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Vacation Classes to Be|
Formed in Anticipation
Of Budget.
Provided that President TVil?on
?tens the District appropriation bUI
to ttee the colored schools of the
DMrtct have planned to begin their
rammer sessions Monday. July T.
In any case certain principals and
teachers will be at the seveijJ schools
fta that day to register pupils and
orsanlse classes.
The session will eovar a period of
thirty school days. Pupils are to re
port at t:J5 a. m-. and to be dismissed
at m0 p. m. The play grounds will
ha open for use of apparatus until 5
| * m.
la Coaeklnf CI??
Tq the elementary schools, coach in*
classes from grades SA to SA. inclu
sive, and instruction in physical train
ing and certain arts and crafts will
be given at the following baildings:
Magruder school. Seventeenth and
M streets northwest. Miss A. 8.
Payne, principal.
Mott school. Fourth and Trumbull
streets northwest. Miss H- 8. Brown,
I^ovejoy school. Twelfth and B
streets northeast. J. I. Minor, prin
Randall school. First and I streets
northwest. Miss M. E. Wilson, prin
Application* for admission to
classes in these vacation schools are
now being received. Special Instruc
tion hi gardening 1B offered through
out July and August at the <3 Street
Vocational School. O street, between
North Capitol and First northwest;
M Street High School. New Jersey
avenue and M streets northwest;
Cruinmell school. Galfaudet avenue
.and Fourteenth street northeast:
? Deanwood school. Whittingham and
Lane Places northeast; Smothers
school. Benning Roafl and Forty-sec
ond street northeast; Birney school
Anacostia. D. C.: Reno school. How
> ard street and Fessenden Place
northwest; Phillips school. Twenty
eighth and N streets northwest. 737
Eleventh street northeast.
Applications by Mall.
The instructors are Mrs. S. I. Col
lins. Miss M. H. Lomax and Miss
Marea Scott. Application should be
made by postal card to Mrs. Collths
at the old M Street High School.
The applicant should state his name,
grade and residence.
At Reno school on Mondays; Dean
wood on Tuesdays: Military Road
on Wednesdays: Garfield on Thurs
days. and Birney on Fridays, can
ning centers will be operated under
the direction of Mrs. P. W. Curtis.
In anticipation that the Washing
ton summer schools will be open
Monday all is in readiness at Dun
bar High School for the summer
session of 1919. Principal Mlneola
Kirkland announces that courses
will be provided this summer in al
gebra. commercial arithmetic, book
keeping. chemistry. English. French,
geometry, history, physics, physical
training and swimming.
' \r qualified students who wish to
!*' -d this session of the Dunbar
Su ?s-r High School but have not
tered should apply for admis
- on at once.
Tork. July 3.?Mrs. Archie
}. o -x .'eH is the mother of a baby j
girl, bom late yesterday. This is.
the second child of Capt. Roosevelt,
the other being a boy.
Mother and baby were reported at
the Sloan maternity hospital as
'doing well.
No League Can Make U. S.
Citizens Fight, Says Wood
Crookston. Minn., July 3.?"Ameri-1
cans will not go to war under a group;
of nations, out only under the man- j
date of our own law," Maj. Gen. Leon-1
ard Wood declared last night in a|
speech at the ninth congressional dis- I
trict home-coming celebration here. |
He made a plea to stamp out the
red dag in America.
ThWe is only one flag here, and!
* that is our flag." he said. "There is J
no room here for the red flag. Kill)
it wherever you see it. It is the
enemy. It floats when mobs rule."
r Ratification of Peace
Before Belgian Deputies
Brussels. July 5.?The bill for ratifi
cation of the peace treaty was intro- I
duoed into the chamber of deputies!
late yesterday. Members of the
chamber cheered when reference to
the allies was made.
A letter from King Albert was read !
asking unity and steadfastness of the
Belgian people in the days of recon- j
Wrifht Home for Old Hone.
Richmond. Va.. July 3.?Several,
weeks ago the local police depart
ment became cutodian of an aban-j
doned horse. Today the animal
was sold at auction and brought ?9,
Detective Captain Alex Wright be
coming the new owner.
i Coming Events
Cast Their Shadows
Do not anticipate with a shudder
ing dread the beautiful event of child
birth. You can avoid discomfort dur
ing the period and strain at the crisis
by preparing your system and putting
yourself in splendid condition to meet
the time.
For Just this purpose women all
over the land, in every walk of life,
have used for over half a century
the time-honored and famous remedy.
Mother's Friend. It is prepared to
give the mother-to-be that direct help
she needs. The muscles, nerves, ten
dons and cords are made and kept
soft and elastic. Thus strain Is avoid
ed. and as a result nervousness, nau
sea. bearing-down and stretching
pains are avoided.
The abdominal muscles expand eas
ily and gently when baby is bom.
Naturally, pain is less and the hours
of labor tower. The system is pre
pared and the crisis is one of much
. less danger.
Write tha Brad field Regulator Com
_py. Dept. M. Lamar Building. At
lanta. Georgia, for their helpful Moth
erhood Book, ard obtain a bottle of
ther's Friend from the druggist
sy. It is just as standard as any
ng you can think of.
remember, there Is nothing to
the place of MOTHER'S
Lord Burohim la the latest to be
considered for British Aj-nbaaaidor to
the United States. He is proprietor
of the London Dally Telegraph, and
has served in Parliament and as a
colonel in the army.
Will Enlarge Present Store
To Care for Largely
Increased Business.
In line with its policy of develop- ?
ment and expansion, and
vision of far-sightedness which,
has always characterized the
grrowth of this concern. The Hecht
' Co.. through Shannon and Luchs, j
realtors, has acquired the Schubert- ?>
Oarrick Theater and Federal Offlce
Building, both at Seventh and F
streets northwest.
j It is understood that the consid
eration for the transfer of these,
| holdings was more than $250,000.
! In acquiring this property, which
adjoints its present establishment, j
The Hecht Company indicates its
conviction and belief in the future
of this part of Seventh street as the
logical shopping center, and that
the business trend is in this gen
eral direction rather than north of
G or west of Fourteenth streets.
I There are a few leases yet to ex
pire on the property, but the pres
ent future plans of The Hecht Co.
I include the erection of a modern
fireproof building which will cor
respond to its present quarters.
With the acquired property the
store will have a frontage on
Seventh street of 225 feet and on F
street. 125 feet.
Jack Edwards, resident manager of
the Shubert Garrick. announced last
night that the purchase would not in
terfere with the regular winter en
gagements scheduled for this theater.
"At the termination of the stock
season." he announces, "the Messrs.
Lee and J. J. Shubert will resume the
operation of the theater under the
same policy as prevailed last season,
presenting so-called legitimate at
Ottawa. Ont. July 3.?The Min
ister of Labor today ordered strik
ing Ottawa street railway employes
back to work, declaring their
strike, ordered before findings by
the board of conciliation, illegal. It
was reported Ottawa pressmen will
probably accept offered wage set
In Toronto 700 union teamsters
threaten to walk out Monday. It
is estimated 11,000 men were on
strike in Tonnto today.
movement there. He remarked that
the costs of bringing the food here
from Baltimore should be negligible.
Reavis to Seek Facts.
With the object of forcing on the
market the surplus food supplies in
the hands of the War Department,
an investigation of the Department s
activities in connection with the dis
posal of these foodstuffs will be
started Monday by subcommittee No.
4 of the House committee investi
gating the War Department. This
subcommittee is headed by Repre
sentative Reavis. of Nebraska.
Mr. Reavis said the high cost of
living now burdening the whole
country makes it urgently necessary
that the army's surplus supplies
should be made available to the gen
eral public in a manner most con
venient to the people.
"We are going to see that this
food is placed In the reach of the
peaple or find out why that Is not
done." Mr. Reavis declared.
Coincident with this announce
ment by Mr. Reavis. Representative
Oliver issued his statement, that the
War Department had decided to sell
the surplus supplies.
Wants Fa" Explanation.
Director Hare will be summoned to
appear before the House investigating
committee Monday afternoon He wU
be asked to explain why this food
was not put on the ?arke'
according to Mr. Reavis. The com
mittee also will want to knowwhy.t
canrot be disposed of in less than
30.OOO-pound lots, so that small dealers
may bid on it. .
\n important feature of the inves
tigation. it was stated, will be an
effort to ascertain /if"
lation* have existed between the
packers and the War ^Pf^ment in
connection with the surplus meats.
Mr Reavis said his committee is very
anxious to find out if the packers^
for any reason, have
placing of this meat on the market.
The surplus food supplies held by
the War Department cost $50,000,000.
They include corned beef, bacon and
canned goods of^ many varieties.
Hons to Ratify Treaty.
Copenhagen. July 3.?'The Weimar
national assembly will begin con
sidtration of the peace treaty Satur
day. the Polttiken reported tewjmy.
Ratification is certain, said the
Vote Dow* Mooney Strike.
Milwaukee. Wis.. July 3.?Mil
waukee will have no Mooney strike
tomorrow. The Federation Trade*
Council with 150 trades represented
last night voted against the move.
Pmsm Sa3t Tomorrow.
The Navy Department yesterday
sent Killing orders to the battleship
Idaho, which will sail from New york
July 5 with President-elect Pessoa of
Brazil. . ....
Stricken with Pneumonia
On Trip Pleading for
Permanent Peace.
New Tork. July 1?An impas
sioned plea for support of the
league of nations was Dr. Anna
Howard Shaw's last mesjige to 'be
women of America. Dr. Shaw took
an active part In the campaign of
the League to Enforce Peace iu be
half of ratification of the league of
nnatlons covenant. In May she made
a speaking tour with President Taft
and other advocates of the covenant.
She was stricken with pneumonia at
Springfield, 111., when the trip was
half over.
In the appeal to women, entitled
"What the War Meant to Women."
and which probably was her last
work before the relapse which
caused her death yesterday. Dr.
Shaw, apparently feeling that the
end of her own life was near, wrote:
"Everybody must die sometime
and it does not make as much differ
ence, perhaps, as to the number of
days we live as it does to (he man
ner In whlclv we live the days we do
Some of the most striking sen
tences in the appeal are:
"The best thins that has been given
us, and the only thing we have be
fore us, is this league of nations.
We have no other league of nations.
We have only this one. We must
take this one or no one can tell what
will come. We have no midway
point. We have no purgatory. We
have to choose either Heaven or Hell
We must take it or we most reject
"Oh. we women, the mothers of the
race have given everything, have
suffered everything, have sacrificed
everything, and we come to you now
and say. "The time has come when
we will no longer sit quietly by ano
bear and rear some to die at the will
of a few men. We wHl not endure
It! We will not endure It! We de
mand that either you shall do some
thing to prevent war. or that we shall
be permitted to try to do something
A, 8. Doniphw.
TS Kin* Street. j
Alexandria. Vs., July 3.?'After ex-1
amining a pistol valued at $9 at the I
store of Frederick Ayers. 324 King j
street. Robert Taylor, colored. 1* |
yeans old. whose home is in Stafford I
county. Virginia, asked to examine a J
box of cartridges and when shown the
box grabbed the pistol and cartridges
and made off. I
Mr. Ayers. who was behind ahc
counter, seized a pistol, pursued the,
negro and fired one shot in the air to
scare him. Policeman Rawlett also
gave chase and soon waa joined by
Policeman Smith.
Taylor was surrounded In the alley
bounded by King. Cameron. Royal |
and Pitt streets, and after entering:
the alley he discharged the pistol, j
which he had lust loaded, and when ;
cornered by Policeman Rawlett he:
beat the officer over the head with ;
the end of his pistol. Policeman
Smith came to Officer Rawlett's as-j
sistance and used his night stick ef- |
fectlvely on the head of Taylor and
soon conquered him.
Taylor subsequently was arraigned i
in the police court before Justlce |
Thompson and fined $100 and in de-,
fault of payment of the fine he will
spend the next three months in the
state road gang.
The directors of the Alexandria!
Fertilizer and Chemical Company
at their annual meeting today
elected Julian Y. Williams presi
dent in place of Robert L. Payne. \
resigned, and E. W. Jenkins was
selected as secretary-treasurer. Mr.
Payne has become president of the
Tocooke Guano Company. Norfolk.
Va.. and has gone to his new post
Mr. Williams formerly was business
manager of the Chamber of Com-1
At a meeting of the alumnae ofj
St. Mary's Academy at that insti-j
tutlon last night, the following
delegates were chosen to the con-1
vention which will be held at St. I
Edith's Academy. Bristow. VavJulyj
17-19: Miss M. V. Harlow. Miss I-.il- j
lian Hill. Miss B. T. Greene. Wash- i
ington: Mrs. Eva Lannon Adams.
Mrs. Christina Schuler Bales.
Misses M. Kavanagh. P. Harring- j
ton and M. Nugent, this city. The j
meeting was presided over by Miss
Ulllian Hill, president. The con
vention at Bristow will elect State
Harry Cleveland. 36 years old. died
yesterday afternoon at the residence
of his mother. Mrs. Annie Cleveland, j
Seminary Hill. Fairfax county. The
deceased was unmarried and was
employed In a clerical capacity at j
the Potomac railroad yards. His
funeral will take place at S o'clock
tomorrow afternoon from the resl-;
dence of his mother, and services]
will be conducted by Rev. Berry
man Green. D. D., and Rev. S. A.
Wall is. D. D.. of the Episcopal Theo- |
logical Seminary. Burial will be In |
Ivy Hill Cemetery.
Independence Day here will be
quietly celebrated. Hundreds of par- |
tieB left this evening for nearby re
sorts and many will not return un
til Saturday night or Monday morn- .
ing. All business will be suspended.
Hundreds at night will go to Wash
ington to Witness the celebration in
that city. ?
The funeral of V. C. Taylor. <3
years old. who died yesterday at his
residence, 223 Soutf Pitt street, will,
take Place at 11 o'clock Friday,
morning from his late residence.;
Services will be conducted by the
Rev Edgar Carpenter, rector of
Grace P. E. Church.
" '
Ukrainians Say Odessa
Is Wrested from Poles
Copenhagen. July 3.?The Ukrai
nian press buresu announced today
that after a desperate battle of four
days between the Poles and the
Ukrainians the latter occupied
This is the first Intimation of
fighting between the Poles and
Ukrainians in the Odessa region.
Dispatches yesterday told of a Pol
ish advance against the Ukrainians
in Eastern Gallcia.
Rnauiu Premier tail Resign.
Paris. July 3.?Considering that
clauses of the Austria treaty with
regard to national minorities are
not satisfactory for Rumanian sig
nature. Premier Bratiano left for
Bucharest today. He will otter "his
resignation to the Kin^. ^
Homesick Yanks Adore
"Queen of Eastern Asia"
Here's the girl that plays the big
sister to every Yank doughboy in
Every. American soldier returned
from the Far East sings her praises.
They unanimously dub her 'The
Queen of Eastern Asia."
She is Miss Gail Berg. "Y" worker
at Vladivostok. Her smile, to the
homesick buck privates, stands for
home and country, bright skies and
happy days, sister, sweetheart and
friend. And she treats them all
"There isn't a man in the A. E. F.
who doesn't worship Gail Berg,"
said a returned traveller recently.
"Night after night the Y. M. C. A.
dance hall is crowded with boys
whose sole hope is to tag her part
ner in the 'slap dance* and get the
privilege of taking Miss Berg half
way around the room.
"The boys hike seven miles in
ffom the outlying garrison, and
seven miles back again, just for a
few words and a smile from her. She
remembers all their names and
knows all their troubles."
The "Queen of Eastern Asia
comes from Seattle. After she had
graduated from college her family,
which had been well off lost its
money through misfortune. After
living at Pasadena for a time with
Mrs. Edward Bok. Miss Berg ap
plied for the Vladivostok post with
the Y. M. C. A. She is an artist
on the ukelele. singing cowboy
songs, ballads of the Kentucky
| mountains, and May Irwin's famous
"Frog Song,' to cheer the hearts of
I boys far from home.
War Drives Fish Up Bay to Give \
Sport for Washington Anglers
The war has produced the strange
effect of frightening the gamest of
the sea fish far up Into Chesapeake
Bay, with the result that fishing at
resorts is the liveliest now in their
A taylor fish, regarded as one of
the gamest cf the flhny tribe, was
caught yesterday at Chesapeake
Beach, the first in four years. Trout
also have appeared in unusually large
numbers recently. Hardheads, which
have abounded during the last two
seasons, were unknown at the resort ]
prior to the war.
The Hague. July 3.?The unusual
movements at Amerongen chateau
were reported today by the Handels
blad. Commenting on this, the news
paper said it expects the former
kaiser will attempt to depart from his
home there.
The Nieuw Courant declared today
the Dutch government does not feel
obliged to turn Wilhelm over to the
"He is free to go wherever he likes,
so long as he stays in Holland," said
the Journal.
The sime view was held with regard
to the former crown prince.
Women and Minors Get
Minimum Wage Increase
St. Paul. Minn., July 3.?Women
and minors of Minnesota were
granted substantial increases by the
State minimum wage commission
when that body voted unanimously
to raise the minimum. August 4.
The new wage minimums are $11
a week in cities of 5.000 or more,
and $10.25 in smaller towns. Here
tofore, the minimums have run
from $8.50 a week to $9 a week,
without regard to hours.
The new minimum specifies 48,
hours a week and 23 cents an houri
for overtime.
Fish WUd Orer Wine.
Dal la, Tex., July 3.?J. S. Keene
stored minnows in a sherry wine
barrel filled with water. "The
booze soaked out and made my
minnows so wild I couldn't catch
'em," Keene complained?
Chinese fathers cannot leave more
property to one son then to another.
All must have an equal share.
Bay fishermen assign the sudden
appearance of these types of fish
to the worfyS war. They explain that
during the war the mouth of the
Chesapeake was heavily rained, and
they are of the opinion that the lay
ing of these mines, along with the
frequent explosions of mines, drove
the fish back Into the bay.
The taylor is a baby bluefish, ana
is noted for its fighting ability. When i
snagged. It frequently will make a
quick leap and bite the line in two. j
If cornered. It will snap and bite j
like a dog.
People Want Sodas, and
Want 'Em Without Tax
There is much talk in the Capital
about "what the people want." A re
porter, anxious to ascertain what
they really do want, yesterday dug
through a mass of petitions received
from the folks back home during Uie
last week. Here is what he found:
Out of ISO petitions examined fifty
nine were for repeal of the taxes on
soda water, ice cream and candy.
Cuticura Ointment
Is So Good For The Skin
For eczemas, rashes, pimples, irrita
tions, uchings.chafings, and dandruff
on scalp, as well as for cuts, wounds,
bruises and bites and stings of in<
sccts, Cuticura Ointment is truly
wonderful. It is so soothing and
healing, especially when assisted bv
Cuticura Soap. First bathe the af
fected parts with Cuticura Soap and
hot water. Dry gently and anoint
with Cuticura Ointment,* This treat
ment is best on rising and retiring.
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum
25c. Sold throuRhout the world. For
sample each free address: "Cvticvra Lab
ora'Afie,. Dept. 24F, Maiden, Maaa."
M^Cvticura 5oap ahavea without ai|
Ford Sizes
7,500 Miles * -
Larger Sizes
6,000 Miles
on Any Roads
714 12th Street Main 7320
Electrical, Mechanical. Automobile Supplies,
... . Domestic Alliances
John A. Embrey, Former
Consul at Omsk, Tells of
Bolshevik Terror.
First-hand evidence of the r?igo
of terror by the BoUhevikl in Rus
sia was riven by John A. Embrey.
formerly United States consul at
Omsk, in an address at the First
Congregational Church last night.
Mr. Embrey expressed the opinion
that the situation will be remedied
only by the* triumph of the forces
of law and order under Admiral
Kolchak. He showed lantern slides
of atrocities committed by the Bol
shevik army.
"The Bolshevik army is largely
made up of gangs of criminals." he
said. "Any intelligent criminal who
has the ability to lead a body of
other criminals joins the Bolsheviki.
and they have been attracted from
all over the world. Their deeds are
so terrible that I do not believe 5
per cent of the inmates of Sing Sing
could perpetrate them."
Officers of government are chosen,
be said, by popular acclaim from the
most successful of the "soapbox"
t,ype of orators, and they have power
to put to death, without trial, any
one whom they consider a counter
Other atrocities described were
the killing of hostages and able
bodied young men in the captured
towns, enslaving of women as was
done by the Germans, cruelty to the
aged, destruction of books and
schools, and desecration of churches.
Mr. Embrey lauded the Siberian
Investigate S. A. L. Wreck
At Milford, Va., Thursday
Richmond. Va.. July 3. - W. K.
Duke, federal residential member of
the Richmond. Fredericksburg & Po
tomac railroad, announced today afl
' investigation would be conducted
I once to ascertain the cause of the
[wrecking of Seaboard Air Line train
I No. 06 last night at Milford. Va.
| Three cars were derailed, but a
; postal, diner, two day coaches and
| three sleepers remained on the track.
It is said thst a defective tender
I caused the wreck. H. D. L?affite*\
express messenger, is under treatment
today at the Memorial Hospital for
injuries sustained in the wreck- It is
? not thoupht that he is injured se
i riously. As far as is known the mes
i sence-r was the only one hurt
Like Hell, They Say.
Enid. Okla., July 2.?Hell will break
loose in Enid, July 4. Just back from
the war in Europe. Robert Hell and
seveiai warm friends will participate
in the celebration.
Kolchak Forces Evacuating
Important Base of
State Department advice*: from
Omsk yesterday confirmed reports
that the Siberian army is evacuating
Perm, before the attack of Bolsheviks
The dispatch was dated June 9.
Perm is an important base for the
Kolchak forces opposing the Bolshe
viks. It is ao miles north of Ufa. base
of the southern part of the Omsk gov
ernment forces. Bolsheviks captured
Ufa June 12.
Swedish press reports received at the
department say the Bolsheviks are
mobilizing energetically and that all
men able to carry arms are being
called out. Officers are given impor
tant posts only when- they agree that
their family shall bear consequences
of their possible treason- Civilian
I>s*enger traffic in or out of Petro
grad is reported to have been prohib
Special Bolshevik permission is re
quired even for officials to travel.
Bolshevik papers are demanding that
Petrograd be held as long as possible,
supporting Trotsky's opinion that
Petrograd is the only link between the
Bolsheviks in Russia and "Europe's
revolutionary proletarians."
The Moscow industrial district, the
report stated, again has been ravaged
by strikers led by men from the Sor
novo works.
obaerva Saturday. July l ? ? MU.
holiday It hi haM ywUrte; tlael'
glalng Saturday aa a holiday *nX "
be a violation of the law raquirtn#
government employee ta work as sea
boon a day tu^t aa Huaiai? aad
on days daclarad legal hotldaya.
Legal authorltlee of tha mMMt
are of tha opinion that Saturday la
a half-hoMday only hi tha DWM
and, without apaeial leclalaOoc. oaa
not ba made a full-day holiday.
JefTeraon City. Mo. July 1 Mil ?
aourl today ratified the Tadaral aaf
frage amendment Tba ImiiIi, by
a vota of 21 to I. adopted tha Houaa
SndWU Bhx Oat Of*
Spate?Haw ta Him Eadgr.
Here's a chance. Miss rnekle-FMe..
to try a remedy for freddee with the
guarantee of a reliable concern that It
will not coat you a penny imleaa ft
removea tha frecklaa: while If It doaa
give you a clear complexion the ex-_
penae la trifling.
Simply get an ounce of Othlno?doa
ble atrength?from any dnigglat. and
a few applications should show you
how eaay It la to rid yourself of the
homely frecklaa and art a beautiful
complexion. Rarely la more than one -
ounce needed for the woret caae
Be sure to aak the druggist for the
double atrength Ottilne. aa thia
strength la Bold under guarantee of
money back If It fatla to reawve
freckles ?Ad*.
Thai Your
Dealer Gi?e? Yen
Heat and Steam Without Smoke
FOR DOMKSTIf USB?Rffs* Sltrf. and Pea.
FOR 9TBAM IM5?Burkw heat, Rict mmd Barley.
The Philadelphia and Reading
Coal and Iron Company
J. A. Lonntbury, Agent, 308 Onrmy Bldj., Wuhin (toa. D. C
three brands
sealed in air-tight
packages. Easy to find
?it is on sale
Look for. ask for.
be sore to set
The Greatest Name
lo Goody-Land.
|mc perfect gum I

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