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225 More Members Will
Fill Set Quota of
Approximately application* for
membership in the recently-organized
City Club are waiting final action by
the board of governors, according to
of the dubw In addition to
till* number, the club lacks only about
23 of Its goal of 1500 members.
The holidays last week interrupted
the regular routine In the enrollment
of new members. The board of gov
ernors usually meets on Friday to
pass on applications, but this meet
ing had to be called off on account of
the Fourth of Joly. The board
Intends to meet this week and
pass not only on the pending ap
plications but also upon those which
will be reported at the semi-weekly
luncheon of the membership teams to
morrow afternoon at 12J50 o'clock at the
Commercial Club, Farragrut Square.
The membership teams are continu
ing their enrollment work at a steady
and leisurely pace. No effort is being
made to speed up the work, as club
officials think that a thorough inves
tigation of the qualifications of each
applicant should be made In order to
maintain the high standing of the
Every person of good character and
high community standing is eligible,
and these liberal qualifications make it
doubly necessary that careful con
sideration be given each name.
* ?
Committees Will Scour City
To Bring Success in
$ 150,000 Campaign.
Today marks the beginning of the
final week of the St. John's College
extension campaign for $150,000. J
Workers assembled yesterday and
received their final instructions which
it is hoped will result in the raining
quota of the sum during the next
seven days. Subcommittees were
named yesterday to take up the mat
ter of subscriptions with banks, busi
ness houses, the trades and profes
sions and this puts the whole matter
on a better basis than at any other
time since the drive for the fund '
was started.
The Rev. Brother Tobias, who
founded the college fifty-four years
asro. has written from his present sta
tion at Ammandale. Md.. urging an
i mmediate and general response, and
the promoters feel that this will bring
jui'her offerings from many students
who were in the founder's classes
during his connection of more than
twenty y*ars with the college
John F. Ryan. 2215 Thirty-fifth
street, was the first to recover a
free scholarship dropped from an aero
plane by a former student of the col
lege in a flight over the city earlier
in the week. Ryan appeared at head
o-arters early yesterday with the an
nouncement that he will avail himself |
of a course of two years in the com
mercial section of th?? college as soon |
ns it opens in the fall.
Mr*. Gra^e B. Stortv filed suit for
cbsolute divorce yesterday against
Richard Storty.
The wife charges misconduct and
narms a co-rcspondent. The couplo
were married at Marlboro, Md.. in
October, 1917. Attorney Joe 'C.
Brown appears for the wife.
The original wills of Mrs. Anna L.
Morton, wife of former Vice Presi
dent of the United States. Levi P.
Morton, have been filed as a mat
ter of record in the office of the
Register of Wills.
Later wills than these were filed I
soon after Mrs. Morton's death, and
it is these that have governed the I
disposition of her estate.
Michael A. Yearn ft. 3. Etta v Ketrai
?_"4. both of Washington. The Rev. p. F. HalL
Robert L. Boll. 22. of Seal Pleasant. Md_
?nd Zora M. Brwden. 21. of BalUton. Va. (
The Iter. J. E. Brig*?
Leigh Noyea. 34. of St. Johnsburg. Vt. and'
Susan W. Spender. 38. at Waahii^too. The
Iter P. P. Hail
Le Grande Toon a. 3. and Muriel D. Karen.
CD. both of Washington. The Rer. C. A.
Jarr.ee H Wootfalk. 22. and Elsie L. Lloyd,
IS, both ot Quantico. Va. Tfce Rer. J. H.
Guy B. Svope. 28. and Naomi W. Perry. 23,
both of St. Joeeph. Mo. The Rev. D. M.
Joeeph D?? Pahna. 21. ot Jeanette. Pa. and
Alberta Bndur. 14, at Washington. The Rer.
J. H. W. Blake.
John W Kamnwr. 3. and Alios Jones, 3.
both at Baltimore, Md. The Rev. H M.
Mike A. Perry. 23. of Minneapolis. Minn., and
Pauline Van Pelt. 22, of Jackson. Miss. The
IW G. A. Miller.
Frank H. Tower. S3, erf Plain fleld. ILL. and
V?rssnia 1?. Man kin. 21. of Riverdale. MtL
The Rev. J. H. Jrffr.es.
l-raiik Me? chrodt. 23. rrf Remington. Va..
and &arah R. Bast. IS. of Washington. The
Bev. W. A. Haggerty.
Marshall Van Vorls. 42. of Newark. N. J.,
and Ida V. Rowe. 40, of Washington. Tae,
Rev G. I. Humphries
Richard G. Newlin. 38. and Grace M. Taylor.
40. both ot Washington. The Ret. D. H.
John C. Gardner. 49. of Lattle Rock. Ark.,
ami Sadie La Bialer, 41. of Washington. The
Kit C. E. Fultz.
Ralph Mercurio, 22. and Helena C. Lewis, 20.
both of \\ aldington. The Rev W. A. Oahiil.
Robert C. Harloer. 35, of Pedlar Mills. Va..
and M. Louise Hudson. 24. of Pleasant View.
Va Th? Rev. J J. Muir.
Frank Stamglnff. 33. of Washington, and
Helen F. J. Marshall. 31. of Montdair. N T
The Rev. T. G. Smyth.
Bland M. Knight. 3. and C. Grace Thorn
ton. 21. of Hamsburg. Pa. The Rev. H. T.
Dand O. Jett. 2L and Ruby H. Jett. a.
Botn ot Fredericksburg. Va. The Rev. H. T.
Jceeph R. Rapuxzi. 3. of Washington, and
Helm K. Baird. 3. of Chicagu, IU. The Rev.
P. C. Gavan.
Charles H. Selxg. 3, of Fort Monroe. Va..
and Bridget C. Far. ot Clifton Forge. Va.
The Rev. G. ?. Kelly.
CoeL.De Val. 3. of Detroit. Mich , and
Rose T. Coetello. 19. of Waihington. The Rev.
Robert C Williams, 22. and Marguerite C. i
Eberle, 19. both of Washington. The Rev.
R. 8. Lawreojon.
i mnunutl C. Mfaearis, 3i. of Loe Angeles.
Cal.. ind Helen R. McBhariy. 22, of Gfatralia.
111. The Rev. J. H Jeffries.
Albert W. Grant. 3, and Martha Moeby. B.
both ot The Plalna. Va The Her G. H.
Other Nation* Felicitate U. S.
Messages of congratulation on peacc
J and Independence Day have been -rt?
ceived at the State Department fron
?? ?? * ~ ~
p.? j ^ rrom
,Portuga' and fr?m the
Waihingtoo ItCktiuu of Guatemala.
? xl5
rkto IUn Cl?a?4 latnteri
D arias J air aai Aagait
& Batw J5omCo.
Mr ?. i>?'?w,
Always a?4 at
?In the droopy, hot day* of sum
mer one likes to have new. fresh
and light-weight hats to wear with
dainty summer dresses. These are
in white, pink, and navy blue, and
therefore suitable for wear with I al
most any colored costume.
?Tomorrow at?
?New Breast Hats, fancy feather and ostrich feather breasts, in black, brown, blue, and $10.00
-Second Floor.
Refreshingly New and
Dainty Blouses at
?Of Georgette crepe, of course.
What else is as charming for the
dress-up blouse as this sheer and
good-wearing material.
?New flat-frilled styles, trimmed
with Val. lace; one style is em
broidered in front in contrasting col
ors; another style has frill trimmed
with princess lace; one is shown in
a pretty bib effect trimmed with
lace, round-neck style. Colors are white, flesh, navy,
orchid and rose; sizes 36 to 44 in the regular sizes;
also a few extra sizes?48, 50 and 52.
-Second Floor.
-Second Floor.
KsnnWSecond Floor.
?Women's Summer Union
Suits. low neck, no
sleeves; knee length; tight
and loose knees; shell
finish knees. Pink l7C<?
and white. Each.. I DC
?Special lot of Women's
Union Suits, low neck, no
sleeves, tight knees and
loose knees, lace trimmed;
also bodice shape, with
shoulder straps; tight
knees or lace P A _
knees. Each DUC
?Women's Bloomers, in
pink, white and black; ex
tra wide cut; elastic
waist and knees.
A pair
?Women's Swiss and Fine
Ribbed Lisle Thread Vests,
low neck and square neck,
no sleeves and bodice
shape; 3 for QC _
$1.00, or, each... UuC
Kami's?Street Floor.
A Clearance Sale
of Handsome
?You are lucky if you are
needing a new suit for your va
cation outfit to have this op
portunity presented to you at
this time.
?The clearance lot includes?
?Fine satin suits.
?Smart suits of taffeta.
?Handsome tricolette suits.
?These are in black, navy and
heliotrope, and in blouse and
belted effects.
Sale Prices,
$35 and
Kann'o?Second Floor.
Exceptional Values in
Separate Skirts
in black and navy blue;
made with fullness all
around; finished with
deep belts and trimmed
with but
tons. At..
black and blue; also
fancy plaid silk skirts,
with gathers, yokes and
deep belts, some bu'
ton-back styles, and a
number finished with
cut-in pock
m $3.98
with deep yokes, fancy pockets and trim
med with buttons, in all sizes. ^ A QQ
Choice of the lot at
?Most women enjoy a glimpse forward toward the coming season's styles, and these new models
are straws which show which way the wind of fashion is inclined to blow.
-?There are smart serge dresses, satins, crepe de chines, taffetas, and combinations of Georgette and
?They are made in coat styles, straight-line effects, draped models, tunic effects.
?Some of the Georgettes are hand-braided, others are hand-embroidered.
?The colors are navy, black, Copenhagen and taupe.
?All sizes to select from.
At $19.90, $25 and $29.75
?An After-the-Fourth Clearance of Women's Low Footwear.
?Shoes From Our Regular Stock, XaL*800 $4.95
?Several hundred pairs in the sale, but at such a price even that number
will go out quickly
Black Kid Black Calf Tan Kid
Tan Calf Russia Calf Black Suede
aad Patent Colt
?The styles include?Pumps, Oxfords and Colonials
?Welt and turn soles, with Cuban, French and Military heels.
?Secure a supply for the rest of the summer, and consider how great a sav
ing you are making on any pair you select. Not all sizes in all styles.
Kaaa'a?Fourth Floor.
Offers for Monday
36-inch White Madras Goth
?in plaids, stripes and checks. Qual
ity especially desirable (or men's and
boys' shirts and pajamas. 40c OP
value. Monday, a yard uOC
36-inch White Tricotmei
?Beautiful mercerized fabric in a di
agonal weave. Fabric in great demand
for summer skirts. 89c value. CQ_
Extra special Monday, a yard
?Novelty skirtings, in basket and gabar
dine effects, with self-stripes and plaids;
large assortment of styles; 36 inches
wide; values to $1. Special,
Monday only, a yard 0?/C
?White gabardines, 36 inches wide;
new diagonal weave; very highly mer
cetized; splendid for sport skirts and
suits; 89c value. For Monday CQ _
only, a yard "i/C
-Sheer Qualities with a crisp finish.
$1.00 ."^5,i1SwM*:.12.00.. $1.50
?54 indies wide; $2.50 AA
.LO value. Yard $?.UU
?45 inches wide; $1.25
value. Yard
?45 inches wide; $1 -50
value. Yard
?36-inch Novelty Voiles,
in stripes, plaids and
checks; fine sheer quality;
regularly 69c. CC/?
Monday, a yard. . WvC
?10-yard pieces English
Longcloth; soft - finished
quality; $3.00 value;
>P,d,i. d* 52.25
?10-yard pieces of white
Nainsook, with a silky
finish; $4.00
value; special, $3.25
?44-inch white voiles,
fine sheer quality; regu
larly 75c. Mon
day, a yard
?40-inch white chiffon
voiles, with a soft finish;
regularly $12.5.
? 10-yard pieces of white
Nainsook; soft finish;
$2.50 value; AA
piece .*/0
? 10-yard pieces English
Longcloth; closely woven
and a good heavy weight;
,!i0 $4.75
-Stmt Floor.
The Materials for Bathing
Suits and Separate Skirts
Sicilians, Etc.
?Light in weight, serviceable and ex
cellent for bathing suits, as it seems to
retain its springiness even when wet
. 89c
black and
?Black and Navy Mohair, a
50-inch Black Mohair Sicilian,
a yard
?42-inch Black and Navy
Mohair, a yard
??54-inch Mohair Sicilian, in
black, navy and gray, a yard,
??54-inch Striped Sicilian, in
navy, with colored stripes, a
yard .
?42-inch Black and Navy
Tussah, a yard
-Street Floor.
In Voile, Georgette Crepe
and Net
?This new style of tucking is becoming exceedingly
popular for whole waists, also for vestees, collars and
?40-in. Voiles, in block tuck
ing, white with stitching in
navy blue and pink. These
are in the '/2-inch
block; a yard
?40-in. Block Tucked Voiles,
in all white; in 1-inch,
y* -inch and '/2-inch tucking;
a yard?
$3.75 and $4.50
$5 00
?36-tn. Georgette Crepe
Tucking, in 2-inch block;
white and black
only; a yard...
? Cream-colored Net; block
tucking; I'/^-in. tfO OC
blocks: a yard..
?Tucked Net, in the straight
tucking; two styles; at. a
$2.25 and $2.50
Kama's?Street noor
A Very Special Valve 1 Q-*
at a Yard ? 5*C
?Printed Voiles in noteworthy assortments?
A YARD 38c, 58c, 75c
A YARD 38c, 58c, 75c, $1.00.
?In these colors: Two shades of pink, light blue, cadet blue, Copenhagen blue, navy, lavender, 1 PA
orchid, wistaria, mais, yellow, apple green, Nile, biscuit, tan and black. A YARD V A
H.. ?ttrrrt 1'lo.r.
QIT T/O 3 Sensational Offers
For Monday
?Items that Are Characteristic of the Extra Values Now Being Quoted in Our Summer Sale
?Kinds in great demand and accounted scarce elsewhere, but at present we have plenty.
$2.00 and *2^0
Novelty Silks, yard.
Fifty or more color combina
tions to select from, in designs
suitable for making the coolest
looking silk frocks, blouses or sep
arate skirts. The patterns are
plaids, stripes and checks. With
these we have included a great
assortment of silk ginghams, in
new patterns and colors.
40-inch Printed Geor
gette Crepe, yard
This is a wanted sheer quality
that is so popular now for waists
or dresses, in handsome floral pat
terns, on light and dark grounds;
also plenty of navy blue to select
from. This is one of the most-in
demand fabrics of the day.
$6.00 Brocaded Sport ?Q
Barinette Satins, yard, Vw.vw
?40 inches wide, in ten beautiful
designs, and in these different col
ors: Overseas blue, silver, tan, Pe
kin blue, amethyst, brown, taupe,
orchid, sunset, peacock, gray, char
treuse; also black and navy.
Kami's?Street Ft**r.

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