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Th?? Wa?hinrton Herald Company,
S-.l_7-.--9 Eleventh Street. Phone Mam 330c
-INTON T. BRAINARD.President and Publisher
New York. Tribune Building; Chicar-, Tribune ^.?ldlng; 3L Louis,
ird National Bank Building; Detro.t, SOrd Building.
Dally aad s -idav 40 cent? per month; I? ? ? |>er year.
. - ' 1 ?? to cesta ??
cast, per month: I a. So per year
Dally and Sunday, to cenu per month; ?6.00 pur year. Dally only,
oath; Ut
-ntersd at the postofflce at Washington. D. C. as second-claaa mall
After Three Centuries.
Putrir? and the other l?adecs of the adventurous armies ot Spain
tk from South America and Mexico in three centuries bullion, gold
d iihrer, whose money value has been estimated at $5,000,000,000.
?? of this wealth went to Spain, and for a time made her the
hest nation in the world. But Spain did not keep it. Gradually it
is distributed, and at last Spain was almost poverty stricken.
That was wealth taken from the mines of Mexico and South
?nerica. Probably the natives of the countries from which this
?alth was secured would not have withdrawn from the mines, even
three centuries, an amount of wealth equivalent to that which the
an:s_ took.
W'itWn two v-ear? and one month some of the nations across the
a, in fact almost all of the nations which in due time took from
?ai ? the wealth which South America brought to her, have estab
Aed a trade debt in the United States somewhat in excess of
.jp,ooo,ooo,ooo. That is double the amount in wealth which Spain
ok from South America and Mexico.
The Western hemisphere bas now got it back, for the wealth of
e nations across the sea, much of it secured ?it the expense of
Tain, has made it possible to build up industrie-, command world
ade, and to cultivate prosperity. These things arc now reflected in
?e purchase in the United States in two years' time of commodities
hich are in excess of the commodities we bought from other coun
tes by $io,ooo^)oo,ooc
Ultimately this debt will be paid. By and by it will serve as a
source whereby more and more the South American nations will
ii!d up great trade with the United States. In that remote way
outh America will regain some part of the treasure which she lost
hen Spain was ravagine her countries.
It is an old say.r_ that in the _nife.'.States there are only three
.nerations between "shirt sleeves and shirt s1.ti.v_: That is to say
?at great fortune* are in many cases scattered before -th?. 'hird gen
-ation comes. ?s?_.?.- .
Tt has taken more than three centuries 10 scatter the billions oi
itllion which Spain took from South America. But it has been
?uttered, and more than twice that amount is now finding its way
ack to the Western hemisphere.
f You're a Parent You Feel ?Something Like
Maybe you have noticed that all the trouble with bad boy- in
our neighborhood comes from the children of other people.
We have.
Everybody has noticed that time and again.
Now you and wr know that our boy never hung a cat in the
oodshed until that horrid Jones boy contaminated him.
And our boy never threw a rock at a window in his life; lhat is,
. don't believe he did, although some crabbed grouches have coni
?laincd about hin? but they must have been mistaken.
Ob? boy and our girl were raised right; they had the advantage
J -lt-rn parental drscipline, and no matter in what company they are
hey w:ll be found in no mischief.
Of if they are, it will be because >onie son of ovil corrupted them.?
But other folks' kids; honest to goodness the wife says that she1
lo>esn't know what she is going to do, what with all the strange 1
amilies moving into the neighborhood, and all sorts of new boys !
/elling over the back fence for Willie.
Another thing we don't understand is why our children don't get
Setter marks at school.
We know they arc bright and well mannered; but somehow they
only get F and G on deportment, and an occasional E on scholarship.;
Probably the teacher doesn't know her business.
(f we didn't have other folks' children to contend with, and had
iially able teachers, that understood our children, it would be a much
easier task to?
"Willie! Willie, you hear mc: Vou quit slapping little sister right
this minute: you come right into the house, young ?nan, or I'll attend
10 you.''
As we were savin?;, tbe ill bred, yes even tou_:h children of your
neighbor-, is what makes city life so unfortunate for parents.
Cern?an* said that she wouldn't have a soft peace, and we are
trying to make it hard for her.
When tlie nations adopt the league of nat?o-?, the league will!
turn right around and adopt the nation;.
\\ e have a hnnch that air travel will never become popular until !
S?>'rneboiJy invents a soft way to hit tho ground.
Longworth says the Republican party will maki a better showing
in igjo without Mann. But not without a Man. .
"The American Federation of Labor declars thai it favors organi
y.ition of employers. Wouldn't "endorse" be a better word?
? statesman is a man who knows whether to cheer or groan
?svhen he reads that a faction in Russia has captured a town.
True, the league constitution pledges us to mix in any scrap that
I' happen, bat if pledge? the world to see that none happen
"We have outgrown the desire to lick another nation, but wc
n't outgrown the desile fo advise it concerning its own affairs
The allies have a third of -. million troops in Russia. That is too
tr.any if we tton't mean binine???, unti too few if we do mean business.
Every day brings new proof of Hun plots bet?re 1914, but what
#?r want is a little proof concerning Hun plots for tomorrow.
Tbe Clamorous Pajamas: an Oriental Legend.
"What?what was that clatter?"
What?what is the matter?"
"What?" ? "What?" was the neighborly comment and chatter,
A? they gathered beiorc
Yusufs night-darkened door.
Willie within rose a racket, a rumpus, a roar,
But strain as they might with "Listen!" and "Hark!"
No hint of the scandal came out of the dark.
But next morning, choking
With challenging croaking.
They came to where Yusnf sat placidly smoking.
Vnd he. like one holy, /
VVith eyes meek and lowly.
Blew s long breath of smoke, as he answered them slowly;
"Ofc, that? Twas my wife (Allah grant all her prayer?)
Who kicked an old pair of pajamas downstairs."
Then how they did sputter*
\n_ mnn-.Mr and mutter.
Till their impotent wrath gurgled forth in a stutter;?
' Drink-bibber' wine-quaffer'
Truth-mocktr and scoffer1
The devil gets drunk on the wine-lies you otl. 1 '"
\nd Yusuf looked up and remarked, as he eyed "ein,
f asiflo-rted to mention that 1?was inside >m."
(Cop-rrteht. 1?!?.)
Ni'W York. .Vprll -
1 have not been.
Much help to my farm I >
For the past three day?
1 wan down on Broadwa*.
And saw a blu three-ah**i ?
Announcing the circus.
It will be here next week.
And I cannot work.
With ? elrcu? coming
Lmtt year the circus,
nearly wrecked me.
The third day I went.
1 ?aw a little Jap.
Walk down a wire.
"n a big* ball.
So I went home.
And ?ot a medicine ball.
And went up on the roof. ?
And when my wife.
Hunted me for dinner.
Two hour, later.
? 1 was sitting.
On the back of my neck.
Acalnat a brick chimney
istentn?; to bird? sine.
And for two week.**.
1 was as stooped.
A? a deck-hand.
Un a submarine
Evey year I feed.
Oscar, the his elephant.
A piece of tobacco.
To see what he will do
And tb&t old yarn
About an clephan'
Always remembering you.
Is first .class bunk.
????G likes toba?*-?
And Fatty, the tran,, ?
Told mo privately.
That Oscar liked bo??/?
And a lot of time?.
It was whisky.
Thai made him wa_
His silly little tail.
And flap his big eat ?**.
And I know Poodle?.
The horse.back clown.
He reads the Xew Republic.
And know? split Infinitiv, s.
And grand opera
And can whistle
Throurh hi? front teeth
And I can't
President Eberi says that Ger
many won't give up Danzig. What's
Germany got to do with it??
Charleston N':ws and Courier.
Despite the high cost of shoes,
hides ar* said to be plentiful. They
ought to be, considering bow many
consumers have been skinned.?Bal
timore* American.
It took 936 sailings to get the 2,
000.000 American troops to Europe,
and even if It takes less to bring
them back, it will take some time.
?San Krancisco Chronicle.
California pr?tesis strongly against
the Federal government's abbrevia
tion of the name of the State to
"CalK." What would it do If it had
to worry afiong on an abbreviation
like* "Wash."??Seattle Post-Intcl
A Washington judge sj.vs you can
say damn and hell without violating
any law in the District of Columbia.
On" gathers that Uncle Joe Cannon
?till has considerable influence in
Washington.?Detroit News.
'"..-urge ?'reel announces that he la
going back to private life and. of
course, if is in thoroughly pood taste
to "speed the parting guest."?Balti
more Star.
j&u 1???*? asm ?
jx. ?*?_*? eyt ?? ???
U??. ???t?
?to?, sfof? - l "^
,?a._? -> t- ?*? ,
j rtoUe-y ?Ml V?
loucn t?ic ?- ,
-a-?e.'. Go o*-tVwtn. m*
I _? m? ?" marni
ti?? wo ?*
Carte* o Imam tt? ???
.7- ^r -?*
*?^c ?*?**-*:? conve fence
Sergt. Arthur If. (?lenti lias been
discharged, after a year and a half
nt Camp (?rant. 111., and is noir "with
his parent* at 16 Q street northeast.
While In camp he waa advanced to
th* thirty-second degree in Masonry.
After a few days' reel Arthur will re
sume hi* old posit imi at the Balti
more and ohio Railroad freight of
Samuel T. Wise has returned to the
proofroom after a week's Illness.
John M >ran. in charge of the itirht
web presa section, has h*en suffer
mc several weeks with alien enemies
in hi* eye. Oculist on the Job and
hope for improvement.
- I
I George KUia borrowed Sam Price*?
?magnifying glass to make his roll ap
pear magnitudi nous enough to stand
a trip to Bowie yeaterday, hut there
must have been something wrong
with the glass, or the roll, or some
thing. Anyway, he worked all day
Preston L. George, the knight of the
motorcycle In th?* office of the super
intendent of work. Is taking advan
tage of a few days* leave and spend
ing the time in the wilds of Vir
ginia. ^
Stereotyper* t'nion mette tonight m |
Typographical Temple et 8 o'clock.
Thomas I>. Barne*. with hi* violin,
and Edward C Hoopes at the piano,
entertained in the music hall yester
day with several much-appreciated
Here is a purzle from George Boyoe:
What is the difference between $7.-T>
and $1.00?
E. A. Strudley, who has been holding
down various foremanship job* In the
bindery during the wnr period, has
returned to his first love In the ruling
room?the old three-beam automatic.
This throws Jack Breene over to Bar
ney Collins' double-decker, as Barney
is now on leave.
We should worry about July 1.
Charlie A'ogt haa the system down
pat. Go see him. fellows.
John W. S he rham has returned to
the hand section after two weeks'
All the bumps have i*een smoothed
out of the now si>eedway on the sec
ond floor, and Official Timer Carpen
ter f* now catching some fast trials
at a mile-a-minute elip. We have a
few more notches to let out yet. Duke.
White shirts in the job press section
will soon be at a premium if those
long-spout oil cans don't show up
soon. Some reach and some grease.
The two stone crushers near th* la
die?" dressing room In the job press
room have had a slight overhauling,
and the folks down there can now
hesr the bell ring, in the linotype sec
tion they never hear the bell; don't
know when to nuit.
Harry Johnson is again at work in
the carpenter shop after several
weeks* siege of rheumatism.
Jacob H. Stout has been transferred
to the night keyboard room.
Albert A. Meredith is taking two
weeks* leave without pay to oversee
the seeding of crops on his farm.
Bill Dingle is -rill doing business
at the same old stand from 12 to
12:30. More power to you. Bill.
Mrs. Fannie T. Hyler, of the mono
type pressroom. Is some speedster.
She ha? been getting sixty miles out
of that nice, new Overland.
Henry W. Weber. George P. Dow
ell and Willis E. Young are taking
several days' leave . from the proof
Wonder why Edwards don't loosen
up with some of that seventeen bucks
left ht the Rifle Club treasury? What
do you know about it, Devlin?
Reviser Swain looVs ?t little bare
faced without a mustacb? Flow a bo Ml
It, BreU?
Uuler Johnny Green was set back
thirty-three bucks for tninoi repairs
on his faa buggy tha other day. Won.
d**r what & major ailment would co!?t
Norman ?. Berry 's back in tb?. ot
ile*? of th?* pun hasing agent aft? r ?ev
eral days' leave.
M iss CJ?? looked *? very where for
Joe, but could not nnd him. WlU
someone please look him Jp?
? Electrician Harry Ma tbe we U ?
| in? with a hand badly burned
repair-inn *t grounded cutting-i
motor in the pre.ssroom Monday night
The elevator service on th?** Jackson
. alley pide has improved since a "eerv
i ice" man was put on the job
Tbere is but one plac in th?, shop
where eat? are "singed and trimmed
on both ends." Do you blam?. them for
being wild?
Claude -Uree iiaw aid jump? from
apes.?? to the proofroom toda>.
Don't forget the Come Back today.
"Th**? star.? lnritne. hut do not compel.**
(Cowriftit. 1?1?. by the McClure Nem?i,i?r
I'raiiu*.. Venu? and Jupiter rule
strongly for pood today, according to
astrology. Saturn nnd Neptune are
This l? a1 day moet auspicious for
love affairs, aince men and women
will be inclined to romance that is
quick to express admiration and to
urge marriage.
While sentiment will ml? at ron*? ?
I during thi? cmnliguratlon there will
? he, also, a tendency toward deceit,
I ?ince the desire to please will encour
j a*"*' concealment, vanity and sclftsh
| nee*.
It ta ? lucky wedding dsy, making
I for prosperous union and long life.
Women ar, subject to promising in
fluences directing toward successful
| business enterprise* and profitable ??
v* ? ? t menta.
Tho teere give warning that the
T'nited States may not profit spirit
ually by the war, for the stars are
read ? presaging a recurrence of ex
travagance, pleaaure-seeking and
money-getting that will cause eerlous
Those who read the stars predict
great activity in the trades that con
tribute wearing apparel and orna
ments to the use of men and women.
Unusual attention to dress will mark
the next ft-w months, which will hring
profit to many merchants.
This should be a (lay most favorable
to large projects. Big business is sub
ject to a direction that will aasure
larJier commerce, ?
Thi*. month may be a time for in
crease of divorce, owing to the ten
dency of Uranus in present aspect to
uncover all that haa been hidden.
Scandals may be numerous during
the summer, but there may be an in
clination to judge harshly and to look
?or evil.
Again record-breaking inventions are
promised by the stara. Uranus to
day inspir?e, the ?,?-opliecy that atr
plan?_s noon will be In common use as
vehicles of transportation for freight
ae well as passengers.
Fortun?e are to be naked in new
companies that will ??stabltsh airplane
route?, and speculation on a large
scale is prognosticated.
Persons whose birthdat?? it U have
the augury of travel and chansc In
the coming year. They will probably
.-?uccecd in busineaa, but ?hould be
ware of treachery.
Children born on this day may be?,
exceedingly popular and Renerous.
These subject of Anea are often In
ventons with little business ability.
G. W. to Hear Poet
Langdon E. Mitchell, poet and
playwright, will give readings from
his works at George "Washington
University chapel exercises et li:_5
o'clock today in the r^si-embly hall
of the Arts and Sciences Building.
2023 0 street northwest.
Th? public ia invited.
By Imk? Hr-adrlck. Hnvg*.
yCopn?flit, 1?19. by tlie McClur* StjanpaptT
Sadies hi.)
I do not pine for Easy Street
????e^ life is indolently aweet,
And everything runs smoothly on
To nothing much that lies anon.
1 rather like the husier way
AVhere effort crowns the toil of 6ay,
Where 1 must dare and u.?e my wit
To dc* .-ome kind of useful bit.
1 only ask that . may dwell
Where 1 may serve my fellows well
And if ? walk, or chance to ride,
'Twill .Jbe upon the sunny ?We?
William i* Kearney, foreman or
tb* blank?! laundry. rounds out!
forty-five year? of continual *f rv- '
ice in the Bureau today, having
been appointed a plate printer's ap
prentice on April 2, 1874. when
?George B. McCarty was chief of the
Bureau, and this branch was housed
(in the Treasury Building. Mr.
I Kearney ha* held his position for
| a year, and the other forty-four
j year? of his service were spent as
I a plate printer. Always cheerful,
[with a smile and good word for
everyone, be haa made a host <tt ?
friend*, and bids fair to add many'
more years to thia good record. Mr.
Kearney i* ?3 years old. and a resi
dent of HyattavJUe. Md.
The examiners of the night force,
numbering division, gave a fare
well party Saturday night in honor
of their forelady. Miss Fannie Har
per, and hfr assistant, Miss Welsche.
Refreshments were served, and Mr
Devlny. superintendent of work, nntf
a specially invited truest, presented
Misa Harper and Was Wcische with
beautiful bouquets of eamations 1n
behalf of the girls, who thus testi
fied to their love and esteem for the
honored guests.
James F. Lyons, better known as
"Jimmie" 1^-ott*. of tb?- examining
division, will today celebrate hi* for
ty-fifth year in the T'nlted State*
Government service. On April t% V&X,
he entered the Bureau of Engraving
and Printing. The nine years imme
diately preceding he served in the old
navy. when, as Jimmie puts it. "the
navy was composed of wooden shins
and iron men." A bit of advice toj
any of the younger men who may:
think Jimmie is growing old?don't I
tackle him. Good luck. Jimmie. und!
our best wishes that you'll make it
another forty-five. ?
Don't forget the three-corner,**!.
bowling mate ii between Harry ? ibi*..
George Goldsmith and Olite Veihrayer
this afternoon right after work at|
Recreation Alleys.
Everybody in the stamp perforating*
division was happy yesterday?you
know It was April 1.
Henry Zuendel. pressman of the!
numbering division. Is confined to his'
home on account of rheumatism.
Adam I'. Moeasinger. pres.-mati i:i :
the surface dlviaion, is spending a
week at hla home In Baltimore
Frank learner, assistant chief of the
? wetting division, <<--, taking ? week's
Iravc. Mr. Lanier is keenly interested
in spring gardening, and, since his
yard is paved with bricks, it is pre-'
stimed that he i*- removing them in ?
order to get the desired acreage.
Benjamin F. Wllklns ha* been ap- |
pointe^ a skilled helper and assigned;
to the machine shop
Several of the girls in the stamp
perforating division nave derided ?o
beat the high cost of laundry. They
are wearing black.
Albert Rudicer. of the stamp pat-k
ing division. Is enjoying some of his
Carl Klein, offset pressman In the
surface division, is taking a week's
Charle* "Cotton" Gibbs. plate print
er, became *o interested in the pro
duction of oil while in the Aero Serv
ice at Camp Carruthers, Tex*, that one
of the promoter* down there has ap
proached him with a proposition to
handle some of the stock for him
"Cotton" was off yesterday afternoon,
presumably to select a suitable office
for this side line. He ha* retained
Harry Chick as counsel.
In re the Bureau Lunch Association
election. The votes haw not yet been
Spatraodic croup is
usually relierrd wfth
one application ol?
600YCU-VRD- - 30?. 60*7730
Here'? Another July 1 Recipe!
Sinn* ilic balmy brew ha
shower-., it has become quit
? given thr July ? beckon to the
li>h among thr citizens to dot*?
home-made wabbly water. To be
in vogue, we offer herewith a
?tagger ?renano to try out oa
your one-man-top distillery. Here'?
ho? '
Kit a red pepper into a bra??
curtain ring and drop into a quart
of chilled bluing. Allow to ?taad
overnight. Add a pint of varnish
remover, three stogie (tumps and
one ounce of powdered alum. Let
simmer for a week. Then drain
off into a shrapnel shell casia*.
cover with a sidewalk slab and let feraient at a ?afe distance.
Has the kick of a chorus of landlords after the 15th of the month,
and the effects of this flooie fluid will make a laughing hyena weep,
or cause a mild-mannered guinea pig to chaae a bevy of leopards out
of their spots.
Most Women Can.
"Do vou think Ml?? ' *hauem I?
an entertaining talker?" "My.
ye*, ?he can entertain heraelf for
hour* at a time"?Boston Tr?n
Goes. Not'
"Advice is cheep." jrilbly quoted
the youth *-Huh"? crawled hi?
elder. "If? aiftar-ent you hnvr
never had anythtn?* to do with
lawyer? >r physldana.'*?Ufe.
Pat:en<:* ?"The idea* Th? 'Wo
man's Paa*e* In thi? paper 1? near
ly all ?bout men:*' Patrice? "Well,
thai'? whet we're moot lntere?ted
In. isn't it?"?Tonker? Btate?man
All of "E? Can
*T11 grant you three wl?he?."
?aid the fairy. "Nothing to it."
declared the woman. "Eh?" "*I
gotta hu?band who do??? bett?t
than that every day."?Louleville
Courier- Journal.
Bui Sajrs the Present Covenant
Should be Modified.
Tli?* lfifUf of nations waa advo
cated by Qen. William C rosit r at the
United Service Club of Amene?. Du
pont Circi?*, aa a volution of the
world problem in a speech entitled.
"Salient Pointa of the League of
<i**n. Crosier alao raised the ques
tion how far ear h nation waa it.?
"brother* keeper." H?? implied that
aome ?ort of a league waa essential
If world peace were to result, but
he believed that, as presented, the
cnptttution of the league c<?uld
welt he modified.
350 Workers Out of Job ;
Purcell Named Referee
? "harg?-i* that S5<? employe? a? th<
American Car and l\>undrr rum
pan: . ??-p. Haut??, Ind.. wer.? lock
ed out because of union affli la Uor*
wer*; ordered investigated yeaterda>
by th*- In partment of l^abor. Jame?
Turrell was named conciliator.
Vice-Tre* Id en t Croas white, of the
union, lia.? notified th^ department
that h' ha* ordered a atrtke.
Allied Planes Superior to
German. Figures Show
? v.inpar aon of figure* show allied
pursuit plane* superior to*thosr mt
the enemy. The War Department
yesterday gave out the following
comparative figures:
A v?'frag** horsepowVr?Allied, 1*?;
enemy. 160.
?? rsK?? pound* wipM per horac-j
power?Allied, f.3; en**n>. 12.V
Averacr feet ?t mmut? climb toi
?.50? f>ct?Allied, 1.14?; ?-n*?my. IM.
Average mIV * per hour at ?.500
feet? Allied. 1*6; enemy. \*?>
A Problem
Cobble? "After all. It tant brain?,
tt Isn't heredity, tt Isn't education,
but tf*a peranmaJlty that count? ta
making a aucoeaa.'* Stono?'"Right '
What would you be. old fellow,
wit bout pereonality "?Lift?
Seco?. C-?ldbo-?.
Maud?"Your fi-te?d, Mia* Blank,
(oloc to b? married? IT??. I SmS
the trapi-o?slon that ab* ?ras a ?o
ma?. In her -?sclinlnf years." BOMl
"Oh. dear, no: she's In her ?oeept
Ine enes?Boston Transcript.
TW Sk_r-a.
"The trouble with Fritter? la to
lacks application ' "Tho. datare
he dose' Why, he appi!?? la noe
for a loan once a weak i-e-pilar
!>'-"?Boston T-r-rwcrifst.
A RestaBrant Mrrtery
First Inner?What do you us
ually eat la this restaursnf
Second Dittos?Ixu't ask _ie; ask
the cook- I simply oraler ths
?rub.?Boston Transcript
Disposition of U. 5. Property ia
France Pert of Profram
Se*-T**tary of War Baker mil sail for
Europe n#?at Monday from New Tork
1 on the Leviathan
Mr. Baker will tabi -?Ait- h ,. M
Stanley King, hit- private ?eecr?? t**-v
and Mr. Cheater W. Cutbe.l tbe War
t*e-pertment'a agvnt bere in the mu
ten of war ?talai
It is und*?rstood that befara Mr
Bak-rr return.- h?? ? ill have cfteafw?
up moat of th*? outstanding nuanci*'
probW-m? aff*-? linr ti? 1 fm?_. Stai?
and the allie*
II? (??wl botet mVi v> ill -
Paris and there meet the ln'Ui?ai.o
commit ?* . of which Jtadg-i Paimei '
? hauman !??; ?? v-pr.nl da>?' i-onfei
enee. ,
- After that 1 **h*.l make ooe or \m,r,
itiM**-rtione in Kurope hih? i-oni? home
I ehall be away bot a Urirf time."
The aet t lem* nt ? ? i 11 include t h**
lars?' amount of ratiera ? and doc??.
prepari? aerewd outilgtv. \>y th?? DaAtad
Stftt? | kl Trance
2,000 Former Residents .Spend
Pieananl Evening Dancing
T?" thouaand ?ornv r reatdenta o?
M>i**ii-ciiu**sf-t?- mei I a.-1 n-rhl al the
Wilson Normal Srhool nt tbe En?
4'a?c*iuaintan?*?t" m?-? ting io be heW
ainr-c th?? organisation of the ?octet*?
Csharieo ?> Heralin, member of the
K-rdrr.il Resene Board .ind iormer
Ascistant He-cretary of the Tre*a*ury
wm *rtf principal speaker
?? ,-i-iral.on bootha were placed
round th?- auditorium, the gueeta be
in _ troup-ed accordine to their reai
dence in one of the fourteen Massa
chuactu counties.
An orchestra furniahod tbe muate
for dancing.
There will be a public meeting at Musicians' Hall. 1006 E
Street ? W.. on
Thursday, April 3, 1919.
lo discuss ways and means of obtaining adequate atreet car
service for Washington and suburbs at reasonable coat.
d? the Department of Labor, will discuss the Washington Street
Car Service.
Everybody Invited!
BROADWA1 Via ? tarn STS
" .. ?.
On? Bleck tram Penna. Statr-ari
H*trfA*T* Trtamrrrm* tra.
t?u*tK Crmrartmrnl 'rr r\.
?hopptnf or ButffH*?
Ditto Entrane? lo B'wm. Sub.
arm, amai Hubtorn Tub??
Rates:?Froa $2 Per Dit
$3 Per Day
T\r Mtntmq^a Rotaurajiti Krt "*A a". Knr~~a >w C*ar*
Vom* ??? P ?muai ili Pm
Fifth Avenue & 29th Street
vit* urna cm
A* Almotphft c' Com'on ant Pr*mrmnit
S3 te %? Tar D>y
?.nd far IHairam ?fcowiai Frin? Kim? Trtrma
JOHN G. -.ABBFTV ???? ?

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