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Witnesses Claim Secretary
Withheld Supplies to
Avoid Competition.
That Secretary of War Baker la
directly responsible for the subserv
ing of the needs of the people to
the interests of the packers and can
ners was brought out yesterday In
a hearing before the House Commit
tee on Expenditures in the War De
With a surplus of 73,000,000 pounds
3f bacon. 380,000 pounds of haras* $60,
UOO.OOO worth of canne<f meats and
tlO6.OOO.0GO worth of canned vegetables
In storage, suffering steady deterio
ration and consequent diminution in
value, and with the coat of living
mounting so high aa to cause severe
hardship to numerous people. C. W.
Hare, director of sales, labored five
months in vain to Induce the War
Hepartment to sell these food sup
plies to the American people.
Col. Alex. M Davis, regular army
officer and director of storage and
supplies of the Quartermasters De
partment. testified that the Quarter
master General. Gen Rogers, having
returned from France in February or
March, was about to sell to the pub
lic the great surplus of canned vege
tables which the army had accumu
lated. when Frank Gerber. president
of the National Canners' Association,
protested and exhibited the written
assurance given by Gen. R. E. Wood,
as Acting Quartermaster General, on
I>ecember 6. 1318. that these goods
would not be offered for sale to the
domestic trade until after this year's
canning season. Col. R. J. Thome,
formerly and now president of Mont
gomery Ward & Co., of Chicago, in
formed Gen. Rogers and Col. Davis
that the letter to the National Can
ners' Association was written with
'he approval of becretary Baker,
whose policy it was not to sell the
??anned goods in competition with the
manners, whereupon Gen. Rogers
anandoned his ides. However, it was
brought out that on May 1. 1919, and
on strong representation by Director
Hare. Mr. Baker had reversed his
former policy and ordered the sur
plus sold.
Pa-is. July 9?The British govern
ment proclamation against Sinn Fein
<>rganixations in Tipperary County is
an attempt to goad the Irish people
into an insurrection, "in order that
they may be exterminated by the
British army of occupation," accord
ing to J. A. Murphy, who has suc
rded Frank P. Walsh and Edward
K. Dunne on the lrish-Amencan del
Murphy issued a statement attack
ing the proclamation.
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CrOK TOPS lUIMSl<il!ll
Mistaking an 1*-year-old negro who
fled down F sir?et at Eleventh early
yesterday evening as the assailant of
Miss Mary Saunders instead of the
alleged thief of a quantity of shirts
from a department store, two score
shoppers nearly mobbed Mm before
Policeman Melvin. of the First prs
cinct, intervened and took him away
?n the theft charge.
Giving his name as Raymond Wood,
of 231 Oakdale street northwest, the
colored boy gave up three silk shifts
valued at IK. Wood is known to the
police, having been arrested on a lar
ceny charge several weeks ago, police
declared. He will be given a hearing
in the Police Court this morning.
M 1 / .
j Victor H. Murdock, acting chair
, man of the Federal Trade Commis
sion, announced yesterday that the
1 commission would undertake a thor
ough and searching examination into
' the whole subject involved In the
present method of fixing steal manu
facturing prices on Pittsburgh quo
1 tations as the base.
! This decision was made after a
hearing given to John 8. Miller and
H. A. Wagner, representing Chicago
and other Middle-Western steel in
? dustrles, who complained that the
Pittsburgh base method subjects them
to unfair competition, and who urged
that Chicago also be made a price
basing point.
Judge Elbert H. Gary, chairman of
! the board of directors of the United
States Steel Corporation, and presi
dent of the American Steel Institute.
I who participated in the conference,
strongly advocated the threshing out
[of the question. Judge Gary said
that he thought it advisable that the
problem be overhauled and settled
once for all by a disinterested party
such as toe Federal Trade Commis
Berlin. July 8 (delayed).?Prince
Henry, brother of the former Kai
ser. has telegraphed King George,
it was learned today, begging "in
the name of justice" that Britain
desist in her preparations for the
extradition of the Emperor.
Prince Henry declared he knows
Wilhelm endeavored to avert war
and referred to the conversation he
had with King George on July 7,
London, July 9. ? All territories
which Great Britain is to adminiater
under league of nations mandates
are to be defined as parts of the
British Empire.
This was disclosed in the House of
Commons late today by Austen
Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Ex
chequer, in connection with a motion
by him for an amendment extending
imperial preference to territories un
der British mandates.
Paris, July 9.?MaJ. Gen. C. P.
?ummerall of the First army has
been appointed American member
of the committee of representa
tives from Great Britain. France,
the United States and Italy who
will investigate the recent fight
ing between the Italian and French
soldiers at Fiume.
The investigation was requested
by the Italians. The committee
i will be asked to fix responsibility
j for the incident and make recom
1 mendations for the preservation of
j order in the future.
to The Waahirgtoo Herald.
, Harrisburg, July 9.?Harry K.
j Thaw will not be extradited to New
'York from Pennsylvania to stand
I trial on a charge of assaulting Her
' bert Gump in the McAlpin Hotel in
; New York.
j Attorney General William Y.
Schaffer, acting for Gov. Sproul, of
Pennsylvania. decided yesterday
that since the courts of his State
have adjudged Thaw a lunatic with
out lucid intervals, the courts of
New York State should respect this
decision, more so since Thaw is now
confined in an asylum.
Counsel for New York State argued
j that Gov. Sproul was bound by con
istitutional law to hand over Thaw
to them, but Attorney General Shaf
fer argued that a judgment of the
courts in Pennsylvania is the same
as one entered in New York.
Switzerland Prepares
For League Plebiscite
Berne, July 9.?The Swiss govern
ment is preparing a statement to be
issued to the citizens of Switzerland,
who will soon have to vote on the
question of joining the league of na
The statement is not to be a rec
ommendation to vote one way or the
other, but merely a review of the
advantages and disadvantages of
membership in the league, from the
Swiss point of view.
Steal Jewelry Valued at $245.
Jewelry valued at $245 was stolen
from Miss Eleanor Chadwick and her
sister. Miss Grace Chadwick. accord
ing to a report made by them to the
police of the Sub-T precinct. The loot,
which included several rings and
necklaces, was stolen by someone who
used a duplicate key t<? gain an en
Senator Declares Covenant
Will Prevent War in
The Future.
"If ? treaty of peace la concluded
which i.ave, th# worl? ,ubject to
the menace of war l? the rear. to
come, the world will not be compen
sated for what It ha> .uttered and
what It haa paid in thla conflict."
R?bln"n' >? ?? id
V th? ?econd "All Statea Eve
Hight. H'*h School laat
,1*7.",' i'a*Ue WIU "cure Interna-1
wa? - Erc.<H?Lr"1 '? 'our
2 .. "The flrat la by
reduction of armament.
..'j *rmaolent? *re reduced to the
standard preacrlbed by the treaty
no great war can ever again occur.
i?r.aadvrh!rCe W"h lhl*' 0?m?ny la
already being compelled to demobl
her military, forces, and can
world **>ln men,ce the peace of the
The second plan, according to Sen
ator Robinson. Is agreement to arbi
trate, and the third la commercial'
boycott, which, he said, if carried!
Into effect, would force any nation
to submission to the league, with the
exception of the United States j
Referring to article 10, the fourth!
plan for securing peace, he ata'.al!
that it was. In substance, a contract I
by each nation not to wage war for
territorial aggression, and to set that!
other nations did not do ao. I
"This article is the very substance
of the league of nations covenant,"!
he said. "Nine out of ten of ail tne
wars known to history have been fcr
the purpose of conquest. If the na-l
tiona entering the league of national
are not willing to bind themselves to;
abandon any idea of conquest, and to
demand the same of others, the
league will prove futile from begin-'
ning to end."
A bill prohibiting Presidents of the
United Statea from leaving the coun-j
try during their terms of ofllce was
introduced yesterday In the House byj
Representative Campbell. The bill
provides that It shall be unlawful for1
the President to transact executive
business at any place other than'
Washington. |
In connection with this measure.!
Campbell issued a statement asserting
that President Wilson. In hia foreign1
trips, had been "beguiled by artful'
diplomat? and international states
men by flattery." and that he had
lost his own prestige and that or
his country." ? j
I Th? Lnited States is unpopular
a ^?ad'~becauae of Resident Wilson*,
j usits. Campbell's statement asserted
He slso attacked the league of na
1 tlons.
St. Louis. Mo.. July Slinging
slang glibly is qualiflcation for citi- \
"Do you believe In anarchy or
Judr Trieber In the
FvinV v a. \DIStr'ct Cou? asked
rank Zlatach. applicant for citi
"Nothin' doin\" Frank came back
. ? .y^" married and the head of
a ramily?"
"Betchir life."
country?-U '*Uen<1 10 "Uy in th,"i
"I'll say so."
Zlatach was accepted.
VOTE OF 208 to 115
gloomy one. The Reichstags re
quirements. he said, amounted to
nf.?n?v J"ate,y *<.200.000.00# an
il ft ernew "h indennlt" P"iod. and
arter new heavy taxes will have
been imposed, there .till remainSI
quarter of a billion dollars to be
covered. He frankly told the As-'
serobly the fresh taxes would reach
thaa\'?b%0,iry terrlble height" and
on# ? "oating debt of $18,000,000.
000 confronted Germany as her
main danger.
Selac Big Partaaea.
lamml"ter dwlt partlcu
y ?n the necessity of "propertied
bowing to the call of duty
to the Fatherland by "giving un all
r.ches and all that is superfluous."
T^t us be honorable." was the
watchword he sounded. "We must
?how*?h but 8eek to
show the world the juatlce of our
case.- he added.
dilS ?ew ?"ll? were intro
duced by Erzberger. to-wit*
fortune! tb<> "propriati?n of large
, ~ Fof taxation on all for
tunes increased during the war.
*, J .th? taxation of profits from
real estate transactions.
Z' S?r taxin* amusements.
^reajed JES* ,nhert<?~ ?' ?? <?"
\ federal tax on the sale of
lands used during the war for military
purposes. '
s Fnl t" fdd'"onal ,#x on sugar.
8. For taxing tobacco.
9 Fbr taxing matches
Fr?iSr taxln* Paving cards.
s need'j
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S. S. S. will convince you that it
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to Medical Department, Swift
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London. July ?.-tA strike against ttra
government anl parliament ia bate*
planned by the trades unions In order
to demoatrate their strefflh without
disadvantage to the worker*, the par
liamentary correspondent of the Daily
Express discloses.
The plan Is to call out all members
of trade unlon> employed in the
houses of parliament and In the vari
ous government offices. The unions
could tljua stop the printing of offi
cial reports and debates as well as
all government reports and could In
terrupt the whole legislative businnss.
As the "Burleson situation" stands.
It Is President Wilson's next more.
Democratic leaders who are attach-j
in* great importance to the Post
master General's cablegram to the
President expressing a willingness|
to efface himself from the politicalf
arena by surrendering his Cabinet
position, are expecting action by the
White House.
Democrstic leaders, labor repre
sentative and others in influential!
positions are bringing tremendous
pressure to bear on the President;
to induce him to accept Burleson's
own suggested solution of the trou
bles resulting from the fire directed
at the Postmaster General's office.
In the light of Burleson's state
ment yesterday derying that he had
resigned, the question has been
raised as to whether a suggestion of
willingness to resign is an act of
self-sacrifice or is not tantamount
to a resignation.
It is believed that the President's
decision will follcw quickly on his
conference with his political advis
Berlin. July 0.?Several persons were
killed and many woun<Jfed at Han
over today In a clash between strik
ers and government forces. The lat
ter succeeded in breaking up the
strike after the issuance of an ulti
matum threatening drastic action.
Philip M. Price, Gnglish journalist,
who was held under an s'ecusatton of
Bolshevik sympathies, was released
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Londbii^Press Highly Dis
turbed and Warns Use
Of Strong Action.
London. July ?.-The British preae
tpfwnd hlchly disturbed today oyr
th? Italian and French food trouMea.
foreaeeiag a repetition of th? agita
tion la Great Britain unlaaa strong
government action waa taken.
The Dally Kxpraaa presents In the
form of a catechlam Ita view of the
food situation.
"Why are en* I pence each?"
the paper aaka.
"To enable the profiteer to boy a
Rolls-Royce'' Is the anawer.
"Why la cabbage I pence a
"To enable the Qfoflteer'a eon to
?tart a racing stable."
similar atyle, the Express aaka, "Are
food riots likely to occur beret" and
replies. "Very likely."
The Dally Mall declared It la moat
Important that the government fill
the nation's cupboards before win
ter, anticipating that a rise la prices
will result from the ruah of former
belligerents and neutrals to obtain
supplies from America.
No Need to Praise
Yanks, Asserts Baker
"BritUh soldiers were brave beyond
praise in the European war." Secre
tary of War Baker said yesterday
when shown a newspaper report of
a speech by Field Marsha! Sir Doug
las Hun.-, in which he said England
had won the war.
"America:i trocr-e crave their own
demonstration." Paker added.
offering: other illustrations in
Paris. July "Offlclai Qreece will
heartily welcome acceptance by the
OlItM States of the mandatory over
Constantinople." Premier Venlselos
?aid la the first interview he has
IftBlsl regarding solution of the
Near Kast problem slnoe the peace
conference decided to ask America
to assume the mandatory.
"When I say official Qreece will
welcome the American mandatory."
the Greek premier continued. "I
speak on behalf of the people most
directly interested in Constanti
nople's future. Greece will have
nearly three-quarters of a million
co-nationals wlthia the environs of
the new state. These are of pure
Greek descent. Thus, nearly one
tenth of the Greek race, which un
fortunately Is located outside the
frontiers of its national state, would
be able to live in security under the
American flag."
Venlseloe said he considered the
most equitable solution would be
the union of Constantinople with
Greece, bat In any event It was most
important that a definite decision
be reached now.
"Constantinople always has been
the keynote of the Near Eastern
problem," he declared. "Its mixed
I populations cannot hope to live In
I peace and security until the question
[ has been settled once and for all.
II sincerely hope the American Sen
ate will accept the responsibility."
125 Congressmen Guests
Of Elks at Atlantic City
One hundred and twenty-five mem
bers of Congress are enjoying the
delight* of Atlantic City today while
attending the big celebration and pa
rade of the Elks there. They are
guests of the Atlantic City lodge of
Elks and the Hotel Men's Associa
tion. The legislators will be enter
tained at a luncheon this afternoon
given by Representative Bachrach. of
New Jersey.
They will return here Friday.
Biggest Naval Force Yet to
Go Through Panama
, ?
Th? new Pacific fleet will lMin
{ Hampton Roads for the Pacific
j Coast July It. Secretary of tike
; Navy Daniels. announced yesterday.
Admiral Hurh Rodman, comman
der of the squadron, will confer with
Daniels this - week with regard to
detail# of the cralaa tbmlk tfcf
F'aninu Canal Tbe PttMc |M
will b? U>? bt?eet naval foraa u
CTCT CD throturti tbe carnal, it ?ti
atated. Aa effort win ba n4? to
cat tba bis IdKlat craft throer*
aa rapidly aa poaalMa to eataMkt
a i r" *-d record
If Secretory Dan tela la uaaMa to
?all >kk the Beet be will Jala *1
at Han Dtaara. A na?y board la <a
the PaoMc Coaat atulrtng plaaa far
developunt tba re to mart tbe nit
of tbe new fleet Daalela waste (e
confer with theee exparto aad it
port to Ctatnaa.
Tbe flaat la aspactod to r aert tJae
coaat between Aifuat ( am4 An
ruat It.
Gm lb* Ob 1W
Tuigu. Pa-. J air t-^Aa the imA
Of a can mlnln to tba LaU|ICaal
and Navigation Company. No I <an.
near CaaMaJe laat night. tw? aaa
arc daad and leeotj injured.
?f i Quito of a
of UmMmm to
iudi ud for Dcatktry thai Wrts.
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