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Union Charges Privates
Are Slighted in Proposed
Wage Increase.
' L
Washington police will demand amln
raum -wm.se of SZ a day. at^a meetins
>f the newly formed Policemen's
LTnion Friday evening.
The union Is protesting: against the
provisions of the wage increase bill
submitted yesterday to the House Dis
trict Commit t.^v by Commissioner
Louis Brownloxv.
It is charged that the increase pro
posed for privates is inadequate,
while thqse asked for major, assist
int superintendents and officers are
_ exorbitant.
Provision* tf Bill.
The bill provides for the following:
Increase the salary of the major
?nd superintendent of police from
MtCO to $4000.
Increase the salary of assistant su
perintendents from 12000 to 13000.
Increase salary of inspectors from
2.000 to
Increase salary of capta'ns from
r.*? to c.vje
Increase salary of lieutenants from
a.?o to *-\000.
Increase salary of sergeants from
3.too to 91.800.
Increase salary of privates of Clasa
1 from fl.230 to 11.500.
Increase salary of privates of Class
I from fl.300 to fl.MO.
Increase salary of privates of Class
I from &.O0O to $1,320.
Expect A. K. of L. Aid.
?It is Expected that the American
federation of Labor will back the
Jmon in its light tor the ?? a day
ninimum wage.
Tne 4>:11 drafted was submitted
d the House committee >esterday
ind Representative Carl E. Ma pes
romised to bring it before the House
oday if an agreement could be
cached with the Senate committee.
Unless the measure can be brought
o the attention of the House this
?eek, it will have to wait until after
be September recess.
Several members of the House yes
erday objected to the bill coming be
iore the House until some action had
wen taken en the proposed investi
ration of the Washington police de
Of course, every one can't get the
rize for being the most beautiful
>atlier. but, when they start hand
ag out prizes for the best swimmers,
orne of the girls in the stamp per
orating division are sure to be in
tie running.
Benjamin Golds worthy, superintend
nt of work.- in the engraving divi
ion, s". arts today on an automobile
aur through the Middle West as far
s Chicago. He will be accompanied
y his family.
John W. Brewer, of the surface di
vision. died suddenly last Saturday.
George Plutch. of Seclon 3. is enjoy
ag a week's leave.
Adam Chapman, of the engrav
ig division, became suddenly :ll
iontlay morning while at work, ana
*as accompanied to his home by
le bureau physician. Though the
rmptoms were quite alarming, his
nndition is reported not to btJ
Frederick Crocker, chief of the
tamp gumming division, id tak
ag o few days leave. H?? plans to
pend the time erecting a chicken
j>u>t. etc.. at his home in Wood
William P. Doyle, of the stamp
? rforating division, is putting in
few days works on his farm.
Helen Campbell, of -section 1. is
at for a week.
Miss Mary OConnor. of the wetting
hision. is on the sick list.
Eugene W. Snook, of the stamp
amming division, has been granted a
?eek's leave. He intends to spend the
me in Annapolis.
Mrs. Christine Story, of section 6.
>3ht force, has gone to New York to
leet her husband, who is just re
trains from sixteen months' service
(verseas. CapL Story is in the Four
eenth Division. of Engineers, and has
cen in the army fourteen j ears.
George W. Plant, of the stamp pack
s' division, woo has been ill for sev
?al weeks, is reported to be improv
The friends of Edward F. Genoe.
jperintendent in the printing division,
all regret to learn of his hurried trip
? Philadelphia on account of the
5alh of his father. The elder Mr.
genoe died last Saturday.
Talk about second childhood-' Saw
larry Chick, of Section 8. trying out
cs children's toys the other evening
o Kenyon street hllL First he made
be descent guiding his little boy'i
cpress wagon, and later, standing on
Se rear axle of his litle girl's tri
David Davis, foreman of the dry
?xes. is taking a few day's leave.
Cool Breezes?
At All Hours
Work better by day and a
sleep better by night?use j|
Models that give the best
and the longest service? I
good on any current.
$5.85 Up |
. S MUDDIMANct. jj
I ,1204 o? G St. 616 on 12tk St
i ' > ?
Cleveland.?Here is the Martin bomber that'* flying around the rim of the United States, In its
home city. It is being piloted on its 8,000-mile flight by Lieut. Col. R. S. Hartz, who has a crew
of four men. ^ 1
Favorable Report Ordered
On New Colombian Treaty
The Senate Foreign Relations!
Committee yesterday unanimously
ordered a favorable report on the
Colombian treaty.
The treaty provides for payment
of $25,000,000 to the republic of Co
lombia for land taken by the United
States at the time of the building
of the Panama Canal.
An effort will be made to have
the treaty ratified immediately.
Coxey Denounces Dry Law.
Jacob S. Coxey, former comman
der of Coxey's Army, testifying be
fore the House Judiciary Commit
tee yesterday, bitterly denounced
the drastic prohibition bill. He
urged an amendment to the Con
stitution providing for initiative
and referendum on all national
Would Keep Yanki at Home.
A proposed amendment to the Con
stitution providing that the President
cannot send American soldiers out of
this country to execute the orders of
any international tribunal or court,
such as the League of Nations, was
introduced in the House yesterday by
Representative James.
May Adopt Budget System.
An investigation of the feasibility
of a national budget system was de
cided on by the House rules commit- ?
tee yesterday. The committee report
ed out a resolution ordering the in- j
vestigation by a special committee of
twelve members.
Daylight Repeal Up Again.
An attempt to repeal the daylight
saving law will be made in the Sen
ate today. Senator Cummins an
nounced yesterday in submitting thej
report of the Interstate Commerce!
Committee favoring such action.
Weald Grade Turpentine.
Paint dealers appearing before the
i Senate Agriculture Committee yes
j terday advocated enactment of the
i Harrison bill to authorize the gov
I ernment to grade turpentine and fix
standards for different qualities.
Asks Oil Investigation.
The Senate yesterday passed the
1 Poindexter resolution requesting the
j Federal Trade Commission to in
1 vestigate the fuel oil situation on
' the Pacific Coast.
Kills Self Under Train.
AnnUton. Ala.. July 28.?The mi
! tilated body of Will Craft, local res.
j taurant man, was found today on the
! Southern Railway tracks, his head
j and feet having been severed by a
j train. Craft left a note addressed to
i his cousin. Mrs. Dixie Vase, saying he
going to kill himself.
in Congress
Maryland Senator Wants
Red Agitation Ban Lifted
Demand that wartime restrictions on
radical agitation be lifted and that
I the espionage law be repealed, was
I made in a speech yesterday by Sena
I tor France. ?f Maryland.
I "In certain cities it is impossible to
I hold meetings without the permission
j of the police," he sad.
Declares Mooney Trial
Fair and Sentence Just
No evidence has been submitted
to Congress by the Labor Depart
ment showing that Thomas J.
Mooney did not have a fair trial
or should have a new trial. Rep
resentative l.lanton declared yes
terday In a statement -Inserted in
the Congressional Record.
"Thtri is absolutely nothing in,
the report of John B. Densmore, I
Labor Department investigator, nor
in the dictagraph conversations in1
the office of District Attorney C. ]
M. Fickert. which Densmore has
submitted to Congress, that shows |
Mooney did not get a fair trial and'
there is nothing therein warranting
a new trial." the statement said.
New Tariffi Framed.
The House Ways and Means Com
mittee yesterday decided on a tariff
of 1-2 cent a pound on crude mag
nesite. 3-4 cent on burned, with an
additional duty of 10 per cent ad
valorem on brick magnesite.
Auto Hit* Street Car.
| An automobile owned and operated
j by Frank Hill. 141 Bates street north
west. was damaged badly when it col
| lided with a street car yesterday aft
| ernoon at Sixth street and Massa
' chusetts avenue northwest. The drlv
| er was uninjured.
Seek ''Cigar Face** for Theft.
Police are looking for Harry Miller,
colored, alias "Cigar Face." who Is
I wanted for the theft yesterday after
j noon of a touring car belonging tc
Martha Gross. 23 E street southwest.
The car was stolen from G street, be
tween Sixth and Seventh streets.
Two Bo? * >llftninic.
Two boys were reported missing
j from their homes last night by their
[ parents. They are Karl Harrison, 1">
I years old. and Samuel Hack, 9.
They Mu*t Know Something.
Thieves who entered the apartment
of James C. Schneider, 1801 Sixteenth
street northwest, apparently were ar
ranging an old-time stag party. They
stole two silver cocktail shakers, a
silver bread tray, a large cigarette
Police News
Henson P. Simra, 1263 New Jersey
avrtiue southeast, was robbed of a
, pair of shoes yesterday valued at
Robbed of Pistol.
W. A. Simpson, 530 Seventh street
! southeast, a dairyman, complained
5 of the loss of an automatic pistol
! Valued at $12. The weapon was
taken from a desk drawer.
Loaea 914 In Handbag.
Mrs. Gertrude J. Porter, of the
Cavanaugh Apartments, complained
| of the theft of an alligator hand
bag containing $14 and keys to her
Motorcycle Stolen.
Walter J. Royer, 28 Todd place
j northeast, reported the theft of a
i motorcycle valued at $150 from in
front of 1418 New York avenue
Exonfrutfd for Slaflng,
Amos Green, the colored man who
was shot in a near-beer saloon on
Seventh street northwest on Monday.
July 21, during the race riots, was
| killed, a coroner's jury decided yes
. terday, by Sergeant Richard Kelly
i and Sergeant Alfred Kruger, both of
| the Marine Corps, in execution of
i duty. Green died July 26 at the Casu
alty Hospital.
Held for Mortfrr.
Jameg Rivers, alias 4 Kid" Rivers,
was held for the action of the grand
jury yesterday for the alleged murder
of Martha Barton, his landlady, by a
coroner's jury. The killing occurred
Sunday afternoon, the police claim,
when the woman demanded that Riv
ers pay his board or get out.
Dnel with Knife and PI*toI.
In an altercation yesterday on Jef
ferson street, Georgetown, between
Henry Cheatham and Boyd Grayson.
I Cheatham was cut with a knife on
i the shoulder and Grayson had a nar
| row escape from pistol shots fired
i by Cheatham.
To lfonpitnl After Fight.
John Fichtig. ."2 years old. of 302
Third street southeast, was removed
to the Casualty Hospital to be treat
j ed for hurts received in a fight, th#
police say. with John W. Dixon, oI
901 Eleventh street southeast.
Roy Hit by Aato.
Francis Dalton. 7 years old. of 41'
H street northeast, was knocked dowr
yesterday by an automobile operate<
by George F. George. 27 Fi f teen ft
?i street southeast, and badly bruised
He was taken to Casualty Hospital
I The accident occurred at Fourth an(
K streets northeast.
Auto Parking Haling.
"Automobiles rarked on private
vacant lots will not be molested b>
the police unless the owner of tin
property makes a specific objection.'
* declared Maj. Raymond W. Puflman
I superintendent of police, last night
Do You Still Crank Your Ford?
Do you stiU wade around in the mud on
rainy days to get your car started? If
you stop for a moment and kill your engine,
do you have to get ont and wind it np?
Do you think it necessary to be a slave to
the crank?
"No, thank*; I have a Peerless Starter"
"Whew, wish I had one"
Thousands of happy Ford owner* In the \orth and
Fast have ended their cranklnu careers! They now
iitep Into their ear*. une the "Peerless Starter," and
are away In less time than It now taken you to
pull the primlnK wire on ;our Ford. And they don't
run the rink of a broken arm or u sprained wrist.
\? hole* to drill. Xo cutting or defacing of yodr
motor. A child ran operate It with perfect safety.
Hack-firing can harm " ?
neither driver nor starter.
For Life of Your Car
SU.S0 Sold on an Absolute
J| Money-back Guarantee
Guaranteed to work perfectly an long aa your Ford
will run. This guoraateca the whole starter, or
any part of it.
It's sold on a 15-day money-hack trial. If It in
not perfectly satisfactory in every detail, we'll
take it off your car and refund the purchase price.
W e know that that'a a xtrone guarantee, but alno
know that the "Peerleas" in perfect. Every part of
it drop-forged nteel, and experience ban proven that
It will withstand the moat severe abuse. It's abso
lutely foolproof.
Don't confuse the ?'Peerless Starter** with others
tou have seen offered for sale. This is its first
appearance In Washington.
You must see It demonstrated to appreciate It.
Call and operate It yourself at our salesroom. Or
write for full detailed Information.
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will crank. Weight, 7 pounds. Drop-forged nteel and
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Boom Started for Former
' Ambassador by Califor
nia Paper..
I Myron T. Herrick really is a candi
date for the Republican nomination
for the Presidency. Otherwise the Sac
ramento, California, Union would not
say so. That is the way Republican
politicians yesterday looked upon an
editorial printed in the Sacramento
Emphasis was given the editorial by
| the fact that Former Ambassador
I Herrick recently financed the deal by
i which the Sacramento paper was taken
oyer. It was rumored at first that
the Union had been bought by Her
bert Hoover for u>me of his former
associates, but the development that
Herrlck financed the dea! and that the
paper now springs his name for the
Presidency causes Republicans to be
lieve that the j?aper is the private
property of the OlUoan.
Naturally the following editorial has
caused Senator Harding, also of Ohio,
who is an a^p rant for the Presidency,
to do a lot of thinking;
"From a source which we regard as
highly reliable the Union has learned
that Myron T. Herrlck, former gov
ernor of Ohio, and former Ambassa
dor to Frnnce. is being quietly groom
ed for the Republican Presidential
nom. nation.
"Herrlck is a standpatter, but unlike
the average member of that peculiar
diminishing group, he Is amenable to
change and must be reckoned with as
a power among the farmers. He was
appointed to the rural life commission
by President Roosevelt, and since that
t.me has devoted much of his time and
ability to the solution of agricultural
problems. His brief record as Ameri
can Ambassador to France made him
many friends, and his war-time work
added to his prestige. If the Repub
1 leans are determined to nominate a
standpatter they m.jfht do much worse
than select Herrick.''
Jailbirds Flet in Pajants.
New York, July 29?Clad in pa
jama?, four Blackwelj's Island pris
oners escaped In a row boat to
Manhattan Island.
Sailor* Wm W?. Strikt
New York, July 21.?"No * toe
work.*' was the ultimatum deliT?rt4
by the crew of the French I ner Chi
cago. which held that steamer In he
French port for 24 hours, it was
learned when she arrived here today.
The captain was forc?*d 10 aiich^r ih-J
steamer until he c*uld secure ft bar
rels of red and white winea
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