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Girb in low necks think a
crow-country runner in beevee
deez is crazy to venture out in
the snow that way.
But tlx
the sane riggi* bow think the
same of the mum prl who
Claude Williams Best '
In Left-Handed Battle
Chicago Southpaw Takes Number of Harry
Harper in Hurling Duel with Windy City
Tribe?Heavy Clouting Features Stock
yarders' 5 to 2 Victory.
UNNY thing that history has never recorded a
battle of cocked eyes as two lop-sided twisters
attempted to stage a regular pitching duel yes
terday afternoon at American League Park,
until along came Messrs. John Collins and Buck
Weaver, and then the question was settled, as
home-run clouts by this pair put the Whi|e Sox
club out in front with a 5-to-2 victory over the
Nationals in the third game of the series.
Southpaw Twirler Harry Harper, of Hack
ensack, N. J. of junk ami motor transport fame,
faced Claude Williams, the left-handed paint
splasher from the shipyard league with Claude
holding the trump hand throughout the battle. Extra base smashes
were the feature in this set-to of left handers and as the Stockyard
tribe annexed the greater amount of sacks why should not they be
recorded with the largest total of runs?
H*rpfr Fro Easy.
The re*] fart of the s&me waa that j
Harper proved easy picking for the I
Y^ndy City crew. as KJd Gleaaon's
| South Skiers stepped into everything
^ffered up by the Jersey hurler, caus
^?g the echoes of the shower room to
welcome him after the fifth frame. I
Dick Robertson being called upon to
finish out the route.
Mr. Claude Williams, heretofore I
known as a five-inning phenom, last-1
ed out the bout, as this port-alder!
had everything yesterday. Including
smoke and control. Outside of a few
local swatmen's long drives, the Na
tionals were as hopeless before Will
lams' benders as Kaiser Wilhelm and :
his assistants w^erc on their venture ?
into Paris.
William* *H?w? Form.
Now and then the GrifTs would kick
In with a regular drive, but they were
neT?r equal to the task of overcom
ing the big obstacle, one Claude Will
lams. Foxey Griff turned his batting
order upside down in an attempt to
put the fray on the right side of the
ledger, but this move for heavy hit
ting sluggers went fox no avail, as.
Instead of the Nationals adding any
thing to their total, the White Sox
kept punching through tallies, making
the goal further away.
Fbr two sesaions these southpaw
hurlers puzzled their opponents, but
in the toext frame John Collins opened
up with his slam for a circuit clout,
while in the fifth Schalk's single, fol
lowed by a three-base knock to rl*ht
?#nter by Claude Williams, enabled
tne Sox to annex another counter.
^J*he Griffmen managed to squeeze one
^elly over across when Gharrity tripled
with 4wo down, and scoretl when
Shanks bingled over Collins* head.
Weaver Hits Homer.
But Gleason's crew could not
withstand this approach of the !
locals, as in the sixth Buck Weaveri
pulled the merry-go-round stunt
that placed the invaders out in front I
snd sent "Moxie" Harper to the!
dugout pathway. Eddie Collins led'
the way with a blow to center field j
and moved up a peg on Harper's:
wild pitch. Buck Weaver crashed a|
line drive over third base but!
"Spud'* Murphy played the drive
badly, which resulted In a circuit i
clout, as "Spud" was forced to race
all the way Into the left field bullj
| pen to recover the ball, but too late
to head off the fast traveling third
Shanks* error of Schalk's offering
in the lucky frame, followed by
Williams* sacrifice and Leibold's
hose hit. gave the Windy City tribe
their final tally. Robertson would
not have been scored upon by the
visitors but for the boot by the
local shortfielder. Both Jackson
and Lelbold obtained clean safe hits
off Robertson In the eighth and
ninth frame but there was no scor
The Nationals first saw light on
the rubber mat when Gharrity
kripled iJl the flfth and scored when
Shanks hit to left field, while a late
rally in the ninth recorded another.
Picinich drew a base and Menosky,
a pinch runner, stole second after
two hands were out. Milan fol
lowed with a whack to right center
for three bases. putting Mike
through the counting block.
What's Yonr Hatband Point?
Sold Exclusively ia Waihinj
toa by
11 1013 PEKNA. ATE II
$7.00 and $8.00
ill 7Ih StreetII. W.
b?r <k? Address
Palm Beach
?tare, j
I $10.00
Back Again to
Pre-War Prices
Washirgton Ab.H. H. Tb.RhSo, Sh.Sb. O. A. B.
Jndge. IK... 40000200000
Fn*er. 3b.. 3 0 0 9 1 1 00000
Milan, cf... 40 130000300
Rice. rf. ... 40000000300
Mun*y. If. 10000100100
K<b*r1?va. plOOOO 10001 0
Gh'rhy. fit 31130000410
ShaJ hi, ?? . 3 0 1 | 000034 2
(Jrrwe.*, 2b.. 3 0 1 1 0000330
H*rv*r. p... 1000010001 0
Ficirich. c.. 1 A .) 0 o 1 0 0 1 o 0
?ftleMfcy... 01001001000
Totals... 2824827012? 10 2
f*?i<xgo Ab R. H. Tb.Bb.Sa. Sh.Sb. O. A. fc.
J Collins, If. 31 14000 0 000
Lelold. If.. 2 0 2 J 0 0 0 1 2 0 0
Fit" Una. 2b 31 220 1 0 0420
Wfi'fT, ft. 4 I 140000100
J acfc*r*i, if. 402 20000300
(Inndil, lb.. 4 0000000600
| hVhrfc, cf.. 4 0000000 2 00
| RUN rg. m. 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0
I Krhalk. c... 421 1 0001820
: William*. p. 30 130010030
T-HaU.... r?l0 1S91i22T80
'R*" for Picinicn in the ninth inoioi.
Wa4.ii.gtoo. 0ft t ? IfTTTPj
H?? 00102000 1-4
' o 0 1 0 1 2 1 0 0- 5
Hit?. 0020221 1 1-9
fc-rned ruM-WaihiLgton. 2; Cliirago. 4. V\iwt
base hr rrror*?? hicagp. 2. I .eft no haaea
Wasfciagton. 2: One?go. 4. Inning* pitched
By Harper. ?: by Robertas, 3. Hita mad#?Off
Harper. 7 (25 at bat) : Robertson. 3 (12 at batl. |
Struck out By Robertson. 1. Home run??J. I
i'oDtaa. Weaver. Thrre-baae hits-Williams.
Mtfcn. Gharrity. Hit by pitcher-By Williams
t.Mujphj). Wild pitches?Harprr Pawed halls?
Piciricb. Winning pitcher-Williams; losing
L'mpaies Mwot. Moriarity and
Hildf brand. Tta? ui game?1 hour 40 minutes. |
Followers of the mat same are in
dulging in considerable speculation
as to the outcome of the finish bout
to lie staged at the Oayety Theater
on Monday night between Joe Turner
and Zeke Smith.
Smith, who is only itt years old. has
defeated John Kiloni... Mike Yokel
and Pinky Gardner.
Smith first attracted attention by
l.ia performance against Turner in a
thirty-minute time limit exhibition
match staged at the Liberty Hut
some weeks ago under the auspices
o' the Masonic clubs.
The match will be staged under
the catch-as-catch-can rules. The
bout will be conducted under the per
sonal management of Harry o. Jar
boe. manager of the Gayety Theater,
and is scheduled to start promptly
at 8:30.
Ordnance Nine to Play.
The Ordnance team of the Depart
mental League is scheduled to play
Saturday at 2 p. m. on the south
diamond of the Ellipse, and all play
ers of the Ordnance team are re
quested to be on hand.
Quad. AhH O A K.|Tool S. AbHOAfc
Raba.rf ... 4 3 1 0 0 Snllitan.rf.. 4 110 4
b-k borf.lf 6 0 10 0 (till.lb 4 2 T 1 ?
Ham ill. p .. 5 4 0 1 0*Vaion.3b... 4 2 2 3 0
I/sr'mbr^b 4 3 2 2 l'Bunw.a*.... 3 J 2 1 0
<JiVctti.2b 5 113 1
Braiuitr.d.. 4 110 0
. .|sn*<uivi,<J.. t 1 1 W ?
L'wrenos.lb 4 114 0 0 Dement.If . 3 12 0 1
Moors.o.... 4 14 2 - Hoffman.is. 4 0 12 2
Major.sa? 3 0 1 4 0 Schrider.c.. 4 1 10 2 1
M'rryman,rf 4 0 0 0 OjSnow.p 4 0 12 0
Totals... 3ft 12 34 12 ?! Totsls... 34 10 27 11 4
Quadrangle 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 1?5
Taol Shop 0 0 J 0 1 0 1 4 x-0
Runs?Raba (2). Hami 11. (Jiovsnetti. Moore,
SulliTU). (till (3). Sea too (2). Bums. Schnder,
Snow. Left on has^s?Quadrangle, 9; Tool Shop, 8.
First bsse on balls-Off Hsmill, 5; off Snow, 1.
Stnick outr-By Smw. 8; by Hamiil, 5. Three
base hila?Lawrence, Roba. Hamiil Two?bese
hit*?Bums, Moore. Schnder. Stolen bases?
Sulhran, Gill (3), Brauner, Schnder. -Bit by
pitcher?By Snow. 2; hy Hamiil. L Passed
U11*?Moore. X
Bur. 0m. Ab.B O.A K
A. Med Ab.H.0 A B.
NoienJb... I I li ojp'turicm,2b 5 12 3.
Morgan.*. ?12 11 Nobl?t.rf... S 3 0 0 0
Oorbel.cf.. ? 1 0 1 2 Rnff.cf S 3 2 0 0
L?o?rd.p. 5 1 ? 1 1 Breen.Bs,. , 5 10 2 0
Load.n.2b. 0 3 2 2 tl rHzteraH.lb i 1 I 0 t
(JrswtUf.. I 1 1 0 1 Wiit.orth.8 11UII
I 1 t 0 OjWeias.lf.... 3 0 3 0 0
Gahs*ui,lb I 4 t 1 0; Simpwn.lf. 3 10 0 0
BiOTro.rf... 4 0 10 1 ~
[Coi.Jb 4 1 0 0 J
C.too.p -4 10 10
ToUto. . 43 14 27 11 t| Total.?
*T*o out when winning run scored.
Army Medical 30300002 1-0
Sur. Gen. Office 2 0 2 0 0 2 1 0 3-10
Patterson, Noblet. Ruff (3), Braen^ Fita <2)
Whitwurth. Nolan 12). Qoebel <2>. LeonanL
Louden (3). Jones. Gahsgan. Left on haste R
? 00 '?alls?Off
paten. 2. Struck out-By Oston, 0; by Leonard.
J Two-bate hita-Lecward. Brean. Ruff, Nolan
Stolen basew?Patterson. 2; Ruff. 2; Fha. 3; QOK i
Nolan. 2; Morgan, Goebel, Jooea Passed baB? I
^hours* Long. Time of game j
Today's Game at 3 P. M.
In order to allow the Chicago
White Sox to keep their sched
uled date ifk Detroit. President
Uan B. Johnson ha* made It poo
?lble to move up the time for
this afternoon's Eafae to 3
o'clock which will gWo the
Whim Hosed tribe time to catch
ap early train for the city of
Walter Johnson, the Grids' are,
will do the honors on the dla
monri In this final battle of the
leader* of the American leacu.
race. Johnson will be oppo*ed
by Urban Kaber of world *eri?*
fame, who I* quite <ome hurler
with 'Kid" Gleason's outfit.
New President of Associa
tion to Make Course Best
In History.
Laurel. Md., June 20.?The new pres
ident of the Laurel 8tate Fair and
Racing Association, Spalding L. Jen
kins. Intends to carry out the plans
of his predecessor, the late Richard
A. Johnsons of Howard County, near
Laurel, to make the track here one
of the greatest racing centers in the
country. >
With this object In view, extensive
Improvements to the plant are now
under way from the stalls to shelter
the horses to the elaborate clubhouse,
which will be the gathering place for
all the noted figures in the turf world.
As to the quality of the racing, ef
forts will be made to bring such In
novations as will attract to the post
the star performers of the season.
The following list of stakes has been
prepared, In addition to the overnight
purses, none of which will have a
less valuation than $1,000.
The Maryland Handicap. $10,000 add
ed: the Annapolis Handicap, 17.500
added; the Laurel Handicap. $7,500
added; the Chevy Chase steeplechase,
$6,000 added; the National, $5,000 add
ed: the Manor Handicap. $3,000 added,
and the Ticket-of-Leave steeplechase
at two miles.
j On each of the twenty-seven days
of t^e meeting special features will
| be provided, as there will be "some
| thing doing every minute."
FIRST RACE?Si* furlong*. Larry B . 101
(Murray). 14.70, 6.80, 5.30; Premium, 111 (Brown).
7 50, 6.30 Manganese. 114 (Burke). 5.50. Time,
1:13 2 5. Woodpile. C. A. Comiskey, Ed Garri
aon. View. Broom Sweep, Manfred, Tom Caro,
Langhorne, Kingworth, al*o ran.
SECOND RACE?P*our and one-half fnrlonga.
Bright Gold. 10T (Murray), 16.10. 6 40. 4 10; Can
tania. 112 (Murphy), 6 50. 4.40; Maize. 107 (Rob
inaou). 3.90. Time. 0M 3-5. Scepter and Staff,
Bon Master. Great Hawk, Vita Ottba. Pansy '
Blossom. Black Prince, Oode of Honor, Prin
ciple. Parole. also ran.
THIRD RAOB-*-in?e furlongs. Top o* the
morning. 109 (Thurber), 3 20. 2.50, out; Herald,
105 (Murray). 3.70, but; Part Drapeau. 106 (Gen
try). out- Time, 1:11 3-5. Dragon also ran.
FOURTH RACJE-Six furlongs. tVimngs
Park. 138 (Robinson). 8.20. 4.60. 3.20; Jo? Stahr,
10i (Tfcurbert. 7.40. 3.70; 1\>to. 123 (Murray), Z<0.
Time. 1:13 15 Jap. Bellsolar. Mint Oat. Ed
Stone, also ran.
FIFTH RACE?One and one-sixteenth mile*.
Viva America. 114 (Vandusen). 14.90. 6.?0. 4 80;
Broom Peddler. W (Thurber). 5 JO. 3 30; Bribed
Voter. 100 (Wentenholm), 3.20 Time, 1:65 4-5.
Seweli Combs. Tombolo, Diversion, also ran.
SIXTH RACE?One and one sixteenth miles.
Reveler, 106 (Murray). 5.60. 4 ?0. 3.80; Medusa.
106 (Pool'. 8.50. 4.40; SunfUah. 106 (Thurber).
4 10 Time. 1:46. Jack Hill. Rifle Shorter.
Starker, Mary H . Lottery, Bcftefactor, Duke
of Shelby. Rhymer, also rsn.
SEVENTH RACE?One and one-quarter milee.
?Brunette 3d. 89 (Boris). 31 90. 12.30, 680; Golden
Glow. 115 (Fltzi. 880. 520; Sam MaMeekin. 113
(Thurber). 5.3D. Tinv. 2 05 2-5. Deckmate,
Kentucky Boy, Bryn Limah, Kingozi. Elrey,
Rookery, OMas, Dr. Samuels, alao ran. *Field.
F1J1ST RACE->I"i?e furlongs: Betty J. Ill
fTroxler). 2 to 1, 2 to 5, out; Violet Tip, 109
! (Schuttirger). 4 to 1. ?*Ten; Alliran. 163 (Hayneb),
4 to 1. Time. L01 1-5. Ina Wood. Heydey also
i ran.
I SECOND RACE?Mi'.e and one-sixteenth:
FYederuk the Great, "Til (F'ator*. 7 t-> 5. 1 to 2.
I to 4; N K. Heal, 110 (1W. 10 to 1. 5 to
| I: King John. 116* (Butwell*. 8 to 5. Time.
1 67 1-5. I>r. Rae. 8t. Quentin, P. G. King,
I Kasin. Chester 2d. James, Hubbub. Beauty
1 Sleep Dotne Vandivor also ran.
THIRD RACE?Fire furlocgs: Phantom Fsir,
107 (Schutti tiger), 9 to 3D. out. out; Fair Col
I leon, 108 (Wessler), 2 to 1. 4 to 5; Fanny Took.
| 108 (FVor), eren. Time. 1:00 2-5. Bibbler,
Drusilla, Harkamore, Sweet Apple also ran.
FOCBTH RACE?Fire and one-ha!f furlongs;
George Starr. 125 (Kummer), 10 to 1. 5 to 2.
eren; Peter Piper. 133 (Loftus). out. out; Start
ling. 116 (Butwell), 1 to 2 Time, 1 06 4-5. Bill
McCloy. Osgood. L'Effare. The Boy. Bondage
also ran.
FIFTH RACE? Mile and seventy yards: Night
stick. 106 (Fator), 13 to 5. eren. 1 to 2; Gath.
99 (Pierce). 5 to 1. 5 to 2. Daddy's Choice, 106
iWida). eren. Time. 144*5. Bolster, Warsaw,
Dorcas. Tailor Maid. Orderly, ThietJedoo. Poach
er also ran.
a ?
The Hers Id Bureau.
A. 8. Doniphan.
727 King Street.
Alexandria, Va.. June 20.?The
Kiant steel freighter Vanada will bo
launched at 2 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon at the plant of the Vir
ginia Shipbuilding Corporation. The
public Is invited. Mrs. H. F. Morse,
wife of the vice president of the
corporation, wlll^be sponsor for the
ship. This will be the third ship
to be launched by this corporation.
The first ship launched was the
(Junston Hall,,which was named by
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. The second
ship to be launched by this concern
was the Betsy Bell.
It Is announced that the next
ship to be launched will be the
Carratunk. The Boshbish already
Is looming up large. It is expected
that within the next three weeks the
Ghancook will be launched and the
keel for the Fellyhoc will be laid
Owing to the scarcity of houses
in this city, a number of families
already have sought shelter in tents
at points Just north and west of
the city limits.
Capt. Fountain Beattie. this city,
arnounces that persons desiring to
Pitch tents for camping may do so
on land he has charge of by' mak
ing application to him. There will
be no charge for the ground.
At the present, there is not a sin
gle house in the city, with modern
conveniences, that is unoccupied.
Realty brokers report an unusually
heavy demand for the purchase of
modern houses.
The Old Dominion Boat Club to
night gave a smoker at its club
house, which was attended by a
large gathering of members and
their friends. An interesting pro
gram was given and refreshments
were served.
The funeral of James 8. Jeffries,
v/ho died Wednesday, took place
this afternoon from the residence.
323 North Pitt street. Services;
were conducted by the Rev. Q. J. |
Hill, pastor of the Methodist Prot-;
estant Church. Burial was in,
Bethel Cemetery.
Judge J. K. M. Norton, of this
city, has been chosen chairman of
the citizens' committee on the boy
scout movement.
Within a short time, an activc
canvass of the city will be begun
for the purpose of securing asso
ciate members for the Boy Scouts.
Dues are 91 ? year.
Poe'n. Name.
Bow W. Dana. 1921 19
1 CP. Batchekler. J.. 1930 30
3 II 8. Brewer. lflt SI
4 Loth rope
t J. Linda, Jr 1919 S
i M. E. Olmsteafi 1?1 18
7 P. B. Whitman (c.) Ifl9 20
SuokeD. Leighton 1919 S
Ok & U Peinon 1821 It
Class. Age. Height. Weight School.
6-H IT?
6-11H Ml
4?11 99
6- 17f*
Poe'n. Claaa. Age. Height. Weight.
Bow P. Allen, jr ltl? 23 6-W* 17?
2 S. T. Hnrd 1?O 21 6-11 174
3 U O A damn 1930 21 ft-10Vfc 170
4 J. J. Schieffe'.in 1919 21 6-3 173
6 W. Mead (Cept.).... 1919 a 5-20H WO
6 G. 8. Pajiion 13*1 30 6-2 180
7 D. O. Drisooll 19? 22 6-1 156
Stroke O. O. Peters 1?19 21 6-1 1#7
00* B. Carer* 1921 20 5-6*4 113
Average 21.? 6-1-5 171.7
New York.
St PUll'l
Cambridge LaL
Tonkhannock, Pa.
St. Paul a
Seattle High
St. Paul's
Homo address.
Terre Haute.
Uwrence, N T.
New York City.
Brouxtille. N. Y.
Port:and, Me.
St. PauL
Yale Crew Lands Big
Race Against Harvard
New London, Conn., June 20.?
Yale defeated Harvard's varsity
eight here this evening In the re
newal of their annual race on the
Thames River. The victors made
a strong finish with the Crimson
crew a length and a half behind,
and were given a terrific dvatlon as
they flashed over the line.
The starter's pistol, which failed
to function properly, was respon
sible for two false starts. When
the shells finally got under way at
7.06 Yale kept the lead up to the
mile mark. Here Harvard gained
the initiative and held it until
within a quarter of a mile of the
finish, when Yale by a spurt, made
up her losses and dashed over the
finish line a length and a half
ahead in the lead.
Harvard captured the first two
events. The Crimson second varsity
crew rowed to victory over the Blue
after Harvard's freshmen had taken
the first race from Ell by a narrow
The Potomac In the vicinity of
Washington these days otter, little
encouragement to angler.. Heavy
rains up river ?ent down a flood or
yellow water and not much can be(
[pxoected to take or even find the
Ihoov except catfish which are
! plentiful and bite> fr*el3' t
sss-nss: - ? ?;!?
' you do not have an automobile this .
; place Is your beM^ opportunity.
William Kervin Leq
Edward Snyder V?d ^Uh*,
last Monday and returned
One string of fl?h.
i n?? vogt wa. at Leonardtowni
line there that morning.
K o Wheeler, a local fisherman,
caught a tuna T,nhlCain'ar .horM
pound. offJ^Vfl.h'wa. Uken with!
light 'tackle used re"-j
ord^for that* particular kind of fl.h- j
v,. n?w9 to many of the
beauties in\he MI w*t.? ot
J U WZ??ed"TsolomL^^an'
Wolfe m?torea^tw iuck
SOT the da^ with plenty ^of spot*
h'ead.^'to' * distribute among their
U perhaps 1. ?*
striped bM. and
that"they must be <??
ttSStfT*? a day within
the District of Columbia. /
Frank Caldwell"^. visiting^relative,
at the junction of Ihe Monocacy ??
the Potomac and *111 enaca???
chief deputy game warden
land, concerning the **WJ * The
fresh water Ashing In that State IJje
letter in condensed form follows,
will be useful to all Mermen who
desire to enjoy ?"g"ng .""L- gays:
same time obey the law*. He 'say
Maryland i. not blessed with a sim
Pie code of fish U**.
complicated system Of local atatuw
ind it is my aim to give you some
of the Important ones. )
First, we have a compact law# **
Ified by the respective legislatures o
Virginia. West Virginia and Man
land relating to the Potomac river.
This' lawp^vides a closed -son?
black bass, green baas, rock baa
nlckerel and wall-eyed pike irom
April 18 to June 1, but doei not In
elude the water* of the ^
lng within the limit* ot Montgomery
County. The .Ute
those water* above where uie
ebbs and flows and excepting the P ? |
tomac. provide* a closed seaaon from
April 1 to June 1*. or fifteen <<ay
?ng! ot^|
ll ? SSTStiEi: Silibt w
Now lor the jenUeman who doe I
Harvard won the second varsity
race by fifteen yards. The race was
finished In a driving rainstorm. The
official time was: Freshman, Har
vard. 10:36 3-5; Yale. 10:37 4-5. Sec
ond Varsity, Harvard. 10:40 4-d,
Yale. 10:41 4-5.
At the start of the Freshman race
the Yale outfit got away to a slight
ly bad start. Along the entire
course Harvard maintained Its leaa
until within several hundred feet of
the finish when a tremendous spur*
by the Yale oarsmen brought them
squarely alongside their opponent*.
Before they could make the lead
good, however, the finish line wa*
reached with the Harvard shell less
than a quarter of a length ahead.
The second varsity race wad one
of the most closely fought junior
races ever held on the Thames, ac-'
cording to old-timers. From the j
start both boats were skimming'
along neck-and-neck and it was
anyone's race until the finish was!
almost reached. Then Harvard's
colors were seen to sweep ahead
and pass the final flag.
not happen to be a resident of Fred
erick county. It will be necessary
for him to acquire a license from
the clerk of the county at Fred
erick City for which he will have to
let go of $5. in spite of the fact that
our best hatchery is situated within
that county and paid for out of
State funds. If the party in ques
tion has good enough luck to live
in any other part of Maryland he
does not have to bother about *%.
fishing license in any other part of
the State, but If the poor devil lives
in Washington or elsewhere outside
of Maryland he will be required to
have such a license in Garrett, Al
legany or Carroll?either or all if
he wishes to go in all three. That
will set him back $o in each county
or $15 in all.
Now this is not all set forth to
confuse and discourage, but to give
a line on a bunch of laws which
may prohibit, but to date have not
protected. We are preparing a few
fish laws with some common sens*
for presentation to the legislature
of 1920. and hope you will assist the
conservation of Maryland in per
suading this law-making body that
a uniform State-wide fresh-water
fish law is a necessity and not &
We hope that you will not only
have fair weather when you go fish
ing and good luck, but that if you
run into a game warden whose duty
it is to enforce the fish laws, that
you will be able to convince him
that you are not a chicken thief,
but that you are merely an humble
citizen of these United States, and
merely want a little rest and recrea
tion after a few years of hard work
and a strenuous war, and ask to be
forgiven if you have trespassed.
Respectfully yours,
Chief Deputy.
amkricajt lusse
fnltNir'i Btnlu
Chicago. I; Wuhintton. 1.
Detroit. 11; Athlctica. t.
Boston, ?; St. Louts. 1.
Cleveland-New Tork. rain.
Whera They Ita/ TaAay.
Chicagb at Washington.
Detroit at Philadelphia.
Cfeveland at New Tork.
Bt, Louis at Boston.
?f the Claba.
Chicago J] 16 .667
N?'vB<1' " 18 "9
S i irk 17 " ???
St. Louis 2J 24 m
S41?11 22 26 .405
w ?.?v; 20 24 455
WukUfiM it n 570
Athletics n "
national leaccb.
Teaterdaya Rraalta.
Pittsburgh. ?; Boston. 0.
Chicago, 8; Brooklyn. 5. v
Cincinnati. S; Phllfies. 4.
New York. 4; St. Louis, 1.
Where IV7 Play T*S.j,
Boston at Pittsburgh.
Phillies at Cincinnati.
I Brooklyn at Chicago.
New Tork at St. Louis.
?taaAlag ?t the Claba.
New Tork 32 15
Cincinnati jo 1S '(2,
Pittsburgh 27 22 K&s
?"7*?, ? H in
* ? ? ? ? ? a ? a . . . 22 2#? ICt
?? " ?
^h"lM 16 29 .341
Boi,ton It JO ,M?
Detroit, 11; Athletics, 9.
Ath U* AbH O A E.| Datwtt. AKR O i fi
Witt.if..?.. 1121 0Eiusun.a>.. 31210
1 i i ! ? 43300
4 1 ' " ?] Vccfc.lf 3 3 1 ? ?
h * 2 1 0 0 H-ilman.lb. I 3 4 ? ?
Bum*, lb... 3111 ft Flasrf^if. (1101
shannons 4 i j 2 o|joo?a.3b..... ,,,,,
!**/"?" (14 4 3 1 I 3 ?
McA*or,o.. 4 15 3 OlStanagie.c... 3 2 9 0 C
Rogers, p .. 2 0 9 1 0 Ehmke.p 2 0 0 1 6
Tbompn,p. 0 0 0 1 0 ijive.p 2 0 0 *0
Seibold.p.. 1 0 0 0 Oj ICunning m 1 0 0 0 0
?Kinney.... 1 0 0 0 0}
f Perking... 1 0 0 0 oi Totals.... 3115* < 2
Tbtais... 30 IS 21 13 2
?Batted for Rogers in fifth.
TBstted for Thompson. in Herenth.
? Batted for Bhrnke in sixth.
Game called in eighth account darknew.
by inning*:
PfjT?' 3 0 1 ft J ft J l-U
Athleues III3IIII-I
Tbon>" Roth ?). Walker
(2). Burnt. Kinney. Klltaon (31. Shortan, Vwb
Hainan <2>. n?r?.rt (a. low, Dw U
5; Drtreit' 8 "-<t oa baaea
Athletics. 12, DtVnt, 7. Tao-haw hits?Veacb
Shorten Hntojn, Klnnej. Both. Klasatead
Joora. D jrr. Ttiire.baaa htta-Vtach. Bum.
Home ruM-FUjMmd. HeOrnan. Walter. 8a^
n0c? bita-Shorten, Veadi (2). S.cnfltv flj
??. ,**?*_ 00 Off Rogers. 2: ot,
,? ml' 3- Thon,,**,. 2; all U?e. 2. Simck
out-Br H?rra. I: br KhmJte. 4; br Thompwn.
iVi? J;.b' 'Seib""i- i Pit<*ins raaorrl
j?Off Itoarrs. g hits 7 runs (4 earned t. in 5
| innings i J> ? hui ?9 Onu, u hiu r ^
a ???!. '?> s innings IS at batl; oK Thooii
*"**? ^ hits 3 earned runs in 2 innings (10 at
j hat); off St:bold, 3 hits 1 earned run in 1 in
ning (S it Lor*. 3 hits 2 e*med nu?
I in 3 innings (12 at batl. Winning ?trtier-.
'ku' PiUiifl-Thotnpaon. Lmpir^
i halin and (Xmnolly. Time of gam?-2:l3.
' Buntau AbHOAB'N o AbHOlE
, Pana.Jb . . 4 113 2 Koa,-h<-.?b . 5 2 2 i 0
Phillipa,*. 5 0 2 0 V I)?n^,.;b J 0 1 2 (.
StCTWT.If... 5 3 2 0 0 Mnil'ckui.aa 5 3 2 5 <1
Oookalb.. 3 0 9 0 IHUiar.c 5 3 3 11
fioabal.c... 1 0 10 3 1 Mcrriarf. .52100
Moran,?... 4 0 5 1 1 naaM.lh ... 5 013 0 o
Clartoa.rf .. 4 0 0 0 0. Pit?wal<l.lr 5 2 4 0 0
Majhcw.2b 4 0 0 2 0|Huulihan.lf 5 I I 0 0
IffOM.p.... 4 113 1'Otn-na.p 4 0 0 0 3
Totala... 35 4 30 11 5< Totala? 42 14 30 13 4
Bwa" 0 I 3 0 0 0 0 ft 1 ft-5
' "? 0 200100200 0?5
' Runa?Da*ia (21, Stcnw. Moras. U?a. Mo
, Oliicbllii. Dacnan. Koache. Hasar. Houlihan.
1 L*"ft on bases-Bureau. 7; N. O , 9. First ba?>
balls-Off Lame*. 1; Owens. 2. Struck out?
?Ty ^2?^ 1: Owena. & Home runa-MeGhick
lin. Hireewbe?f hits?Sterrer. TVo-baae hit?
Sterter. Sacrifloe flys-Moran. Stolen baae?
5: Hiu?*r Morris iKxibie piav??
MctiiucUla to Rnachr to Beard; Roache to Mr
CWucfclin to Beard. Hit by pitehei--By Uvotis
(I>egnMi); Owens (Ornoks. 2. (Joebel). Umpire?
* ^JT- Tim* erf game?2 hours >3 minutes.
Attendance. 2.560.
Freshmen to Decide Title.
Central and Tech freshmen have
not arranged a date for a scholastic
freshmen baseball name. The game
will probably be played next Mon
Stop and Listen One Min
ute, Fight Fans
Boxer, Soldier of Fortune and Author
Will Write a Serial Story Describing die Ring Career
. of Both
Jess Willard and Jack Dempsey
'Starting with Tomorrow'* Edition of
The Washington Herald
Watch Monroe's dope for life history and real facts
on the chances of each battler in the big set-to at Toledo
on July 4, as Jach is prepared to give THE HERALD
readers first-line dope from the inside and outside of
each gladiator's camp. His final prediction of the mHl
wiH place bias among the aces of America who predict
battles oa the winning side.
Follow Jack Monroe for real dope. He never led
any one wrong in his life. His predictions have never
gone bad?and if yon want the real inside facts oa
these world champion fighters follow Monroe and his
byline: "1 never led any one wrong in my life."
World Champ Has Failed to
Find Battlers Who Can
Withstand Battling.
Toledo. Ohio. June SO.?Once again
the cell sounds in Jess Wil lard's
heed quarters'. "More sparring part
ner*. big ones, husky ones, boys who
<au take a walloping and come bac*
for more."
The champion is on a punching
rampage now. and he wants some-;
body to stop him His quartette ot
mates haven't been able to halt htm
none really has been equal to giving
him a slashing work-out.
It was figured that when Jack Hein
en. 230 pounds ringside, joined the
troupe that Jess finally had taken
unto himself one who would give
him all the target practice he wantea.
But disappointment has come. Either
Iieinen has a jaw as brittle as a soda
cracker or Willard hits today with
more dynamic power than ever before
in his rather extended fistic career.
I The Cardinal Athletic Club baseball j
I team will play the State, War and j
I Navy Department aggregation on the ,
1 High School field Sunday afternoon at j
13 o'clock.
j Louis Brill, an Alexandria boy? is
j manager of the visiting team, and
! has a strong bunch of ball players |
| who will be hard to b^at; nevertheless, i
the Cardinal warriors, assisted by the j
young braves from the former Vir
ginia Greys, will be on their trail
and will tak* their scalps if it is pos- 1
slble to do so.
By the consolidation of the mem
bers of the Cardinals and Greys Al
exandria should have a good baseball
team to battle visiting contenders for
amateur honors.
While some of the youngsters are
not heavyweights, they are speedy and
heavy hitters, and it is that combi
nation that brings runs over the home
plate and wins games.
Manager Robert E. McDonald will
arrange for a game to be played on
the home grounds on the afternoon
of the Fourth of July.
The Twenty-eighth Ward Demo
! cratic Club of Baltimore. Md.. will
oppose the Hex AthKtic Club Sun
day at 3 o'clock at Union Park. Fif
teenth and H streets northeast, in
what is expected to be an interest
j ing game.
t This club comes here with a
rtcord of having won thirteen
straight game*, among them being
the Walbrook A. C., the St. Gregory
: and St. Martin Catholic Church
! clubs, all three being rated among
i the best in the Monumental City,
j Murphy, the star slabinan. who
will no doubt pitch this game, has
! rot been defeated this season. Man
ap"r Wright will select either Owen.
Ferguson. Bennett or Vernstein to
| break the winning streak of the
Reds Land Uphill Game.
Cincinnati. June 20.?The Reds de
feated the Phillies here today by a
narrow margin. 5 to 4. The home
j folks put over two tallies in tht
, ninth that gave the Reds the vic
tory. Score by inning*:
j Philadelphia 000 000 121?4
; Cincinnati 101 000 012?5
Batteries: Woodward. Smith sna
,Cady; Reuther. Leuque and Wingo.
Umpires?Byron and Newton.
Hamilton Shows Form.
Pittsburgh. Pa.. June 20.?The
i Pirates defeated the Braves in the
third game of the series here today
by 4 to 0. Hamilton held the
lira ves safe all the way. allowing
only four hits. Score by innings:
; Boston 000 000 0<?0?0
Pittsburgh 030 000 lOx?*
Batteries: Demarre. Scott and
Tragtsser; Hamilton and Schmidt.
I Umpires?Klem and Emslle.
Cub* Trim Dodfcn.
Chicago. 111.. Jub* to ?The Cuba
took the third rame from tha Dod(
era here today by a rally la tb?
aeventh, t to t. DourUa wu hit
hard but kept the hlta scattered.
Score by lanlnra:
Brooklyn ??| ?}o 0#0?|
Chlcagro 0?1 in ??*_?
Batterlea: Smith. Bailey and lfn.
ler: Dourlan and OTarrea Um
pire!?Qulrley and O'Day.
Rocheater. I Baltimore, Ik
Buffalo. 7; Readme, ?.
Cool and
Palm Beach
Cool Cloth &
to $30
7fl? ? C kli:ix*s
?A Smart and
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grade shoe for
You are assured correctness in
style, perfect fit, absolute comfort
and maximum service in Gridiron
Shoes, shown in black, kid, tan,
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J-- c.. 310-312 Seventh SI N.W.
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