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Financial New 6?Stock Market Prices j
Strong Market Weakens
Toward Encf, But Closes
New York. July 2S.?After * day
if i5re*1 ?lreD*th in which new
. records were made by several
issues, the stuck market sold oft in
ine last hour as the result of profit
taking. It closed steady, but a lit
tle under the best prices for the
bulk of the stocks. A few issues
were aggressively strong up to the
very lut minute of trading.
In several individual stocks there
were definite reasons for advances.
In the tobaccos it was a large short
interest that is becoming worried.'
In the marines it was the announce- 1
?' *ke discovery of a
930.000.000 concealed asset. Th?
Corn Products report of $12 a share
carried in six months helped all the
food shares. The price level Im
proved up to midday. Then there I
was a Reaction due to profit taking.
Another upward movement was fol- |
lowed by rather free selling in the
last hour, but Just before the close
a sharp advance came in the special*
ties that carried the whole market'
As an Illustration of the prosper- '
ity of the food companies the Corn
Products Company reported that in.
'ne first six months of this year it
had earned $12 a share on its com- j
mon stork. This resulted in an ex-;
?ited buyinff movement which put
the stock to the highest price on
record. There was insistent buying
up to the very close.
Although the United States Food
I roducts showed no net advance for
the day the buying of that issue was
of the best character.
Washington Slock Ex chin ft,
Vatmpotitxr* Railroad H 11,OOP at
C M. fa. fc.ooo at Wfc.
VLC00 at
TVactirr.. S at Va. S at ??*
Merge? 5 *L 1 at 146V
Oohnnbia. Grajin pucoe '-cm.. 1JJ at C? 2 at
SUM at 130. 10 at 460. J>100 at *50
After call.
Tractinr. 3 at 94. 10 at
l4ua*lon. io at 71
Railway tfd . Sit 9
. _ B.J. AikHl
A*eri?a T<L ard Trigs. ?s 64 M:a
American Tel. and Telsa. 4S* 9* '
Am. Tel. an 1 Td Ctl Tr Hfc
American Tel. and Tel. cot?. 6a.. 1*1534
Ccetapeake ami Poto oac Tel. 5s.. %
Columbia Ga* and Eeetr;o 3a 12
Capital Taction R R 5s '?
Georgetown Gas 3s ?->
3!etrcp?lltAn R R fe...
PofaAsc Eec'hc Light 3s. 96'.. '
Pt*cotac Electric can. > 3314
lutr-mac Electric Power 6s 'H i
PotMaac Elntrc Power g*n. 6i . * [ ;j
Wukfcgaa Gae 3? * 3*..
VJ'sshiagtoa Rwy and I.Iee. 4s-... M ? "
??-4ah. Rw 43d Oec M 6s ... 54 Su
' *?-icsn ?;raphcph>r.e 1st 6a
I> C. Purr MZ I* 5L
Jt'SSS Rer. ;y iMtg 96
14 Realty 5e ^ahcrf) ] !
S?c. Storage sod Safe Dep. ?s 101 1
public Utility stock
Iar".,a! Tta/'ion . M B
W?r.h-l.' .?jr.'
K and l>r com
Va?Lirr.? R?% jn<i pf), ^
B.\Nh> ? i'OC'K^
As*.r <-*u
?Vuur.cra.il ...
District .. . .....
Farmers acd Michaua'. ix >.
::: &
LicccId 1?3
N^Mansl Il.tropobtac *
Bisss * r
. r.r. mi ;;;
\%a?.iiig:oa ?j0
!1M sr roill'ANY STfM K??
.Vmrricin Sorority aad Trut.. 2>? "ii
r.-nrmentai Tn:st - 1?.? joj
Natiooil sarifigs ana Tn^:
Unk>= Tru*t jj
\\asuiogtca Loan an l Truat 345
savings ban k sicx:ks.
Commerce and Savioss jj
I'aat Waahiiig:oa 12
Liberty jjo
Security Sarinjjs and Commercial. ?i'j
SeT?th Street 145
Arlustcn 3
iierman-Amencan o-# J
Naticcal Union " jij :
Columbia 4 I
Real Eatacs ..." ri &>
0-aphouhone enm 445 4^ |
r,r*phopfaooe yid 951^ 5$
' "oaj :c >acts 54-,
D. C- Pao^r M/s Co- 00
?Marcbants Ti*c??r A ?torage Hn
>I?g?utbaJer Linotype j>5 '
1-*nston Moootype
flld Dutch Market corn 4U 5
?>Jd Dtitch Marktt pfd lt?w t?
lectinty Storage 34>
fwirity Sumage and Sa/e Dewiit ao
\VaaLu;gtcn Market 17 ?
N?? York. JoH 25?Money onallmm. ilstt
" >1 ? per cent. Lou,,
oo %U lB?lu?naJ coUileril were Sii per
'nam bknwr w.i ic?-n run in th? Stnet ind
IB1 difficulty ia reexiring Keom
?ydiaoM. Soa.. wer0 ^ t w
4 I'* ?jt I
'Menratil* I'tprr ?u win j?n
New Tor*. Jul J 25-Trxla,, clo?ln? rmtn of
netunje ^ prmapol foreign markets ware as
follow*. SurUng. demand, tr*; cable* 4.3fev
Bankers' t? dajra. 136; 90 days. 4.jR*.'
Krajice. checks, 7.15; cabka, T.ll
Belgium, checks. 7.37; rabies, 7 35.
Germaay. checks, 6i* cable#.
Holland, checks, 37 1116 cables. 37 13-14,
Italy, checka 63o; cables, 6.54.
hwim. CMSs. 5 62; caUes. 5 60.
New York. July 2S?Bank clearings here today
ere H0I.Ji9.273. 7
? . Pre*.
Mctita. Opeo. Bifb. Low. C!o?l c'Lise
3B JiM x,<
X3B xtooao J??
? ? n.rjjo too
3.30 X * *K ^ 96*02 3GU
>*r 3i06*15 35.30
ber *50 35.73 35.10 351UK 35%
? 3 30 Jo 08 J6.00 a?W07 *>2
*0 35 00 bid 36.30
J>?0 35.n? a? 36.35*10 36.3T
35 ia; bid 36 J5
X.C0 3600 55405
Safest Investments
tlioee that do not fluctuate during ?jt?
cooditioca of the money or stea*
?*^-a Fir* deed of trust ootaa (Crvt
JJIWe\ well teen red on teal estate La the
V^kl of Columbia, cooatituta "gilt-edge"
yw^ents. and do oot depend upon ths fi
y*kl responsibility of indiridnala or cop>
for their atsbiiity. We can supply
fciestments fa amounts from S30b up
***? Bend for book^t. ' Coocanung Loans
** hlteatmenta.**
SwartzeO, Rheem &
Hensey Co.
^ Fifteenth Street Northwest
Quoted by Sullivan & Company, 1421 G Street N. W.
A*lama bgm a O 50* 60*
'tub^* W4 IW Kt\ 108
*a? Uumdr m M HI, M
AUOt. <kU .. J J J J
AImU Jwi 3% 2H J* 2*
All^CLalmm US ?r% ?
ABuncma Artmitom Otanlal.. 10TT? 10T? 1W% WT*
Aai?icu ltart Sui?r M V, It, II
Amc? iOa C?nain* ?K*. 5S* 9*
Aluricu C*I * Foundry... Jl? ta% UT* UTH
Axner.caa Cotton OH _ oh C% 63% 63%
Am?n?a Dro? Byndicmta. 13*4 1214 i#, 12V*
Axcr'coa Hide A LMUur...>MMM 37% 3714 36% 36%
Aauarluan UUo A I?tber pf...... 130 130% 129% 130%
America a Jo* .. 62 62 02 63
American iDtmtiml Cbrpnra... Ii0% 111* 110% 110%
American UfiMd 76 77 76 76%
Amanean LooanotlT* .. .. 91% ft% 01 51%
American Smeller ,., 8b% g:\ 8b 8C%
American Steel Fbundiiea.....^... 44^4 44V, 44)4 4414
American Sugar 138 13W? 13i 151
Amer.au SurnaD* 1?* 113 111% 111%
American Ttel. A. Twk .. 103% KM 109% 101%
Ameruam Totrnca* T 2W% 355% 248 350
American Woolen ? J..... 125% ia&% m 13?%
American Zlno ??... 27% 36% 27
American Wntim Paper pf ST 57 ftj% 56%
Anaconda f 7S* ?*% T5% 75%
AUWjdh ........ :?0 1?0'? *>', 1M
AUintio Oout Line 101 101 1?
Atlantic. Gulf St Wmt India? 173 173 m% 173
Baldwin Locotnotlra m% 11414 m 11334
b^timoR. A Ohio w, ?ST, *P4 ?.'?
Baltimore A Ohio rf... M*? u>i bu uu
Bethlciiem Steel CUm S8 100% 08 100
Booth Fbhavfeo 21% 34% H% 3%
Brooklyn Rapid Tnuuit- 32 32% 31% 32
Butte Copper tc Zinc. 1174 n?t 11^
Butte * yupenar Sl* 31 29% a%
California Packing 74% 73 73% 74
California Petroieum 51% 514 431^ 5014
Cklumet Arizona 36 85% 83% 83%
5*?**1**? ^"^O ML-H 164 182% 163%
Central Foundry ... 3714 .-**4 38 ?
Central Foundry pf 67% 60 87% 68%
L^*th*r ????- 114% 115% E3% 114
Cera* de rum 61% 63% 41% 63
OWcw. Milwaukee * St IVul.... c, ?r<4 ?
OhiCKO A XocthwtKan 40U 100H v\ 10?%
iMotgc. K. 1. A l'adflc. 3<Ji 30", -jrp^ 30
<Jll. Cci-prr 27 ?S r* 3
<%lno Ctrtjr _... f 1 go^ 49 fj\
r,u <b s.14 e en.
Corn Product? . ......... 33% 9&% S3 ^
Oncible Sled ...... 13e% 14314 138% 1404
Culaua Cane Sugar J&14 333, 35 3514
Dr.'?*are A Hudson 214 114 U4 114
Di !a**re. L?cka * W?Oi*b UT% 1* 137% m
Dwirer * Rao Grande 11% 11% 11% 11%
I>TOe Mid? 14 14% 14 14%
H* Vara Ooal 40% 40% 4? 40%
tiru? RaiL-ooa 18?4 18% 19
0?aU)ii V. & W 36 36*4 36 :^%
Goiioral Clffiri 93 94% 92% 93
Wiener* I >Jectno 170% n 1?% !<?%
General Motors Z2P% ZS1 2J7 2S
Got<lrid? lwubber 0> 83% 83% to 83%
Grtrat Northern pf 9.r? 94% ?% 94
Great Northern Ore? 491, 4j?.j 4^ 4^
Gulf 6UU- Steel 6T% ?T% ?:% 67%
niincia C?nxtral i<n% iai% 101 i<n
^i?p:ration 67% 68% bf% 67%
Int*rbcrru?b Mtrtrr?poMt?n 8 S 7% 7%
International AznoiJtural 3^ 3i% 32% 33%
InL liai\e*ter of Now Jeraey. 112% 142% 141 141%
Int. Mercantile Marine 66% CG% 64% 61%
Int. Mercantile Marine li 1L8 IZT-i 1*.3 120*
InUrnjricnal Nickel j0% 3:% 3;
Iat.rnaiicnal I'aper 67% W% 67 67
Kelly Sf^uj^ticld Tire 13i% l^&% 1J>%
Ktauierott 41% 42^4 41% 4'J%
Iau.kawanna Steel *c* a. Si
Stalk*. Opm. BIch.
Lm Tin * n..?? Xi X 34** M*
Lehigh V?Il?y . ok Ml m
loillud Co. J? Zii ZD t?
MmxweU Motor ? as* 5? MS* >*
Madcu Pstroiaum. IE* 1*% YK ISO'.
mimoi u' aw si aw
Ml^ula 87* ?'* STH W1k
UtaDl. Kiwi * Tkoj U* 15* U'.k IMa
?Uml Pulflc. ?? IM 01 >
NUfcauI Acme 41 hi 41% 40* 41
ttUiaul ttoduit IP* *1* 3 3
N?Ooo*l En. * tit?. U et >1% 11^
NUionil Lwi 13 o>4 S3 B>?
NmJi Co pox a'i as a* as*
New Tuck OtBtim) 80 *T* 8) ?J*
N. *.. N. It Ji HiltJord. WW Wk 36* JT
N't*fott & Western la* 10T 1?>* 1W
North/an PkdUc ... Kjft ? f> SB*
Nan Sootti Wool ?5 ?> Sit*
Ohio atia Qu m mi a at
- -a* u*
117 lift* uiW 1K>>
M 4i*
OkUhcEU Pro | ] ;?. mk
Prniur\ ?ni.
P?ra*. ffckbd. OB ... U n 10 13
P?opl*? G?,_ u & SU4
Pern ? ai ? *P* z*.
Philadelphia Co. ST4 40 SF4 40
Pten?Anow fC, fft Wk ?
Plere Oil ? 3?% t% ?%
Klttetuifh Coal... . ri% ti%
Pitt. * W. Va. Rt
40% *4% 40
P<m4 C*~k ? ???!?* ?1* I*
p??d e*?a ?*? 2* *
PubU Alocre Sum.??- *"* * ...
S ^ ^ ?
Ray Coaao]
W% W'? %
Kej\ Iron & . _ . 1 _ jg w (
Royai Dutch. n. t? x% Zl w
9Ci 97
St. L. ic Sux
s% 31%
Mob* o>- ? aw a* is* m
Seaaoard Air Una*..
Ch.?? . ?- 11% 11% li% 11%
Wi*ttuc*-Artjon? ?* U* IS
Mincer OiL ... (g
Slo? Sheffield
61% 41%
Tl% T1S 70 70
Scatiwrn :n&% ifc% 10&% iuoi
Southern Railway 30'? MT? ??? 3<f4
Btromberg Carbn ..... 17 57 8TH ?Vh
c._._ .. . !l*i U4?4 UI 113
Stoti Motor Co 116* lis lis* 119 H
Ttem. Cop. A. Qx.
Tuzaa Cb
15 IS 1J 1
zo si% zn ar?t
GS 30 5W*
T?U & Fldflc.m. .... - , ?-j ^ a^4
Tbt*roo Ftul 1?\ lll"^ UWt 110 I*
Union Pacific 1S% UW? 1SS lii
United Alloy St?l 54 6?* M
United Ciga* Stoim 1*? 1?S 1 ?>* !?:%
Uuited PYnlt. IBTi 1K% 1S6%
rniiwl t>- * ?'
12* i-% :j%
?>\ av* SS
WahMh -
Wihuh pf. A y>\ -"i *-?
Wotara Maryland 14S 14s* 14 IVi
Woslern Union M & W 88
Wcbtinghouao ........... SPj 67'i b? 3P+
WMtaC * Lato 1*9 U% H? !1S 11%
Whit? Motor TZi lift 7l7?
Wiidoa oo ir; ix % io? 4 W"%
U iU>*-Ovarland ? 27V4 37l4
Wool worth 133? 139% l-'CS 135
Worthingion P imp Si Si 81 81
Total Kilea. 1,(T9.3J0 ifcanj.
United Kwy. Lnr. p< 10 30 30 30
U. S. Fbod M 8ft% K% 83%
U. h. lnd. Alcohol 144 1M JO 143%
U. s. Riibbrr m L2?% I* Mb %
U. s Smiting ? Wi &? %
I -v BM u;^ HM UN iu% %
U. & Steel pf.... 117% U7% 117% 117%
Utah Copper *4% *4% ?% %
Virginia-Carolina Chemical ? tfj 86
Furnished by Sullivan ft Co., 1121 G st nw.
Bui AikK !
A?4na JC'? 10%
Amerku Mucodi ?4|
Hr-jth 7 9 j
Boston Montana ? M 92
i^ash Boy T 9 I
Cob. Arizona 1\ 1 7-1$ ?
CV snn (kid 2*4 y - I
0*lfu La 11H ll\ !
K?irek *, 1*% I t i
l\*liral Oil ?'?'* ???? '
On. Asphalt as
Glen Rode Oil f ^
H'uLscq Oil !'? I s* I
Hupp 13 13'4 j
Mud Oil "? ? i
liold Zone y *?' j
Lone ^t tr 7
l^rtiisiafi* ...... 40 4"
Midwrst Z-*
Metritt Oil 3fi
Met. Pete . 2T?
1'oerWs .. 4? V, ,
Pcnnock Oil I*1* 1* ?
1'iutit Stunaj ..??????????..?.? ?"'? ? j
Itar Dciculei ?" -? t
Rubber 21* :
Sub-B at 1$ !.v'? ;
Sinclair Gulf 5?" * 57 i
Ti*? Irir 7V?
I*. S. Ship 3
s*th..i s: 1
HatoM. N. Y 32 U ;
SitoM. Ohio X'i SI !
Perfection 13-16 r-%'
Wa\ue S> B !
United Motrrs 5" H
Libby 27 29 '
r-riit ............ 66 *6
GiHett 70
R-uiger - '4 *?
Burnett >?,
FLsner U S
Ohio lVa !'?
F . . . IK 22
lTcwn.in 24
fV rlrjrl S* 20 V* i
Ci\c* S?C lb 4?,\
Ml 'j
Big Udfie 11-16
rurtL\ Arpo i? W
Vju- r*)a lliooe r.
Houston Oil .. LB 10
Hturcsotinental Rubber I 24 25
N??di "phir Zi
Olla. OU 1 2 I
Wajlard Oil 5\ 4%
Vr^ht Martin Avo 4"4 5
The wholesale market price* yesterday ranged
about as follows:
EGGS?Strictly fna?b, 45c; average reedpta 44c;
Southern, 42c
CHEESE ? New York State factory, whole |
milk. 32c.
BUTTER? Standard creamery, ?Hsfl7c.
LIVE POULTKY?Roosters, p?r lb. T.e; tnr
ke>s. per lb. 3fal0c; chickens, spring. per lb.
?f?a40c; hens, per lb. 35a36c; keata, young, each.
DRESSED POULTRY - Fresh-ktUM spring
chickens, per lb, 40a43c; her.a per lb. 36c; roostr
er*. per lb. 28c; turkeys, per lb. 40a4?c
PORK?Small and neat. 24c; medium. 24c;
hfsrr. 22a23c.
LIVB STOCK - Calve* liaI3c; Iamb*. lTc;
sh^ep. 3n6.
GREEN FRUITS?Apple?, per bbi. new. 150a
?>50; ba-ket, 1.00a2.50; Caliicrnia lemons, per
t*>x. 5.50a6.50; pineapples, per crate, 5.00*6.00;
California oranges. 5 0Ca?50; blackberriss. L5a20c
per quart; peaches, 2.00a3.50 per crate.
VEGETABLES-New. potatoes, N. C., per
bhl, 7.?i7.T?; No. 2. 2.50n3 30; string bean*
rer bhl. 5.00*7.00; ;?ppcrs. per crate, 2 00a3.00;
okra, i-er q'lart, 20a25c, radishes, per 100. 1.00a
150; cucumbers, per box. 1.0Da2 00; eggplant,
150aLOO per crate; oorn. nearby, per dozen.
1S&30; cabbage, new. 2 50a3 00 per bbl; beets, Sa4
per bunch; lettuce. 1.75aZ00 per basket;
Florida celery. 6 00*7 50 per crate: cslery. per
dozen. 1.50a2.00; romain* lettuce. l.OOal.U;
squash, : OOal.2S per crate; spring onions, 2.50a
* 00 per 100 bunches; onions, per basket., 2.30a
3.50; ttknatoea nearby. U3.50 per crate.
Now York. July 2S.?An ea*er torn to foreign
exchange and declines In securities caused liqui
dation of long cotton and sent the market
down today after It had been firmer. Weather
and crup newi continued conflicting, and erta
some of the Eastern points reported good pros
l*rta notwithstanding wet weather. %
Trading uxlay was tame. New Orleans' in- (
tersets sold raxher frasly and Wall Street also ?
arf?arad to be unloading. Dealings in current |
July contracts ceased at noon. Prices were J
finally steady at a net decline at 35 to 60 pointa
Spot at New Orleans was ?teady. with mid
dling unchanged at 3iHc; the sales were 3.101
Spot hero was quiet at a decline of 35 points
to 35.50 for middling: there were no sales I
Port receipts today totalled 28,833 bales, while |
experts aggregated U.C90 bales. . j
Phila^elpiiia. July S5 ? Produce prices on the |
Vocal market ranged as folio** today:
BUTTER?Solid-packed crramery, extra. 56c;;
high-accrk>g goods, 5Ta5yc; the latter for jub- I
Uug sslos; extra firsts. 3oc; firsts, 52s5kr; sec
onds. 50a?lc; thirda 46at9c; eweet creamery. !
aiioice and fancy, 5?afi0c; fair U> good. 53a5Tc; |
ladle-peeked, as to quality. 47a49c; packing 1
3tcck. 43a46c; fancy brands of nearby prints j
V.Nwng at 62j?1c; good to choice, 57a61c; fair.
EliGS? Nearbr lirsts. 15 60 per crate; nearby)
current receipts, 13-00: do. seconds. 10 30al2.00,
per crate: Western firsts. 15.60 per crate; firsts.
.6 00 per aate; do, seconds. Iff 30al2.CO per crate; '
Southern. 10.80a 13 W. u to finality; Inferior lot9 j
lower; fancy, carefully selected candled c^gs .
jobbing at 99a?lc prf dnreP
< Note.?According to the niles of the Philadel
phia Product? Exchange, nearby current ruo ipts
m ill be of gootX, average ai2e, rea?>uaMy full, |
freeh. sweet *nd clean, and at this time ??f j
year shall weigh 42 lbs to 30 dozen and the j
loas shall not exaced 2 dozen to 30 dozru. By
"lt??" ia meant all rotten, cracked, leaking, i
?try mall, dirty. badly heat?>d and griTSey 1
LIVE POULTRY?Fowl*. na evw sa. lie; |
exceptional lot* higher; siT.'ig chickens, broil- .
ere. iir?t Leghorns. yellow-skinned, weighing 1 'u
and 2 lhs apiece, 3Bul0; some fancy*, heavy
?Un'k, ligher; spring chicken^ broiler, n?>t
Legbcrns. yellow-skinned. neighing 1 an,j l'j
lbs a pier*. 37a.Uc; White Leshonii. y?i- j
1 s' ->kiiuied. weighing lt?ai lhp api?*cr, 3CaJ7- ; |
White Lsgoorns, yrllmv skinned, smal'er mz? s, 1
SfaSGe; naalcn, Saflc; du<Xi. Mlu, 9*9De; |
<i . Indian limner. 2t"?dl5V-'; geese, 2<V: ptgt*?.-.
oM. p*?* r?ir. 4<"vVV do. young, r*r pair. .KMlft-.
1'OTATOtS?Wfii'e potato***, North t'lfoliivi.
r-r fcbl. No. 6 j0o?.75; dr?. Eastern ^b?ro!
Virginia, i*-r bh!. No 1 6.^7 5, do, No 2.'
TO; do. Norf ?lk. per bbl, Kd I.MU.4I;
. \ >. J. r. oui"- 99; d ?. Jerwr, per basket. No. ,
1, I.i0al.35. lower gra/iee. 55a75c; cabbage, I'cnn |
s;-lvani*. i?r bLl. 50cal cO.
New York, July 25.?B UTTER?Em y. Salted
and unaalted fresh creamery extras. r?4a3Tr; do.
finsJs. do, higher than extras, 95a58Va;
State dairy tuba. 46a51.
CHEESE? Market firm. Stfct* whole milk spe
cial'. j-: iaX'*; do. laucy. 514a2CV?; do. lower
grades. 2SmZl; Wiscooan whole milk fancy young
Aroericaa, 3*'ta25; State skuas arwcix 2tSa
25'.i: do. choice, 31023; do, fair to good, 15al9;
do, lower grade*. 7al4
EGGS-MarkK tinn; nearby white fanry. ^a
CO. do, brown, 56a?0; extra, f?4a?; firsts. 47a30.
Liverpool. July 25.?Spots opened with fxh" ,
demand t?>day. Prirra^ were steady. Sales
.in nun ted to 5,0*1 bales, lloceipts totaled 13, Xu .
Ix-ii'a, all American.
Futures opened quiet.
American middling, fair, 2318: goud middling,
22.36; ftUl middling, 2205: middling. 21.43; low,
middling. 19.70; guod ordiuary. IauO; uriHnaxy,
17 SI
At 2 p m.?Market quiet.
SsIch 500n boles, including 4.900 Anuiran.
futures closed quiet.
oj*a. Hijh. Ixwr. Clo*.
July 21.79 21 80 2L69 2l.fi?
Argn&t 21.31 21.SI 21.M 21.<H
September 21.83 21.89 21.61 2LM
October 21.92 21.9* 2L73 2LT3
I Baltimore. Sid.. July 25.?Prices on the local
: prcduce market ranged as follows:
I EGGS? Maryland, Pennsylvania and nearby
| firsts, per do*.. 45c; Western firsta. per doz.,
> 45c; West Virginia first*, i>er dot, 45c; Souih
1 ern firsts. 44e. (All loes (,ff).
PUTTER?Creamery, fancy, per lb, Ka56c;
| e.?cicw, 5Ca54c; gucA. 51a53c; prints, 56a53c; blocks,
55a^7c; ladles. 46a47c; Marjland and Pennsylvania
rolls, 45a4bc; Ohio rolls, 45c; West Virginia
1 rolls, 45c; store-packed, 45c; Maryland,
Virgima and Pennsylvania dairy prints. 45a46c;
p*ote?? butter. 60a5ic.
1 LIVE POULTRY?Chickens, old hens, 4 lbs and
over, lb, 38; do, small to medium, 37a3S; do.
White Leghorns, STc; old rooster*.. 23a24c; do,
1V4 lbs and over, per lb. 41a42c; do, 1V?
| to 1V4 lbs, per lb. 40c; do, smaller, per
| lb. DSa39c; do. White Legliorna, 1\4 lbs and over,
per lb. 29c; do. White Legborna, smaller, per lb,
3c; ducis, old Peking ier lb, 2Ba27c; do. pud
1 die, per lb, 25c; do, muscovy, per lb, 25c; do.
I sinsill and poor, per lb, 22a23c; tto, young. 3 lbs,
j and over. lb. 30aXc; do. smaller, per lb, 28c;
I Pigeons, young. r?r pair, 3Ga40c; do. old. per
; pair, 35a40c; guinea fowl, old, each, SOoTOc;
I joung, each, 90cal.00.
FRUITS?Applet Early Juns No. 1, per bbl,
. 3a3.3); do. No. 2. per bbl, 2a2.50; do, com
! mon, per bbl. 150al.75; do. No. 1, per basket,
1 25al.50; do. No. 2. per basket, 75cal 00; aa to
Quality, per 4-8 basket, 3)a50c: blackbernes, cul
tivated, per qt. 20a22c; do. wild, "per 16s.'.8c;
cantaloupes, California and Arizona standard,
per crate. 3.50a4.G0; do, pony, per crate. 2.75a
3.00; do, Caroliua and Geongla. standard, per
crate, 1.75a2.S; do, ponies, per crate, LCOal.30;
do. Eastern Shore Maryland and Virginia, stand
ard. per crate, 1.50*2.00; do, ponies, per crate,
1.00al.25; do. native, per baaket, 75eaL50; do.
I York River, per H-bbl basket, 1.25al.60; do.
I Norfolk, per fiat crate. 2.00a2.50; currants.
! per quart, 16a20c; buckhberries, per quait, 15a
1 :8c; peaches, Georgia Belles, per crate, 1.50al25;
1 do. Georgia Elbertas, per crate, 2.0Qa2 50; do.
Eastern Shore Maryland and Virginia, per boa,
ll.00al.25; do, per crate, LOOaLSO; do, per basket.
150caL00; do, native, per basket, 75cal.25;
pears. Bells, per 4-8 baaket. 75ca!.00; pine
apples. Florida. 18a. 24s, 30s, 30s. 5 00a7 00; do.
42a and 48s. 3.00*5.00; plums, per lb, 4a5o; rasp
1 berries, red. per pint, 16al8c; da, biack. per
quart. 25a28c; watermelons. Southern priftes to
selects, per 100. 15.00*40 00; do, per ear, 125*300.
VEGUTABLES?Beans, nxave, green, bus. 66a
SI; do, stringleas, T5al; do, wax. per bua, 75a
I 1; do, limas. per hamper, 2.75a3.25; beets, ptr
tumch. lHaZHc; cabtege, native, per crate,
lai; do. do. per 100, 3a8; carrots, per bunch, 1^4
I a2H?; celery, N. Y-. per bunch, 75cal.50; corn,
j Southern, per doa., 15al>c; do, native, per doz..
20a3oc; cncumtvrs, Norfolk, per bbl, laL25; do.
native, per baaket. 40effic; eggplants, Florida,
per crate. 2*2.50; do. Norfolk, per berry crate,
4 j0a5; do. native, per basket, lal.25; lettuce,
| N. Y., per box or basket, 5l>cs2; do, native,
per bus, 5Gal; onions, Eastern Shore of Mary
land and Virginia, dry, per bbl, 6a6.50; do.
Eastern Shore of Maryland, per basket, 225*2.50;
do. Maryland and Pennsylvania, per lb, 4*ttic;
rhubarb, per bunch, 2a3c; ixppers. Southern,
f*ncy, per eggplant crato, 2.25a25Q- do, fair
to choice, per eggplant crate. LS0a2; do, native,
per if basket. GaJac. sannsli. naLir^ per **
t?<ket ?<alOc: tomatoe?. Fotomaa Rtuij* Best,
per cTfttr. lai.2S; do. do. Enrliaana* P?t
crate. 50a 75c; do, do. Stwfolk, l*r 2 bosket. (
OX a! - (]?>. native, per basket. 75*L t
POTATOES?New native. pcx 100 lb*. m-jP.
do. I*r buthrl ta*ket. 17W2.M. do. Kapf-aLan
tiock. r.ew. No. 1. r*r tbl. wbTl; da. No. 4
wr btl. 3 00B3 50: do. North and South Caro
lina, No. 1. prr bbl, do. <??. No. 2. i*r
blil. 3ii50. do. Norfolk-Hampden. N^>. I. t*f .
bbl. 6j6 7j; do. do. No. 2. per bbl. 3*3.50; d>?. ;
YirSc Itiver. N>- 1. I?T bbl, Cai75: do. do. No j
2. per bbl. 3a3 50. do. tern hbor- No .
P?r bbl, ?*&.75; d"?. do, N ?. 2. per bbl. 3x4.*.
do No. 3. all awti ??*, per bbl. 2a2.50.
UVB STOCK?-Barf eaitte. ?rat quality. \rr
lb. Ilal2c; do, modiuiL. i'ulOr; do. bulls. as
to quality' teSc; thin st/*r% and cows, 5aS-;
n i\ as t<* qualif.. fate: iailk COWS. -hoi OB to
fan?. pft Lmd. fiO.OCaSO.OO; do. enmmon to fair.
XKOO.t'O 0>; oalvia vcul, choi>*. b>* ctl;***:*, pi*
ih. 18c; do, by boat, ISe; do, light, ordinary*.
? .*>, l:' .ivy, Mtirwjth. fat, i> r bead, 2tOu.
28 0C; d?. tough. 38 . do. *nall, thin.
I0.0ftil2.00; ibce;?, J. |?.r lb, 7?3c; do. oU
buck.-*, as to <; : dit;. &<.: ; d<?. comnioa. 4a*-?
bunt*. *priii(r. ctu>ir?-. lui do. f<ur to good.
15al9fec; hcg*. ?truglit. vylA*: d\ scnr?, wi?
u'ial.iv. lualic; do, 5tap? and L-xirs, liaise;
in.-*. ISaiOc; ahoals, 7ilh.
Chicago. July ZV?Torn ?t? H to *i lower to
lc higher; oats. \4aV* lower ar.d h^ jwoduC.s -
were dull and lower at tie cloae of trading to
day. ? !
Corn suffered a sharp rrartion j'ist t*?ore the
eloeo U- today's trad?ng v.ith December showu s
the hetTicst loaa. Tbe only activity a;<p**ml in
the rash corn trade where C.0J0 bushela wa3
worked at icia* 2 cents higher to 2 ceuta lower.
September ?a.s down Via^i to Ma1* higher, and
I>ec?r.bcr wis S to lc lower. Oats trade waa
light. Locals bought a little at the st-ut. but
the market s-iggri into comparative inactivity.
Exporters offered recent purchase* for resale.
Country offerings were fairly liberal. The final
price leTel wu at declines of % to ttc from
jrenrioua day"* clr?e.
Export demand in nogUiribie with tome price
Jockeying by neutral nations. *ippo?cd.y fur Ger
man account, in evidence.
Grain and provifciou future# here today were:
t)i-mi. HIph. IClwe. clo^-.
jtljj 1 1 1 l-S^i 1.91'^
September... l.WS 1-96
Deoruib*T.... 1 1 165'"
OATS? __
July .*?, .Wi TV4 ,73\ MU
W. .SI .? *.
IMnuU* " K* -w* ?? ??
July *3? S?.S? M *??
bo^tesnber... 34 ji ji.6T S4 45 j4 4j M *?
I July ?.? ?0t *?? *? 29 00
: Soptwnbcr... 2S.J5 28.S-30
! July MM ?"> ???
September. . aL*) 51W 5140 61 40 5180
Atlanta. Ga.. July 25.?Frank Powell
was shot and probably fatally wound
i ed here today by H, C. AJroand. Al
I mand surrendered and was held with
out bond. Powell is In a critical
I condition with bullets In his left
i shoulder and stomach.
j -I ghot In self-defense." Almand
stated. "Powell attacked me and waa
choking me."
Powell said be and hl? wife had
been separated several months, and
"Almand was responsible."
Cotton Men to Make Drive
To Extend Membership
Atlanta. Ga.. July 25.?The cam
1 paign of the American Cotton Asso
! ciation to extend Its membership
!amons warehouse men. bankers,
planters, merchants and all other
j cotton Interests throughout the
1 South will be launched officially on
I August 4. Tills was decided upon
i by the association's executive com
mittee at the close of a two-day
| session here.
Atlanta will be campaign head
quarters. and a $50,000 fund will be
j expended in the drtve for new mem
| bers,
Florida to Obterre Ctntenary.
I Jacksonville. Fla.. July 36.?'The or
I sanitation of a centennial commU
sion. with W. G. Brorein as chair
I man. today marked the nrst step in
' preparation for the celebration of
| Florida's ccntennial anniversary in
Heavy Rain* Hurt Crop*.
Columbus. Ga.. July 25.?Heavy
rains auring the last forty-eight
I hours tn Western and Southwestern
Georgia have caused creeks and rivers
to overoflw their banks and have done
considerable damage to crops, includ
ing cotton. The Chattahoochee River
I rose to 15 feet and was still rising
U?tt . . - ? -
Miss Alberts. Ball, of San Jose.
Cai.. accused Rev. J. W. Kramer.
In whose church she was soloist of
spreading tales about her after she <
and three other young women had i
refused to marry him.
After hearing both sides of the ques
tion the board of deacons exonerated
the minister, who explained that he ,
had no Intention of slandering the?
attractive choir gtrL
Realty Shows Tremendous
Increase in Value,
Says Holland.
For approximately 17.000,000 the land
and building occupied by a depart
ment store on the exact 6ite of the
traditional, although somowhat myth
ical. "Tenderloin" of New York Cityt
was sold a day or two ago to this'
department store compcny. It rni^ht
be of no more than local interest'
were it not for the fad that Che
transaction and others which have
been consummated in that vicinity go
far toward justifying Um prediction
which was made by President A. J.
Ca.csatt, of the Pennsylvania Rail-'
road, twenty-six years ago. He put
his t'.nger upon a nap of Manhattan
sometime in the mid-.*Vs of the pas-t
century and thus indicated what he
was sure would become within a ?
short time a great business center
in the heart of New York.
Many astute busings men were dis
posed to fear lest Mr. Cassatt's judjr- j
merit was affected by his imagination. |
The region whith was indicated l>y1
his finger upon the map was partly
squalid, partly the homet)f g.lded vice,
and there wpi'O in it a few small fac
tories. Mr. Cas-satt decided that tye
Manhattan terminal of the Pennsyl
vania railr. .td tub<-< under the Hudson
shoul.j bo upon th-j Ilud&on River front
of this region.
Ma/iy wor? the criticisms, kindly. b':t
N.'inessrke. which men who thought |
'lieir judgment to he excellent ven
tured to express when Mr. Ca.-satt's !
plan was made public. They wondered
how the Pennsylvania Railroad Com
pany expected to centralize business in
that deserted part of New York so as
to earn enough to pay the interest
upen the c?*t of construction.
Am It la Today.
Mr. Cassatt. however, was ne\er
dismayed by criticism- He was look
ing beyond the boundaries of the
Hudson River shore of New York
City, for he planned the constructioi
of tubes underneath Manhattan Is
land and the East River, whereby
the P<*msylvania trains could be
transported dircct from Philadelphia
and the West to the Long Island
terminal and then by mear.s ot" a
bric.ge over Hell Gate physical con
tact v.ith the New Huvcn sy&tem
co':Id be secured.
At that time the conjecture was
frequent that the Pennsylvania peo
ple expected either to gain control of
the New Haven system?which, if it
were accomplished, would give it
command of trade to and from New
England?or else enter into an al
Now railroad executives and some
of those who are in authority in
Washington are considering favorably
the expediency of bringing the "New
Haven system and the Pennsylvania,
as well as the New York CentraL
Into a single family through what ,
would amount to practical unifica
tion. Mr. Cassatt did not foresee
this precise development, but he did
look far enough ahead to picture
forth in his mind's eye substantial,
if not complete, union with the New
Haven system.
Cansatt'a Prophecy Justified.
In addition to the purchase of the
necessary land for the construction
of the great Manhattan terminal of
the Pennsylvania system, the Penn-,
sylvania people, heeding Mr. Cas
satt's advice, have been buying land,
demolishing the ramshackle buildings
which stood upon It, and in addition
have caused to be constructed there
one of the greatest hotels in the
They look for the construction of
business buildings of the modern
type upon these reclaimed lands and
the conversion of that region into
a great business center exactly as
the recent completion of the Grand
Central Terminal and the purchase
by the New York Central of many
biocks stretching northerly has con
verted a hitherto somewhat ne
glected part of the city into an im
posing thoroughfare. The income
from this investment is understood
to be more than sufficent to pay the
interest upon the entire cost of the
New York Central's improvements.
Farmer Kill, Hit Wife.
Nashville. Tenn.. July 25.?When F.
B. Robertson, a farmer near Tulia
homa, did not return promptly last
night from investigating a noise at,
his barn h|s wife went to ascertain
the reason, and, appearing from be
hind a corn stack, the husband mis
took her for an intruder and fired,
killing her instantly.
Canght Cooking Sour Maah.
New York. July 3.?George Perlow,
cook, is in jail here, charged with
cooking sour mash under a copper
still. Whisky, detectives said, was
found in kegs.
Woman Adopt* 41-Year-CHd Man.
New York. July 2i5.?Capt. Max
Wardell. 41. was adopted by Mrs.
i Grace A. Duff, with whom he has
; been making his home for ten yfeai 8.
i He has a 12-year-old daughter.
7rom t^c. "Pulpits
"Who It Responsible for the Mob
violence in Washington?"
Dr. Edwin C. Dinwiddle, who "has
ievoted twenty-live years to the
study of social problems, will at
tempt to answer that question in a
sermon .tomorrow night at the Firsi
Congregational Church. Tenth and
a streets northwest.
At IX a. m. the Rev. Wilxser P.
Johnston, assistant pastor, will
preach on "The Duty of the Church
in the Present Situation."
The First Congregational'* recent-1
ly organized quartet will sing at
both services.
Free Methodist Church. ^
Visitors from as far South as Char
lotte, N. C.. and from as far North
as New York City will attend the
first annual camp meeting of the Free
Methodist Church of Washington,
which will be held at Linger Grove,
opposite Mount Olivet Cemetery on the
Bladenshurg Pike, from August 1 to!
August 17.
The Washington Church is In the
Philadelphia district and there wlU
be many preachers from every part of
the district present
Vaughn Clas*.
Dean William Allen Wflbur, of
George Washington University. will
give the lesson at the Sunday morn
ing meeting of Vaughn Class. Cal
vary Baptist Church, at 3:30 o'clock.
In the church auditorium. Dean Wil
bur la superintendent otthe adult de
partment of the George Washington
Sunday schooL *
Filth Baptist Church.
?The Cause and Cure of Rioting"
wm be tho subject of Dr. John E.
Briggg at the Fifth Baptist Church
tomorrow night.
Dr. and Mm. Brlgg* wfD begin their
vacation next Thursday. There will
spend a greater part of the month
at the world-famous Bible Conference
at East Northfield. Mass.
During Dr. Briggs' absence his place
will be taken by Dr. Weston Bruner,
former pastor of the Fifth Baptist,
who is now pastor of the Fifth Bap
tist Church of Raleigh. N. C.
Centennial Baptist Church.
"Is There Any Luck In Washing
ton?" will be answered by E. Hes
Swem. pastor of the Centennial Bap
tist Church. Seventh and I streets
northeast, tomorrow night.
His morning subject will be "A
View of Victory."
Tbe Rev. Swem Issues this state
"This church claims to be on a
very cool corner; to have a cool
house, a hollow-wall concrete struc- i
ture. with unusual ventilation: elec
tric illumination end large chairs, for
coolness and comfort"
Church of Covenant.
The Rev. D. Hughes Edwards will
preach at the Church of the Covenant
tomorrow morning on "God's Search
for Man." In the evening his sub
ject will be "The Aim of Life." Mrs.
Beulah Dunwoody wlU be the special
soloist at the evening service.
Temple Baptfnt Church.
Dr. Muir's sermons tomorrow
morning and vening at the Temple <
Baptist Church will be practical to j
present conditions. In the morning |
his subject will be "Patirnce Need-j
Stephenson Estate $7,383,073.
Marinette. Wis.. July 2>.?Inventories
of th?; Stephenson trust, part of the
estate of th#? la-e Cnited States ?ena- !
tor Jsnar. Stephenson, together with
tbe valuation of th<? estate proper, as1
filed by the appraisers, make the
total value approximately f7,^3.07C. ?
mi.imonii, x. J.
pi-V -- --??
Always cool. Swept by con
stant breezes from the Atlantic
Ocean and SO-milc wide Dela
ware Bay. Never a doll mo
ment Something doing all the
?ime. Bathing, boating, fishing,
dancing, amusements, driving
^nd ? utomobiling.
Pj.i.sant. modern hot.l* furnish
excellent accommodations at
ntoderate rates. Fine cottares
and bungalows at reasonable
rentals. Fast frequent trains on
oth the Pennsylvania and Reari
ng. For full information ar.d
lolder. write
Capacity. 43C; *liole blcxk ocean iroct freah
ird Mit water in baths; running water. ho*, and
cold, in bedroou.s; electric eleratora; tennis
court*, etc.; opeca June 57 Wildwnnd'a largest
and Soft ho'el. Mr*. WM R LESTER. Mgr.
BEECH WOOD?Ocean xiont- 'JOP. b ui.
Eighteenth sc^oo. On?di:t? Mgr.. O.
KURT 7. je7oa.tn.th.-at
cap.. SO; octhcstra; tklt. J ALBEKT T1AKBIS.
jelS-w.s.ni 3tt
ORKXEY sriiixusr^.
Open row. Beautiful mountain*: si wan
cool; safe, healthy, rretful. pleasant. home
like, free amusements, tx^t environment; ?ood
table; water? equal Cariabad for rheum*nam.
kidneys, nervousress; capacity. WO. booklet.
BC.^ Carter. Prx> _ jai-30t
New York Ave . SO yds. from Boardwalk
Capacity 400. Elevator, private hatha; running
water in bedrooms. TREE FEATURES-BATH
Special ratea. A mo dean plan twlth meals* 15 to
V5 daily ; Sl? $!TW CO. weekly.
Virginia a? and Beacii. O^ean new. Ca
pacity Z60. Private baths, running witcr to
roonw "f. -tf. American i>lan-?SSi
I up dailj", tpccLil Wtcily. Bor.klet.
ue-fl0l > A MULL LtLli- I
ful." mud In tha evening. Tb# Ap
peal to Conscience."
Dr. Muir will leave during the
week on hla vacation. During bta
abtit nee the pulpit will bs occupied
by the Rev. XL L* Lennox the first
two Sundays In August and tor the
Rev. H. W. Tiffany, of Louiavllle.
Ky., th? remainder of the month.
Mmt Pleuamt M. E. Ctarck
C. H. Harrington, of the T. M. C
A., will addreaa the men's bible
class at Mount Pleasant If. E>
Church South tomorrow morning, at
?:30. At 11 o'clock the Rev. J.
Howard Wells will bare for his sub
ject. "The Gospel of the Everlast
ing Arms." and at 8 p m. Congress
man Homer Hoch. of Kansas, will
speak on "Chrlatlan Citizenship."
Shiloh Baptist Church.
"A Sermon to the Citizens. White
and Black, of Washington; or. Timely
L*es*ona from the Recent Race Riots
in the Nation's Capital.'* will be
preached by the Rev. Dr. J. Milton
Waldron. pastor of the Shlloh Baptist
Church, on L street between Six
Dr. WtUri*. on* of tfea leading ?*
or*d puton of tlx city r?ilini m?
terlal aid In calming the colored ek
merit during the nomt no* nou.
T. M. C. A. Otank \M?
Repreeeotatire Will D. L'pehaw wl
deliver the addrea* at the T. M. C. *
open air meeting la Lincoln Park U
morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock.
R T. Holland. I. * C. 1 wan
tary of Walter Rood Hoenial. wt
?peak to the On Clui of the Bright
wood M. E. Church. Eighth and J*
tenon ?trecti, tomorrow moraine a
9:45 o'clock.
Homer J. Councilor. ekM dark e
the Sumon General ? OAoa. wl
?peak at the Kellar Memorial Uut*
eran Church tomorrow night at TS
Mmia Beptie* Cklrck.
Re*. F. L Winter will preach a
the morning aervlce* of retool I
Baptiet Church from July it to A?
guat 31. while Rev. 7 Paul laM
home is enjoying hi* vacation wit
tbe hoy* and girls' club* at Celoaia
In the evening during tbe mb
period, union eervtcee will be bet
with the Wallace Memorial Churrt
New Hampshire avenue and Ran
dolph street
St. John's Church
16th and H Streets
Rev. Roland Cotton Smith", D. D. /
Rev. Edward Slater Dunlap, M. A.
Rev. George Williamson Smith, D. D.
8 a. m.?Holy Communion
11 a. m.?Morning Prayer and Sermon
Corner Tenth and G St*. N. W.
Rev. James L. Gordon, D. D, i
Rev. Wilmer P. Johnston, B. D,
11 A. M.
"The Duty of the
Church in the Present
Ily RrT. Wllnrr P. .lohnstoa, B. D.
8 P. M.
Dr. Edwin C. Dinwiddie
?having devoted the past 25
years to the study of social
problems, knows the present I
situation thoroughly, and will
give out some facts in his ser
mon hitherto unpublished:
"Who Is Responsible
For Mob Violence in
Tlie New Quartet, recently ]
urbanized, will sine at It a. m.
;.nd 8 p. in.
Dr. G. Campbell Morgan
i ?will be with us each Sunday
in Ausrust, II a. m. and 8 p. m.
(^?n. Are. and N St.
Rev. David Hughes Edwards,
Minister's Assistant
SUNDAY, JULY 27, 1919.
i 11 KM) Morning: Scrvlff. vrrmo? fcy
Mr. R4wnr<li: GO 1)>
i ?:45 t'hrlatlan Kndra^or
j 7.OO ? hriMiRB liDdrarnr Vesper
I 7:4.1 Preliminary Mnairal Nerrlee.
K veninc Nervier. Sermon hy
Mr. Kdwardai -THE AI*
28th a aid M Cto.
TiOO < kriatian F.ndrnvar Nerrlrr.
7:4ft Evenlait Nervier.
N. Y. Awe. Presbyterian Church
N. Y. Ave., 13th and H St*.
9 30 a. m.?Bible school. Adult cisss*es
.11:00 a. m.?Public worship. Rev. Wm.
j I a. Mudge. of Chambersbursr. Pa..
J * Twentieth Century Chivalry."
i C:00 p. m.?Fellowship Hour.
; G :45 p. in.?C. K. V*?rper Service.
' &.00 p. m.? Public Worship. No Even- ,
{ ins Service.
u a ?. ?s tun mewm way* to size
'IF A MAN. " UkI i r. iu.. peoo!r i Ub^ilar ,
j li-Pi/v Ucur with X?a a Cboru* i
: wnioea: per hide to wicnn On IS WASHING
. foluiH-al b* aertnoa cc LADY J AVI". liREY. 1
? QLL.CN. Cool AuUiUjriua. You are cordially
? invited. '
Pefwnrfk i^snth ar.d Randolph
rctwvrua ^ y p^?,
j :i??. ?.-K*? y ? Wim?.
j ;M p m.?I'dioo sarrices with Wtl.a>? U*a
Sunday 6choo:. U! T. P. R . T p. bs
EI I C .rjam 'l* Any Link
. llCZ OWCmi;j Washington?' ? p a*
? XmI house, largo tree rtiajrs 'mm lik* tuam
j tho Factor'a original aonc H ?* a fb . "A
j View of Victors." Ocl?uu*l Baf*. Cfc , 7th
| and n. a.
C;?aL E. new T aw Southaro OsWiB).
*UUl I>r. J.inu ? Bri^f* ?ill preach at U
and 7.46. Renins subject *!>?? Oa?? and Car*
; of r.touar" S. S.. 9 0 R Y. F. U.. 7?L Df
; Weston Bn:n? will presta duiing AurusL Oar
dial welcome
M mnd C St.. ??.
Senator Borah, of Idaho, speaks op
peeing the proposed I>eag^ie of Na
Ition* Sunday at 8 p m. 1.000 coo*
i ?^ajp Community singing Special
I; musfc
,1 Srsryoni ^ cerdiAUr invitad.
Christian Science
The Churches of Cbri#t. SdeatiM.
of Washington Ara:
Mrat Ckirfk?Columbia rd. and
Euclid ??t_
Seoo.d Ckarfk-N E MuoalC
Tercple. ?th and F ne.
Third Charrk?Masonic Tetnpl*
lttb and K- Y. Are.
Fourth Ckorrh ? Tba Area da,
14 th and Park road.
Sakjffti Tnth." 4
Sunday. 11 A M. and IF.*
2d and 4th churches will not
hold Sunday evening1 sarv
ice during: the months of
July and August.
Olorado Rldt. 14th and Q ?tl
Hours. 10 to 9 <\Ved.. 10 to ?.
and Sun.. 2:30 to 5:30).
1<W? Adaai Mill Rd K. W.
BMia 10 to P (eac^pt
eve.. Sundays and holiday?).
14ft East Capitol M. Hours. IS
to 7 (except Sundays and holi
The Arcade. 14th and Park ltd.
(second floor). 10 to 9 (except
WVonesday evening. Sundays
and holidays).
Annual Camp
Philadelphia DUtnrt
Free Methodist Church
?will be held at its camp
jrrounds. Lnicer's Oroye.
one-halt mile from l -tb and
H its. ne., on the Bladeas
burp pike. opposite Mount
Olivet Cemetery?
Am- 1 to Aug. 17. ltlt.
Services each da v as fol
low.: Family worship *
a. m : Bible study, o ,<o
a. ni , preaching. 10 40 a ni..
?? p. n> ?n?l 7 p m j>r?*e?
meeting, ?> p. m. Old-time
The Church of Life and Jo3
(ippovtir BritUh Kabaur. 1M4 I
M. fc.W? Near (o?Bf*Or?t Ava
Sundar 8:15 P. M
2*TM ?T.. NEAlt PKXW AVE. V. H
Kf?. W illiam .loorpb Mfckft. PmIoi
II A >1
% r. m.
-noMr. BA*i< rm ?k? or uw
b ** *
\ < ??*! Room Kiat W mrm * flfOSl*
Rev. C. Lyal Arthari
Notod (Wttlora rxLub aabfii ImA*
rt??uD? *? ? o'clock 10 Ha Ml O ?
n? H* ? ill doaxooffrato ? mxmot u lirr ??"
Spirit cooKud?as tb* ?tv?o? W ?
?winai gtMfction* Door* op*o hi ' ?
1012 *k St. N. W? StcMd FUm
opb-n matr jw p v
To *A? of Tfco TW, *? 1 tioa ra*t m
soo'tsrMt amoM loam '*? *aaU o> Chnpo*
oatn ot wfcich God ? e.oci ?iL b* satfcorwi
?00 funib- IwaeK TW?? that ?*ii ta Ins *??
hifhn hJe ? tMltn top* '
?* they tho dfcy :.mw? hint- Oas h?
spent oocaail- s?*ond bour to eahort ons ajwu.*
At f P M ?hr'. tahsc ap t? ? swy
IMi Utai" ii

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