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Food Administration Will
Protect Public from
More than 50 per cent reduction In
the number of its employes will be
made by the District food adminis
tration wlfhm the next few days,
according to a statement made yes
terday morning by Clarence R. Wil
son, food administrator for the Dis
trict of Columbia.
In announcing this reduction. Mr.
Wilson stated that the activities of
the administration would: be largely
curtailed when peace is declared.
^ A He K?id the administration will con
tinue th*> enforcement of the prohi
bition against prorttcerlnff. A fore*
of Inspectors will also be maintained
I to see that dealers keep within the
margins of profit allowed in the Mar
keting Guide.
Dealers to Shon Price Lists.
Questioned as to the methods by
which prices will be Interpreted in
tna fair-price list and whlfih are pub
lished as market prices, the food ad
ministrator said he assumed all re
sponsibility. He said that whole
salers and retalier* vrii! be required
to furnish food Inspectors who visit
the marKcts w.th the prices paid for
Toodatuffs. also to show Invoices of
Consumers poipt out that a sys
tem of market publicity for the sales
of foodstuffs should be made the
hasl3 of tlxlng market prices, as in
the case of stocks and bonds. Re
liable information of this character,
it is contended, "would give to Wash
ington a service rlvailing in value
ai.y other feature of public market
yKing Winter Delayed,
May Arrive Next Month
Although the almanac says "Decem
0 her 21," King Winter will arrive later
this year than last, according to the
Weather Bureau officials.
Boris and his clique, who last year
were dishing up blizzards and hail
storms dunng'the early days of No
vember. is not scheduled to plant his
Icy foot on Washington until Jan
uary 1.
No storms or extreme cold waves
have been reported thus far in any
part of the country. "It's coming to
us later than last year," is the
opinion of local forecasters here.
84,284 PUT TO WORK.
Federal Employment Service's Re
port Covers Forty States.
Th? I'nited States Employment
Service provided work for S4.2K4 per
sons during the week ending Decem
ber 7, it was announced yesterday.
The number placed was 12.000 less
than the number registering for work.
The report covers activities of the
service in forty States.
Price-fixing on Copper Off.
Government maintenance of copper i
prices and control of the copper in-1
# ^riustrv will cease January 1 it was j
* announced yesterday by the War In-,
dustries Board, following a meeting:
of the price-flxing committee with
I representatives of the copper indus-1
try. j
Y. M: C. A. Arranging Sing and
Program by Entertainers.
A "Christmas carol sing" and a
program of individual entertainers
will mark the Christmas Eve ex
ercises at the Washington Y. M. C.
A. for mil soldiers sailors and Ma
rines In Washington and vicinity not
attached to camp*.
j The lobby will be given over to the
J soldiers. and the navy men will oc
cupy the The complete
program will be given first In the
lobby and then repeated In the gym.
The Red Cross will distribute gifts
and provide the decorations. The
Y. M. C. A. will furnish Christmas
trees and the entertainment. The ar
rangern nts are being made jointly
by a chapter of the Red Cross and
by a committee from the Y. M. C. j
jA.. headed by Mrs. L. I. Blake and J
i Mrs. John T. Kewman.
j Among the entertainers will be
! Paul Grove, Josephine Gould. Marion |
Larner. the Hummer Sisters. Sergt. ;
J H. H. Godfrey and the Doorman I
j Orchestra. Both the lobby and the I
j gymnasium will be thrown open to
I the guests at 7 o'clock.
I j
j Sister of Col. Halstead Succumbs
to Nervovts Breakdown.
I Miss I-^noro Halstead, daughter of
i CoL and Mrs. Kenton Halstead. died
yesterday morning at their residence,
lKG Biituiore street, as a result of
|ncr\ous breakdown in caring /or her
I ag?-d father.
I Miss HaUtead was a sister of Col.
| Laurence Halstead, U. S. A., who Is
i chief of operations on the staff of the
! First American army, now on Ger
j man soil. Her lather is a veteran of
j the civil wur and was on the staff j
j of Gen. \V. T. Sherman. The family j
I have been residents of Washington J
I for many yeurs. Tho late Murat Hal- ?
j stead was a brother of Col. Halstead. j
Virginia Canners Lose
Food Board License!
The Virginia Canners' Kirchange, of j
J Roanoke, has lost Its license to deal j
i in food commodities because it "split" j
{ brokerage commissions with the I
? Emery Food Company, one of its cua- I
| tomera, the Food Administration an
i nounced yesterday.
| The Roanoke concern in declared to
! be the first that has broken this par
i tit ular rule. The license revocation
j is effective for ten days.
Epidemic Still Persists at All Large
Army Camps. However.
Influenza continues at practically all
i large army camps in this country.
| but the weekly health report yes
; terdav shows that it is apparently
. on the decline again.
I Pneumonia cases also were fewer
for the week ended December 13 than
they previously have been.
The War Department Is keeping In
j camp for treatment soldiers unfit for
i a return to civil life.
J Reports showed that 3.630 influenza
I and 1.CC1 pneumonia cases for the
; week ended Deeembere 13.
Karl's Kin Accused of Craft.
I Geneva, Dec. X.?The Vienna Neu
j esweiner Journal charges Archduke
I T^opold Salvator. uncle of former
! Emperor Karl; Gens, von Ard and
t von Hoffqian. and other prominent
persons, with looting army stores of
1 foodstuffs.
Soldier Leaves Liberty
Bond and War Stamps
to Mother.
War savings stamps and a $100 lib- j
erty bond were left to Martha J. An
derson by her soldier son, Lewis C.
Artrierson, in his will filed for probate
yesterday. Anderson's will, datel
June 20 lost, stated that he was regis
tered with the local board In Alexan- j
dria, Va., and expected to go to I
France shortly. At that time he whs !
living with his mother at 227 Thlr,-]
teenth street southwest. Ho died on
Octobcr 6.
Property to Hniband.
The entire properly of Lucy Made-I
tene Stickney Mathewson. of 1755 N|
street northwest, was lefr to her hus
band. William Williams Mathewson. a
lawyer, of this city, according to her
will filed for probate yesterday. In |
case Mr. Mathewson should die be-1
fore his" wife. Mrs. Mathe^rson's i
brother. Henry Austin Stickney. of
New York City, and her sister. Elixa j
Trumbull Stickney, were named joint
heirs to ali ftie property which came j
to Mrs. Mathewson from her own'
relatives. In ca*e of the death of
all three before her own, Mrs. Math
ewson stipulated that a cousin, Mary
Robinson Cheney, of Hartford, Conn.. I
should receive the property. All prop
erty which had belonged to her hua- j
band was to gc. however, to his heirs I
at law.
Property to Wife.
Gilbert Fearing Williams. 6i Ran-i
dolph place northwest, left every-j
thing ho possessed to his wife, Fran- |
ces B. Williams, in his will ttl-fd for j
probate yesterday. He stipulated that |
it her death the property should b? j
divided "as my wife and myself have]
carefully arranged shall be done"
Mrs. Williams was named sole exe
Merry Xmas Program
At Cosmos Theater
Christmas week at the Cosmos The-1
ater promises much in the way of i
merry entertainment, prety girls, live-.
ly music and beautiful scenery. AI
really big headliner, "Yucatan." is a
fantastic and elaborately staged girl j
revue, interlarded with song hits and j
unctuous comedy. The company is in j
the main a large galaxy of girl beau-I
ties headed by H. Becker, assisted by ,
Leo Greenwood. Gus Woodward's]
company will present a standard lit
tle one-act comedy. "The Crisis," spe
cially staged, and Cliff Clark will be
featured in songs and amusing stories.
Weston and Eline, musical comedians!
of note, will present a great singing'
skit, with special scenery; Jim and!
Anna Stanton, bits from the varieties. J
including a sensational wire dance. '
and Jim Aubrey, an amusing novelty,
with deft fingers. Mary Pickford's ?
latest big photoplay, an Artcraft pic
ture, "Johanna Enlists." will head the
film features which are specially se
lected and include a laughable Sen
nett-Paramount comedy. "Her First
Mistake." the Pathe War News and
the Bray Pictographs.
U-Boati Reach Cherbourg.
Five German submarines, including
the famous Deutschland. have ar
rived at Cherbourg, diplomatic ad
vices stated yesterday.
Marriage Was Never Consummated.
She Avers, and Sues for
She (Uncovered her husband a bir?
mitt the very day of her marriage.
Virginia P. St. John stated In a suit
for the annulment of her marriage,
filed yesterday in the District Su
preme Court agninst George St. John.
Virginia P. and George St. John
were married in Baltimore on Novem
ber 16 last, according to the plaintiff,
who claims to be Mrs. St. John No.
2. On the name day they came to
tills city, but on reaching Mr. St.
John's home at 834 Fourteenth street
northwest. Mrs. St. John said she
learned that her husband had mar
rial Olive Green in Norfolk County,
Tft.. in 190ft. and that his first wife
was ollll living and the marriage had
never been dissolved.
Mrs. St. John No. 2 left her hus
band immediately upon hearing that
he was already married, she savs.
and has never l?ved with him. The
attorneys for the plaintiff are Ellis
and Donaldson.
Say Loftus Thrived While Police
Were Busy Elsewhere.
Peter Loftus, of 1359 Monroe street
northwest, while he has not yet been
convicted of any crime, gave the police
department the Jolt of it* life Thurs
day night.
Loftus runs a r.ear-beor place at
Thirteenth-and-a-half and D streets
northwest within fifty yards of police
headquarters. Police Reregnnts Bean
and Burke arrested him for running
a "blind-tiger" and confiscated eight
quarts of whisky, which they claim
they found in I^oftus's automobile
which stood outside the place and
later fou*id 150 more quarts at his
While the police were raiding the
"oooae" trains at Fifteenth and H
streets northeast during the early
part of this month. Loftus, the police
charge-, was doing a line business right
under the nose of the police depart
ment and came near "getting away"
with It but for a colored employe of
the "District Building to whom lx>ftue
is alleged to have sold whisky.
Loftus pleaded not guilty yesterday
morning in Police Court and demanded
a Jury trial. Judge Hardlson fixed
bond at $750. The case comes the
closest to police headquarters than
any case since Washington went
Furnished Under Agreement That
Same Amount Go to A. E. F.
A new credit of $250,000,000 was es
tablished in favor of Great Britain by
the Treasury yesterday. Great Brit
ain's indebtedness now is $4,195,000,000.
and the total loans to all of the allies j
Is **.*64.542.7??.
The new credit to Great Britain was
established under an agreement of the
British government to furnish an equai |
amount to the American Expedition-!
arv Forces.
Why such a technical transfer of
funds was classed as a loan by the
Treasury was not explained.
Farmers Favor Reciprocity.
Toronto, Ont., Dec. 20.?Two thou
sand farmers in convention here
adopted resolutions asking Parlia
ment to accept the 1911 reciprocity
agreement with the 1'nited States.
Colored Fireman's Plea of
Self-defense Wins in
Siddon's Court.
William Clements, a colored fireman
of the Committee on Public Informa
tion. 10 Jackson place northwest, al
leged to have shot and killed Watch
man James W. King In the early ?
morning of April 4. was acquitted J
by a Jury In Justice Siddon's court
Benjamin Beach, former manager of I
the "bureau, t. stifled that King had
frequently made threats against the
Clements said that King drew a
I revolver upon him as he was coming
J out of 16 Jackson place, and asked
I him whut right he had to go there.
On receiving the reply that as a flre
? man, Clements had a right to go
I into any of the buildings used by
the committee. King Is alleged to
. have pulled the trigger of the re
volver, which missed Are. however.
Clement*' acquittal was on the basi*
of self-defense James G. Archer was
attorney for the povernment. and D.
W. Baker and Abner Ferguson were
the defendant's attorneys.
New York, Dec. 30.?The following
Wa-Hhingtonians arc stopping at hotels
in this city : Miss N. Blodgett. Martha
Washington; S. A. Current. Endicott;
H. J. Darrow. Marlborough; E. J.
Dowling, Continental; C. Drake, New
Victoria; A. F\ Florey and J. B.
Hampson, T'nlon Square; H. J. M.
Howard, C.rand; F. M. Hull, Park
Avenue; Mrs. J. I*. Keboe and Miss
Kcboe. Ansonia; G. B. Kyle and Mrs.
G. B. Kyle. Albemarle; I. W. Litch
field. Arlington; F. L. Lyddane. Albe
marle; W. W. May. Alcazar; J. D.
Meyes and Mrs. J. D. Meyers. Marie
Antoinette; J. E. Moorland, Latham,
A. B. Nixon, New Victoria; Miss A.
B. Patterson, Martha Washington; E.
I C. Schmld. I^ongacre; Mrs. O. H. Stew
jart. Marie Antoinette; H. R. Anquin.
j I wit ham; Mrs. J. A. Conner. ParK
Avenue; E. A. A. Corbett, Continent;
C. E. Crews. Churchill; A. B. Dun
jning and E. M. Fowler. Alcazar: G. L
i Goodwin. Latham ; L. Hoenigsberper.
Breslin; H. Huntington. Park Avenue.
W. P. Kelly, Grand W. W. R. May.
I^atham; Miss E. Moore, Park Avenue;
C. E. Phelps, Breslin: Dr. A. E. Riede.
Broztell: E. G. Senter. Continental; i
W. Taylor. Walllck; W H. Ward.'
Hermitage; A. W. Bash. Park Avenue; !
Miss E. Bennis. Martha Washington;'
F. Brechler. Herald Square; L. S. 1 j
lin, Gregorian: R R. Farr. Wallick.!
E. Rose. Holland; F. J. Stoepner.
Grand; Miss E. M Taylor. Marlbor
ough; C. W. Townsley, Breslin.
"Busted" for Hitting Soldiers.
LJcut. rius C. Miller. Sixtieth Pio
neer Infantry, has been dismissed
from the service under courtmartlal
for striking several privates at Camp
Wadsworth. S. C., the War Depart -
ment announced yesterday.
r>r. Miy'i Treatment ronqoers worst canes oi
Epilepsy. Spasms. Convulsions, Nerroos Dlfor
Jers. Generous 12.00 bottle fteot free. RnraAci
?aks Sc (Uompatu)
Take a Look at Them
?First, the Overcoats
?A most extraordinary
value for the price, Blue
Kerseys in models that
will appeal strongly to
the young men ? Ul
sters, Etc., and others
that conservative men
will like immensely.
Some are silk finished?
?And Then Suits
Fancy Cheviots and
Cassimeres ? in Young
Men's and Conservative
models. Splendid pat
terns? well made ? and
wonderfully good value
Don't Forget
Kit Bags-Comfort Kits
for Officers & Soldiers
For camp or traveling the famous
kit bag offers a safe place for the sol
dier's belongings. A fine line
of comfort kits and officers'
and soldiers' lockers. High
est grade and quality a spe
cialty in leather goods.
1339 F Street N. W.
The Herald's Military and Navy
Men's Page
?Where to Get What You Want, and Gst It Right at the Right Price?Clothing,
Novelties, Accoutrements. Equipment, Leather Goods, Eyeglasses, Military Books,
Jewelry, Etc.
Military and Navy Men, Watch for This Page
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Personal Tailoring
Service to Officers
Perfect-fitting service and ex
cellent workmanship in Heb
bard Uniforms make them
wear longer and look better
during their entire life. Let us
have an opportunity to supply
you with our superior service.
Geo. E. Hebbard
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? /!?-"> :
if / / A ^
i (? 1?:
HSS? Insignia, Equipment,
iwil Supplies, Novelties,
Special Needs of
Ofhcers and Enlisted Men
Headquarters for liberty bronze 1n?lgnta an1
high-grade shoulder marks. Wholesale and re
Washington Mercantile Co.
427 Tenth Street N. W.
Franklin 2026
Drug Stores
For Army-Navy
Store at 8th and I Streets
for Marine Barracks.
Store at 36th and M N. W.
for Fort Myer.
Dr?n. Soda, Candy. Kodaks, Film*, Cigar*.
Cater Specially to Array and Nary Men.
Prompt Attention.
Specialist for Military Men's Clothes
WAIN OFFfCB, 733 13th W. W. Mala IMS*.
2140 Pa- Ave. *. W. West 121*1.
311# 11th *. w. c?i. 4ot?i
14th X. W. Col. 0370.
1234 J 4th *. W. Praa. MM.
3134 M Bf. W. West t72*.
T14 H !f. E. Lin. 1 JW8.
1401 North Capitol St. K. 7373.
Officers' Uniforms.
We are prepared to make RUSH
delivery ct Uniforms if necessary.
We always maintain the highest
standard of excellence in Uniforms
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We carry the following materials:
Serge, Gabardine, Whipcord and
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Shop Early for Christmas.
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Military Men.
Mrs, Anna Herrmann,
Bieber-Kaufman Co., Inc.
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Chief Petty Officers,
We've just unpacked r. new
shipment of C. P. O. Uniforms
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C. P. 0. Blue Ser|>
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C. P. 0. Blue Cloth
May Request Law to Keep Army Abroad.
The War Department is considering asking for legislation to
permit keeping a certain portion of the army abroad longer than
four months after peace is declared.
For most of the men in service, their enlistments would ex
pire four months after the treaty of peace is signed. Many na
tional army and National Guard units can be brought back within
this time, but there will be difficulty getting home all of the 2,000,
000 men now abroad within that period, provided peace is declared
by February or March as many believe it will be. The army of
occupation now consists of the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth,
Seventh, Thirty-second. Thirty-third, Twenty-eighth, Forty-sccond,
Seventy-ninth, Eighty-ninth, Ninetieth divisions, of which the Sec
ond, Seventh, Twenty-eighth, Thirty-third, Seventy-ninth divisions
constitute a reserve forcc held in Luxemburg, Montmedy, Etain,
Longuyon and St. Mihiel region.
The number of officers discharged in home camps to last Fri
day was 7,658 and the men over 200,000.
Over 125,000 have been designated for early return from
Transports due in within the next few days, bearing sick,
wounded, casuals, nurses and civilians include the Susquehanna,
Santa Anna and Dr. Kalb.
Gens. Pershing and March in their annual reports last week
spoke highly of the valor and daring of the American army. Gen.
Pershing declared that their bravery stirred in him an in'xpres
siblc emotion, and that they deserved well in the thanks of a rc-j
joiciitg land.
Gen. March declared they have done splci.didly whenever]
calicd upon for an account of themselves.
Reconstruction of Wounded Receives Attention.
The War Department at this moment is giving much attcn-1
tion to the problem of the "come back." Wounded and sick sol
diers arc pouring into the country on every transport. Week
before last saw more than 3,500 of this type of soldier returning,
and this record is likely to be maintained for some weeks to come,
as the sick and wounded are the first consideration in the depart
ment's homc-coming plans.
Secretary of War Baker and Gen. March, Chief of Staff, have!
decreed that these men shall have every consideration that a grate-1
ful nation can bestow. They are given first passage from France, 1
and the department's plans provide for especial care for them in!
this country.
Thirty hospitals have been established at existing camps in
this country, and for the sick or wounded not needing especial
reconstruction service, these zone hospitals, with other existing in
stitutions, will suffice. The plan along which the department is
working is to distribute the men to the hospitals nearest their
homes so that relatives may have an opportunity to visit them
without incurring excessive expense.
The best surgeons that can be obtained will administer to
these men's needs, and there will be every effort to send them!
back to civil life?self-reliant, healthy and as near whole as modern!
surgery can make them.
Gen. March, who has shown a marked alibity rVi matters of
organization and procurement lor distinctly war-time n^eds, is
taking a personal interest in the present problems, while Surgeon;
General Ireland, head of the Medical Corps, is in direct charee
Suits, Overcoats
in Our
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Officers and enlisted men are entitled to the
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scription or the broken lenses for duplication.
913 G Street Northwest.
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ents by officers or privatea.
Our stock is full of desirable
Jewelry. Diamonds. Watches,
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scrvicc. Look over our mer
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Souvenirs of the Capital for the Folks
Back Home.
National Token Shop
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