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?ig Crowd Attends Opening Day Races at Bowie
Crowd Was Well Paid for Journey to Track
as Five Well-contested Races Wert
Run Ori.
II. -SIC."
-?spite a wind that ?eemed to
??vos come straight from Medicine j
Bat with the ?ole intent of rrlpplng
with It? frigid lingers the Bowie,
1-e?! track meu (mesa 1? what a
horseman who once raced at Juarex
call? It), the ?pring racing ?taon
?? the East wa? ushered In with a ;
remarkable attendance and with
*ev?n race?, nearly every one of
which furnished ample excitement
to satisfy the most exacting.
A ?un brightly ?hining part of the
day tempered the biting wind that
?wept ceaselessly across the course,
??? in It the bundled racing fans
a>r->Q3,enaded or pranced, according
to the degree of their chill, between
tontests on the track and the more
irr-elllne battle royals staged be
fore poet time of every race, except
the first. In the mutuel ehed under
the grandstand.
?rash la ??'?
There tt was worth one's respectabil
ity of attire and evenness of temper to
buck ?? tides as they surged to and
fro toward the vartoue betting alley?.
Kepectally lively was the crush and ?
?cr-mhle that followed blowing of the
Swat** for th? second race, _veryboo>
at the track seemed to have d?velopp
?t the last moment a super-good thing
far this particular race, and all seemed
te have hit the mutuel shed together,
bound In as many directions as there
were place? to eet. The result was a
near-crush, with spectators, ticket
sellers and helpless policemen all vie
?G.-G In the passing of "take-your-tlme"
a.i-1? to those about. When the
cr-j.s?_*ad about reached Its height it
mrlt*d magically at the sound of the
"the^r?* ??G" bell.
Piti splendid races?contests well
worth the Journey to the track?
marked the running of the day's
ear? . These -were the Bowie Inaug
ural, taken in rather easy fashion
by that sterling 6-year-old son of
Marta Santa, Startling: the League
Handicap, In which Bolster, odds-on
favolate, nailed the he?wily played
maiden, Joseph P. Murphy, at the
stretch turn, after the last-named
had -?tried to make a runaway rece
of Itr and won as Jockey Sneideman
r'-*a*ed?. the fifth, in which Lord
Herjert. rated perfectly to the
streif h by Sneideman. emerged from
the hunch of contenders 100 yards
fron? the wire end won by two
lengths, and the sixth and seventh
races, captured by Fountain Fay and
Boxer, respect!-ely, after gruelling
stretch battles.
Stanila? win. Firs? Oat.
Greatest Interest, perhaps, cen
tered In the third race. In which
Startling. Charley Leydecker, Rol
Cral?. and Mahoney seemed about
equally favored by the spectators
Insofar as "-rooting" went.
Beyond the favored few In "the
know" star-tune's condition was a
matter largely of conjecture, but the
manner In which he wrapped up the
lead unwound by Mahoney after the
harrier was sprung lart no doubt In
the minds of his backers that the
Inaugural was his in which to shine.
At the head of the stretch the race
looked to belong to Leydecker, Ko!
Cral*T. favored second fn the betting,
or Startling. The weight told on the
heavily backed favorite, and he land
ed ?poor third with Startling and Rol
Craie? ftrunj-? apart at the wire.
Bolster's Jockey. In the feature. In
dulge. Joseph P. Murphy to the head
of the stretch, where the Imported son
of Marco was unwrapped to ?weep
out of the bunch trailing Murphy and
win eased up.
By far the prettiest race of the day
was the fifth, at one mile. Harry
Brie?ogle Jumped Into the lead at
the ?tart with Antoinette, Graphic,
Peerless One and Lord Herbert fol
lowing closely In the order named.
In another well-timed ride, Sneide
man *et Lord Herbert down In the
?tretch. and the son of Fit? Herbert
responded with a brilliant burst of
?peed which carried him through the
bunched field to an easy victory. An
toinette tired at the finish and lasted
Just lone enough to beat the fast
**oming Peerless One. Graphic from
a v*a*omialng three-quarters finished
Aj_aae Wl?a 0?e_er.
Tha flrat race brought out as the
7li??er a ?Tood-loo?--?, youngster from
one stable of H. P. Whitney, a 2-year
ild hay colt. Amaze, jj Broomittck
naUry F. which earned brackets in
her first race, but had to be hard
-idde-B to ?tall off the far less im
Dresssive appearing but certainly as
rapr?Wive running King James
Doughnut bay colt, C. S. Grayson.
one of N. K. Bears entry, which,
had the race been ten yards further,
would have won with atmosphere to
.pare. Grayson finished going great.
With riders reversed, he doubtless
would have won. Robinson had the
'K up on the wlner. while G. Corey
-ode *_. S. Grayson.
Barkers of Edith Baumann. In the
By "?It..??
Best rating?Piaren?!.
First race >o selection?.
Second race? Plareasl, Gene
vi?ve ?. Ml?? Fay.
Third race?Tan II. Iloadlal,
Foarth race?Daches? I,ace.
Romeo. M lacst Fool.
Fifth race?N. K. Beai. Firing
line. Brooaa Peddler.
Sixth nice?Kilts II.. II ? 1 In.I.
Dan Dodge.
Seventh Rncc?Lather, linda'?
Brother. Flora Pinch. ,
last race, had good rea-^nJilSS^e Uie
fact that a better boy waa ho? aboard.
Inability of Richcreek to givo the
horse an adequate ride, and lack of
judgment at two crucial momenta in
the race made It pos?lble for Boxer
? and Zouave to flght It out through the
stretch. Boxer disposine of the
.heavily-play ed favorite In the last
'fifty yard?.
Stir I ? Kirk? Contrade?.
Richcreek got hi? mount into a jam
at the flrst turn of the mile and -sev
enty yard race .and waa carried wide
by the remainder of the field bunched
on the rail. This cost the little cheat
nut mare ?everal lengths, but ?he kept
busily at her knitting and from sixth
at the half worked her way to with
in striking distance of the flying
Zouave, and the rapidly overhauling"
Boxer. Richcreek failed to persevere
with his mount In the stretch and 100
?yard? from the wire she fell away,
holding third safe.
In thia race Stir Up once more dem
onstrated that he was not misnamed.
Going to the poet "he kicked the "hot
tip" Pulaskl. laming him slightly, and
at the post tore things up generally,
kicking everything that came within
reach of his mulish ?ection, one of his
victims being Edith Baumann. Thi?
may have accounted in part for her
failure to ?core in a race that looked
'all her*? an eighth from the wire.
The summaries t
MRST RACE--t*Wir fall?n??: Amaze. 11H
(P. Botanica). Ila, 170. 130: C. ?. Greywon. IU
(P. Corey), ?? US: Soapy Sponge, IU ? Mer
?ter). ??. Time. OJOtS. I.it ti? Alexander, Ut
ile One. Kitty Gordon, La Bleuet ?1?? ran.
BDOO??D RAOE-sit and one-hat furlonga:
Mattery, If? (-ineldemanl. li.20. 6.01. 3.X; Ko
fi-???, 113 IF. Robtuon). C*B. 3 3), Titer Roar.
92 istaiaatea). 3.0a Time. IS? Parlor Boy.
Old Brian, Virginia Yell, Aim? ? . Marisnao,
lauta Miller. Safranut. ideal, deaerai. Wetona
alao ran.
THIRD RAOE-FiTe and one half furlongs:
Startling. IB (Dori?). IXJO. ?.?. 180; Roi Crei?.
?S d?ctoon), 4.4?, 140: Charlie LeydeckeT. 113
IMe/Ikgavt). ?a Tima. laTSa. Tbe Ferry
man. Orlando of Havana. Sonny Hill, Mahoney
alao nan.
FOURTH RACE-Sercn furious out of th?
chute: Bolster, V? ISneidemaa), 3.10. ite. ITS;
Joseph P. Murphy. 3G IMnonej). 3.30. 1?: Pan
Bright. Id (Oberi', IH. Time, 13I?. Iliuies,
Gliaatol siso ran.
FTPTH RACE-Ooe mile: Lord Herbert, ?es
?Toeidonmii. 9.3). 1??, 3.ID: Antoinette, ti
IStaiAeUm). i.*\ 11?; Peerless One, 1? (Mooneyl.
IA Amie, 1:44 So. Harry Bniroglo, Graphic
tato ran.
SIXTH RACE?MHe and ?erecty yarda: Foun
tain tv. ?a (Matealf). 4 30, ?io. 4 40, Pregres
si??. 107 (Snrtdamani. 4.B), 3.60; Handfull. 1)3
(Paulay). km Time, 1?1-5. Ben Thompson.
A-nalcamttoc, Bine Rock. Infiuieta also ran.
SEVENTH RACR-Milo and twenty yarda:
Boxer. JH IF. Robinson'. 7 10. 3.30. ilO; Zonal-.
LOB ?Deii>ae , 3.J0, 190: Edith Baumann. 101
ItUchrreek). 3 90 Tima IC. Candidai? II.
Stir Cp. Slumber II. Pula?.?*. ? M. Miller.
Fairly, Bill Hartley, Otleco, Miss McGlggle ?tao
FIRST RACE?For maiden 2-year-oid? fllliea;
four furlong?: ilying Witch, 114; Toacanet, 114;
H nah. 114: Berk and T'ali. Ut; A. KailipoHa.
114; JIarceile af.. 114; Miss Stathem, Ut; Super
girl, 114; Lady lone, 114; Shrere ?nd Murray en
SECOND RACE-ClaimiM ; 3-year-olds and
upward ; six and one-half furlongs. Baby
Raach. Ill: Tranapero. 103; clip. 102: "Matoaka.
90: Mist Fay. a?: Fairy Prince, 105; I-Intenti.
ICO: -Key Note. 92; Generiere R. 107; Old Bill
Bender, ??; Posltite. T.; -Beauty Sleep, 9Z
THIRD mat?*?Claiming : S-year-olda ?nd up:
ait and one-half furlongs sir Haste. 114; Pocket
Change, 10?; Vigilant?. IOS; 'Roederer, :X. Man
Slayer. 114; Sibola, 107; Wewoka. 100; -Miat
Fauntleroy. IIS; Tan II, 112; Houdini, 105; Mia?
Kllwrn. Ita.
FOURTH RACE??The Benning"; paras for
3-year-olda; five and one half furlongs: Dr. Rae.
Ill; Douche? Lace, 110; Hanky Panky, 103; Plue
rene. UT; Romeo. 112: John Cuilinan. If?: Jill.
107; PrUeur, MB; Wiaeat Fool, 113; Uberty Bond.
10?; Bettie HI-..". HT.
FlITTH RACE?Ctaiming: 4-year-olds and up;
atx ?nd one-half furlong?: Firing Line. 110; Bal
last. If?; "C-omacho, HB; Tborrnbloom, Hi;
Widow Bedotte. 1?; "TrumraaT. MS; N. K. Beai,
110: 'Broom Peddler. 10B.
SIXTH RACB-Hellinj, i-year-olda ?nd up;
one mrTe: Ballad. Ill: Indian Chant, II?; -Don
Dodge. 107; Sleeth. 114; Rune?, 109. 100; -Kilta
II. 104: Cadillac. 1C0; Simon Pure. 107.
SEVENTH RACK-CUUata?: 4 year-olds ?nd
up; mile and one-aittesnth : Puts and Call?, 111;
'Garbage. 112; ?Hilda? Brother. 107; Harwood. HZ
Oat?. Hodge. ITO; Lather, 112; Flore Finch, IT
"Appnatice allowance claimed.
The Old Story of Cotton
and All-Wool?in Suits
Cotton materials, by virtue of
their weave, do not hold their
shape; they draw up, they be
come "baggy," and their surfaces
are easily rubbed through. All
wool textures are closely woven,
they retain their shape and give a
long, lasting period of wear.
We advise you to pay $35 for
your spring suit?for an all-wool,
handsomely tailored suit. Such a
garment will outwear any other.
New Waist-line Effect Is Shown
in Many Patterns
Walk-Over Shoes for Men
1 '.f ?0"11 BY THE ?*^ YARD a
McBride's Yannigans Could
Not Solve Delivery of
Two Pitchers.
Ili .Hill's ?. IllliW.
North Augusta, S. C, April 1.?
Capt. McBrid.'s lighting Yannigan
tram could not solve the delivery of
Pitcher? Eddie Flaherty and Ad
rian Lynch In the only same staged
at Warren Park today, and the
Regulars romped In with a clean
cut victory with a ? to 2 count.
! B?die Hovlik was responsible for
| the veterans grabbinc; off the edge
' in theee lntcr-club series, as his over
| hand alant? proved ea-oy picking for
[ the "Reara" In the opening frame,
when a quartet of tallies were rush
ed across the dish. Brilliant field
ing by Horace Milan on two occa
sions halted the veterans in their
effort to pile up the total, whll.?
Sammy Rice stopped a perfectly
good batting rally of the Yannigans
in the seventh by a sensational run
ning catch of H. Milan's line drive.
Heavy clouting In the first seaaion
by Clyde Milan and Sammy Rice
paved the way for the Regulars, al
though mlscucs by both Loeonard
and Brown in thia Inning helped
keep Hovlik In hot water.
Doc Ayera finished out the route for
the Yann?. and although the Virginia
"Hill Billy" was a trifle wild he man
aged to squeeze through the three
frame? without a run or hit being ob
tained off his offerings.
A two-base drive by H. Milan after
two hands were down was the best the
"kids" obtained off Flaherty In the
flrst, while he ?et the Yanns down in
one-two-three order in the next. In
the third, after two were out, Joe
I?onard ?*ecured the second blow off
Eddie's shoots, which waa u two-base
knock to right field, while Johnson
scratched an infield marker in the
The Yannigans broke into the run
column In the fifth, when prown drew
a pass and moved to third on Ayera'
bunt and ?cored on ?eonard's infield
out. A triple by Leonard and Davla'
boot of Kllerbe'.i grounder gave the
Yajika their final tally In the seventh,
as Rice killed off all other chance? of
scoring with his remarkable running
cate*. ' iv?
The Regular? opened up the bom
bardment on Hovlik'? twl*ters in
the flrst when Judge started the
fireworks with a blngle to center.
Brown and Leonard then pulled the
wild throwing act on Foater'? at
tempt to move Judge along, and
when the dust had settled Judge had
crossed the pan with "Fatima"
camped safely at the hot corner.
The Tenness.ee Flyer then crashed
one to c#v?terfleld for three bases,
while Sammy Rice followed with a
crash in the same direction for the
same number of bases. Joe 8hannon
tallied the war hero with a wallop
to center, but-the clouting ended
as Shannon was headed off attempt
ing to steal third while Shanks and
Davis lifted to the outfield.
Foster doubled in the third but
a two-play killing engineered by
Leonard and Ellerbe put a crimp In
the effort.? of the "Regs." ?Herbe'.?
error of Shanks' liner, followed by
Agnew's single and Johnson's mis
cue, gave the.Regulars their final
counter in the fourth, as Doc Ayers
would not stand for any further
scoring. The score.?
Refluir?. AB R ? ? ? ?
Jnd*r-. Th . 3 ! 1 7 II f.
Foster. S? . ? 1 1 S ; ??
11. Milan, rt. S 1 T 1 0 u
Rice, rt. S 1 1 3 ? 9
shannon-. If . 3 0] 0 0 fi
Shanks, ?_ . ? 1 ? J 1 1
nasi?, a? . 3**221
Aj-oiew, ? . ! 0 1 2 ? 0
nrinieh, o . 10 0 0 0*
Flaherty, ? . ? 0 0 0 1 0
Lyoch, ? . 1 ? * * g ? o
Total? ._ S ? _ 7 2
Yo?nla-ia. AB R H ? A E
?ecard, 2b . ?12 0 2 1
-llo-rbe. a? . 3 0 0 13 1
B. Milan. ?. ?01400
?Johnson, If . 4 0 12 0 0
I Mn?ride, lb . 3 t 0 C 2 ?
I Altra?. rf . 2 0*100
(?tiarnty. o . 2 ? * 3 1 0
, Prown, 3b . 1112 11
?Hovli?, ? . 10 0 2 0 0
Ayer?, ? . I 0 1 to 1 0
Total? .'.. _ 2 6 21 10 3
Score br tn-iing-s:
Regulare . 4 G 0 1 0 0?s
Yannijana . ? ? 1 0 1 0 ?2
r?rn-si nina?I-ornlars. 2; Yaanifan?, 1. r^tet
baa? by error**??eco-lar?, 2: Yannia-ans, i. i_.fr
on base*?Ret*?ara. 4 ; Ymjni-raaa, 9. First base
on ball??Off F-herty, 1; off Hovlik. 1: off
Ajrea, 2; off Lynch. 3. Innin-rs pit?ted?Br
Flaherty. 4; by Horlik, 4t bv Ayr?, 3; by
Lynch. 3. Hit? n_dv>?Off Flaherty, 3; off
Horlik. ?; off La-ch, 3. Strut-*? out?By Fla
herty. 2; by Horlik. 1; by A?vs.. 1. Three
basa hi??C. Milan, Ri?, I?onaovl. Two-base
hita?H. Milan, Leonard, Fboster. Stolen base
?Shannon. Double play?Shannon to Daris to
Judge. Hit by pitcher?By ?-ires (Shannonl,
Wilil pite??Flaherty, empire? M?9?|o Time
of same? 1:30.
Catholic University will not open
its baseball season this afternoon as
Fort Myer club found that it could
not play the Brooklanders, as the
team has not had practice enough to
stage a contest as early in the year.
Catholic University postponed it
opening until Saturday, when it
meets the strong Gallaudet College
nine at the Brookland Campus.
St. John's, of Annapolls, Md.. can
celled Its game for this afternoon
with the Hilltoppers. The Cadets
have an inspection which prevents
them from sending a team to the
city. This leaves the Blue and Gray
without a game until Saturday.
High school baseball will start in
earnest this afternoon when Central
faces the Alexandria High School
team In the third game on its sched
Western Is scheduled to meet the
Army and Navy Prep team, and
Business is slated to tackle the
Georgetown Freshmen in their flrst
meeting of the season.
The War Risk Bureau team, run
ner?-up for the baseball champion
ship of the District in _<<?\ will or
jeanize at a meeting in tho oflice of
H. Dee Howell, secretary to the **.!
rector, this afternoon at .> o'clock.
Members of last > ear's team who are
Interested are requested to be present.
Dee HowpU will be remembered as
the old Business High School star
who later played with the Andrew.*"
Paper Company, the Cornell Tiger.-,
and who wm given a try-out with
Bill Clark's Albany team. N'ew York
State I-ea?uo.
There is a wealth of material In
the War Risk Bureau, several of
the men who played overseas during
the war bein* available. War Risk
will enter the Departmental T^eague
and will also play Independent ball,
making a number o? tripe to near
by towns over Sunday?.
PatfNtg ?heNes* OeeOnr W*b
The canary bird in the office of the Automatic Wart Works
was whistling a few bars from "Seven Men Sat On The Dead Man's
Chest, Yo, Ho, And A Bottle of Bevo."
The cruel war was cured on both side?. The boss was again
back on the job trying to design a synthetic wart that couldn't be
detected from the genuitie.
Outside of the office, a long queue of two-cared citizens stretched
stylishly down the corridor. They were all heroes of the cx-Kaiser's
Paris dinner trip. They were clogging the corridor in response to
an ad for a model for the automatic collapsible wart, which was a
combination wart, collar button and hat rack. All of the applicants
bore themselves with that erect military bearing that would have
distinguished them in a crowd of orphans or a mob of maroons.
The basis was a returned hero himself and was determined that his
wart model and demonstrator would be none but another hero,
f. o. b. Europe. He had been a mounted K. P. in the first line
trenches and had thrice been cited for cooking omelets without
eggs. He had never risen from the ranks because commissions
were the only things that couldn't be won with a set of top-heavy
The first applicant knocked knucklishly on the doorpiece and
the boss recognized his former top sarge. The sarge flushed like
the sunlight striking a platter of thin army tomato soup. He saw
that he was in like a burglar. The boss was a former boot that
he had squads eastcd and squads wested until his tongue hung out
o far that the blackbirds used it for a. roost.
"Well," chirped the Boss coming to attention with brogans on the
deck. v
"? would like the job you advertised in this morning's paper.'
"Sir," buzzed the Boss.
"I would like the job you advertised, sir.'
"You can have a job, but not that one. Your job is eighteen
a week and cakes. All you do is to squads right and squads wrong
around this office and to Sir mc to death. Get me'"
"Yes, what?''
"Yes, Sir."
The next cuckoo was the former boot's lieutenant who opened
the door very lieutenantishly and popped right in. The boss saluted
him with the regulation ?. D. civilian's salute, right thumb along
the seam of the nose and fingers extended, but not joined.
"Go out and come in right," the boss howled in a tone like half
a hornet's nest. "Don't you know how to pop into an orderly room?"
The loot left faster than a mushroom arrives. This time he
knocked. The boss inncd him and outed him until he was dizzier
than a loot generally is.
"What do you want?" squawked the boss, arching his eyebrows
and looking through his former loot, which was a tough job as loots
are pretty thick.
"I would like that position as wart model."
"Wart model what?"
"Wart model, Sir."
"You can have a job, but not that one. You start in ;,** bunion
model and work your way up."
Losing the flr?t game by a ?core
! of 4*88 to 625. the "We" came back
strongly in the ?unheeding two
games of their match with the
i "Mact?" at the Recreation last night,
] and copped the victory.
Wolstenholme, anchorman for the
! "We," wa? the beet performer of
I the contest with a set of 337 and a
big game of 14?.
The "Ws" challenge any "alpha
bet** quint in the city, from A to Z.
I Following are the scores of the
' match:
'? Watson . 83
Whitford . 89
I Welsh . 104
! Williams . 112
j Wolstenholme . 100
488 533
? "MACS."'
.McNeil . an !>S
McHale . 92
McLaughlin . 120
McCa?thy ..;-. 100
McNIekle . 113
524 468 !
FIRST RACE-Pour furlongs. Double Van.
I*? IWIllia). 15 to 1. 5 to 1. 5 to I; Oar
tB? Way, 103 IMelnfcjre). 6 to 5. 1 to 2: Emms
Weiler. 10? (Sterna). ! to I. Time, ? HS.
Nellie Witwer. Mimiken M, Bobby Allen. Ann?
Hell,*. Itair.bow Dirision, also ran.
? SECOND OACB-Sii flirlonara. Cromwell.
? 107 (Melntyrel. S lo 5. 3 to 5, 1 to 4 ; Scrub
lady. 102 (Gamer). 3 to 1, eran; Gui. IW
; (Gentry!, out. Tfale. 1:14 3-5. Trette, Reso
lution. Cock of the Main, Madrid, also ran.
THIRD RACE?floe mile. Byrne, 99 (Oar
roll). ? to I. ? to 1. 4 tu 1; Barbar? Shilling.
1KI IGroth), 6 to 5, > to 5; Strikebreaker. K*
? (McIntiTel, 5 to 2. Time. 1:42 2-6. Tyranny,
' i;oTirman.l. Preda Johnson. M. Bert Thurman.
I'hoirrnaatrr, Liberty Star, Keymar, Sir Dyke.
Sun Flash, also ran.
FOURTH RACK ^ One and oneaixteenth
, miles. Harrest King. 112 (Barrett). ? to 3.
' 6 to S. 1 to 2; Slippery Kim, 115 (Stalker), 1 to 2.
out; Grey Eagle, 101 (Brown), 1 to 2. Time,
1:46 1-5. Reveler and Obolus alao ran.
FIFTH RACE-S?* furlongs. Tort Light. US
(Brosrnl. ? to 2. ? to 5, ? to 10; Bub ?., 104
? iWrlghtl. ? to 1, 4 to 1; Jack O'Dowd. 104
If. RoMnaon). t to ? Time. 1:14. Orderly.
j .Hcarpii 2d. BiHie ? . Maud Bacon. Blue Para
dise, Waterproof, also ran.
i SIXTH RACE?One ?nd one-alxteenth mile?. I
Bar of Phoenix. 113 (Rosran). 9 to 5, ? to 10. '
I to 3; Will Do. 108 (lUynesi. 5 to 2. eren;
ThauasgiTing 108 (Johnson). 7 to 10. Time,
2:01. Hiciorjnut, Walter Dant, Miss Well?,
aiso ran.
FIRST RACE?Two-year-old maidens; four and
one haf furlong?: Miss Minks. 112; Benecia, 112;
Rib, 112; Lady Wood. 112: Beau Ilrummel 2nd.
115: Obi. Rocking norac. Hi.
SECOND RACB-Three-year-olds and up; ail
furlonss: RrlUoe. 105: Scallyrrag. 105: Cobalt,
105; Ruth Strickland, 105; Spokane tjueeu, 10G;
B?tetele*, 10b; Hulfaker, 107; Onsra, 110; Tool
Caro, 110: Kirstie? Ciib. 110; Kuklux. 110: Pol
rotna. 113. Also eligible - Silverv Shapiro. IOS:
SybaJ!. Ul; Archie Alexander. ?7.
THIRD RAC*E-*nireA-yrer-ol*is and up: six
furlongs: BITie'a Pride, ??: Elherta. V,: Sham
rork (?icon. IW; Mary Estelle. 100: Miaa Howl!.
102; Bit of Blarney. 102; Bobby Fib. 102: lady
l,eon?, 102: Kexiah, 105; Neg, 10G: Dossamta, 108;
Ben Gall. 110. Also eligible-?Kxaminer. 11'; V<*r
lty. 94; Caren. 108.
FOLRTH BACB-eix furlongs: Inder Fire.
!_? Maraeraoee. 100; Paddy. _?; aJoea* Scot. U?;
?Old Koenl?. US. ?Mno. R. _ Bre??er ?otry.
IIFTH RACt*? Four-year-olda and up; mile
and onaeixtee?th: stitch in Time, KM; White
Slipper, 102; H. O. Beach, Ml Sayonnarr?. 105;
Starry Banner. IOC; Jit? Wakeiey. 107; lolite.
1CT; Dici Williama, 110; Hoooloju Boy, 111
SIXTH RACB-Fo-ir-year-o?? ?nd un; one
mile: Paula V., 1?; Delira. Ill; Thi?t. 10?;
(.tacrosr. 1?; Bob Hrnoaey. IOS; ?arcuo?. 1?:
Brickly, 1CB: Dura_vl -oberta. 109; Dolala, ???;
??ilaes. ??; Cprighi. 1?; Choim-???t. I?. Al?
? o?i-itole-? Adeline L . KM: Ruth Hai n?ion. IM
F!BST RA-CX-Four furlong-*?: Douria? F-air
tviks. 10? (Murray), arman. 1 to Z. out: Qu-an.
flll-l_r. l? (Pita). 3 io 1. 3 to 2; Grey Bump.
11? iMiini'i*}?, oat. Tina?. ?*_1'?. Mut Hl*
, lin?i). Sea I'riiice. Cob? miao ran.
?SCOND ? AOE?Fi?* and one-half furlouga:
Lucky IVarl. ? .Uttm>>. ? to 1, 6 to 2. ? to 5;
: In/ju. 110 (r?uxber,, ir??*., out; Buniee, Ikf (Fln
! le>). 2 to 5. ????, 1rflC. Mi% l-^aocc-v C?onm
ki?ty. Hops, TImk?i.?*. Wild ThjTiie. Droycr a
: ran.
THIRD l(A< ? :iir and ooe-half fur.oi.-ES.
Syrian. 118 (finiij|. 6 to 1, 5 to 2, . to j: llar
! lock. 112 iWinaftHd?. 1-to 2. ont; ???-,t Queen,
; TO tF-?tor., 4 to 3, Time, 1:0C 1-5. H?rn timen tal.
lK-vklian,]. Afut\ D. C *Mn\ U-jra, Smia alao
1 ran.
I FOURTH RACE-Six rurlouce: ' Zoie. Iti
! 'Murray), 7 to 2, 8 to ?, 4 to 5; Little Mlstrce,
? 10* ?IHivt-n, 8 to 1. 4 to 1; Precinu- Jewel. 191
I (Wid?). 3 to J. Time, ?1:14 3-?. Veivetia? Boy.
I Konatfne. Doc Klothe. Mayrustic. Prince Easy,
? Chan-j-onettc 2nd. Search L.ght 3rd, Buddy Tuck?
or. Lydia 3rd rmn.
FIFTH HACK Six furlong?: Hods*. 11? (J.
Ho-wardf. 4 to 6, 1 to 4. out; Milkman. H?
'Winvflc-ld,, 1 to 2. out; Ti|>pler. 10G (Fnvactil.
OOt Tiro?, 1:12 l!i?h Law alno rau.
SIXTH RA(*1>-Mile Md twenty yarda: Cani.
M-p'hiru-T-i lW (Murray), ????? 2 to i. oat; Jato
Scha?, 110 (Finley'. 3 tn 1. even; -lies-man. 114
fFraach). ? toS. Time. 1:11 ?5. Duke Ruff, Win
-k>on. Pet lar, Artjat. Bac alao ran.
.SEVENTH RACB-Milc and fi?ty yarda:
Zodiac, 110 (MorriMey), 8 to 1. 3 to 1, t to a;
\Vhippt>or Will? 111 (Murray), eren, 1 to ?; Roo
ert L. Oiron, ?W ( G argani. 2 to 1? Tirm*. l**H3-5.
tireat Dolly, Lady Jan? Grey, ?okalon March,
Scorpii alao r*n.
I FIRST RACE-Four-ycar-olAs and up; claim
In?; W furio-?-. Neither, 106; Galli?. 109:
! Herder, 108: Lady Spendthrift. 109; Virco, 109;
Zana-arre. IOS : Son?Uo. Ill ; s! eo?> sr ?1.
SIX'O.NTI RACE ? Fcour-rear-old? and ur:
Idalmint; 5? fin-loo?-??. Khaiiamea, 1?S; ?Tiv?en
liten. IOS; Golden Chancy. 1U; Visible, 111;
Pioootra?oter, 111: Timkhva. Ill; Ae-oraaor. 111.
THIRD R.U^Thiwjear-oM*: rlaimii?; W
furloo*--.. v.Mike Dtxon, 90; ?_>. C. Oiri, 9?;
.Ud?? S. 3d,lCl; Khaki, 101; -t-ndred, ' 101 ;
. LaJmoaa, 101; Aunt ?lora, 101; BueUr Ciarli, UK.
FOCRTH RACK ? Four rear-olds and up;
cl_mint; Sia fi-rlimgs. xHi?r*- Obm-aie. KO;
xScvUa, 104; Mia* BunroT*?at??, 108; xj. It.
Harre!], f?t; Heredily, 10?; Posep ?gain, 109;
Ziin. 111.
FIFTH RAC-v-Threc-yro-ivlda; daimin?; S\?
ftirlimgs. xMi? Ivan, 07; -?now Qucss 97;
Little Cote, 101: Baedadinc, 103; Croix D'Or.
:iC, Earnest, 100; Avion. 10B.
? SIXTH RACE?Four-year-olda and up; claim
ing: 1 miie aod 50 ?arda. .1?ndon airi, 105;
Zodiac, 107; White Crown, ' HT ; llalroar. 1?;
Will Soon. 110; Sam Rill. HO; Anatrai, 110;
Ja<- Snipe. HO; Mudai?l. Ili
SEVE*??)*- RACE-Three-year-old? and up:
claiming; lis, miletv. xl?dy L?ngdon. 99: Queen
?Trovato. 9?; xl?dy Joe* Gnry, KB; The Six
Hundred, '06: xl ?loth? J. Motan 106; Cork.
106; Frank Keogh, 106; xSoiid Koct, IB; Al
mino. 110; John Graham, 110.
??Apporen?i-e allowance daim?-1
Dr-uk to Meet Midvas.
Tom Draak. the T?cl-rlum g? applor.
will meet Ivan Mhlva-.. the Hu->sian
Kiant. at the Coliseum nkating rink
on April 10 in ? finish wreaUlng
match, loest two in three falls to count.
Extra Vote Offer Spurs Herald Readers
To Greater Efforts as Bis Campaign
Nears Home Stretch; Result Doubtful
OONTIXri-D ??&?? ?'AGB ONE.
now bearun. All the material in on
th?: ground and it will only b<? a mat
ter of a few -days before thi* **pli n<1;.i
home will be well on It? way tou;*T,i
completion. And It may be too late
when candidates realize the real value
that this home represents Regrel> '
that you did not work harder after
thi? campaign closes will count for
The wise candidates ?re the ones
who will do their beet work between
Mr. Purka reside? at Comorn.
King HeoTge County. Ta-, and
was among the first to enter the
Salesmanship Club. With hie
large circle of Influential friend*
Mr. 1'urks is building up a> bis
vote Manding in the campaign.
He hopee to win the $7,000 home.
now and Aprii 12. Thoee w ho are
wailing for a better offer will certain
ly mlas an opportunity, as there posi
tively will be no better offer during
the remainder of the campaign. ~
tiome easy money will be made by
four of the candidates during the dou
ble vote extra prize period, for the
candidates who secure the largest
number of votes will receive ?900 in
?old, in addition to whatever prixe he .
or she wins at the close of the cam- ;
paign. Two hundred dollars is the
second prize for the candidate who
secure? the second lorgesi list and
?. Ii. ? RKV
H00 for the third prize, and .$50 for the
Remember, all subscription!? that are
new count double the regular schedule
of votes if turned in before April 12.
Tell your friends how? much subscrip
tions count for you, and get their sub
scription in during this period.
All that section of Northwest
Washington east of Fourteenth
street and south of and includ
ing Florida avenue.
Votes '
Miss Mae Bar-bo.2SS.000
Misa M:.no l!il.-kl?-?-.2SS.900
J.icub Brueggcr. 4.000
Mrs. B. II. Bradford. 4.000
P. C. t'urli.?.28.1.000
Edward W. Christian. 5.00t?'
Dr. H. K. Dorm?n. 2.500
Mr.'. S<*villa DuIBn.11. tag
?1. L. Dyer .Sl.OOn
Joseph Eduard?.95.50*1
Abnor l-'rank.". T.oon ?
Mr?, fottio lireen. 06.000.
Bernard Gloriti.?. 7.500
Ml?s Eva Garrison.286.000
Joseph H. Hurley.284.600
G. G. Henderson. 2.500
Miss Catherine P. Jobe.12.500
F. B. Klein.282.500
C. C Miller. 2.500
J. F. McCarter.11.000
Miss Rose O-Neil.15.000
Mrs. Ida O'Neil.IM.7M
Mike Osha. 5.500
Ben Rosenberg.2<*2.OO0
Mr?. Lura F. Richmond. 8.000
Alfred H. Smith.11.000
Edward A. Scott.290.000
Leonard J. Sutherlin. 2.00O
A. Shulman .279.000
Mi?s Josephine TrlpletC. 4.010
Miss Eunice Walton. 2.500
Mrs. Helen Whitmore.26.750
A. J. Wernig.251.000
All that section of Northwest
Washington west of and includ
ing Fourteenth street, south of
and including Euclid and Cal
vert streets aad east of Rock
Andre?? T. Bailey.2ST?.OO0
Edward Burlimi. Jr. 5.500
Henry J. Dei *. ??>.250.250
Charles G. Fleming. 0.0?n
G. A. Felder.284.500
Miss Mary B. Frye. 2.500
Chri?tos D. Georgiou.11.000
Stanley Grant. SI.600 '
Clarence J. Holt.180.500:
Miss Marguerite Jolley.16.500
Dan Loetnh .285,250
Clarence P. Lewis.286,500
Jeremiah J. Maher.187.000
Ceella Smith. 6.600
Miss M?v White.21.500
All of the District of Colum
bia west of Rock Creek, includ
ing Georgetown, Woodie';
Park, Cleveland Park, Reno,
Tennallytown, Chevy Chase,
D. C.
. Votes. ;
Henry F. Blosk.177.000
Miss Florence Dlxon. 54.500
Mrs. Margaret K. Frost.288.000
Jerry P. Harrington. 26.500
George B. Hocy.15.000
?. W. Nyce.286.000
Harry Wakcnight.109.000
That section of Northwest
Washington north of Florida
avenue from North Capitol
street to Fourteenth street, and
north of Euclid and Caivert
streets from Fourteenth street
to Rock Creek, ircluding Pet
worth, Brightwood, Saul's Ad
dition and Takoma Park. D. C.
Mrs. Charles L. Bum.ruft.21.000
L. H. Bergman. 21.500
B. H. Dolby.282,250
Fred Edwards.'. J.250
John K. Espey.22.260.
Wlnfred R. Fry?.....11.000
Carl S. Geot?tnger .285,750
A. G. Griffin.?. 2,500
Miss Louise Jackson. 4.000
John C. King.12.500(
C. A. Metxler. 2.6001
Ho-ward Omohundo. 98,6*0'
W. J Osbornc.253,500,
Mr. DeAtley reside? ?t 151
Ni'tih Carolina avenue southeast.
Althougli h. i? r.i.t listed emong
tbi- leaders in the Salesmanship
Club. Mr. DeAtley ha? a larftf
number of frlen-s-s who ars
borniing for him and It I? likely
lhat li, wili c..on speed up In the
list HI? friend? all .warn to ?*?
him win one of tht big prlxc?.
Herbert F. T'arr.1?.?
William B. Payne.11.0?
C. H Peake .tU.?k
J. W. Smith.??5.750
Mr?. Kstherine Stringer.?2.600
All of Southwest Washington.
Mrs. Julia L. Brandt .269.000
Mis? ??t??? Brown.lit.???
Jacob Bruegger. 6.?*?*?
Mia. Pearl M. Bryant.17?,4)4)4)
J. H. Coukman.211.6??
William 1. Evans.154.???
Mr?. Bessie B. Eckert.2*0.750
c. J. Fernald.2I?.?6?
J. M. Gartrcll.2(5.250
S. Goldman .1??.???
I- D. Hambruugh.287.???
Harval] S. -Herbert.104.64)0
Mr?. Edith G. Twiford. 91.600
Mi?? Elsie Williams. 24.00?
C L. Woolard .2??.2S0
All of Southeast Washing
ton, including Anacostia and
Congress Heights.
Harrv BUS Cher .261.000
Georg? R. Clark.282.50?
Jame-a Coleman. ??.???
Adolph?? K Constsntine_ 35.0041
John R. Croan. ??.??O
Evrard C. De Atlry.147.4)0?
Mrs. Mary 1 >i<c llnann.287,750
Misa Anns Dugan.... 82.000
? G. Gant.28?.600
Mr.?. Mary Hagan .287.750
li? ?Tiard F. Hays.269.500
Raymond L. Hays .281.50"
w. r Jasar?.16?.5??
William W. Keeh-r .264.750
Mia? Mary E. L.*<*.116.25?
Miss Alma Maree-ron. &.??? ?
H'-nry A. Mrlchcr.261.6??
Howard 1" liappold.1?.?<
.? G 1 ??" iman.11.000
That section of Northeast
Washington south ci and in
cluding Florida avenue and
Benning road to Twentieth
street northeast.
W. C. Brady .282.250
Elmer B. Brammel.116.000
Joseph M. Bonifant. (.10?
Mis? Elsie C. Daniel?. 2.500
Hugh D. Digney.289.750
Walter B. Ford .1(5.60?
Mis? Phoebe M. George.21.50?
J. P. Hawkins.2??,250
K. J. Hengstler. ??,500
George J HillOK. 2.60?
Mis. Elizabeth Lofatrand.... 2(0.250
Mra. Ruth Xeely. S.760
Charles O'Donnell. ?1.000
P. J. Shanahan.111.15?
Mlaa Harriet L. Stone.1?7.000
Mrs Lillle Mav Teague. 1?.???
T. D. Tebbs. (?.500
Ralph Tolotta .7.00*>
Mr?. <!. ?. Wood.1(5.??0
Edgar Whtteman.1?0.606
__^_^_ I
All of Northeast Washington
nut included in District No. 7,
including Benning. Kenilworth,
Trinidad, Ivy City, Brookland,
Langdon and Woodridge.
O. F. Baker.2(6.?00
J. E. Hill. ?0.0O?
David ?. Heyeer .181.000
Alphonse Ordey.141.60?
A. Jay Replogle.11L5??
J. E. Thompson.21.?00
Alexandria City and Alexandria
Miss M. Louise Alien. Alex
andria . 17."G"
Samuel M. Aniel!, Alexar.dria
Va. 287.0??
O. L. Briggs, Clarendon. Va .. 282.G??
A. P. Ciomei. West Livingston
Height? .283 50?
Hugh H. Harris. Alexandria. .294,000
IT 1. la? Hew. Cherrydale, Va. 96.600
Mrs. George Rldgeway, Alex
andria .24.600
Jihn Schafe. Alexandria. Va.. ??.60?
Alfred Thomson. Alexandria. ?
Va. .146.00?
Miss Thelma Wilkinion, Cher
rydale. Va.2S6.00?
All of Virginia (except that
territory included in District
No. 9) ; all of Maryland and ail
other States and Territories.
Miss Lavinia Atkins. Wash
ington. Va.1(1,7??
Miss Elizabeth Ball. The
Plains. Va..11.0??
Alex. T. Britton. Chevy Chase,
Md. 4 50?
Mia? Maggie C. Burns. Corna
toli. Md. 2.500
E. C. Cockrill. Warrenton. Va.27?.6?0
Milton H. Comley. Ea?t Fail?
Church. Va.14.0??
Bill Davies. Manas.??? Va....21,???
G. R. Deviti. We?t Falla
Church Va lt.M?
W E De Co?l. Varrrr'or
V? . U?.aSt
Mr. C. II Kvana. Mana????
loil?e Delia Fltxwat.r. -Mokes
'/Hie. Va.114.???
C M Liodaco?*, Welllnvto?.
F. ?. ritstiurK Nlnde? BU>n
Va. Zt?.7M
U J. Olle?. Clifton Forr?. V?.. l.TM
John W Orav. Laurel Md ..111.??.
Lloyd Flammen. \\ ? nne. US... l.taS
? ? Hackney. Mt. Rainier.
Md. Ui.aSS
H L. Marea. Beai ton Vi-Ut.***
-ava rene? Herren VUrahaJl.
R. R. Hlett. Beraryn Md.?l.M?
Mia? ? ?. Hupp, av^r-ry?111?.
V?. .?li.???
Mlaa Marraret Huff. Karl)
vllle, Va.. i.S??
C. M. Houston. Oak Parle Va. Z.M?
William J. Moore. Mt Rainier.
Md. t.aw*
E. E. Owen?. Ana~o?tla. 6la
llon H. Md.Ut.U*
D. R Purka. Comorn. Va. . . .tS!.M?
Alex. C. RsMsd. -acata. Va-Ut.??.
MI?? Arbella Rowale. Amlaa
vllle. Va.12?.???
B. R Rod ?re r?. Faber. Va.. Z.awa
R W. 8wart. Aldie. Va..ISM??
Fred L. Thoma?, Calpeper,
Va. M*_M
J?z_ Orchestre Fumuked Dance
Music Aher Perfonnancr
? Toni?? and F.rnie the two ?el?
I iiamo d April fools, featured a ?ho?
irlvon last ntsTbt at Ui? Pythia?
11? with thetr newest eomedr ooketch
entitled "Nifty Nocwrnae."
? Newman Brown, formerly o?f Gii?
I Kdwarol?? Review. Ju?ulk?B the
I plight of "L-Tisasky at the Weddln?.
( the Hons which he a*np when 1,.
? on the Keith vaudevilli, m*
Other? who took part in tho cnlee.
: tainment were the American H*
' vs ?ilari Quartette, con moot In s of ?
? ward OHI. Looul? Keller, E <~?????:<?
_?nd E-ward Acton. Joe Bombrrst. ro
'*lol?t. and Bert Eberle. Jack Bun
presided at the piano.
The "Tonle and Ernie'? Jazz i_r>
chestra furnlahed music for ,*v danc?
held Immediately after the perform
Drove Away the Chickens.
Sued for $2.000 Damages
L-eo ehul?. 1JS_ Talbert Ftre-el. Ana
, -coatift. flled suit in thr Di#tri
preme i'ourt yesterday for C???
aramM O. H. Coffin for demti.it??? r'
lefred to have been don*-- hi?* property
According to th? declaration, shulx
and CoflLn -entered into *n a_rreemerr
, whereby Coffin vv to occup>
I room of 8h_Nx> home and cultivai
) the (fround aurremn.tij: the house and
I split the profit* den ved from the
Soon alter h*' occupied th-"1 hou??.
Shulc Fiate*. Coffin cut down ?f-on.-*
ire?**? arour.J the nonac, rut duui, t. ?
f'T,ipf .-.lor and allow*, a Hock ?'
chicken* to co astray
Attorney i. Q < .ro-fcnian flled Ih?
Do Not Obey Enemies9
Will. Ludendorf?'s Ad vici
Berlin. April , ?Cenerai Ui?endor'?
acfonrfinc to Fr-eiheit. has advised ih?
Ott-M-H M folio? |
I>o not Mibmit to the will of yo'r
MM nu? ?.- l.K? riot accept a pcae*? ef
annihil?t ?or. ?which France alone
wish**?** to impoi?e *
Thr Fr-rthHt adds that ?of a', m*-*?,.
I.udtndoriT ia the best qualified t?*?
Kivc advic*?* to -ierrnany
Yvonne with her dancing pirli- i?
the artistic ?-ettinp for a com? dy 1? II
at the Cosmos Theater thl- ?a ..
which opens with -mil*--* and ?**?? I
with roar? of h-earty laujrhtcr Yvonne
ts a note-d French dancer, who. ?ith
two charmtnjr assistant*? presents ?
waeefu! offerini; of beautiful dai
features of th?? classic type, hand
some! t costumed It is a bip time ??
ferinir of -genuine merit Wl,.
Walton and Goldit Keatin.>
, foot, -oOO-hundred pounder, and
?ashinc mid set of femininity occur?
a ?-Ode-st place in the bill as ?
tainers from Australia. th. y ? tur.**
very near capturing the honors of
the bill in the comedy line, for th* r
act. which is a novelty ami
funny throughout. The bill opens with
Capt. Belt's "Seals and rompan. .
an Intereatinir and often amusin,.* ?
hibition by four era lions, a monk?"*??
and a Rhode Island Red, which ??
?-Gvel in many respects and contain?
.-ome very ?unusual ?-esturc.- Th
dosine act pr-csonts .?oven of the orn -
inai "HMrvflle liubrs?* in "Tbe '?'
| nor Oros-cr.?? sto:?- " .-? lTnphni-n
the ro'ii-h and tuinM? order Wm
' ny withal, i^harlcs Reilly p.**. ?
monolo-ru*. ?ith .?-om-f? strlkinp up-i? -
?* hits mhich win applause and kl -
? Irish and oih?^r .-???? are suns will, ?
I voice and a flou ri ih that make.
| especially effective. I>ale and Boyl? .
: a t-inffing nnd dancing team, have tl.e
sun'Tis^ oiTering and it made a pro
nounced hit at vrj-terday's fho?
Henry Walthall is the ?tar of the bi-?
matin?***? photoplay. "False Faoea.' ??
thrillinp war story with the usual
I romane***- element. "The Village
| Smith> " a Hack -levinvu comed>.
i the l'allie News and the Bray Plct<
| graph? arc the other film feature? of
an entertaining bill.
Feliow^p Y. M. C. >_
The f'-lluwahi-j ?upper of tho Y. M
: ?-, ?. ia to ba held thia evening- ?t
o. oi-lork In the naanntili hall or
entrai Y. il. o-, a .. 17? G ?tre<*t
iioi'ih-Keat, when the f-vjeat? will he
the new members of the **Y." Ileoi
nctt Sprintrer ?? to entertain with
feats of macie, and Cap- ?. R.
? nott will tell ?hat he raw in a
i.ermtsn dtif-nut
Friedlander Bros.
95 Dozen Men? Neckwear
?fonnerl> ?old
$1.00?today onl*
-?formerly ?old at G G
Bowie Races
13 Days
April 1st to 15t_. iDclu-ivf
Special train? leave Whit?
House Slatinn. 15th and '
N. K- et 3:16 and 1 :?? ? m 'ti
1-e Wf^ B. * ? Braetrt- |i?v
Gent?. $1.65 Ladit? Jl 10
_I_t_B?_i War Tax._

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