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Financial Neivs and Stock Market Quotations
Business Men and Banks
Combine to Borrow for
Whan Japan found it imperative
that ah? place larsre orders In the
United States for various commodi
ties which were needed by that na
tion at the time of her war with
Russia, her representatives found
that American bank* were ready to
subscribe for a large issue of the
bonds of Japan. The money obtained
In this way did not go to Japan. It
remained in the United States. It
was drawn ajriinst so that payments
could be made for the commodities
Japan bought here. American banks
lent to Japan the money which Japan
expended In this country and held
tho bonds as security. The arrange
ment was satisfactory to both par
ties to the bargain.
This, however, is not the way In
"Which Belgium seeks aid in the res
toration of her industrial properties.
Not the Belgian government, as was
the case with that of Japan, but in
dustrial leaders in Belgium have
united In association with banking
authorities there in attempting to per
fect an arrangement with the bankers
of New York whereby JTAOOO.GOO can
be made available, the money to be
used chiefly, if not entirely, in restor
ing the devastated industries of Bel
\mvnnt Will He nig Aid.
Fifty million dollars will not do
much more than to begin to repair the
damage?that, at leant, is the opinion
of the expert?, but it will aid in do
ing that and the expenditure of this
money will be in fact the first step
in the restoring of Belgium as a great
industrial community.
The arrangement has been perfected,
or is al>out to be perfected, and it Is
a significant one from several points
of view. The first comment which
the publication of this news occasioned
In the rinam-ial district was this: Much
has been said about greatly exag
gerated expectations on the part of
American industries as to the extent
of the commodities which our allies
*iil be compelled to buy in the Fnitea
States In order to restore normal in
dustrial condition?. Some have gone
s<? f*r as io say that almost everyone
of our allies will be in position so to
finance her own needs aw to make it
unnecessary tor her to buy to a great
extent commodities in the I'nitea
Fie ports have come from Kurope that
the devasted portions of Belgium and
Northern France ere in such ^pndition
that, no amount of money will make
th<-m available for industry or agri
eulftre. ;,t least until many years
h:oi? passed.
l.ooWing for Ivtporta.
?"i: own industrial lead- rs are
n..* a? tmg however. Tinder the as
sumption that with the end of the
v.-ar orders from the United States
Government, industrial plants will
*>? m position speedily to manufac
ture ^reat amounts of commodities
<?? which foreign nations are in
n*. ?t. especially our allies. There
for-. the presumption is strong that
our ? xport trade will continue larpe
for inanv years and that there will
M-**r favorable balance of trade
um'ii;tnm to h'mdieds of millions
' V I .-a i
Nothing finite. however. was
Jer. 4ne.| r? > ;?? eti n~ this outlook un
tl at !;?>t .1 l? .known that
>."? w \ ??? u b..* ' hid practically
cou pi^ ted i.i ?<>ti<iiions whereby
th. . will establish a credit in favor
of l>eI:;iurt industrial leaders to the
ex*? nt ??f lifty million dollars. Our
bonkers .???? 111 :?> have ben all the
mere re;i?iy to grant accommoda
tion- of that kind because they are
Klad t?? facilitate international trade
with Belgium. This will serve to
r.aintam and increase our exports.
Only the First.
If tl.is arrangement is perfected, as
undoubtedly it will be in a few days.
then the chances" are that it will be
followed by others tike character.
There are intimations that industrial
leaders in France have already tenta
tive^- approached the 1'nited States
with intent to secure a large credit?
possibly larger than the one Belgium
is t.i receivt?and to use the accom
mndtiion thus obtained in the up
building of the devastated conditions
Df France.
Inquiry in the financial district jus
<r?#s the impression that 'Ireat Brit
jn v,i' n.. n i -com modat ion of
his kind, -i la?t nt present. Belgium.
France -m,> paly will bo found within
* f.-w months to have obtained from
private v ?urces. n?t from the govern
ment of th?- I"nited States, ample cred
M* which are to he used exclusively
m building nn industries which have
>eeM ininaired by reason of" the war.
M IIlink* \rc lining.
A'ii?r.can banks have already a?
i'im- ?1 vei y lai.o obligations in or
Jcr that our allies might he aided
The t";r>t er there was the l..Hii cf a
vilf :? billion dollars to England and
Franc- jointly. Other private ac
commodations ha\e been made and
presumably many more will follow
Nevertheless, the American banks are
lust now greatly occupied with im
portant pieces of financing, some un
1* r **ay. some contemplated. For In
u tnee. the American banking svndi
?*it6 of which J. I'. Morgan and Com
yny are th" leaders is oflcring ?10.
OOP of twenty-year. per cent bonds
* ucd by flreat Britain. The syndi
A* tia?s already taken care of many
>iiIIions and when these thirty mll
1ons of bonds arc sold they will con
?? rt :nto a long term i?suo the l*nit
Kingdom notes which matured in
-Vhruat v.
Th- hankus .?f NVw York and
through syndicate opera
ions hav recently underwritten
"..oto.ooo of Southern Railway
wtes. They will soon he occupied
it aiding the Federal government
>i the marketing of the Fifth Lib
erty Loan. the amount of which
V ill not he Irs* than J5.000.000.000
nd may be a* much as 16.000.000.
00. They are considering several
?. portant lnore piece* of financing
1 d they are acting as though they
.-lleve that h?avy government tx
?? nditures will continue, although
he war is ended, at least for six
noaths. possibly a ?year.
>:?G3-Strictly 5,.
?ir**. ?5mtf.
Tcrk State factory new Va*w
li'TTKn-l ; - trint. 35: Ki?in tuh. ?
Lt\h r*>L"I.TRY ? Roo*t?n. t*t lb Suh
arto*. i-r tb. 37*T9; h n.?. r*r fb, J2aJ4*
hirk#r?. : mnnrar. 7V etrh.
I"Rl?hKD POULTRY-Strictly frr?h. i?i jb
r^ier-. r. lh fr^ra C 3 tn Mb.' halting
"' L'1* ' "kl"- lb . ??S>: reowws
-r hen*, if" lb.. 27a?): nmpi
?.RKFN TRT tT..Nr?l- V
ox. JaC'r: ? - ifm.i. leincna. !??>&; Cahlor?it
I ?ranr-r fUa5H- cnn.
-rri*9. per hbl rrapcfniit. V?aS> '
VBGCF.il''M^-Pvt?tc?. No. 1. r*r
t<r ;,5; rr%tr ;
X. JmU. I'mj ??tr; C*bb??^f. old, 1?0 lb?. ICf;
eahbage. new. l%t] bas; beets. erate. 2VU<; l?t
| tuce. 4V4 has; peas. 7?10 bu; tweet poiitoes.
?hS per bbl; California celery. cr?te. I2al4;
j Florida. 3a6; celery. 1.50*2.00. uuncb; aquaah.
1 per bbl., I.j0?2.0D; spinach. .'a4 per fcbj; kale.
! 24a2\ per bbi, turnips, l.OOal.SO per bbl; Flori
i da tons toes, 4s TH prate.
DRESSED FORK - Light, 51; medium. 21;
hear*. I4iU.
LIVE STOCK-rSheep. Der lb.. US; calves.
3a!9: medium, Uai; lambs, 14a 13.
HAT AND GRAIN?Na 1 timothy, 30a5IW a
itmj; No. J timothy, 29a3H a ton; mixed hay.
Jg^k.94 * ton; mixed oats, 06a t7; white oats,
i et?m
j SEKDS-Clover. 25.75 per bualiel; tinwv
I thy. 5.ZJ per I ushel; red top graaa. 16a 17 c ier
; pound; blue gra/s, 3.50a3.75 per .msbel; orchard
i grass, 3.7?al.00 per buabeL
[ New York. Feb. 1L?Business on the curb
j majket todar was in larger volume t!?an on
i yesterdar, and the general run of securities
j on higher levels than thosa prevailing id the
, rreending session There was some outside de
| raand. the firat that has been noted in more
I than a week.
! Industrial shares were in better demand.
I Oil stocks were in better demand in the
1 afternoon, and priaes were at considerably higher
! levels.
| Quotatons furnished by W. B. Hibbs * CO.
Bid. A*ked.
! Aetna Explosives 7 7*4
; American Writing Paper com.. .. 2
I Atlantic Petroleum 2*s
Barnett Oil >lt> >!6
Big Ledge 11-16 **i
Boston and Montana 47 4?
Butterworth Judson 15 20
Calendoma Mining 3 31
(Calumet and Jerome ?? 7-10
Canada Copper 2 2 1-15
I Carbon Sted ft& ?C
j Car Light and Power 3
] ChartMa! Iron 7 ft
| Chevrolet, 155 ....
Cities Service 314 316
1 f^ties Servioe pfd 80 83
' f\*nsobdated Arizona 1H? 1*4
Consolidated Cbpirr 5l? ??-?
1 f Vied en Cn 7 7'e
; Caaden T*d 4 4^
. Cramps 7* S3
] Crew** Gold 4*,
CurtiSi Aero 11 12
I Davis Daly i'i 5'i
( Oenbeigh Silver '-j %
Elk Basin 0 fi'i
J K?neT*mi Phone 2'i
| Krr.ma Copper 4 4'i
1 VVil?*ral Oil 3 .i'?
First National Oopo?r 1>?
I Gl?n Rock 2F+ <
I Ooldfleld Cnnsolidatod 19
I O.
ieneral Asphalt corn 65",
* .?
I &*-.?? 2 ?
I ?-?? *?*"><! ? ?i
: ' TWr i ?.4
] '-'-nMinrol ? ?,
""ernafional Prf^u ? '0 ??:>
i ?. ?,?
?It?. \>rt. ??. ,4
J Jim Rutler 42 ?
! Jmnho Extension . 14
Krvatone Tire ST**
I L*ke Torpedo ?\
i Magma C>rpr 3>
? V^llev 2** Z**
' Mn*im ^tunilinns ... >10 7-16
Merritt Oil 24
f Metropolitan PetroWim 21* r-%
, Mi<1vc?rt (?fl 1?8 I'O
' Midwest ?>?l P*'l 1 71-'0 ! 9-16
; Midw^w. Railing 141 li>
1 Mftrhell Alotors 1^
I Moth?*rlr>de 2P ;'0
; N'Mssing Mines Co. ft ?'*
1 NortT' American P. A- P S-r
1 Nrrthwestern Oil . 4ft V
; Ohio fVir?per 'a ?'6
'^Ifthoma Oil Co.
i '?k*n-ilge? Oil I"* '?
I'aei^r j? *
? I'eerTe^s Motors '9'?
Hay H.^renUs 1 - ?
Helc Eonip*nent 10
1 St.. .Tnneph F.ead 12 -S1*
| Sapmipt co-n T\ 7S
| Sf<jtio>ah <>il 7 T4 %\>?
Sinrl'.ir GnU 2?? -4
| >tandaid Mo?or? 7'? ftt
' "ubmar.n* Corroration !0
I Sneers Mining ft -0
j Swift A Co. !20':
1 Swift Int*rnatior*l 4.'* 4"'4
! "Dn-opah KrtensJon 2\ T-t
j TViinK1.^ Film 'i
| Tri Bullion *? ??
| Fnited Kastern 41* 4*?
}l7. 8. Light and'Feat eom. . .. l'i 1*4
j F. S. Lr*ht and Heat ptd 2
Fnited Mo'nrs ."W
Fnited Pnflt Sharing 1 7-10 !'?
? F. S. Steamship 3'-* 3^a
j Fnited V.?nl? .'*3
l'nited Wwtern Oil s?
T*-,i:ted Zinc l'?
? Victoria T?
! Way land Oi! 'S%
Wept End Cons Hi Pi
j Wright-Martin Aero ?>
Washington Stock Eickang;.
iKxeliange clow^l trmorrow. Febriarv 12.
| C'wtiti-: Traction, y, at 86. 10 xt W
Bit1 Askeil.
j American T^. and T?4ga. 4a 84li ft4'.
Ani-r'-an Tel. s?-d T*Ig?. 4'.s.. . 9'. ?'.
Am. Tel. and Tel. Ct!. Tr. 3s t2Ti 93:,i
Am. T*-l. and Tel. ?? p? ??+ lCG'i 10"- ?
Ch?*.-^reake and Pot.-mac Te'. 5a . SS'l
, Capital Traction R. R. Sr. f - 4 9?1
, c and Suhnrban IJ R. C?. . ... ...
' Metrorolitan R R 5? %
Sirfolk and Wasli. Steamboat "s 1W?
Potomae Electric Light fte ?
' PHomae Electric Con*. 5s.. .... fr."4 9
Pn'orr.ac Flectric Power 6s 90
| Potomac Electric Power g?r. 6e... **7*% ?rr*?
Waahlngtrn Has 5s * 19
.Washington Rwy. and Elec. 4s.... 7ft'i 70*i
j Wash. Rwt. and Elec. <?. M 0s.. f*l\ v,
\merican <?raph->t?hone 1st 6t< %
D C. Paper Mfg. fa.... KO
' lan^on Sonp r*-' i ?
Ri^ga Realty sa (long) m
; S*c. Storage and Saf^ D^n.
, Washington Market 5s. 1927 *5
Washington Market 5s. 1SM7 fs
W M- Cold Storag !? 94
Amer.can Tel. and Tclga 110
? Vital 'lract-.ei
WflshingtA-i Cas
Norfolk and Wash. Stramhoa' TIG
Washington Rwy. and Elec. 00m
W ashington Kwr. and Ylrr. pid... ft'?
fttiKnran 100 IC'A
Capital E4
| Columbia 'M '?m
'Commercial 182 ISO
' D^sOirt 1>8
Farmers and Mechanic#* 250
Federal 1TJ
f Lincoln 180
National Metropolitan 306
Riggs ?i
SecviTKl .....
National Bunk of Washington.... 230
| American Seeurity and Trust SO 330
Continental Trust 115
National Sarings and Trust CS1
Union Tm-?t ll^a ?.
Washington Loan and Truat 22H 24o
Bai.k of Compere* ai^d Sa?;ng?... 13
Last NVasbinstou 12
Lil?e?ty MIO1*
Merch:?OtS ^30
S<"cariti Satings and Com ??4)
>e?entU Mreet....t i40
Arlington .. '
Corcoran * ?????
1 lerman- American 25
National Union 5^4
Columbia 4
Real Eatata U Tt
O.apin-Sacka 145
i I>. C. Paper Mfg Co 90
lireer.e-Oananeu fC
. Merchants' Transfer and Storage.. 100 110
j M?rgeuthaler Linotype lifl 131
( Ian.^ton Monotyp?
Security Storage 135
Security Storage and Safa Deposit 110 .....
j Washington Market 10%
?Ex rights. tEx dividend.
Liverpool, Feb. 11.?The market for spot cot- [
i ton opened quiet today with prices easy. Sales
' amo?inte?l to 1,000 b?les. Receipts totaled 1S.OCO |
j bales including 15.014) American. Good middlings
1 were $17.70; middlings J17.0C. Futures opened
Open High Low P.M.
February H.71 lft.70 10* 1C.50
MarrU 12.15 15.3# 15.12 lk23
April 15.tr \SJKT 13//T
May 12.42 13.4# 12.42 12.4.
At 1>:15 p. m. American middlings tiir were
m. - 9094. middling a. $17^f: low. 114.30
got<d ordinary. $14.50; ordinary. 913.97.
IVON'T *tt>U KIO,"7>MNfcS, ev/tR&TT MY
<2|V/<5 YOUR M?' tuipe -AND TWO OP THP KIDS' /^<?.
H*T 5 f??M^ohjn ojith THe Tcu*; and x AMve
Quotations furnished b> W. B. Hibbs A Co.
High. Low Clow.
' Adams Kr press 41\ 414 414
J A tax Itubtvr 7i 7i 71
j Adv. Rutnley pr. 5* 5R M
| Aia.sk* < 34 34 34
1 Alaska Juneau
I A Ilia <'hairnet* 314 3.4 314
; Allis-<'haliuen \*. S3'; 834 ?4
? American Agricul. Chemical 1(W': 1004 1004
American Itcet Sugar.. 6* 68 63
; American Canning ? 154 424 444
; American I'ar Ac Foundry. . ?74 '*
Aio/riism Car A; Foundry pr 1154 1154 1154
' Any rioui Cotton Oil 434 434 434
i An; -rican Drug Syndicate... 114 H*1*
American Kxpmw 8S 88
: American Hide & Leather.. 174 '7 17 *4
i American Hrde A Lea pr... 914 8) 904
i American Ice - 9 "9 3'J
American n" *" ^
; American Internatiocal 53 53 53
] American Lins^d 474 4.4 4.4
j American L indeed pr 884 6^ 8*4
j American Malting st. j* 174 474 474
i American Snuff 118 118 11?
i American Smelting A Refg . 64 6L; 65%
' Am* nam Steel Foundry 74 71 4 73 *
American Sugar 1164 1 154 H*
j A men-'an Sugar pf H8 '14 118
j Amencan Sumatra 104 iOv;*. 1984
I American Tel * 1>1'T 1014 MB'i '0!
j American Tobacco 199 1-4 ISO
[American Toburro pr. ine?i 10' 102 102
1 American Woolen 474 474 474
Anaconda 574 5.4 67
j Associated 1 'rr ljood.< 21*4 '? '4 204
j Atchison W't
j Atlantic Coa^t Line 9r>4 9>.'? %'t
Atl.. Gidf A Woat Indies .
Bii'dwtn L.cofn-.'tno 6*4 6"1*
i Baltimore A Ohio 464 46 46'*
? Baltimore A Ohio pr 534 534 5.' ?
I Bator-lis Milling iU-? j'- e
Barrett Co 116 1134 1'5 --
Bethlehem Steel ?4 2>4
| Bethleliem Steel 7 pet. pr 904 904
! Bethlehem Steel CIhss B. . 594 594 & -i
I Booth Fisheries 1*4 8 ?
j Brooklyn Rapid Transit 224 21?i 22
| Burns Brothel* 1454 1444 115 a
'Butte ?'-.rp?-r A Zine 5S 54 &?*
Butte Superior 16T? 1*4 ]e'?
California I'adting 5.' 52 52
Calitornia Petroleum 2?4 23-4 24 ?
4'tilifurnia Petroleum pr 694 6^4 6^4
. Caua<i>an Pacific 1^ 1j9
; Central Ijeither 58 So 58
, C< re fie Pa-co 3J 3"- 32
?Clianuler Motor V.9 1-^4 1^4
! C;ic.-A|M>aku A Ohio 5-' 55 05
?'hivag:i <lreat Western 74 7 ? . *
; -ago. Mil. A St. Paul... 37 364 V'"?
: <".u.. Mil Sc SL Paul pr..-. 714 7(4 714
' Chicago & Northwestern 944 914 914
Chioago. R. I. & Pacific.... 2J. -4 2)
; OH.. U. I. & Pac. 6 i<t- PT 6._5 6-] 63
<1ii!e t'oppor 174 174
ConT -"-s- 3*5 3?
i imjiJo L Irou 33 3C-, .??
r.mr.Ha ?..?* *4 ? * h
? ??em. Tab. |{ec ?*^4 3?4 ?> ?
, ?" it ?;a., of New Yoik 914 $>4 9fi'?
1 ?'..litinenul Canning 6.* ttf'4 C.
jfurn product* : <74 jfs J:
Crieible Steel 5^4 54 ?
I Or ban American Sugar 155 155 1X>
! CmUiii Cane sugar ?214 21 *
' Cuban Can# Susrar pr 714 734 75s,
; I ?ola? are A Hudson 1034 1C84 10P4
, DenT?T A Bio Grande pr? 7 fi4
? r?istillfrs* Srcuritiee 534 ir-*
j |?u . S> . sh. A At ^
I Krie Rait'.^nl :5 * V, r.f
I Krie !?< 3> 4
j Fed-ral Mining A Smelting 94 P4 94
Uia.t.-n W. K. W 264 2'? 3?4
l?^n<ral Cigars w 5ft 50
! General V3ecLno 1304 H? W>4
General Motors 131N L94 1?4
j Goodrich (B. F.) ?4 W4 504
Great Northern pr 914 914 914
Groat Northern OTe 374 77-? 374
| (Jp-enMTananea - * *? *14 41s*
(inlf Stetea Steel 5714 5J4 52'*
, Illinois Central 974 97"? 974
j Inspiration *3 *24 i'Z'k
j Interborou^h 5H 54 54
j Intcrborough pr '* 18ri*
j Int. Agricul. CoiTP- I* 574 674 574
] Int. Harresler (new) ill's 1114 1114
j Int. Merchant Marine 224 2-4 224
lint. Merchant Marine pr.... 97 95-, 9*4
i International Nickel 264 254 ?4
1 IfttemationaJ Paper 384 374 384
Int. Pap r jt. <sta.) 67 67 67
! Jewel Tea rr
Kellv Tire Co PI 784 ?1
Kenuecott 304 2^4 3u
l^ke Eiie & Western 74 7X, 7l?
I^ee Rubber Co. 23'? L3_ 21-?
Lehigh Valley 5> W-.? 51 ?*
May Department Stores 65 6". 65
Maxwell Motor 3*4 304 3J>-4
Maxwell 1st pr 53 53 53
Mexican Petroleum ??694 1654 1674
Miami Copper 22 23 21
Mid rale Steel 4^4 41 414
Minn. & St. Louis (new)... 94 94 94
j Minn., St. Paul & S. S. M. 80 89 80
j Missouri Pacific 24 -34 Z>4
I' National Acme Co 31 31 31
National Bisntit 113 1^5 113
National Conduit A C li*4 14 14
? National Rnameling 464 464 4G-4
j National Lead 66 65 66
I Nevada G--pper 164 164 164
J New York Air Brak** 96 914 944
j New York Central 714 714 "14
N. Y.. N. H. A !U"*wJ... 284 284 i?4
Norfolk A Southern 17 17 17
Northern Pacific 104 894 904
Nora Scotia Steel 49 48 48
Ohio Cities Gm 394 394 394
Oklahoma Prod. A Refining 84 84 84
Pacific Mail S. S A 30 ?,
Pan American Petroleum.... C9 63 684
Pan American Petroleum pe 118 118 118
Pennsylvania 444 444 444
Peoples' Gas 474 474 474
Philadelphia Co 314 314 2l4
Pieroe-Arrow 404 394 404
Pierce Oil Corporation 174 164 174
Piltaburgh Coal 46 46 46
Pittsburgh Steel pr 91 91 P4
Pittsburgh A West Virginia 3F? 314 344
Piit.sbuigh A W. Virginia pr 80 80 90
Pressed Steel Car f9 59 59 1
Pidlmao Co 1H4 113 1134
Railway Steel Spfliigs 714 714 714
Ra* Copper 2)4 2^ 20
Reading Railway 784 774 784
Rep. Iron A Steel T24 7.4 724
High. l?*r. Ltose.
! Royal I hitch . 82*4 7TTa
: St. lx>ui* A San FYanci^co. II1* H''? l-li
' I Savon Motor 9? 8 :
j Sinclair Oil A. Ilitimng 3I"? 31'* 3!-<
; Sloss-Sheffield . 47li 47'* 47'<
SIot*-Sheffield j?r 87 $7 ?7
Soutliern Pacific ... S7H HMV
Sout'urn Railway 26** 20'? 3B'?
Southern Kailuav pr 67 67 <*7
1 Studebaker 51"* 5!'? 51 >
Siroinberg 4)arb 33*.3 ?>"? ?-> Ss'j
St'it* Motor ... 4- 2 4.i <?>':
TVxhs (V. 191 1**'5
Texa* A Pacific 2\ .T* r.Jli
Third Avenu** l.V* 137? .^'i
Toltacoj |*r< ducts & '? 8! ? fr
TrruwiP A Wil ? . > 'V?
Cni.-n IVrific li"'* 13b j
Iniftd Alloy S:?el :,0 3*1
j I'niUxl < i*ar Store* Ill1* llT'a 1 "1 1
i I'ritoi IVuit 16l:? 1T.9'* i&l
I'nittd lUilway Invmtment. 9'? 87?
1 nited Railway Invest. pr . 1^4 '4 IS
I . S. t'a.*t Iron I'll**... 15 15 l'?
I'. S. < ast Iron Pipe pr. 46 4ti
I". S. Alcohol Wf?\ ICl'i IC-'i
I". S. Rubber ... 75'? 7?'? 75
I . S. K'iW^r Lst W*-m 10>:* !W*i
' 1". S. Sir.Hting A Refining. 44 * 44'* 4? :
1 S. Steel 90 r?'? *.'1
? V S. Sttrl pr 114*4 1M% :RN
, I"t*h C?>pprr . 67 Si 66'* 67't
Virginia <ar Chemical 51 .">1 3i
Wain?h pr. A 31 % a: 21 '4
WdU.i-.'i 1 ?r IS lv .4 !??* ]9-1
W?-stingl*?u*e . 4F* 41'* 4 '<
W hit; Motor 56 4*> ? *9 t
Wilson A 1*0 6< CS f
WiMw O;, rland 2?;. S'i
. 123 115 ir.
W rl hil'gton Prnnp fPl* 5" '? ?*<?*
1 '7 jo?rpn f. rniTCHAHn.
ducage. Fob. 11.?The '-nm market was in
fluenot*! today to higher 'err Is bv the retorted
? Jtrman atfitude whtive to renewal of the
irnii-ticp. On thrv; report* there ea> gr>od
buyii g by l*>th shorts an I investor*. Final
tigim-* for the day showed advance* of 1'sC
to 2.-". Febrrarr futures leading. f"a>h corn
was 4c liitfiser TJve Ka.-t was r big bu>er.
Now York rpeculatc?rs ?r<? sliort Ma\ future*.
F.-w onrsigmu'?nt notice* were reccireil. and
cor.ntry offfrinips w>*re tpnall.
Argentine c.?rn. nor available, continued la!<or
tr, 'hie* retardir.g loading < f export R'-.ipmrtits.
("m in Jiie han<lj < f fanner* are tin
d< ubt<fv?r sir.alUr than g-nerally boliete-d. Thr*
av?T;?i{ft u?-igh* of hog^ ha* b ??n 3) t<? 30 lbs
hearitr tban two year* ago. farrnrr* acting
<?n the advice of tbe Foi Administration in
fattening to abnormal w. ;ght.
1 The^e wa* extYirt demand* for oat*. While
taking \r<^r^ limited il -liowed it i* wanted
ovrr-M-. Tlie p?i\ernment lias liquidated i
hcl.'ing^ of r?ash future*. lh>mectic tiade n?
!iz':t Ad.ancs <*[ to ? were sbown. March
-*'* ingr
I^itimore. Md.. Feb 11.? Price* on tl?c P.aln
n.ore | roduee ui?rkrt ta?g^ a* followa:
? Alti?1 ;n PKonrirrs ami c ii p. l ,n
KitI"IT-> Apples. New ^'.>rk. No. 1, jier I'M..
I'ennnyltania. Ihp.-v \0rk5. No. I. [r-r
'??!. Mnr> Ian; and Virainn. T.iriO'is
innrtiet. N.. 1 :*** CO . :-.(??*? u> ,,..r
l?^*- ci-1<t . ' aiifi^nia. 1 er crate, 7.0Pali.nf?:
? ?-*(!"< I<*r do/. . 7:i1.0T; \- \r | er CTrf'e.
9"0a 1 *A); ?? is.ju'1. : r do/. l.'iOal.fO: rrnnbemc*.
IT hbl. : i?hl.isr, N--w York Dam-'i
' wr|, i-r t'.n. T.Oim.o.^O domestic, per ton.
?f^>alO?/?. 1..*n< gronn. jwr 00 head*. J.00a."..00:
r.?*w H'>r"li. ?-r I i-K : l.73a^.0^: cRgola't.
Florida, it ^ate. 5.C0a5.jP; grapefniit. F'londa.
bright*. i*-r '*.?*, 3.SAa4.C0; tale, per box. ^OafA';
per N?;., I..'i0h 1.75; letUn-e. Florida, per baa. 500
*4 00. ?'>, rail forma. 5.0fter>.90; onion*. N. Tork,
1T t-wt. I .'>0ni;?: do, Weetern, per (nvt, 2 25a
2.S0: orangra, Florida, i*^r box. 3.26a4.00; prp
ivra, Florida, per rnlc, 7.00aS.fX); squash, Flori
da. r-er eratc, L'.'0alC?; *T-inacb, homegrown. \r?t
box, 1.23*1.75; Norfolk, bbl. 1.50H2.S; strawber
rie?. Florida. i<-r qt.. 40a70c; ?w?-et i?otatoes,
F>stern Shore of Man land. fn'?ev. bbl..
G.00a7 00; do, %-Nis ba.J, 2.'.15h2. GO; Delaware,
74 !wi has, 2.3a2..">0; yarns. York Ri*er, bbl. 5.50
a6.00; tomatoca, Florida, fancy, per crate. 5.0T?a
fi.Vi; choice, per ciatc. 3 00a5 00; tuiuirs. per
J ku-hel. JTlnfiOr.
I.IVB POI I.TUT C1.ieken*. your?, largo.
1 smooth, lh. 36aXc; do. under 2 lb*. "5a40c; do.
voting, rough and stagjo*. 'J8a30c; do. yoimg by
?-xj re-*. 35a3ic; do, old roost er*. 30a21c; do. old
heii<, over 4 Itm, 3Ih3oc; do. *mall, 33c; do White
L'-ghoin liens, 33a34c; ducks, Mhscutj ax;d
, mongrel, lo. xou' g >.-aiic; d- . White Pekit>.
per lb. young, !'4aC6c; do. puddle, per lb. 34
: 11?* and o?tr. 33a34c; do. smaller, poor '?"JaSOr;
| turkeys, ohoioe young hens, per lb. 42c; do,
gobbler*, per lb. I'.9?40c: do, old torn*. ]>r lb.
37aC8c; do, crooked breast, poor, per lb. ^4a35c;
pigeons. i?cr pair, old. 25a3Cc; do, yoking. 15??30c;
1 guinea fowl, young, otct 1?* lbs each. 90ca:.K);
do, old. each. 60c.
j POTATOES?New York, per 150-'b sack. 3.0Oa
3.25; Western, per 150-lb. *atk, 3.00a3.10; Penn
! *vlrania. per cwt, '..00*2.50; Eastern Shore of
j Man land and Virrinia. McOormicto, |v>r est,
1 1.50a 1 G5*; Western Shore of Maryland, MacCor
micks. i*r cwt, l.Wal.?; White Stars, i*er cwt.
. 2C0a2.10; Cobblers, jcr cwt, 2.00a2.10.
New York, FYb. 11.?Reports that tiie FYench
| government would modify its restriction*, on
I the trade to the extent of permitting imports
' by private interests amounting to 100,0C0 bales
1 a modth for fl*e months, beginning with May,
| and an 5 rj prove men t in the dehvand for spot
in the South, stiffen el the cotton market today
after it . ad sagged following strength in tlie
forenoon. Final prioea were steady at a net
gain of 37 points to a decline of 7 points,
j U/KVipts at the pert* for the dav were
11.315 bale-. Exports fcr tlie day aggregated
21.921 bales.
' Spot at New Orleans wa* steady with tlie
|reri?ed quotation of middling fljei at 25.50c:
tho sales aire ?^8 balcc. Spot here wa* quiet
i at an advance of 20 prints at 25.33c; there
were tin sale.
! Receipts at rome tf the port* today wer??:
1 Nr.r uriean?. 7,?01: Savannah, 1,835; Augusta.
I 1.310; St I.ouia, 730.
Belief That U. S. Workers
Will Support Government
Steadies All Securities.
New York. Feb. 11.?The financial
world was still under the Influence
today of announcement that the gov
ernment intended to do a heavy ex
port business in Holshevlsts. The re
sult was higher prices for stocks. The
unwarranted assumption that labor
would resist a readjustment to normal
is disappearing and as it has been I
the principal reason for the stagna-!
Hon in business, a speeding up is now
expected. As stocks have been sell-1
ing far below their intrinsic value, a ;
recovery of stock prices l*> among the j
normal expectations of the immediate
I'nited States Steel was steady to-1
| day in the face of trade reports of
price cutting that would be necessary.
Tobacco stocks were firm again. Hide |
and Leather preferred established a
new high record for the movement.
The oil stocks had another uplift, aa
did the tire stocks, particularly Kelly
Springfield. United Fruit advanced
sharply on announcement of the di
vidend increase of 12 per cent. Sieel
Foundries and Car and Foundry were
strong. About the only weak depart
ment of the market was in liberty
bonds, which made a new low record,
being influenced by Secretary Glass
plans for the next issue.
Dividend* llulted.
American Can's report >vac a great
surprise and on its face makes divi
dends impossible at this time. The
amount written off for depreciation
was liberal, as uj-ual. Buying of the
stock was good and a short interest
was compelled to cover.
The nervousness that exists in tho
tobacco stock market was proved
again today when Reynolds B stock
had a 50 point advance to 4<"?0 while
snuff moved up Npoints. The d*>al
that is said to be going in British
American kept that stock firm, but
the real bullish factor behind the
I British-American is the enormous
business the company is doing in the
Mexican stocks were bought more
; confidently because of report that
k I British capital was planning to go
, into Mexico very extensively.
, j Kant Buffalo. N. V Feb. .! ? ATTL1.
j Herein*? *?00 head; stnad*.
kj 0\LVKS?Receipts. 15ft head uw: lower, f. Ofti
tj H<m;S Keivipu 2.C00 btari p f? .slo?r; he.fc*.
i ' V V 1.. .Toe hither ?.*-??> mixed and Yorkers.
t- !P7.?1?.KJ: light Yorker* and Pgs
, J Uir"\w?its 15.00*16 OP: ?'ag?. lO.OJrl2/>0
! SlfFEP AM* LAMBS RarHp?.?. I.ten !i-td:
| sin-tig limb*. ll.Cfol7.Sj; >eariing* l*0>d6.tl'.
i wethers. 12?0ai?.?r>: e?-s. 4 Wwll.3^; inixrl sheet",
i i:.:o?i:oo.
1 v. Loui*. Mo.. Feb "1. !!<???> -IlccvirHj
,; m rn h^sd. suarty, .ght*. i: rvr.w. r-.tv
I 11 ."Oil 17. OD; butcher* !".Wald7lJ, heap. l?.'X*t
I >?
I l ATTLF#-Receipt* ?? "<*i head; vt^a-ir- native
U^fTs. 11. '.fol&YI; t?iter.? ?? 00; rows. 7.5ft*
.12 SO; stokers scd !ecd?vi?, s.u0?i"0D calves
' 7 7 Ss .i -0
>HKKI' Ile^ipfs. 1.80J head. stead>, lamt*
llh.Sair.X: ewt!?. ?.3*i!.2j.
| ' 'incinnati. Feb. !1. ll?V?s Receipt?,
?steady; packers and Initcher*. 1 *5: medium,
t la ftli'JS: nvn^n t.j chmce. 12.0QbJC.75; i*gs
anil light*. lO.OOalP HO.
i <'\TTLE- Hmetpt*. '000 ktead? . ca'vca
, ste.id.v: 7 OlWS.OO.
1 >HEEP-Receipts, none steady : lambe Heady.
| Kansas CYty. Mo, Feb. 11. - HOGS-Receipts
j strong; heavy. 17..tad 7 8"*; butchers IT .0b
J 17.75: lights. 17.00a:" 10; pig*. liOOuMLOO.
CATTLE? Receipts. 11 OCO; utrong ? pnme
. ?'e?rs. IS.OOai'.OO, Southern steers nsninsliy
|7'?Y?13.00; cows. 7.0?a;4.00: heifer*. 8U0alV-0;
j c-iiheH. 7 <l> al4.50.
i ^HEEP?Receipts. ? 000: strong; lamb*. 16 70b
[jr.fi, year]int* 10d?il4yi; wether*. 9 0^12.25
II ewe?. 9.00aIMS.
I | Pittsburgh. Feb. 11.?HOGS?Receipt*. 2.VB-:
sj market active: hea?ies and heavy Y'rrkrrs. 18**
j 1?.*0; lig.it Yorkers, 13.ttaIS.25; pigs. IS.00.
I SHEEP ANl> LAMIM-Rcoipta 50f?: market
' active; top i-heep. 12.50: top lambB i7.50.
If <' ALY'ES? Receipt*. 100; market active; top.
Philadelphia Fel". 11. Prkos <vii the lcca' pri>
, duce market today ranged as follow?>:
J HI'TTKR?Solid-packed creamery, extra. 49c.
J higher-acocing g*?xis. 5fo5?r. the latter fcr job
j bing sales: ettra flrsts, 43a4?'tc: f.rnt*. I4a46 ;
t-r?nd?, 41a43c; awcet creamery. ch(>i>-e s*"'!
1 fancy, 51a5C? : fair to good. 44aoiV: Jadtc
' j packed, as to quality. 3oaI?r; packing ?*ock. .Xa
j :'l. fancy brands of ncirby prints jotting *:
, j.V.'Te; tjur t/? pood. 48*.Vc.
' YA?'JS? Nearby fr*f. P.'O pt era"": nearbv
. ;rr?it receipts, lr.S'*: Western extra rtf>t>.
? '.'25 i*r crate; do. rtr*t-. ]?.fn prr crate; ii>
! i-^rior ln?n leaver: Stmthcm. :'.'.COali'>) p?r crote
| f in'v wlected, carefully candled eggs were jolv
: bi'ig a< 60s5'Jc j?*r doani.
I.1VB POULTRY-Fowl*, n expr-^'. >a.7c;
j exceptional lota higher; d?\ ?'a .'*4n^c;
llr !!lnc chicken.*. f>tt m**a*ed. t.k 11*.
J CiKk1: spring chi?-ker?. ? >tt M'ated.
? lar_> r : 4^."fc; e\c~j?tjo?ial l -?? bivh^r.
y??nng r-^ter*. . old rnr^'i n. T V.*.'
I du>-k?. Pekin. 4^ifJc; do. Indian Runn*r,
j ? ?. Jui'Jc; gtiineas, y^inj, r?T jw.r. wisti
I itir l's t?? "J lh??. apioee l.tOal .'-O, .smaller m*-5.
JO'alOO: run ess old. p^r p^ir "Tal 00 j-.igeon*.
'eld. r^r pair. 1f?4'c; d". v?ving. i?t p?ie. ^?4(r.
j POTATOES? White, Jersey, per 'ibiis baB.
I No. I. 73aOOr; .\o. i, .Ykafc? ; ?hit?? lotstoen.
PennB>lvania. No. 1. per inn lt^s. 8Ss2L2; whit?
p'tators. Western, per 100 lha. I.8%i2 00. do. New
York, per 100 IHs, I.WrJ.po. htweet p^atoea
Jersey, iter laa.. No. 1, l.65al.7S; No. 2, l.OOsl.S;
*we?*t potat/f*. Kaatern .Shore, per bbl.?No. t,
5'?a6.00; No. 2. 2.3Pa3 50; sweet potatoes, I*cla
waro and Maryland, bii. hampers?No. 1. 2.3oa1
2.C-0; No. 2. 1 60sl.00; cabbage^ Danish per
tr>n, 19.00hJ*00: do. Southern, per hamper. 1.2*
1.C0; onions, yellow, per 100-lb. bag. No. 1. 1
1.25a200 No. 2. 75cal.<?.
! l*.altimore, Feb. 11. ? COB CORN ? Quototf,
(white, 6.C0: yellow. 6.25 i^r bbl for carload-:
; sal^s, small white, delivered. 1.30 per bushel;
: lfO bushels mixed at 1.27: ^90 bushels yclk?w at
iwliarf. 1.30 I>er b*i?heJ.
OATS?<Yne carload, No. S. white, at 62'r.
RY&?Range of prioe*. bag lots of nearby
rye as to quality, lJ.Sal.30 i*r bushel.
HAY*?Standard timothy, 2S00; No. 2. timo
thy. 27.00a2r.50; No. 3, timothy. ai.OT'SC^.flO: No. I
1, light clover, mixed, 28.50a27.00; No. 2. light
j clover, mixed, 24.50a25.00: No. I, clover, mixed,
j ?.o .'jOay.OO; No. 2. clover, mixed. 23 00a25.00; No.
1. clover, 2>.00; No. 2, clover, 23.0Ca2LW; No. 3,
' clover, 3).0Ca23.00.
? STRAW-No. l, straight rye. 2000: No. 2.
'straight rye, 19.00a 19.5>; No. 1. tangled o-e. 15 00:
1 No. 2, tangle<l rye, 13.00al4.00: No. 1, wheat,
j ll.50al5.S0; No. 2. wheat. 13.00k 13.SO; No. 1.
j?ut. 14 OOalS.OO; No. 2. oat. L3.0)al3.50.
New York, Feb. IL?BUTTER?Finn: re
j ceijits^ 9.718 package?; creamery, higher than
1 extras. SO^aSlc; do, extias '92 score). 49^a55c;
i firsts. 45a48Hc; lacking stock, current make.
| No. 0, 32Ha34c.
J EGGS?Firm; receipts. 11,800 cases; fre>b-gatii
I ered, extras, 4bV?a49c; do, regular lacked, extra
j firsti?. 474a4Sc; do, firsts, 46*17c; State, Penn
sylvania and nearby Western hennery, whiter,
'fine to fancy, 57s58c; do. ordinary to prime.
!:0a57c; do, do. browns, 50a54c: do, gathered
i browns and mixftl colors. 47a49c.
I PRESSED POULTRY - Finn; fowls. 24?ia
i 32Vj2; others unchanged.
j LIVE POUL/TRY ? Firm; chickens. 2Ta29c;
{fowls, 35o; old roosters. 24c; turkeys, 30s:5?-.
! Judges Demand More Pay.
j Home, Fob. 11.?A committee rcpre
i senting Federal judges called on Mln
iieter of Justice Facta today and de
manded higher salaries.
j 4*Detter Pbj for Women*' will ??<? |
the subject for discussion at n meet
ing to be held tomorrow night at 8
o'clock at Typographical Temple, 423 '
G street, under auspices of the j
Women's Trade Union League. the i
Women's Bindery Union, the Allied I
Printing Trades Council and the'
Central Labor Union. Representa- .
lives Rankin of Montana and Keot-1
, ing of Colorado are scheduled toj
make addresses.
WanhlnKton member* of Ike In
ternational Association for Identifl-1
cation are to hold a get-together i
| meeting Saturday at the Hotel Har-i
i rington. The uses and possibilities
i of the finger print identification sys- J
, tem will be taken up at the meet- j
! ing. Men responsible for establish
! ing the identity of many dead sol- j
dlers who otherwise would have i
been buried in unknown graves will!
give short talks.
Tht Helm Krllur (.uild will meet
at the home of Mrs. I). M. McPher- :
| son. 1S10 Fifteenth street northwest,
today at 2 o'clock.
KMllipolin Military Hand will fti?e
a dance At Odd Fellows' Hall. Sev- j
| enth street northwest. Thursday!
evening. February 27. Admission'
j will be by card only which may be j
(procured from members,of the band.
I Adams New# Depot anfl Ed. Scmid.
j712 Twelfth street northwest.
The YounK V omrn'R Uebrevr A?-'
! sociation will give a dance tonight
'?t the old Masonic Temple.
Thf \\ ushington alumni of Ihr
'University of Pennsylvania will
I celebrate Founder's Day with a din
: ner on Saturday evening. February
; 22. at the University Club. Uradu
:ates and undergraduates are re
quested to communicate with the
j secretary of the alumni association.
Karl W. Corby, care the University
The hrrond fceme*trr # nl (.forgr
Washington University will begin
Monday. Prospective Students may
enter now. Examination week com
menced yesterday.
ItrronHtrurllun n* it nfTerln thf
flour and feed business was the sub
ject of speakers at a dinner meeting
of wholesale feed dealers of Wash
ington at the Lafayette Hotel
Thursday night. TV T. Moran pre
sided as toastmastT. Among those
One Gets Avenue Property
and Other Receives
Miss Pauline Baum. sistn of Wi:?
1mrn Baum. a cigar dealer, who died
February S. inherit* the premises at
1235 Pennsylvania avenue northwest,
according to the terms of Mr. liaum's
'will filed for probate ve*terda>.
Another sister, Mrs. Kmma Baum
lienor, inherits fl'.OOO. Morton J.
Svhan J.. Wallace .*??.d Arthur Lwch-.
ail nephews, ate each willed $2/"0.
The J- wi'lt Foster lli'm-" is l^e
V'SlIted The United Hebrew
'Charities is '<o receive a similar
amount. The Jewish National Horn"
I for Consumptives, at Denver, is willed
The Washington Hebrew * 'ongre
gation I* to receive jv) for the care
j of the family buiial riot. Two other
nephews and one r.ie?-e, Liwrenee .1 .
Paul L.. and KatheritK Heller." are
each bequeathed $l.*>0.
M?trr Received llnlunre.
The balance of the estate is w illed
to a sister. Miss Pauline Baum. who
is also named executrix.
The will of Ygnacio Aguilar. a
cigar manufacturer of 1T20 Four
teenth street northwest, who died
February 1. directs that a nephew,
Marcellino Cordove, inherit the
business and all personal property.
The pr?*mise.? at Fourteenth
street is divided among sister.- and
nephews. Marcellino Cordove ?
nam-d executor together with Ben
jamin II. Parker.
The will of John A. WatPnc. who
f*)*.! January 17. directs that tlv
widow. Mrs. Eunice W. Watiing. in
herit the homestead at Yysilanti.
Mich., and a life income from the
balance of the estate, after one
third of which is received by a son.
John W. Watiing. The son. to
gether with William F. McCorkle.
ar<? named executors.
"How 'o Buy" is the o?" th-%
tirst ol a series of six tslks on "?"oth
ing for the Household." 'o be ?_ iven
by Miss Ther^loni K. Mill*-'- front
'the Idistrict Home TVmonvtrt'ion of.
fiee. T^epartVnet.t of Agriculture. co
operating with th?* Nation-'! Mi|.ri;T.
These talk* will be ^iven ui Poo,
so of the 0 rlc nrd Indus! ri?s 1
in-/ (Old National Museum'. V m
and I*, st! el.; so'.ilhw. v'. ;u
n. m.
New York. Feb. 10. ?The fallowing
Wushingtcnians arc registered at ho
tels here:
Benjamin. P. L., Arlington: Davis.
H. R.t Latham; Estcs, J. H.. Navarre:
Kitte.v, G. A.. Holland: Kline. H. W..
Union Square; Pavnc, R W. Grand;
Elnks, A. E., Arlington: Troxwell, K.,
Gregorian; Walker, C. J., Mrs. C. J..
Herald Square: Waterman. M. A .
Marlborough: WoronofT, A., Herald
Caroline King and Sons (King's
? Pa'scel. dry go'-*!* and genera! mer
j Chandise: H. King, reaoy-to-v ear and
i millinery: Cumberland.
A. Lisner (Palais Ro>vl>. d*-y coods.
etc.; C. F. Werner, representing. 220
Fifth avenue; Breslin.
M. Goldenberg. dry goods; H. Grunc
baum. domestic, dress goods, silks.
1140 Broadway: Wallick.
W. Goldenberg: Mis?? K. Miller, mus
lin underwear and sweaters. 1140
S. Kann Sons and company: A.
Sinsheimer, shoes, 4.12 Fourth avenue.
| thirteenth uoor.
Town Turns Out for Yank.
IX)rain. Ohio. Feb. 11.?In celebration
of the return of a lone Yank. Private
Frank Beam. 6/00 citizens paraded the
city with a drum corps and an im
promptu band.
I Concert by tlie I*. S. RoUlier-' H.-m* Hand
This erar.inc. beginning at ?:15 o'clock.
John S. M. Zimmeroiann, director.
I 1. March "dTiliiation" Schertzinfrr
I 2. Overture " Haymow)1" Thomas
3. HcTcrlc "8ututel Land" Kawe'.o
4. Selection "Sicilian Yo*r*??" Verdi
5. Fo\ TnA. "Chicken Cackle'"?Cla> eoole.
fi. Waltz Suite "l?roim.' cf Childhood"
I 7 Finale "Ole Vfcginny" Zamecuik.
"The Star Singled Banner."
who spoke were W. s. Hog*. ?r..
Theodore Michael. W. T. Betts. A. A.
Uthgow. N. L. Nut well Calvert
Dickey, c. B. Stewart. Frank L
Ztrkle. Vernon M. Green. J. v. Craig.
Marry C. James, Lynn McDowell and
?. Hoge, Jr.
I-ohIs F. Pokt. UkUiint Sfirf(nry
or Labor, has accepted an invita
tion to address the Men's Club of Bt
Mark s parish tomorrow night at 8
o clock, " nd ihv public in invited.
.Sunday morning at n o'clock Ui*h..p
Philip M. Khineiander, or Pennsyl
vania. will preach.
The Holy Name ?orlcl; ?f sr. A?
gustlne* Church will meet at the
church tonight. Lieut, j N. <;ru of
the French High Commi??ion. will
tell of wi>rk of the colored Koldiera
in the allied armies.
**u?zle* Bru rrtenir act
* ill be solved by John D. Murphy,
chief revenue agent of the United
?States, who will speak at the din
ner of the Washington Association
of Credit Men to be held on the
night of February 25. Freas Brown
Snyder will speak on "Commercial
The annual banquet of the Iie
partinent of the l'oiomac of the G.
A. R. will be held at the Kbbitt
on the evening of February ]?.
Commander-in-Chief Clarendon E.
Adams will be the honor guest.
I>r. \\?>nr B. Wheeler is to apeak
on 'The New Decfej ation of Inde
pend? nee" at a meeting to be held
Friday night at 8 o clock at the
Friends Church. Thirteenth and Irv
ing streets, under the auspices of
the Mount I'J^asant Woman s Chris
tian Tcnipcrance Union.
* *'enti?ie Dnnrr for the aiek
benefit lund will be given by the
employes of Woodward and Ix*throp
under the auspices of the Relief As
sociation in the auditorium of the
store. Saturday evening. February
at 8;30 o'clock.
i The Itev. I human I. <.a??on will
i deliver a lecture on ??Christian Sci
?nre' at Gonzaga College at 8
0 clock tonight.
Ihere will be a meeting of Kit
< "arson Po*t. No G. A R. tomor
row night at 8 o clock at Grand
Army Hall, 1412 Pennsylvania avc
BriKh(n?jHj Citizen** Amtoeiation
| will mr-et Friday evening at the
Bright wood Public School Building
I at 8 o'clock. Important business
I will b" transacted.
I C ompany C . Fifth Infantry. D. C.
I X. G.. is to give a donee and enter
tainment on the night of F^bruarv
j at the New Willard Hotel.
\ letorr dinner for Mnmen will be
j g?ven on l.iti?-?.ln*- Birthday. Feb
ruary 12. at Wardmsn Park Inn.
Mrs. Frederick II Rr..ok.- is chair
i m-an of tlie local committee on ar
Ihr Vounf omm * i hrUdnn *?
5ortaiion i? to have th- HFC of the
Sunday->.-hool rn,.in< ..f th.- Calvary
, iiaptixt Church. L.Kiith and H
Mreet*. for a largo mcmberahif-. sn.
tial this evening fi T :o o'clock
There will h- came, ..f .11 kind
th.- Smith orch. eiru will pia>
th. rv.ning will ,n(j ? ,,h ? n'?ni?n
picture fhomin Mj(y Pick ford ;n
The .-jr.jdrn All K,rl> are
i ;n\ .led.
Minnesota women ia \\ a?hington
are invited lo th?? reception to b?
held .Saturday at ;o o'clock by th?
Republican w omen > fictional execu
tive committee at lt?23 H street.
The ainrrird Delia will meet nt the
I'elta Till r?'lt:? House. it22 Ma.-.-a
ch'.:>etta av? nu*\ this evening.
1 I'e art kerlion of the Twentieth
Century Club will meet tomorrow at
?.? o clock at the h??me of" Mrs. Dav
ton Ward. 17<>9 Columbia road. The
action will be addr-s>? d hv Mr. C.
H. GifToid. . f t'.ic War , -orn?*
munsty Service. hi? subject being
"Community Drama."
I-ineoln * birthday Mnnivemarr
will be held at th- Gor>uch Com
munity Center tonight at Four-and
a-half and 1- streets muthwest. a: 8
P. ni. The topic is "America's Great
i:\ent." The:** will also be spe
cial music and l. n. oln s favorite
hymn will b*' >ung.
ladle* night will be oh*er?ed at
the Terminal l: I:. V. M c. A this
evening. An adores will b. made
by the newly appointed superintend
' nt the Terminal. J. I. Wilkes.
T. ? program ?a|.?o includes the
Terminal R. n y. c \ Cr.
?best! a. C. W. Guest, director. Miss
Mai;. Met;rain. Miss Hel? n Kal
strom. Messrs. Fred c. Pai ker.
Charles s. Sh utterly and George
Dow den.
na w.ir workers f..r Saturday
?ng. February 1". has been p..rt
? ?r Headache?
Hub tha forehead
and temples with
NEW PRICES ?30c, 60c. $1^0
Kankichi Hashimoto and
Hisekichi Imoto First of
Race Naturalized Here.
I After nearly .1 quarter-century (aith
I rul wrvict In tK#- United State# navy
! Kankichi Hashimoto and Htaektctri
I Imoto. the first Japanese to receire
< itiztttuhlp In the Diatrtct of Colum
bia. yesterday look the oath of al
j le^iano before Justice Gould, of the
8upren?e ("ourl
lioth men ar?- members of the per
itonei lyous^hoid of (}kpt. A. L. Will-*
hT'j. commandant at the navy yard,
und are stationed at the receiMn*
ship at the yard.
XatarmlUea WUe To*.
Hack in Japan little Mr*. Kankichi
Hashimoto in today an American ctt
iren by virtue of the oath taken by
her hv^band yesterday and in flf
. teen State* of the Union. after paa*
? ing through the usual formalities.
I could walk up to a ballot box and
ca*t a vote for the President of the
, Fmted tfLatea. At the name time lit
! tie brown-skinned. almond-eyed Kan -
. ichi, 1r., becomes an Am^ncwi boy
? :?nd can at some future date. If he
*0 de-Fires and cm pet enough vote?
eom? to the National Capital and
, help other Amei tcana make lawi for
the country.
Kankichi lla.*h imoto. senior, the
newly created American citiaen. was
j bom in Japan in 1<C4 and enlisted in
; th?? I'nited State-- navv whe he was a
, y#>am of age. At present he I? cabin
bte ward
The IHstrict's other new cittsen.
Ilit-ekicki Imoto. ha?* b~?n a "Jackie"
since 1W and is attached to Capt,
Willard's staff with Hashimoto as
steward. He was born in Japan in
1?T5. but has lived in the I'nited blatea
the greater part of his life. His wife
is living at Portsmouth, New I lamp
| thin-.
Ofllrer I'ralse* >f?? Cltlseaa.
j ' I know of no men more deserving
J of citizenship." TJeut. W. G. Moore.
; commanding officer of the reviving
.'hip at the yard, declared in vouch
| ing for the loyalty of the two Japa
| n*se at the court house >e.-terda>.
?"Americans at heart, they hare
i earned the right to be Americans in
: fact."
The two Japanese received their
j paper* under the concessions I act of
J May 9. 1*1*. granting the rights of
j citizenship to aliens in the military
! service.
British Novelist Arrives
To Honor American Poet
New Tork. Feb. II.?John Gals
| worthy. English novelist and play
wright. arrived her#* today ?.>n th*
Ounard Liner ?'arman<a. He ir th**
first of a number of British writers
to come her#' for participation in
the centenary* celebration ?* 1 hono*"
of James Russell I>o*fl!f which will
be held February 1*.
Policewomen Want Raite
Worcrttf. Mas>.. Feb. 11.?Th^ two
policewoman here have petitioned for
an incre:?:e in i?ay cjual to that of a
?*>eeond-crude 'he-cop * "
Assets. S3.581.361
Resolve to Save
I 1 Ir? ??*??? ki?e ? set ?4sn lit? 'l
he ?i<vw. j4i*b*ti "1 s**>nr J??n
AND s.Wb
^iih*rripllom for the
76th Issue of Stock
lleinic Heeel*r^.
Shares. $2.50 Per Month
4 Per Cent Interest
915 F St. N. W.
JOHN JOY I'OM**. Presides*.
I'll ASK P. IH'I'MDISee>.
Hie Safc.'t lnfestmeBti
A c il u*si v bvA Iiuc'.uau canaa a-*
'OrtMI? OlHi 'tJ?l? Of ' fi? IB M ? or I
nAikf* f tr*' . or tnat oo m (first
luor" *''u ?e*iirr*l <Mj . ??i f r?
? k' ot Ohasbis gu<
?4|r ?r*?nn,*n'? ?oi <3? n.i fl'pma apar
thr P?iun?i -4 lb/.in 1 -?
cr*-pnT* tor MSbtliiy * ? em?
?r??r ?nouc?? t?
WV-+- ,rtr *** h ,*t- **< '?? ??smsg
ind ir???im?Da
Swartiell. Rhee m &
Hessey C*.,
727 Fifteen Street Nortkwwl.
Piirtial Payment Plan
for the purchase of
Investment Securities
vivtdesds OS stocks.
ixterest ox bos ds
Liberty Bonds
723 Fifteenth St. Washington. d. C.
,\rir York Stork F. f.hw <ir Washington Stc"k Exckatg*
Sew loci' Cotton Exchange Ckteogo Board of Treat

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