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Wall Street, Curb, Local and Produce Markets; Financial Reviews
Ignace Jan Paderewski
Likely to Be President,
Says Holland. ?
Should a republic be proclaimed in
Poland and Ignace Jan Paderewski be
chosen as President, for dispatches
from London report that this is prob
able. then a man who is almost an
American may become President of
the new republic in Poland. Pade
rewski has sojourned for so long a
time in the United States and has.so
many times crossed the continent and
been in touch with American senti
ment and American political and busi
ness life, and has so thoroughly ab
sorbed all that he has seen and
learned in the United States, as to
justify speaking of him as almost an
American. Here he gained his sub
stantial fortune; here he parted with
a considerable portion of his earnings
in order to carry on war activities in
support of the a 11 lee. and here he be
came the central figure in all the
organisations in the United States
which represented the honorable am
bitions of Poland.
Seldom did Paderewski play profes
sionally in the United States after th?
war began. He seemed to have begun
a new career and to have revealed at
the beginning of it unusual capacity
for the higher kind of political lead
ership and all his work in this coun
try seemed to be Inspired or illuminat
ed by his admiration for American in
stitutions. The discovery was made
that Paderewski possessed unusual
executive and administrative capaci
ties. He understands Poland as well
a? he does the United States and as
he is courageously conservative and
has not in the past been Identified
with any political or class Interest in
Poland or in Europe, he will be able
to accept the presidency, if it be of
fered to him. with a clear conscience
and a free hand.
There is, however, another revela
tion which has been made by him in
the past four years. It is associated
with his higher triumphs as a player
of the piano. Men who are competent
to judge and explain, and many others
who could not explain, but neverthe
less were impressed, recognized a pe
culiar quality in Paderewski's playing
not possessed by any other even of
the greatest masters of the instru
ment in Paderewski's generation. He
would begin by playing with exquisite
delicacy, with wonderful mastery of
the piano, drawing forth from it beau
tiful tones and compelling the instru
ment to yield to any demand which he
made upon It. These characteristics
however, were not exclusively Pader
ewski's. A few other masters of the
piano possess them. But of a sudden
there came in his playing what is
sometimes characterized as a mar
velous burst of eloquence such as had
never before been revealed by any
other of the masters of the instru
ment. Paderewski's unique capacitv
for bringing something like rrue elo
quence out of the instrument, identi
fied his personality, for this It was
which enabled him to produce this
astonishing effect.
Paderewnkl's Ela*a*a**.
After the war began and Paderew
ski began to speak in public, in- 1
fusing his personality into his ut
terances. the observation was fre
quently made that he at times be-!
raine truly eloquent, speaking with
? great hurst of eloquence similar;
? n some of its aspects to The like!
quality which was observed in his!
pUying. So it was presumed that
aderewski possess* d all the <|iiali- ;
ties which make a truly ^rent
iTJtor. For he spoke uith sinceritv :
with tine command <,f hi* voice':
Maying equally well upon the em,j-'I
ti"l* and the reisnmnc of his hear
ers. and frequently, of a sudden I
break in e out into burst* of real
eloquence. ?
Therefore the wonder i.. am..ns
laderewskis many friends and!
so.ne 01 those who do not know him
personally, whether now. at the a. ?
of he has not made it manifest !
L'n' >. '* with qualities'
mich are not ..nly ceitain t.. an-I
peal to (treat masses of the p.disn 1
people, for th, spoken word >s
ureatly admired in Poland, but also I
skillfully and wisely to lead in gov
ernmental and public affairs
In any event Paderewski would n
s short time retire from his voca
tion as a player of the p.ano but
for public life he I. thought to be I
" voun* ">an. young in mental
energy. in enthusiasm and in capa.
"V lor dealing w,th gr.at political)
Hfr.-urs. Others have advanced front |
humbl. service ,.f various kinds to
pre. minent positions in the nation
of uhtch they are citizens. This
lias been noticeably the case in the
I i"ted States. But it is not known
Ihat any one who maintained a Ion-:
and highly successful car~>r as a
professional musician, standing pre
eminent in that vocation, should of
a sudden give up that career so that
be might undertake the highest
duties committed to any citizen.
Xot a word of criticism has been
h?a.rd for the action of the Federal
lieserve Uank of New Tork in per
fecting an agreement with Peru,
whereby a credit balance of $15,000.
ooo is provided by Peru, for the sak
of facilitating the movement of
commerce between 1'eru and the
United State*. Instead of criticism
general approval has been ex
pressed. This la based upon several
grounds. It demonstrates that Peru
la seeking to establish a greater
trade with the United States, while
our own citizens who are manufac
turers or importers are willing to
take advantage of any favorable
conditions which will enable them to
buy raw material such as Peru can
Our importers by reason of this
arrangement are able to buy Peru
vian commodities and to pay tor
them by drafts drawn against the
credit balance. This inevitably
means dollar exchange. It was in
Chill that I.eopold Frederick was
able to establish the first dollar ex
change market in the world. The
example then set has now been fol
lowed by Peru and undoubtedly will
be hereofter Imitated by other South
American nations. Another reason
for congratulation is the evidence
that with the establishment of fav
orable financial conditions it will be
possible very greatly to increase our
South American trade. Furthermore
this action is spoken of as one of
the triumphs of the Federal reserve
system. For had the old national
hanking law been now In existence
It would have been impossible to
secure such favorable banking fa
cilities as Chill and Peru have now
furnished and as other South Ameri
can nations are likely speedily to
adopt. If our importers buy heavily
of raw material and other commodi
tios of South America so also Amer- |
lean manufacturing and other In
dustries will on the other hand be
likely to match these purchases in
8outh American countries by sell
log home-made commodities in these '
FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS It doesn't happen often! By BLOSSER
countries where heretofore the mar
i keta of that kind have been almost
exclusively controlled by Great
jBritain and German. HOLLAND.
7 16
I New York. J?n. 7.?The curb was quirt today j
j ami without many wide price changes. The.
I general tone >u? Meadv. with strength in a
I lew <|*-ri?| K?m*. Activity in oil stocks le?v- '
. ened with mixed change* Independent oils|
dull hut nnn.
In the industrial section small gains were
made by ?imc of the stocks, but trading was
cuiefly professional.
War stocks wer? firm.
Quotations furnished by W B Hitt* A (\>.
Bid. Asked. |
Aetna Ex i-lcw res 77^!
American Writing Paper com 2s* 3>, j
Atlantic Petroleum 2 j
Barnett Oil 14
Bif Ledfe .,k 1V14
[ K'*ton and Montana 52 !>4
j Butterworth Judson 15 ?' 1
Caledonia Mining 23
| < alumet and Jerome **
? Canada Copper 'm 2
[Carbon Steel ia> ]l5
[Tar Light and Power 2 ?
Cliarcoal Iron $i,
?"fcernrfet 10' ,e,
"ties service 2."
j Cities Service pfd * *91
, Conaolidated Arizona ji;
| Consolidated Crppcr o\
| Coiiden Co -i
? Coeden pfd t '
Cramps 75 * m
'>p*on CJold
| Crysral <>T>prr \
Curtias Aero " 11 1
j Haria-Daly \ 41^
I'enbeigh Silver ?,
1 Si "Mi? sii
| Kmerson Phone j*4 1
L-tlgima Coiner * v-l
J Federal Oil ...[ 0% '
j First National Copper . 1T4
1 <:io_. r> 1.
5l; 1
I <?len Rock..
Cold field Consolidated 20
1 <Sreen Monster..
S 7 16
Holly Sugar
81 81 i
j H?Jly Sugar pfd ]nr)
i H? '13ton Oil
Howe Sound
: Hull Copper ^ ^
! Intercontinental Rtibber 13^ f
International Petroleum... ia ?<?*!
Inland Oil ^ 'J I
Jerome Verde 1* a.ifi'
Jim Butler "7
JumN, Extension \\ 1C I
Keystone Tire ^ v
Lake Torpedo iix **,
1 ? J
Magma Copper 25
Mason Yallev
Maxim Munitions..
Merritt Oil Zl
Metropolitan Petroleum 2*3 !
Midwft Oil eom.
Midwest Oil pfd..
Midwevt RHininfrr. .. "
Mitchell Motors
Mutherlode ..
Niptoing Mines .. o4 ^
North American P. & p '
N..rthwrstern Oil * 5; *a !
Ohio Cop;??r 13-16
Oklahoma oil Co 1
Oklahoma Prod. & Refg Co !!. . ?vv
Okmulgee Oil.
Pacific 1] a* *
Peerless Motors .! 1*
Ray Hercules 31 ^
Relc F>nipment iQSf . I i
113 118^1
* ?
s1* ^:
15- 1C
9-m ,
St. Joseph Lead
Sapnlpa com.
Sequoyah Oil.
Sinclair Gulf.
Standard Mot.
H'i n
9 16
3j |
>utimanne Corporation... 12 n
Success Mining " f ,, |
Tonc|?ah Rx tension -? J
Triangle Him .!!.!!.*!!" 1. "14 !
Tri Bullion
T'nited Eastern y.*
' ? S. Light and Heat com 1&#
P. S. Light and Heat pfd..../ 2 ? !
Prited Motors ?"
Pnited Profit Sharing
I". S. Steamship
Pnited Venle ""I t;
Pnited Western Oil a
Pnited Zine ,4
Victoria Oil '
Wayland Oil o
! Vl"e*t End Cone ' >( i'J
j Wright Martin Aero !!."!! /
- j
nrTTKH~k'r' Yn"' ?
TTtK?Elgin. v.iDt. 73: Elgin tub n
LIVE POULTRY Knmtrrs. p, ' b '
turk.,,. ,?? lb. 42: chickens, S>riD, "pc7 fb"
I"'?FT ? ^ ib.
j nnEssEn i-oiTr.TRy-pvw, kn,,,. ?r,?.
ib. M: Al
i ,h;,?a3?- h???. per lb. 40a45. j
; ORtEN FRLIT-App'^a, pt-r bbl.. 2.5Ca8.00;
box. 7oca?.0R tafket. lancr, 3.00a4 00- ??!>?
I ^VT-Zu 4?r^ .
I VEtJBTABLEH- Potatocai No. 1 ; 25,375.
, r4n,'? "" b"krL 1 5?s,0?: P-PTT. cr.tr,'
J. O.VCO, Ciinimben, hajket, < 00,5 00 em
'"'""J. C50a*W prr cratc; cabbage old
I Ml lh<, l.JSiSa?: Vet. per biincli, 4.8: |?
,'r\ ? ' <>'m.toe., HurJd.,
S.eai OO: t*?. aoo.3 14) per bwket: ,.m l*>
bTilw'' i ^ J.OOal.iO t?r
, j00" SO IT cr?tr: per bhl
? ? : '? ? !>-r bhl: hk, lai
1-0 per bhl.: tti/nip.. 1,7 , ? ^ i
i he.'t>E1- ^Ij' , OI:K" Ll?bl. medium. K;
8TOTK- Siieep. pe,. ib. ;U; |>nBl
IT, rilin, 4fca"l; meUiutn. tT.ie
26 bii.bel; tlm-1
| # r0>' 5? Per bu.liel, ie.1 top pm is Ka
fr ?'"* ?r?M. >50 per buibel: I
orchard pM 3.SO?3.7i per b i.hel I
I HAT AMD GRAIN?No. 1 ??,tb,. 32 .
1 . - timothy, 30.31 a ton; mixed h.? 29a.'? a
ton: mixed oat,. 81a?2 pee btuhel; .h'ite oat.
I s-as-c I*r buahel.
I PMadelMia. p,.. j,?. 7...Pri?, (in ,b,
I lV .T I"' n,*rk*t to<U5 ?a?'d ? fOUo?.
?i.l.S-.Vwb, ?n.tj, 3).? per crate ncatbr
"?cipt?. ,,30 [?r crate: ircMui, 17 10a 1
3 10 ,L"r , '?? 'T" "tra tat.,
J 7 P*^r rrat': do. flrsta, 19.80 p?r crate **?
I ^ inferior ,ot*- lower; storage I
C?jcs 1.' Hit It1.3/. aa to quality; fancy selected I
-^ ?rZl'd r?* ?,
UVB 1-OlLJWf-FWi, accordin, to
Mal?c: ?.TU.g chicken. ? to Qa,,?
duck,. Peking ISi'.-n
?rtuo Runner. 32.34c; ,re? 32^*c- turkera
*>. runeaa. youne, per p.jr, wei^jp, ?
P?.nd. .^cee, l.Ma'. IO; TO.ller ,i?
?mne^old, per P.ir, run-: pi,?,na. old^r'
l*ir. Kau*;. do. young, per pair. 25a30r '
fH^TPATOES? White potatoes. Eastern Shore !
J-yvhiM: d?- NoT^tSSSf
j-izSTw-is, "ire?*..?
>e? Tork. 100 lb. iio, . K. ~~~~
1L"?*' No '? J-sc*'-?; so
Ir per bbl. No. 1. 4 50*3 M- No 7
"el...? .?d M.r>?nd
>o. 1. iC0ai?, No, 2, ism.n.
Quotations furnished by W B. UibtM A C-o. I
High. Low. Close, j
Adv. Rumley 21*4 31 24
Ad v. Rum ley pr 594 594 594
Ajsx Rubber 68 68 G8
Alaska Juneau 2 2 2
A Fli ?Chalmers 324 32^ 3.'
Allia-Chalmer* pr 83 83* 83
American Agricul. Chemical 101 101 101
American Bwt Sugur 73 71*4 73
American Csuning 484 474 484
j American Car A Foundry... 924 904 9l>4
American Cotton Oil 434 424 43
American Cotton Oil pr. ... 88 88 88
! American Hide A Leather.. 14 134 14
! American Hide A L?-a. pr... 71% 72*% 73%
' American Ice 424 42 "42
! American Ice pr 57 57 57
American International 564 56 564
American Linseed ? SO1* 494 804 j
1 American Linsped i?r 924 914 914'
| American Locomotive 614 614 614'
? A men. an I>xxxnotive pr. ..10: 102 IV- |
American Malting 44 14 44
American Smelting A Refg 704 7>4 76 j
1 American Smelt. A Refg. pr 1054 1054 1034 I
American Sumatra 97 964 964 !
American Steel Foundry.. . ?4 8541
American Sugar 1124 11-4 ? 1241
American Tel. A Teleg 1<*>4 10O 10041
. American Tobacco 2>4 1024 2524,
American Woolen 514 614 514'
American Writing Paper pr. 294 ?94 2*4 j
American Zinc A I^a.I -24 12 12 !
Anaconda 604 50s* ?04!
Associated Dry Goods.. 174 1?4 174
A wo * led Oil 714 704 704 I
Atcbieon 124 924 i'.'S1
Atchison pr 89 89 89 I
Atlantic Coast Line . 99 S4 %'/?j
A. G. A Wert Indies 1074 1064 10641
Baldwin Locomotive 754 744 744 j
Baltimore A Ohio 494 49 494'
Baltimore A Ohio \v 554 564 554 1
Barrett Co 1114 H#4 110*1
Barrett Co. pr ii04 Ji04 1104 \
Bethlehem Steel ?04 604 6"4 |
Bethlehem Steel Class B ... 614 61 4 6141
Bethlehem St***'! 8 ^ i<r 106 1014 105 ,
Booth Fisheries -1 21 ' I
'Brooklyn Rapid Trannt .. 254 '-34 254 I
Bums Brothers 1S>4 135 1Y?4 I
Butte Copi*r A Zinc ?4 64 64!
Butte Superior 2>4 -94 304 1
California Packing . 60S 49\ 3)4
California Petroleum 234 2 4 :24(
? nUfomta Pftroleuin pr .. . *9 634 684
Central leather tO'i fiJ CO'* \
Ontral Leather pr 103 1014 1014 i
Cere de Pasco 334 .'34 334
Chesapeake A Ohio 564 564 564
Mil. A St. Paul... >4 >4 384
Chicago. Mil. A- St. Paul pr 724 714 <24 j
Chicago A: Northmextern.. . 9n4 964 %'i!
Chicago A Northwestern \x. 1314 1314 1314
Chicago. R. I. & Pacific 234 23 23
I Chi.. II. I A Pacific 6'. pr 654 664 6641
j Oiile Cornier ]* 174 17 *!
Clnno Copper 334 334 V4'
C.. C , C A St. Ijouis pr . 664 '-6s* C64 j
J Colorado Fuel A Iron 37 77 37
< '< himbia l!a< 42"* 4 -?
Con. lis* of New York 93 9?4 9441
Continental Canning 704 704 'ft-*
I Corn Products 504 4*4 4't-?
1 <*rncib!e Steel . . 574 574 '74
Crucible Steel pr. 914 9: 9 j
1 Cuban-Ann rican Sugar I'*' 130 130
I Cuban Cane Sugar 294 29-4 294
j Cuban t 'ane Sugar pr 7^ 784 *9
j Delaware A Hudson 104 1(1 101 !
I Denver A Rio Granie pr 74 74 74]
l Distillers" Securities 554 544 544
Elk Horn Coal 2>4 294 294'
; Erie Railroad 17 164 17
i Erie 1st pr 274 ' "4 2741
: Fisher Body 39 384 384
Cast on W A W O 294 3"
General Cigars 514 304 51
General Cigars i?r 10'? 703 103 ,
| General Elect riu 130 130 13*)
| Genera: Motor* 1304 12l>4 1294
! Goodrich (B. F.) 57 564 664
I Great Northern pr. 934 934 934
j Great Northern Ore 314 32 324
| Greene-Cananea 4?"< 46 4b
Haitmau Corporation 344 514 544
I Inspiration 464 4*">S 464
Intei borough 64 V? ?i4
j IntcrboKHigh i?r 23 19 23
ilnt. Harvester (new 1134 113 1134
' Int. Merchant Marine 26 ".54 J>
| Int. Merchant Marine pr? 1 14 109-4 111
1 International Nickel 324 314 3'i
j International Paper 304 304
Jewel Tea 'J>4 2S4 28-4
| Kelly Tire Co W4 68T? 6*4
| Kennet-ott 32S 3 4 324
j larickawanna Steel 664 654 6ft
l^-high Valley 554 --5 5T*3*
Ijggdt A Myers 2244 2244 2!44
Liggett A Myers pr 1W4 1C64 1>^'?
Lorrillsrd I*ump 1C2 162 16:
Msy Department Store* CD 00 i
Maxwtll 1st ir. & y 51 I
Maxwell 2d ?' 204 204 204
Mexican Petroleum .. 19:4 ^*?i4 18441
, Miami Copper 244 21 244 \
| Midvale Steel . 434 434 434
Mivtuuri Pacific tS7-* 2>4 234
National Acan^ Co. 31 31 31
National Biscuit 1114 1114 H14
National C. A Suit, pr 101 104 ;04
National Conduit A C 154 134 134
National Lnam. A Stpg. .. 48 ? 48
National Lend 1# 1074 1074 1074
Nevada Copper 17 17 17
New York Air Brake 105 105 lCu
New YoTk Central 744 744 '44
N. Y.. N. H. A Hartford... 314 34 314
N. Y'.. Ontario A Western . 21 21 21 j
Norfolk S?>uthem 174 174 174
Norfolk A Western 106 106 106
Northern Pacific 93 924 924
Nova Scotia Steel M &t 54
Ohio Cities Gat 44 t?4 434
Ohio Fuel 444 444 444
Ontario Mining 7 7 7
Pacific Mail 8. S 37 37 37
Pan American Petroleum... 73 714 "14
Pan American Petroleum pr 1384 1214 13?4
Pennsylvania 46 454 434
Peoples' Gas 484 48 48
Peoria A Eastern 54 54 54
| Philadelphia Co. V 31 31
I Pierce-Arrow 424 *4 424 1
1 Pierre-Arrow pr. 102 102 102 I
! Pierc? Oil Corporation 184 174 1741
j Pittsburgh (Joal 504 4*4 4*41
Pitt?burgh Coal pr 86 M 86
1 Pittsburgh A West Virginia 364 36 3b41
Pressed Stee! Car 63 83 ui j
Pullman Co. 121 J21 121 I
I Railway Steel Springs 754 75 754
1 Ray Copper 21 204 21
I Reading Railway 824 814 824
R* ailing 2d pr 374 374 374
! Rep. Iren A Steel "4 4 74 74 4
Rep. Iron A Steel pr JOB 1014 M*
Royal Dutch 78 76 764
St. Louis A Ssn Frama-co 144 114 >44
Savage Arms 614 (l 614
Sears Roebuck 1P2 180 Id
Shattuck - A rirona 134 134 134
Sinclair Oil A Refining 364 314 314
Southern Pacific 1014 1004 1014
Southern Railway 19 284 284
Southern Railway pr 69 fi9 w
Studebaker 314 51 t 5] 1^
Stuta Motor 604 504 9*4
Tenn. Copper A Chemical.. 14 14 14
Teiag Ca>* 1874 183** 1854
Texas A Pacific 334 32 334
Third Avenue 15\ 13% 15^
Tobacco Product 774 704 77
Pnderwood 315 H5 113
Union Padflo
United Alloy Steel 384 384 384
United Cigar Stores 1104 1104 110'
Unit*! Drug >24 94 *
United Drug 1st pr 514 504 514
United Froit 162% 1624 16^
High. )<o*. Close.
IT. S. Alcohol .06 104 101
U. S. Rubber TP,% 7? T7H
l\ H. Rubber 1st ]0?s 109'i 1094
l\ S. fy?e!ting 4 Refining 45 43 45
I'. 8. Steel *3H MS ?'?
t S. SIpH i* 114\ IMS 11??
Utah Copper T.'H 714 72
Virginia Car Chemical ? 55s* 56*4 05H
Wibwh 8'. 8^ 8V*
Wabash pr. A 33 33 33
Westinghouae 4 Ft 41\? 41Ti
Willing & L E. \tr 1&4 18* lf'i
White Motor 451* 4^% 4P?
WilAon k. Co 71 74 74
Willya-Orerland \ 2M4 2SV4 254
Willy* Overland j* M 8!\ ?8
Wisconsin Central 35 35 35
WfK.lworth 129S 128 123S
Wonhington I'ump pr. B . G6T? 66:fc
Washington Stock Exchange.
Potcsnac Electric coos. 5*. $1,000 at 96. $1.0)0
at f3
Capital Traction, 5 at 87S.
Washington Oa*. 2 at 55
l^inston 20 at 67. 20 at 67
Alter call
Capital Tractii'ii 5a. $800 at 97\
Washington Railway general 6<*. $1,000 at 9CS.
Capital Traction. 25 at 8?V 4 at 874
Rid Aaked
Washington Gas b* .... %4 994
Capital Traction 5* 974 984
City and Suburban 5a M
Metropolitan 5a 96
Washington Rwt. and Elec. 4-< 72 73
Waah. lUy. and Bee g.-n . %4 *>4
I Potomac Electric run*. 5? 95 954
Potomac Electric Light 5* 95 97
Potomac Electric Power 0* 93 99
Potomac Electric general 6*^ ... 97,i 9T'i
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 5a . 95 96v?
! American Tel. and Telga. 4n... . til 814
American Tel. an?T T-Iga 44*? 85 **9
Am. Tel. and Tel. Ctl. Tr. 5a.... 91\ ???
! Am. Tel. and Tel. cona. Cs 1004 101
Arcmcan Grapbophone 1st ? - 96 100
D. C. Paper Mfg 6- 100
j Washington Markit 5s. l'"2T 95
Washington Market E? 1911 .....
, W M Cold Storac- 5' 94
I See Storape an-'. Safe Dep. ?.? .. .. XI
Nnrf.dk ar.d Wash. St<amboat us . 1044 -
Riggs Realty T-? ?li<ng? HP* 99
K.gg* Realty 5a i !iort i 974 '0)
Capital Tract i.?n.. K t~\*
, Washington R?\. and Elec. com.. 49 56
.Washington lUv awl Elec. pfd . ?9 71
j Norfolk and Waah. Strainbott. ... 1S5 JtO
j Washington Gas 514
, Amrrican Tel. and Telga. '100
I Mergenthaler i** 1*4
i I?in<ton ?65? 67'
i La list n Si rip 1W
American *130 !57'
I Capital '?*
! Columbia 200
Commercial I'M 191)
: District 155
i Farmers and M?Panics' V20 240
Federal 1?
.Lincoln 160 ?
j National P>ank of Washington *300 2^0
, National Metropolitan . 3W . .
I Riggs 440
? Secoud *133 113
i American Security an-! Trust eCCJ ???'
I National Savings ?nd Tnist 265 . ..
| In ion Tnist ? 5Z5?
W a Kington Ixian and Trust 243 247
j Continental Tr.ist 115 i20
j lloma 4?
i Rank if Commerce and Saving*..? 12 .....
j Ea*t Washington 12
i Security Savings and Com 18b ...
i Liberty 113 iJ)
j Arlington 8 10
i Corcoran .. .. 95
j Firemen's 19 ....,
Oerinan American *
| National Cnion 54
I Columbia 4
j Real Estate 72 7T
i Chapin-Sacks 142
i I? C Pai?er Mfg. Co ?
Merchants' Trans, aud Storage ?*> 110
Security Storage *185
Security Storage aud Safe Dep... 110
Washington Market lHi .....
Assets, $3,581,361
Great Accomplishments
In Systematic Saving
- Mak* "P lour mind to join the Equit
ahl.? and aare aystematically. If you
do 1919 will f*ove a banner year for you
iu a tlnancisl way.
Stihncrlpllonft for the
76th Issue of Stock
Ileinic Rfcrlvfd.
Shares, $2.50 Per Month
4 Per Cent Interest
915 F St. N. W.
JOHN JOY EDSOX. Prealdeat.
The Safest InTestnieats
A is Ibuae ttiat .V not liuctuste durum
turbmg a.nKUma ot 'be money or stock
marketa bin* deed ot trust OOtsa (ftm
mortaag-*/ ?eu secured ou real asuts Ik
the District of Colbmbis. oonatltnu "giii
edge inrertments and do oot deptnJ Iks
the nnaucia> responaibility of tndhridnais <?
ccrpo ration, for tneir ?lability. ir> ?
?tippVy c-?ch investrrant* Id amounts
?pward. 9*nd for booklet.
Loana and Investment*."
Swartzell, Rheem ft
Heasey Cs.,.
727 FiHc?a Street NwtfcwMt,
Baltimore, Md . Ju 7.?Prion on the Balti
more produce market range u follows:
POTATOES?White. Western Maryland and
Pennsylvania, per 100 lbs.. 2 50*2.75: do. New
York. No. 1, per 100 lbs., 2.50a2.73: do. Easter
I Shore of Maryland snd Virginia. McCormick.
, 2 00a.'.'15; do. Jerseys. per 15tlb sack. 3.75*4.00
I wWeets. yellows. North Carolina, per bbl. 7.0>a
17 SO; do. Kastern Shore of Maryland. per bam
per, 2.25ai3B; do. Kaatcrn Shore of Maryland
I and Delaware. per bbJ. 7 50; do. York
I Kiver, per bbl. 7.00s7.50; yams, fsnry, bright,
per bW, 5.00b6.00.
LIVE POC LTRY?Chicken*. soung. large,
smooth, per lb. 36c: do. und^r 2 lbs, per !b.
J 37a3Rc; do. yonng White Leghorns, per lb.
."{*36c; do, young, by exprw*. per lb. 3ic;
I do. old roosters, per lb, 22a23r; do. old hens.
I o?er 4 lbs. per lb, 36c; do. small, per lb. 35c;
do. White Leghorn hens, per lb, 36r36c;
ducks. VluKory and mongrel, young, per lb..
.'0a32r; do. White Pekin, young, per lh.. 34a35c;
> do, puddle. 3S lbs and o'er, per lb, 33a34r; do.
smaller, poor, per lb, 2?a30c: turkeja, choice,
I young he?a, per lb. ?)c; do. rhou*
i young gobbler*. per lb. 38c; do. old toma.
, i*r lb, 36a37c; do. crooked breast, poor, per lb.
[ y>a?tc; grese. Maryland and Virginia, per lb.
.T*a33c; do. Western snd Southern, per lb. 30r.
do, Kent Island, fat, heavy, per lb. 33aMc;
j pigeon*. old, per pair. COsSc; do, young, per
i pair, 20aSc; guinea fowl, young, over 1\ !b?..
leach. tOr; do. under IS It*., each, 40c, do.
j umaJl-r each. 30c. do, old. each. 40c.
j Bl'TTER?< Creamery. Western, separator. ex
; tras. 70s71e; do. firsts, 68a?9r; do. Western
I prints. 4 lb prtras. 71sTJc; do. firsts. 68a65?r, do.
i Western prints, 1-lb extras. 71a72c; do, *rsts. tea
| Or; fjesrby creamery extra*. 6ta?6r; do. firrta.
t Cla62c; dairy print*, Pennsjlvsma and Virginia.
eitras, 4.'.a44c; do, firsts, 4l!a43c; store-packed.
| tirata. 42c; yollg, Maryland and Pennajlvania.
?42a43c; do. West Virginia, 4.s42c; do, Ohio.
| 4la42c;
. Weetem Maryland snd Pennaylvsn:a
? snd nearby, per dos.. tirsla. 62c, Eastern Shore
I <*f Maryland and Virginia, firsts. 62c; Ohio firata.
?2c; West Virginia, 61c; Southern North Caro
lina firsta, ?0c.
By JOSEPH F. I'ltlTf'H A n II.
j Chicago. Jan. 7.?Corn advanced sensationally
j again earlly today, reaching new high levels on
the crop for all deliveries, and the trade "as
i a big one.
I The unconfirmed announcement that the War
| Trade Iloanl would is?i? licenses for importa
tion of Argentine com drove many of the
! early buyers out of their position, but later
j the trade came to the conclusion that it would
neccasitate th? apwotal of the Food Admiiuv
I tration.
| February was the leading future in the mat
1 ter of atrength, that m<>nth g<umng C*%a.V.
January was up lT?c; July, ISalV- higher;
j Mav, l?aSc better, and March. <ui>v.ianged to H
j a1* a higher.
The oats market was 'saS'* higher, follow
ing <x>rn in the eariv advance, an-1 vr.-akening
NiBid toward the dose (MTeringa of cash oats,
I both spot and to arrive. ?ere light. Cash saJes
| w?-re 100.000 buahela, and wore unchanged to Vfcc
lower i
, v
Tractions and Tobaccos
Lead; Barrett Stock Rises (
More Than 4 Points.
New York, Jan. 7.?Traction, to- j
baccos and a few specialties were
strong in today's stock jrarket while
the general list was either heavy |
or inactive. In the afternoon petro- '
lepm stocks wore sold freely for I
no other reasons than that the long
account in them was becoming un
well d y. In the bond market trac
tion issues were favorites and on
the curb the oils advanced.
The stock exchange will be closed
at 12 o'clock tomorrow out of re
spect to Tkeodore Roosevelt's mem
ory. Wall Street is sincerely mourn
ing for tbe man whose health when
he was President bankers refused .o
drink except in resentful silence
and as a matter of form. His pro
gressive ideas of those days are the
conservative ones of today. Wall
Street's mourning is mingled with
regret at memory of the abuse
heaped upon Roosevelt wh'-n he was
Brooklyn Rapid Transit had an
extreme advance of 2 1-2 points and
Interborough Consolidated moved up
i. Interborough Metropolitan 4 1-2
per cent. Bonds advanced 3 points.
Texas and Pacific lawyers have
Anally decided that that company
has the right to drill on that part
of that right-of-way which is owned
In fee simple. Decision has not been
reached as to the light to drill on
that part granted by the govern
ment. Three wells are to be put
down at onca on land outside the
right of way owned in fee simple
and on the results obtained there
will depend what is to be done on
the right-of-way.
Barrett stock to which attention
was called in this column yesterday
was at one time up 4S points and
the preferred closed the day &
higher. In addition to the general
fact the United States will demand
good roads there was the specific
fact today that the States of Ohio
and Pennsylvania have already vot
ed $80,000,000 for road-building
If there are to be good roads built
that will mean more automobiles
and more tires to be used and there
fore U. S. Rubber was strong today
and the automobile stocks were
East Buffalo. Jib T.?CATTLE? Receipts. 300
riLVES-BtedpU, 300 atrong ?' 5.00*2 00
HOGS?Beoeijuta. 4.500: generally '-5c higher:
heavy. mind and Yorker*. 1S.40: light Ycrker*
and j?gs. lS.2Sal6.40; rough*. 12.00*26 80. ttaga,
*00* 13.OP. ?
I SHEEP AND LAMBS-Rwipts. J W strong
I lam hp. 11.00*18.09; yearling. 10.00al5.S0: wethers.
41.00*12.00; ewes. 4 00*10JC, mucd *>eep 10JU*
11 fit
i Kansas City. Jar 7 ?HOGS?Receipt*. 30.000;
atror.g; heavj. 17.03a 17.?; Iwtr-het*. I7.l5al7.70;
light*. K 10*17 JO. p*s, lOOOaliJO.
j CATTliE - Bfoeiptf, 14.000: strong. prunf
ateers, 18 00*71) 00 Southern *te<"T*. 7 90*13 00;
am*. 7 00*14.00; heifers. 8.00*76 00> calves, 7.00*
j SHEEP?Retail** 4.0X?. ?m?m !*inb*. 12.50a
, 1C.35; yearling*. 1'. .00*12 23, wether*. 9 30*1125;
; e?e*. 8.50*]r 00
! St. Louia, Jan 7 -Hi??S-R?pipt?, 16.000,
'steady, lift t*. 16.75*17.65: pig*. II 00*17 00 butch
er* .T 40*17 ? good he*v>, 17 75*17.15
I CATTLE ? Receipt*. 8.500. *te*dj ; n*tive
j ateers. 11.50*1850. heifer*. 1.50a70.00; cows. 7 St/a
I 17.50- stocker* and feeder*. 8.50*12.0); calve*.
: 7 75* IT JO.
I SHEEP?R.veipta. 100, *te*c? limbi, IS 00a
. 16 25; e*e?. 6 SCaJO.OO
j Cincinnati. Jan 7. ?Recript*. 4,000 ?vroc g
common to choir*. I2.00al7>.50
| fATTLE ? Receipts, 100" read*. eshset
j SHEEP-Receipt*, 100: atrong: lamb* ftroog.
Pittaburgb. Jan 7. ? HOGS ? Receip**. 000
' lower: heavie*. heavy Yorkers *nd light York
I erv IS 0al5.2T>: i*g*. 18 00*18 3.
| SHEEP AND LAMBS-Reoripts. 300. lower;
'top sheep. 1123 top lambs 17.9D.
I CALVES?Receipts. KO; strung *t**dy; top.
! 27 . Of
New York. J*n. Tliere a revival in de
mand for cotton today and the market w?.<
stronger, altbroigti best Quotation* were not
maintained. owing to jwofit taking toward the
j cl<?*e. "Hier* was covering f>?r crrr the holiday
i tomorrow while the aeliing movement seemed to
have pretty well run it* rr<urse on the decline
'4 the last few day*, and there also a scared to
l?e ? renewal of old l*ull support. as well a* t-Mae
? bu? ii.g for trade account- The cli?e ?a* barely
1 &teady *t * net advance of 2*65 point*
Receipt* at the port* f<>r the day *rre 36.171
J bales.
I Export* for the da> *ggreg*ul 7? 21" bale*
| Spjt at New Orleans <*:u? quiet wit)i middling
? fifty points lower at 30 25r -^Jes were 1 06c
baJm Stw -u <juiet at ??
talrtj points ?t a a for auhdnc ihm.
t at \m? OrW?ni 7 q*.
?IT 8.?m?h J_M? ?<U.'
?.?; Aorm*. rr: ?. louu :m
N*? Tork. J?ii T-BVTTM-riwttad m.
<*?PU. 8 2T I?rkaf* crwamar? hi*W thwi
parking M ^
KJCS-I'mbuV recrtpto l: W
Ottered ntlu, V rnrt flt-hmd rr*ui?
?d mr? flrsti Im t4jB (TT"
I nnwlraais ?nd neartof ?? (_***'
?httta. en, to (mcj -!?*:. gut.
? ?HEE^E-fiiwdr rereipta. SB bw- v,.,
whole milk fliu frvfa ?r?ci*k, STV ^
nm. **X. *' ' ^
POULTRY?Lire stead?; am.?t nrhrr
mc^und.^ BUad, ^ ^
But Scarlet Chevron. Meaning Hon
orable Discharge. May Be Worn.
Oold and silver stars. worn on uni
form*, have not been authortaad by
the War Department. a/rordmg t?
Col. Robert Wyllie. chief of tka
Equipment Branch of the Ope ratio*
Division of the General staff.
?:'T,hey ,r* not author-laed,** CoL
^ha Wr?l* poorce E. HebbenJ.
chairman of the merchants* tailor
?ection of the Merchant* and llano
facturera' Aaaociatton.
Regarding the acartet chevrons for
discharged man.- the colonel wrota,
hi ,T -u*ay .l <h*'v *" aufhortaed
by the W.r Department There .hould
be one Chevron onlj. morn on .he left
?leeve. midway between the elbow
and shoulder point up. it |? worn on
both coat and overcoat and Is th?
, mark of the honorably djscbarre*
? men,
Admiral Josiah McKean
In Temporary Charge
Rear Admiral Joaiah McKean it
(was announced yesterday by Secre
,tary of the Navy Daniels, will hava
charge of operationa of the navy
.till the return to thia country of
... V". B'n?>n vho is attached to
(the Inited Stale, Peace Commla
. ?ion.
i .. Admiral McKean was chief of tha
| bureau of material in 1SH but la
I February thia year ask-d for sea
.duty and was assigned to the "Arl
lonnth.tHhiWa" ,0"B r'romot'? "hila
? 'bat ship as captiin to rear ad
; miral and was recalled to his for
m'r,.,Pe?"^?r" 0f 'h' mo" ln,r>ortant
I in the administration of the navv
Admiral McKean succeeds Captl
l^'h"^""" ch"-{ ?* operation^
j ho has been assigned to sea duty.
Republic of Saxony"
To Hold Election Feb. 2
I Heme. Jan. 7.-An order has been
| issued for election on February 2 of
ninety-Sir deputies to the national
| chamber of "Republic of Saxon v," *c
! ror<<lng to dl?patchea received her a
The deputies will be elected on tha
| bail.- of proportional repr, wrution
Men and a omen over ai years
[of age will be allowed to vote Elec
lT?"r *" h"'d bi-annually her*.
American Telephone f Telepjpti Co
A dividend of Two Dollars per ahar*.
will be paid on TCedneadav Januar^
r. IMS to stockholder* of r-mrd at
thr clo9#? of business on FViday Da?
cember 20. MS.
G. ID. MILNE, Treasurer.
You've often heard the saying, "It pays to advertise." That is
true. And it also pays to read advertisements ? pays you. If
you read advertisements consistently for any length of time you
will agree that this statement is also true.
It pays you in money saved. There are many real
bargains offered from time to time in the adver
tisements appearing in this paper. Watch for
It pays you in satisfaction. \\ hen a merchant asks
you to come to his store he obligates himself to
sell you quality goods "as advertised." You
have a right to expect satisfaction from what
you buy and you get it.
It .pays you in time saved. When you know ex
actly what you want to buy and where you
want to buy it. you don't have to "look around"
and waste time finding it.
Don't you want to save money and time? Wouldn't you like to
be sure of getting satisfactory service and quality goods every
time you go to a store? Then read the advertisements in The
Herald and patronize the stores which can serve you best.

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