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Tinancial News and Stock Market Quotations
Holland Sees Need of Free
Dealing in Securities |
Following War.
for a week or more information has
been received in New York which
Justifies the belief that in all part*
of the country, at least in all the im
portant financial and banking centers,
the action of the so-called Bankers'
Money Committee of New York In re
stricting loans based upon the securi
ties of the United Rtates is short
sighted and. if continued, may be
harmful Nevertheless It is the opin
ion of those who should know that
Vhis committee will not st present, at
Wast, remove these restrictions. It
should also be reported that through
out the country there is gentle criti
cism of the Bankers' Monov Commit
tee because the action suddenly taken
by this committee makes it clear that
there does center In New York as
great a money power as was alleged
to be the case before the Federal re
serve banking system went into effect.
We are to have speedily a move
ment. greater, probably, than has
ever been developed in either London.
Paris or Germany, which if fully met
win entail the co-operation of a liquid,
free and impersonal market. The only
organisation which has these qualities
<for there is none in I^ondon or Paris*
lr the New York Stock Exchange. In
that exchange there can be provided
an instant and fair market for con
siderably more than
worth of securities Under the super
vision of the governors of the stoc*
exchange these securities can be listed
*nd in that way anyone who wants
to buy or to selj securities will be
triad to irratify his desire and to do
It instantly. He will be assured that
the price which he pays when buying
securities, or receives when selling
them, will be an excellent test of the
value of the securities at the moment
t^e order is executed. When the mar
ket is broad, then the price is fair,
and in that way he who buys or he
who sells will be satisfied.
*Vsff to Brian ^ mmt l>ealin??.
There is no doubt that with the con
clusion of peace negotiations and the
ratification of tfeaties. securities in
enormou* amounts, both foreign and
domestic, will be de?lt in. if thfre be
a^ fair free and liquid market. In the
New York exchange and to some ex
tent In other exchanges in the United
States. Mr. McAdso knows, as do
our leading bankers, that securities
in vast amounts representing govern
ment. railroads and industries abroad
will be offered in the American mar
ket. for there Is no other which at
this time can so easily and fairly deal
with these securities. Furthermore
there will be very large amounts of
foreign money deposited in American
banks because merchants, manufac
turers and Importers abroad will be
anxious to establish large balances in
the United States.
Many persons who are not well in
formed are of the opinion that the
transactions In the securities market
are represented by actual cash. But
If these transactions were limited to
"ver-the-count^r dealings. entailing
the use of spot cash, a very limited
market for the great body of securi
?es would thereby he entailed. Crcd
* ? essential. Manufactarlnr *snin
?m:. transportation, all depend upon
tbs sale of secuiltlea for high de
velopment. In order to secure a mar
ket for them there must be a bread
and immediate market. If there were
not. then a corporation would have
to pay a high price for its financing.
Where Credit Come* From.
The great majority of those who
purpose dealing in securities turn
to their brokers for credit. Now
rhe Bankers* Money Committee of
New York has placed restriction
upon that credit. This has been
done for motives which are Justi
fiable. They are based upon the
view t*ken at Washington that gov
ernmental claims and others are
entitled to prior recognition.
It is said by one who is familiar
with these questions that loans
made upon cotton aggregate about
$300,000,000. The lint cotton which]
has been harvested this year is
worth about $1,500,000,000 and the
by-products perhaps a billion more.)
The money which has been advanced
to enable the cotton planter to hold
his crop at the highest level in fifty
years is reckoned at about 20
per cent of the total value of the
P Top. It is-also estimated that be
tween $500,000,000 and $600,000,000
Mfc been allotted to the securities
market In order to furnish credit
necessary for dealing in listed val
ues in excess of $100,000,000,000.
Therefore the allottment of $600,
000.000 is no more than one-half of
1 per cent.
Expeets no Undue Speculation.
Many have assumed that if all re
strictions were removed and if there
were to be absolutely a free, liquid
and impersonal condition in the se
curities market, then there would in
stantly be developed speculation
which might be carried to a danger
ous extent. In reply to this it is
said by competent authority. "Busi
ness men have been accustomed to
take their cue from the course of the
security market. Its barometric ex
pression furnishes guidance for the
future. It Is therefore somewhat dis
concerting at a time when the whole
world is beginning to feel the first in
vigorating pulses of a new life, to
witness ths spectacle of wavering se
curity values."
Incidentally it Is also said that the
Inauguration of a restrictive policy
of this kind does not promise well for
tl;e permanent establishment of New
1 York as the leading financial center
of the world.
7$o*e who are best Informed be
lieve that we are soon to see a re
lease of money in large amounts,
which, of course, will be utilized In
investment. Business is likely to find
itself upon a peace footing many
months before It was believed, last
glimmer, peace would come. There
fore it is the common opinion, an
opinion which will be welcomed
throughout the country, that speedily
the supply of money will be so plenti
ful as to relieve all danger of strin
fcQOS-Strictly freah, nelect. TO; re
set pta. *? ?<**** 56
CHEESE?New Tort State factory. new. <0.
BUTTER? Elgin. print, ?; Elgin. tub. OS.
LIVX POULTHT?Konatrra, p*t lb.. JO:
? . rksji. per lb.. C; chicken* apnng. per lb.
bans, per lb.. 27a3; keatr joung, 1** lbs.
ind "p. ?
DRESSED POCLTBT ?Fre?h killed mpring
1 luihQH P* lt>., ?: rooaters, per lb..
UfcJO- bent, per lb. 30.
[,;REKS FRUIT- Apt >? peT hbl.. tl0eS.5<>
L, ?ra??0: taalret. finer. JOfeAW: Can
|t. t leSKA*. 4-OOaCOO; California or*ng*a.
SoOaT 30. Florida oraugea. 4.00a4.00; grapea.
28a-*0. Concord, *?.!>: (ranberries, 10 00
.<11* per bbl; tWaJ.OO per box; grapefruit, per I
bnt !?$*?.?.
VEGETABLES? Potato?. No. 1. 2.f3aJJ0; |
hrarw. V* 2-5flal50: pappera. crate.
Ua?~59. r*r?- crate. 3 50a3 0?: radiahea, bench
ev.rumbera. ba*. 4.00a4.H; ?ggp!?nta. 2.fl0a j
2 30 crate: cabbage, new. :fl# lbs. 1 ?al 75; bNU.
per boncb. 4a0; 1st tore, 120aIN per basket;
tninatuea, nearty. 1 45e4 50 peas, t OOaS.OO per
t?**et; sweet potato**. 4 00a? 50 pet bbl: celery,
"*ai<M per uuorb. do. 3.JQaT 00 per crate;
per bhl.. ] ?al 50.
LI V|C STOCK ?Sheep. per Ik, Til, lamba,
IT; raltes. 28a21, medium. I7sl#
8K*D3-C>eear. a.Steal U i*r bushel; tim
*by. 4 4tai.50 per bushel; red tap era**, ifeir
Per pound; blue grssa. 5.30 per bushel; orchard
tram. 3.50eJ 75 per buahel
I Quotation* furnished by W. B. Hibba 4 Co.
High. Low. does*
! Ad*. Rimley . 24 21 24
Adr Burnley pr W\ 394 ?
A'asks (iold 44 4 44
Alaska Juneau 2% 24 -.4
American Agriculture Cb?n 1024 101 101
AIMs-Oialmers 27 u ??<
American Meet Sugar $[4 ^4 & *
JSS pr ; m ? 85
414 504
* ?!"'** ? ?* ""4 ?*
? -"Ding
Amerimu ? anning pr 904 94 954
American Car 4 Kouodrr. 834 82\ 83
American Car 4 FVinndrj pr ISO :? 100
American Hide 4 Leather... II 14 J4
PU* * Lea pr... ?54 TS 72
Amwan Ice 41^ ^
, American Ice pr 35 55 55
American International M 554 984
Amm.-.n Lln??l t?S 40 40%
American ,, 82 S; e
American l-oo.wioti?e 61 ?> art,
Anwrion Sm.-l[|n? * Ref, J?. am K!S
Amertcn Sleel Ktumirr. . US i|% ?s
American Sugar Hj |,| HI
American .Sumatra 1034 1054
i JlWnrin Trl * Tel,, JOJ.1, U1i, 10;S
1 American Woolen 5*74 52 524
! Mm Woolra (y Nl| ?{', ?!(,
, American Zinc * Lead tJ |J 1J
?\ W* ?S
1 Awriated oil H e< ?
I Atrbixm *?* B . W
Atlanta. Bir. ? A 7* TH t*
A. C. * Wert Indira M?S KSS 1?
Baldwin Locomotive 724 71 724
Baltimore * Ohio ... 36 5414 s4*4.
Baltimore 4 Ohio pr. 57 384 57
Ratof*is Mining 14 1% 14
Bethlehem Steel ?3 t 534 134
, luthlehem Ste*l i Use B 014 434 44
Bethl*h*?n Steel I*; pr 1054 !054 W54
Berth Ftabeciee -.34 234 234
Sapid Transit 394 >4 JMfc
Bntta Copper 4 Zinc S I S
Butte Superior 20 20 20
California Parking 4^4 4<^
California Petroleum 19% 194 194
California Petroleum pr 534 634 434
< anadian Pacific 151 199 IS)
Central LAther S94 204 58%
' **? ,,,Br" *?S *4 "W4
? heiapeake 4 Ohio 3*4 *4 M
? hwago (Jreat Western 94 9 94
<'hicagr? (Jreat Western j>r . 284 2t>4 2?>4
?'hL. MH. 4 St. Paul. 4?4 4t> 474
fChi-. Mil. 4 8t. Paul pr. 82 80 81
riuca?o 4 North*** tern 984 984 *4
I (^iicago. R. J. 4 Pariflc? 29 2T 28
R. I. 4 Pacific 0T. pr. 714 71 71
Ufc '? * Viritc 7'; pr 124 K4 834
CWto Co!Ver 04 I9\ 194
I ? aian C <HTer 3-4
Htiett Pcahody ji
j Tnluaibia OM 3T\ it S\
T?^ ??. *\ x\
Continental Canning 71 7; jj
jCon. lit. California Mining 84 84 84
Com Products i?l ?;i 1-1.
CnioHe Ster! 554 554 D4
C"h?n ( ane Sugar .. 304 30 304
I Cuban Cane Stigar pr J04 804
I nctuer 4 Bio Grande 104 10 10
j Distillers' Securitiea 464 48 46
Dome Mining 124 ]?? 13
j Elk Horn Coal 30 30 30
18% 19>t
.Erie flailma ; CO
En. M 1* a', iis
. Federal Mining 4 Smelt. 1* 394 394
;<;aaton W. 4 W 29\ 294 ^
} (jer.eral Electric 1S44 133 135
; general Motors I.54 1*25*4 134
; Oen?WaI Motors pr 814 gj g]
<;<>ndrirh IB. E.I S54 544 M4
? Cranby Con. Mining 79 79 79
I.4 ?'?at Northern pr 9^ 974
Creat Northern tire 314 314 314
? tireeo^-Cananea 48 48 48
[Oalf. Mi?souri 4 Northern.. 91* 94 94
j Gulf States Su*l ?<! K8 60
1 Horr.r <take Mining 93 95
J Insi nation 474 <74 474
i Ir.t<Thonmgh . 74 7^ 7*^
, Intertwrougb pr 34 33 31
' Int. Agriculture Corporation 13 13 13
I Int. Agriculture Corpn. t* . 514 514 514
ilnt. Harvester inewi 113 313 113
1 lo4. Merchant Marine . 204 274 28
j Int Merchant Marine 1* .. 1.7 1154 115*4
I :.t.'niai wevai .Nickel 324 314 STV
i Intemati oat Paper 304 30 304
. Kanms ^ity Southern 2?4 -.0 ?4
, Kelly Tire Co. AO g)
I Kelwv Wheel 3 31 ng
Ket.ne.-ott 354 344 354
? I a -kaw uma Steel 69 674 8?
' Lee Rubber Co 214 214 214
! l-? high Valle 60 604
| f^iai-Wiles To 3T% M 3T?
j Marlin Rockwell ^ %
Maxwell Motor 28 274 28
Maxwell 1st pr 524 51 V4
Maxwell 2d . 21 21 21
Mexican Petroleum 1VJ4 1554 1574
Miami ?V?pr*r 254 244 *
Mid rale Steel 444 434 44
Minn 4 St. Louis irewi... 134 124 134
Missouri. Kansas 4 Texas . 54 54 54
j Miftsonri. Kansas 4 Tt x. pr 114 114 ufe
MHMmri Pacifie 274 204 i74
? Missiiuri Pacifie pr 504 584 584
| National Acme Co 304 304 304
' National Conduit 4 C 164 15 104
' Natl. En am. * Stpg 444 44 44
National Lead 614 63 634
Natl Railways of Mexico 2d r* 84 84
New Orleans. Texas 4 Mex. 33 2Z 33
New York Air Brake W14 1014 1014
New York Central 794 74 T94
N Y.. Chicago 4 St. Lonis 314 324 324
J New York Dock 314 234 24
I New York Dock 1* 48 48 43
; N. Y.. N*. H. 4 Hartford .. 304 3>4 384
Northern Pacific 974 954 964
J Ohio Citiea Oaa 424 414 414
j Ontario Mining 74 74 74
j Owens Bottle 57 57 57
i Pan American Petroleum 654 454 054
| Pan American Petroleum pr 1134 1134 1134
j Pennsylvania 47 464 47
; Peoples' (las 52 5.' 52
I Pere Marquette 17 164 17
j Pierce-Arrow 444 434 44
I Picrce-Arrow pr 1C2 102 102
' Pierce Oil Corporation 104 154 154
j Pittsburgh Coal 464 454 404
j Pittsburgh Coal pr 85 85 85
s Pittsburgh 4 Weat Virginia 304 354 364
j Public Serrioa of N. Jeraer. 914 91 91
Pullman Co 1244 1244 1214
| Railway Steel Srvinga 714 714 714
: Ray Copper .. 22 214 21
j Reading Railway 854 534 86
1 Rep.'Iron 4 Steel 744 744 744
Rojal Dutch 100 98 100
? St. Loui* 4 San FVancisco 144 134 114
I St. Louis 4 flan Fran. pr.. 30 30 30
I Saxon Mo<or 84 84 94
; SaVage Arms V 58 58
| Seaboard Air Lane 10 10 10
j Seaboard pc B4 21 214
, Sbattuck-Arianna 154 154 154
Sinclair Oil 4 Refining 344 334 334
rSlosa-Sheffield 46 40 45
j Southern Paeifie HM4 1014 1?4
.Southern Railway ...* 3Z4 ?4 32
I Southern Railway pr ?4 684 ?4
IStudebaker 514 404 514
I Studebaker pr 9T? 95 95
j Stutz Motor 40 454 454
j Tenn. Copper 4 Chemical.. 144 144 144
! Texaa Cos Ilt4 It: 4 1?4
I Texaa 4 Pacific 234 224 234
? Tohacoo Producta 774 744 77
1'nfcw Pacific 1314 129 1304
United Alloy Steel 30 314 384
| T'nited Cigar Btoree 1004 101J4 1054
ID. ?. Alcohol : 944 94 95
j V. 8. Alcohol pr 96 98 90
ir. ?. Rubber 744 T2% 7*4
(IT. 8. Rubber 1st 107 1<JT 107
L*. 8. Steel 96 944 954
, L'tah l oner TTfc 744 774
'Virginia Car Chcmieal 534 524 534
Wabash 10 ' 94 ?4
Wabaah pr. A 314 384 314
Wells Fargo 734 73 73
Western Maryland 134 134 134
Western Maryland 2d pr. . C94 ? 294
Western Pacific 214 214 214
Western Pacific pr 614 614 014
Western I'nion 934 ff4 974
Wutiaghoaat 43 42^ 43
Uilson 4 Co 70 68 894
Willys-Orerland 214 314 U4
Wisconsin Central 354 354 *4
j Worthington Pump . 514 514 514
j Worthingtnn Pump pr. B . C4 ?74 074
Philadelphia. Pa.. D*c. t-Prkcs on tb?
local produce market today ranged sa follows:
BI TTER-Solid-parked ereemery, extra, 68c;
higher scoring goods. ?0a71c, th? latter for Job
! bing saL*a; extra fints, 66a67r; firsts. 61s60<?;
srennds. 57sOOr; creamery, choice and fancy.
I 7Cs?2<-. fair to good. ; ladles, as to qusl
ity. 4:al3r; packing stock. 38s40c fane; brands
I of uearby prints Ebbing at 72a74c; fair to good.
E^;<18- Nearby firata. 21 9la21.?0 per erate;
J nearby current receipts, D.70 per crate; sec
1 onda. 18.0*19 50; inferior lots lower: Western
eatrs first*. 21.0te21.eo per crste: do. firsts. 20.49
aaOTO per crste; seconds. )<0tel9.50; Inferior lota
losrer; storage eggs M to qualify. 13.8flil5.?;
j fancy selected, carefully candled freah egga were
jobbing at 75a77c per dozen.
LIVE POULTRY?Fowls according to qual
it?. 2te29 per lb.: spring chickens, u quality.
3b23c. rona**.^. 3*21; duck? PHrin. 32a35c: do,
Indian BoflMf. 20a3Oc; gecae. Sa-*?c: torkn*.
25s Oc; guineas, young, per pair, weighing lVfca2
lbs. apiece, lal.lt; smaller siaea. MaCc; guinea*,
old. per pair. 75a?c; pigeons, old. per pair. 30s
j5c; you tig, i*r pair. E?s30c.
POTATOES-Whits potatoes. Eastern 8bors
l*r bbi . No. 1. 3 0*3.75; No. 1 2.ffa3QO: do.
Jereev. per H-bu. baa. No. 1, 75a90c; No. 2. 40a
60c; do. Pennsylvania. No. 1. per 100 lbs.. 2.50a
ifl; do, fancy, Macuagie. 2%a3.i9; do. No. 2.
I.Sal.50: sweet potatoes. Jersey, per baa.. No.
I. l.ttal.3; No. 1. MUttr. do. Baatrrn Shore, per
bbl. No 1. 4 50sj.00, No. 1 S.UOsi.lO; sweet po
tatoes. Delaware and Miryland. bushel hampers.
No. 1. *?; No. t 1.40b! 50.
-New York. Dec. S. ?Another problem was pte
sented to the curb for solution in the action of
the Midwest Refining Compan>. increasing its
capital stuck from Ci.OCQUU to IX.000.000.
Midwest atockholden are expected to have a
fight to sutkH-rlbed to Mew stock to the extent
of ? per cent of their holdings and at the
current price.
CHI stock* were quiet.
War order stocks continued to fluctuate.
Quotations furnished by W. B. Uibbs * Co.
Bid. Asked.
Aetna Exp'osives S'? 5\
Air Reductiou TO %
American Writing Paper couim? 2.? ^
Atlantic Petroleum. 2H
Harnett Oil * 5-14
Big Ledr* 1 UK
l*nstmi .irU Montsna 45 W
Buttenfartb Judao 10 20
Can rtonia Mining .. *4 .*
Calumet snd Jerome. 9 14 S
Canada Copper I Vt
Carbon Steel pi ;900
Car Light and Power 2 TV*
Chareoal Iron 7 ?
Chevrolet Iff Iff
Cities Her* ice 3* m
Cities Service pfd ?1 M
| Crnai'lidated Arimna 1 >1 14 I 13-10
Consolidated Copper.. 3?4 *
Cost en Co C'4 T
! Cortca irfil !S ?'?
Crami? W
? CreOsoo Gold 4*4 5'4
! Costal CVpper I'e IS
? Curtis* Aero 14 14
' Davia-Dsljr 4?4 31*
Den heigh Silver %
i Elk Baain ?
Kmeraon Phooe t Ti
Km ma" Copper 1 t
Federal Oil I
. First NatinalTopper 2 S*a
I Glen Rock :%
. Ooldfleld Consolidated 2T- Tl
Greea Mother M? ?if
Holly Sngar 50 ff
| Hull)- Sugar pfd "O
| Houston Oil Tl 74
j Howe Sound 44k
I Hull Copper 40 30
, International Petroleum . IS 1J4
Island Oil >4 **
' Jerome Verde 3%
Jerome Verde 7 14 914
!Jim Butler 44 46
| J imbo Extension. 14 IIS
, Keystone Tire 23
. Lake Torpedo 2H -
j Magma Copper 28S 9S
j Manon Valley 3*41 4
j Maxim Munitions S
I Merritt CHI 21 22
I Metropolitan Petroleum IS It
[Midwest Oil com 101 lflf
| Midwest Oil pfd 1 3 1? I 5-11
j Midaest Refining 1? 131
Mitchell Motes ]? 40
I Motherode 34 M
' Nipiaaing Mine* Co 6% P\
> North American P. 4 P ??'% i*a
( N?Tthrre?tern Oil 47 4*
Ohio Copper 13 14 ??
? Oklahoma <HI Co 1 I s
Okla. l?rod A Rrfg. Co 9S
? >kmulgf> t"Hl i
. I'ariflc Caa yt 34
Peerleaa 3fotors 14 14
Ray Herrule* 4
1 Re<l Warrior 3-14 5-14
| Reic. Kquip.nent )4S li'k
' St. Joeeph I^ead ]4 14
I1 S*pul|vt com 7 J>4
Sequoyah Oil 9 14 S
S-qii'tjah Oil 9 14 S
j Sinclsir CJulf ja 3?
J Standard 3lotors S 9
j Submarine Corporation 121, |J
t Succsse Mininr. 14 * J
, Tinioi ah Kxtenaion IS t
j Triangle FiHi *. 3-14 y\%
I Tri iiuiltow ^
K I n,ied.t>ff uUm. 4*, 4$
I V. S. Ligkt and H*st cum IS 1%
j U. S. Light and Heat pfd S
j Pnitsri Motors 3S^, ?
I 1'uited Profit Sharing. ?4 5 14
. 1*. 8. Steamahip. 4>s 4',
I'rited Varde .?*
I I'nited Wesieri Oil ^ '?+
j 1'nited Z?rc ?# %
Victoria Oil 2'^ p,
, Waylaid O-l ,i y t
West Knd j'i l?4
I Wright Martin Aero 44 p,
(I'nited States Buretu uf Markets.
Chicago. I>e?. 2.- HOGS?Receipt/. W OOD:
i market atr>ng to 6c n'ghrr than Saturday's
j atersge; Hitcber*. l7.SCal7JB; light. IC.ffalT.K:
. i ackers. 14.75al7.43, throw outa, ll.23al6.60; pies.
; *orHl to rhoi.*e, 13.7^aIo 60
j CATTLE? Receipts. 3.0QD: p*wl and choice
Inatite and Western steers and bntcbera cattle
strung, nroatly 15c higher: ralres steady: atmaera
and feeder* steady to l.igher,
j MHKB1*? Rec?i>ts. 44,000: opening about
jStpadt; half fat lamba alow; packers pa-.iug 15.00
J for choice la-nbs.
I Cln^ioMti, Dec. 2.?HOGS?Receipt a. 3.200:
'steady; packer and taitchers, 17 30; common to
j thoicO. 11.00a 15 Of*; pigs snd lights, lOOChM OO:
?t.? 10.0TH13.?>
| ( ATTI.K Bec.'ip'v 3,300: ??<??<!>. *00
' al6.S; heifers. f.?wl2.55; cows, 5 5Cai:.00; calfea
steady ?st 6 00al8 50.
( SHKEP- Rrceii t\ 1C4 stead? at XS0aS 30;
lamlM steady st S.OOaH.OO
St Louis, IV?c. 2.-HOGS-Receipta. 12.000,
higher; lights. 17.4GalT.06; rigs. 13 00a*6 00. butch
ers. 17.45al7 90; heasy. 17 75a 17.90.
CATTLE?Receipts. 6.500 higher; native steem,
1I W.18 J5; heifers. ? 50sIV50; cows. 7.30?1S.M:
^tockera and feeders, 8.5C?12 00; raises, 7,75al7.*?.
SHEEP--ReceiiHa. 2.40); steady; lamba, 14.i0a
14.75; ew.a. ll.4talS.Q0
Kansas City. Dec. 2. HOGS?Rcceiiits. 21.0I*V:
steady, heat v. l4 90*17.50; butchera, 17.00al7.54;
ighta. 14 75alT.40; t4ga. 10.00al4 00.
CATTIRE?Receipts. ?7.0f?; strong; prime fed
steers, 17.50a 19.50; Southern steers, 4.00al2.00;
cows. 5 00b'.2jO; heifera, 7.tt)al3.50; ctlres, 6.50a
SHEEP-Receipts. 16.000, lower, lamba. 11.00a
15.00: yearltnff. 10.50all.75; wethers, 9.GQalU.50;
ewes. 5 OOn* U)
| 'Special to The Washington Hnald.t
I CATTLE?Receipts for the week endsd at
noon today were 3.Z3S head against 4.061 head
] last week Recipts 114 carloada for market for
the week; 74 carloada for market today. Ac
! tise market, with good demand; prices rang
' ing unevenly higher Steera, good butchers,
, 11.75a 15.50; mediums, l\25al4.50; common, 9 26a
,1.00: heifers, choice. I2.SalS.7S; fair to good.
9.75ali00; common to medium, 7.75a9.75; bulls,
i choice. K>.20eU.75; fair to good. &.75al0.00; com
mon to mediums. 7 75a8.50; cow a choice. 9 fia
| 10.25; fair to good, 6.25al 00; common to med
ium. 3.75a4 00.
SHEEP AND LAMB9-RecetpOi for the week
ended at noon today were 7,200 bead, against
11.391 head last week; liberal supply; market
, lower. Quote: Sheep 4 00a9 00; lambs, 1100a
1 15.00.
| HOGS?Receipts for the week ended at noon
'today were 21/34 head, against 18.307 head last
week; orer supply; market lower. Quote: Light,
16.90; heary to medium, lS.00alS.10; pigs; 15 75s
16.30. roughs. 15.00al7.7?.
CALVER?Rt-ceipts for the week ended st
noon today were 521 head, againat 721 bead
last week; fair supply; markets strong. Quote:
I Calves. 9 QOaSO.OO.
New York. I>c. 2.?Cotton continued Its
n>ove(nent downward today again touching new
Icsels for the mosement, after it had started
Anctr. Then aaa no ind'eation of fresh buy
ing in any important rolrme and it was re
leased that th>> accumulating supplies, with
goods trade unsettled and with futures so weak
Southern holders are undergoing a acvere teat
of confidence. Business wss fairly active early,
but it aoon dccreaard Pinal prices were barely
stesdy at a net dscline of 36af> points.
Receitts at ports for the day were 17,231 bale*.
Exp ?rts for the dsy aggregated 9,^50 bales
Spot at New Orleans waa quiet and unchanged
at d\c; the sales were 1,530 bales. Spot here
waa quiet at a dechnj of sixty points fro mid
dling st 27.50: tberc were no sales.
Receipts at ietding ports today were:
New Or lease, 3?. Mobile. 757 Savannah.
2 54f : Charleston. ?4J Wilmington. 141: Norfolk,
1.264 Boston, 234; Augusta, 1.102; St. Louis
Gross Change, Due to Wil
son's Message, Is Small,
Br BROADA* **iu
New York. Nov. 2.?President Wil
son's announcement to Congress that
it might become his duty to return
the railroads to their private own
ers in the near future and before
the expiration of the 21-month limit
fixed by law caused something of a
boom in railroad shares today in
Wall Street.
This boom was preceded by de
pression so that the gross move
ment of the rails, although large,
resulted in but small net changes.
In the Industrial department there
vdj little Interest shown but nearly
all stocks, except steels, were strong.
Railway equipment shares were ir
regular because of the uncertainty
regarding completion of contract!
for rolling stocks entered into by
the government.
Liberty bonds fell still lower on
rather free liquidation for the ac
count of individuals who are pre
vented by the money committee rul
ing from buying stocks on margin,
but who, if determined to'have what
they consider bargains, are selling
their liberty bonds in order to buy
for cash.
Material Recovery Mown.
In view of th?? better feeling
caused by President Wilson's state
ment regarding the railroads, the
best market judges look for a ma
terial recovery of the entire li*t
during the next two weeks.
Both those who favor and those
who oppose public ownership of the
j rails believe that there could be no
better thing than an exhaustive in
quiry by Congress. Such an inquiry
1 will develop the strong and weak
points of both sides of the propo
sition and put the country in pos
j session of information that will
make possible intelligent handling
! of the problem.
The big thing now is the certainty
, of a square deal for the railroad
1 stockholders, for shippers and the
| public. Railroad stocks therefore are
selling far too low on the market.
Waihington Stock Exchange.
Furnished by W. D. Hi Lbs A Co.
Washington Bar*, tv SMO at TSV Sl.600 at 7l>*.
I <t.?>> at 71*4.
Washington Rnv Gem rat 6a. Ji.OCO at %.
r \MJ at 56. SI.WO at ?. M.oro at 56. H.W at
j ?6.
cheaa|?eake and I'otutnac Telej bone Co. 5*.
II.bO at ?.
(?AS BONl'S.
Bid. A?Im
Wa?hingUHi <?a? 3d M .....
' Capital Traction 5* 671*
| City and Suburban 5a. "6
[ Metropolitan 5s ** 1
Washington Rwy. and Elec. 4s... 7 P.4 71*4
I Washington Kay. fen. 6? % "X
Potomac Reetrie Con*, an MSt 98
Potomac Electric Light 5?.v- W
Potomac Electric Power f* * ?
| IV.-U nuc Wee. Power g??n. fc ? Ws
. Cheespeske and Potomac Tel. 5a... %
American Tel. and Td?-a 4s 85*i Si1*
American Tel. and Telga. 41**? 61
Am Tel. and Tel. CM. Tr. 5a ... *
i Am. Tel. and Tel. cona. 6* 102
. D. C. Paper 51 tg. ts
| Washington Msrket 5a, 1927 ? % .....
Washington Market 5*. 194< 86
W il Cold Storage 5a 5M
Sec. Mge. and Safe Pep. ?s '0'
Norfolk ami Wa>h. Steamboat 5a.. 1?jS
Kiggs Realty 5a (long) !00
Kiggs Realty 5s (short) 10?
Capital Traction 87
Waahingtun Kin. and EJec. com . 30
Washington Rwy. and Elec. pfd .. US 71
Norfolk anJ Wash. Steamboat ITS
Washington Gas 55 5ft
American Tel. and Telga IC3
type machine stocks
Mtrgentbaler 1W 136
Lan.iton ? ?
La n-ton Scrip S# 99
Greeo-Cananea 47 ....
American 130 157^1
Columbia 200 223
Commercial 1? 191
Dutrict ? 1^2
Panneis and Mechan.cs'.* 220 210
Federal 178
Lincolu ^ fit
National Metropolitan 195
Uiggs <15 455
Second '36 143
I National Rank of Washington 230
American Security and Trust 220 225
National Savings and Trust 2^5
Union Trust 125
Washington Loan and Trust 239 215
Continental Trust 13?
| Hopie 4^?
! Bank of Commerce and Saving*... 12
East Washington 11
Security Savings and Com 185
Liberty HO 111
! Arlington 8 1?
Co.coran ??
Firemen's '6*4
Germsn-AmerWan '40 .....
National Union '. 5S*
Columbia * *
Real Estate 75
Chapin Sacks 175
D. C. Pai>er Mfg. Co 80 ....,
Merchants' Transfer and Storage.. 100 115
Security Storsgo 186
.Security Storage A Safe Deposit... 110
Washington Market 11%
?E* dividend.
Baltimore. Dec. 2.-Prices on the k*aJ pro
duce market today ranged as follows:
POTATOES?White. Western Maryland and
Pennsylvania, per 100 lbs, 2.50a3.00; do. New
York. No 1. per 100 ibe. 2.50a3 00; do. Eastern
Sfcoro of Marylsnd and Virginia. McCortmca,
1 5Ca2.00; do. Jerseys, per 150-lb sack, S.75ai.O0;
swe<**. yellows. North Carolina, per bbl, 5.00a
6.0C; do. Eastern Shore, per hamper. L75a2.lt;
do. Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware,
per bbl. 6.00*6.50; do. York River, per bbl.
fl00a6.50; yams, fancy, bright, per bbl. 4.00a4.5Q.
BUTTER- Creamery, Western separator, ei
tras. 63a64c: do. firsts, 61aF2c; do Western prints
**-llb. extra, 64af5r; do, firsts. 61a62c; do. Wwt
ern prints. 1 lb extra*, 64a66c; do. firsts, Cla62c;
uearby creamery extras. 58a60c; do, flrsta. SfiaMc:
dairy i*ints. Maryland, Pennsylvania and Vir
ginia. extras. 40a42c; do, firsta, 39a40c; store
paeied. firsts. 38c; rolls. Maiyland and Penn
sylvania, 38c; do, West Virginia, 38c; do, Ohio,
EGGS?Western Maryland. Pennsylvania and
nearby, per doz, firsts, 68c; Eastern Shore of
Maryland and Virginia, firsts. 68c; Ohio, firsts.
68c, West Virginia, 68r; Southern (North Caro
lina K first*. 66a67f
LIVE POULTRY-Cblrkens, young, per lb.
Sic; do, do, medium, per lb.. 31c; do, do. sm.W!.
I*r lb.. 3la22c; young White Leghorns, per lb..
?; do. joung. by cxpraaa, per lb., S0c; do.
old rooster*, per lb 20a21c; do. old bens, ov?
4 llw, per ib . 2ftaMc; do, small, per lb., 27a28c;
ducks, muscovy nod mongrel, young, per Ib.
2/aBc: do. Whita Pekina, yonng, per Ib. SOaSiic
do. puddle. 3'A ibe and over, per Ib, 30c;
do, smaller, poor. p<r Ib, 25a'26c; turkeys,
clioice. young. 9 Iba or over, per lb.. 31c: do.
okl toms. per lb.. 33c: do, crooked breast,
per lb., J0a3ic. geeae. Maryland and Virginia,
t>er lb 2Sa28c; do. Western and Southern, per
| lb, ?a2Tc; pigeons, old, per pair, ?a2Be; do,
*oung. per pair. :0a25c; guinea iowl. yonng,
over 'be. each 60c; do. under 1#? lbs, each
46c-. do, smaller, each 30c; do. old. each 40c.
Chicago, l*ec. 2? Fc> Homing mo m^oUivd "'-d
j irregular market in com. cl< aing prices were at
j gain* ?f lViaiHc today. There were moments of
j strength which were followed by chaste* to
I weakntfM and >?<?? versa. There teemed to be
jUi'iro speculator* u)u> were friendly to the bear
I side than to the bull aide, Liferpool Is 1u need
j of corn and is anxlena for receipts from either
the Vnitc-d Urates or Argentina. Cash *aW*?
i here wer- ?mall at 3,0} bi-rhel* aud piicea nere
i.3 ccnts lover
j Oat* futures tfoaed at *..m* of Hair. <"**u
; salea of this grain were 125.1410 bushel* with
ixicea mat - hmer The vinld* *up<4y ?1ecrca?
?d 4.<41.000 btNhefc
Chicago, Dec. 2. (iraln and proviaion futures
here today closed: Corn December. 1?%; Jan
uary. 12J%: February. 12BS4. Oat*- Dec-ember.
73%; January, T2\; February, "-'k- Rye-Jan
uary, Ml%; February. 106*4. I^ard--January.
A18. Rlb?- January. ?.12; May. 34 *0 Pork
January, 4T.2i.
Mia Simon Kann spent the week
end In Baltimore with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Gorton Nordllnger
; spent the past week* fn New York and
Atlantic City.
Mrs. Louie Koenigsberger has re
{ turned to her home at Albany, N. Y.
Mr. and Mra. Andrew J. Cuininings,
; of Chevy Chase, have returned home
j 4tfUr spending a few day* In New
Mrs. William Ash by Byerly. of
I Brtdgewater. Va., lias been the guest
; 6f l>r. and Mm. Charles T. Undsay
i on South Columbus street, Alex an -
j drta, Va.
Lieut. Ferd Carter, son of Mr. and
Mrs. W, 'lolden Carter, ?>f riievy
? Chase, Is now stationed at Fort >4il.
| Okla.
I Lloyd England, of Little Hock, Ark.,
? is in Washington.
E. W. Lloyd, of Evansville. 111., was
!in Washington over the week-end.
M. Herman, of Baton Rouge, La.,
was it) Washington yesterday.
Mrs. Jane Morre. of the War Risk
j Insurance, has returned to her home
j in Boston.
Miss Grace Irving, of Berkeley. Cal.,
I Is expected in Washington tomorrow.
Allle Brand, of the Treasury depart
ment, who has been ill for several
days, returned to his desk yesterday.
C6I. M. A. Winter. 1317 R street
northwest, will reorganise the First
Regiment of Minute Men this winter.
He believes this organization of so?
dieis in continental buff and blue
should be maintained at the Capital
as "a living monument to the spirit
of '76.'' Col. Winter is preparing as a
trophy for the National Match A?..ie
l Team Association a cup with the mln
! iature of a minute man of 17Tti as the
central figure.
Capt. William J Manning. 1427 Clif
ton street northwest, now serving at
Camp Meade us an officer of the
Medical Corps. I". S. A., has been rec
ommended for promotion to major be
cause of efficiency and fidelity to duty.
Capt. Manning was for many years
j physician and sanitary officer of the
j Government Printing Office. He Is a
j practical printer as well as a physi
? clan and surgeon.
| Robert F. Bradbury. Pennsylva
j nta avenue southeast. Twining City,
L>. C.. is arranging for the first session
for the winter of 191K-1919 of the Brad
bury Heights Citizens' Association.
Commander Richard JI. Sweeney, of
Gen. Nelson A. Miles Camp, No. 1.
United Spanish War Veterans, an
nounces that at a meeting of the
camp to be helci this evening officers
for the ensuing year will Ik* nominat
ed and elected.
James W. Graham. 1416 Twenty
second street southeast, Twiniug City.
l.>. C.. is quite ill at his residence.
Mrs. K. Monroe Zentz. of Frederick.
Md., who has been visiting her par
jents, *Mr. and Mrs. A. L'intz Huss. &>
! Quincy plac e northwest, has returned
j to her home Mr. Huss is an assistant
. foreman in the Government Printing
i Representative W. Frank James,
j of Michigan; Commander W. I-.
Hull. Senior Vice Commander N. D.
j W. Schoonmaker. Past Commander
j H. M. Knight and T. H. Harris, of
the United States Marine Corps,
have been appointed as "booster
committee" of ttfe Army and Navy
Union for the propoMd temple of
patriotfsm for thin city.
John Slvertsen. a veteran trooper'
of the Seventh United Stale* Cav
alry. 74 yeara of age, I? arranging!
to spend his Christmas holidays at
hi* old home in Wisconsin. Slvert
?en wai a member of the "Fighting
Seventh" when the greater part of,
that noted regiment was wiped out j
at the time of the Custer massacre. J
He wan with the flanking detach- I
ment under Keno. which charged '
the Indiana after Custerg battalion
had been annihilated.
Mr* Kuna Clum At wood. 1131 H
atreet northwest, apecial agent of
the women'a division. Department of
Labor, lias gone to New York City
on business connected with the war!
activities of women.
Archbishop Joseph J. Higga. 222*
(leorgia avenue northwest, has been
made chairman of the "save-the
chureh" committee of the Cosmo
politan Raptist congregation. With
him ax fellow-committeemen are
Judge K. M. Hewlett and Riahop
Iaaiah I'. Hrooka, of the Church of
Thomas ft. Fry. 904 Eighth atreet
southeast, whose funeral was held
yesterday, wss a lifelong reaident
of the southeast aev/.n. known a*
the Navy Yard. He was about 58
ycara of age and was known to all
the oldtimers of the *-a?t end.
Mrs Henry F. DSmock. 1301 Six
teenth htreet northwest, president of
the George Washington Memorial
Association. !s arranging for a drive
to raise a building fund for the pro
jected memorial in honor of the first j
President of the United States.
George Mackay Mackintosh and ;
Mayo- C. Mitchell, 1Q0S H atreet '
uorthweat. left for New York City!
yesterday afternoon, where they will j
be the guests for several days of !
President Louis Htelnberger. of the j
Electrose Manufacturing Company, j
William T. Conray. 7S2 Gresham '
Place northwest, commander of Gen. j
CJuy V. Henry Garrison. A N. U.. an - ;
nouncea a meeting of that organi- j
r.ation for next Wednesday evening. I
with Mrs. Howard Gould, of New i
York, and Representative W. Frank
James, of Michigan, as guests of |
l^ance Corp* Joseph Libbey Griffin. |
Seventh-sixth U. K. Engineers, vis- I
ited his relatives at 720 Thirteenth:
street northwest, Sunday. He says j
the indications are that his regi- j
ment will be mustered out soon.
Mrs. Louis Rosenberg. 819 Sixth
street northwest. Is entertaining rel-j
atives from San Francisco. Cal.
W. F. Hoffman, a long-time resl-|
dent of tliia city, has returned from
Philadelphia and is stopping at the
Quong Kee. a merchant, of 31S
{Pennsylvania avenue northweat. is i
arranging to return to Chinia where!
| fie will engage In the manufacturing
! industry
John C. Moore. 609 H street north
west. general secretary of the Inde
pendent Order of Rechabites. is plan- i
jning to bring dbout the celebration]
i of the eighty-third anniversary of
the organisation in this country.]
,The parent branch was formed in,
England in 1835. The American]
? branch was organized in 1842.
Eugene R. Engel will call a meet
\ ing of the former members of the
United States Historical Society for
| reorganization during the Christmas
'holidays. The former headquarters
'of the association was at 912 e)
' street northwest, and the late Maj. ]
' J. H. Stine was president.
| Jam's E. Chinn. former local news- I
paper man. has arrived at the Naval
Radio School at Cambridge. Mass . for
a e?jmis* of ?ix int<nntfv? train - ]
1 ing In mdio operating l>efore receiving
his assignment to sea. Mr. Chinn was i
formerly connected with both the edi-I
! torlal staff of the Washington Poift I
| and Star.
Chonu Rebeartei "Penzance.n j
The "Pirates of Penzancfc" chorus
rehearsed last evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Keyes. 1122 Q
street northwest. The various parts
wer< studied in detail.
Teachers' Club Meets.
Rusiness meeting of the Teachers' |
Club was held yesterday afternoon |
at the clubrooms.
Construction and Extension
Plans Abandoned All
Over Country.
Big: slashes were announced by Sec- ,
retary of War Baker yesterday in the
program of construction and exten- j
,*ion of camps and other military in- |
st it tit ions. At more than forty place#
work, if begun, is to be abandoned. I
The Items are: liberty theaters
which were to be built or extended
J at Camps Bragg. N. C.; North Jack- |
son. Knox. Ky.; Wheeler. Or, and
Wadsworth. S. C.; Signal Corps aee- |
tions at Camps. Meade. Md.; Taylor.]
Ky.; Beauregard. la.; Bowie. Tex : i
Hancock. Oa.. the training achool for
officers and enlisted specialists at Fort I
Monroe. Va ; officers' training schools J
at Camps Hancock and Gordon. Gau;
depot brigade cantonment barracks
and meaa buildings. Camp McClellan.
Ala.; enlargement of Camp McArthur.
Tex.; cantonment buildings. San lii
eao, Cal. and Galveston Tex; rebuild
ing cantonment nt Portland, M? ; re
modeling of old buildings for winter
use at Boston; mess buildings and
barracks at Fort Strong and Fort I
Standiah; rebuilding of old canton
ments and warehouses at Portsmouth,
N. H.; storehouse for sauitJLry train at
''amp Taylor; detention camp. No. S. j
?t Camp Funaton. Hoboken Shore <
Railroad storage yard; extensions to
locomotive house at Raritan Ordnance
I>epot. Metuchen. N. J ; delouslna
plants with utilities at ('amp Euatls.
Va.. and storehouse at coast defenses
of Narragansett Bay. Fort Adams, .
or THE
Equity Savings Rank,
41 WMllMtra. ?? tk# I>tstrict ?4
? ?liafcli. at ike rlMc 1 VtIti
^tVMnbrr I. lftlft.
rtudin# radivnuat* <ei
<*pt t Itoar show ia
b and r SS* .CT M
Trrfal 1mm CT I
4 bUbrrtf loan bund* unptod??d . '.???
| i. K>in?ltnrp an; Itxturr* 1.W 4
10. a Hw fr ?i natural bank* CI ?
c One fmoc all other
hank. far
i m a
If o^rka and oUmy oaah item* rt ?
IS Cart to ranlt ... i,*\M
IS. H ar ' inp rertiftcataa aac thrift
?? air.{? artiiallv ovMd 17k*
?? Other aaaru Accrual in ureal .... #3.?
Total ITJM ?
IT. Catftal aruek Itaad ta n ?l
If Hurpltta fund .: JKt 9
iwtaand (deposit* pa>abla
Within 99 da>a4 :
3 Indtvklnal <Wo?it* aubjrct to chrc* M?
? Or bar dan. and depoatt. 1* ?
Tout demand dfpooita.
c. a t ? r.
a. s no * *;<*
Timr dapiaou Cpa>abl* after V
4a fv ?* autojart to 3t dan or
inore notice':
31. OrtMlratea of depont 'Othar than
1m Bonar borrowed
34 Otbr* ti?f dtpoaita IS.frl? *
Total of tistc d^-pooiu.
It-tn* fl. r. S and 34
Total IT J* I
Di?trict of Columbia. Ctir of Waakinita, a*'
I. I. P. D. SH'lJl, TYaaauror ??f the tbora
named bank, do ao4*romr aw ear that thf abo*o
ata-ramit ia tn* to tit* beat of ?>? krv
and brliaf.
I. 8 D *ArIM.
Subwyitwd and nom te before bf thia If
daj at December. IKS.
L G. ANGfiL.
.t Notary Pabfta.
Orrm Attoat :
J ftOCIHt riOOA.
. J
Tbf Safest larestmeab
Ait ibuaa tbat V not fioctnat* Cwrm? dta
tartanf ot *aa tu 4*9 a* mrntm
B>ar?eia ira* oe*d ot truat ooiea <lh\
av>rtAf^> aaoirod ot real win la
tW DWnrt o' Columbia eon* row 0*
rOgr iDiKtm.nti and 60 art Repeal apor
JU. Enaort raapconbilitj ??f indi nc -*Ja ?e
enr?aratior- tor tDe?T atabtMfj *# oaa
anavtf roeb trrrotemnt* to ?mount* from mm
tVnr< flrn* for bootlaL " ' niiiij^
Unm and In?a*?rnta '
SwartzeB. Rbeen &
Hea?ey Co.,
727 Fiftrea Street NvtW*!
Investments for the
Readjustment Period
TOURING the present epochal readjustment of the
world's industry and commerce from a war to
a peace basis, it behooves the investor to pl&ce his
funds in securities that are strongly bulwarked
against shifting conditions.
We shafl be ^pleased to furnish a selected list of
sucH securities. They include Government bonds
yielding up to 4 55% : municipals 4 90fc : railroads.
7% ; public utilities, 7% ; industrials,
Auk for Circular IX)-115 ?
The National City Company
Tor-respondent Offices in 31 Cities.
WashiagtoD?741 Fifteenth Street N. W.
Telephone?Sl?( Main
Short Term Sotes

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