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Rev. James Montgomery to
Officiate at Funeral
Wednesday Morning.
Fun?r?l servia*?? for Thou??? W.
Smith, who died Saturday, ?t th?
fsunHy residence. 1S6? Columbi? road
northwest, followins an Illness of
Plight's disease, will be held Wednes
days morning at 11 o'clock, at the Cal
vary Methodist Episcopal Church.
Fourteenth and Columbia road. Th?
Rev. James S. Montgomery will of
Smith wa? president of the Board
at Trade at one time, and was presi
tlent of the Eastern Dispensary and
Casualty Hospital. II? had also served
?? president of the East Washington
Cltlxens Association. At the time of
his death he w?a president of the T.
W. Smith L?umber Company.
? - H* was ? member of the Chamber
-af Commerce director of the East
Vf"U"hington Savings Panic, and ? for
mar president of the National Capital
Bank He wa? also an official of the
.Washington Ixaan and Trust Com?
?any Mr. Smith had served a? mayor
?f Arundel-on-the-Bay. ne?r Anna
polls. Md., for many years
Mr. Ss-tHli wns a member of the
Oldest Inhabitants' Association. In
lia? he joined the Maaonic order, af
filiating with the Benjamin ?. French
?*>$**- No. IS._
n??'t try '? fe?al yaair ea-??eleaee
?ay cheering ?he retaral?? ?aaldler?
? aal farsettla? ?a H7 T?ar laroaaae
fax. Aa laaraaaae tax evader haaa'f
aaaela ?a aay af ?he ataer pra-Cer
*, MC? ist.CD ?ROM I-AGE ONE.
be his last chance to address
Senate at this session he In
nd? te- say a ?rood many thing?.
Both Houses will stay in contin-?
uous session from 10 o'clock this'
morning until midnight or after Inj
aa ?ffort to put through a? much j
?f the important business as pos
sible. The task they face la almost;
-Mormountabie. but the leaders ?till
? ?ntert every effort to carry as much!
I pf the l?gislation as they can. so
"that the calling- of the extra ?*?-]
? ?ion may be postponed until late in
?the eummer. as desired bv the Presi
* d-nt.
rillbauter la Fallar?-.
?*me>age of the bill came at the end
af a long night of oratory which at
ttme,? ?cerned to dissipate the view of
Bepubllcmn leaders around midnight
(hat none of their members would fili
ci?--???* against the bill. Senator Ia
ra-lsltte, Wisconsin, spoke from 1 a.
m. to 4 ?. m. Senators Sherman, mi
ne?*?, and Franca?. Maryland, were
oiaUtnlng to follow him and the im
ntasaftion wa? growini: that this tno
rarl-tht conduct a little filibuster all;
their own.
The blow-off came at the conclusion
ft lja Follette's speech. Senator Pen-j
? ose arose and moved adjournment.
T'.ien* were seven Republicans and
i?t> Democrats in the Chamber at the
rim-. Senator sheppard. Texas, an-.
-.ounced that the viva voce vot? which
f s taken ?ras opposed to aUjourn
? ? Penro?.? demanded a roll call. :
>.fii*clo?ed lack of a quorum,
testas necessary for the Sergeant-'
?-Arms to go out into the early hours'
-anal with power of arrest, mobilizej
-?umcient absent Senator? to transact'
Fraaee Drap? Adere??.
Tins accomplished. Senator Sherman1
?poke briefly. Senator France aban-'
ata?ed hl? Intended address and after
-e\.-ral amendment.? had been de
feated, the bill was paysed without
? roll call. Many Rc-Mibllcans were
but too tired and sleepy to
SHc further about it.
The bill as passed empower? the
ecretary of the Treasury to fix the1
sterest rate on the notes.
After disposing of the loan bill thej
enate made the general deficiency!
Jill the order of business for Monday. '.
It carries the r?n/TO.onoo railroad ad
fnintstration appropriation, and IW.
r-.Onn for other purposes.
The Senate met at 1 o'clock yes
terday afternoon to eulogise the late
?eraator Hustings, of Wisconsin. The
?House simultaneously conducted mem
orial services for the late Representa
tive? Davidson, of Wisconsin, and
Borland. of Missouri.
Heepltal Bill Adapted.
- Finest hospital facilities obtainable
?'Ul be provided by the United States
tavarnment for the men and women
ho have become physically disabled
fa the ?enrice of their country during
?*? present war. If the Senate concurs
|r today's action of the House, which
adopted the conference report on the
?crrairaurtratkm hospital bill. The Sen
ate i? expected to adopt the report
This proposed legislation carries ap
~aprlatlon? aggregating *s.r?>i,ooo to !
able the Secretary of the Treas-!
ry, through the United States!
?ufclic Health Service, to immedl- ,
-tely care for discharged sick and
?Jiaabled soldier?, ??ilors and Ma
tinee, army ?nd navy nurses (mal??
?nd female), patients of the War
ftlsk Insurance Bureau, and other
?lasses of persons now entitled by
? Jaw to treatment by the Public
health Service. *
The bill as it ?tends now carries .
appropriations totalling IS.140.0??
lor acquisition and construction or
pew hosplt?ls in Cook County, III.;
Dawson Spring?, Ky.. Norfolk, Va.,
?? the Di?trlct of Columbia, and
?farine Hospital. NJitaten Island. N.
fr. The Cook County. III., project Is
the Hlnes Speedway Hospital, which
?cared in the recent Senate inquiry
fcto the W?r Department's failure
lo taxe over the pl?nt. The Secre
tary of the Treasury is authorised
lo reject any of these projects if :
his discretion it would best
jr-rc the interest? of the govern
tent to ?dopt other locations.
Previde? far Traulrra.
1 The War Department is authonx-W
fc transfer half a dosen camp hoe
ttsla. with the furniture and equip
ment, to the Secretary of the
freaaury, and the President is dl
fccted to transfer to the Treasury
t partroent any land? or building?
?esxrtr control of ?ny other govern?
p?nt department which may be
rliable for the uses of the Public
lalth Service.
1 The Public Health Service sub
mitted ?tattatic? to the House and
*n?te Public Building? committee?
?Jiowing that it would be called
f?a to treat 34.009 discharged men
-iiffartng from tub?rculos!? by the
end of the present year. In addition,
tiere will be thousands of other?
?uttering from other dtsea?*? and
disabilities due to wounds.
\ <?? will l?4 that peace aad ? ?-?
tary have ? kaller aaeaalag whea?
Taaa? receive ?oaar ????-???#- a?x receipt.
You will liad tla?t praee aad vie
tar? ?a?e a bailer aaeaaiag ?b-a
??p receive j??r a??- tax receipt.
Tora?Washington Boy Scouts working on dece .liions to be used at the Wardman i'ark Hotel
Tuesday night, when the Mardi Gras ball in the int rr*t of the Free-Milk-tor-France Fund occur?.
Bottom?Miss Virginia Eckles. who will sell tavors, and the live cow which will be on deck during
thit icsttvitv.
<T>\TTNUED ???? ??G.? ONE.
?m? will b* used for transportation
o? British colonial troops.
These arrangement-?*, which likewise
provide that the ships will ?- used
for the transportation of necessary
supplies to Germany, will be handed
the German delegate? ;.t Spa. March
?urrater V\ rlcom?- for Wilxoi.
?\.s the day of the grand finale
draws near. Pari.?, has an air of ex
pectancy, coupled with an attitude
of satisfaction that the nation's
rights will i>c protected and their
realization that G resident Wilson'?*
visit to France was not so much to
impress his ideals on unfruitful soil
or to assume dictatorial leadership at
the peace conference, but that he wasj
really actuated by the sincere de^re
to make peace permanent.
This bein:r th<? case, it is expected
the President on his return Ihtc will
receive an even mor?^ vociferous wel
come than the first time.
^"~ French Attltade Changes.
Former adversaries here of Pre*!-]
dent Wilson's ideas are now subjected
to Jibes from their political opponent
for having too successfully combated!
the league of nations whosp creation ?
they really desire. Marcel Sem.-at,
Socialist deputy and former minister, j
sometimes called. "The French Job j
Hedges," has a humorous editorial In]
IV He ure In which he says:
"When our diplomats sad. "Good ;
bye' to Wilson, they winked slyly, j
saying to themselves, ??? fellow, you
don't know what's awaiting you.' But |
'Old man Wilson' knew perfectly.
"Under the mask of a long, stiff ?
face he is as sly as an old monkey. ?
There was nothing mysterious for him!
in the manner in wh.ch our official j
circles regard him. He knows what
to think aJbout the origin of certain
American attacks.
"But here is the funniest part.
Those among us who have so long;
and so obstinately tried to undermine |
his influence at home, fear that they '
have succeeded too well.
Tura ef Event* Alarm?.
"The campaign against the society
of nations, which was inspired by
them, takes a turn which frighten.-?
"The idea of seeing America quit us.
Is worrying our good people all the
more as all financial debates prove
that there is safety only in vast inter
national co-operation.
"Separation from the United States j
would mean a certain catastrophe.
There was a sure method of remain
ing in intimate agreement, and that*
was to stick close to Wilson. Our:
close adhesion would have doubled his
strength. If his adversaries had seen ?
him adopted by the allies, particularly \
France, they never would have op-'
posed him. Instead, we have under
mined him. and today the results '
alarm us."
WILL BET $15,010
New Tork. March 2.?With the Ken
tucky Derby Ftill two months away.'
the followers of the horse? already
are taikin?; about the chance? of the'
vetiou? candidates even before the
entries have been closed.
Commander J. K. L. floss alread>
has backed his good 3-year-old geld
ing Billy Kelly for the trifling amount
? ?f J?.000 to beat Eternal, the colt !
which defeated him In the John R. ?
McLean Memorial Cup at Laurel last <
"That might be ? trood wager for
Captain Ross, or. on the other hand,
the man who Uacked Kternal might
have a good bet." remarked a layer
of odds yesterday, "but I'm ready to
lay S to 2 against the two of them
coupled. In other word?. I'll wager
I15.00O ajrainst 110.000 that neither
Eternal nor Billy Kelly somes flrst
In the Kentucky Derby."
Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.
London. March ;.-Aftar a lapse of
nearly five year*, college rowing has
been resumed at Cambridge with a
view to the resumption ?? early as
possible of the famous Oxford ?nd
Cambridge boat race.
Loeisville Get? Prteker McCabe.
Louisville, Ky.. March 2.? William
N'eal. arenerai manager of the Louis
ville American A.?*ociatlon club, today
announced the purchase of Tim Mc
i'abe. rliht-hand pitcher, from the St.
Lotti? American?. Mca-abe last veir
?a? with the ?alt Lake team of the
Taciflc Coast League
aV. 8. : ' ,-r.ii?
?X7 Kin. ? '
Alexandria. Va.. March 2.?Ronald
Thorp. 22 years old. unmarried, died
shortly after 11 o'clock this morn
ing- at the Alexandria Hospital a? a!
result of injuries sustained last'
Thursday morning when he sustain
ed a fall at the plant of the Virginia
Shipbuilding Corporation, where be
was employed.
The deceased at the time was
working- on the big freighter Gun
sten flail which was launched at
that place the same afternoon. He
?as a ?on of the late William Thorp.
The body wa? taken to hi? late
home. 606 South Patrick street, and
prepared for burial.
A rallv of the Holy Name Society!
?as held tonight in the Lyceum |
Hall was attended by a large gath-I
??ring of members of the order. Dur
ing the evening addresses wer?: de- j
livered by Rev. Father O'Hearn, of'
the Catholic University, and John,
Hadley Doyle, president of the |
Washington branch of that society,
and otheis. Afterwards there was
a smoker.
The Circuit Court for this city.
Judge S. O. Brent presiding, will con
vene at lo o'clock tomorrow morning,
when the docket will be called and
cases set for trial
Funeral services for William O
Tomlin, who died Friday afternoon at ;
the Alexandria Hospital as a result
of Injuries sustained bv being struck :
by an automobile, were held this after- j
noon at his late residence. 30? South '
Fairfax street, and conducted by Res-.
E. B. Jackson. D. D? pastor of the ?
First Baptist Church, and Rev. John
T,ee Allison. D. D.. pastor of the Sec
ond Presbyterian church. Pallbearers
were Isaac S. Oroves, F. F. Marbury.
W J. B. Duncan. Joseph S. dates. Kd
ward Knight and Charles Klein, the
last named two of Washington.
Archie E. Scott, infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. Archie Scott, of K1 South
Patrick street, died yesterday at his
parents' residence.
The moving picture entitled. "Thej
Victim." will be presented at 8
o'clock Monday night at th" Lyceum
Hall under the auspices of St.:
Mary?? Catholic Church.
During the present week many of
the fishermen of this city will leave
for the Tower Potomac to begin the
spring fishing. The men engaged
In this work number about 200.
A meeting of the executive com
mittee of the Red Cross will be
held at R o'clock Monday night In |
the rooms of the Chamber of Com
ity for the Jewish race were also pre
sented to the President. Resolutions
of the same congress urcing that the!
Peace Conference recocnize the hopes?
and historic claims of thr Jewish peo-;
pic in regard to Palestine were also'
These resolutions set forth that!
in ureordancc with the British gov-!
ernment's declaration of November!
2. 1917. endorsed by the allied gov-,
ertiments and the President of the;
Dnitcd States, a Jewish common
wealth should be established In j
Palestine. It is also ?et forth in
the resolutions that it is clearly un-]
deretood that In the establishment
of such commonwealth nothing shall
h?. done prejudical to the civil or
religious rights of existing non
Jewish communities In Palestine or
the rights of Jews In any other
Meetlaa- Pledge? 1 ossili.
The Zionists of the District re
affirmed the petitions of aims pre
sented to President Wilson earlier
in the afternoon at a mammoth mass
meeting held In the Central High
School Auditorium last night which
was attended by prominent mem
bers of Congrees, the diplomatic
corps and other officials.
Dr. Stephen 8. Wise wa? the ?
principal speaker at the meeting
Judge Julian W. Maek. president of ?
thry Zionist Organisation of America, ?
presided. , ^ ?
The District Zionists | reavowesj*
their wholehearted atrppairt of the
constitution end reaffirmed their
loyalty to the United Stat??. J
several cbanaie.? while cables quot
ing price** are being sent and before
an an?wer Is rtacelva d.
"The British marchant cannot
carry the load of war restrictions
on his back and expect to compete
with the keen Yankee traders who
are unrestricted."
Not only Is Britain threatened
with the loes of her coal trade by
the Industrial warfare, but unless
the most modern methods are in
stalad in Wales and other coal Held
districts. American cosi will stip
ulant the British in former exclu
sively British markets.
During the past week the question,
was raised in Parliament as to why ?
America was able to lay down coal \
to llalv. Spain and the Argentine'
cheaper I han the British. The answer i
was that the efHc?>ncy methods of
inininv which had already overcome
higher wage? In America wmild fur
ther oui-dlsiance the Brtti?h pro
ducers If the miners' wage demands
in Britain were ?ranted.
Debt lireavlag Kvery Day.
As regards Britain'.* Masucring |
deb?; and her increasing i-xpenditure ?
characterised in some quarters ??>
'?reckless." I>ord Inchcape ?aid:
"We have hern juggling in millions. I
drafting and splashing in millions,
until unhappily the government hasj
sot the habit.
"Our debt now is r..0i*0.08n.'?*l) pounds (
(?25.W0.ttjO.0OO) and is growing every
day. Behind that ligure stand? thc?
?rim specter of the vanishing of our j
foreign trade. Our industries are j
strangled by emergency taxation.)
They lack capital, and unemployment I
is growing every day."
While Ike ?nay ef ?eexapatloa
avind? tin the aaatch on the Rhine,
your Income tax will help aalnd up
the eo?t of getti?* there. Pay It to
prises without putting up a cent or
cuing to any expense. Think it over.
It is just a plain business proposition.
You cunt lose on It.
Any man or woman with a haJf
hour of spare time a day will find it
profitable to enroll as a member. This ?
may be done cutting out the entry j
blank from today's paper, filling it in
and mailing It to The Herald. Or
if you Mini It convenient, you can j
call in person at the office and enroll j
yourself, or just telephone Main ?300
an,I ask Tor the Salenmanshlp Club
Department, ?? any case you will at
once receive blank? for your use dur
ing the campaign, together with all
necessary information and instruc
I rienda Will Aid 1 ou.
You will timi the rest easy. As soon
ai your friend? know that you are out
io win they will rally to your support
by turning in their .subscription? to
The Herald IhrouKh you. It does not
coat them anything in addition to the
regular subscription price, but you
will have the benefit because every
subscription, long or ?-hort, counts for
a specified number of votes which will
be credited to you. Tour nomination
blank also carries with it a block of
1.000 vole--.
Send In the entry blank'at once with
your name. Thai will carry you to
The Salesmanship Club D*-rmrtment
Is on the second floor of The Herald
Building, and there will be some one
in charge from D o'clock in the morn
ing until 9 o'clock every evening.
All that section of Northwest
Washington east of Fourteenth
street and south of and includ
ing Florida avenue.
William H. Adam.?. 1.UW
Miss Mae Bache. 1,001)
C P.? Barrett. l.OW
Adolph Baumgarden. l.OOO
liants and Chfldrro
:or Over 30 Years
For Infants and Childrro
Mrs. Mamie Dawson Blackwell... 1.000
Norbert A- Broughton. 1,000
Jame? F. Brown. 1.000
Misa Rena Bryson. ?,???
Miau Marte Buckley.1,??? I
?. F. Cornwell. 1,00?
Mrs. Eidith (Yeditt. l.*>0
S. C. Curtt?. l.OOU,
Mrs. ?. ?. Dalley. l.OOO
Mr?. 8ev1Ha Puffin. 1.000
Joseph Edward?.,.1.000
Miss Gertrude Fowler.1*00
Harrv Frtedcnberg.1 000
L. Olle?. 1.000
Sidney Gl??er. 1.000
Dernard Glorlu?. 1,000
Mies Mae B. Hall. 1.000
Thomas F. Harrt?. 1.000
Mite Ida Mae Hill. 1.000
O. Frank Hopkins. 1.000
Mrs. Catherine Hughe?. 1.000
Mrs. R. Hurwitt. 1.000
Mie? Catherine P. Job?.1.0?)
Samuel Lichtman. 1,000
Francis A. McCann. 1.4BO
J. F. McCarter.l.OOO
James C. Marsh. l.OOO
C. C. Miller. 1.000
Lawrence D. Miller. 1,000
Mr?. Ida ONell. 1.000
Meldln Ottenberg. 1.000
C. B. Porter. 1.000
James Porter. 1,000
Mr?. Lura F. Richmond.1,000
Charles E. Redhead. 1,000
Leo I* Rinaldi.1,000
Mrs. E. M. Robl. 1.000
Ben Rosenberg. 1.000
Mr?. Josephine J. Seaton. 1.000
G. Shapiro. 1.000
A. Shulman. 1.000
Joseph Silvertone. 1.000
Alfred ? Smltji. 1.000
Leonard J. Sutherlln. 1.000
Ernest R. Taylor. 1.000
Mis? Katie M. Wei??. 1.000
Mrs. Helen Whltmore. 1.000
All that section of Northwest
Washington west of ?nd includ
ing Fourteenth street, south of
and including Euclid and Cal
vert streets and east of Rock
Andrew T. Bailey. 1.000
Joh ? W. Beek. 1,000
Michael J. Beldner. 3.000
M. L Burke. 1,000
Edward Burling, Jr. 1.000
Mr?. E. Byron. 1,000
John M. Cooper. 1,000
Bennett Craln. 1,000
Henry J. Darcey. 1.000
Ml?? Charlotte C. Duval. 1,000
Mr?. Halli? E. Dyott. 1.000
Charle? J. Evan?. 1.000
Mra. Clara Field. 1.000 !
Gertrude Friedman. 1.000 !
Miss Olivia Green. 1.000 ?
Clarence J. Holt. 1.000 j
Albert Hunter. 1.000
Miss Marguerite Jalley. 1.000 |
Mr?. Elisabeth Kiely. 1,000 1
Francis J. Latham. 1.000
Dan Leetch. 1.000
Clarence B. Lewi?. 1,000
Jeremiah J. Maher. 1,000
Beveridge Miller. 1.000
C. W. Myers. 1.000
George Nansen. 1.000
Craycroft Seho?eld. 1.000
Cecilia Smith. 1000
Ml?? May White. 1.000
Mis? Madeline Zapf. 1000
Max Zarin. 1000
DISTRia No. 3
All of the District of Colum
bia west of Rock Creek, includ
ing Georgetown, Wo odi e y
Park. Cleveland Park, Reno,
Tennallytown, Chevy Chase,
D. C.
George Belt . ?.000
Henrv F. Blosk. 10"0
Reuben A. Bogley. l.OOO
Jean Campfteld . 1.000
J. S. Carroll. 1.0??
l,ewl? Daw . 1000
Miss Florence Dixon. 1.000
Mrs. Marlon Drew. 1.000
Miss Harriet L. Ellworth. 1.000
Mrs. R. W. Hunt. 1.000
William C Looker. 1 000
K. R. Morgan... l."W
Vernon L. Parker. 1.000
Mrs. John Toole. L??"
Mrs. R. C. Yates. 1000
Mrs. W. A. Volkman. 1000
Harr>' Wakenight . Isffl
DISTRia No. 4
That section of Northwest
Washington north of Florida
avenue from North Capitol
street to Fourteenth street, and
north of Euclid and Calvert
streets from Fourteenth street
to Rock Creek, including Pet
worth, Brightwood, Saul's Ad
dition and Takoma Park.
Mrs. Charles L Bancroft. 1.000
L H. Bergman. 1.000
Miss Helen Carpenter. 1.000
E. V. Carr. 1.000
William Daly. 1.000;
Gustave Deliege. 1.000
Mrs. C. C. Furr. 1.000
Thomas S. Gafney. 1.000
Mrs. G. C. Grlswold. 1.000
John Howard Marshall. 1.000
William B. Payne. 1,000
Joseph L Ramisch. 1.000
R. H. Rollins. 1.000
Mrs. T. D. Seidle. 1.000
H. S. Smith. 1.000
J. W. Smith. 1.000
Mrs. Katherine Stringer. 1.000
George W. Walker. l.OOn
Mrs. L. E. Wan en. 1.000
Isaac M. Williams. 1.000
DISTRia No. 5
All of Southwest Washington.
Maurice Blascarr. 1,000
John E. Briggs. l.OOti
Jacob liruegger. 1,000
Mina Burke. l.ouo
Mrs. Bessie I!. Eckert.1.000
L. I"). Hansbrau.h. 1.000
Mrs. Edith G. Twlford.1,000
Mrs. P. E. Warren. 1,000
Mies E. William?. LOW
Mrs. Mary W let er. l.Ors)
Titan Ln?or ?t??f
reople of culture and refmcmr*::
>anabln TREFERJDei ties
to any other ciaarcUc
_____afk__\ ????
man Ltpftxr
DISTRia No. 6
AU of Southeast Washing
ton, including Anacostia and
Congress Heights.
Harry Bueeher . 1,000
Jame? Celem?n . 1.000
C Morgan Co-npher. 1.000
Adolphiis E. Constantin-. 1.000
John R. Crown. 1,000
Ever?rd C. De Atley. 1.000 j
Mrs. Mary Piegelmann. 1,000 '
Ml?? Anna Dujraj-. 1,000'
Mies Florence Dunne. 1,000
C. M. Eskrldge. 1.000!
-Mrs. May Hagan. 1.000 !
?ernard F. Hays. 1.000 ]
Raymond L Hays. 1.000 j
Samuel I.. Hoailton. 1.000 ?
W. C. James. 1 000
William We?ley Keeler. 1.000
Miss Alma Marcrron. 1.000
Henry A. M? lcher. 1.000
Howard V. Rapp.ild. 1,000
William K. Salsbory. 1.000
Douglas ?. Seele ?. 1.000
Mrs. Mille May Teairue. 1.000
A. C. Thompson. . 1.000
C. W. Tire . 1.000
J. l?. I'pperman. 1.000
W. G. Zerega. 1.000
DISTRia No. 7
That section of Northeast
Washington south of and in
cluding Florida avenue and
Benning road to Twentieth
street northeast.
Mis? B. Allison. 1.V0U
William J Holac. i."'?i
W. C. brody..... LOH
1'rancis W. Brown. l.'-i
Hlas Patty W. Cieecy. l,?.. >
Miss Wild? M. Daish.,.
Miss Klsle C Daniels....r. 1.000
Miss Nettle Dnary. I.i?o
Mis? Dorothy Dryer. I."1?
Walter B. Ford.MOO
Stii?rt 11. I a. Freed. ?,??
Mi.?s Phoelve M. Ueonre. l.taW
Mis? Florence Crave?. 1.000
Hsrold F liallock. 1 000
K. J. Ilerrgatler. 1 Ox
Heorge J. Iliilow. 1.000
Ml.?.? Ksther L? Jone?.1.1?
P.. C. LAkc. l.OuO
J. G. I.esoJi. l.<*->?
Mrs. Flisabeth Ixaf?trand.1.0m
T?. Michael. 1.'???
Mrs Ituth Neely. 1.?
<"harle? O'Donnell. 1." '
Mr?. Viola P&xiirett. l.(
Kdward H Perry. 1.'??
F. U. Roland_. l.OOu
Take a Glass of Salt* to Flush
Kidneys If Bladder
Bothers Yon.
Bating meat regularly eventually |
produces kidney trouble in spme ?
form or other, ?ays a well-known
authority, because the uric acid in!
meat excite? the kidneys, they bc
Ci.m*1 ovrworked; get sluggish;
clog up iind cause all sorti? of dis
trees, particularly backache and?
misery in the kidney region?
rheumatic twinges, severe head
aches, acfd stomach, constipation,
torpid liver, sleeplessness, bladder,
and urinary irritation. .
The moment your back hurts or
kidnove aren't acting right, or \f J
bladder bother? you, get aoout four
ounces of Jed Salts from any go???!
pharmuty ; take a tablespoon fui in
?i glas.?; of water before breakfast
for a few days and your kidney
will thon ?ft fine. This famous
salts is made from the a^'id of
grapes nnd lemon juice, combined
with lit hi?, and has been used for1
generation*1 to flush clogged kid- :
nf-vs and stimulate them to normal
activity: el-si1 to neutralize the acids
in the urine s<< it no longer irrit?t??.".
thus ending bladder disorder*.
?lad Salts cannot injure any one;
make.?, a delightful efferves'cn*
lithia-water drink which millions ?
men and women take now and then
to k**ep tho kidneys and urinary
origani *-lc*n. thus avoiding serious
kidney disease^?Adv.
CA? ^rs ?f Men's
3W Black and Ian
Button and Bl?cher
to $6.50 _
United Shoe Shop
435 7th St. N. W.
try made on the world in ?hipping
At the rate ?hips were built be
fore the war, it would require ?vi n
years to replace those sunk. Dur
ing 1918. more than s.000.000 tons
were built, at which rate It would
require five years.
The financial lo?? Il divided a
? Estimated mon.y Um of Vf?.W."*
! does nor repi.-s.crtt ?. tuai value of th?
I Shi!?.? This htur, ;il|ew * |.|?||G^??''
? cost ef ih-? shir? them?c!\<
[elishtly more than ?.OHO.?. ...
? plaasemcni cost of cargoes $1.500. ?.
I snd tt?., mid a liierter billions for l<
, earning po?< r
H?w I?... la .?.p?..?.
? The estimate ?lavs take* into con
'. eideration lo?t dividende for the ?liar??
: toldase*, taxes an<i cuBtum? reo G'?
? for
rovernments. in.urau-'?
sr?(res ane so forth
Ship vsliaa? 'ODO * I*?'.
(?rap sal-ies (jaOO . ton).
l*nspssrtT. nsone> lis?. in*u/svi 111? ? tosi'
EsrnlD? rsawer laT.Co * ton * mes'Ui
Total louse.??-, not including sr, ipa
merely demaged ?6,904,9?.2G2.
It I? interesting to note that while
Great Britain nattered most In total
tonnage sunk with 46.? per cent, N'or
P. J. Shanahan. .
ByI???ter M Smith. ! ???
afta? Bettie Steffen.
John M. Taylor.
Ralph Tolotta .
.Miss Rose Wnlsh. : r*v
OU? J. Ware.
Mr?. Myrtle Wood.
. s.
. MI8.5S?
t u-; ?
s: ss* :?> ?t
? ?t san
? .?MR.S:
'?Oles- ? h-a
?a ?? -
I 4Ela-,-.e
.a.,-- In.-, n,or?- ?,eavily m propotti-.p
with more then -V per e?:.t of her
i.hir?pifiK sunk. Denmark lost roc *
than a third. Spain about a quartei
miri Holland and Sweden both ' ?
||. I. Bercer. Clarendon. Va
?. ?- Ciomei. Wcsst La', ingston
Height.? ?,
Urn-old ?. Dunn. Takoma Perk
Md. - ' ?
G H. L Hew, ?herrs-dale Va ??
G. L Payne. Cherydale Va
DISTRia No. 8
AH of Northeast Washington
not included in District No. 7.
including Benning, Kenilworth,
Trinidad, Ivy City, Brookland,
Langdon and Woodridge.
DISTRia No. 10
All of Virginia (except th??
territory included in Diet rie?
No. 9): all of Maryland and ai!
other States and Territories.
William Asriuith . I.??'
' '. G r.-iker .
.1. K. Hill. I.0CH?
Mi?. V.o^c Minder. ? <>..
A. Ordey . I.?t? '
A. Ja> Keplocle . I.ia.i
Archibald Ta Inert.
Thomn> F Vaughn. L?*?
DISTRia No. 9
Alexandria City and Alexandria
Sanine' M. Anteil. Alexandria.
Vs .J.'??
v.. 1,. Hinnen, ?"lerendoii. Va M
Mi..? KliisuVth Bal! The Plain.
V? .
Ale?-. ? Briiton rtiev -y 1 has,
? ?
Ml. s Delia Fltlwater. Notte ?vi le
Isidotc GarshzoLn. Rivei
W. E. Uingell. lnendship
Height?. Md
Lawrence Herrell. Marshall. Va.
I ,.-i ov j. Mu-r,-. Ryan. Y?.
E ? tlsseiis AnisCOMui station
li Md
William J Moor?. Riveritale. M,l
li. B. Purk;-. l'oni'.in. V? .
G S Hodcei-s^ l'sls't, Y? *
f*rssd I. Tho-n..s. i'ulpeper. Va.
J. P. Vernini?? Ml Rallier ite
William A ?Setter*. Mt R
Mrt .
Now is the time to learn the
superior quality of good TEA
Far more refreshing?far more economical.
Ten times as many cups to the pound.
In air-tight tins only.
"Safe Tea First."
Crown,Bridge and ?
Plate Work
Expert Dentist
Velati Bldg.. 9th and G Street? N. W.
Hour, 9 ?. M to S P. M. Pboac Main 1711
As in every profession in which man
work?, he always ha* a specialty. My spe
cially is Crown. Bridge and Plate Werk.
In fact. I am willing to prove that my
work in this line compares equally with
that of this country's greater dentists. To get you acquainted |
with my prosthetic work. I am offering special price? on a per
manent denture, trred and proven to be the greatest and strongest
piale known to modern dentistry. Made of white ivory material,
the greatest substitute to CAMOUFLAGE FALSE 1????.

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