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Live News and Views of the Sporting World
7th at E 9t
For Suits and
?All the new styles for men
and young men?all good,
plain and fancy fabrics. The
best Suit and Overcoat val
ues in the city.
7th at ESt.
Racing will be resumed at the Tta
Juana track in Mexico, just across
the California boundary line, early in
February-. James W. Coffroth, the
??rf?mo*er. is authority for the an-1
nouncement that the United States j
Kovernment has raised the embargo i
which closed the track last winter. I
Racegoers had been crossing into
Mexico without the necessary paas-1
ports, and many Germans, in that
way, were able to get out of this
country. Tia Juana is patronized
strictly by the ,California racing ele
ment. It was built by Coffroth three
years ago and was enjoying prosperity
up to the time that the gates were
ordered closed.
New York, Dec. 4.?A report ema
nating from Chicago lat*t night de
clared that in all probability Magis
trate Francis McQuade. of New York
City, and one of baseball's best
friends, would be elected to the pres
idency of the National League at the I
annual meeting of the club owners
next week.
1 The same report stated that the
presidency of the National League
lies between Magistrate McQuade and
John Heydler. now acting executive
of the senior baseball organisation.
At the coming conclave of the moguls
more votes are expected to be cast
for the popular city magistrate than
for the equally popular secretary of
the National League.
Two heights in a
smart rollfrtmt style.
? exclusively?
bnotan/linireafab/eButton/tofc r
Chief of Staff Gen. Peyton C. March, in Letter
to American League President, Says
Game Can Go On.
Chicago. Dec. 4.?Major league baseball fqr 1919 was assured
today with the receipt by Ban Johnson of a letter from the War
Department giving full approval ^nr the resumption of the game.
Gen. March, in a frank statement to the president of the Ameri
! can League, declared the War Department could see no reason why
| the national game should not be resumed according to regular schedule,
! adding that "its discontinuance would be a real misfortune."
! Hia letter to Johnson follow* a - , . . ?
"War Department,
"Washington. D. C.. Dec. 2.
"My Dear Mr. Johnson: I have
your letter of November 30 con
cerning the resumption of baseball
next year, and would advise you
that the War Department under
present conditions seea no reason
why the game should not be re
sumed in accordance with the usual i
regular schedule. I
"It Is our policy.to muster out of
the service as rapidly as possible ;
all the men now in the United
States, who number some 1.700,000.
and we are returning from abroad
for the purpose of dscharge a num
ber of men which is only limited
by the shipping at our disposal.
"Unless there is some change in
the situation which now seems im
possible there Is no reason known ,
to us why the great national game
should not be continued next year
as usual. The wholesome efTect of j
a clean and honest game like base
ball Is very much, and its discon- j
tinuance would be a real misfor
"Sincerely yours, ]
-P. .C. MARCH, I
"General Chief of Start." I
This letter, according to Johnson,
dispels all doubt regarding the game
for next season. Plans had been held
In abeyance, as many club owners
were loath to take any action until
the War Department had finally re
moved baseball from the position In
which it was placed by war necessi
ties. v
"We will go right ahead now with
our plans for the schedule," Johnson I
said. "I am naturally highly elated by
the statement of Gen. March. The
American league club owners will
take up at the meeting In Chicago
December 12 the plans for the sched
"I do not favor a Joint meeting of
both leagues. I think each league
should meet separately and appoint
committees to meet Jointly for the
final plans. The American League
owners will act at once following the
meeting in Chicago December 12."
Arrangements may be completed to-j
day for a football game to be played j
between Camp Greenleaf of Fort j
Oglethorpe, Ga.. and Camp Dix of ?
Wrightstown N. J.. at the American
League Park Saturday afternoon.
IJeut. Tucker, of Camp Dix. from !
the New Jersey cantonment, is con- j
ferring with representatives of the
Southern camp and it. is hoped to
pull off a title game for the cham- j
pionsMp of the *nl South I
this battle is staged Both teams |
have the be*t records in their respec- j
tive sections.
I Jess Willard and some of the other
ring champions can't stay in retire
i ment indefinitely.
I'ncle Sam has some blossoming
| pugs in his army in France. And.
after they give the Kaiser the well
known ,*kayo." they're going back to
America looking for laurels?and
packing a punch in each fist.
Regular weekly boxing shows are be
ing staged in Paris. The city cham
pionship will be decided by the end
of December. Then A. E. F. titles will
fought for.
The first scrap was put on October
IS. and now every Tuesday night is
boxing night at the Palais de Glace.
The Y. M. C. A. has taken it over as
a hut for the soldiers, and athletic
affairs are being looked after by the
central athletic committee. The box
ing shows are directed by Fred Stone,
representing the Y. M. C. A., and
"Biz" Mackey, of the Knights of Co
Central High School freshmen
held a swimming: meet yesterday
afternoon in the Mount Pleasant
pool in which some good competi
tion was shown in the four events.
The events were divided into four
classes, namely, 25-yard swim, 25
yard back stroke, 50-yard swim and
plunge for distance.
The feature of the meet was the
competition between Mtnzan and
Fowler, who far outstripped all
other participants. Coach Brunner.
of Central, is now trying to interest
the Tech. Freshmen team in a meet
to be held in the Central pool. The
2S-y?rd iwim-FInt heat, Chlldrea won; Muir
second. flsroad beat, Man tan woo: Spurr
second. Third heat. Young won; l^onoritz
iiecond. Fourth h?*t. Old# won; Manor second
Fifth heat. Fowler woo: WUkaa secono Sixth
halt. Mi IK r won: YVinstead second.
I 3 yard semifinal*- First heat. Man/a woo;
Muir second. Seomd heat. Younf Kwai won. .
Olda second. Third heat. Fowler won: WUkca
9-yard final*? Manzan won; Fowler second,
and Wilkea third.
Plunge for distant*? RosenWd won; Wilkea'
se?nnd, and Stephen third.
2^7aid back stroke?Muir won; Childrw sec
ond, and Fowler third.
50 yard swim?Firat heat. Minun woo: Chil
dren second. Second heat, Fowler won; Hifbee
30-yard flaali Manun won: Fowler second:
Higbee and Oiildraa tied for third.
At a meeting of the Service Leaguet
last night it was decided to play out
the schedule for the remainder of the I
season. Sunday afternoon Naval Gun ?
| Factory will battle Army Medicos at |
American League Ball Park. The j
! game will start promptly at
' o'clock.
The officials selected for this game
were decided upon last night and will
be Bryan Morse as referee. Carl Metz- |
ler as umpire and "War Hoo" Guyon.
the old Carlisle Indian School famous !
player, as head linesman. "War Hoo" j
has several sweatera which he will,
have on exhibition for the edification 1
of the fana next Sunday.
Havana's long winter race meeting
will begin next Sund*y at Oriental
Park. Promoter H. D. Brown can- j
celed the opening next Saturday for
the reason that it will be Memorial |
Day in Cuba. Brown and the vari-!
ous track officials are scheduled to
arrive in Havana this evening.
Already 400 horae8 are in the sta
bles and "300 more from l^tonia and'
Bowie are expected to land before the
end of the week. It was originally
planned to .>egin operations at the big
Cuban track on Thanksgiving Day.
but labor troubles and a lack of rac
ing material necessitated a postpone- '
Baltimore. Dec. 4.?The cross
country committee of the South At- :
lantic Association of the Amateur
Athletic- T^nion still has five gold 1
medals left over from the United
States service team cross-country
race which was held here last Sat- .
urday afternoon. Daniel K. Young- '
er, chairman of the committee, is I
anxious to stage another Marathon'
run for the men in aervice. with the !
five medals to be awarded as the!
$3.50 $4-00
OO ^QJOO $7.00 & $g.oo
You'll never need to atk "What is the price t" when the shoe salesman is show*
ing you W.LDougla* shoes because the actual value is determined and the
retail price fixed at the factory before W. L. Douglas name and the retail price
is stamped on the bottom. The stamped price is W. L. Douglas personal
guarantee that the shoes are always worth the price paid for them.
The qualityof W .L. Douglas product is guaranteed
by more than 40 yiin exper ience in making fin*
?hoes. The smart styles are the leaders in the tuit
ion centres of America. They are made in a well
equipped factory at Brockton,Mass.,by thehighest
paid, skilled shoemakers, onider the direction and
supervision of experienced men,all working with an
honest determination to make the best shoes for the
price that money can buy. The retail prices are the
same everywhere. They cost no more in Sau
Francisco than they do is Hew York.
C tamping the price on every pair of shoes as a
^ protection against high prices and unreason
able profits is only one example of the conatant
endeavor of W. L. Douglas to protect his cus
tomers. W. L. Douglas name on shoes is his
pledge that they are the best in materials,
workmanship and style possible to produce at
the price. Into every pair go the results of sixty
six years experience in making shoes, dating
back to the time when W. L. Douglas waa a lad
of seven, pegging shoes.
CAUTION ? Before yoa boy be sore W. L. Douglas nam* and the
retail price is stamped on the bottom and the inside top facing.
If the stamped price has been mutilated, BEWARE OF FRAUD.
For sale br 105 W.UIloaflu Mere* and over 9.000
W.L. Douglas dealers, oreen be ordered direct from
W. L. Douglas by mall. Meed (or booklet telling
how to order skoea through the mail. postage fn*
/// ft /v President W. I? Donglae
I Gonzaga Midgets quint yesterday
| defeated the Tech. Freshmen Ave in
Gonzagro Gym in a closely contested
basket-ball game by 17 to 9 The
Midgets scored seven baskets from!
the floor, while the Freshmen were j
tossing Ave. Evans and Thompson!
played the best for the losers, while!
Kilroy, O Connor and Ford starred
tor the Midgets. The line-up:
Tech. Fresh. Positions. Oonaaga Mid.
* H F IHtifs
IP*'? L. F Cwtsllu
? Suppla Can er O'Connor
Scott r. q Mill,
OHIiinsky L. O Ford
Substitutions: CJooaaga-Ktlroy for Cktfllo.
TVch -Suppto for OShinskjr. Thompson for
Supple, Griffith for Cohen. Goals from floor?
! K,ilro7 (p, O'Coooor (9. Coatell?. Darin. Sup
? pie. Evans (2), Thompson (2). Goals from
[ fouto-Ford (3 out of 9). Referee-Cos tello (Bow
*rd University).
Pilots from Ross' Barn Tops
List for Eastern Racing
With the expiration of the Kut
ern racing season last Saturday at
[Bowie, recourse to the Jockey stand
'"K of the year to that time in
clusive reveals the fact that a half
ido*en riders managed to get above
?the century mark as the result of
their riding efTorts.
! These jockeys include Ave of the
| boys who stand at the forefront
among pigskin artists, with Uw
I rence Lyke showing the greatest
total of winning mounts, with 178
for a percentage of 24. This lad.
who early in the year was identified
with the stable of Commander J.
K. L,. Ross, was much sought after
by other owners, and while he has
been in receipt of much acclaim for
his presumed clever riding, the fact
remains that it was his contract
I employer who "set him down" mld
J way during the season for insubor
dination. which probably aided in
cutting down his winning percent
age and total
Others who Kot over the 100 mark in
j the matter of wins were E. Sands,
with 168; Frank Robinson, with 163;
i H. Lunsford. 148; L. Ensor. 114. and J.
Howard 110.
With the exception of the last named
each of the others had more than
"(?0 mounts up to last Saturday, inclu
sive. with L,unsford topping the list
with a total of 791. this Kreat axgre
jfate being reached by this youngster
mainly because of his frequent times
in the saddle at the Oriental Park
(Havana? meeting, where he ruled the
roost under the mentorship of Kay
Spei.ce, that past master in the devel
opment of jockeys.
In the appended list of the thirty
lending riders will be found that of
Johnny Loftus. who had 120 mounts, of
which he was first thirty-seven times,
thereby giving him a percentage of
31. and from this standpoint at the top
of the list. I^oftus was "on the
I ground'' for a long period because of
his supposed insubordination in the
running of the Belmont Stakes, won
by Joran when he ran second with
War Cloud.
The following table will show the
number of mounts and the firsts, sec
| onds and third* won by the leading
thirty rlderx to last Saturday. Inclu
i sive.
Jocke>s Mount*. 1st. M. 3d
We 756 '78 13 <08
407 158 122 SO
Rohinmin * 771 Id YJS 98
Lunaford 7*1 147 152 1(T?
i Ensor m 111 *1 67
Howard 5ft uvi ?
Walls 529 *< n
Connelly 586 67 76 76
Hummer 451 68 66 69
Ro-iriqueE 515 65 58 63
Schuttinger 317 58 46 ?
''entry 497 30 47 41
Smith 146 50 42 47
FIRST RACE? Fire and one-half furlongs.
The ('ullen Bon. 109 (Pool). 4 to 5. ; to 3,
out. Mina?and. 107 <Robtn*>n). 5 to i. 7 to 5,
i to 2: Toddler, 107 (Watson). 5 to 1. 7 to I.
1 to 1 Time, J:ll 2-5. Dirpctreaa, Bonunte.
Jack Healey. also ran.
J SK<V.'ND RACE?One mile. Mumbo Jumbo.
Ii2 (V\akofTt, 9 to 2. 2 to 1, even; Plantagenet.
107 (Deford), 9 to 1. 3 to 1. 8 to 5; Breeiy
102 (Brown), 3 to 1. 8 to 5. even Tim*
1:47 2-5. Ijewis B.. Thirst. Impiieta. Passing
Fancy. also ran.
THIRD RACE-Six furlong*. Ken ward. 115
(Kirwhbaum). 8 to 5. 1 to i\ out; Roederwr,
111 (Watson). 10 to 1. 4 to 1. 8 to 5: Paula
v.. 100 (Brown), 9 to 2, 3 to 2. 4 to 5.
Time. 1:18. Thi.?tlr, Petit Bleu, Early Morn,
also ran.
FOl RTH RACE?Six furlongs. Diversion |
109 (Johnson!. 2 to 1. 3 to 5. oat: Bribed Voter,' I
112 (Kirschbaum). 7 to 2. 6 to 5. ant; Pilsen,
102 1 Rodriguez). 9 to 2, 7 to 5, 3 to 5. Time,
1:16. Runes and I'ltimathule also ran *|
FIFTH RACE?Six furlongs. Paul Connolv,
106 (CaaMty), 12 to 5. 7 to JO, out; Early Sight. |
115 (Robinson). 6 to 5. 1 to 2. out; Camba 103 i
(Deford). 8 to 1. 5 to 2, 4 to 5. Time, 1:19.
Sinai. Road Matter. Philistine, also ran.'
SIXTH RACE?One and three-sixteenth miles'
Wadsworth's Last. 112 (Buxton). 5 to C. even, }
2 to 5: Lucille P.. '07 (Brown), 4 to 1, 7 to I
4 to 5; Ben Hampson, 109 (Suridman). 7 to L
5 to 2. 6 to 5. Time. 2.08. Medusa. Duke of
Shelb\ Keziah. also ran.
FIRST RACE-Claiming; HC0; 2-ycar-olds; 5
furlong*. xLittle Banner. 97; xEmmanale 100; I
xEffle Randall, 105; Prophecy. 105; Pluriada,'
107: Frank Shannon. 115; George Muehlbach'
SECOND RACE-Claiming; $500:' 3-year-olds
and up: 6 furlongs. Iolite, 108; Dr. Levy 109:
xStej>hen R., 110; Bombast. 113: Indolence! 113,"
Counterblast. 117; Orderly, 117; Blaise. 118.
THIRD* RACE?Claiming; JKX); 3-year-olds
and up; 5^4 furlongs x Hasty Mabel. 98;
xMinnie F., 102; Mar Tom. 106; xBon Otis. 107;
Shrewsbury, 110; Robert I>ee. 110; Ollie Martin
110; General. 110; Petelus. 110; Jack K., lli ?
The I/awney, 111; Liberator, 115.
FOURTH RACE?Claiming; $600: 3-year-olds
and up; 1 mile and 70 yards. xMose (imp)
91 Kentucky Boy. 104; Little Cut tag* 104
Cadillac, 106; xBerliu, 108
FIFTH RACE?Allowances; $300; all aget 5H
furlongs Bracelet. 109; Paddy K. 112; Olttiid |
King, 112; Kama. 116; Gallant Lad. 116; Sandy
Lad. 116; Choir Master, 116.
SIXTH RACE - Claiming; $400: 3^ year-olds
and up; l mile and 70 yards. xLady Leon a
102: x.No Manager. 105; xBabr Cal. 1U6; Ring
Dote, 107: Brando, 110; Slumberer, liO- Rev'
Oakwood, 110; Blue Rock, U0.
x-Fife II*. apprentice allowance claimed.
' Fisher Out of Army.
Middlebury, Vt.. Dec. 4 ?Ray
Fisher. former New York American
LeaKue pitcher, who'for the last
year has been assistant physical dl- I
rector at Kort Slocum. N. r |laa!
obtained hi* discharge from the I
service and today came here to
spend several months on his farm
| oosacicwct" I
? WttlKIT
National League Hopes to
Learn Johnson's Plans.
Commission Candidates.
New York. Dec. 4.?The National
League has asked the American
League to take part in a joint meet
ing of the two organizations in this
city next week for the purpose of
bringing about more harmonious
conditions between the major base
ball bodies.
The National League will meet
here next Tuesday and the Ameri
can League plans to meet in Chicago
on Wednesday or Thursday. If Ban
Johnson accepts the invitation for
the joint conference^ probably will
I be held here December 13.
There are three important ques
I tions which the two leagues will en
jdeavor to agree on. They are a new
! chairman for the National Commis
sion. a new schedule for next season
and the player limit.
| According to the plans of several
I club Owners, the season will be cut
I down to 140 games, opening on May
II and closing on September 30. It
1 is also believed that the two major
! organisations will limit the players
'to 18 for each club.
?Ttare are so many of the clubown
ers of both leagues anxious to see
a change in the make-up of the Na
tional Commission that a big shake
up seems certain. The National
i League is anxious to And out where
'Ban Johnson stands on the question
of.baseball reforms.
1 Johnson last season openly violated
! the national agreement by refusing to
j abide by the decision of the National
Commission, and as this entirely de
i stroyed the authority which the com
mission has exercised in the past, the
club owners are anxious to know what
regard Johnson Is going to have for
I the national agreement in the future.
I The one thing which the club own
| ers in both leagues want, however, is
I absolute harmony before plans are
j made for the coming season. They
realize that the game will suffer un
less there is an end to all the petty
I wrangling that marred the sport last
' season.
I Since William Howard Taft made
it plain that he would not consider a
j place on the National Commission sev
eral candidates have been suggested.
: Amoitx these are Judge Kenesaw
| Mountain I^andis. of Chicago, and
John Toole, of New York.
Numerous candidates also have been
I mentioned for the presidency of the
! National League. Toole is among
I those suggested for this place. The
| names of Secretary-Treasurer John A.
| Heydler. Magistrate Francis X. Mc
I Quade. of this city, and Robert
I Brown, of Ixmisville. have been sug
| gested for the presidency.
I Johnson gives no indication vet that
j he will accept the suggestion of the
National league for a joint meeting.
If he is unwilling to call his club
owners for a conference here the Na
| tional league, it is understood, is will
ing to meet In some city in the Middle
I West.
The opinion appears to prevail in
I some quarters that the bouts to take
| place at the National Sporting Club,
London, between service men of the
allied armies and America are for
international title*. This is errone
ous. Many of the American com
petitors are not even the champions
of any arm of the military service.
The only champions to compete will
be Bombardier Wells. Johnny Bas
ham. Jimmy Wilde and possibly
Mike O'Dowd. English boxing titles
can t?e won only by Englishmen. If
Mike O'Dowd competes he will be
the only American title-holder to
I take part.
"Snowy" Baker, the Australian sport
impresario, sailed from San Francisco
yesterday, homeward bound. Baker
had been in this country for several
months and originally intended to re
main here indefinitely, but the ending
of the war prompted him to return to j
Australia for the purpose of promot
ing a series of championship matches.
He has made tempting offers to many
American boxers to appear at his
Sydney stadium in the near future. :
and also has cabled to Georges Car- !
pentier and Jimmy Wilde, urging
them to make the journey to the j
Island Continent.
Britton to Get Coin.
Jack Britton is to finally take]
part in one bout where he is to re- j
ceive money for his services. Jack '
i^ as matched by his manager. Danny ,
Morgan, to meet Silent Martin, the'
deaf mute middle-weight, in the star I
bout of eight rounds at the boxing'
show to be staged by the Armory A.
A., of Jersey City(Heights, on Mon- j
day evening. December 23. Martin
has not fought for some time, but
has kept himself in good shape. I
Football Star KiDed in France.
Everett. Mass., Dec. 4.?Lieut. Jo
seph W. Wehner. captain of the Ex
eter Academy football eleven In
Ml<>. was killed in action Septem
ber 20. while operating his airplane |
over the St. Mihiel salient. ftis j
parents were notified yesterday. '
Lieut. Wehner was credited with t
bringing down nine Clerman bal
loons in three days.
McCoy Alive Again.
A1 McCoy, the former middle
weight champion, has placed him
self under the management of 811
vey Burns, and the latter is at pres
ent dickering with A1 Lippe, of the ;
National A. C.. of Philadelphia, who
is after a match between McCoy and |
Jeff Smith. McCoy hasn't boxed for j
a few months, his last bout being
wjth Jack Dillon, whom he defeated i
at Muncle,- Ind.
Campaign Gets Check.
John Foster, secretary of the New
York Giants, announced yesterday
that he had turned over a check for j
$9,800 to the United War Work :
Campaign, the amount realized from i
th*1 football games played at the I
Polo Grounds on November IS and
November 23.
After Jeff Smith.
Jack Blackburn feels that he is
srettinsr back to his old fotrm and he !
In anxious to try himself out against 1
Jeff Sm|th or Tom Cowler.
Fulton Quit* Collin?.
It l? reported that Fred Fulton
will cut ft way from hl? m*n?g?r.
Mike Collins. and take ? trip to
Australia ma hla own manacer.
The following casualties are report
ed by the commanding general of the I
American Expeditionary Forces:
Killed in action..;....: 263
Died of wounds. 2J7
Died of accident and other
Died of aeroplane accident.... 1?
Died of dlaeeae
Wounded severely 34
Wounded (degree .undeter
mined) 388
Wounded slightly ?
Total 1. W
Killed la Aetlaa.
German H. H. Emory, Baltimore. Md
Myron Hall Peck. Petersburg. Va,
Henry O. Bradt. Johnstown, N. T.
H. H MacPberaon. Ran Francisco.
i Ralph J. Hurlburt. Portland. Oreg
' M M Anderson, Milwaukee, Wis.
John H. Qutnn. Philadelphia, Pa
Karl H. Wheeler. Brooklyn. N. Y
H. A. Williams. Cooks Mill. Mkh.
| Joseph M Hall. Springfield III.
F. D. Sullivan. New Paltx. N. Y.
I Earl H. Vaughn. Greenfield. Ohio.
| William Harrison. Canton. Ohio.
! James O. Kirby. Greenville. 8. C.
I William Littlger. Muskegon. Mich.
! Jake McNalr, Milton. Ind.
Ralph H. Moore. Milton, Ind
J Alexander Newell. Chicago. III.
Gordon O. Fullerton. Flndley, Ohio
i Charles Helaaer. Brooklyn. N Y.
] Mike Lucas, Cleveland. Ohio.
; George Selsam. Zanesville. Ohio.
I Walter A. Adams. Averillpark. N. Y.
Fred W. Brady. Dayton. Tenn
Adam C. Doerr. Milwaukee. Wis.
1 Alfred J. Foster. Orland. Cal.
Edward R. Gemert. Wilkinsburp P^ |
i Stephen McKlnley. Hlcksville, Ohio.
' Wilmer Atkinson. Empire. Mich.
A. D Brady. French Creek. W. Va
William J. Burgess. Manning. S. C.
William E. Burns. Tonganoxle. Kan*.
Edward H. Coffey. Windsor. N. Y
John K. McCormk-k. New York. N. Y |
Austin J. McDonald. New York. N. Y. I
Matthew B. McGee. Baltimore. Md.
James T. Michaels. Birchwood. Tenn.
Victor Immanuel Rieck. Utlca. Mich.
George Arrington. Nacogdoches, Tex.
.Otto E. Axelson. Jamestown. Kaai.i
} Henry K. Brown, Sualda. S. C.
Elmer r.utle*. I'i ffulo, S. C.
t William J. Guy, Rebecca. Ga
I Led lie F. Hickerson. Wellsvtlle. Mo.
?Herbert L Krepe. Philadelphia. Pa.
j I>eonard N. Moore. Durham. N. C.
1 Frank D. Poteet. Venus, Tex.
(John Deutch. Indiana Harbor. Ind.
H. A. Morehouse, Cleveland. Ohio.
Giles > Simons. Seattle. Wash.
J \ ernon O. Smith. I-anslns, Mich.
I Oscar E. Snyder. Fishers Ferry. Pa.
I Cecil Herman Sprong, Butler, Pa.
j Edward Tuttle. Dayton. Ohio.
| I^awrence Warner. Plymouth. Pa.
Lewis K. Wetmiller, Sand Patch. Pa.
John Ay re. Jr.. Philadelphia. Pa.
George C. Kunx. Dubuque, Iowa
Frank Merriani. Philadelphia. Pa. '
Gus Holschneider. New York, N. Y.
Henry E. Valois. Ogdensburg. N. Y.
Mech. R. J Bioghamer. Decora h, la.
John F. Stumpf. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Oscar E. Wurxbach. Rio Medina. Tex. !
Bert Strickland. Seattle. Wash.
Cook O'Connor. Aberdeen. Wash. |
John D. Aaron. Slatington. Pa. I
Albert B. Abeler. Brooklyn. N. Y. i
' George Bergen. Kingston. N. Y.
'Andrew J Brahler. Zanesville. Ohio,
i R*y Bridge. Hollis, Okla
: Homer E. Bryant. Salem. S C.
: Charles C. Bugler. Two Rivers, Wis.
, Hobson D. Byers. Roanoke. Vs.
i William L. Cason. Atlanta. Ark.
! Virgil A. Clayton. Vildo. Tenn.
; Arthur O. Conklin. New York. N. Y.
?Jos. A. Cunnane. Hoboken. N. J.
! Edwin B. Daly. Paterson. N. J.
I Allen O." Delke Slatington. Pa
j Benjamin Dempsey. Trenton. N. J.
i Lionel C. Dover. Cedar City. Utah.
IJ. T. Eckerson. Elizabeth. N. J.
Ignatx Geraci. Brooklyn. N. Y.
iWm. W. Hamilton Chicago. 111.
Elsa O. Hudson. Midwayv^W. Va.
, Fred U Page. Saginaw. Mich.
| Wilmer M. l^apine. Malone. N. Y.
' Charles D. McGinnis. Elyria. Ohio.
Eugene M. McGrath. Armour. S Dak.
Louis P. Mages. Elyria. Ohio.
Dave Marsh. Wylam. Ala.
Wm. D. Marston Odes?a. Mo.
Win. F. Mathers. Bostwjck. Nebr *
V. J. Meyers. Opportunity. Wash.
Ray T. Whalejn. Minneapolis. Minn.
Stephen Mirieki Philadelphia Pa.
Frank B Mitchell. Kittrell. N. C.
Jesse E. Moore. Massiilon. Ohio. j
Mike Moxenck;. Cleveland. Ohio.
Jim O'Connor. Lake View. Oreg.
Rosco C. Pack. Cedar Bluff. Va. j
A. B. Pearce Youngsville N. C.
C. A. Pittman. South Bend. Ind.
John W. Allen. Louisville. Ky.
O. T. Almarode. Green vile. Va.
A. R. Broemmer. Hannibal. Mo. i
William P. Camlin, Trio. S. C.
Wm L. Crampton. Sharpsburg. Md.
George E. Deveaon. New York. N. Y.
Frank M. Eckerslev, Cove. Oreg.
Frank Fleming-?. Memphis. Tenn.
R. J. Glrouard. New Bedmord. Mass.
Wm. H. Hagetman. Sterling, III.
Grover L. Hann. Titus. Ala.
Thomas Hanm^an. New York. N. Y.
J. A. Harshburber. Frankport. Ind.
Jerome Heine Brooklyn Hills. N. Y.
i C. C. Hendrickson. Edmonton. Can.
Morris Hirschfeld. Brooklyn. Y.
Louis H. Hoeing. Washington. Mo.
Frank Kaslenski. Chicago. III.
Joseph A. Kennedy. Chester. Pa.
Walter Kierski, Chicago. 111.
George Kosowltz. Chicago. 111.
A. G. Kunes. Cedar Creek. Idaho. !
Odell Lane. Sevierville, Tenn.
James Leavitt, Dorchester. Mass.
Toney L. Lewis. Sabula, Mo.
John H. Lookhoff, Montville, N. J.
G. F. McBane. East Palestine. Ohio;
Joseph Maro. Jr.. New York, N. Y
Andrew L Matthew. Volga. W. Va.
Conrad E. Miller. Calumet. Okla
Charles Monette, Spokane. Wask.
Emil Nelson. Alpena. S. Dak. .
Adolph Oium. Christiana. Wis. i
Armus Paitola. Paterson. N. J.
L H. Petersen. Salt Lake City. Utah.
Luther A. Pettigrew. Brady. Okla
<"'arl S. Rosmussen. Long Beach. Cal.
Clarence I. Roth. St. Louis. Mo.
John' Rvan, Chicago. 111.
Luigi Adams. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Charles Alber. Brooklyn. N. Y
Walter A. Arnold. Dorranceton. Pa.
Jamos Afhot. Argyle. Wis.
H. D. Atkinson. Bridgeton. N. J.
Geor^^ Baird, Montexuma, Ind.
Frank Bartoxaves, Baltimore. Md.
George v. Bates. Big Fork. Ark
Felice J. Brunett. Fife Lake. Mich.
Alfred' 11. Buskey, Richard. Vt
Thomas J. Clare, Boulder. Colo
S 8. De Capito. Cleveland. Ohio.
D. L Deckert. Cleveland. Ohio.
W. G. Fitxgerald. San Francisco. Cal.
Thorr.fl* Flannigan. Olivia. Minn.
Achilla Funatell*. New York. N. Y.
Tony R. George. Herkimer. N. Y.
Andrew L Goere*. Avon. Masa.
Rorer C. Admire. St. Louia. Mo.
Thoa. N. Blackman. Seagoville, Tex.
Charlev Blair. Chattanooga. Tenn.
Jacino" Bondelino, Brooklyn. N Y.
Ernest G. Campbell. Agency, Mo.
George F.-Canny, Fredric, Iowa.
Edgar Carey Brooklyn. N. Y
Conatantlno Cavallo. Bayonne, N. J
Keith Denton. Erie, 111.
R. H. Elabbaim. Milwaukee. Wia.
frank Feslsy. Buffalo. N. T.
J. J. Fogarty. New Tork. N. T.
Walter *. Grove. Red Hon. Pa
Niela M. Hansen. Roy. 8. Dak.
William A. I .am be raky Chicago, III.
Char lea D. Miller, Ellsworth. Kama.
Sam K. Myera. Plnay Flata. Tenn
Harley Oakley. Htamboldt. III.
Francia O'Brien. New York. N. T.
Prank A. Phelan. Providence. R. L
Ralph Q. Huah. Eugene. Mo
William R. Sawyers. White Sulphur.
Springs, w Va
Elwood E. Rchlarb. Ashland. Pa.
Quincy R. Seymour. Rantoul. Kaoi.
Clyde Shepherd. Poynette. WU.
M. L. Shortnacy. Murray Cross. Ala.
Arthur F. Simpson. Randall. Wia.
William D. Sluaaer. Nantlcoke, Pa.
jc. T. Smedley. Springfield. Ohio.
Albert H Smith. Clayton. Idaho.
Charlea 8talter. Park Ridge. N. J.
Jamea Stlti. Baltimore. Md
Gullik Styrmoe. Chicago, 111.
I>i?ard B. Swanaon. Saginaw, Minn.
Charlie M. Turner. Mattlnburg. Tex.
Salvatore Zaffuto, Akron. Ohio.
Max Halpern, Brooklyn. N. T.
F. H. Uandwerk. 81atlngton. Pa
Morria Hansen. Comfrey Minn
John Harper. Toledo. Ohio.
Geo E. Havens. East Syracuse. N. Y.
H. J. Heaton. San Francisco, CaL
Stephen C. Heyman. Bellevue. Ohio
August H Hlrach. New York. N Y.<
E King. West Frankfort. III.
Frank B. Koca, Tobias, Nebr.
Donald C. Lane. Quincy. Kans,
Charlea Langeobach. Kenosha. Wis. |
Gerlleld Lowrye. Pembroke. N.
A. R. Luedtke, North Freedom. Wia.'
Harry Mclntyre. Springfield, III.
[Frailer B. MrMeana. Gratton. Va.
iG. McNutt; Albuquerque. N. Mex. I
Charlea V Magsig. I)ewltt. Mich
G. F. Maltner. Grand Rapid*. Mich. !
| William P. Mann. Las Vega* Nev.
| Charlea R. Maaon. Cadoaia. N. Y
i Aggie C Meier. Whitelake. P. Dak.
[Petre Miller. Detroit. Mich
j Frank Mislivek. Omaha. Nebr.
William F Murphy. Girard. Pa.
Anthony Nicoloai. Brooklyn. N. Y.
[Conception Ortia. Eagle Pass. Tex.
Norman J. Paro, Malone. N. Y
Garrett W. Plemons. Leoma. Tenn.
! Charlea Porter. Chicago. III.
James J. Pray. Jersey City. N. J.
Daniel F. Reagan. Saratoga. N. Y.
John Rigney. ScotUtown, Ohio.
Toney Rotollo. Brooklyn. N. Y.
Arthur Ruberg. Brooklyn N. Y.
James Scanlon. New York, N. Y.
I Errol Smith. Weiser. Idaho
Matenx SoblevaJ, Windber. Pa.
Howard Alfnus stahl. Indiana. Pa
Bernard A. Alegar. Martin. Tex.
| Boxo Stipnnovic. So Pittsburghh. Pa
Herbert S. Stolte. Cleveland. Ohio.
I>eo E Stovern. Roshoit. S. Dak
James G. Strugnell. Port Ewen. N". Y.
iC. Thompson. North Bergen. N. J
t Alf M. Tronas. Bliss. Idaho.
Vitantonio Valengano. Flushing. N. Y
Valenxa Golvanni. Trenton. N J
Joseph Ryan. Billings. Mont.
i John W. Seery, Philroont. N. Y.
Clifford Sehorn. Spiro. Okla.
I Verl E. C. Snider. Taneytown. Md.
F. Wallenstetn Jr.. New York. N. Y
Robert E. Robbins. Sharpsburg, N. C.
Stanley Skroubul. Shenandoah. Pa
I Walter S. Smith. Chapttella. s. c!
I August Sudbeck. Hartington. Nebi
j Sygmunt Sxred. r New York. N. Y
j C. W. Trowbridge. Mehoopanv Pa
Christian I'rdahl. Windsor. Wis.
Walter F Volkert. Cincinnati. Ohio.
Jonas Wajciula. Livingston. 111.
Ernest R Dhite. lyerna. Ill
Marion C. Whltener. Hickory. N. C.
Thos. E. Whltesidea, Springrtale, Pa
Pled or Wsunds.
| William H. Ahele. Todelo. Ohio.
Ralph A. Branch. Wichita, Kana
I Paul C. Ladd. Bowling Oreen. Ohio.
James ^MacFarland. Burlington. N J.
John V. Fleming, Vallejo. Cal.
John F. Hayden. Hermlston. Oreg
M. W. Marvweather -Kansas Cltr
I Charles A Wagner Springfield. Mo.
? Wesley P Pinnell. Jacksonville. Fla.
1 James N. Bond. Blanchard. Okla.
|P R. Biakeman. Painestilie. Ohio
? F. L Dullaghan. Fort Wayne. Ind
I James Halpin. New Haven. Conn.
William F. Hogan. Syracuse. N. Y.
John M Hoctor. New York N Y
Gerge W. Miller. I tica. N. y.
Gilbert A. Stephenitch. Dixon III
Waren Phillip Taylor. Janesvil'le W is
Hxekiel Walters. Manchester. Ohio
Fred T. .Bell, Norwood. Tenn.
\ incent M. Bowles, Independence. Mo
Alaster W. Duff, Mahaffy. Pa.
Anthony N. Hanaen. Plica. N. Y
TON. D. C.
Benjamin F Seaborn. Altair. Tex.
Hulen F Stanley. Riverside, Tex.
Albert Henry. Miamisburg. Ohio.
John Burke. Des Moines, Iowa.
Francis E. Garland. Chicago. Ill
John I>. Harman. Cincinnati. Ohio.
Matthew Joseph Long, Chicago. III.
Curtis Allison. Carbondale. III.
Lynn Crawford. Chapin. Iowa.
Walter C. Fegains. Palmer. Tex
Julian F Garatecki. Milwaukee. Wia
Glen L. Hall. Ionia. Mich
Karl H. Newell. Syracuse, N. Y.
Lee Oatroskv. Jersey City. N. J.
George Quabeck. Irvlngton, N. J.
Charlea B Stone. Ray side. N. Y
Victor A. Swanaon. Marinette. Wis
Alvln H. T"lit, Austin. Tex.
j Norbert J. Finegan. West (heater Pa
Seraphin Fiorl. Clifton. N. J.
John P. Fleming, Sharpshurg. Pa
Daniel E. Gann. Jersey Shore, Pa
William James Hayes. Detroit, Mich.
Clarence Osterhoudt. Cornwall. N. Y.
George J Schmidt. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Frank Cams Slner. Philadelphia. Pa.
J. W. Thompson. Mt Pleasant. Tenn
Henry Boddv, BloomAeld, N. J
M. N. Bra den. Santa Maria. Cal.
Ray 8 Bradford. Bearden. Ark
John A 11 igglna. Troy. N. Y.
Robert G. Krause. Seymour. Wis.
William G. Laplante. Haverhill Mass |
Warren A. Resan. New York. N. Y
Aloert G. Richardson. Warner. N. Y.
Frank J. Slusarek. La Salle. III.
Paul W. Topa. New Britain. Conn.
Bugler William Frederick Scheufler. I
Hoisington Kans
Mechanic John Swann. Leachville I
Mechanic W. J Leach, Philadelphia
Cook ,A. J McGurin, East Boston.
Anthony Abroitx Philadelphia. Pa
O. Ailingham. Silver City. N. Mex.
O. F. Anderson, Platte, s Dak
Henry A. Anthony. Denton. Tex.
H. Armstrong. Mount Carmel III
Edward M Beightol. Tyrone. Pa.
Edward Bell. Youngatown. Ohio
I-eon Block. Boston. Mass
R L. Boone. Port Richev. Fla
Ray Branaon. Springfield. Mo
Geo. B. Bridges. Huron, Ind.
Guy Bryan. Robinson. Pa
P. Cavanaugh. Middle Haddon. Conn
Antonio Ceccki. Conifer, Pa
Mn M. Chrlstenaen. Perth Ambov
Joseph H. Chopi. Cleveland. Ohio.
W C. Coodit. Woodhaven. N. Y.
Arthur A. Dallas. Ballaton Spa. N. Y.
D. B. De Forest. North Troy N Y
S Dl Micell. Brooklyn. N Y.
V. De Sibbio. Lynhurat, N. J.
Ge? H. Eickir.rler, Princeton. Ill
?Aubrey A. Fisher. De Leon. Tax
Jos. W Franklin. Clayton. Ala
Frank L. Graham. Colony. Okla
Leroy D Gregory. Tuckahoe. N Y
Joseph Ha las Philadelphia Pa
W. T-Heidle. Junction City, Kans I
John R. Imrrara. Garysburg. N C. '
<*l?a?1ea L Karaaer Seattle tv?h.
Chariea KM.I,, K,r w>#,
Walter Koivt Bariinrten K j
t Langl*> AJtarilw. \ C.
Morn, Lappe. Form-., ill,. Cong,
ft A UiMMkf Milwaukee
i?zr\.jum*' N>?t" j
1 c ??? ?"mbuT**- ^-1
mTL.VZT^ .Aru?** Brown*. Hi
ST* Hi???.
, , ^Brrd- *ol*n?Tllle. Twin
'' 'arbarajal An mo N m?,
? ** C?rtaon. Kmiw.i Minn,
i A rot,n?rr t'nlvemlty Park. la.
I A. Denatale. N>w york J. x*
i H?r? ^Urt-n Ridg.-, P,
H uTVL^"" ""?**?? " *??
i iT1'* L^xinjrton Ga
hV^~ J J??dfr*> Valley P.rk M
?- *jy Oooitett. L-nrvilie. Tfi*
fS"*!1"" Ar??,,?. Wl?
H Hancox. Troy. N Y
i uMrWf?d- Te*.
H * w Herr.don, Lucaa. lom%_
Hoop*,. Minneapolis. jo,^
[t"" H?ugti. lyewton. N J
fc-rl Novurt. Ramaburg n
Klwoo^ J.Jobbb. Philadelphia p.
kfon F Xingdon. Baiavia. X Y
I hilmon E. Larson. Dead S Dat
yT?Vr *TCk K>
B " ,l,^r*now,>?. Montroae, Cota.
at^T .^L ?p' faraona, Kana
Albert K Hodmer. Paradiae Kana
Oaear easier. Afton. W*o.
Max Clelewic*. New ^ranker, win.
Patrick J Crontn. C.n,?n X,a? -
V ? rann'nrham. Dy. ravllle. Iov?,
A B Doyle. Central Bridge. N. T.
Jo,, ph Duval New York yj Y
Ray Everltt. Montroae. Pa. -
Joaeph Failalce Plttaburgh Pa.
?. 71 P F,ro^k Bur. Pa.
j Steve Gasper, Stahlatown. Pa.
> John R. Given, Roberidale Ala.
Wm H Greenleaf. Boston. Maaa
; George Merlins. Burke wis
Francis Homand. Bellow, Falls Vt_
Albert II. Kastel. Sprtngvllla, N T,
? Charles Klein. New York. N Y.
Joaeph Dasiak Pateraon N J
Andy Levande,ki. Pitteburgh. Pa.
McOowan Main Oorham. K. n.
Henry A. MoShane. M-dford. Vua
Walter J Market Adelaide. Pa.
John M. Murphy. Belvidere, ||I.
H. E. Nyhart. Eden Center, K Y
Atnund Olauaon. Yedona Canada.
Howard Olmitftd, Bridgeport ? ?????
Steve Paluaiak. Chicago. I||.
Henry F. Peteraon. Oakland C?
Warren P p.erarh. Princeton ]<
E. O. Rt*mu??en. Harv*jr, N l>ak.
L*on Reyome. Malone. 1?. Y.
Ge?r*e P. Richard. Philadelphia. T>?,
John C. Schumartier. Johnatowa. I'a.
Ed*. M Sharp. Loup city. Nebr
C. E Specrinf, ("rookaton. Maa,
I*- Stone. Colu nbta Croaaroade Pa.
<ieorfe W Stover. Martin. S. Dak.
Moae, c. Sir..man. Orangeburg. B G.
William Szablak. t'tlca. K. Y. '
Frank Siymkiew ics. Cleveland ohi^
Frank TerwiHIrer M?rr??. Oh.o
l-eonard L. Thoma,. Bryceland. ' - *
?Jeorge E Tracej. Pea body Maaa.
'' W?ilter1ck. Terre Haute Ind.
H Whiteman Eaat Fostorla. Ohio,
l-red Secret, Wllaon. plemon. Tea.
F. T WlnchelL Vancouver. Wub
? ;.orge r Woodalt Stuart. v%
Frank C. Wjrna. Columbua. Ga*
M. A. Zataney. Dirminghom. Ala *"
Kdward F. I.undholm. St Paul Minn,
hdward J Malllet, Bear Crek. Win.
A J Mangin. Pieaeantvllle. X. y
I^>uia M Maupln. Aahlud M<>
j Andy Medwith. Oliver^.
'-harlea C, M^nan iff Tc?-k K Y.
'Henry E. Mcrideth. fKumbia. L*.
j Flayd H Miller. Klmira N Y
H- C. Noltmeyer Oregon City. Ore*.
?. D. None. Salt l^ke City. Ttah.
Jeremiah Orchard. Scrapcr. < >k|a
I Steve J Paddock. Wilkc-Barrc Pa.
. Joae Perea. Santa Fe. N
Hubert M. Phar#*,. Beverly, w Ya.
C. II. Randall. '1i?iMn.?.m TeiS^
J",eph F Ready. Cincinnati. <>hia?
Frank H Redneld. Anchor. Oreg !
Harry Reinhold. Akron. Ohio.
John L Robert,on Ungdon N. Da*.
We, Ro,?. Ulckllff. Kj.
Gilbert A Sam I,. Reed City, Mick.
l*aul A. Sa,a. Sheboygan. Wifc
r<?bkrt i. s'tKPHKnn > (j r\ct
TON. D. C.
|j ?; KpoeUtra. Hud,onvllle. Hnk
Henry C Stewart Oxford. Viae.
?' F Stoermer. Evanaville. ,.w
Frank M Trebim?. Philadelphia 9a.
Clement Turn. San I.ula obi,|WL c^S*
John Worak,. Cleveland Ohio:.
Stephen p tVebater. Troy. K T I
| Richard William v ,d. nr. ..1 .1,1
Elbert H Wil,on Henrietta. Te? -
F Winkler Buffalo. \ r S
William Hug,. 2-w,. Duque.n.-, p?
Roy C. McElfl,h. Princeton. Mo ^
John Mc.Vamar, staten l,land. M ?.
Bill Margea, McGlll. Kev
<"h?rle, K. Miller. Flora. Iji
" A Morri,. Wheatridgt Cola. 3
Alhert M 0:TOn PI,tie 8 T^.k 1
IHJalmer S Or. son. Wolverton. WA
S Pappnlardl. NVw York X y
Charlie s Park. <^ardner N Maa 5
atrick P Purtell. New Yoi k V i.
Bert c Smith Fall, Cltv. 1VaA' z
Warner Smith. Newpor l New, taj
Frank Snyder Baltimor.. Md' I
Charle, c Stanley. Sebree Kv 3
7 ? Columbia. C,n.di.
MeHIn Strommen. St. Jam.-, Mian?
?ictor A swanaon. Brook h n v ?
lK>naio IVmpento. T>*ler. Pa
William l'mrvaraky. Revere. Maanis
>> F \ ar I Wt Kar. Collin, V ?
?*<?? E I*wi,burt Kfc
W "Ham Woodward Cheater s c*
"alter J. Ziehm. Cleveland. OhtoJ?
Died from Aeeidew. utfcer
Fa |
"?. Tp*. J
ty, N. J J
\ t rnoa
IJeut. A. D. Holbrook. Rockland, M
Kmanuel Ooldberp. GrunviUe. S. Xy
Joseph C. Brown. Jack.<*on\ille. Fla.5
B. R. Low*1. Gtndw viH*'. W. Vk. I
.loseph T. Smith. Scranton. Pa
Frank Junior Kcklen. Waco,
Frederick Moon. Jersey Clt .
Brakeman W. C. Robinson. V
W. Va
Barron P. Bin**. Brookhaven. Mis*.
Vilas Z. Wilaon. Norton, Va
PharlM O. Harmon. Chicajro. Ill,
Jamt-fl M. Phillip*. Brooklyn.
Morri* A. Ford. Alma. N. Mex
Joseph Sporku. (*urtia Bay. Md.
| Albert T>. Sohnapp. lx>n?r Bench. Cfeftj
DIH -la \ir|il?Mr Accident.
j Roy C. Carter. Paris. Te?. Kj
Cart A. Grime*. Miles. Trx.
| Alton H. Kimball. Sprinfcfi**kl. \U-4i
j Philip J. McMAhon. New Orleai.s. I<air
Aaruatua F Bell, (n&icaso. lit.
Cyrua E Graham. Bryan. Tex
j Kdwin Booth Sohreiber, HopeV?9
Junction. N. T. Kj
Sidney W White Ellaabeth CRsI
1 K, C.
F'red G. Auatrom. OKfoiiUe, Kan4t
| A- M Robert*. Birmlneham. Ala '
Harold S Wataon. Indianapolis. In<W
Prt. G . W RorraH*. 8t. loseph. Ma^
UlrH ef Dlnoiirr
Roliert G Durpn. New Market, N. IS
F. C. Manmn? RaleiKh N C
Howell Lx-wis Held. Ha Hi mot.. Mtf ;
Julius 1x>uis 8hr>er. Durant. I* wa S
D. F McCarthy. Bradford. Pa
L^ewia W. Kitchen*. Senatobi*. Mia* 1
Otho J. Hudtfn* NewiKirt Vl
Wm. L Anderaon. Knoxvilk'. Tena
Harry H. Garner. Caldwell. Ohio.
William A Howe*. Marlboro MaaffL*
Frank H. Johnson Northland.
H R l^ambrx^ht. Wh?-a? mud N DkM
Jacob E. Phillipe Glen Rock 3f - J.
CONTINT'ED r n l iGk KJl.H

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