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?State Dept. Issues State
ment Denying Actro
cities in Polish City.
There were bo atrocities against th*
j,ws m Poland at ?"* oth*r plac"
tlin Vilna and Plnsk. according to
* a statement of Hugh Oitwon. I nlt?i
?tales Minister at Vfarsaw. made
public by the State Department ye.- j
Gibson sa>'s that
th^ American Rolief Administration
1 ?d representatives of Jewish or
. raniiation, who have talked frank
ly with him concerning: the ..tuaUo^
* The following is Issued by the
State Department, based on Mr. Gib
. *??U [T^stated that Information has
* been given that there is feellnx
/ against certain classes of Jews. laJ'K*
ly due to economic conditions rather
^ than to reltStou* intolerance, and that
_ axxordinc to this information certain
Jewish elements support the govern
ment and are regarded with respect
- u an integral part of the nation of
r Poland, while another JeFiah ele
* ment Is openly hostile to the gov
ernment." _
Referring to the allegations of a
*_ a^sacrt at Vllna the department
say* ?
- .-Col. Godson, attache to the Amer
ican Legation at Berne, his assist
* * mnt. Lieut. Dewald. and an American
newspaper correspondent were *n
Vilna on May 5 and talked with
J?ws and others regarding the *itu
* ation. ? Later representatives of the
* relief administration and also a
? ceneral staff officer attached to tli*.
mission in Lithuania and a repre
? seatativt of the Jewish Joint Dis
tribution were in Vilna. Informa
*.Z tian has been given that all of these
- persons are unanimous in the report
- that there was no Jewish massacre
- la Vilna and that statements in the
Jewish newspapers of Warsaw con
" firm this view."
Employes of the War Trade Board,
the Railroad Administration and tne
" Allen Property Custodian are now
enjoy ing Saturday half holidays.
Other departments are expected to
start the summer schedule on June
tl but there seems to be no cause
" for alarm that the Government
a Printing Office will come under the
wire ahead of them.
At a meeting of the Mergen
thaler Relief Association last
Thursday evening the report of the
by-laws committee was adopted, ana
about sixty per cont of the laws,
composed mostly of vt rbiagc. wa*?
eliminated. 1h<- committee consist
ed of Latta O. Early. Ernest Arnett.
Joe Cummingi and Bob Daley.
L. K. Johnson has been acting as
press inspector for several weeks. His
? early training, both as a printer and
* as a pressman, well tits him for the
~ position and it is thought that the in
spection and the inspector will soon
be made a regular feature of the press
- division.
- Down in the_garage are two diminut
ive electric tractors designed to drag
coal and ashes around the boiler
room for Rutus Allen. Because of
the short haul since the installation
_ Of automatic stokers there is little
need for the mules, and Bob Bell has
been wishing he could use them to
drag his trucks of metal from the
melting room to the casting room. It
would save his boys many a hard
** pall.
" Morgan Brooke, who is connected
, with one of the targe banks in New
York City, spent several days last
week with his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
James E. Brooke
Mr. and Mrs Jefferson D. Newlon
? have returned from a visit with rela
tlves in Marshall. Va.
jm William M. Stpher, makeup in the
monotype section. Is visiting his
daughter in Kinsale, Va.
Harry Hughes, of the night proof
room. visited friends in New Jersey
>- over Decoration Uay.
Foreman Richard Powers has re
" turned to the hand section after en
' joying several days- leave.
to A compositor recently promoted to
Mait.-un now has eighteen days' leave
on the hook and wants a referendum
-as to whether he will work for 40
cents a day or take the time off.
"* Richard C. Bryant accepted an ap
.. polntment in the- monotype section
Monday after several monlh3 in down
? tow n shops.
E. M. Decker, of the electrical sec
tion. la another booster for the G. P.
*0. Automobile Club. Miss Florence
? EJwood. of the same section, ha* been
looking after the secretarial work cf
,*the club.
.? a. the multitude disbanded after the
"concert on May 39, one of the by
standers remarked to a comrade: "The
<3. p. o. chorus without Miss Kate
Ellis would be like the Washington
ball team without Walter Jjhuson."
Frank B. Jones has been promoted
?''to copy editor in the night pro f
J" Matt Maloney is looking forward to
his visit to California wth the Span
"iih War veterans next month.
Mrs. Myrtle M. Lippard. of the
? \
Girls! Make beauty lotion
for a few cents?Try it!
Squeexe the juice of two lemons into
>?. bottle containing thro* ounces of
orchard white, shake well, and you
"have a quarter pint of the best freckle
_^nd tan lotion, and complexion Ucau
1il?er. at very, very small cost. |
? Tour grocer has the lemons and any
drug store or toilet counter win supply ]
Miree ounces of orchard white for m.
Jew cent I. Massage this sweetly fra
grant lotion into the face. neck, arms
hands each day and see how
clear, soft and rosy white the skin ,
Tea! It is harmless and
Former President Is Invited to Be Principal
Speaker in Campaign to Extend
Work of College.
Efforts are being: made to secure
former President William Howard
Taft to lire the opening gun In the
extension work campaign being con
ducted by St. John's College, 1225
Vermont avenue northwest, at a
! banquet to be held at one of the
leading hotels, during the week of
June 16.
interest in the campaign has been
manifested at several meetings held
! last week.
The list of those who have en
! dorsed the campaign and who have
pledged to it their moral suport Is
! daily growing largr. It represents
prominent men in all walks of life.
Among ttf Endorves.
Among the endorsers are:
Col. George P. Ahern, War Col
lege; Milton E. Ailes. vice president
Riggs National Bank; R. P. An
drews, president R. P. Andrews
Paper Company; Representative
Henry F. Ashurst, of Arizona; Rep
resentative John J. Babka, of Ohio;
Most Rev. John Bonsano, Apostolic
Del^g^te; E. R. Boyle, president,
Boyle-Robertson Construction Com
pany; Commissioner Louis P. Brown
low. United {States Treasurer John
Burke. James' A. Cahill, vice presi
dent Commercial National Bank; D.
J. Callahan, Norfolk and Washing
ton Steamboat Company; P. F. Carr,
president Keyser Carr Garage Com
pany; H. R. Carfoll. president Car
roll Electric Company; Representa
tive W. E. Cleary, of New York; C.
J. Columbus, Merchants and Manu
; facturers' Association; Denis E. Con
(nell. War Camp Community Service;
William Knowles Cooper, general
secertary Y. M. C. A.: John F. Cos
' tello, recorder of deeds; J. T. Cfow
Yey. director United States Em-j
ployment Service; Representative
Thomas H. Cullen, of New York;
Charles W. Darr. William H. De
Lacy, Judge Michael M. Doyle, of
the Municipal Court. District of Co
lumbia; Peter A. Drury, president
Merchants' National Bank; Repre
resentative H. Garland Dupre, of
Louisiana; Giles Dyer, president
Dyer Brothers; John J. Earley,
A. D. Esher. Frank P. Fenwick, pro
N. & W. R. R. Strike
Follows Discharges
Columbus, Ohio, June 7.?Seven
hundred and fifty shop employes of
the Norfolk and Western Railroad
went on strike here today in protest
of the discharge of eight men at Wil
co. W. Va., for causes the union con
siders unjust.
Orders for the strike, which affects
the system from Ron-Oke, W. Va., and
Bristol. Tenn., to Columbus were Is
sued from union headquarters at
Bluefleld, W. Ba.
Jamaica Ginger Under Baa.
Augusta. Me.. June 7.?"Jakey" or
Jamaica ginger is capable of drown
ing as much sorrow as any liquor,
and therefore is intoxicating, the
Supreme Court here ruled.
pamphlet bindery, is helping out Mr.
Lohmeyer in the Library bindery.
Harry Fraine suggests that the
answer to the cryptic locust wings
owned by Bill McAneany is that the
double "wask "Where's Wood
The announcement yesterday that
Columbia Typographical Union wouUl
hold a special meeting -^ay was
without foundation, as no call for
such meeting has been issued. An
effort during the week to secure sig
natures to call the meeting was evi
dently unsuccessful, as nothing more
has been heard of it.
A rather belated St. Patrick's Day
demonstration took place when Will
iam C. Cook appeared In a shirt of
solid green. Bill said he had a pair
'of pink suspenders to match the shirt,
but he was not encouraged to wear
i them. In fact, after receiving the at-'
i tentions of his friends he announced
j that he intends ?o give the shirt away
1 ?if he ran find any one to accept It. i
prletor Dewey Hotel; former Repre
sentative John T- Fitzgerald, of New
York; Represenfc41ve Thomu Galla
gher. of Illlnotrf Commissioner W.
Gwlnn Gardiner.fDistrtct of Columbia;
His Eminence 7ames Cardinal Gib
bons. S. D. Gibson, Philip F. Gorm
ley, Lawrence Grogan. P. J. Haltigan,
reading clerk, House of Representa
tives; Col. R. N. Harper, president
District National Bank; Michael Heis
Hurley a Member.
E. N. Hurley, chairman U. 8. Ship
ping Board; Representative William
L. Igoe. St. Louis; O. H. Perry John
son. vice president Metropolitan Na
tional Bank; Paul E. Johnson, j
Michael A. Keane. J. Leo Kolb. A !
Lisner, proprietor Palais Royal; Mau
rice J. McAuliff, district deputy.
Knights of Columbus; C. A. McCar
thy, secretary-treasurer East Wash
ington Savings Bank; William S. Mc
Carthy, Representative C. J. McGlen
non. of New Jersey; Constantine E.
McGuire, assistant secretary General
International--High Commission; Dr.
A. J. Mclntyre. Arthur J. May.
president E. P. May Hardware
Company; Representative Daniel
P. Minahan. of New Jersey;
P. T. Moran. W. A. Moore, Repre
sentative Sydney E. Mudd. of Mary
lsnd; Representative David J. O'Con
nell, of New York: George O'Con
nor. vice president District and
Washington Title Insurance Com
pany; Prof. Frank P. O'Hara, Catho
lic University: Representative John
W. Rainey. of Illinois: Dr. Michael
J. Ready; Leo A. Rovtr. James T.
Ryan. B. F. Saul. Charles W.
Semmes. president Semmes Motor
Company; the Rt. Rev. Thomas J. i
jshahan, president Catholic Univer-I
1 >*ity: James F. Shea. Rabbi Abraml
Simon, pastor Washington Hebrew i
[Congregation: Chief .Justice Con
stantine J. Smyth. Court of Appeals.
I District of Columbia; Thomas J.
Stanton, president of th* Citlxens*
I Equitable Building Association; Jo-!
i seph D. Sullivan. Joseph P. Tumulty, j
i secretary to the President: Edwara
Voigt. Jr., Michael A. Weller. J. A. j
| Whitfield. president Commercial
Club and president Old Dutch Mar
I ket.
Bureau autoists who park their
machines in the rear of the old
building should have some consid
eration for the fellow who comes
along a little later, and leave space
for him if possible. With a good
wide roadway in which to make the
turn, there is absolutely no reason
I why close and straight parkings
should not be made, thereby per
mitting the parying of many more
machines. It has been noticed that
some fellows, in parking their ma
chines take up considerably more
room than is necessary, and the
writer has been requested to brin^
this matter to their attention. It
should not be necessary to detail a
man to see that each machine 1s
J closely and poperly packed right
next to the last machine.
Orville J. Butler, of the engrav
I ing division, took great pride in ex
| liibiting the ring to be used at the
ceremony 011 the seventeeth of this
month, when Miss Florence C. Mc
Williams becomes his bride. All will
be well if he does not misplace or
lose it between now and that time.
Orville believes in preparedness.
Paul Paulviereck. sheet metal
worker, has been granted leave for
the balance of June, and will spend
part of his time overhauling his au
tomobile. When this Job is over, he
plans to take a trip to his old home
i in New Jersey.
Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood
To Be Honor Guest
At Luncheon.
Commencement week at George
1 Washington University will be inher
ed In next Sunday with baccalaure
ate exercises In the open air at the
i Peace Cross at Mt. St. Alban's.
1 Seniors, faculty members and univer
sity officials will form an academic
procession at 3:3P o'clock and march
? to the Cross where exercises will
?' 'tart at 4 o'clock. The baccalaureate
, sermon will be preached by the Rev.
Dr. Herbert Shlpman of New York
City, former chaplain at West Point.
A reception to members of the grad
uating clasae, will be held at Rausch
er'* Cafe from 4 to 7 o'clock on Tues
day, June 17. On the afternoon of
June 18 a luncheon In honor of Ma).
Gen. Leonard Wood, former* Chief of
Staff and recipients of honorary de
grees will be tendered at Rauscher's.
Graduation exercises will be held nt
S o'clock on the night of June is
at Central High School. Gen. Wooil
will deliver the principal address.
PI Beta Phi fraternity will rive a
breakfast party on June 17 and a
ride and supper In the country are
scheduled for June l?. Stoma Kappa
will give a dance on June 19 and a
picnic on June a. Phi Mu ha, ar
ranged for a house party from June
If to 3 with a dance on June SI.
Starring Rumanians
Cheer Red Cross Ship
Arrival of th*. American Red Cross
relief ship. Lake Elizabeth, at
Oalatz, with 5,000.000 pounds of sup
pliea for the Rumanians, the tenth
Cross relief vessel to reach
that country, has been announced at
American Red Cross headquarter?.
According to a cable message
which reached Red Cross officials
here, the arrival of the Lakt Eliza
beth. chartered from the United
States Shipping Board, was attend
ed by a welcome that was both en
thusiastic and pathetic.
Rumanian peasants, in great num
bers, many of them mere skeletons,
lined the shore and at sight of the
American flap on the ship that was
bringing them food set tip a cheer
ing that deeply affected those on
ing division, is taking a trip through
Virginia. He expects to explore ana
visit all the old landmarks around
Jamestown and Norfolk.
B. r. Peed, of the watch force, is
off for a few days working his gar
D. Sowerbutts and B. Tucker, of
the examining division, are on
Miss Nellie Wilding. Miss Marie
Webb and Miss Mary Ltnahan. of the
stamp perforating division, have been
on the sick list.
The following members of the Bu
reau band left last night with the
Shriners to participate in the big
celebration at Indianapolis, lnd.: Wil
liam Freeman. Albert Jones. Joe John
son. F. Blood. R. La Hayne. and
Frank Young.
Miss Carrie Mickens. of the stamp
perforating division. is absent due to
the death of her mother.
P. Henry Davis, foreman of the
plumbing shop, is taking a week-end
trip down the rver.
Mrs. Lillian M. Oliver has returned
to duty after enjoying several davs'
Mrs. Florence Donaldson. Miss Delia
Barrett. Miss De Ette Seckinger and
M1ss Mary A. Ross, of the stamp
perforating division, are winding up
their leave.
Edward R. Williams and Albert
Michaud. machinist, were members
of a committee that waited upon the
sub-committee on appropriations
Thursday. It is reported that the
bill under discussion, with one objec
tion. was favorably acted upon%artd ]
will ko before the committee on the
whole. |
The sale of Oil of Korein is increasing:. It is a vege
talized oil compound; safe, harmless and reliable; a factor
of the Korein system which is proving itself^ a wonderful
weight reducer. Delightful to obtain slender figure. Many
endorsements. Reliable druggists, everywhere in America,
recommend and sell Oil of Korein^
Many persons have reported an average weight
reduction of eisrht to twenty pounds monthly through
the Korein system. Physicians recommend it.
No drugging, no starving, no strenuous exercising
delightful, steady riddance , of adiposity. 'The "
eems to melt away" is the expression of numer
[011 a users. $100 Guarantee in cach box, that you
will reduce at 1*ast a pound every week, or
your monejsback!
Oil of
For convenience. Oil of Korein comes In tiny c^?-l
?tiles, easily swallowed. Positively no thyroid, no puV!
gative. no salts, nothing drastic or objectionable. A|
wholesome, genuine reduction remedy.
Get a box of Oil of Korein at the drug store. Fol
low the simple directions of Korein system, weigh
Sourself and use tho tape measure before starting.
leep a record of dally reduction.
Sold by busy drufgists in Washington. Including
Affleck's (K and Fifteenth Streets N. W.); Riker-Hege
man; Christiani Drug Co.; People's Drug Store; Day
& Co.. and all leading druggists everywhere in Wash
ington and America.
Reduce 10 to 60 Pounds
FREE 1IOOK. We publish an interesting booklet, entitled:
"Reduce Weljcht Happily,*9 which, we will send (in plain wrap
per) postpaid upon request by letter or postcard. Tells the best
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best advertising. Got Oil of Korein at the drug store; or if for
any reason you prefer to obtain Oil of Korein direct from head
quarters. send a dollar bill, or money order, or stamps to Korein
Company and it will come to you In plain package.
Outside Line Shows Slse
Before Reduction
Outside Line Shows 81m
Before Redaction.
We Save Yob 25% Became We're Oat of the Hifh-Rent District
Great June Sale Offers Big
Furniture Reductions
This big furniture store is offering many exceptional values in hagh-grade furni
ture?savings of at least 25 per cent! Being big buyers and OUT OF THE HIGH-RENT
DISTRICT is the reason why our prices are always lowest. \
An attractive looking and substantially built Parlor Suite, con- 1 ^
sisting of Settee, Rocker and Arm Chair with mahogany frame, up- Cj r ] .uU
bolstered in black or brown imitation leather.
Stewing Pain With Cover
Porcelain enamel Stew
ing Pan. with cover; size
11 inches wide by 4 inches
This Top-leer
Shirtwaist Box,
Covered with best grade of
Jap matting. Has hinged lid.
/ Can be used nicely as a win
dow seat.
?It embodies all the latest
tanitary features.
50c a Week
Pullman Sleeper
Just one of hundreds of high
grade Baby Carriages, and a big
value. Elegantly upholstered; best
steel spring construction.
50c a Week
The National's Special Outfit, consisting of The National's Princess Outfit, consisting of
Furniture and Rugs to furnish 3 rooms completely yJQ "7^ superior quality Furniture and Rugs to furnish tfO/IA AA
i D 3 rooms completely?all for
?all for
Terms: $2.00 a Week.
3 rooms completely?all for.
Terms: $3.00 a Week
^ ^ Buys This Wonderful
3-Piece Bed Outfit
?Consisting of strong continuous-post, ill-steel baked enamel Bed, heavy woven
wire spring and sanitary soft-top mattress.
807 7th St. 633- 635 H St.

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