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Lives Lost, However, Are
92 Less Than Previous
Two hundred and seventeen acci
dent9 at sea. according to the annual
report of the Steamboat Inspection
Service, resulted in loss of 50o lives.
The report was made public yester
one hundred and forty-seven ol
these deaths were due to suicide, ac
! dental drowning and other causes be*
yond the power of the service to pre
sent. The r.umb* r of lives lost ws?
>ln?ty-two lean than the year l>efore.
Th? r.ij-nNir of passengers carried to
the number lost was 4.352.4S2 to one.
una thousand, three hundred and fif
ktv-slx lives were saved by means of
life-savin? devices.
Licenses were issued to 32.45S offlccra
Wt all gradee. There were exan
fted for visual dcfects 11.715 appli
cants for license, of whom 2CS were
rejected for color-blindness and other
faults of vision. Certificates of serv
ice were issued to ?.344 able seamen
arvd SCO were rejected. Certificates
of efficiency were issued to &.131
.ifs-boat men. and *785 were re
The forcc inspected and certificated
7.015 vfrtsei*. with a total gross ton
??*ge of S.4*4.01. of which t>.7SS were
i domestic vessels with a total gross
tonnage of $.846,356. and 27i w.re for
) e*gn passenger steam vessels with a
| total .sro.^s tonnage of 1.61S.340. Of
r the doro-^i c vessels, ther^e were
I steam vcs-eLs. GCo motor vessels, eigh
teen ps?s^n,icr barge?, and 5^3 sea
going barges. There was an increase
of thirty-one in the total number c(
vessels inspected and an increase of
! 2IS,Ic7 in the total gross tonnage
of vessels inspected as compared with
the previous fiscal year. Tetters ot
approval of designs' of boilers, en
gines and other operating machinery
were granted to thirty-three steam
vessels w-ith a total gross tonnage
of 578. There were Inspected for the
United States government eighty-four
ItuIIs and 1.716 boilers. There were
l.WS reinspections of passenger and
i ferry steamers. The two traveling
ispectorS traveled over 17.872 miles,
ispected 277 vessels and found forty
six deficiencies of various kinds.
All Incumbent Directors Relecte<l
For Coming Year by Stockholders
B Incumbent directors of the Hom<
I \A
- were re-elected for th<
i at * rwetinsf of ?tock
er? of th- bank held last Tuesdav
MKK,re^t0rS are: John B M
iP. Herrmann. R. H. John
Percy McGlue
" rd Moran. Johr
on. C. Ka...
WlllUm Mill
u D>, ~ .nonn. jonr
IH^Ruppe^ B^ F. saul. W. E. Shan
John Shugr..
r officers for the coming
ed at a director's meet
President. B. F. Saul
Howard Moran; vice
Shpn -
<\iex. & Clarke; treasurer. F. G. Ad
MiV Jr.: nMstant treasurers. E. E
Swsn. D. S. Venables and H. W. Ire
.V semi-annual dividend of 6 per cent.
wa? ?? *-? January-1.
Roy Claflin, Delegate from Wash
ington. Submits Resolution.
ranchise for citizens of Wash
mcton was ursred in a resolutior
offered to the Southern Commercia
Congress in convention in Baltimor<
yesterday. Roy C. Claflin. delegat<
from the Washington Chamber oi
Commerce submitted the resolution
The citizens of the District of Col
ombia are entitled to the benefits ol
democratic government according t<
the resolution. Congress is therefor*
urced to enact such legislation aj
will extend the right to vote to the
The Southern Commercial Con
gress also favored the establish
ment of a permanent. Internationa!
exhibit in the capital according tc
a resolution discussed yesterday. All
the states of the union and the var
ious nations should erect suitable
buildings and maintain exhibits
there said the delegates to the Con
I gress.
I Action was not taken on th<? res
olution yesterday other than the re
ferring of them to the resolutior
committee. Mr. Claflin felt sure
from talking with members thai
they woukl be endorsed.
German Chemist Relieves Shortage
in Hunland with Chemicals.
Sjmthetic tobacco has been concoct
ed by German chemists, even includ
ing.* substitute for nicotine, accord
ing to data reaching government offi
cials here yesterday.
The etimu?ai>t which is to replace
nicotine is des>gnat?d "Pyridine." A
shortage of tobacco in Germany
forced the chemists to get busy on
^logan Adopted for Fifth Liberty
# Loan at National Meeting.
Atlantic City. N". J.. Dec. 13.?"Let*."
nuin the Job"' will be the slogan
or the Fifth Liberty Loan, it waa
need here today.
decision was reached at the
meeting of publicity and
? directors who will aid fn the
Profiteers ProsecaUc.
acaso. Dec M?I'rosecution of IOC
' ' 1 ' ?"* *?*as aakc-d today In
? ' i ?> invest Isntor* hero chai g.
fTjj'"" WI.t;' ,>roliteerin8r in butter.
1 Calls Han Competition
In South America Myth
? ? I
Chicago. Dec. 11.?German competi
! tlon in South America is a bogey and j
j a myth. John Barrett, director general
; of the Pan-American Union, declared
j her? today.
"South America is the greatest op
! portunity even' offered the world." he .
| said. 'With Germany out of the race I
commercial interests between I.atin- I
j American republics and the United
; States ought to be greater than we :
; ever hoped for."
'Lick H? Out of Anybody'
Says Governor of Iowa
Chicago, Dec. 13.?"Don't let!
molly-coddle* and sissy-bobs run
? this country." said Governor Hard
| ing of Iowa, speaking here.
I "We want to be prepared to lick j
h? out of any enemy, and uni
versal training will fix us up."
District Budget Also Pro
vides for More Pay for
Demands for increased salaries for I
District policemen and firemen, for |
which The Washington Herald ha3
been fighting for more than five years, 1
*ns contained in a statement submit
ted to Congrcs3 yesterday, together
with estimates for "base rate In
creases" for District employes.
This request, which accompanies rec
ommendations of various heads of
District departments, was leferrcd to
the House Appropriations Committee,
as part of the budtet for increases
which total $2,354,297 This budget.
' which provides for increased rates of
; bas'c salaries throughout government
departments, is mor? than 50 per cent
1 District appropriation.
j If this salary increase for the Dis
trict employes is granted by the House
? Appropriations OoramiLcoe 1 o?h the
Police and Fire Department employes
1 will be materially benefited. It was
i stated that the wages of the Fire De
partment have been stationary since
; 1908, while the cost of living has In
creased 60 per cent- Seveial petitions
! have been circulated through the vari
; ous citisens' societies of the District,
i and an increase of pay for both Police
I and Fire Departments has received the
hearty cooperation of all associations.
Two Platoon System.
j The request for an increase In the
salaries of the Fire Department has
, been deferred, it was stated, in antici
! pat ion of the adoption in the District
j of the two-platoon system. This be
: came effective in June, and as worked
out enables the staffs at the various
t engine houses to work in eight-hour
! Fhifts. The need of an increased wage,
| however, has been recognised by the
; District authorities for some time,
j Maj. Pullman, of the police depart
j ment, wants' a salary rating of 15 a
j day for the men on his staff, and
i Chief Wagner, of the fire department,
, ; is urging an increase for all the men
in the service of his department.
The budget increases asked for by
departments are as follows:
District of Columbia. J1.W3.82S; State
Department. 128.450; Navy Depart
ment. $7,600; Interior Department,
$259,220; Department of Commerce,
$106,580; Department of Labor, $22,310;
Department of Justice. $33,S84; Post
office Department. $8,110; State. War
and Navy Building, $102,600; Govern
ment Printing Office, $22,500; Library
of Congress. $50,COO; superintendent of
(buildings, library, $10,615; Botanic Gar
j derv, $8,500; Civil Service Commission,
! $37,950; Employes* Compensation Com
f mission, $450. Total. $2,353,297
I '
Treasury Workers Circulate Peti
tion for Old Office Hours.
Insufficient electric lighting equip
ment in government buildings may
be responsible for abandoning the
'staggered hours" system. This
system was introduced by John A.
Beeler, traffic expert, six months ago.
as a remedy for the congestion of
; street cars around 9 o'clock in the
t morning and 5 o'clock in the after
I noon.
| The Treasury is an example of
! a building poorly equipped for work
after dark. The electrical equip
ment there is not sufficient for
carrying the current when all de
partments are working at full force.
Consequently the clerks have circu
lated a petition asking for a return
J to the old hours of 9 to 4:30 o'clock.
i Gloria Kemmctt, Bound for Movie
Stage, Hostess.
I A birthday party, bidding farewell
| to her childhood, was given yesterday
evening by Gloria Kemmctt, of 328
I Delaware avenue northeast, who cele-,
I brated her thirteenth birthday on Fri
' day. December IX "This year," said
i Gloria's mother, "my little girl will
: graduate from the Gale School and
jgo on the moving picture stage."
| Gioria danced and sang for her
I guests, and in turn listened to their
j songs. Mrs. Kemmctt recited a poem
' telling how Gloria was born thirteen
j years ago Just one block from the
iCapitol. One hundred children attend-,
jed the party.
Fracture of the skull from an auto- j
mobile collision caused the death of Ed
ward Stewart, 1&46 Sixth street north- j
west, at Casualty Hospital on Decern- |
her 12, according to the decision of
[the coroner's Jury yesterday. Stewart,,
lit is said, was struck by an auto-1
{mobile driven by George Henry Mark]
.in front of the Semmes Garage, at 61."
jG street northwest, November 29, at 5
;o'clock in the evening. Mark is being!
?held for action of the Grand Jury.
S. S. S. Greatest Blood Remedy
Gives Results When Others fail
Natnre'i Remedy for Blood W- j
Itles. !t '* absorbed into the blood, and
The purifying and curative prop-1 b<?ls- rashes, blotches and
. . I other eruptions of the skin appear.
,rtics of Nature, erett remedy havo | s 8 g g0CJ intQ thc clreullltlon
made "8. S. S. for the Dlood" a and removes every rartlcla of blood
nouaefcd^d saying. Thousands today j taint or poison of every character,
enjoying perfect health owe their re- All akin diseases and eruptions pass
-ov#T from blood aud sjcin diseases , away, and a smooth, clear skin,
t?is universally used blood puri- J flowing with health, shows that the
r . S. S. S. is made entirely from ? body is being nourished by rich, pure
oca. hfirbs. and barks, which pos- J blood. Rheumatism. Catarrh, Scrof
? 5-w cleansing an<l healing ingre- ula. Contagious Blood Poison, all
You cannot be well when are ^deep-seated blood disorders, and
mf blood is impure; you Wck f?r their treatment nothing etjuala
tr?*?gth and energy natural with i S. 8. 8. Get 8. S. 8. at any drug
?aith; your complexion becomes \ store. If yours is a pecuiiar case
and sallow; your vitality is write Medical Adviser. 442 Swift
eafc+aed. When wuie ox r$Xuae i LAiMfcrMOty, Adv.
~7rom t^e "pulpits
*alrntl?a Army,
An unueual treat is offered Wash
ingtoniana this evening at the Church
of the Covenant. Connecticut avenue
and ^ street northwest. where Staff
Capt. William Halpin. of the Salva
tion Army, who has Just returned
I from the fighting front In Prance,
] will deliver a thrilling lecture cover
ing his eighteen months' cxperl
| en cos under lire.
| Mr. Halpin has been with the Amer
ican Expeditionary Forcos In several
; sectors, ant* followed the Gorman re
treat in the St. Mihiel drive.
| The Honorable Charles McChord
j jviil preside at this lecture, and a
I hearty Invitation is extended to the
| Public,to attend this gathering.
| Archdeaconry of Washington.
| An important meeting of the Arch
, deaconry of Washington will be held
Monday evening in Epiphany Perish
! Hall at S o'clock.
; The topics to be con3ioered ore
problems of church administration
, and more efficiency In church metii
od3 and practices.
All laymen of the Episcopal Church
should attend, as the subjects to be
presented will prove most interest
Ingram Baptist.
Rev. Dr. Gove Griffith Johnson, pas
tor of Immanuel BaptLst Church, Six
teenth street and Columbia road
northwest, will preach morning and
evening tomorrow. At the 1] o'clock
worship the paator will ?peak from
the topic, "He took it upon Himself."
At ?:45 o'clock 1& the evening, Percy
S. Poster, musical director, wiil con
duct a "pcaoe sing," in which the
chorus choir and congregation will
participate. Following the musical
half hour. Dr. Johnson will preach on
"Three Graces In Modern Dress."
Sunday evening will be special "Miz
i pah Class Evening." All women who
I are members of this organization are
j requested to come early and attend
I the service*in a body. The teacher is
i Miss Emma Harper Turner.
I Thursday evening at 7:45 o'clock the
I usual fellowship meeting will be held
j in the vestry of the church. The sub
| Ject for discussion will be "The Teach
, ings of Jesus about Faith." Pastor
Johnson will conduct the session of
the Teacher Training Class at 8:45.
The book which is being used by this
class is "Winning to Chi 1st," by Dr.
P. E. Burroughs. AH teachers, offi
cers and others interested are invited
to join the class.
Ingram Congregational.
As there were many persons who
could not gain admittance to this
church last Si^nday evening to hear
the entertainment provided by ths
members of the "Atta Boy" company
stationed at Camp Meigs, these sol
diers will return tomorrow evening at
j eight o'clock with a different program.
There will be thirty-five members pres
ent under the supervision of Sergeant
Harry Carson. They will sing solos,
duets, (ftartettee, tell stories. Pri
vate Jack Cook of the Y. M. C. A
fore? of entertainers, who has just
returned from "over there." will lead
community singing, relate some of his
experiences, and sing solos.
Flr*t Congregational.
"John Wesley and the French Revo
lution" will be the subject on which
Rev. Dr. James L. Gordon will preach
tomorrow morning in the First Con
gregational Church, Tenth and G
streets northwest. At the evening
service he will preach on "The Woman
I Who Sacrifices a Home for Conscience
| "Predictions About the Peace Table."
a sermon in which Dr. Gordon speaks
! about President Wilson's visit to the
Vatican, has been printed In full and
1.200 copies will be distributed at the
morning service.
The Senior Christian Endeavor So
ciety will be "At Home" at the church
tomorrow afternoon to all young peo
ple. between the hours of 4 and 6
0?Ci!?#k;, The uaual endeavor meeting
will follow prompty at 6.20 p. m.
DUTCH TO GET 100,000
Holland Must Send Own Ships for
It. It Is Agreed.
, f1?. U'ar Tradc Board >e?terday re
ceKed by cable acceptance by the
' *?vernment of the offer to per
mit Holland to export ino.oo# ton* ot
1 fJumAh'.S coum>"y Jt ??<"> agreed
1 w? . ch mu,t send their own
ships to move It.
I An effort was made during the war
if th' Dii,.'Ch "hlppin>r 'mo t>? service
I nL ?H;e? by offering HolUni lOfc
000 tons "f coal per month. This offer
I ??? refused, the ieajlt bs n: a ??
! rious shortage of coal in Mollar/J.
Twenty-five Street Cars Wrecked
and Station Damaged.
| Montreal. Dec. 11-The 1.S00 striking
, city policemen, flfemen. engme work
ers and Karbage workers were today
1 given some assurance of support bv a
I sympathetic strike which will. It wan
i declared, add largely to their num
! fcers. ^
In view of the rioting. Involving r?.
000 damage to the Sre station at Cba
boillez square and the partial wreck
>ng of twevy-r.ve street ca^ trtm
*ay employes decided tonight to run
no cars after midnight.
Strike leaders declared the,- had <-e
!f thV ^'rn-e8? ?r "Upi>ort on Monday
tirr,. . ?* not over before thai
time. Ar. alleged insufficient w-ie
scale caused :he strke. *
franklin. Dreslin- t r*
N*ew Victoria; New""?"-'
Hoose- U K VI f{,ornsb>'' Holland
G a Kv?; Klrk,and> Oregorlan;
.M H Aihen-.erle; a. Heed. Her
S r Th?: U B Sand"' Breslin:
s. U Whipple, Richmond; S. K
Adams. Continental; j. Kuclianan Ir
p w n.17 , Hprald
^ Grand; j. Haven?,
IJ Ream LorraRn. Gregorian;
ood-vard: I. c. Wallace.
Herald Square; H. A. Willard
cISt il-TiHZ0"U"' House'
Capt. V, Adams. Ureslln; Mrs. A. M.
akI h' K, Avenue; R. J. Forrest.
Aberdeen; c. Irwin. Grand; G. H.
Mnrknand. ^atham; Jt. C. Rosenfeld.
^'pr"'ntatives ? 8. Kann
Sons A Co ; T. F. Finnln. Jewelry
and jobs; 43? Fourth avenue.
nh^VTLr.U Br?" ' B. Schwartz, mer
chant tallora; Hotel St. Andrew.
J?w* to CaaTMs Gty.
ot ColuraW* will be can
l%'ed*y '?n"" of th? ^wlsh Legion
m h I*nlo"tlne rn
r'Y f0r th ' PU' P?'C ?f
J'wry W-Mhln^ton inlo
the Ztaplst Organization or Amer.cn.
C^DL J^lluT? groM,nan' chairman;,
t?pt. JtUlua I. Peyser, treasurer.
Ingram Memorial Ckireh. I
Twenty-five of the 'Atta Boys from,
Camp Meigs will sing at the Ingram i
Memorial. Congregational Church to
morrow Evening at 8 o'clock. The so*
lections will be different from those
rendered last Sunday evening. The
?Atta Boys will sing under direction
of Sergeant Hary Carson. Jack Cook. |
who has been leading the community
singing for the "boya' In France un
der auspices of the Y. M. C. A., will
lead the community aing. The pastor.
Rev. L?wls E. Purdum, will preach
on "The Man Who *Took Ufe as a
Joke." The Young People's Society j
of Christian Endeavor meets at 7
p. m. At the morning service at 11
o'clock the pastor will pieacb, taking1
for his subject, "An Old Song In a New i
Church of Ascension.
Father Harvey Officer, so well known
to churchgoers in Washington, Is to;
be at the Church of the Ascension,
Twelfth street and Massachusetts ave
nue northwest, Rpv. J. Hennlng Nelms,
D. D., rector, cn Friday night of this |
week, to hold the preliminary meeting
for a mission to be held in the parish i
early in January.
The public at large are invited to
the service and to hear Father Offloer,
and especially those who have here
tofore been conncctcd with him In his
mission work.
Bible Conference.
| It is contemplated holding a Bible
Conference in Washington similar to
the ones held recently in New York
City end Philadelphia. This confer
ence will be undenominational. It has
no affiliation or sympathy with Rus
se'lism or similar cults. All persons
Interested In such a conference are re
quested to communicate with Wilbert
P. Cooke, Be ere tan.-, Room 223 KelloSg
Mt. Pleasant ft. E. Chnrch.
Philander P. Claxton will address
the men's Bi*ble class at Mt Pleasant
M. E. Church South, Sixteenth street,
near Lamont, at 9:30 Sunday morning.
Strangers cordially invited.
Rev. John C. Copenhaver will preach
at 11 o'clock; subject, "The present
world emergency," and at 8 o'clock on
"The imperial Christ." Social hour
after the evening service for war
workers and strangers.
Ninth Street Christian Chnreh.
A great patriotic service will be
held on Sunday night at the Ninth
Street Christian Church, Ninth and
D streets, northeast, at which an
embossed roll of honor, containing
over 100 raraes of the boys In the
service, will be unveiled with ap
propriate ceremonies. The opening
exercises will be a community sing
conducted by J. Edward Bouvier.
and at the close the pastor, Rfcv.
George A. Miller, will give an ad
dress on "When the Boys Come
I Home."
C. E. Holiday Rally.
On next Wednesday evening. De
cember 18, Dr. Daniel A. Poling
associate president of the United
Society of Christian Endeavor, will
address a mass meeting at Calvary
Baptist Church. Eighth and II
streets northwest, his topic being
"Found in France." Dr. Poling has
a host of friends in Washington
and makes new admirers with each
visit here. He is one of the best
orators of the day and will tell in
his own graphic way of his experi
ences in the front line trcnches of
France* At 6 p. m. the same even
ing and at the same church, a Dis
trict of Columbia Christian En
deavor Alumni Association will be
organized at a dinner at which Dr.
Poling will be the guest of honor
and organizer.
The meeting at Central Union Mis
sion tomorrow afternoon will be un-1
der the auspices of the executive
board of the Christian Endeavor i
All Sonls Chirffc.
"War Time in Britain" Is the
subject of a lecture to be given
In All Souls Church, Fourteenth and
L streets, tomorrow evening by Dr.
Charles Moore, chairman of the
commission on fine arts. Dr. Moore i
has recently returned from a visit
abroad for study and observation. ;
The soloist for the evening will be
Mrs. Beulah 'Harper Dunwoody,!
contralto. The meeting is under
the auspices of the Unitarian Club,
which extends a cordial invitation
to all.
E. Hes Sworn'* Subject*.
"Can We Christians Hurry the
Savior Out of Heaven to Come and
Take Us Away from this World?" is
E. Hez Swem's subject Sunday night
at 8 o'clock at Centennial Baptist
Church, Seventh and I streets north
east. The morning subject is "Glit
tering Flesh."
Church of the Covenant.
Dr. Wood will preach at the Church
of the Covenant tomorrow at 11, 3:30
and 8 o'clock.
At 3:30 there will be the first of
the Sunday afternoon uplitt services. 1
This service \a intended especially
for the strangers In the city. Elab
orate musical numbers have been pre
pared. the choir has been Increased
to a triple quartet and this is to be
augmentod by a stringed orchestra
Dr. Wood will make a short address.
Capt Dickinson Este. an American
{ace, who has been cited on several
occasions for distinguished service,
I will be the speaker at the 7:15 "At
Home" tomorrow evening. Capt. Este
has just returned from abroad, where
he is credited with downing five Ger
man planes and lie will therefore
have many interesting experiences to
Girla who are willing to assist In
supplying the great need for gar
roents for refugees, Christmas pack
ages and booklets for wounded sol
diers and pinafores for the little chll
dron of France and Belgium, can
And a lot of work to do at the Girls'
Clufb, whtch meets every Monday even
ing in the chapel of the Church of
the Covenant
The All States Club will not hold
Its regulsr meeting on next Friday
evening, but will merge Its meeting
with the soldiers' reception on Sat
urday evening. December 21.
Pet worth Baptist Chsrek.
Rev. F. Paul Langhorne will use
as a topic for the morning sermon
at Petworth Baptist Church. "A
Christian World Order." In the eve
ning his address will be "The Pre
eminent One." The Christmas enter
tainment for the Sunday School will
I be held on December 27th, when a
cantata entitled "The Double Sur
prise" will be rendered.
Grace Baptist Chareh.
Pastor F. N. Johnson will begin a
series of sermons on "Jesus and the
New Age" next Sunday morning in
j Grace BaptistNChurch, Ninth and
| South Carolina avenue southeast.
[This church has recently covered its
mortgage of $14,500 with Liberty
Bonds which will be held as a sink
ing fund to offset the mortgage. The
subject of the sermon Sunday night
will be "The Supreme Tragedy."
Shlloh Baptlat Church.
The series of sermons being preach
ed by Rev. Dr. Waldron on "The
Great Texts of the Bible" are attract
ing much attention by those who at
tend the services at Shiloh Baptist
j Church.
Tomorrow Rev. Waldron will use
for his subject: "Watchman. What of
the Night? or the Question Ail the
World Is Asking Today." At night
he will present the third sermon in
the series on "Photographs from
God's Old Picture Gallery," present
ling "Isaac, the Romantic Saint," or
j "Love's Dream Fulfilled."
Temple Baptiot Chareh.
| Dr. Muir. the pastor.% will speak
Sunday on the following subjects:
Morning. "Real Victory Bread." and
evening. "Puzzled at the Cross
Roads." The Christmas exercises of
rthe Bible school will occur on the
evening of December 27. Special ar
rangements are being made for a me
I mortal service on Sunday night. De
cember 29. in remembrance of those
of our membership who have passed
away during the year.
"Move On** Hi> Topic.
Rev. Earle WiMey. LL D.. pastor of
Vermont Avenue Christian Church.
1 will deliver the principal address at
the Sunday afternoon meeting at the
Central Y. M. C. A. at 4 p. m. His
subject will be "Move On"
A special musical program will be
given by the choir of the Ukrainian
Society of New York City, of which
Miron Korykora is director. The choir
consists of twenty voices and is giving
j a number of concerts under the aus
pices of the Ukrainian Federation. The
meeting Is open to the public.
Calvary Men'* Bible Clasa.
A general Invitation to the men of
Washington to attend its Sunday
j morning session is extended by the
| Men's Bible Class of Calvary M. E.
? Church. The class tomorrow morning
will be taught by Dr. James Shera
Montgomery, while the exercises will
be In charge of James W. Crooks, of
the Library of Congress, the class
president. Sessions are held at 9:30 in
the guild hall of the church. Colum
bia road near Fifteenth street.
Krklnjcton Presbyterian.
North Capitol, Florida avenue and
Q street. Rev. H. E. Brundage, D. D.
Tomorrow, 11 a. m-. "Will the Peace
Conference Be Opened With Prayer?"
7:45 p. m.. praise service followed by
sermon, "The Secret of Joy."
Washington Hebrew Congrregntlon.
"The Challenge of the Present to
Organized Religion" will be the sub
ject of an address Friday evening by
the Rev. Dr. Morris S. Lazaron. of
Baltimore. Md. Dr. Lazaron is a noted
pulpit orator and a chaplain in the
United States army.
Jfew Thought.
James A. Edgerton's address at the
union meeting of the New Thought
j Association at Studio Hall, 1219 Con
necticut avenue northwest, tomorrow
at 4:90 p. m.. will be "The Healing of
the Nations."
The Nativity Chapel.
The fifteenth anniversary drive to
raiae the Nativity debt of $2,900 is
progressing very favorably; $2,300 is
yet to be raised. The vicar, the Rev.
Enoch M. Thompson, is asking each
family for five or ten dollars each be
fore Christmas Day. that the celebra
tion of that festival may be a noted
one in the history of the congrega
Special prayers for these times
have just been compiled by the vicar
for general use, entitled "The World's
War Workers and Men in Uniform
Regular Recepflon for all
war workers and men Jr. uni
1. Hawaiian Guitar, Mando
lin, Piano.
2. Comic 4 Songs, Mono
3. Violin Duo.
4. Snappy Monologues.
5. Songs That Are Sweet.
10 p. m.?Bed, hot and cold
shower, breakfast fof all men
in uniform, 56c.
9:15?Sons Service for men in
uniform. Breakfast.
3:00 ? Departmental graded
Sunday School, Bible Classes.
7:15?Young: People's Christian
7:45?Evening Service. Special
musical program. Rev. J. A. A.
Brookhouse and Mr. Newton
Preston in charge. Mr. Preston
will deliver the address. His
topic will be "Buried Treasures."
Monday, 7:30?Basket-ball for
girls. Community Club, folk
dances, etc.
Tuesday, 7:30?Basket-ball for
Wednesday. 7:30 ? Basket-ball
for boys. 8:00?Social Prayer
Thursday. 7:30?Basket ball
for girls.
Friday. 7:30t?Boy Scouts' mil
itary drill. Community Club, folk
dances, etc.
Saturday, S:00?Reception for
ill men in uniform, strangers,
young people, etc.
, II
A Prophetic Bible Lecture
A Biblical Address on the Present World Situation, and
the Coming International Government to Maintain
Lasting Peace.
Based on the Ancient Prophecies of the
Bible By
Of Atlanta, Ga., Author, Minister and Lecturer
Sunday Afternoon
December 15 at 3 o'Clock
Doors Open at 2:30. Children Unaccompanied by Adults
Not Admitted.
Admission Free All Welcome
Mr. Haynes' writing* will be found in nearly 500,000
American homes, his books on religions subjects attaining
a remarkable circulation. His book, ' Our Lord's Return,"
has been sold to the extent of 200,000 copies in the last
two years. For many years he has been speaking to large
audiences in the great cities of America. He is a diligent
student of the prophecies, and his addresses are without
that fanaticism and sensationalism sometimes accompany
ing prophetic interpretation.
For thousands of years nations have risen. livrd out their
little day of triumph and glory, and gone into the silcnce. Their
names today have become synonyms for lust, cruelty and idola
try, as well as for pride and power. Their ancient opulence is
but a dream, their proudest monuments of imperial greatness
are vast ruins, desolate palaces and broken sculptures; their
grandeur had departed; the laws which they imposed on the
world are buried in the dust of ages, with none to yield them
allegiance; their cities and pageantries and glories have shrunken
to dust, and all that made up their power has been swallowed
up by the cavernous years.
How lone is this world-old rise and fall "of nations to con
tinue? How long v.ill generations of men be born, linger
awhile and die? How long is this strange and curious game
of birth and death to go on?
Is an ultimate nation, founded on justice, never to be con
quered, eternal in its duration, to rule the earth?
It is with the desire of deepening the interot which doubt
less you have already felt in the fascinating study of Bible
prophecy as related to current problems of world statesman
ship that we cordially invite you to attend the first of the
Hayncs' meetings at Poli's Theater, Sunday afternoon, Decem
ber 15, at 3 o'clock. The following Sunday afternoon Mr.
Haynes will speak at the Belasco Theater on she subject, "The
Return of Jesus."
The meeting will be open to all without charge. Invite
your friends to come with you. If you desire a good seat,
.come early.
?* And come with an earnest prayer that God will greatly
bless these meetings to the salvation of souls and the strength
ening of Christian experience.
Special music by orchestra. Come ready to join in the
Subject ot Lecture
Followed by spirit qWAsn** Sunder ?t S P. m.
?t Pythien Temple, M>12 el. on. Secoud
floor. AU welcome.
UNITY SPIRITUALIST CHURCH First Church of Christ, Scientist
"VISIONS OF THE DYING" ] Of Washington. Columbia rd. and Euclid at.
Will be the subject of an sd-lreas by G?c*t? W r . ri i t ri ? . p . ^
Kates at CONCORDIA HALL, comer 8th and OCCODd ItlUrCO Of Ihnst 2>CieDtl*t
E at#, n*. (first floor), Sunday. at 7:3? p. m . (jf Washington. N E. Mason c Tub pit
fa;ic?**d by spirit meaaagw by Mm. Z B 41m1 y ^ s E
luie. UMM. Tkird Church
Of Waahinctoh. Masonic Tempi* 13th and
New York Avenue N. \V.
Subjcct: "God the Preserver of
SERVICER: Sunday. 11 A. M. and t P M.
SUNDAY SCHOOL?lat and tod Churches. 11
A.M. 3rd Church, 9:45 A. M.
Colorado Bldr. llth and G sts Hrs. It to 9
(Wed.. 19 to f. and Sun.. 23) to ft J*. ]HS
A flams Mill xd N. W. Hrs 19 u> ? <except
Wed. eve., Sundays and holidays). 148 Last
Cajiitol at. Hrs. 12 to 7 (except Sundays sod
REV. G. LYAL ARTHAN. note<H>lstform test
medium. Meetings Sunday evening in Society
Temple Hall. 509 O street northwest. Dem
onstrating immortality by spirit me^asgr-. Will
answer quest una; sittings daily in bin studios in
the hall. l>oora open at 7 JO. Hear blm;
yoij will make no miatske. \
It Paya to Uae and Read Herald Classified Ada
captoi wonca. ;
Dr. Gfrdoa's Pregraa
Sunday, Dec. 15
11 a. m.?'Jwh? Wftlry
the rmek IUr*l?ttM."
? p. m.?"Wkf? la a H*aai
la I.hlu a Mar*?
t*?FreJIrtlaas AkMt tkt Pmm
Tahl*"?a sermon In which Dr.
Gordon speaks of President Wil
son's visit to the Vatican, has
been printed in full and will be
distributed at the morning serv
Fir*} ConfTefabout Ctock
Tenth ud G Su. N. V.
18th and N Sti.
DR. ( HAJti.es W(M)I) .. ?UUUr
? Jl Unuiaaui drafted bunday bt
\ *46 Kvcrymrl ? Bible 11m Mis
teacher 1
f* Mr Culbert**
lty and Kee
? ?0 a 'I Cown Bit** UM. Bml
12If Coon. av*.
If* Mr, Justice Peelle'e Clam far M?s ens
11* ffeurcfc terrier. Dr Wood pmcb?
3 Jf Tbe Htranser ? Serrioe. Dr. Wood
hlCAL M MH^ Choir I
a triple quartet. aucmenii
Lloyd VNnshUor muSca. director
v*y Muir?> orsaru*
5 30 Qirlstian Endeavor V mpet* for all !<?*?
<?* c. E. Tea K upper** far membom sad
men in tho wntct
7 JS Addrew by < Apt. Dickinson
American Ace. Just
i? Evening aervwe. Dr
Mimic Iw the L'^inc Choir ot
voice* Sydner Lloyd Wnchtson,
cal director; Harvey Murray, or*at
T 3D Ctrl* Club PV^ich
making for Belfi&n otphaat
^ anbonfcjeta for wouaded a-lliem
All young women welcome
6 JO French Claa far OliU.
t'-JI < Vnteer. tapper, 14c.
7 If Chat ' '
Wednesday. dk i mbi:r, ir.
T*S Evening Cboir rehearaal. Male voice*
V AS BIN (J TON 450 HK>re voice* want
ed. erjicciat.y MALK for the annual
rendition of '"Hie Meemah." R**i*tra
tioa foe U. SO FTRTMES DC^.
Rehearsal in chapel, entrance. N *u
I? Social prayer aemce MEN IN UMf
8:00 Sunday *rhool 'Imtmai enterta iruneol
8? Regular reception for man in uniform sad
an younc peorle VtMPKK.- OF
New York Aveaue Presbytmaa
Xew lark Are, 13th *as M Sta
?:*> a- m.?Bible school. Adult clasaea.
11 .*00 a. m.?Public Worship. Dr. Rad
cliffe will preach.
6:00 p. m.?Fellowship Hour.
6.4S p. m.?C. E. Vesper Service.
fc:00 p. m ? Public Worship. "Wartime
City of Confusion "
Grace Baptist pMOr i- h'Jmmoi.
**?Bible SrhooL Huw for all.
11*?'"Tha New A*e. It* TVacfaer."
7 "The Supreme Tragedy"
All welcome. FYee pew*
E. He* Swen answers: "Can We
Christians Hurry the Ssvior Out of
Heaven to Come and Take Us Avar
from This World" 8 p. m. Large
free chairs (men like them). Hear
our men sing. Swem's song. 11 a.
m.. ??Glittering Flesh." Centennial
Baptist Church. 7th and 1 n. a.
R ?.
Temple Baptist
Preaching. 11 a a aad f p a
subject "Real Victory Bread."
aled at the Cross Road*" BO?, ,
a. m ; Christian Endeavor. 7 p. m.
welcome to those kinging for rape.
beany and cordial welcome to all.
Fifth D**r TUl ? ? i ,
rlltn Dr. J E Brias will preach on "Fhlth
fulnem" at 11 awl ?*?rcWa" at J* 8 K.
f-3B. Bere* Bara r and Philathsa -aoil foi
adult* The chnrrh that c
I Ml \R1AN.
All Souls Church,
Cor. 14th and L Streets N. W.
Mia later.
? ? E m - Sundav achool rlaaa for
th? Comparative Study of Rellclon.
and Emerson Study Clasa.
II ? m . morning service, sermon by
the minister
There if also kindergarten during
the hour of rooming worship
8 p. m.. public meeting under th?
auspices of the Unitarian Club. Ad
dress by Dr. OharJe* Moore. "War
Time in Britain." -
Soloist. Mrs Reulah Harper Dun
woody Cordial invitation to all.
Lectnres by
a. at Tbeoaopfcical H?n
Sunday, Bee. 15,
3 P. m. Bible Study Clam * Tha Star of tfca
f p. m ?Lecture: "Signiftcance of Oolor la
RECTLAR LEAr. I E Pyihmr Tampla a?a
day. 3 p ai. Truth va Superstitaon. Addrona
by Mr. Edward Ktnt. of New York. *T^?e IV
unction Between Commui
The Nativity ^Tn.T
The Ra*urreru^r. 4 p. m Tuaaday If* a.
?v. Tha advent dnw i* for tha Nauvity dafct.
? or S'.P i* aaked from each family.
^ Y. M. C. Aa
. "MOVE 0N.n
By Rev BarW WUftey LLP
T. M. C. A.. Sundae 4 p. m. J
Muaical proffram by tha choir of the CkraiaMa
Society of yew York City All invited.
Aasnciatwd B?fcla Stndarta meet at P-tlrtaa
Tampla. MU Ninth ?L a* Lartura Saturday
evema< at T Jf and Sunday afternaoa at f
o'clock by Brother Barker Bercan atudy I p. a
Memorial af Dr. I~ L. l-acakat
Aothor af Eareraato
w. O. T C Hall, m Sixth Ot aw. ^
Sunday. December If. 3:15 p. m.
Inqtannc Public lavitad.

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