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House Member Declares
Immediate Intervention
Is Needed.
Immediate military Intervention In
Mexico wag urged upon Congress by
Representative Hudspeth, Democrat,
In a speech In the House yesterday.
The United States should withdraw
its recognition of Carranza, Huds
peth declared, send troops into Mex
ico and keep them there unffl a
?table government is established.
?The time has arrived," he said
"when we should say to Carranza,
Tou have not measured up to our ex
pectations, you have not lived up to
your obligations to protect American
lives and property; so we will with
draw our recognition of your govern
ment aiid put troops in Mexico to
protect American lives until a stable
government is established.* "
Other Mexican developments yes
terday included:
News that a 14-year-old American
boy had been kidnapped within thirty
miles of Mexico City; a statement "to
the American people" by Ambassador
Bonillas here and an exchange of com
munications between American Am
bassador to Mexico Henry P. Fletcher
and the Mexican congress, in which
Fletcher urged greater protection to
Americans as a solution of misunder
The State Department announced
that Phillip Thompson, son of John
West Thompson, American citizen, was
kidnapped from the Thompson ranch
thirty miles from the Mexican capital.
He i8 held for 1.500 pesos ransom un
der threat of death. Representations
have been made to President Carranza
for return of the lad and punishment
of his captors.
// ^
' *
A. LKXiiphm.
727 Kins Street.
Mexandria. Va., July X.?Plans for
securing for the residents of Alex
andria a carload of army surplus
canned meats and vegetables were
made tonight at a mass meeting of
interested citizens, held in the opera
The meeting was presided over by
G. L. Justice, who explained the pur
pose of the gathering.
Organization was effected with G. L*
Justice, chairman, and Elmer Tull,
Charles E. Corgan was appointed to
visit the War Department Monday to
complete details.
It was announced that Mayor Fisher
would supervise the distribution of the
food and that the mayor also had ar
ranged for storing food in the city
market building.
The committee named to take
? l?ur:;?? of the details is composed of
? I. I* JuStic^. chairman; J. W. Col
lins. M. T. Burns. J. H. Bleakley,
KJm^r Tull. H. J. Hays. S. H. Tur
j ?t. Councilman W. J. McCaffrey. M.
H. Thompson. Dr. T. M. Jones, Mrs.
Jonps. Mrs. R. B. f*lift. r'harles E.
? "oriran and Mrs. A. Davis. Com
??iitteo on publicity: J. H. Bleakley.
\1rs. A. Davis. Mrs. T. M. Jones.
T'.lm^r Tull, M. T. Burns and H. J.
11 ;?ys.
A mretinc of the committor "in
? harsp of arrangements will be held
Monday night, at the residence of
Dr. Jones, it is expected final d*r
i;iils will bo completed at that time.
l,ieut. C R. Winfree. of the United
States Public Health Service, will de
liver two illustrated lectures in the
Richmond Theater, tomorrow after
noon and night, under the auspices
of tho United States Public Health
Service. The lectures will be free of
? harse.
The first lecture will be given at 4
o'clock. And will be for women only
None under 18 years of aee will be
ndmitted. The evening lecture will
given at 9:Vi o'clock, and will be
for men only.
A mass meeting: will be heled next
Tuesday night, in the Opera House,
under the auspices of the Alexandria
Trades Council, at which time it is
.?xpected addresses wil be delivered
by the following: Walter Tancil. Oliver
and J. C. Meetz. candidates for the
State senate, from the Fourteenth sen
atorial district, in the coming primary;
P. J. Conlan. of the Railway Em
ployes' Association, and J. Jeffries,
the last named president of the Sol
diers and Sailors' Reform League
Announcement is made of the mar
riage of Miss Viven S- Decker, Elmira,
N. Y.. and Dr. William K. Harryman,
of Fairfax County. The ceremony
took place June 10. at Epiphany
Church, New York City.
Hugo Herfurth, jr., has sold to Joe
Sanders a house and lot on the west
side of Royal street, between Wolfe
and tVilkes streets. Thomas M.
Walker has sold to Hugo Herfurth,
jr.. house and lots 13 and 14. Section
?J. George Washington Park
The Alexandria Indian Guard Band
and the Clarendon Band, of Alex
andria County, have mergM and will
hereafter be. known as the Old Do
minion Band. It has a membership of
Rev. E- B. Jackson. D. D.. pastor of
the First Church, who. with his fami
ly. has been spending some time at
Braddocjc Heights, Md.. has returned.
I>r. Ja<5kson will occupy his pulpit at
both services tomorrow.
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etc, point to an unhealthy condition
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vent such a condition, especially if
preceded by a gentle anointingwith
Cuticura Ointment to spots of dan
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British Naval Officer Savsj
As a Scout It Is Be
yond Comparison.
New York. July 6.?"Only a few per- j
1 sons believed in 1914 (he Atlantic would I
! be crossed by aircraft within Ave
| years." said Lieut. Col. P. William
Lucas. R. A. F., technical officer in J
i charge of the Tl-34 flight.
"Fewer still were acquainted with!
the development of lightcr-than-air ;
craft during that time. And very few j
i are they who will dare to prophesy j
' the limit of development which will;
| be attained within the next five years. J
"In 1914 a flight across th? English
j channel as escort for convoys of the)
' expeditionary force was considered aj
I creditable performance. Today a flight
I of 1<X) hours in the air by a dirigible
is not particularly startling The pres
ent range of operation ?>f the R-34.
| equipped as she is to earrv only slx
? teen tons of gasoline, is 4,905 miles.
: This range can be greatly augmented
1 by increasing her fuel-carrying ca
1 pacity.
"Though applicable alike to use over
j land or ocean, the latter affords the
airship the best medium of action. |
An airship is a huge craft which floats
! through the air. Without mechanical 1
assistance it would be at the mercy
j of the air currents.
Air currents over the ocean are
fairly regular, because, being one sur
j face of the same composition, the
' ocean does not radiate ;t profusion ot j
j air currents as doeg the land, which I
is a composite of forest, field, moun
tain. valley, etc. On a given course
the airship is subjected to the same
current action for a much greater
lencth of time.
"The uses of the airship for war
fare are infinite. As a scout she is J
beyond compare. For detecting a
lurking submarine she is better than i
the destroyer or another submarine. I
As a bomber she is far more effi- | and rob him of his very plan of bat
cient than the aeroplane. And j tie.
equally well. the airship t an serve | -The dirigible is so very stable
as the eyes of the army and navy. that it forms an ideal spotting sta
"The destroyer, accepted scout of tion. It can hover above the ob
a battle fleet. cannot attain the Jective attacked and with complete
accuracy observe and report on the
effectiveness of gunfire. Even be
hind the line of its own ships it
can plot with greater accuracy the
fall of shots than can be done from
the vessels' fire control stations.
"Every one is now familiar with
the method of combatting the sub
marine. It is generally known how
the destroyer, when it spots a peri
scope, dashes forward and drops its
depth charges along the course the
! submarine is believed to have taken.
? Preceding a fleet, at. say fifty, Rut nQt a,way> the commander of
miles, the dirigible can fly at th* jthe destroyer correct in his conjec
<peed <?l the warships and with . ture as to the course of the subma
powerful wireless can inform of the rjne# After the disappearance or
. 'K-my's actions. If advisable, it can. the periscope he has seen the last
bi crin an offensive operation without. 0f the undersea craft unless a lucky
awaiting the arrival of the fleet, depth charge shows him the color
Tt may remain invisible to the enemy of the oil she used for fuel."
speed of a dirigible. The destroyer
lacks the visibility of the airship
and cannot 'spot* for a battle fleet.
In a storm the efficiency of the
destroyer is oft<*n so reduced as to
make it almost a negligible arm inj
an engagement. The airship often
may find an altitude frory which
it can still perform multiple duties
which the destroyer could not ac
complish under the most favorable
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Convert, at Age of Six, i
Composed Textbook on
By R. S. SIMS.
When, during a May Day demon- j
stration in the Roxbury district of
Boston in favor of revolution and
Soviet rule for this country, an un
dersized, frail young man of 21 in
a fit of anger struck a policeman
who sought to interfere with the
carryings on of a rabid element wear
ing red sashes and waving Bolshe
vist banners, few there were, even
in the crowd of paraders, who knew
this same young man for the per
son he really was?the rosy-cheeked
lad who, at the age of 11, startled
gray-haired Harvard professors by
propounding mathematical theories
strange, and in many cases unknown
to them; the same youth who, at
the age of 5, composed a textbook
on astronomy and at 6 passed the
Harvard Medical School examina
tion. But justice knows no favor
ites. sa^s B. S. Sims in the New York
Tribune, and despite his remarkable
mental demonstrations as a child,
William James Sidis, youngest Har
vard graduate, received a sentence
of six months in the House of Cor
rection for rioting and one year
for assault upon a police officer as
the result of the radical outburst
of May 1.
The court's action brought to a
climax an experiment by his father.
Prof. Boris Sidis, a Boston psycholo
gist, in scientific forcing, which
proved highly successful though la
mentable. The boy's precocity was
the fruit of a parental theory of
mind growth put into practice from
the very beginning of his life, but
which resulted in dwarfing him
physically and fitting him" for an
impracticable existence. That he at
the age of 21 should turn Bolshevist
is no surprise to those who knew
him in the classroom at Harvard.
Anything but prepossessing, and
wholly indifferent to his environ
ment an<l classmates, he was re
garded as a mere abnormality.
Joint* the Red*.
Of Russia-Hebrew parentage, it
has remained for this extraordinary
living example of a precocious child
to enroll himself in the army of in
dustrial revolutionists, the trail
blazers of the "Red" movement hav
fng for the most part sprung: from
the same race and having- been im
ported from Europe for the purpose
of disseminating Marxianism and
all ports of unrest propaganda with ;
which to bolster the dwindling:!
regime of Lenine and Trotsky.
Probably his blood accounts for j
his conversion to the "Red" cause?j
certainly there is a parallel of Rus
isia and things emanating from that |
hotbed of torture. But it is more |
likely that "birds of a feather flock!
together" and that young Sidisj
found his cult in the society of po
I called intellectuals who seek to]
overturn established order here and;
(everywhere. His mind represents a
[development in education beyond,
I Christianity, beyond established1
I knowledge. He does not believe in (
the kind oi' a Cod that Is the boss |
j of the Christians." He believes in'
| the American flag only "to the ex- (
i tent of the Declaration of Jndepend-i
j ence." The principle of Bolshevism I
i he explained in court as that where- j
[in "those who do socially useful '
I work are to control the government j
I and industries of the country.
Retuln nt Agf of Two.
Before Willie Sidis was 2 years old
I he learned to spell and read correctly
by playing with lettered blocks. The
I seed of his fourth dimension theory
' may have been planted during his play
j with these blocks.
At 3 years of age young Bidis could
? write essays on a typewriter. At 4 he
I knew "Alice in Wonderland" and
I "Mother Goose" by memory. At 5.
[ from his own study of the calendar,
; he worked out a system by which he
? could tell on what day of the week
I any date would fall At G he knew
' every bone in the human body. At 7
he was an e*pert accountant and un
derstood bookkeeping. At 8 he could
sreak six lonpu a tea? French. German,
Greek, l^atin. Russian and English. At
I 9 he mastered astronomy, the use of
the telescope, etc. At 10 he was a
student in a class of young men at
Tufts College. At 15 he had graduated
from Harvard. During all this time
young Sidis* actions and conduct were
i natural and his first sensational act
I recorded was that which recently sent
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12th and E
N. W.
htm to confinement. But regarding his
intellectual precocity. David Edgar
Rice, assistant professor of psychology
in Columbia University In 1W0, said:
"From what I have read of this case
I am strongly Inclined to believe that
this youngster is a freak, and that
hit unusual development is due to ab
normal natural ability rather than to
the methods employed by his father in
his education."
In 1910, Willie Sidls sa'd, as a result
of his calculations made in#the Jef
ferson physical laboratory, that an
airship could make the trip to Venus
In twenty minutes under normal con
ditions; that the alpha rays given off
from radium are able to drive a ma
chine through space with great mo
mentum and incredible speed. By at
taching a block of radium to the rear
of the airship, Sidia figured that the
machine colud be shot through ppace
'faster than the earth Itself moves.
| The erstwhile prodigy's Bolshevistic
j leanings may be connected somen-hat
I with his attitude toward trusts and
business combinations. At the age of
11. in an interview, he declared a flnan
cial panic was bound to
very rhortly, too. unless the W7
ment steps in and brings to an i
stop the depredations of these so
called trusts snd adopts drastic rm*s
j ures to prevent them from f#ur
lawless feeding or the resource* ?
the whole people."?New York Ti Mbix
London?Legless men formed
; guard of honor at the funeral o
1 Col. G H. B. Coata. who had five
the last four years of his life to tt?
i welfare of limbless men. Behio
| the 60 legless sotdierp who rode |
j the funeral procespion?men wN
j had lost both legs?marched 10
men who each had lost an
Th?* path to the cemetery was lin*
with another 200 men on crutchei
each of whom had lost one. |e?
Canadian soldiers fired a MPot
J over Col. Coots' grave.
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