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CLIXTOT T. BRA.-l.AiU> J"'.... ?
The Washington Herald Company
MS-4?7-4?9 Elerenth Street Phou Main 3300
. Publisher
Poa.^p^B^V D^trolv' gSTEhSSt? ?**"*" 8?"
_^||T?ndSund?y. 40 cents per month; $4.10 p?r year.
5* **" W
m*t?"tered at th? rost off,ce at Waahinton. D. C, as aecond-claw mall
SATURDAY, JULY 26. 1919.
Thanking Their Lucky Stars.
? Thousands of Washingtonians who made trips on the steamers I
Lord Baltimore" and "The Penn" are congratulating themselves that I
they are alive today.
? The two boats were taken out of the Washington and Norfolk
: passenger service because, upon inspection, they were found to be
| unsafe. These boats have been used as passenger carriers for about
I eight weeks, during which time they carried thousands of persons.
: Several mishaps occurred, but these were overlooked by the public
;and also seem to have been overlooked by the Steamboat Inspec
tion Service.
.t, u ftCr ?ight WCtks ?f plying on the d?P waters of the Potomac
;.the boats are now forbidden to run. The public most naturally is led
? to inquire: If the boats were safe two months ago what happened to
make them unsafe in so short a time?
Can the inspectors explain how they permitted the boats to start
.r the excursion business and also why they waited "until complainti
were made before making the inspection that resulted in finding
them to be unsafe?
China declares that the weaker allies were sacrificed to the
stronger. Did she think altruism would go so far as to sacrifice the
stronger to the weaker?
i JT ? reas?Jn to doubt JaPan's promise that Shantung will
the carthT returBed to Ch'"a. Eventually the meek will inherit
'Bela^un",?/^'0? "S ** * '?W" c,ass is ab?u' to overthrow
Bela Kun and his government. If there is a class lower than Bela
Ktin s, we are converted to Darwin's theory of the descent.
Leave Us Not, Dear Solons.
A few months ago Mr. Mann and other Republicans of the major
ity m Congress were wildly clamoring for a special session. Congre?s,!
has been m session less than ten weeks and now Mr. Mann wants!
fctelv h ?" \ Part,cuIarIy so far House is concerned. "So
lately begun why so quickly done" may not exactly be the literal
wording of the old saw. but it fits the occasion nicelv.
Mr. Mann will not admit, of course, that the session has been a
-ilure, but perhaps he would privately concede that it would have
been a much better session had he not been deposed
the meri?sWofe,hTj0 tarna^n ^ int? ? discussion of
he session. What concerns us most is that we are just
into a thC hiS ard?r for destruction cooling he can step1
into a n:ov,e show and get another close-up of aristocracy behind its
_orTf "taSO" "nt understand statesmanship is because it is a
mor.- hemous crime for Mexicans to -i uc"use " ,s 3
few ranchers. "xicans to rob a few sailors than to kill t
h t JwSt Like S?me Human Beings.
**? Williamson, of Williamson W v.. . tl ,
that hatched out a hen's egg and thei h, ' ab?Ut " Pigt?n
chick how .0 fly Mamma P" u " ^ t0 tcach
and thought she could succeedTs^eS^it'hTh ^to flv
Naturally you will agree wi "usLTL .IT ?f a baby"
s Kiss**? sron
^"Th^uke"1 ?' '0r Whkh '^y"cSrs"fiUedbfnarLboC
him a third-rate dTctor^or^clcher^O^ thTlad ^h'50^ ^
fis whVss ^ tetr coun,ej ?< ~ " tI:
full of college degrees and embarked upon 1 "care??" " Crammed'
and a chicken' P'ge?n ^ **??? b^wee? a bird (
suited "in 'the con
had 'thre^ oTfour' swiJcT'chairT^hot3f "ant generals
action. Sh0t from un<1? ?h"n during an
repoblic'^can'Vxamine ? ^ ^
accused of high treason. 8 11 *"thout being
1. -I?, ^
"??...... b,? ? >? ":
^ ,0, ,J, E.tLrjZZAZ?r*
The Waihington Herald's Poet
Today Rhymes on
The Milkman.
i i , Before the East is oearlv
requently confuse it with the twilighi almost gone
Becausc ffl-Ih
Fo?^today is meaksurae"d iSdhf^,UtOC,rat ?f fSOr,s
But though it brings me joy to sei\^w h'3!! r?US ^"a^S
It is my secret sorrow lam hampered by the Tact""6 " ,,acked?
WV ?f ear,y raining, X
Thaf after six o'clock?'" I don'Vt* re"laininS.
* m- 1 don t know how to act'"
(Copyright, 1919.)
New York. July 26.?One shot of
this new Arid-Toxin in the spinal
cord of Broadway and CabaraWea?
that fearsome n!g]\t p la rue that swept
from Fourteenth street to Harlem
is dead. Only the patient, long-suffer
ing New Yorker kqo<rs the horror of
Cabarabics. It was one of the main
reasons for men staying up of nights
and for wives going- homa to mothers.
Several of the palaoes of synco
pation. noted for jazz, blonds and
Jesse James prices, are now shut
j tered. The electric signs are dead.
Perhaps the caretaker, sitting on the
front stoop smoking his pipe, is the
I only signs of life.
Life in the Cabaret Belt is about
as chipper as an oyster. Twelvn
hundred cabaret performers are look
ing for jobs and the outlook Is not
bright for this is the summer nefhton
when thousands of actors and ac
tresses are bein;? laid off.
I saw Cap Churchill sitting out hi
front of his lobster shop the other
evening. I took a peep inside and
saw a ghostly array of white empty
tables. It was then about the time
in the old d&ys that Ethelbert had
had four cocktails and had phoned
to Maizie and Flo for a cabaret
dinner and a romp out to some West
chester roadhouse in a twin eight
Not a joy ride accident has hap^
pened on 2.75 per cent beer. Some
how those daring young autolsts can't
be inspired to let the old bus out
for its capacity on beer.
The roof gardens are the only places
in New York where there is a show
! of pre-prohibltion life. People go
there to get cool. The roofs atop
the Waldorf. Ritz, Majestic and As
tor are crowded njfchtly and the
dancing has apparently not suffered
a set-back.
But the poor cabaret. It is piti
ful thing to see.
| New York Is one of the few cities
east of Peoria. 111., which still main
tain talking machines with the old
time ear-tube attachments. Also the
historic plcturo machines which show
| you aged waitresses posing in flowing
and diaphanous sheets in front of a
suspended tiger skin. One cent en
titles you to the full privileges of
either machine. They are maintained
in the Hudson tube stations, penny
arcades on Fourteenth street and one
rushing business during the lunch
rushig business during the lunch
A Broadway actor went to a din
ner the other night and remained
there until S a. m. At that hour he
suddenly remembered he had a wife i
and making his way unsteadily to ?
a telegraph oftice, sent her the fol- j
lowincr wire:
"Am at dinner at the club. Won't
get home last night."
Vaudeville artists for years have re
sorted to the perfectly legitimate bit
of camouflage of sending flowers to
themselves. Two sisters who danced
at the Palace last week pot a bic
wreath of flowers at the end of their
act. A dramatic critic in the back
of the theater remarked that it might
be on the square, but that it was
old stuff, at best. A husband of
one of the dancers heard the remark
and butted into the conversation. He
offered to bet ?100 to a nickel that
the flowers wer? sent by some ad
mirer. oNt setting a taker he of
fered to whip the newspaper man
if he came out on the street. He
was denied this privilege, too. So
he frothed at the mouth awhile and
left. In fact, there is a certain florist
in a side street near Board way whose
business is largely nvde up of mak
ing bouquets for artists who have
them sent to themselves. After all.
it is no disgrace. Why shouldn't they?
Navy Yard News |
Miss Dewey, of the transportation
department, visited friends in Vir
ginia Wednesday evening.
J. R. Kinney, of tjie boiler shop,
has gone to Bluefleld, W. Va., to be
with his wife, who is undergoing an
Joe Meinberg and J. R. Coomes.
of the electric power plant, accom
panied by their families, recently
motored to Carlisle, Pa.
Carl Wisswesser, of the tool shop,
has returned to work after a vaca
tion of seventeen days spent at his
home in Reading. Pa., and Atlantic
City. N. J.
Mrs. S. Griswell. of the shipping:
office, has gone to her home in North'
R. W. Mathaney returned to the
electric power plant Wednesday, after
a vacation of seventeen days.
G. ^P. Hudson, of the boiler shop. Is ,
spending his vacation with relatives:
in Washington. Ind. It Is rumored
that Hudson may become a benedict
while in Indiana.
G. Frye. of the torpedo tube shqp:
Ray Vogts, of the seiman shop, and
Vernon Young, of the breech mech-j
anism shop, with friends from Lau- j
rel. Md.. are campine at Indian Land- j
ing on the Severn River.
Milton Kneas has returned to the
tool shop, after a short vacation at
"Bachelors* Hall on the Bay."
The driveway in the western sec
tion of the yard is being paved.
J. F. I>roney, of the pipe shop, has
returned to work after a short va
William Spiker, of the torpedo tube
shop, has gone to his home in Ohio
for a visit of one mouth.
A. B. Vickers. leadlngman of the
boiler shop has returned to work
after being absent a few days, re
covering from u sprained ankle.
Jimmie Collier, of the tool shop,
has returned to work after spending
six days in Virginia.
Archie Corwin. quarterman; H. E.
Stevens, Earl Griggs and C. U. Lewis,
of the electric power plant, recently
motored to the home of C. U. Lewis
in Frederick. Md. They visited the
Masonic Lodge of that city.
The following Washingtonians
have registered at New York hotels:
G. L. Berry. Park Avenue; J. Good
win, Aberdeen; Mrs. T. T. Thorn
burgh, Holland; P. B. Ward, Union
Square; M. Bcrman, Herald Square;
R. Gibson, Algonquin; Mrs. L. M.
Reed, St. James; C. Hunt, Long
acre; R. C. Ofenstein. Hermitage; F.
M. Patton, Breslin; W. Ryman.
Grand; W. Woods. Navarre.
Lisner. A.: L. H. Simons, men's
and boys' clothing, 220 Fifth Ave
nue, Holland.
Gosk, I via3 toeve* so
in ?n ?y lA. 1 CouU
U gv. ? aJh?* , ^
aolU? &>* * <**'?* ?
TL*ee toiUs p
tcxvift yet- Xta &11 jyo?f i*-"1*
Gosfc . ?t?? -- - oui
GoaSx . %t?? 3>r?$Am j?s
?. tot '? i4?? - *?*??.
O " <?o-t * sxi&kle ?
Mm*** <->$ky diini J/o* S^r
???t? "fc *'? * *>??* *">
f?iiVs? ? I only out 4*?* ? -^|
t?k.e ??
o -fcnafc'
Alva East, David Boss. Jacob
! Faye, A1 Crass. Thomas Maloney,
John Kistler, John McConnell, Rob
ert Grossman, John Graham and
Charles Luebner are on leave in the
forwarding and finishing section.
R. T. Anderson, of the Library
bindery, has taken leave to make
an extended automobile trip.
John L* Wrenn, of the electrical
.ficction, was on leave last week,
planting dynamite on his farm to
move a crop of rocks and stumps.
Howard R. Loeffel Is absent from
the foundry on leave.
John Kent, bookbinder in charge
of the Library bindery, has re
turned after a week's Illness. j
Henry Ileinhold Is in Atlantic
City for the benefit of his health.
John W. Sherman, of the hand
section, is on leave foe several
Andrew A. Rook, for many years
in the composing room of the Post
office Department, has been trans
ferred to the main office.
J. Harry Phillips is acting as
timekeper in the montoype section
during the absence of Harvey J.
Steward Charlie Johnson has re
turned to the machine shop after
several days' leave. t
Allen Denham. John Renals.
Thomas O'Brien. James Brown. Mar
tin Bieling. William Glover. Charles
Munxner, George Carpenter, Ernest
Higdon and George Jordan are on
leave in Mr. Taylor's ruling section.
Harry Webb has returned to the
night pressroom after an absence of
ten days on account of ivy poison
A. F. Cogswell, of the Library
branch, is spending two weeks with
his family at Colonial Beach.
Herb Taylor was absent from the
electrical section several days last
week repairing his auto.
Fred Dech has returned to the Li
brary bindery after spending a
week on his farm.
Pressman Abram Adams Is spend
ing his vacation with relatives near
Charles J. Selale. of the day foun
dry, is on leave.
Dennis A. Manson has returned to
the electrical section after several
days' leave.
Norman C. Sprague, pressman in
charge, has returned to work after
several Weeks' absence resulting
from a fall from a press.
The extra phone booth In the
lobby helps out at lunch time, and
does away with long waits.
Mrs. Ethel M. Lyons was enter
tained at dinner last evening by
Mary John. Time was called at
Charles Indermauer. of the Job
room, has been absent about six
weeks because of illness, but is now
Miss Margaret D. Ake. after an
illness of several months, is con
valescing and is expected to be
around again soon.
Samuel G. Wise returned to the
proofroom Thursday after two
weeks' leave.
John E. Rayford, one of the down
town workers of Columbia Typo
graphical Union, has accepted an
appointment in the hand section.
Ship Fire Cuuct 125,000 Dam ate.
New York. July 25.?Twenty firemen
and four members of the crew of the
White Star liner Cedric were over
come last night by smoke from a
blaxe ln the ship's after hold. The
cargo of foodstuffs was reported a
Dlm*ee w*? estimated at
Who's Who
Our City
All Washington business men con
j tributed in various ways to winning
j the war. Frederick A- Fenning helped
' by locking up his legal papers in his
j desk and accepting an appointment
J as captain, in which capacity he i
| served for two years under the Quar- j
! tennaster General.
! During his army service he organ-1
ized and was disbursing officer for
1 the officers' allotment branch, carry-;
! ing all allotments to the commis
' sioned personnel and disbursing ?>,- j
, 000,000 in this connection*
Mr. Fenning is a true native Wash
i ingtonlan, having been born here 1
.end equated in the local public
schools. He also married a Wash-1
; ington girl. Miss Blanche Alisan
; Hine. He has been a member of the!
Washington Board of Trade since he]
was lil years old and served for five
years as chairman of the public 1
? schools committee, and for the past
1 two years has been a director.
I His first experience in disbursing. ;
! which aided him in his army work. !
1 waa gained in 1902. when he was ap- j
j pointed assistant chief of the United
| StateB Disbursing Pension Agency, j
j For the past five years Mr. Fen-1
[ning has been on the Board of Med-!
I ical Supervisor.* for the District and .
he has contribute numerous articles j
for medical and legal journals.
At one time he served as vice pres-1
ident of the District Bar Association.
His club affiliations include the Chevy
Chase Club and the Army and Navy
Club, and he Is a director of the
Washington Loan and Trust Company.
Mr. Fenning believes in regularity.
He plays golf regularly twice a week
with Dr. William A. White, super
intendent of St. Elizabeth's, reqard
less of the prefes of business Hei
is a Republican and a Presbyterian. I
Mrs. Louis E. Jelts was guest or
honor at a "welcome home" luncheon
in the bindery division Thursday. Mrs
Jeits has been on leave celebrating
the return of her husband. Lieut
I Louis E. Jeits, from France. Tho
quests were Mrs. Catherine Scherrer.
Mrs. Amelia Flynn, Miss Rosalie
Spamer. Miss Mln G. Miller. Misa
Sarah McCafferty. J. \V. Sullivan and
Charles Irvine.
Miss Hope l>avi.?, of section 5. is
enjoying a week's Nacatl<>n.
Alien D. McCai"tee. custodian of
presses. 1* Just hack tro?u ? two
| weeks* visit to friends in upper Ncvn
York State.
| Kircher showed plenty of atufT last
i Wednesday when he pitched the B;
jreau team into a 12-to-0 victorv o.cr
the Zone Finance outfit. He let thc-iu
down with two scratch h:!s.
Miss Edgar Worley. of section 5.
left yesterday for a ten-dav trip to
Niagara Falls and Canada.
John Bullough. superintendent ot
? section 9, has been absent the past
| week on account of illness.
| ^ illiam D. Clark, of section 8, presi
i dent of the Plate Printers* Union, had
a birthday last Thursdav When he
: returned from lunch, he found a large
! birthday cake and other goodies" ou
j his press.
Miss Irene Aubinger. of the ex
amining division, is on t^n days'
J leave.
A. Campbell has returned to
his duties in section 9. after thr^
| weeks of illness.
Mrs. Mary Glascock, of th# wet
j ting division, is on leave.
Miss Annette, of th* stamp book
and coil division, is taking a few
! days of her annual.
j Miss E. Kingsbury, of the wetting
[division, has been granted a weeks
I leave.
I Miss Sarah Wilkins. of section 9.
t night, is out for two weeks.
j T. Coburn, of section 5. is on the
sick list
Dr. G. Albert Smith, former plate
printer. has just been discharged
from the navy, where he served as
dental surgeon. He is now located
at 1720 M street.
Regular rehearsal of the. Bureau
Band tomorrow morning at 10
o'clock sharp, on the roof garden
of C wing. The band has outgrown
its old quarters, so permission was
given to use the roof garden.
Miss Myrtle Martin, of section 5,
Is on the sick list.
a line'o* cheer
By John Kendrick Bang*.
(Copyright, 1319. by the McClure Newspaper
Syndicate. >
I saw a man of thirty-two
WffHc bravely up and kiss his dad.
And freely I confess to you
The notion of it made me glad.
For 'spite the Cynic's sneering scooff
Both man and boy were better oft
For holding strongly to the good
Of filial lore and fatherhood.
i v
15th and
H Streets.
"I'm very v?ll
pleased with this
suit. Tailor Mc
Conville." . . .
"You'll like it
better a year
from now,*' says
Tailor McCon
ville . . . and
that's true of a
McConville suit
'Round the Town
WHh capt.
Where Lor*n Find SoUce and Solitude.
About midway down Capitol Hill m the northweit Capitol park ti
a most poetic grotto, partly covered by vines, and with a drinking
fountain in its center and stone Kau for loving couple* and tir?
humanity as well. About thirty years ago this picture spot w?i
reputed to be haunted because of faint music that came from th?
waters beneath the fountain. It was like the melodies of an aeoliat
harp- Investigation by an old-time newspaper man brought to lirh'
the fact ?hat a sentimental official of the Capitol had constructed >
sort of harp which was placed beneath the stream of water thai
overflowed and trickled down from one corner of the fountain. Th<
tailing water produces a most harmonious musical effect and in th<
stilly hours of the night was ghostlike. Belated pedestrians who wer?
superstitious declared the uncanny music was produced by super
natural agencies. The suggestion has been made that another watei
harp be prepared and placed under the overflow at the grotto.
Where Colored Folks Draw "Color Line."
Positively no white persons can secure accommodations in a littl?
hotel out Seventh street northwest On a large placard displayed ot
the jront of the three-story building is this legend in large letters
Lodgings For Colored Men Only."
Found New Meaning for "Welcome."
A venerable colored woman known as "Aunt Nancy." opened i
lunch room out on Sixteenth street southeast, and over the door sh<
placed a sign bearing the single word, "Welcome." A strange eolorre
? *??ut ',2 ye?rs of age. while passing over the commons neai
Aunt I^ancy s cafe, observed the sign, and after spelling it letter b*
1<iltW- .'e,Cn,7ed ,hS Plac? aod cal,ed for a bi* meal comprisins
ami milk! * an homm^ corned beef and cabbage, besides pi?
rnl?rHllUc' y?? muf' hav" been v"7 bongry," the good-natured ok
colored woman said.
^UZ' jn' I.thank y? for dat good dinner," the girl re
phed as she turned to depart.
"n?U S ?w,c'cum' chile, but whar's my money."
pennvai" ' "? m0aey*" the surP"sed girl said "I hasn't got 3
I . ^?j ^af" ' K?t a penny? Den wharfore you cum into my caL
an eat dat big meal? What's yo' reason, ga!"-" T ^
My reason s ober yer do', lady. Yer got er big sign dar wid d?
?c c0mef ai .t We? d.d . ebbfr s(ud % dl?hu^?
book? It says 'welcome' means free?'free to enjoy,' dafs what i
?K, Site.%- **"' ?-?? BS, <,.?
His Heart Was Not There.
n( tu. s,ory *as re'a.?fd to me by CHARLEY KXOWLES lat.
h ^)'^nance Corps, L. S. A He met a comrade of Celtic oritni
W^bv a G" man bXrIy U y ?' Th,erT> ind'
?'?d h^reudid .,.h.e. bu"et, strifce you'" Charley asked.
..jJi'* Insh bunkie replied, pointing to his heart
Impossible. That s where your heart is located. &
lng through there would have penetrated the heart." "
' wan *'d ye." the Irish soldier came back "whin the hull,-!
was passing through, begorra, me heart was in me mouth."
Horse Marines Are No Longer a Joke.
Some years ago it was a standing joke to refer to a fellow = ? -
horse marine. .nbout forty years ago one ot the most popu'a
Marine?' V Pen?d V- "lm Cip,1!n ,ink* of Hor",
ilannc.. It was the favorite of singers in the varieties while br
late Grn f 'ri"kd and rU
tmni f ',,,,' M . T LRk.LL, ?ho commanded the District \..
u ' ,n raalcmK application for an extra horse for a Varm*
Garf eld* said " mounted aid at the inauguration of Pres dent
to ,h ant 1 horse for ,hls h?r" Marine," pointi:
to the of.i.er in question. Horse Marines is a joke no lonee- ! ?
?",rz ssk srSSr*'
Requiem high mass fcr Patrick
T. .Moran. Jr.. 17 year# old. aon of
Patrick T. .Moran. former president
of the Chamber of Commerce, will
be hold this morning at 9 o'clock
at the Sacred Heart Church. Four
teenth and Park road northwest.
_ Young: Moran died at Georgetown
Lnjversity Hospital Wednesday
night, following an operation for
H?s parent.*, four sisters and two
brothers survive. Moran was a
student at Georgetown Preparatory
j Mr*, Fannie A. Walter, wife of Dn
L. D. Walter, mho died ThnwAy ??
her home. 1m4 G itreft northeast, v ?il
be buned this afternoon in G:cnvooa
Cemeter?-. following funeral services
at the Church ?f the Good Shcph^ra,
at 2 o'clock
! Mrs. Walter sustained a ParaIjt.?
stroke three weeks ago Sh#? v ;
i-i years old. She cam* to Washing!o
from Connecticut thirtv.two \
She is survived by her husband an i
a sister. Mr*. Isabelle Grcbel, la oa
; necticuL
Army Signal School.
It has be^n decided to retain the
army signal school at Fort Leaven
worth. Kans . where it will be con
ducted in connection with the scnool
of the line. *'ol. Arthur S. Cowan.
'r?f the Signal Corps, has been se
lected for duty as commandant of
the school, lit- will be assisted by
four inspectors, and there will be
sixteen student officers. Col. Irving
J. Carr. of the Signal Corps, has
b^en assigned to duty as an In
structor at the school of the line.
Three officers of the Signal Corps
have been recommended/for assign
ment to tne class of student offices
at the general staff college at Wash
ington Barracks, D. C.
I.onxevlty Credit for War Service.
Mr. Kahn has introduced a bill ?H
R. 735-0 to give officers or enlisted
jnien who served during the emerg
ency incident to the war with Ger
many credit for such service in com
'putmg their longevity pa>.
Admission to West Point for Soldiers
Mr. Wadsworth proposes, in S.
2446. to amend section 1318. revised
statutes, to read as follows:
1 "Appointees shall be admitted to
the Academy only between the ages
of 17 and 22 years, except in the
following case: Any person who has
served honorably and faiMfully not
less than one year, in either the
volunteer or regular service of the
United States in tne late European
war. and who possess the other
qualifications required by iaw, may
be admitted between the ages of 17
and 24 years."
Reporter Strike* it Rich.
Eastland. Tex.. July 2J. -? } Ba%
lentine, not long ago a j40-a-*eck r.?
porter for the El Pa.-o Herald l.ui
struck rich oil on property he o? ? ?
here and now 10 estimated to hav? .. r,
income of fl0.\000 a month
? ?
: $2.75 Philadelphia *
- ^ ar Tax 22 Cents Additional -
$2.50 Chester
Z And PLTl P.V J
. War Tax 20 Cents Additions' "
j l $225 Wilmington
- War Tax ll? Cent? Additioc-I
i Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
Z Special Train will leave
i Wa*aington Union Station T.i'S
]i a. m. Returning leave Phila
_ delphia 7:30 p m. haiue day.
' ? See flyers. Consult ticket
- agents.
Want Clean Coney Island Beack.
New Tork. July 25.?Persona who
bathe at Coney often need a bath
afterward. The governor, however,
has been asked to stop throwing of
coal tar refuse into the river, from
where it floats to the beaches.
of Virginia
ParcelIvilie. I.r< hurg and
Other Points
Two Dollar* Round Trip. Includ
ing War Tsx
(Children Half Fare)
Electric Trains Leave Terminal
36th and M Streets N. W.
No Dust No Dirt Ko Cinders
i'&rior Cat attached to train leaviof Waab
ingtoo fc~0 A. M and trains leaving Blu*
moot 10JO A M. and 830 P. Id. (last train).
Extra lua 27c to Leaaburg; jBc to BluemocL
War tax included.
\ ^Kic*go'?Mo? Modem
Fireproof Hotel
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Tour moul comfort.
Nothing less than your
entire talisjaaion u-iU
satisfy us.
Tlx Host oi dx Fum.
Chk?io"? Mom Be.utlful
Noted for b perfect nhtn.
Morrison Hotel
Hu?rC Man

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