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Chairman of Shipping
Board Requested to Fur
nish Congress Program.
>ciiator Jones, who will be chair
man of the next Commerce Commit
tee, yesterday called upon Chairman
Hurley of the Shipping Board to sub
mit to Congress as soon as possible
?omprehensive plans for the handling
and future developments of the mer
chant marine.
Jones said In an open letter to Hur
ley that while mistake? have been
made the time for criticism has pasted
and said thai partisanship should have
mo place in determining future policies.
"I have read with much interest,
your speech before the National Ma
rin?* league, in which you outlined a
plan for dealing with the question,"
Jones wrote. "It is not entirely clear
whether the plan you suggest is simply
your own or whether It is on? that
has been worked out and approved by
the Inited States Shipping Board.
"If it is your own individual plan.
G want to urge most respectfully
that it deals with a matter that
should have the earnest and most
prompt consideration of tho Ship
ping Board. Congress will meet
before long. It should proceed
promptly to the consideration of
this important matter. The recom
int*udations of tho Shipping Board
of a plan well considered and care
fully matured by it will ;nd the
commute? very greatly in this work.
"Only so far as it may help In the
futuro ani I disposed t?> criticize ur
investigate things already done.
Hearty co- operation of the mem
bers of the Shipping Board with
rach other and their unified efforts
as a board in co-operation with the
committee are Imperatively neces
sary if the best results are to be
Intimidated Occupants with Pistol
and Searched House.
A daring attempt at robbery in one
of th?? most densely populated sections
ol Washington was reported to the
police yesterday by Mrs. Herman Eta
man, 13BS Fairmont street northwest,
who told th*; police that a colored do
ri?? s tie known by the name of "Lixsie"
had held up her and her sister, Mr?-?.
James Reed, of St. 1-ouis. at the point
of a pistol and ransacked the house.
After searching the house the n*1
sress fled out the back door and es
caped, leaving in her wake a loaded
pistol which she had used to intimi
date Mrs. Kisman. Nothing of value
m\a?a oota ined by the woman, as all
Ihe lewelry and money was locked up,
Th*- domestic is described as being 22
years old. '? feet ? Inches, 130 pounds,
wearing a dark cape with tan lining,
blue serge skirt, black slippers und a
man's hat.
Devil Does to Tour
In Aid of Victory Loan
How th? Mannes downed Ihe
Huns ut Rei lau Wood will be dem
? ustrated by a detail of the "Devil
pogs." scheduled to tour Ohio and
raits of Pennsylvania. West Vir
ginia and Kentucky to boost the
r? ? I liberty loan.
Plans for the tour now are being
worked out by Marine Corps officers
her*- at (he susrcestlon of M II.
!..? indu ?, Cleveland, director of the
liberty loan pubi ir it ? committee of
th* Fourth Federal Reserve dis
Announces Protests in Case of Miss Alice
Wood Under Consideration with Con
clusions Cornine Later.
Communicatlona ?G High School
Teachers* Association, Grade Teach
ers' Union* and Federal Employes'
Union in regard to Alice U Wood,
teacher at Western High School, are
being considered by the board and
aa soon as possible conclusions will
be made to tha several Associations.;
was the announcement made by
?eorge E. Hamilton, president of
the Board of Education, at the ses
sion of the board held yesterday
In private conference, however,
the decision was reached that let
ters defying the attitude of the
separate organizations for a public
hearing of Miss Wood's case would
be sent out by Mr. Hamilton, in
which he would state that the board
was willing to fight the request
through the District courts, accord
ing to statements made by several
of the board members.
Defer? Reqaeat
Tiie request of the privilege of
the Thomson Community Center to
use a portion of the school basement
I to store community produce and in
? stall an ice-chest was deferred.
; Superintendent Thurston believed
that this decision would In a ? way
i establish a precedent throughout
? the city and should be reserved for
further consideration.
Mrs. iniPa Scott Raft, president or
j th*? Cnngresa of Mothers, will confer
? with Superintendent Thurston In re
! gard to the establishment of a kin
j ilergarten luncheon at the Old Central.
I HKh School.
Resolutions of regtet will be formu-I
la ted by the board upon the death of
Mies Carl Louise Garrison, which oc
. currad Marcii IS. after a service of
t .9 years in the public schools.
Tlie question of enlarged playground
facilities for the Webster and Abbott
schools were referred to District Com
missioners for action.
A communication of the Polish So
ciety of Washington that the Polish
language be taught in the public
school^ of the District waa deferred
for later action.
The following changes in the per
sonnel of the District schools was yea
terday passed upon:
1 [?!'??' n?' """ '-?
! Appoint the following: Ruth Den
ham, temporarily, teacher class 6-A,
at Central High; B. A. Yoder. tem
porarily teacher class 6-A. Central
High; MraTX C. Smith, teacher class
6-?. at McKinley; R. C. Bums, tem
porarily, teacher class 6-A, at McKin
ley; Mrs r! A. Hussey temporarily.
I teacher class 6-A. at Western High;
Mrs. E. G. Hoffman, temporarily,
teacher class 6-A. at Central High?;
Mrs. N*. T. Coon, temporarily, teacher
claaa '?'?. domestic science: Olna ITudler.
? teacher class 6-A, at Central High;
Mrs T.. W. Nave, temporarily, teacher
i fourth grade, at IT. I >. Cooke School;
! Mrs. V. K. Scrivener, temporarily. K.
j ?.. at Takoma; Elizabeth Morton,
temporarily, teacher third grade, at
? Brookland; Mrs. Ci. A. Gerbich, tfcrach
| er claaa "-. at Blow School ?speciali:
?Mrs N, D. Gammell. teacher class 2.
' nt Brent; Blanche Thomas, temporari
I ly, teacher third grade at West; ?. G*
1 Hen-dry, teacher eighth grade, at E. V.
j Brown; Mrs. K. H. Hess, temporarily,
ten cher tirst grade at ?G. D. Cooke,
I Elizabeth Brown, temporarily, sixth
| grad-a, at Gage; Mrs. I.eRov Barton.
' temoorarily. teacher in school gardens.
Delia Truiss. temporarily, teacher
fourth grade at Edmonds: Elizabeth
Clover, temporarily, teacher third
grade at Peabody; Rcba Johnson.
temporarily, teacher first grade at
Dent; Mrs. E. J. Middour, temporar
ily, teacher third grade at Eaton;
Mrs. It. A. Kondurant. temporarily,
teacher third grade at Greenleaf;
Mrs, H. C. Schertz. temporarily.
teacher third grade. Domeetic Sci
ence; Mr?. IU B. Beisel, teacher class
3. Domestic Science; L. L. Thomas,
principal at Van -N'es?; Alice Gil
son, temporarily, teacher sixth grade
at Van Ncs?; R. J. Gray, tempor?r-,
ily, community secretary at Dovejoy;
A. N. Turner, probation teacher'
class 2 at Garnet; Frank Wood, coal-j
passer at Central; Mary Shorter,
caretaker at Emery; Clarence Moore,
laborer at Garnet; M. B. Stevens,;
temporarily, community >anitor atj
1'etworth; Clarence Berkeley, tem
porarily. Janitor at Cleveland Com
munity Center; W. H. Herbert. Jani
tor at Western Community Center.
Real?; ned.
Accept the resignation of Mar
guerite Golze, teacher, flrst grade at
Cooke; E. A. Jensen, teacher at Mc-,
Klnley Night; C. S. Fenton, teacher
at McKinley Night; M. E. Whttzell, |
teacher at Western Night; M. K. F. |
Swartzcll. teacher at Business Night; |
K. E. Hill, teacher at McKinley Night; ?
C. A. Ossire, teacher at Business j
Night; V. G. Cole, teacher at Busi
ness Nicht; G. A. Coleman. teacher at
Armstrong Night; Robert Wilson,
Janitor at Brightwood Park.
Promote the following: B. II. Ilet
field. from second grade at Brooklaml
to class 3, Physical Training; F. II.
I*prterfleld. from third to second
grade at Brookland; G. B. Wilder,
class 3 to class 4. in Special Schools;
F. E. Thompson, class -' to class 3.
Special Schools; ?. ?. Taylor, from
K. A. at Dent, to K. P. at Seaton;
Elsie Biret, teacher, fourth grade at
Edmonds, to tlfth grade at Wallach;
S. ?. De?sez, fourth to fifth grade at
E. V. Brown; I'. C. Du.Mez, from Brat
at Dent, to fourth grade at E. V.
Brown; James Douglass. laborer at
Garnet to Janitor at Brightwood Park.
Transfer the following: L. O. Bur?'
roughs, from second grade at Brent
to foreign class at Old Central; J.
D. Mason. ?. G. at Seaton to foreign
class at Old Central; J. A. Smith,
from sixth grade to class 4, roach
Ingat Wallach-Towers; I. E. Myrth.
from fifth to sixth grade at Wal
lach-Towers; E. M. Allwine. from
feurth grade to coaching class at
Wallach-Towers; L. A. Mercier.
I from third grade at Peabody to
'fourth grade at Wallach-Towers; O.
? G. Meyer, from fifth grade at E. V.
Brown to second model at Johnson,
; temporarily.
Leavea ?I Abaenee.
Grant leave of absence to the follow
ing: Alma Boyd, teacher class *>A
at Central High: I. C. Eakln. teacher
class 6? at McKinley; F. E. Berg,
third grade at West; M. E. Whttzell.
teacher 6th grade nt Gage: Mrs. A. A.
Nevltt, teacher fifth grade at Bright
wood; Lily Buehler. teacher sixth
grade at Van Ness; K. J. Myers, as
sistant director of kindergartens (c);
C. ?. Shippen. on leave of absence.
Changea In \nmea.
Change the names of the following: '
S. E. Havre, third grade at ("ranch to I
Mrs S. E. Dyer; H. E. Queen, teacher |
! at Dunbar to II. Q. Anderson.
Got to Pay Rent Here.
Springfield. 111.. April 2.?Where!
? do we go from here? Springfield's
1 annual moving day. Just after elec
'tion, fizzled this year when it was
? found all houses are jammed.
Can't Fool a Cop.
Boston. April 2.?A woman's purse
| on the sidewalk didn't attract many
(takers yesterday, but Policeman
?Gordon, risking a joke, found the!
; purse was fat with real money.
Gain in Revenue Indication
Of Business Prosperity
Since Armistice.
Increasing postal revenues prove the
country ha? been developing peace
prosperity since the armistice. Assist
ant Postmaster General ?. M. Dock
ery told delegates to the National Pos
tal Conference yesterday.
Postal revenues in December, 1918,
showed an increase of five per cent
over those for the same month of
1917. Dockery said. In January the
increase waa twelve i>er cent, and In
February ten per cent.
The normal annual increase in postal
revenues is sightly less than seven
per cent the present year, poatottlce
records show.
Betterment *l< -??*.?? r_ ?*. l*o*tpont>d.
I.ocal chambers of commerce and
other civic organizations are urged ??;
co-operate with city postmaster? in
planning betterment of the service In
a report made to the conference by a
committee appointed to consider* bet
terment suggestions. Among other
betterment measures, the committee
recommended return receipts for reg
istered mail, quicker payment of In
demnities for insured parcel post
claims, establishments of separate
parcel post stations, faster delivery
of third-class matter, government
ownership of motor vehicles to collect
and deliver mail, nnd adoption of a
system by which the needs of super
annuated employes may be provided
Visit to France for Purpose of First
Hand Information.
Representatives Madden. MeKlnley
and Yates, of Illinois, left Washington
for France yesterday. They will sail
from New York tomorrow. The trip
has no official significance, It waa
stated before their departure from tlie
capital. Mr. Madden said he wanted
to make a study of conditions In the
American Expeditionary Forcea with a
view of ascertaining what remedial
legislation should be passed by the
next Congress.
Mr. Madden Is ranking Republican
member of the Postofflce Committee.
He will pay particular attention to the
mail service on the other side. Mem
bers of the Senate and Hou.se have
been swamped with complaints against
the soldiers' mail service.
Anti-Prohibition Forces Regain Lost
Territory in Latest Ejections.
Madison. Wis., April 2.?"Wets" to
day had regained ground lost in pre
vious elections in Wisconsin towns
and cities.
In yesterday's vote on the question
Madison, the State capital; Superior.
the second city, and Ashland, Beloit,
Edgerton, Stoughton and Evansville
went wet.
Madison. Superior. Ashland and Ed
gerton had previously voted dry.
The majority for the liiiuor forces
here was S19. The drys carried the
city a >car ago by one vote. The wet
majority at Ashland was close to 3-X?
votes. At "Superior the majority was
only is.
Giggle Jails Fake Hero.
Elizabeth. N. J.. ApriJ _.?Will
iam Ham was a success as a war
hero tintil an Inquisitive Jersey girl
tickled his wooden leg. whereupon
he giggled. Jailed.
Mission Comes to Present
Formal Request to U. S.
A Filipino mission will reach Wash
ington today to present a formal re
quest to the United States govern
ment for independence.
Manuel L?. Quenzon. president of the
Filipino senate, declared yesterday
that "should independence be grant
ed the islands, the world would know
the people of America, are indeed
liberators rather than conquerors.
"My people," he added, "deem It
Just and fitting at this time to pre
sent formally to the Tutted States
government the plea for Independ
ence with a view to its linai and sat
isfactory accomplishment. The mis
t-don comes to accompany this appeal
with frank assurances of good will.
friendship and gratitude toward the
United States.'?
Quezon added that the islands had
shown their loyalty by taking $100,000,
000 In liberty bonds and organizing a
division of fighting troops which the
armistice prevented seeing active
The personnel of the committee is:
Manuel L. Quenzou, Rafael Palma,
Dionisio Jakosabni, Pedro M. Sis?n,
V. Singson Encarnaci?n, Hafael Al
unan, Emiliano Tria Tirona, Gre
gorio Nieva, Mariano Encueta. Man
uel Escudero, Pedro Aunarlo. Pab
lo Ocampo, FMlemon Pere?. Jose
Heyes, I ?elfin M-iihlnay, Ceferino do
?tenn, Professor Jorge Bocobo.
Tomas Rarnshaw, Pedro Gill,
Mauro Prieto, Juan ?. Alegre, Garlos
Cuyugan. Marcos Roces, Gretotio Sin
glan. Gabriel I,a O, < 'risanto Evan
gelista. Jaime C. de Veyra. Teodoro
R. Vangco. Quint?n Paredes, Conrado
Beni tez, Enrique Altavas, Camilo
Oslas, Jose A. Santos, Maximo M.
Kalaw. Julian 1? O, Jorge ?. Vargas.
Bernab? Busta mante, Guillermo Ca
brera, Arsenio ?. Luz, Krancisco Va
Germany's Finest Liners Will Be
Used by Americans.
Troop shipments home are being
greatly speeded by the addition of
German liners secured for the pur
Advices to the Navy Department
yesterday stated that the liner
Prince Frederick Wilhelm has been
turned over hy the German;?, making
seven of the twelve borrowed ves
sels now available for us.
The Imperator, largest of the
boats, will he delivered about May
1. according to information to Act
ing Secretsry of the Navy Roose
velt. The Finistre. another German
vessel to bring home Yanks, is now
taking a load of repatriated Ger
mans from England back to the
She will start for the United
States In about ten days loaded with
Army Rules .014 Alcohol
In Beer Is Intoxicating
Mure bad news for the brewers.
The army has set Its fsce against
beer with only MA alcohol. That is
the army heads have.
Secretary Baker has approved an or
der thst 1.4 per cent alcohol beer shall
be considered "Intoxicating" and hence
banned for men in uniform.
Medical experts In the army ruled
that beer of that strength would in
toxicate the average healthy soldier
if enough was taken on.
Southeast Washington
Personal News Notes
I Southeast civic bodies are to make
a strong bid for the location of small
factories in this section, and to this
end the R?ndle Highlands' Association
has already instructed R. F. Brad
I bury to prepare the necessary data
and present It to the Merchants* As
sociation, which organization Is active
in the movement to induce factories
to locate within the Districi Mr.
Bradbury said yesterday that the
Southeast offered unusual opportuni
ties for factories, chiefly among them
being the fact that the ground suit
able for this purpose was situated
along a branch of the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad, also close to the water
front, and a high pressure electric
line ran along the railroad right of
way, which could be utilised to fur
nish power for the operation of ma
Bradbury feels that the Southeast
offers much better facilities even than
the land in the vicinity of Alexandria,
as suggested by many business men of
the city as the proper place for the
location of any factories that might
be induced to come here. Mr. Brad
bury, in his request, will ask the com
mittee In charge of the matter, to
make a personal inspection to see the
splendid opportunities offered. He also
calls attention to the fact that the
steel plant is already located on this
line, and one of the largest factories
in the District, also several smaller
factories have located along this rail
road and river. It la expected that
other civic bodies will take similar
action in the near future with the
hope of getting results.
Anacostia Council. No. l?t Daughters
of America, held a meeting last night
In Haines hall In Good Hope road
southeast, when degree work was ac
complished, and applicatlona received
for membership. A number of visit?n?,
were present, attd the work was un
usually attractive. At the close of the
business, a social time was enjoyed.
Mrs. Joseph J. Mundell, wife of
Lieut Dr. Mundell. U. S. N., of Maple
View avenue southeast, has return
ed to her home following* a visit
of several days with relatives in
Ch leago.
Community Center Notices.
"Food for the Family" will be the
subject of a talk and demonstration
by Miss Miller of the Department of
Agriculture nt the Thomson Com
munity Center tonight at 8 o'clock.
? The Washington and Alaska Society
will meet this evening at S.30 at the
Thomson Community Center. People
from this state, especially war work
ers and men in the military" servie?**,
are Invited. There will be a short ad
dress and program and then dancing.
The gymnasium of the Wilson
Normal Community Center is open to
women every Thursday night under
the cure of a careful Instructor.
The Home Economic lecture at the
Wilson Normal Community Center at
_? o olov-k this afternoon is on "One
Hundred Caloric Portions." This
I eoiir.?*?? is open to all women of th?
I community.
Garnet Community Center is op-en
this evening Cor its usual activities.
which Include Home Eronomics, Boy
I Scouts, classes in embroidery and
, other needlework and the Community
I Cadets.
Dunbar Community Center has Its
? regular dance for the young people
I tonight at 8 o'clock. Distribution to
the Buying Club will be between the
hours of Sand 10. Basket-ball teams
use the gymnasiums.
Birney Social Club, the Community
Buying Club and the library' end club
room are the attractions at the Birney
Community Center today.
The regular mer ting of the Lad lea'
Benevolent Society of St. Tinaaa
Church waa held laat night In the
church, with Mi?? Mary O'Leary.
preaident. In the chair. Report? of
committee? were presented, and (
work asslg-nrd. The ?ociety reporta
but little sickness among It? mom
ber? at th? preaent time.
The work of taking down the old
building? In the newly acquired land
of the navy yard, between M and O
and Ninth and leventh streets, waa
begun yeaterday with a large force
of sailor? and Marine? on the Job, and
the work of erecting new building?
will be Ftarted Just a? ?oon a? the
ground 1? cleared. The notice of Com
mandant Willard at the yard that all
familie? must vacate by the l?t of
April was heeded, and It was unneces
sary to evict anyone. Several, how
ever, remained until the last day of
March before moving. Within the
ground? at preaent there i? stored
large quantities of guns and other val
uable material, and guard? have been
placed around the property to pro
tect it.
The Commissioners have authorised
the re?urfaclng of M street soutt\ea*-t
from New Jeraey avenue to FounTi
street and the work i? to be com
menced within the next few days. This
is an improvement that ha? aaaa de
sired by the residents of that vicinity
for a long time.
An unusual ?ight ?t tli<* fun<-r?l
service? Tuesday of Ml?? Mary 1".
Goodwin, daughter "f Mr and Mr?*.
William St. Goodwin, *?hicli ?ram
held from the Chun h of tlie In
carnation at Congress Heidin- wa.?*
the fact that six of her brothers
were pallbearer? ?t the funeral, and
two other brothers served on the
altar In the church.
Rev. c. Tt. Weedon conduct*-d the
special l^enlen service last evening in
Emmanuel Episcopal Chunh. it being
one of a serle? of services he 1? con
ducting at this church until Easter
Rev W. O. Roome. Jr., rector of the
church, went to fit. Anges' Church to
conduct the service?.
Ninety-six Reductions of Higher
Officers Have Been Made.
War generals of the American arm;,
are rapidly pulling off their shoulder
stara and finning on the eagle or the
maple leaf.
To date sixty-six general officers
have be-en returned to their regular
army status. Thirty-four brigadier
g?nerals have been made colonels and
twenty made lieutenant colon* :> T???
brigadier general.* are now captai;:.?-?.
A total of ninety-six reductions from
emergency rank have been made.
Incomplete Reports
Show Unemployment
A small increase in un? mi-lo^m-m
throughout the ? ountr> ? - indicated
bv incompk-te report- to the I'nited
tSttiteft Kmployment Servi .
Thirty-Mx cities, which a me.k ago
reported unemployment u' l-'V*???. now
estimate that the surplus labor has
increased to 13.??.
The c-mT'lnvment a*rr\ iee> ? ? 1? -
rraphic ixpoiis on unemployment j
have been delayed Nxauce of th<
closins of about 300 branch offices.
20 Yean for SUeace.
N**w York. April :*.??Liberty or
Sing Sine. Justn ' \V?r-k.? offerf-d
Gustav? tiillaum?. 19. member of a
bandit gang. if he would turn
State's evidence. Gillaume took
Twenty years.
Mrs. Sto_dar<_ Tells
Traits Which Aioed ir
| Allied Victory.
"The Land of Foch" waa th.
ject of an illuatf-aled leotun
?o?s-or-re Wnahlnarton I nlverauv
? ntKht by Mr?. Florence Jackaon
dard, author and traveler an.
? alumna of ths? university. Foil
'Baague ell lien and Mr, .-i.odsnrj
Intimale acquai Mance ?uh t hi - -J
l'Io*, acquired loot*! thixoufh ?lud) ~J
travel, enahled her to poo-Ira.? ht\\
baalo* trait? that e-plain the ?uee
of the fatnou? Kreneh ?t? nor.] Mr?]
Stoddard waa Introduced b> I?r. u i|J
lam Miller Collier, prealdent ?,? ? rj
lsanc-un K. Mitchell, poet and in ?
' ?niht. nave loading? fron, hu
| work? at chap. 1 o ?, rei???,
?t the unlveralty. Mr Vile?
? known work? ai*e "Reeky -snarp *
?Th. New York Idea/' 11. ?
?on of the late Dr. ?j. Weir MltcMk
I famous novellM. '
I Proposal to Abolish Commi:?moi
For One-Man Control
Nashville, Tenn. April :' -Wh. H -*r
I ?r not the commission gov? rtn-> %
Memphi*? will |e ? h-olii.h.-d In fa *
R - it} tri_.r.?-_ef will b* t
-day in the loner houwe of ih%
I St at*? legislature. Thi.- ?.,
1 d?-?ided today m'hen Bepr* 'sei ?
?B-M1 had th<- charter bill made ?
ci.il order for that dat??.
Mad this action not G*??.?? taire? 't?_
fate of the in-aKure would hai
j Known thli afternoon. m? it ?'ia
. ?chnd d.-d to rome up with th* r? ?._??.
lar order of business. Realisti
they did not have enough \ o
put over the bilL adv ...
plan imnv-diat-Hy got busy to I-ost-J
pone action.
Infant MorUlihr Lifkt
Litchfleld, 111.. April ?.?Juatets
Orpin found the judging* busin???
unprofitable ?n be tri? d a s ?
I_i?t April, two rabbits: tl.i? AprMJI
fifty rabbita and $76. How ran >???
??top 'em**" he ???? I'd_
? A happy discovery of C
; nati chemist interests *
women here \
Your h'ich hmmU bar?? put eortis
.?n your to. ? und rail?.**-- ? CHI
feet but mrhy tare nom?
A >r> f m u ? in OnHnnati fiacn?. ? 1
a mairi'' ether nHnpovn. ?and n?n"'**4
..on? . A tiuariT "un" of
this freexon?* can now b?* iiad *t
?t?> drue stor- for a .? w rent? ?Vp
ply .1 few drops ol? youi
p- ; up ? ore ?
t?? m disappears ?nd sh -Ttl ?
w ill find the ?urn or . alii
vhriveled and loon** that yon ' fi t
j uff will) your tin*.
Just thi ah. You pet rid of ?~
if.in. t-^fx corn or ? ? ore h*
the toe.?. AF w. II a?* harden??'
- for h few e?- nts with#Hit suf?
I f>tin/K on? partici??, with?*?!
| (.lichtest Irritation of the mrround
I inL* skin. Just a touch of thl? m?*
; v? Ion* fre**?oee on a son
! : ont? corn ?,\ ? - instant reli? f ???*?.

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