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Mc$8^1iini?0 Ffidtam THE HOME CMdkrenn'a Gsmcr
Walter Scott's education as a romance-writer began while he was
a child. It can be traced even to his cradle, for he was sung tQ sleep
not with lullabiea but with the songs of the exiled Stuarts. As soon as
he could understand stories, his
grandmother and aunt poured Into
his eager ears tales of border war
fare and old Scottish ballads.
He was a sickly child, and this
resulted in a permanent lameness.
But as a boy he so far overcame
this handicap that he was always
in the thick of schoolboy fights, and
none of his comrades could climb
better than he the steep slopes of
the Castle-rock.
As soon as he was old enough to
read, he literally devoured books.
He would not read love stories or
tales of family life. He wanted al
ways yarns of adventure or books
of history. As a boy. he was so
steeped in chronicles of feudal
times, in histories of bygone (lays.
or in accounts of Scottish life, that
he was already equipped with his
background for "Ivannoe" and "The
Talisman." "Kenllworth" and
"Quentin Purward." "The Heart of
Midlothian' and "Waverley."
He loved Scotland with a passion
ate devotion that has seldom been
?quailed. He told Washington Irv
ing that he should die if he could
not see the heather at least once
a year. He wrote straight out of
his heart the lines:
Breathes there the man with soul
so dead
"Who never to himself hath said:
This is my own. my native land!
Condensation by Prof. William Fenwick Harris
"And I must lie here like a bed
ridden monk!" exclaimed Ivanhoe,
"while the game that gives me free
dom or death is played out by the
hands of others! Look from the win
dow once again, kind maiden, but
beware that you are not marked by
the archers beneath. Look once more,
and tell me if they yet advance to
the storm."
With patient courage Rebecca again
took post at the lattice.
"What dost thou see, Rebecca?"
again demanded the wounded knight.
"Nothing but the cloud of arrows
flying so thick as to daze mine eyes,
and to hide the bowmen who shoot
"That cannot endure,* said Ivan
hoe; 'if they press not right on to
carry the castle by pure force of
arms, the archery may avail but lit-;
tli> against stone walls and bulwarks.
Look for the knight of the Fetter
lock. fair Rebecca, and see how he
hears himself; for as the leader is,
so will his followers be.'*
"I see him not," said Rebecca.
"Foul craven!" exclaimed Ivanhoe; ]
"does he blench from the helm when
the wind blows highest?"
"He blenches not: He blenches not!"i
said Rebecca. "I see him now; he
leads a body of men close under the
outer barrier of the barbican. They
pull down the piles and palisades;!
they hew down the barriers with
axes. His high black plume floats
abroad over the throne like a ravanl
over the field of the slain They have
made a breach In the barrier*? they
ru?h In?they are thrust back! Front- |
de-Boeuf heads tha defenders. I see!
hla gigantic form above the pres?. I
They thron* again to the breach.!
and the pans is disputed hand to hand'
and man to man. Qod of Jacob! It J
U the meeting of two fierce tides?
the conflict of two oceans moved by
adverse winds!"
She turned her head from the lat
tice. as if unable longer to endure
a sight so terrible.
"Look forth again. Rebecca." said
Ivanhoe, mistaking the cause of her.
retiring; "the archery must in some!
degree have ceased, since they are
now fighting liand to hand. Tx>ok
again, there is now less danger."
Rebecca again looked forth, and al
most immediately exclaimed: "Holy
prophets of the law! Front-de-Boof
i and the Black Knight fight hand to
hand on the breacli, amid the roar
of their followers, who watch the
progress of the* strife. Heaven strike
with the cause of the oppressed and
the captive!" She then uttered a loud
shriek and exclaimed. "He is down
he is down!"
"Who is down'" cried Ivanhoe; "for
our dear lady's sake, tell mc which i
has fallen."
"The Black Knight." answered Re
becca faintly; then instantly again j
shouted with eagerness: "But no?
I but no! The name of the Tx>rd of j
j Hosts be blessed! He is on foot again. |
and fights as if there were twenty j
I men's strength in his single arm! His
j sword is broken; he snatches an ax j
from a yeoman; he pushes Front-de
Boeuf with blow on blow?the giant
stoops and totters like an oak under
the steel of the woodman. He falls?
he falls! . . . The Black Knight j
approaches the postern with his huge J
ax?the thundering blows which lie i
deals?you may hear them above all
the din and shouts of the battle. |
Stones and beams are hailed down I
on the bold champion; he regards
them no more than if they were this
tledown or feathers!"
| "By Saint John of Acre." said Ivan
' hoe. raising himself joyfully on his
| couch, "methought there was but one
man in England that might do such
a deed!"
Ivanhoe was right; the Black
Knight of the Fetterlock was Rich
ard Plantaganet of the Lion Heart.
King of England, only just returned
: to his kingdom from the Holy Land.
> though but few knew of his arrival
1 as yet. In his absence England had
been under tha selfish rule of the!
King's younger brother John, who!
was planning to usurp the kingdom. |
The great story teller gathers his j
characters together at the tourna-j
ment of Ashby. There come for the '
( sports of chivalry Rowena. heiress j
Simple Operations
Fitted Together
The business of Swift & Company is
the fitting together of many simple
No one thing in a packing business is
particularly difficult for men trained to
do it; but no one thing is enough.
Thousands of other operations, pro
perly performed, are necessary for the com
pleted processes. And some one must
fit together all these thousands of simple
The success with which a packing
business performs its function of supplying
the best possible meat products to the con
sumer with the greatest possible benefit
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the energy, brains, experience, and faith
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Do you believe government direction
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Let us send you a "Swift Dollar".
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Address Swift and Company
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, HI.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
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D. T. Dutrow, Manager
Swatting the Divorce "Bug"
Kisses Will Kill Him Quick, America's Most Famous "Heart Spec
ialist" Tells Young Wives in Second Article on "Di
vorcitis" and Its Antidotes.
(San Franclnco Divorce Judge
Known as "Great Reconciler," und
America's Leading "Heart" Spe
Kisses?not those fluffy confections |
you buy at the bakery, bar the soul- |
exhilarating touch
of lips ? are the
natural enemies of
Given and re
ceived in moderate
I quantities, and
with h degree
of regularity based
only upon one's
hour3 of work and
? play, kisses will
j usually vanquish
i whatever divorce
| germs may be
[ prowling through
the system of
husband or wife,
r. j and re-establish a
tfudge Gr3-h3.Tn.\ state Of marital
Cure for Rowing.
For instance: You and your mate
may have quarreled over some com- .
paratively trivial matter the night be
fore. You have argued yourselves
off to sleep and. in the mind of one
or the other of you. the maggot of
"divorcitis" ha? begun to propagate.
You awake in the morning, slightly
ashamed of yourselves for "rowing"
but too proud or stubborn to admit it. j
Breakfast is a glum affair.
Now! Just before leaving for
work, what if you slipped over to
iwhere your wife was wearily "red
Iding" the table, or your husband
(silently clambering into the his
coat, and relieved the strain with
a kiss?
Not Just a perfunctory peck, you !
understand?but a real, honest-to- j
| gracious kiss, preferably accom- i
panying it with your arm around ;
her waist or his shoulder.
I Pouff! The life of that nasty i
little divorce-bug. which will
j surely cause you untoid suffering
and misery if he is allowed to en- j
I dure, will be extinguished in a flash, j
I Explanations, apologies and com- j
' plete understanding will follow.
I Husband, finally, will go down tho
'street whistling on his way to work]
and Wife, with a new joy and n
new resolve in her heart, will whisk j
the dishes into the kitchen to the
lilt of a song.
j No convalescence is more rapid
nor ecstatic than that following j
such cleansing of the soul.
Morning KIshch.
I once wrote a little jingle sing
ing the praises of that "morning J
kiss" which was printed somewhat |
widely throughout the United
States. I received many letters
thanking me for the suggestion. I
also received a few which pooh
poohed the idea. "A Married <
Woman Who Knows" sent me the j
of Saxon rulers now dispossessed by
the Normans, accompanied by her |
stury uncle Cedric; Rebecca, beauti- j
ful Jewish maiden, whose fate is
constantly joined with that of Ivan- |
hoe. disinherited son of Cedric, a
father who will have naught to do
with a Saxon son who is willing to
accept the Normans and their ways,
and even to be a devout follower of
Richard the King; Isaac of York.
Rebecca's father, wandering Jew of
vast wealth, who is constantly the
prey of the ruthless Norman nobles
who would wring his riches from
him by torture and imprisonment;
Robin Hood and his merry men of
the forest glades, not forgetting the
redoutable Friar Tuck. equally
adept in the ways of the clerk, the,
yeoman, or the roisterer. To them ,
are added of Norman stock the re-1
doubtable Front-de-Boeuf. Brian de
Bois-Guilbert. the Prior of Jor-|
vaulx. and Prince John; Athelstane. j
Saxon lord, destined by Cedric for j
the hand of Rowena; Gurth the,
swineherd, and Wamba the jester; |
and the mysterious Black Prince,
who. like Ivanhoe, makes his ap
pearance incognito till he shall dis
cover how things have gone in his
Sir Walter prided himself on his
mastery of what he called "the big
bow-wow" style; no other of the
Waverly Novels illustrates this power
better "than "Ivanhoe." One stately
and stirring event follows another, all
holding the reader rapt in thrills, but
none quite so much as the siege of
the castle of Front-de-Boeuf by Rich
ard and his Saxon friends. Rebecca
from the lattice recounting to the
wounded Ivanhoe the fortunes of the
battle stands out in the memory of
many a reader as Sir Walter's great
est success in the grand style. And
despite the heroic mould in which the
characters are cast, they yet surpass
in the hold they gain upon the reader.
Don't let btm co to work In thr morolnjc with ancrr or worry In
bin heart. Sruk up behind him and rnd the qaarrel with ? kls?.
following quory:
When Henry comes home at half |
past ten
(Henry, my darling hubby).
Smelling of garlic and cloves again.
("My. but his beard is 6tubbyl">
And says he was out to see a sick I
friend, !
Who would surely mis* him?
That stall is as old as arithmetic?
What should I do. Judge?kiss
When Henry comcs home at half
past two
(Henry, my darling hubbv).
After spending the night with
cards and "brew"
Down at his cozy clubby?
When he tips with a thump over
seven chairs
(Never been known to miss 'em).
What should I do *hen he gets,
Fall on his neck and kiss him?
I'll admit that is somewhat of a
rtumper. Osculations, possibly, might
not be in order that night.
Few have closed the book without a i
sigh of regret that the hero had to '
make a choice between Rebecca and j
Rowena; and in our own day and 1
country few can fail to see the like
ness in many respects between Rich
aro of the Lion Heart and the Presi
dent so lately gone.
The knights are dust.
And their Rood swords are rust.
Their souls are with the saints, we '
In the passage at arms at Ashby
ar cars the Mysterious Knight, whom ;
the reader knows to be Lvanhoe, fresh
from the Crusade in the Holy I^and; !
in the contests of chivalry he valiantly j
defeats the Norman champions, and ,
bestows the prize of Queen of Beauty j
upon his youthful love, Rowena; the
reader gets but a glimpse of a still !
more mysterious knight, whom he can j
only suspect to be the king. From ?
the jcusts all journey on their several j
ways, but in the forest the Normans |
plan a lawless ambuscade and carry j
off to the castle of Front-de-Boeuf for j
motives of revenge, or passion, or ;
greed, lvanhoe, who had been wound
ed at Ashby, Rebecca, Rowena. and j
Isaac of York. The mysterious knight i
of the Fetterlock appears as the time- I
ly leader of the merry men of the j
greenwood, who besiege the castle, to
the great disaster of the lordly brig
ands. After the rescue of the prison- j
ers, all save Rebecca, there follows j
the joyous celebration of the forest i
outlaws, a happy interlude between
the scenes of derring-do.
The strenuous King departed for still J
more strenuous struggles in winning]
back his kingdom; Rowena and Cedric I
sought their home; lvanhoe followed j
his chief; Brian de Bois-Guilbert, j
Templar though he was and pledged j
to holy practices, bore off his un- j
happy prisoner Rebecca. But he was I
discovered in his wicked designs by :
the austere head of his order. In an
assembly of the Templars, however,
Rebecca was condemned to death as
a sorceress who had seduced from the
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| Quietly getting the "old man" to
bed and applying a few cold cloths
I to his aching brow would probably
j he much more efficacious, ^although,
piohibition ha?s pretty well solved 1
that problem.
But the morning kiss Is going to
do much more good than a tongue-1
lashing. "Henry." if he is worth hav-j
!ng at all, is already so overwhelmed'
with remorse for his conduct that a,
longue-Iashing only makfs him ad
ditionally unhappy or positively re
Faith aad Love.
Kiss him, stubby beard and all. and
let him see thst you still have faith
In him and love him. Later on. talk
to him sincerely about his actions.
Take my word for It, he will appre
ctale your self-restraint, and there
will be no case of "divorcitis" follow
ing his misstep.
Morning kisses will cut the work
of the divorce courts in half and;
double your portion of wedded bliss, j
Try them!
(Continued Tomorrow.) *
Large size paper bags are useful
for putting away fur. velvet and
woolen pieces. No moths will ever
get to them. Past* the top to
gether. put in one bag and draw
another one over and paste.
When you want to rub off the
stove slip your hand in a paper
bag. It will i*ave the hands from
the stove blacking.
If you want to save seeds from
plants, like asters, tie a small paper
bag over when the flower is nearly
ripe and the wind will not scatter
the seeds, you will have them in
your paper bag. and it" you want to
have a good laugh sometime, slip
small paper bags over kittie's feet
and tie them on.
paths of virtue an unwilling knight! J
Her only chance for life lies in the
ordeal by battle. Her one champion ;
is Ivanhoe, far away though he is.
whom she had cured of the wound j
received at Ashby. Brian de Bois- i
Guilbert, by the irony of chivalry, is
the champion of his order and of vir- '
tue in distress. At the last possible j
moment Ivanhoe comes spurring into
the lists, to a victory which all the j
laws of fiction foreordain Hot after
him comes clattering Richard and
his train, to unfurl the royal st :nd
ard as undisputed King of England.
1 And all live happy ever after? Save
only Rebecca! If Ivanhoe must wed
Rowena, every masculine reader feels
that he would gladly offer himself toi
her rival. For as Prince John cried i
when first he saw her. "By the bald
scalp of Abraham, yonder Jewess must .
be the very model of perfection whose
charms drove frantic the wisest king!
that ever lived!"
"Gulliver's Travels," by Dean Swift, j
as condensed by James E. Connolly,
will be printed tomorrow.
Copyright, 1919. by Poet Publishing Co.
(The Boston Post) All rights reeerred.
(Published by special arrangement with the *Mc- |
Clure Newspaper Syndicate. All rights rcserTed.) ]
Wonderfnl How Calotabs, the De
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Nest Morning.
The old-style calomel was the be?t j
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Dewey Zlrkin has r?turn?d from At
lantic City.
Mrs. Berth* Murray has raturned to
her home In Pennsylvania.
Mlas Mary Van Kleek. of New York. J
director of the Woman ? Bureau of 1
the Department of Labor, resigned
yesterday to be with her mother, mho
la seriously ill.
Miss Maude W. Harper. Treasury
Department, spent the week-end at Old
Point Comfort, Va_
Harry D. Simmons. General Land
OfTice, is spending his vacation at
Niagara Falls, N. Y.
Miss Claudia V. Campbell, war De- I
partment, has returned from a visit (
to her home in Columbus. Ohio.
I Thomas L. Howard, of Hancock.
Md., is in the city for a few days. J
! Lewis H. Rhodes, of Raleigh. N. C..
is visiting friends In Hyattsville. Md.
Lamont H. Beard, Patent Office, is
on sick leave. |
Mrs. Anna M. Lord, of the War Risk I
Bureau, will return today from Chi-1
cago, where she had been visiting
her daughter.
(Miss Helen Kelley. 508 Fifteenth
street southeast, and Miss Genevieve
O'Brien. 312 Tenth street southeast,
motored to Baltimore yesterday.
Mrs. John Riseling. 36CS Park place,
is enjoying a vacation in Philadelphia
and Wild wood, N. J.
J. D. Ring left the city for Cincin
nati yesterday.
Charles J. James, chief appraiser
of the Office of the Register of Wills,
i is visiting Boston.
| Dr. Daniel Webster Prentiss has
J been discharged from the army.
Everett Bradley is spending the
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Robert O'Neill, of New York, has
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Mrs. John C. Palmer is at Stony
j Brook. N. Y.
I George Middleton spent the week
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Miss Alice Harbaugh visited friends
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Miss Mildred Getty, who has been
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chusetts. will return to her home in
Silver Springs, Md., within the next
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Ned Hollister. superintendent of
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Miss Elizabeth Andrews has return
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KBlf 4ft tad la a*M tba
nam** to Mrs Phtftll* WilbiMm
Btraetar. !!?? L atraet
CftMirfer* H. brMfy. rnr ~
correspondent who vy In Kui-i*
four y?trt, will rtlti* hit esi~rt
encea tonight at the Preaa Clik
J?ha J. I^Rke; will ?pea|i mm "7V
New Army of (b? A* pub lie," thi
evening at the Public Library. Mi
Lenney is a former soldier
Hrpre?rBiiif|Tr R?Wrt Lane, klfl
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