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Greater Reductions
Clearance Sales
?of ?
Tailleur Suits Evening Gowns Evening Wraps
Dancing Frocks Street Dresses
Motor and Utility Coats Blouses Millinery
and Furs at Reductions Averaging
Half and Less Than
Half Former Prices
No Sale Goods Reserved, Exchanged or Credited.
Dr. CerteU Save* Me?1
Struggle Between Sense and
The massive door* of the elevator
shaft moved smoothly back. I blink
ed In the glare of the light, saw that
dreadful face looming before me. like
some grotesque 'cloae-up" in the
movies. I was summoning all my will
and my strength to push the lever
of the elevator when Certeis- voice
paralyzed me:
?Stop. Jeanne! For God's sake, stop
I m here!"
second I had slumped
Into hie arms. But I did not faint.
!,~U^h!ar Cer,el" he*P'n? his wrath
upon that miserable spy. He spoka
Oerman and what he said soundea
10 "ke ? string of invectives.
_ V.h*\" w?krww, had parsed, we
walked the long distance to the pub
"5 Th' "W ?ccomPanled
ua. Plaintively rnnrlt'itlng Certeis It
mr I K-tliered that the
private elevators were actually un
safe, and that Certeis was particular
ly offended be. a use I was the wrong
of this mistake, the man
cringed In humility. Again I recalled
the gossip that Certeis is kin to duke,
and kings It might easily be true.
TP ,as ,he second time I had seen
him issuing commands and repri
K"c1h "n?e the inferiors
whom he addressed were as obsequi
ous as slaves to a tyrant.
explal'ned^' ?" W<,>' h?me- C>rte"
"Information concerning govern
TffW " k'? out of ,he korimer
.he s?w "It can t help the
country a enemies, now the war is
? Ut e miSht '""1 ?? *rea? de
struction of property. Secret Service
tha" re^ *c*rt*,n stenographer aa
owraTor . party' Th? elevator
PJ" 'or- who is a detective, mirtoo*
their description and thought you were
How Lydia E. Pinkham'.
vegetable Compound
* Prepared For
Woman's Use.
presses even the ^sua, lm"
with the reiiablllt^i^;1.^
*nd cleanliness which attends the
!SSS.?5,?? ?
Krery utensil and tank that
la contact with tha ^ comes
Umrized and sealed in sterile Zl
aient of female ills. 6 tre4t"
vZ??r'lttt^fr.0m women who hare
Jf LydiaE P?nkWsbVeg4ible
,7uZlt To" Snna11^ j
Christmas Cards'
.vSraeas".?!** complete. For
NOW ??nd cards to the
Hausler & Co.
?*"* "?"??"7 Frodaet."
1222 F St. 720 nth St.
the girl! Imagine my astonishment I
when I saw you. Jeanne!"
"Imagine my surprise to be alive
now, Tony," I said simply. "I'm sure
you have saved my life for the sec
ond time!"'
His hand slipped over mine, and 11
let it rest there while he talked on: j
"Of course. V can't put Into words |
> the horror I felt when I saw where
j that man had shut you up! He J
, knew?he told me?that the Lorlmer
} elevators were out of order. What
j did the fool leave you in that dan-|
| gerous hol? for. I'd like to know?"
I myself knew well enough. First
i he wanted the clew to the treasure;
i then the brute wu after revenge, one
way or another, for my work with an
automatic in the U-boat's hold months
ago. He was a Hun. through ana I
through. The great war is over, but I
; I suppose the true Hun will keep on
waging deadly personal wars of re
venge because the heart of hun is bad.
How long. I wondered, would my own
life be menaced by this particular
Certeis' fingers tightened on my
own. I said to myself that I had noth
l ing to fear as long as Hamilton Oer
I teis loved me. But I had to admit
i that I wm up against some facts
which were hard to reconcile. I knew
that the elevator operator was a U
boai spy. How could such a man de
. ceive Certeis? Or pose as a detective?
And thus I accuse myself: "Many a
time have you let your personal liking j
; for Certeis stifle your criticism when j
i his conduct confused you. Are you (
going to be entirely feminine this
! time?"
I Then, womanlike. I excused myself
! to myself: "But Tony is so likable, so
1 clever, so kind and so devoted." I ac
| knowledged the last fact with consid
! erable pride. But, all the time, 1
! knew that, unless I could get away
from my increasing feeling for Cer
| teis, I would never be able to untwist
I the many curious threads of fate i
I which made our two lives all a tangle.
(To Be Continued.)
' "The stars inclfne, but do not compel."
Tharnday, January 2, 1919.
This Is not an Important day In
planetary government, according to
astrology. Neptune is slightly ad
verse. but the sway is not especially
There Is a sign read as indicating.
In the upheaval of the world mind, a
period of extreme uncertainty and
many contradictions in public opinion.
Criticism of one's fellow men. an
inclination to question motives and
widespread jealousy are to be watched
for and carefully avoided during the
I next few weeks.
! Ambition is one of the characteristics
that will be most strongly revealed
in the new year. It will afreet both
men and women and may thwart some
great national movement.
Labor comes .under a rule of the
stars that foreshadows supreme op
portunities for recognition and de
velopment. Science applied to Indus
try is to play an important part in
During -this sway there may be sin
ister Influences at work to undermnie
public confidence, but the seers de
clare that 1919 will be a year of su
preme activity in business and in all
lines of constructive human endeavor.
Danger on the sea has been foretold
for part of this month. Heavy storms
are prognosticated.
Women come under a government of
the stars that seems to forecast dis
content. disappointment and anxi*ty
in wage-earning matters.
Again religious difficulties and agita
tion-of questions that arouse ill feeling
are presaged by the stars. Prejudice
and misunderstandings may be dis
seminated through some organized
movement against which serious warn
ing is given by th^ prophets of the
new era.
This should be rather a favorable
day for theatrical performances. The
week should be more profitable than
Congress is still subject to a di
rection of the stars making for im
petuous speech, heated debates and
party dissensions.
Persons whose birthdate it is have j
the forecast of rather a quiet year.
Success in business or professional
pursuits is indicated.
Children born on this day are likely
j to be clever and intelligent. These
subjects of Capricorn are often ex
tremely gifted.
(Coryrisbt. 1919).
Duke Arrested A* Plotter.
Amsterdam. Jan. 1.?Seventeen per
sons. including a former Bavarian
duke, have been arrested in Munich
for plotting againrt Kurt Kl?ner. pres
ent leader of the Bavarian govern
ment, dispatchea reported today
'Jit tV Social XiPorl&
It wu the quietest New Year Day
on record, with both official and pri
vate entertaining reduced to a mini
mum, and a weather hand-otit calcu
lated to discourage any unnecessary
The Vice President and Mrs. Mar
shall spent a quiet day, betaking
themselves toward evening to Mr?.
Thomas F. Walsh's, where they dined
quietly with her and the small family
party she had with her.
The Vice President and Mrs. Mai
shall will be guests at the dinner
party which Mr. John Barrett, director
1 general of the Pan-American Union,
I '*111 give at the Pan-American Build
ing for the Ambassador of Chile, Senor
Don Beltran Mathieu. and Senora
Mathleu, the evening of Tuesday, Jan
uary 7.
The only approach to old-time offi
cial gayety was at the Wyoming ave
nue residence of the Secretary of the i
Navy and Mrs. Danleis, who received 1
from 3 to 6 o'clock, and had with j
them as honor guests the admirals
and captains recently returned from j
overseas duty and the ladles of their)
families, giving Washington its first
opportunity to extend an appreciative
| welcome to these naval heroes. The J
party included Admiral and Mrs. H. T.
Mayo. Rear Admiral and Mrs. Hugh
Rodman. Rear Admiral T. S. Rodgers ]
and his sister, Mrs. Lewis Nellson: |
Capt. and Mrs. I.?uis M. Nulton. Capt.
and Mrs. Victor Blue. Capt. Mont
gomery M. Taylor and his mother,
Capt. and Mrs. T-ouls R. de Steiguei, |
Capt. and Mrs. John H. Dayton. Capt. |
L. Beach and bis sister, Mrs. T. F. ,
Schneider; Capt. and Mrs. William C. 1
I Cole, Capt. and Mrs Charles B. Mc- ,
Vay. Capt. and Mrs. Harley H. Cnrls
ty Capt. and Mrs. Frederick B. Ba*
sett Capt. and Mrs. O. P. Jackson and I
Capt. and Mrs. LCigh C. Palmer.
There was as usual at the Secre
tary's New Year receptions Informal
dancing to the music of an orchestra
from the Mayflower, which was sta
tioned in the ballroom atop of the
Daniels' house and played during the
hours of the reception. Mrs. Daniels
bad as usual with her. a group of
young girls to assist in welcoming her
guests and see that they had a good
The Secretary of War and Mrs.
Baker were at home informally dur
ing the afternoon is their lovely old
Georgetown home. Mrs. Baker Is still
not very well, and technically the na
tion is still at war-two reasons
against amy attempt at a big official
reception. But the many army and
navy ofticers-botb American and for
eign?that made the pilgrimage to the
Baker residence to exchange greetings
With the Secretary and his wife, as
well as many of their unofficial
friends, received a warm welcome.
The Speaker and Mrs. Champ Clark
kept open house yesterday afternoon
at Congress Hall, there being no for
mal receiving line or prearranged pro
gram. Many of the wives of Repre- ;
sentatlves making their winter homes
at Congress Hall were, however, with
Mrs. Clark. ?
Mrs. Clark also had a group or j
young people assisting her. among
"them the Speaker's niece. Mrs. Olen
Chiles, of Florida: Miss Bennett and
the Misses Dickenson, of Missouri;
the Misses Shallenberger, of Nebras
ka; the Misses Candler, and Miss
Dorothy Gordon. An orchestra from
the Camp Meigs Band played during
the afternoon. v
The Secretary of the Treasury. Mr.
Carter Glass, will be joined by Mrs.
Glass and their daughters. Miss Au
gusta Glass and Miss Mary Archer |
Glass, the latter part of nert week.
Mrs. Glass is at their home, near
I,ynchburg. and the Misses Glass are
visiting In New York.
I Acting Secretary and Counselor of
State and Mrs. Frank Lyon Polk had |
a number of ambassadors and foreign
, ministers at tea with them yesterday
f afternoon.
| The n??r ambassador of Peru. Dr. I
| Francisco Tudela. arrived at the New I
Wiliard yesterday morning, and is e?
I tablished there until he makes more j
permanent arrangements. He was i
acccmpanied to Washington by Mme.
de "*udela and their three children. |
Senor Emllio Del Solar, the new
first secretary of legation, accompa
nied Dr. Tudela.
Senor Manuel de Freyre y Santan
der. the present minister, will repre
sent his country in China and Japan,
leaving for his new posts as soon as
affairs here permit.
Third Assistant Secretary of State
and Mrs. Breckinridge Long were at
home yesterday afternoon frrfn 5 to
7 o'clock, at their residence. 1829 Six
teenth street. There was music and
informal dancing during the reception
hours. Mrs. Henry D. Flood and
Mme. Simon presided at the tea table
and Mrs. Long was assisted by
Mrs. McMillan Gibson. Mrs. Julius
Lay and Mrs. C'oolidge.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Hamlin re
ceived informally yesterday afternoon
as is their custom on New Year Day.
and had their debutante daughter.
Miss Anna Hamlin, with them. Mrs.
James Carroll Frazer and Mrs. Han
cock Griffin, cousin of the hostess,
presided at the tea table. A little
group of Miss Hamlin's girl friends
Miss Louise I.ittauer. daughter of
MaJ. and Mrs. William Llttauer. of
Boston, is visiting Miss Hamlin.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Bonaparte was
at home yesterday afternoon. Prin
cess Ghika and Mrs. Poe White pre
sided at the tea table. The drawing
room of the fine old Bonaparte house,
in K street, where Mrs. Bonaparte
received, is a veritable treasure house
of relics of the great Napoleon and
beautiful things brought from Paris
by Mr. Bonaparte's father, a descen
dant of the Emperor's brother. Jer- j
ome Bonaparte, who married beauti
ful Betsy Patterson.
The Congressional Club kept open
house from 4 to 7 p. m.. the mem
bers of the executive board receiving
and all the members of the club act
ing as hostesses.
In the evening there was a New
Year ball, with Mrs. Joe Henry
Eagle, wife of Representative Eagle,
of Texas, as chairman of the ball com
mittee. She was assisted by Mrs.
John A. Peters, Mrs. John B. Ken
drick, Mrs. Thomas P. Sore. Mrs.
Henry D. Flood. Mrs. Edward E.
Robblns, Mrs. Charles B. Ward, Miss
Page and Mrs. Wallace H. White, Jr.
Mrs. Walter McLean was at home
yesterday afternoon from I to ?
o'clock, at 2109 O street, and had
among her assistants Mrs. James^ W.
Wadsworth, Jr., Mrs. George Barnett.
Miss Leila Gordon. Miss Christian,
Mrs. Gilbert M. Hitchcock, Miss Ruth
Hitchcock. Mrs. LeRoy Tuttle, the
Misses Tuttle, Miss Minna Blair, Mrs.
Samuel Falson. Mrs. C. W. Warden.
Mrs. DuBose. Mrs. X. T. Mann. Mrs.
Mark Bristol, the Misses Harding.
Miss Hoover. Miss Fletcher and Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Patterson, of Baltimore.
Senator and Mrs. Wesley L. Jonee,
of Washington, were at home inform
ally at the Cairo .yesterday afternoon
from 4 to 6 o'clock, for the residents
of their State and of Alaska now tn
"Washington. Mrs. W. L Lemon, of
Yakima. Wash., assisted them.
Mr. and Mrs. Edson Bradley were
at home informally yesterday after
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley h*ve cards
out for dinner parties on "Thursday,
January 9; Monday. January IS, and
Tuesday, January 14. Mrs. Herbert
Shlpman. daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Bradley, and Mrs. William Disston
will come from New York next week
to be their guests. Mrs. Raymond
Shipman, of New York, fs now staying
with Mr. and Mrs. Bradley.
Assistant Secretary of the Navy and
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt sailed foi
France on Tuesday. Mr. Roosevelt is
on an important mission for the de
partment, and is likely to be away for
a couple of months.
I Mr. Bernard Baruch sailed for
| France yesterday, going over at the
I President's request to advise with
i other American officials already over
j there. Mr. Baruch's Job as head of
the War Industries Board, on the
j "dollar-a-year" basis, ended with
j the year.
! Mrs. Paul Russell Frank has goite
to Newport News to meet her hus
band. Capt. Frank, cavalry, U. 8. A.,
who arrived from France on Monday.
Mrs. Frank was formerly Miss Vivian
Mrs. E. H. G. Slater will entertain
a large dinner party on January 15,
| and with her guests will later attend
| the Russian benefit at the Wardman
Park Hotel.
Washington society by the way is
greatly interested in that Russian
ball, which is organised by Mme. !
?George BakhmetefT, Mrs. Edward '
Beale McLean, Mrs. George Marye,
Mrs. James McDonald, and Mrs. Fes
senden Meserve. The beautiful, re
cently finished Wardman Park Inn
which has been selected as the scene
of it, is considered a particularly |
convenient location, as it is only
Ave minutes by motor from Dupont |
Circle and the Chevy Chase trolley
practically passes the door.
The proceeds of the ball will go to
the A%nerican Refuge of Petrograd.
where little children dependent on
American charity are in crying (lit
erally) need of food.
Maj. Gen. William Croiier, U. S. A..
I retired, and Mrs. Croaier will make
' a visit to Washington shortly and
expect later to sail for a tour of
Europe. Gen. Crosier, who was for
merly chief of ordnance, had been1
In command of the Northeastern De
partment until he was placed on the
retired list at his own request.
The marriage of Miss Ethel Sloan,
daughter of Representative Charles
H. Sloan, of Nebraska, to Mr. Grady
Corbitt. of Ozark. Ala., whose en
gagement was announced on Sun- !
day. will take place tomorrow. Ar
rangements for the ceremony are
being marie rather hurriedly, as Mr.
Corbitt. who is in the consular serv
ice. will leave on Saturday for his
post at Lyon. France, and will tako
his bride with him.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Drum were
hosts at a larg- farewell dinner]
party Isst night, as they are return
ing lo their San Francisco home.
Mrs. H. J. Crosson was hostess
at a tea yesterday afternoon from
! 5* to 7 o'clock for her daughter. Miss
Margaret Crosson. and her school
friend. Miss Jeanne Bankhead. who j
made her debut under auspicious
circumstances on Friday. Assisting
New models which auigeat?
merely nuggeit, the approach of
spring show that the tailored suit
favors a flitted waistline, rather
high, and severe tailoring?except
in the case of pockets. This model
uses pockets for ornamental pur
poses and indulges In three at each
? I
by the designer of this very smart
top coat of dark blue velour. It
suggests something of the suit. The
waist line is particularly interest
ing. Deep collar, cuffs and pockets
are of gray squirrel.
were Miss Tallulah Bank-head. Miss
Josephine Broome, , Miss Gladys
Kaime. Miss Elizabeth Koones, MTss
Henrietta Hill and Miss Beatrice
Miss Crosson. who is only here for
the . holidays, will return to her
school in Indiana on January 7. and
will graduate from there in June.
The Mutual Welfare Association of
the insurance division of the Biyeau
of War Risk Insurance had a dance
last night at Rauscher's. In the re
ceiving line were Mrs. Alice Grady,
assistant director; Mrs. Mark A.
Woodell. executive clerk; Mrs. Ess
linger. social service secretary; Mrs.
Rucker. Miss Dowdelle. Mrs. Hox
ton, Mrs. Hackett. Mrs. Roberts and
Mrs. Eckstein.
Among those who accepted Invita
tions to be present were Secretary of
the Treasury and Mrs. Carter Glasa,
Assistant Secretary and Mr*. Thomas
Love; Director of War Risk and Mrs.
Lindsley; Assistant Director of War
Risk, Capt. Crowell; Commissioner
and Mrs. Nesbit. Speaker and Mr*.
Champ Clark; Deputy Commissioner
I.?aGrange J. Arnold; Deputy Com
missioner and Mrs. H. C. Houlihan,
Chief Clerk of War Risk. Mr. F. C.
A number of soldiers from Walter
Reed Hospital, the Army Medical
School and Quantlco were also pres
The District of Columbia Division
of the United Daughters of Confed
eracy entertained at a New Year
reception last night in honor of Con
federate veterans, at the Confederate
Memorial Hall. 13J2 Vermont avenue.
Mrs. Gibson Fahnestock, the division
president, received, with Mrs. W. H. |
F. Lee, Mrt*. Newton Baker. Mrs.
Harriot Turner, Mrs. Walter Hutton,
Mrs. Charles Hamilton Fred. Mrs.
[ Paul L. Joachim, Mrs. S. A. Wayne.
I Mrs. Lawton Morgan. Mrs. Jennie
j Monroe. Mrs. W. O. Roome. Mis? Alice
Theobold, Mrs. Samuel Spencer.
The Spanish ambassador and Mme.
Riano will be the honor guests at a
dinner which Mrs. Jamcy McDonald
is giving on January 12.
Representative and Mrs. Ira Copley
have gone to their home at Aurora,
111., for a visit of several days.
Colvin B. Brown, chief of the or
rr.nization service bureau of the
Chamber of Commerce of the United
States, will speak on "Community Or
ganization in Time of War" before
the members of the Twentieth Cen
tury Club this morning at 11.30 in All
Souls Church. L and Fourteenth
streets. The public is invited.
Miss Ellinor Fell, of Paris, who re
cently arrived in this country from
France, will speak on the condition
and lives of the women and children
of her country, for the fatherless
children of FYance committee and
their friends, in the auditorium of the
Department of the Interior building
today at 4:46 o'clock under the aus
pices of the local committee, Mrs.
David Franklin Houston, chairman;
Mrs. Henry Jennings, vice chairman,
and Miss Winslow, secretary; and the
advisory committee. Mrs. Wm. T.
Redfleld, Mrs. F. H. Brooke. Mrs. F\
A. Delano, Mrs. William Gibbs Me
Adoo, Mrs. Charles S. Hamlin, Mrs.
William Phillips, Miss Julia Lothrop,
Mrs. Adolph Caspar Miller, Mrs.
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Anna
Howard Shaw.
The fatherless children of France
committee proudly announces that a
summing up of the sales of Christmas
post cards brought $9,000 into their
At the Arts CJub dinner tonight
Representative Alben W. Barkley, of
Kentucky, recently back from France,
will be the honor guest. The presi
dent of the club. Mr. Henry K Bush
Brown. will act as chairman, and
Mrs. Caleb W. O'Connor will l>e host
ess for the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. M. Waters, Jr., of
Oakhrurst, Montgomery County, Md.,
announce the engagemen* of their
daughter. Achsah Estelle. to Mr. Will
iam H. Stinson, Jr., of Glenwood, Md.
The wedding will take place In the
near future.
St Valentine will celebrate his day.
February 14, by an authors' carnival
and ball at the New Willard Hotel
The affair will be given by the
League of American Pen Women, bin
der distinguished patronage, for the
benefit of the league's national head
quarters. A matinee February 15 will
follow, partaking of adventures in
the fairyland of children's books,
combined with the dansante during
the later hours. The scheme of deco
ration is odd and original, and is be
ing worked out by the artists of the
War Camp Community Service. The
characterisation of the participants
in the carnival will be made from
the wonderland of books. An exhibit
and auction sale of sutographed
books, photoprraphs. original manu
scripts and Illustrations will add to
the attractions of the evening. A
program by well-known professionals
and general dancing are part of the
carnival It 1m hoped tba attendance,
which protoftaqa to be large, will adopt
700 Attend Event Under
Auspices of War Risk
With more than WO ?ue.t. In at
tendance. including Secretary of the
Treasury Carter Qlaaa. the M*
reception and dance riven laat n t
Vh^:r%^"Uc= s
the Insurance *lTtotolL^.<rfr?Jne of
War R..k lnmiranoe. pw*' e
the moat interesting ?nd enjojaoie
unction, of the J"'*'*,'^^m?.
The grand march wa. led!b?
ionPtnT?.i.r"n.e,iener. I ^ *
sttsrsJ -T-Wb' ssrr
Orady. aa?l?tant director
bureau. other dfctlmuished
,u?u" were A?i?ant Secretary^or
Z ZTZZJTZ bureau, Henry
ch fflss rM?.
Twenty-four dance numbers wern
oLJd including two-.teps and
w^lUei. The r.ul Jone. number to
which everybody Joined ?? Uy
^ ^rmUterrn'Lan^mcnU In
cluded James J. jT'^^XVo^cU
SSd^n?.^dh coVre^nd,^ -J" j
retary. and Miss Fannie Howe. I* <
??Tli'e ^rece^lon'* committee consisted j
,Mark A. WoodeU. cha.rm.n
Mrs C B Exstine, Mrs. Eunice Es
sluTjer. Mis. Cordelia Dowdeli. Mrs.
Gertrude Kucker. Mrs. Virginia Uox
ion Mrs. Paul Moncure and Mr.
ChaHotte Hackett.
Chance lo Return Hospitality Shown
President Wilson. Says French Press
_ ... 1?President Poincare s
Cinch \
between France and the ;
present cordial relations
"JTS A Ke ^nd hls^ stafT the '.
CeiEton of Loyal Women -re at home
SSEfZt S-rMr. M-cyl
? ^ftn Tucker the president, and Mrs.
John A. L-ogan. SV? Th.rteenth street
The Kansas City Club kept open
h?^..rnoew "n ;Vh?nSr.nd ?elr
friend.^ from 1 to ? o"rMi?
Kltxabeth Somer. School. 11 ? M
Woodward ?jp TCotljrop
The January, 1919, Sale
of Undermuslins
Off en to the First Shop peri
of the New Year
Extraordinary Offerings in
Women's Lingerie
Tho*? dainty underthings in white, or flesh tint. that are *o
necessary a part of every woman's wardrobe, will be placed on
sale at radically lowered prices. 9:15 o'clock this Thursday
Th? sale include* American-made Gowns, Chemise. Petti
coats, Drawers, and Bloomers; also a most attractive display of
French and Philippine lingerie?fresh, just-unpacked garments
that were purchased especially for this great event, in order th?*
the January, 1919, Sale of Undermuslins may rival, if not ec!*pie
any previous January Sale.
In the Women i Lingerie Sections, Third Floor
Beginning with the First Shopping
Hours of the New Year
Trainload of Nurses, Blankets and
Provisions Await Survivors.
Bayshore. L*. I., Jan. 1.?A speda*
train arrived here from the port or
debarkation at Hoboken. in charge <?I
Col. Valentine. representing Gen.
Shanks, in charge of the Hoboken
The train carried a dozen array
nurses, SO members of a guard from
Camp Mills. 3.000 army blankets ana
several earioads of provisions.
Col. Pierce was the Red Cross de
tail. to look after the welfare of the
wounded men on the transport, when
they arc taken off the *hip.
The party * as taken from the special
train to the Bayshore naval station,
where they will be kept until it is
decided what action will be taken a*
to the removal of the men from the
Northern Pacific.
j Red's Pitcher, Confessed UTute
Slaver, Said to Have Evaded Draft.
| Nashville, Tenn.. Jan 1? Fred To
! ney. former star pitcher of the Reds,
wno yesterday pleaded guilty to a
charge of violating the Mann whit* 1
slave act to lay went on trial In tht i
.Federal court before Judge sandfsrl
, to answer for the second time
; charge of evading th?* selective #er- ]
' vice law.
A Jury failed to a*ree at Tonejr*i
i flrst trial several months ago.
Mrs L. J. Brinkman. of Cincinnati. ]
was the star witness for the fonrtl* j
ment in the opening hours of ths ]
1 case. The government hopes to show
by Mrs Brinkman's testimony that \
| Tony lavished all of his money on a
w.man known a* Gladys St ranee. I
and that Toney did not support tils ,
wife, child, father, mother, brother <
and sister
Sinn Feiner Planned to Destroy
Bridges and Capture Police.
Dublin. Jan. 1?Testimony at the
court-martial of J. Gallagher, a book
keeper. disclosed thst he organised a
plot in Wlcklow and Wexford to blow
up the railroad bridges, capture the
police barracks and post offices at I
overthrow the British mllltarj.
Decision i* reserved.
Mercury Drops in West;
12 Below in Denver
Mission Coagratnlates Italians
Home. Dec. SI.--The Senousite mis
sion from Tripolitana (a division of
Tripoli* arrived today and paid hom
age to King Victor Emmanuel, con
gratulating him on the victory of
Italian srrms.
Chicago. Jan. 1?The meather man
shifted g*?ar? today and gave mid
Amenca a sample of ISIS rinta#t '
Sudden drops toward zero or below,
stinging winds'and snow were re
ported from the northern tier of
States to the rim of the semi-tropie '
Denver reported a Y?-below tempera
ture to top off a heavy ihreeday
snow The mercury- was Z below at
Uncoln and ! at Des Moines The Da
kota* basked in temperatures of V
below in spots Texas shivered hi
her flrst blizzard, an inch of snow
snd sleet with the mercury at SI
Don't Poison Baby.
FORTY YEARS AGO almost every mother thought her child must have PARE
GORIC or laudanum to make it sleep. These drugs will produce sieep,
THERE IS NO WAKING. Many are the children who have been killed or
whose heaRh has been ruined for life by paregoric, laudanum and morphine, each
of which is a narcotic product of opium. Druggists are prohibited from sefcng
eitfier of tlie narcotics named to children at all, or to anybody without labeling
them "poison." The definition of "narcotic" is: "A meducine which r?Uevs
paia and produces sleep, but ivhich in poisonous doses produces stupor,
coma, convulsions and death." The taste and smell of medicines containing
opium are disguised, and sold under the names of " Drops," "CowitaJs," "Soo&
ing Syrups," etc. You should not permit any medicine to be given to your
children without you or your physician know of what it is composed.
CASTOR1A DOES NOT CONTAIN NARCOTICS, if it bears the signature o<
Chas. H. Fletcher.
Letters from Prominent Physicians
addressed to Chas. H. Fletcteer.
) foments 1 j Flutd Pwctej
A***". ?
I Cerst^*jn ** D'-ar'^ \
* out! Twit**- ? ^ 1
? L.-4S tif seer f
Dr.J.W.Dradale. of Chicago, IU., sa5-?: "I w nv G?
ton a and advise its cm ;n ?'! families where tier* are chikirsn."
Dr. Alexander, E. Mit-tia, cf Cleveland, Ohio, aaya : " I have
frequently prescribed your Car-ton* and have founc it a rehab*
and pleasant remedy for child: ej. ''
Dr. Apr.es V. SweJand, of Omaha, Nebr., tan : "Tow
Castoria is the best rer. ody in the world for eWldrea and U?
only one I use and recotc stead "
Dr. J. A. McCVHaa, of BuJalo, N. Y., says; "I have fre
quently preacrioe ! your Caatoria for children and always gvt rood
resuit*. In fac. I l-j ("astoria for my own children."
Dr. J. W. A'ioa, cf St. Loaia, Mo., says: "I heartily endorse
your Castorie. I hare freijuer.tly prescribed it in my medical prac
tice, and hs-.e alwsys f?ur>d it to do all that ia claimed for it."
Dr. C. H. G'l .^sn, of St. Paul, Mian., says : My experience
S3 a practi .ior -r w-.tii y jur Ccst&na ha* been highly aataafarlary
and I consider it an exce.lent remedy for the young "
Dr. H. D. Bec.ner, of PbP.adelphia, Pa., safe : "I hare oaed
your Castoria as a fmrpa'.Te in the caees of children for years past
with the .-Dost ?~p; T effect, s^d fully endorse it aa a aaie rriredj."
Dr. J. A. Lonrman. of Kansas City, Ko, By* : "losr Can
toris is a spleaid remedy for children, known the werW orer. I
?ise it in my practice aod have no heatancy in recommend^ n far
the complaints of infanta and children." '
Dr. J. J. Mackey, of Brooklyn, N. Y., aavs : " 1 consider ymmt
Cantoris an excellent preparation for children, bring eompoaed at
reliable medicines and {,'nasant to the taste. A good reaaedj is*
all disturbances of the d-gtstire organs."
In Use For Over 3ft Years
Tho Kind You Havo Mwayt Bought
ClflTAUi N?v VOM

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