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Believed That Co-Signature;
;To Pact with Bulgaria
Strengthens Agreement.
(Special Cable Despatch.)
Pari a July 25.?Despite the- fact
th?t the United State* never de
clared war on Bulgaria, but main
tained diplomatic ^relations with
that country throughout the Eu
ropean conflict, our rommistlonera
will sign the peace treaty with Bul
This procedure is unusual, but It
19 bvlieved that America's co-signa
tsre of the pact will have an im
jy>rtant effect on the future sltu%*
tm In the Balkans.
With the arrival, scheduled for to
Ay of the Bulgarian peace dele
Iim the attention of the Peace
tjjttferenee will be once more con
Antrared upon the burning "Balkan
Jroblmna. The Bulgaria^ treaty Is
Z>t expected to be finished until
qnt weak however.
Hope prevails in peace -circles that
Austria will sign the treaty terms
Axbmltred to her and the signing
rJTay take place Monday at St. Ger
lis army sugar for*public consump
*. PnMure will be bnought to bear on
Aie District Commissioners and the
of Education to make public
School houses and air other suitable
AuoJic property immediately available
Sr use In community distribution of
fporf. it wa- detideri
The meeting adjoinTied until Monday
night, when a join! se*?ion of the ex
ecutive committee an<l representatives
of various civic, trade and labor bodies
will be held in the-board room of the
D^trict Building.
Will Stir Bake* to Aetlon.
Determination to force Secretary
Hfetker to make tmmeriiately available
to the consuming: public the enormous
stores of surplus army food supplies
vfcee reaffirmed by the. House commit
tee investigating the War Department
late yesterday.
Chairman Graham will ask the Rules
Committee Monday morning for a
spee.al rule making the resolution In
order immediately after the House
convenes at noon. There is no doubt
that the rule will be gianted and that
t*e Republican majority will force the
resolution through the House.
Following this action, the majority
leaders plan to put through a Joint
resolution of an identical* character. If
the Joint measure is adrpted by the
Senate, it will immediately become a
law. and Secretary Baker-will have to
abide by it. With only a. House reso
lution the Secretary couldruse his own
accretion in carrying outfits purpose.
Kvpert* te Terttfy.
Expert testimony will*feature the
opening session Monday of the Sen
ate Subcommittee of the District
Committee, when it meerts to investi
gate the high cost of living her*.
Chairman Ball will reqque?t Royal
Meeker, an authority on food prices
who is connected witb the Bureau
of Labor Statistic*, to submit evi
dence. Kr Is also in touch with ex
pert* of the Federal Trad* Com
mission. and will endeavor to have
them at the opening hearing, fol
lowing tlifrir testimony and an ex
pression of their views the commit
tee will (iecide upon a plan of pro
cedure as to direct testimony fr^m
both sid^s of the food situation?
buyer* and sellers, consumers and
In the meantime, citizens and as
sociations havtng data bearing on
the subject ar?* r?H*uested to send it
to the rooms of the District Comm't
tee where a secretary will be on
constant duty.
Representative M Clyde Kelly amend
ing the District code of Taws so as to
prevent the assembling of crowds
Approved hj Foliee.
MaJ. Pullman and Inspeftor Grant,
of the police department, approve the
proposed measure.
The former police regulation pro
hibiting street gatherings was ren
dered inoperative by a decision of the
Supreme Court.
Patrols of policemen and military
force* were vigilant aga.n last night,
but only as a precautionary measure.
More than TWO of these policemen
soldiers. Marines and sailors have been
furnished with coffee, sandwiches,
buns and doughnuts by the Red Cross.
Five automobiles, bearing the Red
Cross emblem, traversed all sections
? city during the r.ots and were
I R. Dreschler. W. D. Rogers. A.
irie snd other directors of the
oto rrac Division assisted in this
4 1 sters throughout the city tomor
rill discourse on the race d s
*rr - ice.
2 Dead, 4 Misting in Fire.
Manchester. N. H., July 25.?Two
oe"sons are dead and four others
-n. ng in a Are which destroyed
ww tenement houses early today.
Returning home from work last
niffht. Fl-ank N. Hammell. living at
1 ?7 I street northwest, discovered that
I someone had ransacker his bureau and
I stolen **>.
L'x-Sall?r Killed by Tvtia
Police early yesterday morning
found the body of Harry Killburn
near the railroad tracks at the
Bladensburg bridge.
Papers were found In the man s
d??eh i. s,ho,,e<1 he was recently
discharged from the U. a. 3. Ajtiga*
His home address has not been dia
Detective Sergts. Scrivener and
Kelly were assigned to ths case.
Soldiers Hart la CoUMm,
Three soldiers irem badly hurt when
i a truck in which they were pa.,?n
sera collided at Tenth and K street,
I",' a machine operated by Robert
??mCr " Fi?<
J'l1?1'11 WM operated by Clarence
Thomp.-on. of the Tank Corps De
I w ? "t".' St Camp *~d?- Hi and
*? tailing a detail of provoet
: irXT" '? th<>ir respecl'Ve Points
i n~>2t C1'k"' ? faster engineer, con
nected with the Fifth Engineer- wL
cut on ,he r,Kht sj<le of ,ar;
badly bruised, and Privates llwniei
J?yS A"of'fh" w'i0!"''' both ?f Com
5"L,H of thc Fifth Engineers, sus
tained '"Junes about the head and
* men "ere rushed to
^cTTatrol. Pita' ln th* F,?? ?*
steaU Watrh at So|d,e?. IlBme
! t*. t^^1.enter"J tk? ffreenhoose U
| ' Soldiers Home yesterday and
Thomsfl nat? Vilucd at ?17. from
Thomas Day, an employe.
Brstnader Hit wltk Bottle.
i Pi"Kh.lle sjU'nfr in an automobile at
wi^ n /J? 8eaton Place north
mT^tiu. J' Thomas, colored- '**
??< at M street northwest was
struck in the face with a tattle ?
an unidentified man.
I.ose, r"r"- '? O'partownt store.
bills'1^"' "SfS3* containinS MO ln
bills and a small amount of chanire
?to,*'n !'?m Mrs Ktta M Garber
X'J'f C?'?ol street.
. icruaj while in a department store.
Alcoholism Tnuea Hospital Caa*.
Umma Butcher, colored, 25 years of
.are Hvlng at 1M0 Biltmore street
1 "nrr. *1', " KmeI*<'ncy Hospital
( - ufft ring from alcoholic poisoning.
W oman (karged with Aauult.
Viola Hunter, colored, living at 1
' r??"]i0rru place nortl>west. was ar
j rested yesterday by Mrs Cecelia
1 "uk?'nd0f.lhK Woman's Police Du
aP:,^,tahCehrarKe ?' ""aU"
? Br??ke said that the prisotfer
while in a department store yester
<1oLarftern"?n *'as attracted by
? tent 'aIKy nlKhlgowns to the ex
them I.ITa B OUt Wi"> 'our Of
' itr"f iliakSt, "b"ervin? th" formal
in *. making payment. She was
rhased to the street and afte7 a I
i V*?yihi1SS'* Was overPowered. j
( At the same time Esmeralda Tyler
' colored an elevator girl in the
store, was arrested on a ,har? of
interfering with an officer and en
( abling the prisoner to escape Tyler
was discharged from her pl.Jeof
employment and after leaving$??
I home w" *"owed to go
Kansas Legislator Die*.
C o"!?rt??"y' Mk - July 25 ~wa!ter:
t. Ostertag. member of the Kansas
ye^erda? 'r?m Atch"?n- dlNl here
Murderer Breaks Jail
Muncle. Ind.. July 25,-Scores of
men aided the police and sheriff's'
iamC(*Jrf <fff?rt to flnd Will
' luler of"cKd " and admitted
. ia>er of Clyde Benadum. a Muncie
S3!!Sfc who br"ke jaiI
Sees Daughter'. Golden Weddin*.
: Prw! M vai"*' JUlV " "
I ress. 91. was a guest at the golden
wedding anniversary here of his
daughter and son-ln-law. Mr and
Mrs i,ouis Forcade. Mrs. Porcade I
I is 70 years old. rcaoe |
Can't Keep Grandma Home.
St. Louis. July 25.?E J Addt'
| want, police to help him keep his
.grandmother from running away
I inrt wanted to So to the country
, and. when objections were offered,
i mado the trip anyway.
Expert. skilled and careful dentists, aided
every device conceived for the relief and
mfort of the patient, are standing ready
-i willing to serve you. Instruments are
? rillzed before using. Cleanliness is strik
? gly evident throughout our institution.
By Dr. Wyeth find Staff of Expert.
Careful Dentlata
That Haa Been Oar Record for the Paat
25 Yeara.
Ttrma of Payment to Suit. Examination Free
Large electrically cooled offices?cleanliness
is one of our many striking features.
My Perfect
Sactioa Teeth
win *r?t sup
or Drop-'
Other Sota of
Teetb. Ki.** mp.
Filling*, 50c
to $1 op.
In fold, liWer,
amalgan or
GoM Crown*
aad Bridru
OtM ?t?t Rrea?a? Catll S O'Clork aad n landaja 10 A.M. to 4 I'Of.
IaAj and maid* la attandanca U1 work fully guaranteed for 20 yairi.
KMlr kM* tka
aad lacatlaa at mr a?n la raar mlad.
DR. WYETH, lac., 427-429 7fh St N. W.
0??aatta Uiabirtt * In., aad mi Grand Valaa Taa Ca. Larnat
aad Naat Tkaraasklr EealnW Parlora la Waaktastaa. Plana M. tin.
Association Asks Senate to
Provide Better Pay and
Include Firemen.
-Asking th* Senate to obUbl
tar Mltrfn far Washington pollca
mCT' Itrwman. tha Merchant*
and Huu/actUMre' AjwcWIao
wrot* yaatarday to Viae rnafrkial
Marshall ma4 outlined tha deplor
able condition* in these department*
of public safety.
Joseph A. Berberich. president of'
the asiociatlon. who algned the let
ter. declared prompt action t* vital.
** an utter impoaaftkility for
the present force properly to polica
the District of Columbia." says the
"W e need net remind you that the
President of the United Staes. the
Supreme Court, the Coagreaa of tha
Cnited States, the representatives of
all the countries of the earth who'
make their bonw here, ha.ve the soma I
intimate concern in this matter but
?perhaps do net realize tha vital need '
of prompt action."
Business men of Washington will J
meet this morning- at 9JO o'clock at'
the Shubcrt-Garrlck Theater to con
sider means for increasing the sal-'
arlea of firemen and policemen. Isaaa
Oans will preside.
Joyous Hotel Life Gone
Forever Is Wail of
1 ,h/^ w*it,r w*? ?loomy.
1 He stood at the doorway of the
bUnk,y "??>? ow
the heads of the handful of diners.
H.s right hand huag l.mply
Angers hold in* a few men u* larve
"nio-1,orn!!.m^n,al- H" ?hi?
edI ?l?wly and he heaved a tow sigh
""""a* the Angers of hl? left
hand through his hair and shaking
X,h;a(d" " in b,?t
iTom hts reverie.
sm'ne"10'" excl?lm??- '<"<=!?* a
Hungry?'* tr?Ub"? "Wl
nnr?" U<2V Not ?ot hungry.'
nor anything but plain gl?-o-my I
Do you blame me? Look at that
dining-room. What do you see' A
handful of people trying to eat. Do
meYl* Vo,'k? tb*y r* eDlo>',?e
Ti fh,? ?,n y?Ur Look
nl? k couple tr>'hB to like that
T, ,u ,eeK, tOUKh' That stu|fi
s all right for one minute and then!
It don t even look like beer. |
One Drinking Xear-Wlne.
th??0k 3t .,hat man He'? trying
that near-wine. Never heard of it?
Its called 'sparkling something.'
It s no more sparkling than a glass
?. ce *a,<r- I''" rot the color, it
sizzles, but it's vapid and lacks au
thority when it gets below.
Tou know this placc. Hare you
'? "ke this? Three weeks
ago we had nineteen waiters, and
everyone was on his toes for three
hours, beginning at 11 o'clock.
Everyone looked forward to that
f??cMOUrVx,t Wa? the Ume ,or
for action, for real fun. and a chance
to get acquainted with the lively
diners. Nineteen waiters and we
sure did need every hand and finger
they had. The place was crowded
to the walls, even those tables awav
over there in the corner.
Waiter* Kill Ti?r.
?Look around you. Five waiters
working, and they can take their
time. Look at the other Bve. They
wipe their spotless tables and chairs
every live minutes to look busy If* !
1 o'clock Just when the old crowd!
would flle in. ;
"N6 life here. No life. These poo- i
pie don t eat like they enjoy it. They !
come in. sit down, eat and walk out!
They eat half as much as they used !
to Its all wrong, Mr. Crabbe: ifa
all wrong:!
"See that old man? He lives here
Some entertainer. Wine would flow'
like water when he entertained, and i
it was often. He was lively and
used to say 'hello1 and ask me about!
my whole family three times a day '
Now he must think I'm an orphan.!
He says Howaryuh?' and walks on. I
Not a smile left In him.
Peeple Do not Rat as Mark. j
"Here's what we want. I keep'it
Nude iDisciples
Bow at Shrine
Of British Cult
London. July 38.?The whole world
win 10 uked as soon u It Is properly |
"edaoated" by the Kjosmanitee, a re-1
. llgious cutt. founded by D. R. New
berry. ef Rochester, N. Y., flfteen
yeara am a coord ljvg to the British
baanch ot the sooiety.
A newspaper has rsvealed that the
Plymouth colony of Kosm&nlte al
ready was allowing boys and (iris up
to 15 years ot age to run naked.
The correspondent 'found a barnllke
structure resembling an army hut.
hidden sway In a small woods near
tha suburb of Balham. This hut Is
used as attaberaacle. The Kosmanltes
believe la k going to "church" naked.
Balhamlte* hardly know of the exist
ence of the strange creed In their
midst. They thought the hut deserted
and were surprised to learn the "con
gregation" numbered more than 200.
Brother H. VT Mercer, leader of the
?althful. who is a prison warden,
-Tha world is not ready yet for
n&kedaaas. Buc our idea Is right and
our cause Is good. Tha whole world
will adopt It as soon as It embraces
the teachings of'the Kosman church.
"To display the naked beauty of the
human body ia ail right It gives the
sua a chance to work beneficially on
I the body. too. Adoption of our creed j
by the wsrtd will oome ?are as fate,
^and shaau will disappear."
Elephant Hunt Under
Government Supervision
Ixjodon?The elephants in the Ad do ?
bush, near Port Elizabeth, are about '
to be destroyed under government di
rection. says an Exchange dispatch
tram Johannesburg.
The shooting of the ajilmals will
take ever sixrmonths. For generations ,
this preserve*has been an obstacle to .
farming. anu'Jt number of people hav? j
been killed by* the beasts.
The young elephants will be cap-,
tured to train for log hauling in the j
Cape forests. The meat of the adults
will be consumed by the natives. The J
roundtng up involves the erection of j
lofty observation towers.
have It ready. I^ook. champagnes,
sparkling wines, native and im-.
ported; Burgundies. Bordeaux and
Madeira. That's the stuff!"
"I flgirre this hotel is going to i
lose about J75.000 this year on ac
count of the dry law.
"We don't charge airy more for!
food, because, anyhow, people don't!
eat as much. They used to spend an
hour for dinner: now it takes them'
flfteen minutes. They must spend <
the other three-quarters of an hour |
hunting for an oasis. i
Writing- Hla Resignation.
"Look at these menus. They're !
new. All just came in from the!
printer^. The old ones, with the
drinks scratched out. look like the
ruins of ancient Rome. No wonder !
1 look gloomy., handling these here J
menu cards.
"The boss expects to put In a :
soda fountain. Well. I'll tell you.
Every time I see one of my men:
bringing in an order for a nut;
sundae I'm going to add another
word to my resignation and hand it.
in when I write the last word.
"Well, here comes the old man. j
I'll have to smile and try to cheer!
him up.
"So long!" *
V *
John G. McGratH and Will
iam McK. Clayton Also
Named for Commission.
Frederick J. Rice, former assist
ant United States district attorney;
John G. McGrath, leader in the
local tight on the high cost of liv
ing. and William McK. Clayton,
chairman of the public utilities
committee of the Federation of
Citizens' Associations, are looming
as candidates to suoceed W. Gwynn
Gardiner; whose temporary appoint
ment as District Commissioner has
It is understod that Mr. Gardiner
Is not a candidate for reappoint
MaJ. Oliver P. Newman, who left
the Board of Commmissioners for
military service in France, un
doubtedly would be reappointed
request. It is believed, but It is un
derstood that the overseas veteran
is not a candidate.
Those closely allied with the sit*
uation declare that MaJ. Newman's
support would have a heavy bearing
on the President's selection of the
next commissioner.
Praeger had declared during the
early part of the day that the de
partment could not leave the ques
tion of when to fly to the judgment
of a dozen different aviators.
Striking aerial mall pilots, pioneers
in that phase of labor war, are liable
to arrest for violation of their oath of
office to the government, D. B. Jot
dan. assistant superintendent of the
New York postoffice, declared this
Jordan pointed out that the score
of mall aviators who went on strike
this morning because of a number jf
grievances, culminating with the dis
charge of two of their number, have
the same status as a soldier or sailor.
Strikers Through, Jordan Say*.
All the strikers, as well as the two
men dicharged. are "through," Jor
dan said. Most of the strikers are
former army aviators.
All scheduled flights were made to
day after some delay. Jordan said. In
cluding the New York-Washington
and New York-Chicago trips. The
machines were operated by reserve
operators. Jordan emphasized that
these reserve men were regular em
l?loyes, not "strikebreakers."
Marine Strike Named as
Cause of Sugar Shortage
New York July A?America's sugar
shortage, already so serious as to
cause a stoppage of exports, was be
cominp even mors dangerous today as
a result of the marine strike, it was
stated at the offices of the Sugar
Equalisation Board.
Because of the strike, it was said,
shipments of sugar from Cuba had
decreased appreciably and would di
minish still further if shipping condi- j
tions were not improved.
Pick Berries and Get Rich.
Hammonton. N. J./ July 25.?Many 1
bank presidents have nothing on ex- i
pert huckleberry pickers, as far as
salaries go, as the net returns from j
picking the berry have been amaz
ingly high this season. One man this
week received 19 for four and one
quarter hours' work in the woods,
while another was paid $20 for a full
day's picking.
Treats for that
"Sweet Tooth" of Yours?
Today's the day when "pastry is
king" at the Maynard. Whole regi
ments of pies are here awaiting you.
Apple and Peach, Blackberryand Pine
apple?a pie for every taste?French
Pastry, too, that is as appetizing look
ing as delicious, you'll find in great va
May we not suggest "Maynard" cooked
pastry to go with your Sunday dinner at
611 12th Street Northwest
Good Fellows
Poor Fellows
The "Good Fellow" of today is usually the "Poor Fellow" of
Because he hasn't learned the lesson of saving while he has money.
It's not much use to resolve to save when you have no money in
your pocket. The time to save is when you have. You have a
dollar in your pocket now. Why don't you use it to start a sav
ings account at the "Friendly Bank?"
i * }
A. tt. Doaupbaa.
72 Kixm BMC
Alexandria. Vs.. July 28.?An or
ganixation known as the American
Woman's Legion, composed of
mother*, listers and relative# oV
those who served in the great world
war. was organized last night at a
meeting held at the Wkr Camp
Community Club.
These officers were chosen: Mrs.
Kate Waller Bayett, president;
Mrs. T. C. Howard, first vice presi
dent; Mrs. E. S. Fawcett, second
vice president; Mrs. M A. Scott,
third vice president; Miss Esther
Greene, secretary; Mrs. T. M. Jones,
It is announced that politics will
be tabooed and the prime object of
the association is to be a living
memorial to the cause resulting in
America's participation in the great
Thoae eligible tor membership
will include mothers, wives, sisters,
daughters *knd those officially
pamed as next of kin to men who
served the colors, either naval or
Dues for membership were fixed
at &0 cents a year and it was de
cided to hold the next meeting An- j
gust 7 at 3.30 o'clock In the even- ,
ing at the War Camp Community
8ervice Club.
Six deeds of transfer today were j
placed on record in the office of the j
clerk of the court, as follows: Schuler
Brothers to Thomas Dunbarr, house |
and lot 1008 King street; Benedict
Weil to the James W. Jackson Hold
j ing Association. Inc., house and lot
on the east side of Pitt street be
tween King and Cameron streets, for
merly the old Pythian Temple; Well
ington Thomas to Peter Francis,
house and lot on the south aide of
Duke street between Lee and I'nion
streets; Mrs. J. H. Mansfield to Will
iam Bailey, house 1311 Queen street;
Mr.*. Annie Campbell and others to
William W. Campbell, house and lot
on the east side of Columbus street
between Wythe and Pendleton streets;
Oscar O. Johnson and others to James
W. Jackson, tot If (round ?? tlu
?id* of Hoarr atraat between Oranooo
and Pendleton itneta. ^
Delegates from Alexandria .who at
tended the district conference of the
Method let Episcopal Church South,
held In Warreoton Va., returned to
day. Dal Ray, Alexandria Comity,
waa selected as the plaoa for the
next annual district conference.
Novell 8. Oreeaaway. this city, was
chosen delegate to the general con
ference. which win 4m bald next July
in Harrisonburg.
Those from Alexandria who attend
ed the conference were Nevell 8.
Oreenaway. Rer. E. V. Register. D.D..
pastor of the Methodlat Episcopal
Church South. Frank J. Pollard. Dr.'
C. K Outealt and O. B. Plerpoint
The first degree of the order to-1
night waa conferred on a class of;
candidates by Potomac Lodge. No. i
31. Odd Fellows. The candidates {
were from this city. Accotlnk and i
Falls Church lodges. A special
meeting of Potomac l.odge Is sched- ?
uled to-be held next Thursday night .
when Guy T. Horner. Norfolk. Va.. |
grand master of Odd F^Mows in Vlr- j
ginla, will pay an official visit.
The annual excursion of the Co- |
lumbla Fire Engine Company given
toddy was largely patronised, the
evening boat carrying a capacity!
Plan to Ron War Vetc
For County Court Cleri
Richmond. Va.. July Cittxaaa <?
Norge, Vs. have planned to aho?
their appreciation of Ike work Bartoa
I. Jenson. Brat lieutenant In the Ma>
line Corps did In the war by entsriai
him in politics
Jenson will be "pushed" for cterl
of the Court of Jamas CKy county u
the election next month.
Pitut Knee Pads.
A patent hu been granted a Texa*
inventor for knee pads intended to In
crease the efficiency of cotton pickers.
Capital and Surplus. >2.000 0?
l^EEP your Liberty
^ Bonds, your stocks,
insnrance policies and
other paper* of importaacc
where their security will not
worry you continually?in a
nal cum will rent a box in our
vaults for an entire year.
frObd *? *bow >f*o on MOD
National Savings & Trust
Cor. 15th and N. T. Art.
rjrTT-TMHtP IF.An.
You Will Be Satisfied
?with the meals we serve?you will be pleased at the
reasonableness of our charges, for we've spared no effort
to make this the kind of dining placc you'll want to visit
again and again.
12 th and E
N. W.
Clean Sweep Sale
Some sale, this, b-e-l-i-e-v-e mc!
Looks like all the thrifty men in Washington read our last
ad and hustled down to take advantage of these wonderful offers.
Did you read it?
If not, look over this one, and see where you can save a nice
round sum if you buy NOW.
Palm Beach
Kool Kloth
Suits, $ 7
Values Up to $15
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$42.50 Light-weight Suits $30.75
$10.00 White Flannel Pants $7.50
$3.50 White Duck Pants $2.50
$5.50 Trousers $3.98
$6.50 Trousers $5.00
$7.50 Trousers $6.15
$10.00 Trousers $7.50
$2.00 Shirts, Coat Style... .* $1.65
$12.00 Heavy Crepe de Chine Shirts $8.95
Three for $25.00.
$2.00 Union Suits $1.39
$1.50 Athletic Union Suits 98c
$4.00 Soisette Pajamas $2.98
t >* t'
* ,
S *
>? i"
In Beautiful Blues, Greens,
Browns and Grays?Clev
erly Tailored, Masterful
Productions?All Styles,
All Sizes?$40 Values
1 428 NINTH STREET N. W. ?
Men's Clothing Dept.?First Floor.

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