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Federal Employes Engage
Counsel to Protect Miss
Woods' Rights.
Said Present Rule in Russia
Was Better Than
??-???? in the courta will probably
nniow th* suspension of Mis? Alice
? aood?. Western High ichool teacher.
arar remarks upon BoUhevtsm, alleged
? to have been indiscreet.
This was disclosed last night, when a
J representative of th? Teacheres' Union
*?ppeared before tb? board of repre
sseti tat ives of tha Federal Employes'
-..on in Musicians' Hall and declar
s ed that counsel had been engaged
? with a view to protecting ber light?
' A portion of the alleged remarks
I-a-nich brought about a week's sus?
4 pension without pay was also dlsoloe
e.i A pupil brought up the question
?of tho present government In Russia
'during a discussion on current topics.
" Mis? Woods replied that "the present
j Soviet government was a better one
. for the people of Russia than the Im
perialistic government they had over
' ihro-vs-n."
After hearing the statement of
?apparenti? rig-in?, on
Nieta Strt-e*:
Hundreds of forestghted buyer?
are coming from every part of the
city and District to take advantage
??of the marvelous reduction sale of
?grousers now being held at Frled
?sagnder Bros. 428 Ninth St. N. W.
This up-to-the-minute Arn has
recently made a most fortunate
trousers purchase from the 8trau?s
Meg. Co., nf Baltimore, at prices
rldfculouely low?and are offering
them t>? the public at but a very
.?light advance.
?the entire purchase has been ??
? \ided a? follows:
e ?.ot No. 1. your choice of hun
dred? of trousers formerly sold up
to IT 00. st ? IS s pair; lot No. 2, your
ho!'-e nf sll trousers formerly sold
?up to ?5 so, for 13.98 a pair. Lot
No. 3. your choice of hundreds of
trou?ers formerly selling for 87.00
at 84.M a pair; lot No. 4, your
choice of all 88.40 trousers at 38.00
a pair.
There are hundreds of styles and
.pstterns to select from, and In qual
ity and workmanship these trousers
le*v? nothing to be desired.
-Tou II be well rewarded If you
hsrry down to F*rledlander Bros 428
Ninth St. N. XV.. and find your ?lie
b??r.?re the beet are sold?for at
Jlir?e prices they ar? going Ilk? bot
?rauies. ?Adv.
the teachers, the board passed the
following reeolution:
"Wfcereaa, Teachers in the High
schools have received an order from
the superintendent of schools pro
hibiting discussion in the class room
of tha league of nationa and Bolshe
vism, and one teacher haa been sus
pended because, according to an offi
cial letter from the superintendent,
of her "handling of economic ques
tions, and has been admonished
against "touchins upon Bolshevism
and similar heresies;" and
"Whereas. This action appears to
have been taken without according
to the teaaher in question the rights
to which she is entitled, and appar
ently in violation of the board's
regular procedure; therefore be It
"Resolved. That we protest
?isreinst the curtailment by the
school authorities of free discus
sion of current questions in the
public schools, In the interests of
proper education of the pupils and
of the principle of free speech; and
"Reeolved further. That we call
upon the Board of Education to
publish the names of the board
members who voted for the suspen
sion o fthe teacher referred to.*'
eSMMNB rmoH pao? on*.
inala, spies and enemy agents who,
Ir. the view of th? Attorney Gen
eral, ought not to be permitted
under any circumstances, to remain
tn this country after the declara
tion of peace.
?..dltlon Wast Stop.
"Any one who is counting upon
being able to advocate ledltlon tn
this country with impunity after the
expiration o fthe espionage act will
be sadly mistaken." said Attorney
General Palmer. "I am not y?t
ready to say whether I shall urge
the re-enactment of part of the
espionage act or aome other form
of legislation. But the Department
of Justice will do Its utmoat to
bring about the passage of V law
to deal with the situation. The se
ditious work of the I. W. W. and
Bolsheviki will be throttled."
There are now confined in the
army Interment camps approximate
ly 4,000 persons?mostly all of whom
are men. Of this number. 1,000 are
merchant seamen with the exception
of forty-eight members of the Sani
tary Personnel from Tslng Tau.
The remaining 2.000are persona who
have been interned by order of
the Attorney General as dangerous
alien enemies.
Half Million Rubles
For Russ War Victims
Citizens of Tomsk, Siberia, have or
ganised committees for assistance of
war sufferers, and In two days have
subscribed contributions ?f G??,???
rubles, according to Siberian advlcea
reaching the State Department.
Newspapers at Tomsk are quoted as
expressing gratitude to the allies far
the service rendered by the Inter
allied commission which Is supervis
ing th? Siberian railway system.
Taxi Ci-aike* Into Pole.
Breaking of th? steering gear nn
a taxi-cab driven by Joseph F. Mad
igen. 652 Morris street northeast,
caused the driver to lose control of
the machine, which crashed Into an
electric light pole at Sixteenth and
Buchanan streets. A. C. Wiley, a
passenger on the taxi, was slightly
Saturday Bargains
Trunks and
Leather Goods
A careful going over of our stock of Trunks and Leather
Goods enables us to offer certain lines at specially reduced
prices. We need the room for new arrivals.
Wardrobe Trunks
?of well-known makes, strongly made, combining all the ideal
requirements essential to travel comfort. Values up to $50.
Special reduced prices, to close out this line, F*??- t0 ?IMC
Steamer Trunks
A three-ply fiber-covered Steamer Trunk, round (in ??
corners. Regular $15 value; special at. iplU?UU
A better grade, three-ply birchwood, fiber covered, lined,
drav-a? bolt?, Vale locks; all rivets in hardware. A vtlC "7?
?28 value; at the very special price of.?. ? 10? I 0
?any ?izc or make in this specially reduced assort- F?O AA
ment. Full $30 values, at. ?PaCUaUU
Regulation Army Lockers
Fiber-tray and fiber-lined rivcted-on fiber and hardware.
A limited number left over from a large government (1? ??
contract. Real $13 value, at special price of. f??/.Ulo*
A Dress Trunk Special
A 36-inch, three-ply covered and hard fiber-lined Dress
ink. All rivets in hardware; draw bolts
locks. Big value at $30; special, to close
Trunk. All rivets in hardware; draw bolts and Yale ?tOI G ?
Attention! Lawyers, Students, Et Al.
lave an unusual showing of leather BRIEF CASES
d at specially re '
See and Buy them here
all marked at specially reduced prices, dag ?? to F ? AA
Lidie? Fitted Bags ?nd Sait C?*? at 10 : Discount.
Suit Caie. Solid Leather Cernen, Bolts and
Strap?, while they Isst.\..
1219 F Street Northwest
Rips Roofs Oft Houses,
Breaks Down Tree? and
Scatters Debris.
Ripping roofa o.T houses, breaking
ilown trees and scattering* debris
over the city, a fifty mile gale tore
over Washington yeaterday. leaving
us wondering if the almanac wa
right about spring.
At Tenth str??t ?nd New Tork
avenue, the wind roae to such a
height that It pushed a small auto
mobile from Its course and caused
a collision.
In Potomac Park the weeping wil
lows presented a pathetic after-the
atorm picture. Several were blown
down, their branches trailing Into
th? water.
And although the weath? r man de
clared two day? ago that today would
be fair and warmer, he lias changed
I his prediction to "fair and not so
I The observatory annotates yeater
day'? winds as folla??: A gale start
led In North Carolina yesterday morn
ing; it ?wept north, gaining greatly
In intensity on the Journey; It is
scheduled to end up In New England
I today.
rar. iimuli- blrbsd.
a. 8 riinlpfcsn
T7I ? Ina sirs?.
Alexandria, Va., March ?.-The
trial of William M. Ochlert, charged
with shooting and killing I.inwood
Kldwell, which occurred November 12.
191S, la scheduled to begin at 10 o'clock
Monday morning In the Corporation
Court, Judge R. H. U Chlchester.
Frederlcksburg, Vs., presiding. A ve
nire of fifty-six talesmen has been
summoned from which to select a
Jury of twelve. Th? accused will be
represented bv Attorney Edmund
Burke, and the prosecution will be
conducted by Commonwealth'? At
torney Howard W. Smith
: J. a. Hlden. Culpcper, Va., denle?
I thst he will be a candidate for the
? D?mocratie nomination for Congress
from the Eighth Congressional DIs
I trict in the primary which will be
j held April 23 to elect a suocesor to
! Repr?sentative Charles C. Carlln. who
recently resigned. Thus far R. Wal
ton Moore, of Fairfax County, I? the
'only one who has filed notice of hi?
candidacy with Gardner L. Boothe.
?this city, chairman of the Eighth dis
trict congressional committee.
Miss Emmalln? Brown, daughter
of th? late Richard and Emily
Brown, died Thursday afternooh at
her residence. 204 Franklin street.
Three sisters are living, Mrs. Ar
thur Nails, Mrs. Edgar l'ayne and
Mr?. William Nails. Her funeral
will take place ?t 3 o'etock 8unday
afternoon from her late residence.
Clarence Makely, 35 years old. of
Sw?tman. Fairfax County, died Fri
day morning at the Alexandria Hos
pital where he hod been a patient
j for several days. The body wa?
taken to Wheatley's mortuary
chapel and prepared for burial. It
will be sent to his lata* home.
Announcement la made by the local
chapter of the Red Cross that the
drive for clothing for the relief or
the war sufferers of Europe will be
I continued until Monday night. All
person? are urged to bring discarded
garments between now and Monday
Rev. John Lee Allison. L). D.. pastor
of the Second Presbyterian Church,
will speak before the Marines at Quan
tico, Sunday afternoon and evening.
Sunday morning he will occupy his
pulpit In the Second Presbyterian
tion of the peoples and though the
first steps on thia doad must hit upon
all sorts of obstacles, they will, never
theless, bring us nearer to the goal.
"We shall endeavor, with the aid
of public opinion to remove the
objectionable features from the
covenant. Taken as a whole the
draft has, I must state with regret,
a character more oligarchic than
"The executive council has such
a predominant position that there
can scarcely be any question of re
sponsibility. This fact, however,
would hardly pevent Germany from
entering a league of nations, for
the victorious might of democratic
Ideas will assert itself in the
league as it asserted itself in th?
nations which now reserve for
themselves the decisive influence
and therewith the direction of the
Two Wllsoa Folata Missina.
"I cannot admit that, from the
standpoint of international law, Ger
many's sovereignty over her colonies
has ceased to exist. Until peace 1s
concluded, it Is only a question of
the right of occupation.
"The manner in which thus far
possessions of ermany and Turkey
have been awarded to various powers
looks more like a distribution of the
spoils of war among happy conquer
ors than like the generous and Just
adjustment of the colonial problems
as advocated by President Wilson.
"The question of the freedom of
the seas has been entirely ignored.
and that the question of freedom of
commerce is really touched upon only
In points whero exceptions from ?uch
freedom are deemed necessary.
"There are lacking In the covenant,
therefore, two important points of
th? Wilsqnian program.
"If In the questions of world com
merce and colonies we are to be
treated as a pariah; If the treaty of
peace which our adversaries will sub
mit to? us contains terms conflicting
with President Wilson's basic princi
ple?, then let the world know thi??
the German nation will not cease pro
testing against such Injustice Inflict
ed upon It
"We shall, therefore, be able to rest
on the fact that In the beginning of
last November, when Germany ac
cepted the armistice terms, a contract
between Germany and her advrsaries
regarding the basic principles of peace
was effected through the good offices
of the American government."
Robins Appear?Then Snow.
Albany. N. Y? March 28.?Gover
nor Smith officially proclaimed the
arrival of spring yesterday when
two robins appeared before the ex
ecutive mansion. With six inrhes of
snow on the ground this morning.
the governor opined he might have
been in error. |
Lieut. Osgood Resumes Flight
After Fall Ntm Baltimore.
Lieut Jama* Osgood, army aviator,
resumed bis flight tu Bolline Field
from a Asid nesr Baltimore vesterday
after narrowly escaping death in the
storm Thursday night, when his mo
tor ?topped as he was flying from
Washington. On striking the earth
hia machine turned over and he was
ptnnad underneath.
Only pluck and a oool nerve made
hla eacape possible. He crawled out
from the wreckage unassisted and
managed to reach a neighboring farm
house where his wound? were dresa
Congressman Focht De
clares This Quality Will
Save the Nation.
Patriotism and the common sense
of the American people will ?ave
America for Americans and for the
world, said Repr?sentative Benjamin
A. Focht last night before 300 mem
bers of the Pennsylvania Society at
a meeting tn the Thomson School, I.
and Twelfth ?treet? northwest.
"There has been so much talk of
democracy." declared Representative
Focht, "that the pendulum ha? swung
too far, but it will ?wing back and
th? people of America with their
wealth of common ?enee will recog
nise that the only authority comes
from law.
Want I roes?? Withdraw?.
"Let the people in Europe work out
their own affairs.' I adveooate that
the troops be brought home and the
American people take up the task
of their own readjustment. We have
won the gratitude of the world by
giving our money and man power to
- ?ve France and Fnglsnd from sub
Mrs. .- E. Frltchman. chairman of
tho entertainment committee, had
charge of tho arrangements of the fol
lowing program: Vocal solo, by Mis?
Gertrude Mlsel. accompanied by Mies
Isabelle Alexander; violin ?olo?, Prof.
Jame? Fix, of Reading, Pa.; recita
tions. Ml?? Merlam Uytle, of Philadel
phia, Pa.; vocal ?olo by Mr*. William
J. Isatinici-, accompanied by Prof. Ful
ton B. Karr; piano ?olo? by Prof. Ful-1
ton B. Karr. The ?ong. "Old Pennsyl
vania of Mine," waa sung by Miss
Lillian Spots?. Miss Isora Blngamau
wa? her accompanist. Dancing follow
ed the program.
Col. Samuel R. struttili, prealdent ofj
the society, presided. Edwin A. Nie??
?erved a? secretary. The following
candidate? were elected to member
ship: Honorable Benjamin K. Focht,
Miss Florence D. Bass, Jame? Elliott.
Anna I. Fisher and Ml? Mary Sham
Women of That State May Here
after Vote for President.
St. Louis. Mo, March 28.?Delegates
to the National Woman Suffrage con
vention tonight held a celebration
over the pusage today by the Mts
isouri senate of th? Presidential suf
frage bill. The association sent a
mess-age of appreciation to the Mis
souri legislature. Suffrage buttons
bearing the words "I am a voter"
were given to all Missouri women in
attendance. Missouri was the twen
ty-sixth Mtate to grani women a
vote for President.
? Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, pres
ident of the National Association, to
day was named temporary chairman
of the newly formed league of Wom
en Voters.
Noted Hampton Roads Organiza
tion to Be at Central High.
The Naval Glee Club of the naval
training station at Hampton Roads.
Va., will give two concert? in Cen
tral High School tomorrow at 2:S0
and at 3:45 o'clock.
Thi? company of thirty-seven
Bailor lads is Juet compi V I *? two
weeks' tour of the principal cltle?
and naval stations along the East
ern coast.
Th? club Is ?aid to be one of the
best musical organisation? develop
ed by enlisted men during the war.
Jerome A. Swlneford will direct the
Woman Reports Theft
Of $500 Diamond Pin
? sunburst diamond pin, valued
at 1500, was reported by Miss Mary
Kearney. 2821 O street northwest,
to have been stolen from her resi
dence yeeterday. The pin Is de
scribed as having five small dia
mond?, surrounding a large one. A
colored woman I? suspected
Former Speaker Seems
Strongest Candidate for
House Minority Leader.
Opposition to the plan of the Demo
crats in the House for making Champ
Clark the minority leader of th*
Pixtv-sixth Congress is about to col
lapse through the failure of Influential
members to give It any encourage?
Investi?atlon Into the ?o-eallri.
"Democratic reorganisation commit
tee" made by Clark ?ui.portars and
House members who hav? thua far
remained neutral In th? flght haa di?
dosed that instead of eighty being In
the movo, there are about a round two
dosen, or Iosa than one-?lghth ?f the
liemoeratle strength In tho lower body
of the next Congress
Meveaaen? l.ar?? Nnpport.
The blggeat ?tumbling block that
the anti-Clark men have encounter
ed thu? far 1? the refusal of any
rrominent Democrats In th? House
organization to oppoa? Mr. Clark.
It now develop? that Claude Klteh
In, who haa been chairman of the
Way? and Means Committee and
floor leader for aererai terma, G
approached with th? requeat that
he lead the fight. H? declined flat
ly and declared that he wa? for
Mr. Clark.
After thi? rebuff, Repreasntatlv?
Oalllvan. of Maasachuaetts, and Rep
resentative F?rri?, of Oklahoma,
were approached. Mr. Galllvan cut
?hort the overture? by declaring h?
Intended to m?ke a ?peech ??cond
lng the nomination of Clark a? th?
Democratic leader In the HoU?e.
The anti-Clark le?der? then pinned
their faith on Mr. Ferri?. In fact ?o
confident were the Democrat? that he
would lead them thero wa? con?lder
able loose talk concerning It ayound
the Capitol before Ferris was even
approached. Thi? third hope of th?
anti-Clark forces faded immediately,
when Representative Ferris, who had
heard of It, told ?omo of the Clark
opponents he proposed to support th?
former ?peaker to the best of his abil
ity and that the Oklahoma delegation,
with possibly one exception, would do
The guiding spirit in the movement
to unhor?? Clark Is Representative
Sander?, of Louisiana He, the Clark
leaders maintain, ?tarted the reorgan
isation plan with an eye to 1W>. when |
he hopes to land the Democratic nom
ination for the Senate.
After investigation of the ?cope and
?trength of the opposition to ?Tiamp
Clark, his friend? have ?dvleed him
lo i>?y no attention to the flght and
make no answers to the attacks be
ing made upon him. and Mr. Clark
Is Inclined to follow their counsel.
The flat deolarstlon of the former
Sneaker that he favored the enact
ment of a league of'nation? covenant
took away one of the ?trong arm?
upon which hi? opposition counted
upon leaning. ?
Attorneys for Mrs. Nicholson Don't
Approve Double Trial.
Protest against Major Pullman"?
ruling in the case of Otis W. Melvin.
charged with assault and battery by
Mr?. Augusta Ruby Nicholson, ha?
been made by Mr?. Nicholson's attor
ney a
MaJ. Pullman ruled that Oltioer Mel
vin could not be brought before the
police trial board until he had been
tried and convicted In the Police
In a letter to MaJ. Pullman, Mr?.
Nicholson's attcrneys declared that
?Ince the Police Court and police trial
board are two ?eparate tribunals, the
decision of one is not binding on the
$3,000 Liceo???Town Dry.
Ablnrton, Maes.. March 38.?Thi?
town voted "wet" but the selectmen
are asking a fee of 13,000 for a
liquor license, good for two month?.
No signs of a ?aloon yet.
Efp for Fertilizer.
Albany. N. T.. March 3S?High
cost of eggs going up. A Kenwood
farmer used 1.300 doten eggs for
Pile? Cured In ? ?a ? ? Day?.
Dnitttstj r?fund moo?*? if Pito OINTMINf
fails to cure Itching. Blind. Ble-Mira or ??tt>
tmriT?Di riles. Stop? Irritation; Soothae a
He?]?. Tou ran art restful sleep ?fier les fin?
application. Pries **0c?Ad?.
The most important thing: on
oarth. More predone than all the
wealth of the world ie your eye
An experience covering many
years of eye examinations and fit
ting of grasses; not only experience
but years of scientific study of the
Klttinjr uiiimmrm for Aftern *< ur*.
?. r ? il ?? ut.? Opto m et rimi,
43$ Ninth Ht. N. W.
Oppoalte Crandall'a.
You have few more valuable assets than
your time and that is one reason why Union
Trust Company service will be particularly val
uable to you in the handling ot your banking
Our modern equipment and methods en
able speed to be a chief feature ot our service,
without sacrificing accuracy or any other detail
of satis factory attention.
We invite small as well as large accounts.
**???????4|?| |
Cor. 15tu and
; H Sts Northwest
Chicago Labor Party Members Alio
Want Troop? Withdrawn.
Chiosco, March ?*?A demand that
the United States government recog
nise the t?nine-Trotsky Soviet ?ov
eroment of Russia was made by th*
e*ecutlve committee of the new Chi
cago Loabor party today.
The party official? asked that troop
he withdrawn from Russia a? phys
ical condition? permitted ?nd be fol
lowed Immediately by establishment
of commercial relations with Ruasis.
?'Wo further aak that diplomatic
and other accredited agent? of the
(soviet government be received " said
the resolution.
John Barrett Declares Peo
ple of U. S. Make Mis
take in Thinking So.
"Don't lump th? South Amerlcsn
nation? together and label them all
"Hpanl?h ?pt-rlca." John Barrett,
director of th? Pan American Union,
?aid In his Isrturs explaining l'an
America and Pan Americanise"
given st ths United Servie? Club
last nls-ht
Mr tlsrrett declared that tbe
people of th? United States mavdi- *
grest mlatak? In refusing to rec
ornlge the Individual natlonallM*?
of the South and Central American
State?. Latin Amarice, he said, I?
composed of aa many and varied
different people as the nations of
10 u rope.
"Th? people of Brasil, the major
ity of whom speak Portuguese, ob
ject to being called Spaniards." he
?aid, "as much aa you or I would ob
ject to being called English or
partment to furnish the Senate with
Col. Ansell? reply.
Advocates of reform? In the arms
court-martial system pointed out thai
the controversy ultimately must bs
decided by the public. The people,
they ?aid. canot form an Intelligent
opinion without full knowledge of both
soldes. The differences of opinion ir
the final nn.-ilysis come down to the
views held by Gen. Crowder and Col.
Gen. Crowder was invited by Oc
rttary Baker to make his report, ano
It Was made public. Now Col. An
sell's contentions are withheld fron*
the public It is complained.
On the Limited Rail??.?
New Tork, March 21-?Mrs. Ann
Rogers, 111 on the subway, whisper
ed to a woman passenger. Ph?
whispered to the conductor who in
turn whispered to "men passen
gers." They cleared out. Both
mother end hshy arc doing nicely.
"The Standard tht World Over*'
Walk-Over Ideals
?bring WALK-ON ?? model? in Men's Spring Shoes
dose to ihe pinnacle of abwlute perfection.
We iDvite you drewy men to miestigate the
originality as expressed in WALK-0\T.R modeU
each one of which assures Its wearer? of comfort
and ?tyle correctne?t
Walk-Over ShoeShop
929 F StreetS. Wm
Mr. and Mrs. Gilliland Are
Showered with Presents
and Good Wishes.
Relative? and friend? of Mr. and
I Mrs. George A. Gilliland. (K Eleventh
I street northeast, last nicht showered
the couple with gold presents and
I Kood wishes on the fiftieth anntver
' sary of their wedding*.
The couple were married in Ohio
' on March It. IMF. and came to Wash
ington In 17?0. They have four chil
, siren living: George W. Gilliland.
, Mrs. Florelne Hanen. Mrs Viator
'! Hurley and Mrs. Bert Robertson Re
';.eiv-tng with the couple last nteht
twere their daughters and their grand
? daughters.
1 Among the KUeets were:
' Rev. and Mr?. Edward Hayes. Mies
Elisabeth Hayes. Mr. and Mrs. Will
1 iam H. Gotthardt. Mr. and Mr?. WIU
j lam Scott. Mr. and Mr?. Walter Neil
j s ,n. John Hart Jesse Prtoctor. Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Jeter. Mr?. Fpvnces
Isunnington. Mr and Mr?. F X
Long. Mr. and Mrs. McKay Mr. and
Mrs Powell. Mr. and Mr?. Alo-zan
der Toeh. Mis? Katherine Breads*.
I'corgi- Coleman. Holmes Gordon.
Mr. and Mr?. William Gibson. Mrs. ?
Sweerlngen. Mr. and Mr? William
Hefflek and son. Mr. aod Mr?. Vin
cent Cuaack. Mr. and*Mr? Blakne*.
Mr. and Mra George Hoa-ara Mr
and Mra William Beali. Ml?? Netti?
Robertson. Mr. and Mra. Alexander
?"rasier. Mr. aad Mra. Andrea (amp
bell. Mr and Mra. Joseph Inldaij
Mr. and Mr?. Kenneth Harnaoi.
Adam Kicker and Mlaa Elisabeth
Pittibarghert to Meet
In Fight on H. C. of L
Pittsburgh. Pa . March ?.?The cor
?tantly Increasing coat of butter la
too much for the reaident? of th*
many Pittsburgh auburbe. who have
lasued a call for a maaa meeting
Monday night In which ?ten? will b>
taken to bring the matter before the
ederal government.
A nation-wide boycott Is being plan
ned Nearly MO ?omen are the the
head of the movement.
Norwegian Ship Sink?
On Coast of Delaware
Philadelphia. March :t?The Jos
J. Cuneo, a Norwegian tramp steam
er, sank near ewe?. Del.. In ?n
eighty-mile gale which damaged
alnpping along the Atlantic coast
Th? tug Augustine I? aground
nearby, but ia not ?inking. N<>
lives have been reported lo?t. owlni-*
lo the efficient work of the coan
Celda ? aa?e Heedarkea aad rala,
rissila? Baadari?*? and bodj paiaa aa ml 1 fm?
? raid an ??ttt ratrrr? t? tskia? I. AX AT: ? g
? ROMO Ql IKIST. TaMru There? oall oa?
"Bnssso Qt*tt?r.- K W. GBOVC-8 ???t???a??*?
en tb#* bes ?- Ac?
Store Hoars: Open 9:15 ?. M.: Gote 6 P. M.
A Specially Planned Sale for Today of
Springtime Wearables for Girls
Saturday is the day we make special efforts in the children's behalf and arrange many at
tractive special offerings which cannot fail to interest thrifty mothers who appreciate the oppor
tunity to outfit their children at money-saving prices. Smart, new styles for every age of child
hood?beautiful dresses, coats and hats are ready for your choosing today.
Stylish White Dresse?, for girls from 6 to 16
years of age. Fine quality batiste, voile aa-d
organdy, beautifully trimmed with Val. lace and
insertions and tucks; also plainer models with
satin ribbon sashes. Priced at?
$4.98 to $15.98.
Girls' Coats, of fine quality materials, stylish
models, of poplin serge, checks and taffeta*. All
the very newest and mott popular colors for the
little miss from 1 to 8 years of age. Stylish col
lars and belted effects. Well tailored aod fin
ished. Priced at ?
$5.98 to $19.50.
? ht:.:r. ?. - S.riiT Hat?? of
hemp, milan and panama. In
white, black, Copenhagen, roae
and tan. With bande and ribbon
streamers. Priced
at $i.eo te.
Ita h t* nomarla, of mull and or
gandy, lace and ribbon trimmed
effect p. alao new shirred models.
In a large assortment of iti Qw
styles. Priced at 5*e to. . ??1-?**70
Little Tets' Sweaters, alle-?"
model, all wool. In stylish link
and link stitch: made with lone
?leeve? and roll collar?. ?0 QC
In buff, coral and blue. .. ?po.?KJ
?ilrls -*iew Klip?sa ?,.,?,, ?.
All wool; long sleeve? and roll
rollar model?, finished with belt:
In coral and turquoise F? Oft
blue .?P-4.?O
r.eldrakerc'?? Thirst Fleer.
Oleaba?? Dresses. In pretty
rieide and ?tripes: made with
?tylieh white collars and cuff?:
new belted and pocket model?
Bise? ? to It year?. Priced 9A Qs.
at ISJs te .?yt.VC
I ato? rases loo te ,r Janvier Preavso ?.
of fino? quality gingham?, in
plaid? and plain color?. Whit?
pique collar? and cuff?, new
pocket? and full skirts; sise? 14
and K. >ear?. Priced at ?r ??
?4.4? fe . ?psJ.?W
Splendidly Ready to Outfit the Boy
in His New Easter Clothes
You will be proud of your boy's appearance on Palm Sunday and Easter if you ?elect his new
Spring togs here, and you will experience the added satisfaction of knowing that you have secured
the maximum of style, quality and value for the money expended. New Spring Ime. include ?art),
tailored suits for boys from 7 to 18 years old. jaunty Spring reefers and topcoaU and r-foo^ookm?
wash suits for the little chaps. ?w^w"'1?1?
$14.75 and S15 Serge Suits?Special at $12.75
The best .???e suit value in town. Smart-looking wit, of guaranteed all-wool hne twilled Spring
weight serge, m fas shade of true navy blue; perfect aniline dyed fabnes. Coat with beh and
waistline seam in form-fitting model. Sizes 7 to 17 years.
Bar?' aad Children'? Itraw
Hat?, in blue, black, brown and
bleached. All with leather inner
band?. Large and small ?hapes
suitable for boys and children
from 2 to 8 years or J1 qu
age .
Javrnlle Mfetj all models with
?hort straight knee pants; of
fancy cassimere and ?pring
weight fabril??. Light, medium
and dark coloring?, of fancy
mixtures. Site? 3 to ? dM ???
year? of ag*e.?*?--'?
-Third t leer.
Beys' aerina Welght Reefers,
of navy blue pure worated ?erge;
made with emblem on sleeve and
double breasted; lined with al
paca. Bite? 2>4 to t ?QQC
years of age.??:>.**?
Heys' Matts, of ?pring weight
cassimere. in fancy pa'.tern? and
mixture?. Light, medium and
dark coloring?. Rlash pocket
belted coat? and full lined knlck
erbocker pants; else? 7 9" Oft
to 17 rear?.f?.??
Boy-?? -Rash Sana, 0f white
? nd colored washable materials;
all with short straight knee
pant?; this season'? moot papu
lar model?; sises S to ? vaino
Worth lt.lt to ??! ??*
Hey?' Cl-essptea traveeetle
???* Skess.riareef ( erdarey Kalte
Norfolk models with full lined
knickerbocksr pant? Belted
coats with flash and patch pock
ets. Rich dark brown ?had. of
narrow welt corduroy.
Sises t to 17 years .
Hey?' *M esel < eooaol as err I>reav?
Kelts, light, medium snd celor
ing?. in fray?, tan?, brown?, ox
ford and nlive mixture?; form
fitting, skirted and waist lino
belted and conservative mo-del,
Alpaca lined. Full eeated. fn
?haved and lined knlrkerbiock?
pants. Tsllorcd in the lo??t po
sible manner l-in? 7 (IQ 7",
to it year..wlV.iO

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