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Will Street, Curb, Local and Produce Markets; Financial Reviews
a 1 '
Money Withdrawn by De
positors Frightened by
War Now Returning.
Andrew Mills. who is president of
one of the largest savings banks in
New York, referred recently to the
fact that within four weeks after the
armistice was signed $1,000,000 was r*
deposited in the savings bank of
"which he is president.* The greater
part of this money was in the orig
inal packages or stamped envelopes
In which the money was placed when
the depositor* withdrew it. #
A report was made in this column
?Of the experience of Mr. Mills, and it
was also reported that tn his opinion
man\r of the j-avines institutions of
the Uniteid States were having a sim
ilar experience. .lie believed that
within a few week* it would be pos
sible to report that at least$300.000.00">
of money that had been withdrawn by
frightened depositors, mostly foreign
ers. would be redeposited.
Tklrtf MilHojiM Rede*o?lted.
In this view Mf. Mills seclhs to
have be*?n already justified, for it
was semiauthoritatively reported in
the financial district a day or two
ago that in New York approximate
ly $30,000,000 that ha* been hidden
for several year* has been rede
posited in the saving* banks and in
other fiduciary institutions. So also
there eame reports from other parts
of the country that redeposits of
this kind were in progress and it is
the belief that within a few weeks
almost all of the money that was
withdrawn by depositors shortly
after the war began. and especially
aftt-r the United State* became ono
of the belligerents, will be returned,
most of it not having been touched
since withdrawal.
There are several points of view
from which this somewhat unex
pected release of money from stock
ings. cupboard* or other hiding
places can be considered. First of
all. the bankers speak of the favor
able effect upon the floating of the
forthcoming victory loan which
these redeposits may have. For the
banking world knows that it prob
ably will be chiefly or at least
considerably relied upon for th^
successful marketing of this loan.
Think Gla?? too < onl?dent.
Some authorities are persuaded
that Secretary of the Treasury Glass
?* i little too enthusiastic in hia
view that the loan will be easily
absorbed. although it bears no
greater rate of interest than do the
bonds of the Fourth Liberty Loan.
These authorities have no doubt
that if the interest rate is fixed at
5 per cent, if income from the bond*
he free up to a considerable amount,
and if the 1 ifof the issue be not
more than ten years, then these
bonds will be absorbed easily and
the banks of the United States will
be relieved from some embarrass
ment which might be occasioned if
the issue bore no greater rate of
interest than do the bonds of the
Fourth Liberty L?"?an. and if the life
of the bonds were for a long term
of years.
Release t*f several hundreds mil
lion* of rish. which has been for
three or four years as though it
? I d n??t exist, will furnish a con
yiderable aid. direet or indirect, to
the 1?mikks and to others in float
ing the fifth issue of bonds
I'roAf of I onflrffnee.
Throughout the I n'ted States or at
Vh<i. in those portions where savings
htt n k s are established, it was ob
s- .-ved *?>on after the war began that
depositors who were of foreign birih
or of foreign descent were beginning
to be timid. It was useless to reason
with them. They felt that if they
had their* money in their own hands
then whatever might happen they
would he safe After the United
States entered the war a report was
in wide circulation that the govern
ment might take over the money that
wan in the savings banks, and this
caused a great ^eal of anxiety.
Therefore deposits, in the aggregate
??f many millions, were withdrawn.
Now that the war is ended and peace
negotiation* are under way. these
i im?d depositors are revealing such
confidence, so far a* the safety of
their money is concerned, that they
are returning these withdrawn de
(.rent Tunnel Proposed.
i >f a sudden public, opinion, hoth in
New York and in New Jersey, has
hoen strongly set fn favor of con
structing * great tunnel under the
Hudson River, whereby the mainlands
of .N'ew Jcrsev nnd Manhattan Island
.-hall he provided with an artery for
vfhie'e traffic eftual to any demand
likely to l?e made upon it for service
of this kind at least for many years.
From one point of view a public work
of this kind I* deemed to he of na
tional a* well as local importance.
At least thirty years ago the late
A list in Corbin stimulated public in
terest in the subject of uniting Man
hattan with Ijone Island and New
Jersey by means of tunnels under the
'Cast and Hudson river*. Mr. Corbin
not only agitated in public the ques
tion. but he went" so far as to cause
surveys to be made by competent en
gineers. These men of science chart
ed the bottom of the two rivers and
reported that tunnel construction was
feasible, perhaps it might have been
undertaken at that time but for Mr.
Sorbin's death. But what he pro
posed to undertake aearlv twenty
years later William O. -McAdoo. re
cently Secretary of the Treasury, did
actus'I.v undertake, having seciured the
mora!, though not the financidfc sup
port of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
So also President Tassatt. of the
Pennsylvania, taking advantage of
i he research work wh|h Mr. Corbin
t?ef?n. persuaded his directors to au
thorize construction of tubes under
the Hudson, also under Manhattan
Island, extending therefrom under the
East River to I?ng Island. Theee are
tubes for passenger traffic alone.
Pnhlle Interest Latent.
There were heard occasionally
suggestions that <?* greater tube than
any of these, or perhaps the world's
greatest bridge, should be construct
ed so as to bring New York and
New Jersey into actual physical
touch. But there was procrastina
tion. Public interest was not stim
ulated. It was necessary to have
the severe ice blockade of last win
ter and the harbor strike of this
winter to demonstrate that it is of
vital importance th-it the mainland
and Manhattan Island be connected
bv a tunnel great enough for the
^transportation of carts, vehicles,
trucks, express wagons, and the like
back and forth. Once started the
r movement now seems to be well un
der way. New York State may be
I filled upon to pay $6,000,000 and
New Jersey $6,000,000. for $1^.000.
000 is the amount which the
FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS That will make it altogether different. By BLOSSER
expert* report is necessary for con
struction of this great dry-land, but
under-water method of transporta
Tunneling an Kxact Science.
| Science has accomplished a great '
' deal since Mr. Corbin first agitated j
I construction of tubes whereby the i
! mainland on Manhattan as well as i
, Long Island can be joined by a 1
(highway beneath the waters. At
? this time tunnel construction is an J
[exact and not a very expensive j
science. The experts think that a|
great transportation tunnel of this ?
'kind can be contstructed in three]
J or four years, modern machinery:
1 and recent inventions making that i
possible. The experts are certain
also that the tolls which will be paid :
for use of the tunnel by vehicles j
will be sufficient to liquidate the j
bonds with which the construction ?
of the tunnel is to be financed with- [
in twenty years.
From all parts of the United
! States freight and goods are concen- j
j trated on the Jersey side, now haul- j
ed by trucks or other vehicles that j
i are carried on f<*rry boats to Man- i
j hattan. So also from New York'
City go enormous quantities of com-J
? modities by ferry across the river
J to New Jersey, thence to be dis- |
, tributed to all parts of the country. J
; Therefore the construction of a tun-;
I nel of this kind will be of value to
the entire country, as well as to
New York City and to New Jer- '
i sey
! New York. Jan. 27.?After a firm opening and ,
' a short pariod of actlre iradmg the curb market ;
i became quiet today. Prices were irregular and
| m rranv ??a*** lower thn*ighout the afternoon.
' Trading in oils was narrow and the ?mining;
; group was vneventlul.
i Quotations furnished by W. B. Hibhs * Co. |
Bid. Asked. ;
I Aetna ExplaeiTes? 7^*;
j American Writing Pajvr com.. 24
l Atlantic Petroleum 3 1
t Ban?tf Oil 4 ?
' Big Ledge H 16 V I
Boston and Montana *9 '1 !
| Butterworth Judaon
| Caledonia Mining ^ 3- ,
! Calumet and Jerome 7-15 4 j
1 Carbon Ste??l 85_ i0f> , ;
I Car l.igtit and Power 14 *4 '?
' Charcoal Iron " ^
'lierTolet 1"* I
| < ities Serrice..
..290 3T?
1 Cities Sertice pfd 79^ 81
; Consolidated Arizona. 1 M6 1 5-16
! Consolidated Copper 6 6*4
! Ocsdon Co " |*4
i 0-*ien pfd 34 <4
'? ' Vamps 9?
?! <*res?on Gold 4 4 5
? Kin
I Curtis# Aexo H
] Dana Daly ?** ?4
? Denbeigh Silter 4 4 i
. Klk Basin * J1* |
| |>nt?on Phone - -'3|
i Krama Copper 3 4 ?
til 24 **? j
'in?t National Copper 14 I
j Glen Bock 3\ 1 4 !
I Gold field Consolidated ? 24
I Green Monster 4 ? ">
I IIoll^* Sugar 36 *"> I
, H'/Iv Sugar pfd ... 90 IK) j
j Houston Oil "9 W |
Howe Sound 3?4 14 ?
I Hull Ccppi-r? 30 *2
1 Intercontinental Rubber 17 *"4 |
International Petroleum 204 21
Island Oil ^4 74 1
I Jerome Verde "-16 4|
I Jumbo Intension 13 16 |
Jim Butler 34 36 !
j Keystone Tire 56'* 564 |
j I.ake Torpedo 1 \ 24 j
Magma Corjxr 2S 2S |
j Mason Valley 24 3 ,
I Maxim Munitions 4 4 |
I Merritt 'HI 21'- ZL3 i
i Metropolitan Petroleum ?TVa 3'.* 1
; Midwest ? ?il cm 127 130 |
I Midwe* 'Hi ,?fd 1 7 16 1 9 16
Midwest Refining 12* l"fl
| Mitche'l Motors 13 4i) .
! Motherlode i'i . -*4 |
Nipiasing Mines Co 84 84 j
North American P. A P 3 34
1 Northwestern ' ?il 49 51
! Ohio Copper 11 '.6 13-lf
j Oklahoma Oil Co 1 14
j Okmulgee Oil 2 24
I Pacific Gas *8
I Peerless Motors 19 19
I Bay Hercules 24 -n4
Relc. K-quipment 104 lis
. St. Joseph Lead 12 13
1 Sapnlpa 00m 7 7"4
, Sequqoyah Oil 7-14 916
I Sinclair Gulf 23 24 I
I Standard Motor* 74 84
J Submarine Corporation 11 12 .
I Sucre* Mining 4 t? |
I Swilt A. <'o 121 1214 I
, S.Tift International 43 j
I Toropah Hxtensic? 'Zl/* 2* J
Trurgle Film 'a *41
' Tii Bu!li<>n V*
' I'-iited Eistern 4 4Vi I
I". 8. Light and Heat com )'?
I". S. i*ig?it ai?d Heat pfd 24 3
I'nited Mcora ^ ? 36 {
I I'nited Profit Sharing 4 7a 1
, T*. S. Steamship? *4 *5 j
I'nited Verde 331 ^ 35 I
United Western Oil 2 1-16 -*4 j
| I'nited Zinc '4 1'4 J
. N ictoria Oil 2'* "iH
j Way land Oil 24 3\ ,
. West Jind Cons 14 14 '
I Wrigl?t-M?r*in Aero 34 3-Si 1
I Lirerpool. Jan. 27.?The market for spot cot
| ton opened quiet today with prices steady.
? Sales amounted to 1.1X0 bales. Receipta were
J I.ICJ bales. Good middlings were 18.40; mid
id lings. 17.77. Futures opened steady:
12 JO
Opened. High. Low. p.m.
January 17.50 17 50 17.24 1T.3T
February 15.65 15.67 15.58 15.tT
; March 14.45 14 50 113 14.3
I April. 13.3 15.3 12.90 lita
j At 12 C p. m.. American middlings fair were
; 19.00; good middlings, 18.40: middlings, 17.77;
low, 16.72; good ordinary, 15.3; ordinary, 14.67.
I Baltimore, Jld.. Jul r.-WHEAT?Spot, No.
2. red winter, garlicky. ZZ3\; receipts, 3.804
1 bushels: spot. No. 2, red winter. 2.35^; receipts, (
' 6.205 bushel*.
, OATS? |*n.?settled ; standard white, not quota-1
iblr; N?. 3. white, not quotable; receipts, 6,355
, bu.shelA.
? RYK?Dull; No. 2, Western export, not quota
Ible; receipt*. 16.586 bushels
HAY Firm; Vk 1 timothy. Ji0)a32.50 Na J.
ciorer mixed, 3.5CaJ0.00.
Traders on Inside Claim!
There Will Be No
Change in Rate.
New York. Jan. 37.?The stock mar- I
ket acted today very much as a I
.-?tronff man would act if after months ;
of unjust imprisonment he were .*nd- j
denly turned free. There was hesi- j
tation everywhere, and many false j
starts were made. Strength was ap
parent in all quarters of the mar
ket except wh?re there were par
ticular reasons for weakness. Op- j
timism grew rapidly arfd plans were |
made for building up a better mar - |
ket as a. basis for better business in
general. There was a farther decline
in the price of cotton and provisions. I
(irain broke badly, but recovered. The
market, as a whole, seems to be wait- ?
ins: for the steel trust directors to
announce the dividend rate. This
they will do after the market closes ?
A few traders claim to have inside
information on the steel dividend. In
one Important house there was heavy
buying of the stock, because a cus
tomer says he is assured by direr
tors that there would be no chanfo
in the dividend rate. Another house, j
much more important from a specu- :
latlve standpoint, positive infor- !
mation that the dividend will be 11-4'
regular and 11-4 extra thus bring-j
ing it down to a 10 per cent rate.
Equally good information in ether
houses had it 11-4 regular and 1 per
cent extra The average opinion of
directors thus quoted is about 1 per1
cent regular and about 1 1-4 extra. !
Reduction of ocean rates ordered t
today by the Pritish are responsible ?
for drop of more than 1 points in
Marine preferred.
Washington Stock Exchange.
Potomac Electric Consolidated oft> at
Mergenthaler. 10 at 130. 10 at L30S
Afrw call? I
Washington R*y. and Elec g??n t* 000
at 9*4.
Commercial National Bank. 10 at 18C.
Washington Rwy. and Elec. com.. 5 at 43.'
5 at 45. 3 at 45. 5 at 45. 5 at 45
Capital Traction 5s, J500 at 97V
Bill. Aaaed.
Waahtngfon f?aa 5a 98 99
Capital Traction 5? 97', ?
City and Suburban 5s W
M?*trorolitan %9 . 96 9? i
Washington Hw*. pnd Kite. 4s... 724 1
Wash. Kwy. and Elec. gen. fa <*'? !
Pntomar Electric Cook. 5a 924 934!
p.itnmac Electric Light 5s 85
Potomac Electric Power 6j 99 I
I'ntnmae Electric Power gen. fa 9*4 1
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. 5a.. 95 ? 97
American TV1. and TMg*. 4.* PI $44
American Tel. ard Telga. 44s R5 M7t!
Am. Tel. and Tel. Ctl. Tr. 5o 52 93 i
Am. TH and Tell. Cons, fa 1014 JCJ'i'
American Graphophore l*t ?? % W
D. C. Paper Mfg. fa 100
Washington Market 5a, 1927 95
Washington Market 5s, 1947 95 .....
NT M. CoH Storag 5s 94
Sec. Storage and Safe Dep. fa 191
Norfolk and Wash. Steamboat 5? 1014
Riggs Realty ca llongl 98
Capital Traction S4S* 8o
Washington Rwy. and Elec. com.. 45 53
Washington Rwy. and Elec. pfd... 61 67
Norfolk and Wash. Steamboat? 186 200
Washington Gas *51 5#
American Tel. and Telga 100
MergentLaJer 1304 132
l?anaton Scrip 99 loo
American 150 15714
Capital 221
Columbia 200 225
Commercial 180 185
District 158
Farmers and Mechanics' 220
Federal 175
Lincoln ICO
National Hank of Washington 30
National Metropolitan 205
Rigga 462
Second 13o 143
American Security snd Tnist 220 -j 5 j
National Savings and Trust *266 . ..J
Union Trutt \'a% 1
Washington Ixian and Trust *239 245 j
Continental Trust 115 120
Home 42)
Bank of Commerce and Saving*... 12
Fast Washington 12 .....
Liberty US
Security Savings snd Com 180
Merchants' 130 ....
Arlington g ?0
Corcoran ? 95
Firemen's 19 t<>>
German-American *225 ..**
National Union '54
Columbia 4 5
Real Estate 72 77
Chapin-Sacks 145 . .
D. C. Paprr Mfg. Co 90 ?
Merchants Transfer and Storage.. 100 HO
Security Storage 185 ....
Security Storage and Safe Deposit 110
Washington Market 16\ ....
?Ex dividend.
Baltimore. Md.. Jan. 2?.?Prices on the Balti
more produce market range as follows:
POTATOES?New York, per 150-lb aack. 3.50a
?.?; Western, per 150 1b sack. 3.40a3.50; Penn
sylvania. per cwt. 2.50ao. (X>: Eastern Shore o(
Maryland and Virginia. McCormicks. i*r cwt,
1.75a2.00; Western Shore ofl Maryland McCor
micka, i?er cwt, 1.75a2.00; White Stars, per cwt.
2.15?C.25; Cobbler*. per cwt, 2.50.
LIVE POULTRY?Chidiya, young, large
smooth. MaXc, do, young, rough and ataggy, lb.
Quotation* furnished by W B. Hibbe & Co.
A?H Rum Icy pr
Ajax Rubber .
A 1*4* Gold
Alaska Juneau
American Agrieul. Chemical
American Agrieul. ("hem. pr
American Beet Sugar
American Canning
American Car A Foundry..
American Cotton Oil
American Drug Syndicate
American Hide Ac I^athw..
American Hide A I^ea. pr..
American Ioe pr
American International
American linseed .
American Malting
American Malting at. re
American Smelting k Refg..
American Snuff
American Steel Foundry....
American Sugar
American Sumatra
American TV! & Telcg..
American Woolen
Anaconda . .
Associated Pry (ioods
Associated ?>il
At'., Gulf A We at India*...
At!.. Gulf A- West Indies rc
R aid win locomotive ..
Baltimore A Ohio
Barret Co. pr
Bethlehem* Steel Class B
Bethlehem Steel * pet pr
Brooklyn Rapid Transit.. .
Butterick Co. .
California Packing
California Petrole?im . .
California Petroleum pr
Canadian Pacific ..i
Central leather
Cere de Pasco
Chandler Motor ?
Che*ar*ake A Ohio
Chicago Great Western pr..
Chi.. Mil. k St. Paiil
Chi., MIL A St. Paul pr.
Chi., R. I. k Pacific
Chi . R I k Pac. 6 pet. pr
Chile Copper
Chino Copper
Colorado Fuel A Iran
Colorado k SJrathem
Colorado k Southern 3d pr.
Columbia Gil
Com. Tab Itc
Cor. Gas of New York.
Continental Canning
Continental insurance
Corn Prndncta .
Crucible Steel
Cvban ran' Sugar
Cuban Cane Sugar i?r.
Denver k Rio Grande
Dearer k Rio Grande rr
Distillers' Securities
Dome Mining
Elk Horn Coal
Erie Railroad
Erie *jd pr
Fisher Body pr,
Gaston W. k W
General Electric
General Motors
General Motors pr.- ?
Goodrich <B F. >
Goodrich i<r
(i rant* Con Mining.
Great Northern pr.
Great Northern Ore
Greene Canane*
Gnlf. Missouri k Northern
47 V.
? '04
? '4
27a28c; do. young, by express. ?4c; do. old root .
ters. j>er lb. 2lal?<-: d ?. old hen* per lb. over
* ll-s. 33a34c: do. fiiimII. per lb. XV: do. White
Leghorn hens, lb, ?2a33c: duck.*. tuuscovy and I
muugrel. Ib. >i.u')g. 3a31c; do. White Pekins, i
i**r lb. young, 34*3>c; do. puddle, ivr Ib. 34
lbs and over. 33a34c; do. smaller. r*or. 29a 30c: I
turkeys, choice young hens, p.*r lb. 4'.a42c; do, I
gobblers, jer lb. j&a4Gr; do, old toms, per lb.
3"a3Gc; do. crooked breast, poor, per lb. 3?*-Tlc; j
pigeons. i*r pair, old, !U*25r; do, young, 30a"J5?-. j
guinea fowl* young, each, orer 14 lbs. C0a96c. I
do. under 14 lbs. 50afA ; do. smaller, 30c. do.
old. en< h. 56a60c.
LIVESTOCK-Young, fat steers, in prime con- j
dition. weighing l.'W to l.JJO lb?, per lb, lOallc:'
?t?ers weighing under 1 O)0 lbs. per lb, 9al<V ; '
oxen, per lb. 7a9-. bulls. |.er lb. 7a9c; |< rge j
young cuwf. i?r lb. in good order, 7aSc, cmts,
poor to medium gra ! s. i>er Ib. 4a6c: fresh'
cows with calf, per head, ?0.00a75.00.. Choice. ,
handy-weight veals. per lb. 18c; choice, heavy, j
fat veals, per lb. I7al74c; good reals, p?t lb,
17al74c; heavy, smooth, f*t calves, per head, *
18 00a25 00; heavy or rough calves, per head.:
15.00al8.00 small, thin calves, per head. 10 00a
BUTTER.?Creamer.-, Western separator, ex- j
tras, 6^a6Lc; firstfl. 63a64c; Western prints, per ,
4-lb, extras, 67a68c; firsts, 64afi6c; Western !
prints, per lb, extra, 67a68c: firsts, 6iafi5c; near- j
by creamery, per lb, extra, 62a63c; firsts, 61a62c.
Dairy prints, per lb (Maryland, Pennsylvania J
and Virginia), extra. 44a45r; firsts. 42a43c; store-1
packed^ 40c; rolis, Maryland and Pennsylvania, J
p^r lb, -Xfallc; do, West Virginia. 40a4)c; do, t
Ohio. ?a41c.
EGGS?Western Maryland and Pennsylvania, ?
ipsrby, per doc. 63c; ta "u-rn Shore of Maryland
and Virginia, per doz, 63c; Western 'Ohio), per
do*, 63<-; West Virginia, per doz, (2c; Southern 1
(North Carolina), per doz. COc.
New York. Jan. 27.?The cotton market was
extremely nervous and unsettled today t with
1 enoda of strength and weakness, but* final j
prices were well above the bottom. In settled I
labor conditions attracted u good deal of atteu- 1
Wall Street coveting became active in the late '
afternoon and j>rice* rallied easily, closing very j
steady, net unchanged to thirty-nine points de
Receipts at the ports for the day were 14.676 .
Exports for the day aggregated 6.945 bales.
Spot at New Orleans was quiet with middling"
forty two points lower at ZTc; the ??les were 37
bales. Spot here was quiet ?with middling
twenty-five points lower at 2S.9& ; there were no
Receipts at leading ports today were: Gal
veston. 5.736:' New Orleans, 4.53%; Savannah,
2,550; Augusta, 1.054; Houston, 5,111.
EGGS-Strictly fresh, select, 66&06; current re- .
ceipts. 6&a66.
CHEESE?New York State factory, new. 40a41.
BUTTER?Ogle mint. ?>'att; Elgin, tub. 63. |
LIV* POULTRY - Roosters, per lb. ft;
turkeys, r*r lb, 35a37; hens, per lb. 27h28; I
chickens. 31a32: guineas. 60c each
DEI MED POULTRY-Strictly fresh, 14 lb
broilers. 56; ^fr-lb frier. 45: srring chickens, j
45; 3 to 5-lb baking chickens. 45; turkeys, per.
lb., 48a50; roosters, per lb., 3*a28; hen, per lb. |
GREEN FRUIT - Apples, per bW. 34*?;
box. 3a34: California lemons, 4 44; California
oranges, 5a6; Florida oranges. 44s54: crsn*
berries. 13aa0 per bbl; grapefruit. 34*54.
VEGKTABLFiS?Potatoea, No. 1, 2.75 i*r sack;
beans. i*r baa, S^ae; peppers, crate. 24a5; egg 1
plants, 34*6 crate, cabbage, old, 10) lbs. 2.0)a |
1IV? :?<*
?rs c:\
r.?\t \i . ? High. Ix>w. Close.
<?ulf. Mo. 4 Northern pr 33 1> y
InM-raU<?i 45 "
Interborou^h ,,s 5. ?]*
Int. Merchant Marine . . 2t% 22%
International Mer. Manne pr. 1C2S
jutarnational Nickel a J A!
International Paper.. j4?, 341^ 34.
International Pai*r jr. Iru.i ?2', rSt
w |frM?'llyJioutJl"h ** 51 5> 51
Kelly Tire CY> -i.
Kennecott . .. ???
Kress iH. H) ^ 6J*
Lehigh Valley rci_ C, J
J^e Rubber Co 3.* * J*
I i .T?w . c * ? ^3't
U?|?tt A M>.?rs 210 210 210
'<iggett & Myers pr iqh 197
l-rnll.rj f ,?. ? \% ?
Mackay < o*. y, ?
Maxwell Motor -?r, '-w
Max-m ai . . "1*
vIlT".- I'"rol""? '?*? 1"*- l'-N
Miami < upper . ... 23\ ^ -nu
Midtale Steel J*
Miwnun. Kiim, a 1>xa? ?
M'wirt Pacific. ^ .,J* wj
Miwouri Pacific pr Mi_ gj .??
National Acire Co -?.M m. w
National Oaiduit & r n*
National Lead.. SP
^."UTv^: ? ? ?
N. V. N. H. A Hartford... jy* J9 ??
V Ont. &. Wisteru j) "?'??!
N^A ^ ?*? I?"*4
Aortn America.. 4? ,g *
Nora Scotia Meel y> v, :ft *
Ohio Cities (Jan. 4SV ^ n.
<>Ua Pm * Re,
Ontario Mining , ^ f, *.
p?lffc. TW. * Tele*,..
I an American Petroleum . . &i ?*l, m
f ennsvlvsma ... ^ .. ... '
1.,.-? 44-* 4i.?
IMeme-Am>w ? ?
Piercs Oil l >-rporatior. 17a.
Pittib irgh A \\e>t Virginia ."6 x "?
Jl?y. stert spring.. . T7\ 72K. ?n,
Hop. Imn \ Steel 7, -! * if*
Hojal Dutch 7F* ~
?St. Louu * San l->mn pr 22 > >?
?Sinclair Oil a k . . -,7. 77, ~ '
S<jiith^pn p.?o K. s. <* . lu: ?i'*
'^outh?rn Pacific v
?Southern Railway... ?t?i ?*? ?vl. '
Southern Railway m ~ I,'*
ST.IXT^ MClirn "
r?b ??*
Sttidebakcr , * ta.
i,tu*iMo"? ?? ^ ^
Superior , Stocl :i4 . *
T'*nn. (.'op & Ch i-w4 }Vtm ,T <
f;;2 ;vv ? ? '?? ^ iTc
I"M 4 a 3?\
I idewater Oil.
T->bacoo Produce...
T.?haeco Produce j*. ...... ](c
Inion Pa'iflc
127 1?S
i<c int:
Vnited Alley s-eel. i.::." "
!?TTL m'T? ??? 1" r.ts
? ?? 1, rii if5s >"?h i?.
> . S. Rubber... -- --
?? "
? f lis 11s 11s
1 tan < opp#r -rn c,.
I'tah Securitiea jj 14:' J5
Virginia-Carolina Chemical.'. 52% r.ji!
Walwah ?. '""
Wabaah pr A..,.'.';..'.. 3.V
Western Manland )J *."T
VN'eBtinghotise 4 ..'
Wheeling & r*ke &ie r- e
W'itnon A (\, ^ r * *
Willya-Orer.'and . o4, _
^ orthingTofi Pump y ^ ^ 3
^orthington Pump ;*? H . 6T\
****? "??<*? ??
?mi? ^ u peas. Cap ba.?; ??w>i i??ta*o^-.
n<?riH?r ("4'i'ornia celery, crate. 12all ?
i*U> ^ 8TOCK_Shaep' prr ,b - <t8 calve*
>8; medium. I3all; lamb, ifaij
v,, USh"; to" !??:?<? per
r^:3h4^ <5?" 3,"?? P" b?,:?I: orcliartl
*.ra??. 3.75*4 00 per bush el.
J,n- ? ~HOUS-RmMM. liim
e?. 'if ^"i18'90^'40/ ^ " Sft'lSOO b-"it.-h '
17M?:* ? ^ hulk.
"l^rrnF50.^""/1' 8 500 ,,mn* h~-f
? SS.00; ^ hr"rr"'
?50.1100: ST,; "d
7 C0al3 00 ? row ' - ^*^hcrn steers, nominally
^".wTS: r3,"-50:
SHEEr-RtOTipt, 5.000: ]un^. ,s?.
rZ: IZ?$: 00"1,-y''
J". 3.-HOr.S-Rw.pt. f iX)
^T'rJTii ? butrter., -.8 00; common l?
101^1 50 "* "Dd liri"' K"*14".
M^Tia=fuss?SijJte": *io*: "?'"? "<*'
? hei'?TS. 6.50nLI50; cowa 6 25al0 50 raUrs
strong at 5.00al5.f0. '??wiiv.au, ^l?rs
SHEK1* ? Recejpta. ??: steady at 4 V
lambe steady at 11.00al6.50.
Pittsburgh. Jan. 27.?CATTLE?Reofii*. 1300
ZTwC^.K50CT-"' ?*??:
HOGS-R?oelpu. 3.700: h.?h?.r; hrarie,. um
18.25; heary \ orH?r>. 1S.00?18 o: Hibt Vorkm
L> W)ai5 50; pigs, 14.00aJ4.50.
SHEEP AND LAMBS ?Receipts. 1.800: steadv
top sheep, 11.50: top lambs. 16.50
CALVE8?Receipts, 300; tof\ i? 50
Chimcp. J?. 27.?Th? com m?rk? ... ,
t?o-?id?d today rnci the tn^ (nor
mou? with ,TOT hoiw on the board acd rr?,
brokfl. boMly eneaifd in fillip order, Pnrei
, Pounded downward dnrin, the narh p??
SL?"?^T2f .?n ,1^ i?.'ed by
Hw>ut " <? big holding
?Id 'hLrtnAi 01 "" KoWmnjent
and to the impoadbility of Pedudnj our bur
aiirrtua before another crop ti h?rye?teJ
On thla statement which was collected'in .
oahle from Pans there was a sever* brrak tn
com value* during the early part of the session
January sold from SI.30 down to $1 11% and
res??i to S.-O later on m.erin, b, kh^
Kehruarj from tl.lf, to ?1 1J, ^ to
ll.lt an4 11?S at the close. The oiher months
acted in .vmr?thy with the two nearby future,
selling oft sharply earlly only to tur? cwn
pletely around and re?sin all of the carl, loa?
Ther* was a small damand for cas^ cwrn
Private Stewart Evans Lost
Right Arm; Learns Ad
vertising Business
honors were bestowed upon
Private Stewart Kvans. Company F.
103rd Infantry, an overseas patient at
Walter Reed Hospital yenterday.
One was a tirnt flicht in an air
plane. the other an appointment to
the Publicity Department of the
Surgeon General'* office. War Depart
Sergeant H M. Berry. 312th Aero
Squadron, of Boiling Field, was the
pilot who carried the young: overseas
patient in his Curtiss plane^over
Washington yesterday afternoon The
trip was rflade at an altitude of more
than 3,500 feet and at a very great
rate of speed when the ehip was go
in* with the wind Private Evans said
last night.
" The plan of the city was quite dis
tinct. in spite, of our ^reat height."
said Private Kvans. "We could make
Pennsylvania avenue out very easily
and we bonihed the street fr?m the
Capitol to the Washington monument
with the latest issue of the "Coine- i
Back." the Walter Heed newspaper.
"I told the fellows to buy pink
carnations for me before I left, hut 1
guess I won't need them now." said,
the 18-year-old soldier when he was
back on ea*-th. A few months ago,
he was lighting on the Chateau.
Thierry front on hin birthday.
Kvans is the first advertising solici- ,
tor to be develops! in the reeor.- |
struct ion work ?t Walter Heed Hos
pital. He lost his tisht arm in the '
American drive of August 17. which '
made it impossible for him to follow j
his old trade as machinist, at which j
he had been working at the Beth- .
lehem Steel Works
He is now enthusiastic about his
work and said last night that the war
had given him his one big chance.
With a delicately equipped contriv
ance constructed as a substitute for 1
a forearm and hand. Private Kvans
has already learned to write hi
name. His work has been so suc
cessful that it is believed he will
shortly be transferred to a camp
paper at Staten Island. N\ V.
w)th sale* amounting to *0.006 hn*he!* and *h?
priivit W'tp a> mm*li as 4c lowrr.
? UU r!o?^d at l??>es of >a**??*. |* wa- he
lu-rfd in the t_ra<le That poni" <?'
w*-? a^ainrt the wvinr.iin holdings ? * the a' i?I
f.wntno*. and that thi* i- t!??? onlv in
which they arc iWf to g?-t rnl rf |.ar ??! t
Part i4 thq early loners in rd- were
regained. hut. on the ad?an<e* rataH:?'ie1 there
sel!ing hv tliuw with an I iI.t:
Ca*h ?a!o? ??r 75.001 hudiei- wit!i
Ikriot 3aV Jower.
Chicago. Jan 27 (J ram and i* vlo?e:
torn January. '.10: Man'i JUv '?!*??
Oitv January. ; March. 57'. Ma*.
Rye? Febniarv. 145. March. '3"j: Mi>. '.V. l-ar!
?January. 22 f7 Ma--. 22.47. Jan>an.
22.40. May. 2^.45. Pork January. 43 0 Ma>.
?^preial Ihspatrh to "P ?* IItpM.
Baltimore. Md , Jan 'J7 C\TTI.E K?c*"nts
for the wej*k ended at ikhhi todax w- r?* 2.*P0
hra<l against 4..T&7 head l*vt *????.< i;eo?i|?\s
ei^htv-ai* carloatla tor market t? ?r the miH;
ffty five carloads for market tcda*. Market du.l
a:: l drajnry notwithstanding 7'c.il 0 h'.sh?r.
ST::KltS-(;ood bntrher. ?a? 1.*0 .medit:tr.
ll.7Snir.25: ?-<?trmnn. lull
HKIKKttft-Choice, ll.SOnlS? fasr ;o good. ?'rt
all 25: emmon to medium, I'.ah 75.
BULLS-Cboice, t.SOalO: fair t.? gr.rf. Fa??.25:
cccnmon to iredium. 7a7.75.
CX>WS?Choice. 9.50al0; (aw to good. t.5fla9.25:
common to medium.
SHEEP and LAMBS-Rereipt* f<* the wee*
ended noon today were 1.174 head again*; 2 *49
head last meek. Light supply. market Heady.
Quote: Sheep. 5.50al2; lamte. 17*17 50.
HOtiS? Receipts lor the week ended norm to
day were 19 222 head against, 26..*37 head last
week. Fair supply; market steady. Quote
Lifht. 16Ta!6.50; medium !?.40 I ig?. ItT.alS:
r*ighs. 12.r4kU5.
CALVEV? Receipt* for the week er.<ie<I noon
today were 691 head asainst 701 l ead la?t week,
tair supply: market lowtr. Qu* ?'?lie*. ? *
17. extra. 17.25a 17.."X).
New York. Jan. Rt'TTKR-t'naettled; n
4.926 nvs: ereomery. higher than extra*.
52*ia53r; ereamen. extra* (92 *eore>. 51'ta^'c;
do. flrat?. #Ha51c; pai-king ^fork. current make.
No. 2. 37c.
EGGS?Firm; receipt*. 6.864 case*; fre<?-gath
ered. extra*, 6e: fn*sh-gathere?1. r>jr;lar parked,
extra first*. C-1a61c; do. first*. 59a59'rc: State.
l'eoQs>lvania and nearby Western hrnnen.
whites, fine to funev. 76i-; do. do. white*, ordi
nary to prime. 64a69f : do. do. browns.
do. gathered browns and mixed color*. 63a62o.
CHEESE ? Unsettled: receipt*. 1.812 cases;
State, curteot make, special*. 36r; do, average
run, 35c.
POULTRY - Utr: firm chicken*. 3&a2Kc
fowls, 30a11e: old rooster*. 22c: turkexs. 30a35c;
dressed, dull: chickens. 2'.^'- ? fowl*, 27a31c:
old rooster*. C4a2V; turkexs. 1Qa44c
The Safeyt InvestmenU
At* ihuM dial v. uoi iiuctuat* annua ?]??
turbiug ouontiat ot '!>? un.uf ?? rwi
market it firs* deed ot truat ao\rm >Brat
mortgag'ei weu aeoirea rea. eatai? u
the instnei ot Cohanbia. constitute 'giii
?lge in?retmenta and d?> o? * depend apoo
;hr nnaiifu1 rewpon^Witty ,it in<1>ndi^:? <?
c<-rpora*ler.. 'er thetr 'nbllilj caa
aiipplx in?e?temnt* in amount* rrom
?pward Send fn? hO"klel "t'nvrrrr.itj
imbi an?1 lo?e?menta '
SwartzeH. Rheem &
Hensey Co.,
727 Fifteen Street NorthwssL
Franchise Made Easier to Attain
as Election Approaches.
Berlin. Juo. 27.?The (Jernian cabi
net, it has* been announced, will re
's ido in Weimar during the sitting of
the national assembly,
i An important financial conference
| will held in Berlin Tuesday. The
Prussian government has ordered
I municipal eloctionj throughout the
I state under the same system employ
led in the recent national elections.
.The only requirement for suffrage is
'a residence of sx months in th?
| town or city.
[ Beginning February the potato
? ration will be increased to five pound
'a week and the meat ration increas
ed to iVi grams a week.
Mayor Promises Jobless
Men They'll Get Work
j New Haver. I'onn.. Jan T..?Sev
eral hundred jobless young men
marched through the streets here to
day and halted in front of ("itv Hall.
! They carried a yellow banner with
the words "We want work."
A committee was roeeiv.-d by Mayor
? Fitzgerald. The mayor assured them
?that he has c^lbd a special m<*t
. ing of the i>oard of aldermen tonight
for the purpose of retting an ap
! propriation of Sl.iW.W* for public
| work
Supreme Court Hears Argu
ments in Attack on
Espionage Law.
The Supreme Court yesterday
hMrd argument* in the case of Eu
gene V. Debs. guilty of violation of
the espionage act in a speech de
livered at Canton. Ohio.
Debs is attacking the constitu
tionality of the espionage act, in
cluding the amendment made to it
last May. which is known as the
sedition bill.
The attack is the broadest yet
made on the law.
Other case* similar to Debs' which
ar* to be argued are those of Jacob
Frolwerk. Frank V. Blair and Jamen
A. Peterson.
Alk|(f? Krrf \ l?latlSB.
Iv*b*' principal contention was
that th?* act violated the right of
free speech.
Supreme Court granted requests
for an early hearing in two cases
brought by the Postal Telegraph
Company againxt Postmaster Gen
eral Burleson, growing out of seit
ure of the csblep.
The court partly reversed rulings
of Califoriya courts which hHd that
the State had a right to levy a tax
against the Bank of California for
the stock it held in the D. O. Mills
National Bank and later levy on the
same stock a* part of the assets of
the Hunk of California.
It declined to review decision* of
lower courts convicting Albert I/
More and Edward E. Carriers, of
illegal use of the mails.*
Frleke Mast Fire Trial.
It also denied Albert Paul Fricke.
Albany. N. V.. charged with treason,
a writ of mandamus to prevent
Judge Mayer from proceeding with
Frickes trial. Judge Mayer went on
the cas?? despite the filing of an affi
davit of prejudice on the ground that
Fricke Had not enough time to pre
pare his case.
The court dismissed the appeal of
John Marten homer, found guilty of
violation of the Illinois hanking law*
The Mount St. Mary's e'emetery
Association. I> ansas City. Mo., mus'
pay city iewrr taxes just as any
other property holder. The court de
cided the cemetery association's claim
that it would not benefit from ths^"
improvement *as rejected by lower
Pole? Proclaim State of Siege.
liable, .Ian. 27.?The Poles have
proclaimed a Mate of Fiejre in the
territories n?*wly occupied t?y th^m.
a dispatch from Berlin reported to
day. German troops guarding the
eastern frontier have be??n Mrongly
Gunnery Sergeant Joseph LJaylis, Marine
Corps, Declares American Captives Were
Thrown Into Dungeon by Germans.
Gunnery Sergt Joseph B Bay lis. i
popular \Vaj<!iiiif:ton boy of the Kiftn
Regiment o? the Mariner, whofo bri
gade waf cited by the Krench tor
bravery at Otateau Thierry and Bel
lea u Wood. has written the first un
n-nsored letter he could etnd to bis
fift'-r here. Mrs. .1 H. Phillips. loJl
D street northeast.
Ilin brother. l*i?-ut. <"har1e> IV Bay
lis. of the same battalion. i?? now in .1
ba.se hospital in Kran?*e suffering from
a sevt-rc chs attack on Nov* mber o.
I iipturrd b> <>orman?.
Losire his way in the dark while
sc. king stretcheY bearers for the
wounded men that lay iti lus <1u--ou?.
Sergt. Baybs and his c**n panton be
came lost and were ? aptured by Oei -
man guards.
In his letter of I>ecenit?er 14 to h'.s
sister. Sergt. Bay as described hit- ex
periences as follow*:
"We suffered alone for three weeks
on Jerry soup and black bread, event
ually winding up at Montniely 'I bis
pUve has Iteen a fortification con
r-t rooted years ago by the Frer.etv
protecting them auainst <!<tnun m
vasion. We were thrown into h dun
geon and mixed up with French and
Russian prisoners. It is a toss up
:?s to which is the filthiest, but at any
rate inside of two da>> we were sup
plied plentifully with <-ootstv and Ilea*
About another week of it and we
would not ha\e lived, ae 'be bites
were soon infected and we had s??res
all over us. They brought in a num
ber of Americans and we were lined
up and marched to the railroad pre
paratory to embarking for Germany.
"One of them who spoke English
announced to us tha' anyone attemr*
ing to "fly awa%" would b*- shot A*
this aimouncemnt the doughboys g?v
him a mighty cheer. Well, we had
them buffaloed front there on Th* **
tried to be hard with us but th- ?
cculd not get away with it "
Sergt. Bayhs said that when Ra
t;i 11 was reached ihe men were di
vided into barrack groups. which
boused prisoners each with tv?
"non corns ' in charge. Help fmin ?l?e
Red <*ross. Bails sa.d. prevented sta ?
vat ion. Th*ir clothes were disinfect' d
and eventually they were permitted
to play football and Imseball
"After the armistb'e went into effect
the guards became veiv i*\ Serv
liaylis wrote, "and we were allow ?
lo run loose through the town of Ra -
latt There were only a few wl>?
had mor.ey but :he German peot '? .
starved as they were. h?-gan aakinz
for soap, rice and choeolnte. We w? i?*
soon doin^ a thriving business and
could obtain anything at all for a
cake of Ivory soap. 1 had charge ??f
Th* last bunch to leave Rastatt. ?7."?
me??. and a few of them could not
. resist the temptation to broak w in
dows and bowls.
^%?Im Welcome Americans
? We left Germany vight of Deeem
1 ?er o. and arrived in Ka>'.e. Switr.er
land. tne morn mg of 'he HHh. Th?
Swiss people just worshipped us W?*
were showered w ith cigarette*. cho>???
late and food. ?*lothes were issued 'o
those who needed them. Since then
we have had one continuous Joy ride
through Switzerland and transferred
? 'rom one famous hotel to another.
I which formerly were well known r. -
t sorts, and which lately have been
converted into hospitals."
i i i i i i i i ? i iiiiii nr-iii I'fni iii i i-i i i niTi inwiiii
! Almost Incredible Thicknesses ;
of Solid Steel
; ?bar the way of any who would break through
I and steal your valuables? ;
I Provided they have been entrusted to us for
; *Safe Deposit.
Drop in some of these days and acquaint
yourself with the completeness of our Safe De
; posit equipment.
? "
You'll marvel at this further illustration of
the extreme lengths of efficiency to which a
; modern bank will go for the ease of mind of
; its partrons.
; Safe Deposit Boxes, $5 and Up
; 3%?Interest On Deposits?2%
I The Washington Loan & TrustCo.;
; F St. at 9th G St. at 17th ;
* JOHN B. LARNER. President

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