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200 Men in Uniform and War
Workers Are Cordially Invited
Penna. Avenue, 28th and M Streeti N. W.
Take Georgetown Cars?Get Off at 28th Street.
Music, Plays, War Songs, Friends, Refreshments.
8:00 Tonight.
Regular reception for all men
in uniform and war workers.
The Misses Smith . Intent Songs
Edgar Kid well Banjo
Fred. C. Parkei*. .Virginia JudgA
Charles Shutterly. . . .Monologues
Edith Rally Popular Music
10 P. M.
Bed, hot and cold shower,
breakfast for all men in uniform
9.15?Song service for men in
3?Departmental graded Sun
jay School, lilble Classes.
6:30?Twilight services for all
those who are lonesome, tired;
those who want a cure for care,
help to carry the load. etc. Come
and join us in the music, songs,
fellowship, etc.
6:30?Tea Supper free of charge
7:15?War speaker. Mr. C. 8.
Miller, of Red Key. Ind.
7:45?Evening service. The
Rev. J. J. Messier,' pastor of the
FMrst Methodist Church of
Bridgeton. N. J., will be in
?harge. His subject will be.
Thanks.' This will be a special
Thanksgiving aervice.
Tenth and N Streets Northwest.
Preaching at 11 a. m. by the pastor. Subject. "The Victorious
Life." Bible School Service, at 9:30 a. m. A hearty greeting to all.
At 8:00 P. M.
Community Song and Thanksgiving Service.
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia.
Of the War Camp Community Service, will have charge of the singing.
11 a. m. Who Shall Sit at the
Peace Table?
8 p. m. Col. House?the Man
of Mystery.
Dr. (jordon will prfirnt the
? bo>y Mubjfrtu on Sunday. In
the first ( onureiciitlonnl
I'hurrh. corner of Tenth and
U street* northwrat.
l^OO cople* of Dr. Gordon'*
ifrman uotM on "Cultivating
a Ta*tr for *olld Hfadlnc"
will be distributed nt the
rvrnlnx aerrlce.
St. John's Church i
? Koland < 'ottoo Smitb.
D. D.; Kef. Fid?ird Slater Dun la p. M. A.;
I'ti. tieorge Williamson Smith. D. D.
I<9*. m.-Hoij Communion.
9 V? a. m. ? Sunday School.
1110 a. m.?Morning Prayer and Sermon.
4 00 i> m rhoral Kit-nsung and sermon.
Thanksgiving bay, 7 a. m. and 11 a. m.
Daily intercession at nnon.
1! o'clock ?Sermon bv Rer. Wm. C. Hicks.
Thanksgiving I>ay. 7JO and 10JO a. m.
The resurrection. 4 p. m . Thursday, 6. a. m
3*h street, near Penn. at*, nw.
9 a. m.- Sunday School.
1149 a. in. ?"The Forgotten Man."
TM pi m.? Epworth league.
KOOp. m.?"An 1'npaid Debt."
Social hrur and "sing" following.
Grace Baptist ri1
13th and 8. C. a?e. se
I Pastor. K W. JOHNSON i"
9.30? Bible School. IVesching at 11 and 7 tft j
by Rev. F. Paul Lai:gh<>rn>*. Mranger* welcomc. !
^All pewa free.
''Fifth K" war ?th "w- Contention.)
I II HI i?r. A. E Brown, of Asbeville. N. C..
will j*esrh at II and Dr. J. E. Rn^gx at 7JU i
S. S.. 9 30; B. Y. P. L\, I B. Welcome.
E. Hex Swen tells: "My Visit For
Two weeks in Charles* Town. W. Va " i"
Comfortable chairs free (men like
them). SWem'a Bon*.-. Preaching 11
a. m. Centennial Baptist Church. 7th
4k Eye ne. *
3 pl m.
Lectures by
at Theoaophical Hall, 2210
H at. nw.,
Sunday, Nov. 24
"Eve u the Rib 1
-Bible Study Claaa
of Adam."
9 p. m.? Popular lecture: "The Third Object
of the Theosoj?hica; Society."
(To investigate the uneipained laws of natnre
ami the powers latent in man).
This evening at 9? Entertaiument and social in
the intercut of the aotdliia, sailors, and war
workers. 1 Hieing beginning at 9. Cutne axxl
bring your friend*.
Dr. Zalda Br#?n Kate*
WIH give an inapirational address in CON
CORDIA HALL, cmer Flghth and E streets,
>nnday at 7 JO p. m . followed by spirit mc*
M|n. All invited.
Lecturs by the i?aur, Alfred H. Terry. Sun
day at I pi to . followed by spirit in usages at
I'ythian Temple 101J 9th at. nw. Message seance
Thursday night.
REV. O. LTAL ARTHAN. noted platform teet
medium. Meetings Sunday evening in Society
Temple Hall. 500 G street north* ?t. Dem
onatrating immortality by spirit message-. Will
,irawer questions; sittings daily in his studios in
the ball. Door* o.?n at 7 30. Hear him:
yon will make no miatake.
Y. M. C. A.
Iter. Jamea Shera Montomery. D. D.
Y. M. C. A. Lobby, Sunday, 4 P. M.
Men and Women Invited.
Y. W. C. A.
Yw r a "l4,h " v"?r
?i " ? *?? ?? p. m. -aih?r B?"!
Associated Bible Students meet at Prthlan
Tftxi j/?e. 10t3 Ninth street northwest. Lecture at
3 p. a. by W. T. Huopor. Bereaa 8tudy at 5
* ' - ?
18th and N Sts. N. W.
9:V) IX'i-artmental Graded Sunday School.
9 15 Everygirl's Bible Class. Mia* Thurston.
9 46 Mr W. S. Cubertson'a Claas. "Christianity
and R^on*t ruction."
10 OQ Mr. Ju?tice I'eelle ? Class for Men and .
Wood en.
10 00 AH Comers' Bible Claw. Mr. Houston
Thomson. Ami# ant Attorney General,
teacher. Meets .Studio Hall, 1219 Connecti
cut avenue.
11:00 Church service. Dr. Wood preaches.
3 20 Afternoon Service. Corp. David H. Ed- j
ward*, pastor of the Presbyterian Church
of Attica, N. Y.f speak.*. Special music
by the Doafcle Quartet.
5 30 Christian Endeavor Vespers.
? JO C. E "Miniature Supper" for members
and men m the service.
7 :15 War speaker.
? 00 Regular Evening Service. Dr. Wood
preaches. Music by the Evening Choir of 1
130 voice*.
3 90-Social Service Club for Officers' Wires.
3 30 French Class for girls.
6:30 Canteen Supper. 15c.
7:13 Covenant <*ommunity Choral Club. All J
yrmng women welcome.
* Ever.ing Chrir Rehearsal. Sydney Lloyd (
Wrightvm, Musical Director. Harvey Mur- !
ray. Organiat. Urgent need for male !
!1:00 Special Thanksgiving Day Service. No J
evening service.
8:13 All States Club for Civilian War Worker*.
So?ial hour; musical pr'*ram.
8 00 Receition for men in uniform and all
young people. ?
New York Avenne Presbyterian
Xe*r York Ave.. 13(h and H St?.
9:30 a. m.?Bible school. Adult claflnea. |
1:00 a. m.? Sacrament of the I^ord'a
6:00 p. m.?Fellowship hour.
6:\7? p. m.?C. E. Vesper service.
8:0C' p. m.?F u b I 1 c Worship. "War
Time City of the Royal Brain."
1:00 a. m.?Thanksgiving Day service.
LL,'?^ah North Capitol, corner Florida
tckington e. g 8trwt
REV. H E. HRUNDAGE. D.D., Minister.
9:15 a. m.?Sunday School.
6 45 p. in.--Christian Endeavor Societies.
11:00 a. m.?"The l*rnapemtis Soul."
7:15 p. m ?"Tie Stranger* in the NaUon'a!
Fine music. Seats free.
All Souls Church,
Cor. 14th and L Streets N. W.
9:15 a. m.. Sunday achool; clasa for
the Comparative Study of Religion,
and Emerson Study Claaa.
11 a. m . morning service, sermon by
the minlater.
There Is also kindergarten during
the hour of morning worship.
8 p. m.. Liberal Religious Union will
>e at home to young people. Program
t>y Miss Helen Patch, dramatic
reader, and Misa Evaline Payne, ao
Union Thanksgiving service in this
;hurch? 11 a. m. Thursday.
First Church of Chrlat, Scientist,
Of Washington, ?>>lumbia rd. and Euclid ?t.
Second Charqh of Christ, Scientist,
Of Wa?hingtOB. N. E. Mssonic Temple.
Otli and F ?ts. N. E
Third Church of ChrUt, Scientist,
Of Washington. Masonic Temple, 13th and
New York Ave. N.W.
Snhjeet?"Sonl and Body.*
SER\!CE8: Sunday, 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.
Colorado bidg.. llth ami G ats.. Hrs.. 10 to 9.
(Wed., 10 to ?. and Sun.. 2JO to 5.30) 1?W
Adams MiU rd. N. W. Hrs. 10 to 9 (except
Wed evr , Sundays and holidays). 148 Ea*t
l'.apiw>l at. Hours 7 to It (exoept Sundays and
Truth ??. Addrw. by Mr.
Samuel Saloman?' Ornmued Socialism and the
World War." IMacnaaioii
A Fountain Pen
Makra a moat uarfnl ,i(t.
W, ta?. th? Urcnt Mock of fountain
p,n? 01 MI retail ?ton m th? C. R.
Rickvtb' Fountain Pen Shop
TFrom 'Pulpits
Tomorrow morning ?t 10:S9 o'clock
the KnighU of Columbus Hut. lor
use of the wounded men at Walter
Reed Hoapltal. will be formally dedi
cated and turned over for thelr uM
by his eminence Cardinal Ulbbons,
assisted by the officers of the Kntlrtits
of Columbus. Following the dedica
tion Gounod's solemn high mass will
be sung with Rev. J. W. Dally.
lain at the post, as L
James Smythe. of St. Patrick s
deacon; Rev. Stephen Morris, of St.
Peter's, as sub-deacon, and Kev. vv in
lam Carroll, of St. Paul s. as master
of ceremonies.
Rev. P. J. O'Connell, of St. Jo
seph'., and Rev. C. W. Wheeler of
the Church of the Holy
will be deacons of honor to the car
dinal. Other clergy to be present wm
be the Rev. Monslgnors C. F.
of St. Patrick's; James F. Mackin.
of St. Paul's; James O'Brien, of St.
Peter's, and Thome* Lee. of St.
Matthews; the Rev. Papers tula,
chaplain at the post; M. J.
of the Immaculate Conception Churcn.
Fitsgerald and Saylor. of the Domin
ican House of Studies, and Cunnin
and Fink, of St. Aloysius.
A choir of forty voices, directed by
Prof. Harrv Wheaton Howard and
accompanied by a full orchestra from
Camp Meigs, will render the miiaic |
for the occasion. The hut Is located
at Thirteenth and Dogwood 8tr*e"
northwest, adjoining the hospital, two
city lots having been bought by
order for Its erection. Five secre
taries have been aasigned for work at
the hospital, one on duty at the hut.
the other four for work In the hos
pital, visiting the sick and wounded
and doing everything they can to re
lieve the sufferings of our boys ana
furnish them with comforts.
First Congregational.
"Who Shall Bit at the Peace
Table." will be the subject on which
Rev. Dr. James U Gordon will speak
in the First Congregational Church.
corner of Tenth and G streets north
west tomorrow morning atll o clock.
At tAe evening service. Dr. Cordon
will preach on "Colonel Housc-The j
Man of Mystery." One thousand five
hundred copies of Dr Gordon.
mon notes on ?'Cultivating a T<u.te
for Solid Reading." will be dis
tributed at the evening service.
The Senior Christian Endeavor So
ciety will be "at home" on Sunday
afternoon at the church, between ?
and t o'clock, to welcome men In uni
form and strangers In the city. The
usual Christian Endeavor service will
follow at 6:30.
Ingram Congregational.
A musical service will be given to
morrow evening at 8 o'clock at the
Ingram Memorial Congregational
Church. Tenth street and Massachu
setts avenue northeast. Services at
11 o'clock a. m. will be held in mem
ory of the Hon. O. H. Ingram, of Eau
Clair, Wis., founder of the church.
Rev. Charles H. Richards, of New
York City, and Hon. James A. Frear.
of Wisconsin, will make addresses.
A special program will be given
Sunday evening at 8 o'clock. So
loists will assist the adult choir in its
first song service of the season,
^ergt. Trumpey, baritone, from Wal
ter Reed Hospital, will sing. The
junior choir will also participate.
On Sunday. December 1 and Sun
day. December 8, there will be musi
cal programs. December 8 song lead
ers from Camp Meigs and officers and
soldiers from Walter Reed Hospital
will assist.
A community Thanksgiving service
will be held in the Ingram Church.
Thanksgiving morning. at 10:30
o'clock. In whjch the following
churches will participate: Douglas
Memorial M. E.. Epworth M. E.
South. Eastern I'resbyterian, Keller
Memorial Lutheran. Ninth Street
Christian, and the Ingram Memorial
Congregational Church.
Prt^rorth Baptist.
As has been customary for some i
years back. Petworth Baptist Sunday j
School and Church will hold this
Sunday its Harvest Home Day for
the Baptist Home for Old J-Adies.
and the Children's Home at Brook
l$nd. Members of the Sunday School
and church have been urged to bring
suitable food supplies for these two i
homes. j
Rev. "Lynn Drake will be the speak- I
er in th? morning. His subject will j
be along the line of Thanksgiving :
and Harvest Home Festival. He will
have.- as does the pastor. Rev. F. ?
Paul T^anghorne. the usual object les- j
son for the children, and the junior
[choir will sing.
In the evening Chaplain White
house, of Walter Reed Hospital, will
be the speaker. His subject will be
"The Challenge of the New Crisis."
Calvary M, K., Sooth.
The Hout Men's Class of Calvary j
M. E. Church, South, of Georgetown,
will hold a special reorganization
meeting Monday evening. November |
25, at 8 o'clock The feature of the
evening will be an address on "The j
Value of Bible Study." by Mr. Krnest j
L Loving, of the Epworth M. E.
Church. South.
Mr. Moving Is well known to many
of the laymen of the M. E. Church.
South. The address will be followed
by light refreshments served by the
young ladies of the church.
Cnrley Memorial Presbyterian. |
Tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock
Rev. Bernard Brokamp, pastor of the ,
Gurley Memorial Presbyterian
Church, will continue his series of
series of sermons on "The Questions
of the Hour." taking as his special
subject "What Claims Has the
Church Upon Our Age?" The sub- .
ject of the evening sermon will be |
"Fear Not. Only Believe." There will
be special music by Mrs. Beulah
Harper Dunwoody, contralto; Mr. Wil
lem van de Wall, the former Dutch
harpist of the U. S. Marine Band;
Mr. William Braithwaite, tenor.
A "Liberty Supper" will be served!
at 6:30, free for men in uniform, i
Others are at liberty to gi^ what
ever they wish.
Special Thanksgiving Day service
on Thursday morning at 11 o'clock.
On that day the church building will
be four years old. and the congre
gation hope to celebrate their fourth
anniversary. There will be a ser
mon by the pastor and Thanksgiv
ing Day music.
Church of the CoTenant.
Dr. Wood will preach at the morn
ing service tomorrow at 11 o'clock, at1
the Church of the Covenant. In the
afternoon at 3:30 Rev. David H. Ed
wards. pastor of the Presbyterian
Church of Attica, N. Y., will speak.
At the 8 o'clock service there will be
music by the evening choir of 150
voices, and the sermon will be
preached by Dr. Wood.
T^e evening service on Thanksgiv
ing day will b*-tnerged with the reg
ular morning service on that day at
11 o'clock.
The Christian Endeavor vesper
services will be held as usual at 5:30
Sunday afternoon in the chapel.
Everyglrl's Bible class meets eveery
8unday morning at 9.45.' The ses
sions from now on will be held in the
vestment room In the basement.
The All-Comers Bible Class has
planned a campaign to increase Its
membership and attendance. A sup
per for the officers and ?ll who are
interested will be given on Monday
of the church. This claw meets at
10 o'clock Sunday morning at Studio
Hall, 1219 Connecticut avenue.
The/Covenant Choral Club will meet
a* usual on Tuesday evening at 7:15.
Preceding this at 5:30 there is a
Frcnch class, followed by a 15 cents
canteen supper at 6:30.
The All States Club, composed of
3,000 civilian war workers, meets
every Friday evening in the chapel
at 8:15. A social half hour Is fol
lowed by a musical program.
The Social Service Club for officers'
wives will hold the first meeting of
this season in the chapel of the
church on Monday afternoon, No
vember 25. ai 3 o'clock. The club will
sew for Belgian children.
"Christianity and Reconstruction"
will be the subject of study of the
Men's Bible class, under the leader
ship of W. S. Culbertson. Mr. Cul
bertson is a member of the United j
States Tariff Commission and also of
the Social Service Commission of the
Presbyterian Church. This class will
meet every Sunday morning in the
chapel at 9:45. On December 1 the
topic to be presented will be "Per
sonal Impressions Gained Abroad."
Y, Avenue Presbyterian.
Dr. Wallace RadclifTe, pastor of the
New York Avenue Presbyterian
Church, whose scries of Sunday eve
! n,n* lecture* upon "War Time Cities
and Their Story" have been of spe
cial interest to students of history
and political biography, will have as
his theme tomorrow night "The War
time (?lty of the Royal Brain." Dr.
RadclifTe will present in this lecture
one of the obscure towns of Franco
in the course of army life Today,
which was the birthplace of a master \
brain that shaped and directed the
life of mpdern democracy.
Centennial Baptist.
"My Visit for Two Weeks in Charles i
Town, West Virginia," is E. Hez
Swem's subject Sunday night, 8
o'clock, in the Centennial Baptist
Church. Seventh and I streets north
east. There will be preaching at 11
in the morning.
Ninth Street Christian.
At the Ninth Street Christian
Church, Ninth and D streets north
east. tomorrow night there will be a
community sing led by Mr. Bouvier.
This will be followed by a service ot
praise and thanksgiving that the war
is over.
.J?ev' Georffe A. Miller will speak on
The Conditions of World Peace." A
third gold star will be added to the
service fla* in honor of Maurice Sni
der, one of the members of the church
J who was killed in action on the West
j ern front. At the morning service
the pastor win preach on ' Wages and
I Gifts."
FIrat Presbyterian.
At the First Presbyterian Church.
John Marshall Place, on Thanksgiv
ing Day, at the 11 o'clock service,
Mrs. Duncan Richmond, the soloist
will be assisted by a large chorus
directed by Mr. W. H. Coasins, with
Mrs. G. F. Schutt at the organ. The
anthem will be "O Pray for the
Ieace of Jerusalem ' by Knox. and"
?w rS., offert?ry "The Landing of
the Pilgrims." by Brown, will be
Calvary M. E.
Dr. James Shera Montgomery will
teach the lesson at the session of the
Men s Bible Class of Calvary Metho
dist Episcopal Church tomorrow
morning. The class, which Is one
of the largest men's organizations
in Methodism, numbering over 500
is making a special effort to inter
est men who are in "Washington
temporarily, and issues a cordial In
vitation to such men, regardless of
their denominational affiliation, to
visit the class. The large guild hall
of the church, Columbia road near
Fifteenth street, is used for the class
meetings. which convene at 9:30
|.Sunday mornings. James W. Crooks.
| of the I.ibrary of Congress, is the
I president of the class. |
Miiloh Baptist.
[ Tomorrow will be "Rally Pay"!
with Shlloh Baptist Church!
(??Strangers' Home"), and services
will he held li^ the main auditorium
for the first time since the church
has been renovated and redecorated.!
Rev. Dr. Charles S. Morris, who has
been conducting a ten days' service |
on "The Second Coming of Christ," i
will preach at the morning service, |
and Rev. Dr. Waldron, the pastor. I
will preach at night on "Personal
Serv ice." and the members will J
make a special effort to raise $3,0001
for the local work of the church.
Immanuel Bfiptist.
The Rev. Gove Griffith Johnson, i
pastor of the Immanuel Baptist
, Church. Sixteenth street and Colum- !
bia road, will preach tomorrow morn
ing at 11 o'clock on "Peace and
After." At 7:45 in the evening Mr.
! P.rcy S. Foster will lead a "Victory
Sing." Mr. Johnson's subject for the
evening sermon Is "The War and the
Great Realities?Love."
Y. >1. C. A. Vrni Notes
Page McK. Etchlson has entered
upon his fourth year as religious
work director of the Cent?al Young
Men's Christian Association. During
the last fiscal year 1.966 meetings were
held with an attendance of 86,697, un
der the direction of the Religious
Work Department of the Central Y.
M. C. A. It is announced that be
cause of the recent epidemic the
opening of the fall and winter work
In this department has been neces
sarily delayed. However, mectlnga
have been opened In a number of the
engine houses for the city firemen
and others are being opened In the
street railway car barns and shops.
The first Sunday afternoon meeting^
of the season wiJJ be held in the lobby
of the Central Building tomorrow
at 4 o'clock, with Rev. James Shera
Montgomery. D. D., pastor of Cal
vary Methodist Episcopal Church, as
the speaker. The song service will T>e
led by Stanley Bell and special musi
cal numbers will be given by the Ois
[trict Epworth League Quartet.
Bible classes and training classes'1
are being arranged and special
courses will lie announced later
The Twenty-Four-Hour-a-Day Club
is one of the important factors in the
religious work of the Central branch
This club Is supporting Galen M
Fisher, the National Y. M. c A sec
retary of Japan. Fisher is doing a
remarkable work in Japan and helps
In a large way to cement the friend
ship of these two great n&tlons.
Week of Prayer?Episcopal.
The archdeacon of Washington
has recommended the keeping of the
first eight days of December &s a
week of prayer and Intercession in
all the Episcopal churches In the
city, and cordially invites other
churches to co-operate with them in
any way they may be able. The
special committee designated by the
bishop to arrange the schedule of
j week-day services, consists of Rev
I Enoch W. Thompson, chairman. Rev
ID. Wellington Curran and Mr Byron
S. Adams. The schedule calls for
(1) Holy Communion, dally, at 7.
7:30 or 8 a. m.. with special prayer'
<i) 12 noon, litany for missions!
prayer for permanent peace, thanks
giving iai \XtWX '"""H on Wert
and Fri.); (3) 5 or 8 p. m., evening
nervice, with address on "The
Church's Mission," "Our Steward
ship." "Responsibility," etc.
These services are designed to i
give opportunity to all Christian ;
people in the city for unity of spir- ]
itual efforts, as well as to call thera ;
to a serious observance of the four
weeks of advent in preparation for
Christmas. The services are also
arranged to supplement the action,
of the Woman's Auxiliary, which |
will visit a different church each |
day for a.special service with a ape-,
cial speaker. j
Mount Pleasant M. E. Sooth.
The Men's Bible Class of Mt.
Pleasant M. E. Church South, will!
be addressed tomorrow morning by
Dr. Philander P. Ctaxton, U. S. Com
missioner of Education. The class
meets every Sunday morning at 9:80
in the main auditorium of the
church. Sixteenth street, near La
The Teacher's Training Class
meets every Thursday evening from
7 to 8 o'clock under the dlrectifn
of Mrs. Jessie W. De Shield. The
graduates of this course are fully
qualified to teach in all branches of
the Sunday school.
Fund for Old Preachcera.
The Methodist Episcopal Church of
the Washington District has opened
a campaign for the old preachers'
pension fund. It is the purpose of
the committee in charge to complete
the campaign by December 8. Offices
have been opened in the . Metropolitan
M. E. Church at John Marshall place
and C street, where Dr. ,1. T. B.
Smith, of Chicago, is assisting Rev.
John R. Edwards, District superin
tendent. s ? ' ?
As a part of the campaign foi* 8000,
000 for the Baltimore conference,
Washington's apportionment is $100.
000. The following churches of the
X ?/
Washington district have already
jubscribed their. apportionment:
Waugh. Rev. H. F. Downs, pastor;
North Capitol. Rev. 8. E. Rose, pas
tor; Congress Heights. Rev. A. T.
Perkins, pastor; Galthersburg. Rev.
S. Reese Murray, pastor; Loonard
| town. Rev. H. B. Crutchley. pastor.
Dr. Smith will preach on Sunday
! morning in Foundry Church and his
j subject will bo 'The World's Debt to
1 the Aged Preacher." Dr. Smith will
] also preach at Alexandria on Sunday
j evening.
Temple Baptist.
Services tomorrow at Temple Bap
| tist Church will be of especial in
I terest. At 11 o'clock the pastor will
I preach.
At 8 o'clock there will be a com- 1
! munJty song and Thanksgiving I
service, at which time there will be I
' an address by Hon. Wendell P. Staf
I ford, of the Supreme Court of the
! District of Columbia. Mr. Carl Aret. |
j of the War Camp Community Serv- |
I ice. will lead the singing.
There will be a rally of the Bap
tist children of the city in Temple
Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon
I at 3 o'clock, to which the parents
I are invited to come with their chil- I
Metropolitan Duptlat.
Thanksgiving victory services will
be held at the Metropolitan Baptist
Church on Sunday. In the morning i
Pastor John Compton Ball will preach !
on "The Thanksgiving Heart" and l
his theme for the evening will be "Tfa* j
Secret of Our Victory and to Whom j
j Thanks Are Due." The day jvlll also
be known as "Baptist Home Day." |
and donations of foods of all kinds
will be received to be divided between j
the Baptist Home for the Aged and 1
the Home' for Children. The church j
will be open Saturday evening to re- i
ceive donations. On Thanksgiving
~3n tlje Social \iPorl6
The President and Mrs. Wilson at-j
tended the performance at Keith's
last night accompanied by their
j house Kuest, Col. Brown of Atlanta j
During the afternoon the Presi
dent received I)r. Romulo S. Naon
the retiring Ambassador of Argen
tina. who called at the White House
to pay his respects before sailing
for Europe.
Later Mr. E. de Cartler de Mar
chienne. the Minister of Belgium.
I called to present Mr. Louis de Sade- I
I laer. Minister of State and senator,
of the Belgian kingdom.
The new minister of the Nether-1
j lands. Jonkheer J. T. Cremer. and j
j Mme. Cremer are expected to arrive
in Washington today.
Jonkheer A. W. L. Tjarda van
Starkenborgh-Staehouwer. secretary |
of the legation, and Mme. van Stork- j
j enborgh-Stachouwer. who have been!
j making their home at the Nether-1
[lands legation since the departure'
of the former minister. Mr. Phillips. I
will tak?* a house or apartment In'
Washington. At present Mme. vanj
I Starkenborgh is in Baltimore, where'
? she will be the guest of her parents, j
! Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Marburg, for
j a month.
Alberto de Ipanema Morelra. coun
! selor of the Brazilian embassy, and
i charge d'affaires pending the arrival j
( of a successor to Ambassador da
Gaina. has taken an apartment at
Wardman Park Inn.
| Rear Admiral Count Max' I^ovatelli, I
, naval attache of the Italian embassy.]
and Countesa Ix>vatelli are established i
! at 1335 Harvard street for the wln-J
Mr. and Mrs. Kdson Bradley have
returned to Washington after spend
J ing a fortnight in New York.
I Comdr. de Blanpre, the former naval j
attache of the French embassy, and
! Mme. do Blanpre will leave Washing-]
j ton on Monday for New York, where
\ they will paw several days l>efore'
sailing for France the last of the i
j week.
What promises to be one of the
brilliant events of the opening sea
; son is the ball to be given tonight
j by the group of officers of the Britieh !
| War Mission, who are occupying the!
Inciter homft on Dupont Clrrle In the
j absence of Mr. and Sirs. Joseph Letter
in the South. The dance will be pre
ceded by a brilliant dinner for which j
sixty or seventy have been Invited, j
and numerous other dinners are plan-j
I ned in the diplomatic and war mission 1
j set whose guests are to go later to
the ball.
Former Senator and Mrs. James A.
I O'Gorman. of New York, have come!
j to Washington to spend some time)
near their daughter. Miss Agnes j
I O'Gorman. who is a student nurse at
Walter Reed Hospital. They expect
later to go to Camp Lee, Va., to be
I near their son. James A. O'Gorman,
| jr., who is stationed there.
Announcement has been made or J
| the engagement of Miss Ethel Ruth?
, Otis, daughter of Mr. and Mm. H.
Williard Otis, of Colon, and grand-1
daughter of the late Senator W.
Frisble Hoar, of Massachusetts, to
Ensign Arthur Ralston Page. U. S.
N., son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Page,
j of San Francisco. Miss Otic has
| passed the greater part of her life in
I Panama.
Representative and Mrs. Richard
[A. Olney reached Washington yes
terday and are at their residence
I Escape from Danger in
Strange Attire and Find
Safety. x
In the midst of my enemies, while;
I they lived, I had not been afraid. Now
that they were as impotent as statues, i
I cowered away from them. This :
horror of the dead was weak and
silly, I told myself, but I could not j
conquer it. I snatched up my cloak
to fly from the house of death, but
when I opened the dood, the storm
flung me back Into the room and held
the door wide.
The wind tore whistling through the
joints of the ahaek. and between the
swell and ebbing of Its fury, a long,
low moaning sobbed on the air. I
knew it was only a siren warning
ships away from the rocks?I had
heard it la the fox the day before?
1718 I street northwest for the win
Miss Kate DuBose has returned to
Washington after an extended stay
? n the South and has Joined her pa
rents. Medical Director and Mrs w
R. DuBose at their home in Kalo
rama Road.
Mrs. Henry Mustin. wife of Com-I
mander Muatin. L. S. .V. who ha.
been .eri?ueIy u now jn Atlant,
Llty and expects to spend the,
greater part of the winter there
r.TT!lde,r and Mr* Aus,in have
rented their house. 1819 M street, to
t-ol. and Mrs. Lewis Conner.
Miss Mercedes Oodoy is expected
of Sft0n tod-,>' to b- ^e cue., ,
or Mi.s Elena Calderon at the Bo
livian I-egation. I
Stlw.rr7'"t: ?~Mu" Maud Marie
w- m daughter of Dr. and Mrs
1 abat "'oJ ihS,lp arf' and Lieul J'an 1
.io i, ,? r tFrench h'Kh commis
sion. is to take place at 4:J0 thl* i
af ternoon at Belle Chance. ,|,e wt,K
art home near Forestvllle. Md.. in
relatVve?enCH ?f * !Tna" company of i
relatives and intimate friends.
ly?r*whnbKrlH* K Drur>- of Bnook
l>n. who had expected to visit her
andenMrsthR ^T',arV ?f Commc^<
and Mrs Red field, about now. has
defend her visit u??, ,.ter in ?|
Mrs Henry Jervey. wife of MajJ
?m'?i ke>; A8tis,a>" fhlef of Starr
win be hostess at a large tea dance
D*y- ?n?*rtalnln* at,
wlJfYnc'l id" Bam,ck" T*""- guests
*11 Include many of the friends of
their son Lieut. Wesson Jervev y
? "I10 was one- Of the members
from V I8?, ?f ,"a' Who ?^?du?ted
from \leat Pomt on November I. 1
lhCo':,.H?trick- ,he commandant of
the WMbmgton Barracks. JIr.
Hetrick will entertain this evening
before the dance given by th.- 081
cers of the barracks.
Mrs. Beale R. Howard and her'
sister Miss May Adams, have re
turned to Washington after spend- j
ing several weeks at White Sulphur
foln TVV , V" Mrs How anl has
joined her family at the Lafav.ue
Hotel where they have an apart- I
ment for the winter, and Miss Adam. I
is at her residence. 1C!1 K,w llamn. 1
snire avenue.
-h/"* "aKrV AI**an<"*- Of New York, i
who has heen visiting rapt, and Mrs ;
David Wagstaff, is returning to her
New York home
v. ? ?
u, Carlton Higble. wife of I.jeut
Higbie, who went for a ten rtavs'
visit to her home |n Detroit, will riot
return to Washington. I .leu t Higble
Is to be released from the service and
will join her there.
Representative and Mrs. Frank
Scott are entertaining a house party
at their home on Wisconsin avenue
They have with them Dr. and Mrs
James Waltz. Mrs. Harry B. McCain
of Alpena. Mich., who is Mrs. Scott's
sister, and Miss Anna Taylor, of De
troit. and expect Mr. Edward W.
James, of Philadelphia. Mrs. Scott*,
brother, to spend Tranksgiving with
The marriage of Miss Anna Scott
Sharp, daughter of Mrs. Todd C.
Sharpe. of 1325 Vermont avenue, and
Jermain Howard Fls'-.er, son of the
late John Fisher, of Milwaukee. Wis
will be solemnized at the residence
of the bride s parents thus afternoon
? "
Copyright. IBIS.
but as X clung to the door with mv
back to that uncanny chamber the
moaning .eemed to come from some
Slant in sore distress.
p,anced. ?ver my shoulder.
V^ere <he arms of the dead beckoning
to me? I knew very well ,hat ,h?
wind was raising and lowering the
sheets which covered the bodies yet
I whimpered pitifully, "The dead
should lie still-lie ?tilL"
I recognized mv terror as primitive
and unworthy of a civilised and an
educated woman. Soldiers must en
dure this same hard experience I
told myself, when their comrades' In
"go wt'Ht " what right had
'to flinch from the sight of a corpse"
But even as I tried to combat my
terror. I crept through the door and
forced myself into the arms of the
To the west was the pleasure park
J knew there must be guards to watch
?? After a weary journey over a
storm wrecked path. I came upon a
?mall gate In th? h!*h lence, and
X#oo6war6 TLotfyrop
Copyright 191S Hart Schaffncr & Marx
Woodward & Lothrop Styles
A few cold days, a touch of frost, and men
rush for their overcoats. If you have a good one
from last year, you are taken care of; if you
need a new one, we can take care of you.
Getting the Most Out of $30.00 in a New
Lot of ULSTERS, Just Received.
Big, roomy, comfortable, warm coals of Oxford Gray. Full
double-breasted; storm collar that you can button up tight
around the neck; lined yoke of moleskin; slanting pockets;
full 48 inches long.
A Good Value at $30.00.
We can offer you a sp'endid model, just received, in the
Oxford Gray, satin yoke and sleeve lining; button through; patch
pockets. Good tailoring and good fit?qualities that insure good
A Good Value at $25.00.
Main floor -Teeth <t. entrance.
within the inclosure a keeper's cot
tage from which a sloppy, s'eepy.
handsome girl stepped at my knock.
The rain had stopped, leaving me
shaking in wet garments.
"Give me some dry clothes, please."
I asked.
"Where do you come from?" she
inquired frigidly.
"From the last shack down the
line.*' 1 answered, "but I?."
"All them guy* has the 'flu'?my
friend rowed down that way three
days ago and talked with some of
"em." she commented. "But gee.
who'd guess they kept a girl like
I drew a long hard breath, per
ceiving for the first time what kind
of a girl she was, perceiving also that
once a girl slips out of her protected
eircle. once a woman cannot or will
not explain herself to all inquirers?
but one explanation of
soc iet y
"Sell me something dry." I insisted.
Sometimes 1 -wish I had a snapshot of
| myself in the gay attire she *old ma.
not because I care to recall the awful
J price I paid for the things, but merely
J10 prove how certain clothes can vuU
j garice a decent woman.
j "Now. where can I find a phone?'*
j I demanded when I was dry an?
1 warm,
"At the office, down at the oiheQ
; end of the broad walk," she replied.
Whom should I call for help? T
j couldn't think very clearly. I knewi
Wi dozen women in New York?colleg*
sorority girls. friends of Mothfltfl
I?timer?but I could hardly appeal*
f l?efone them in my present attire. I"
reasoned. Kxplanatlons would ha**%
I to go too deep.
? To be continued.)
Special Today and Next Week Until Thursday.
One Peck, 15 lbs., One Bushel, 60 lbs.,
Per 150-lb. Bag', When Packed,
Small Quantities, XA Peck,10c; V* Peck, 19c
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Potatoes at These Prices
Z Sanitary Grocery Co., Inc.102

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