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Would Sell Government
Vessels to Private Own
ers on Easy Terms.
Sala of government-owned ships to
piftsts owners on liberal term# aa the
r.sat atrp in bunding op America's i
p^n time merchant marine wu rec
samnM by three ipsa Iran before
tlje shipping conference here yester
^ A_ 5- Franklin. bead of fba In
ternational Mercantile Marine, atfrla
?d that tba wood steamers and other
wtli under MOD tons be abandoned
%aue they ware not suitable for
fafrelgn trade. (
lie then tmted that a "liberal bafld
>1^ poller" be proceeded with.
Jxher recommendations by rranklln
That a comprehensive policy be ad
her-d to by tba gtmrnmrat ao that
aftrchaur of ahlpa may know under
wiat poller be la to work.
the bttlldlag of a merchant
marine cannot be successful unless
the hand of the yorarmaent Is with
That there should be no alteration
laths seamen's act to reduce wages.
Rranklln and other speakers also
?<M that it might be necessary for
the government to take considerable
lota when its ships aro sold if the
Anerlcan vessels are to compete wtth
those built more cheaply In foreign
Be mi trie 5
Cssssl Pay Msi* Thaa Porelssrrs
'We cannot sea how American buy
er* can pay more than foreign com
petitors." said Edward ST. Purlins. of
11^ United Sstales Chamber of Com-!
Kmil P. Albreeht. president of the
Pbtladelphia Bourse, declared that
conditions micht make necessary a .
peftcy amounting to ship subsidies.
'I f we are to bare a merchant ma
'*? must pay for it." Albreeht!
237 Quarts of Whisky
Found in Outo Driven
; By Charles Ehlers.
^rass buttons and & Metropoli
tan police badge do not mean that
tl*e wearer may run "shorty" into
arid Washington with Impunity,
and therefore Charlea Ehlers. a
bicycle policeman attached to Pre
cinct No. 5 is under arrest on a
rflfarge of bootlegging.
Detectives Marks and Little, sta
tf6ned on the Bladensburg road,
?topped and searched an enclosed
c*r Thursday night. They found a
cargo of 137 quarts of whisky.
Ehers was taken to"* Precinct""No.
C. where* he was divested of his
b^flffe. The whisky was distrained.
Aobert L Mller. serving- as Ehl
erV attorney, effected hi^ release by
depositing $1,000 as collateral. Ehl
ers has been suspended from the
police force.
Charles R- Harris, colored, of 424
O street northwest, is said to be
tbe owner of the car which Ehlers
Arlington Horse Show
Closes This Afternoon
Last Day Will Witness Spirited Competition
for Championship of
Nearby States.
With tlx championship cluica and
? aerie* of military rrenta on the
program, the tenth annnal National
Horse Show wfll cloae at Arlington
Park thl* afternoon.
Only winner* of bine and red rib
bons will be entitled to eoateet for
the championship horae. hunter and
aaddle horse claasea?the reaulta to
decide the championship for nearby
High Jomptnr was the featnre of
yeat?rday*a program, and with the
entrance of aexeral new horsea Into
the show rfnp. horae lovers crowd
ing the randstands were given an
exhibition of unusually One Jump
Bally Heather, Willow 'Kin* and
Clinker, the three bay geldings belong
ing to the Olen Riddle Farms, con
tinued their record made In previous
entries and carried off the rfobona in
several classes.
Bally Heather won the blue ribbon
It the middle-weight hunters class,
and Clinker carried off second honors
In the same claas. Third and fourth
places want to Wise Old Indian, owned
by Andrews and Holloway. and West
berry. the big bay, belonging to Den
nis Urson.
Enlisted Slea Compete.
Unlisted men were given an oppor
tunity to exhibit their skill an horse
men In the post entry for the Eleventh
Cavalry cup.
The cup was won by Sergt. Stewtek
on Teddy, a bay owned by J. F. Mor
ford. Private McFaden. of Fort Myer.
rode the horse that took second place.
Third and fourth places went to horses
r.dden by Privates Kromer and Fem
Post entries in the Jumpers class
for the cup presented by Mrs. Elbert
Clarke in the name of her thorough
bred. "Sir Evelyn.'* resulted in a blue
rtbbon for Eye Opener, owned B. E.
U, Redmon and ridden by Mias
Preece. Mrs. Agnes Oayle Johnstone
took third and fourth prizes with her
two horses. Virginia and Rosebud.
Rosebud was ridden by Mlsa Gayle
Mis* da Pent an Exhibitor
Miss Marion du Pont appeared as
an exhibitor for the first time yester
day. carrying ;iway first place in the
ladies saddle class with her mare.
Marjory More land. Mrs. Allen Potts,
of Virginia, took the third ribbon in
this cla^s with rackette, her chestnut
"Silver rest'" a bay gelding owned
by Frederic McEIhone. and consid
ered by many the best Jumper shown
this year at Arlington Park, again
won tirst honors in the light-weight
hunter class.
Genevra, owned and ridden by
Brig. Oen. Mitchell, was awarded
second place.
Cavalry men from Fort Myer. and
the Construction Division stationed
in Washington, staged a Roman race
following the horse show. Four
"cowboy" riders from Fort Myer also
gave an exhibition of trick riding.
Cl&aa 52. jumpers for enlisted mm?First priae.
Teddy, Servt. Stewtek: aeocud prize. horse rid
den by Pn-rale McFaden; third peiw. borte
ndden by Pnraie Komcr; fourth priae. borae
ridden by Private Frmmamare.
CIm 3D, saddle ponies? First pet*. IfeOte.
Liopd Moore; second prize. Nancy. Clarence
Moore. Two entries.
Claaa 2*. roadsters?Ftr*t prize. Merceda. Oliver
T. Stonestreet; semnd prize. Lord EU?er,
diver T. Stooeatreet. Two *atzlea.
Claaa 57. hunters?First prize. Silver Crrat.
Frederic McBhoco; second prize. JfMie Dear,
Mra Walter McfL Jonea; third prize. Blue
Rock. Andrews and Holloway: fourth prize,
Generra. Bria Gen. William Mit<iielL
Claaa W. novice bnnters? First prize. Will '!?,
F1 L. Redmon; second prize. Homea?ain. Brig.
Gen. William Mitcfreil; third i*ize. Skylark.
Wiufh Glaaoock; fourth prize. Lady G? Nor
man and Norman.
Cla* ?. lady's saddle hnnes-FVst prize.
Marjory Morwiand. Mi*a Marion tin Poot: second
pn/e. Vanity Box. Caaaili# Farm; third prise.
Crackette. Mr? Allen Potta; fourth prize. Bet
sey Roaa. A. W. Atkinson.
Claaa 53. Jumpers-Flrat prize. Eye Opmer,
Bakery Specials
I French Tarts, Fruit Fillings, Crows' ^ests,
Poker Rolls, Neapolitans
| Pies, Cakes, Assorted Cakes, Fresh Rolls
and Crullers.
M ?
Table d'Hote Dinner, 4 to 8 P. M.
(Formerly die Tea Cop Inn)
611 12th St N. W.
in what ways you ate (pending money unneces
Your check book will tell you. Put your
money in a Checking Account in this institu
tion each week or month and pay your bills
and expenses by check.
You will then have a complete record of
the purpose and amount of each expenditure
and can easily plan to eliminate wasteful items
'jSaaT ' Mra.
Mlm Gvb Johnotnaa PM mtn
? Uia B. local banter*?Flat (rti* Wk?*r
Bator. Vint Bill flma; mill priaa. J art*
Dm Ma Waltar MaK Jmm; third nrtio.
0?m. BW? ta. William Moduli: lourtto
prljs, n~^ k, (tttuMf.
Clas & galtad oaddla ham-Fine Of>
oar Dm Awtt CbaoWy; Band prim. Jack
lata. Am Coontor: third prt?. Clan CM*.
<>U? Maadon ruu; foorth ??n*r.
E. Ia RoaaaArfd.
Clia 41. nmWmllKi honm-Tlnt trim, TrU
(Ml. Chiouia rum; ?nd prim Battlv. Mia
CathHlno I Hollow; third prix?. Oan. P?r
?lunf. A. W. Atkinaon; fourth prite. GUn
Chlaf. Oka Mmdoas noma
CUm ?. hanUra-rint prist. Billy HmIIw,
Qlea Rididla Karma: saaond priae, Itinkac.
Glen Biddla f?r third i*i*. Wlw Old In
dian. Ualim and. Hollow; fourth prlaa.
Weatbovry. Dannla 0|ml
Otaaa ?, ilmpai. ocas dw Flnt prior.
Jutland. Q no din 8UMaa; oaoond potao, Km
Oponar. t b BadBM: third prlaa. Tin dor,
Vln BUI n?l; fourth nrlie. Betel. Mn. W.
Sinclair Bora.
Paris. May 13.?Who?ver wrote the
reply- to Germany*? note on the eco
nomic peace terms?and the report
was strong- here tonlht that ft was
drafted by Americans?minced jio
words. An a diplomatic document
in the midst of peace neotiations It
stands unique for its brutal frank
ness and severity of language. Here
are a few examples:
"The sacrifice of her larger ship
ping- is the inevitable end necessary
penalty for the ruthless campaign
which she waged in defiance of all
laws and precedents."
"It is a very moderate share of
a loss for which her own criminal
deeds have been responsible."
"They (German territories) have es
caped the shocking fate which was
dealt out by the German armies.
-It cannot be forgotten that among
the most wanton act* perpetrated by
the German armies was the almost
complete destruction by her of the
coal supples of Northern France. An
entire industry was obliterated with
Exercises Will Be Interna
tional in Characters
With Big Parade.
Independence Day In Willi In (ton
will be celebrated this year in a
manner truly International In scope
and In keeping with the spirit of
unity manifested amonc the elvll
Ixed nations emerflar from the
world war.
Joining with the people of Wash
ington tn the pageant spectacles
and pa.ide which will feature the
day heiV thla year, wtll be a large
number of other nations represent
ed In accredited manner to the gov
ernment of the United States and
lending emphasis to their partici
pation by floats, tableaux and dele
gations typifying the spirit of good
feeling that la felt between the peo
ple of this country and of their own
lands. |
The celebration In Washington t?
being arranged by a committee of
cttlsens of the city and through I
whom the participation of the peo
ple here and of embassies and lega
tlona Is being arranged on a more
extensive plan than In any previous
The central committee, - through
whom the festival Is bring organ
ized. consists of Franklin K. Lane,
Secretary of Interior, honorary
chairman; Commissioner Louts
Brownlow, active chairman, and
a calculation and savagery which tt
will take many years to repair.
"Every country is called upon to
suffer. There Is no reason why Ger
many, which was responsible for the
war. should not suffer also.
?"Indeed, so far as pillage and de
vastation Is coocerncd. her territories
have not suffered at all.
"She cannot escape unscathed. The
share which she is being called upon
to bear of the enormous calamity has
been apportioned by the victors not
to her deserts, but solely to her ability
to bear It.
"eHr hardship will arose not from
the conditions of leace, but from the
acts of those who provoked and pro
longed the war. Those who were re
sponsible for the war cannot escape
Its Just consequences."
Clothing Production Drop*.
Production of clothing for the
army ha* dropped 99 per cent, the
War Department announced ter
day. In October. Yalue of clothtnr
produced for the army was $122.
352,000. month the production
wan $1,933,000.
John Barrett, cfkalrman of the com
mute* on. arraniceinenU.
Associated with Mr. Barrett on
the committee on trranitmntt are:
I Corcoran Thorn, vice president;
I Robert S. Harper. C. H. English.
Mrs. Marie Moorp Forrest B. C.
Arabaa MaJ- H W. Pullman, Bi
llot Woods, Col. Charles M. Ridley,
B. r. Droop. Capt R. R. Glenn.
Charles Liee Cook, H. B. F. McFar
land. Cnno H. Rudolph >and MaJ.
Oliver P. Newman.
The principal features of the fes
tival will be a series of spectacles
??< tableaux In front of various
pnblio buildings In Washington,
which will take place at about I
o'clock, followed by a parade on
Pennsylvania avenue to the Capitol,
and lastly a series of spectacles on
the plasa in front of the Capitol
typifying great thought and events
of the day. v
During the evening Col. Robert
Harper, with a number of others as
sociated with him. will present med
als to the District of Columbia sol
diers who served In the war. This
event will take place on the grounds
of the Washington Monument.
termlned at the Paris conferencc and
which may affect the future of Amer
ica or may in any way invblve Ameri
can participation in subsequent
years." He said it was sxiomatic in
past years that this would have been
done, adding:
"Today when we believe In 'open
covenants openly arrived at/ no longer
is It axiomatic, and I find to my sur
prise and astonishment that a resolu
tion asking simply that the American
people be tokl what they are entitled
to know meets with some degree of
opposition on the floor of the Senate
and from the press representing the
present administration.
"Fundamentally wo are entitled to
know what the treaty is. The admin
istration has already informed us in
part and If we are entitled to know
in part what the treaty Is we are
entitled to know the whole.
?The treaty was handed to the Her
man plenipotentiaries at Versailles
fifteen days ago. It was published
in Germany by the conquered people
In this war. It is denied now to the
American people, the victors In the
war. Upon what theory is It denied?*1
Hitchcock on Defensive.
Senator Hitchcock, administration
spokesman, interrupted to deny that
the treaty has been published in Ger
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SI. 65
Oat of the
High Rent
many. He declared that the associ
ated iDnrnoenti have refused to mi
low It to be published anywhere-. Sen
ator Walsh (Democrat), of Montana,
a Med that the nattona which dratted
the treaty had entered into aa agree
ment that It should be kept secret
tmtll after Oermaay baa signed It.
TO these sutvestlons Hanstnr John
son retorted that the only -eaaoa tor
withholding the text from the Ameri
can people Is "that you bare some
thing to conceal, and you want to
Lonoaal It for an Indefinite period."
He said he did not care whether aay
such agreement has been made or
Jefcassa Aagry.
Senator Hitchcock took the door In
opposition to the resolution and
moved to send It to the Foreign Ha
lations Committee, of which he Is the
retiring chairman. Senator Hitchcock
"There cannot be any possible rea
s3h for Insisting upon It at this Use.
No poaeible xood can come from It
It simply means meddlesome Interfer
ence with ths legitimate powers of
the Executive. It stmplr means em
barrassment to the representatives of
France and Italy and simply means
to throw a monkey-wrench Into the
machinery and to render more diffi
cult still a problem already Infinitely
Trie Senate would commit a
?roes breach not only of the cus
toms or this country, but of later
national propriety, to call upon the
President to answer such a ques
tion. It would be an indication
that the Bente distrusts ths Presi
An angry retort from Senator
| Johnson followed Senator Hitch
cock's speech ta opposition U the
resolution. Tke California Nulcr
1 listened wttk sob
meat to the emphatic, utu
and extravagant adjectives of the
Senator from Nebraska. I am ut
terly unable to comprehend the
mental strablmus that can arrive
that It Is Indecent to ask that thei
which has been siren no la pari
shall he Uvea ta as In full.
btsrwt PaM ? CWfcmt and Savkgs
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Continental Trust Co.
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at H
Eight bells
in the mid -watch
for the wheel (^lookouts
Cold blasts and icy mas swept over
the destroyer'? deck. With numbed
hands, strained eyes, and tensed
nerves the lookout held his post until
?eight bells?end of the midnight
watch?then hot coffee in the galley1
J their
mention coffee to the men in the service and watch
them smile. These brave fellows have endured long hours
of hard labor with little rest They have forced nature to the
breaking point
Coffee helped them. It cheered them and comforted them.
Very often it actually sustained them. Its warmth rested and
steadied them, and so gave them new courage for the great
tasks ahead.
You men and women in every day life, waging the battle *
of business, striving to maintain place and power and health
?you have great tasks, too. And you find coffee a real help
in the day's work.
And the joy of it?the charm of it?the delight of it It
greets you at breakfast?it cheers you at luncheon?it revives
you at dinner. And very often regales you at the late sapper.
Truly?what would your life be without coffee?
Coffee? the Essential drink.
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