. Yandell, Spokane, Wash.
Wssnded Slightly.
J. J. Thompson, Osbom. Mo.
Edwin C. Wilde, iAkemills, Wis.
Fred M. Wilson. Frostburg, Md.
Robert E. Adcock. Carrollton. Mo.
Alfred Beaulieu. Fall River, Mass.
Joseph Hruska. Cedar Rapids. Iowa.
Bert E. Hunt. Skaneateles. N. Y.
C. B. McCorkle, Crowley, La.
J. W. McDaniel, High Point. N. C.
Mike Mer, Brest-Litowsk. Russia.
T. P. Miller, Appleton. Wis.
H. Moskowltx, San Francisco, CaL
('has. Rice. New York. N. Y.
Curtis L. Scott, Reform, Ala.
F. R. Walters, Philadelphia. Pa.
Oscar Warren. Pittsburg. Ky.
Wm. Weidemann. Platonia. Tex.
John Wolff. New York. N. Y.
C. B. Woodard. Newell, Ala.
Private J. X>. Price, Dickson, Pa.
Any Class One Man May Attend
New Officers' School.
All Class 1 men of either draft j
are eligible for ih*- Infantry Officers'
Training School which starts at Camp
Fremont, Cal.. December 1. Despite
previous announcement of this, the
impression has g'-ne forth that Class
1 men of the f;r."t registration were
tarred, ano the War Department de
sires an emphatic correction of this
inpression. Any registrant from IS;
t?. 4" years who Ls able to pass the \
1 hysical examination for general mii-j
I'aty service and who has a high j
school education or its equivalent is j
e jfcible. Th? only exception is that j
men in deferred claaaes on account i
of industrial or agricultural occupa
tion may not be accepted.
Transportation, including meals, is
furnished the successful candidates
for Camp Fremont for their journey
across the continent. Their pay as
private begins from the dat-3 of call
by their local draft board. Allot
ments of pay may be made, war risk
insurance (maximum $10,000) taken out
and other soldiers' prerogatives exer- j
cised if the candidate so desires.
Graduates of the Camp Fremont
school will be commissioned second j
lieutenants of infantry. The pay for ,
this rank is 1141.67 a month. Married I
men of this grade receive an addi
tional $24 monthly for quarters.
Candidates for Camp Fremont must >
be accepted and on their way to CaJ- j
ifornia in time to arrive at the school |
not later than December L Conae-j
quently there is little time left in
which to get applications made out. I
iave ph; btrnl examination and the
.th^r preliminaries. Prospective ap
plicants art to pet busy rirht
away. For further information *n?l
ipplicatlon blanks, apply to the com
manding officer of the nean^. Stu
Itnti* Army Training Corps Unit.
New York, Nov. f ?The foil owing
tVashingtonians are staying at hotel*
Mias M. Gregory, Martha Washing
ton; Miss M. Hope. Martha Washinp
on: Mra S. Johnson. Grand: W F.
Keohan. Hermitage; Mlaa A. V. Law
?on. Martha Washington. F L..
S'ewnhans. Breelin: W. B. Roc*-".
Herald Square. Miaa M. S. Scor.
Brealin; E. T. Walker. Herald
Square. J. A_ 1-e Clere. Aberdeen;
Miaa N. M. L^nahan Brealin; Lieu'..
W. Osborne, L*tham; E. J. Parkf .
Hermitage; N. Plotnick. Broad* ay
Central: F. K. Richburger, Park A -
nmm; Capt. 8. 8 Oradderton. Heratt
Square. L. G. Kelly. l^atham Mrs.
K. Leslie. Remington; H. A. Palmer.
Anaonia; Miss M. I>au. Park Avenue;
P. B. Goodman, Union Square H. E.
Teeter. Brealin.
M. Bansa. Gamond rompany, milli
nery. Herald Square Hotel. M. Gold
enberg, 1140 Broadway; A. Rosenthal,
notiona. Jewelry, leather goods and
perfumery; N. Goodman. bo> a' cloth
ing, Hotel Grand; H. J. Sanger,
blankets and upholstery. Hotel
Sftttkd; Mrs E. W. Austin. Unj
burgh & Bro., Jewelry and kath*r
eoods. 1239 Broadway. Hotel Imperial:
Miaa A. M. Hagan. ?. Kann Sons .fc
Co., women's and misses' coats,
suits, skirts, waists. dr.-t?ses and
house dresses, misses' and children's
coats, 422 Fourth avenue, thirteenth
What Is Rheumatism?
Why Suffer from It?
Sufferen Should Realize tkat It
Ii a Blood Infection and Can
Be Permanently Relieved.
Rheumatism means that the
blood has become saturated with
uric acid poison.
It does not require medical ad
vice to know that good health is
absolutely dependent upon pure
blood. When the * muscles and
joints become sore and drawn
with rheumatism, it is not a wise
thing to take a little salve and \>y
rubbing it on the sore spot ex
pect to get rid of your rheumatics.
You must po deeper than that,
down deep into the blood, where
the poison lurks and which is
not affected by salves and oint
ments. It is important that you
rid yourself of this terrible dis
ease before it goes too far. S. S.
S. is the bl^od purifier that has
) stood the test of time, having
"been in constant use for more
than fifty years. It will do for
you what it has done for thou
sands of others, drive the rheu
matic poisons out of your blood,
making it pure and strong and
| enabling it to make you well.
S. S. S. is guaranteed purely veg
etable; it will do the work and
not harm the most delicate stom
ach. I
Write the physician of this
Company and let him advise with
you. Advice is furnished without
charge. Address Swift Specific
,Company, 435 Swift Laboratory.
I Atlanta, Ga.?Adv.

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