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Cost Figures for Parcel Post
Delivery Here Con
sidered Cheap.
While the official array food pr.ce j
list will not be completed until Mon
day. an unofficial list, obtained yes
terday. shows that meats will be sold j
to housewives by parcel post at ap- j
proximately these figures:
Corned beef, tXo. 1 cans (containing
about twelve ounces), 30 cents; No. 2
cans (containing about twenty-four I
ounces*, 58 cents, s.x-pound cans, '
Roast beef. No. 1 cans, 29 cents; one
pound cans, 41 cents; tv ^- >ound cans,
?*? cents; six-pound can .
Corne<j beef hash, one-poun-l cans. 23
cents; two-pound can. 40 cents.
Bacon, In crates. 34 cents a pound;
in twelve-pound tins. 36 cents a pound
Assistant Postmaster General Blake
slee. In charge of the postoffice share
of putting in effect the Kelly food
resolution, conferred yesterday with
^Postmaster General Burleson and with
War Department officials.
Blakeslee said he believes the
postoffice end of the work is now
complete and the actual operation
of the plan, which is expected to
give consumers food at a figure con
siderably below the market price.)
now awaits only completion of the
official price list by the War De
partment sales division.
The housewife who wants army
food will fill out a blank and give
it to the carrier, who will turn It
over to the postmaster. She will
pay the carrier and get a receipt.
7. Possession by the Department of ?
Labor of facts showing that although
the market price of cattle took a ,de- '
? ided slump in June and July, the
retail price of beef soared to new 1
heights. j '
The House niterstate and Foreign j
? ommerce Committee reported out j
favorably the Jgoe resolution provid- (J
ing for an investigation of the cost i1
of shoes by the Federal Trade Com-!1
mission. i*
9. Secretary of War Baker notified ,
the House that he would comply "as
fully and as rapidly as possible'
with the resolution calling upon him j
to place the army's surplus food sup- 1
plies on sale without delay.
10. The American meat packing in- '
?lustry telegraphed directly to Presi
dent Wilson an offer to co-operate
?n every way possible in his Cabinet
investigation of the high cost of liv- ,
ng. and to place unreservedly be- ]
fore the committee appointed by the ,
? 'abinet all facts relating to the
packing business. This action was -
*.aken through the Institute of
American Meat Packers, represent- 1
?ncr the five largest packers and 1
about "JW> smaller packers in various s
parts of the country. ?
The subcommittee named by the I
? embers of the Cabinet is com- t
d .>f Director General of Rail- *
! oads H?ne?: W illiam B. Colver. >
<? irvm of th?* Federal Trail**!1
ji'Tii-Mon anl R. C. l^effinc well, j'
V)isi*f?pt !->r>?tar>- the Treds-,^
i \. M I.eftlngwell recommended
*he creation of a free market tor
H. C. of I. Keep* Wilson Baa?.
The high coat of hvinrr occupied 1
ih" greater part of th?? President's
time >~sterda> His letter to the.'
Senate and House committee I
? haii-men. asking for the 'special!
railroad board.' was sent after a
? onference with Mr. Hines. Th*? j
President, however, has seen Mr. ;
Hines many times m the past ten !
days. The President's letter, iden-;
ti. al to Senator Cummins and Rep
resentative Esch. is as follows:
? I take the liberty of inclosing a
copy of a letter which 1 have just
received from Mr. Walker D. Hines.
the Director General of Railroads, and
which 1 am sure you will agree with
ine in thinking contains matter for
very serious thought and for action
"May T not say that T concur in
th" suggestions which Mr. Hines
makes in the two concluding para
graphs of his letter. I hope that it
v ill be possible for your committee
to consider and recommend legisla
tion which will provide a body of the
proper constitution, authorized to in
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New York. Aug:. 1.?No. not the model, but a life-size repro
duction in bronze will be presented to President Wilson. It's to be
named "The Victory Girl, and the sculptor. J. V. Dernunsky. is
giving the finishing touches to the little plaster cast from which he
will work The model is Irene Wiley, one of the Mack Sennett
beauties, and he wouldn't part with her.
vestigate and determine all questions
.oncerning the wages of railway em- |
ployes. and which will also make the >
decisions of thai body mandatory upon i
the rate making body and provide ?
when necessary, increased rates to |
cover any recommended increases in j
wages and. therefore, in the cost of '
operating the railroads.
"In view also of the Indisputable I
facts with regard to the increased cost
of living. I concur in Mr. Hines' sug- !
gestion that the legislation under- '
taken should authorize the body thus 1
set up to make Its findings with re
gard to the extent that that tribunal
may regard reasonable and proper, in
order to give real relief to the em- I
ployes concerned.
*'I need not. I am sure, urge upon
you the importance of this matter,
which seems vital from more than one ,
point of view, and I hope that you j
will think this form of action the
proper and necessary one."
Every Worker Wants RiUf.
After reciting the many demands
for increases from practically all
i lasses of railroad employes, Mr.
Nines' letter, referred to by the Presi- '
dent, says:
"The situation thus presented in- '
volves the following considerations:'
"We have received the most posi- |
tive assurances that any general
ncreases to shop employes will re
sult in demands for corresponding
ncreases to every other class of1
railroad employes. The situation.
:herefore. cannot he viewed except
13 a whole for the entire 2.000.000
ailroad employes. Viewing it as
i whole, every increase of 1 cent
hour means an increase of $50.
MM^iflO per year in operating ex-1
penses for straight time with a
substantial additional for necessary !
overtime. An increase of 12 cents'
per hour as asked for by the shop!
employes would, if applied to all j
employes, mean (including: neces-.
sary overtime) an increase of prob- I
ably JSOO.OOO.OOO per year in operat- J
ing expenses.
"The government is already incur- j
ring a deficit at the rate of several j
hundred million dollars per year iu !
opeationg the railroads, because the i
increase in transportation rates has
been proportionately less than the in
creases in wages already granted and
the increases in prices which have 1
taken place."
Mr Mines advises the President
against use of his war-time powers)
in increasing treight fates so that the i
wage increases may be granted. On -
this point, he says:
"The question is a peace-time ques- !
tion between the entire American pub- '
lie on the one hand and the 2,000.000 >
railroad employes and the members of
their families on the other hand It \
is a question which I do not believe ,
the executive ought to undertake to
decide unless specific authority is con- ;
ferred upon him for the express pur-!
pose of deciding It.
"The fact that these demands are
mado and are so urgently pressed
^mphasiz^s the great necessity of1
having: for their decision legisla
tion which will provide adequate
machinery representing both the
public and the employes. Obvious
ly any such machinery should in
clude a method whereby revenues
will be piovided to the extent re
fliiited to pay the increased wages
Tn? Director General's plan of
making the Intent*" C?mm?rc.
CommlMlon ? U?* tr?^ub<ervtent
ra "p'ro^bf U ???
bv the statement that n
ehould be allowedtolnurfere
the power* of the propoaea
He >et> out his conclusion* M '?
10 therefore respectfully r*co?
mend that Congress be aske
promptly to adopt ,e*,slat,?" body
vtding a properly c?n?tltuted b^y
on which the public and labor
be adequately represented an
which will be empowered to ^>ass
on these and all rallroad waie
problems, but not on rule# a
working condition, (because *?
latter cannot be sa",'actV_d?nl of
ars.ed from the current handllnf "
railroad operation, and therer
should continue to be dealt wltn y
the Railroad
legislation should also p <Je.
that If wage Increases shall
elded upon It shall be mandatory
- .?
railroads. _
??I do not think that we ?nproP
erly deal with thl. great
without a full recognition of,'ie t
that the cost of living la r"'dlyJ?M
inr and that every month that pas
promises to Impair .till
purchasing power of the e* ^
wages of railroad employes umcssi in
rise in the cost of living ?n b? ?
ctasfully restrained (as I
hope in the general public Interest >i
can speedily be?. I thereforef^h^r
recommend that Congress be u ,
to provide in ?ny such le|rt?Ution ,
tv,at q nv increases in railroad wages
whlch iusy be mad. by the tnbu.uU
constituted for that purpow. ?h*? ? ,
^that data the bene.it whlch th. tri
bunal may think they wer,<
titled to. In this way the delay nec
os.arily incident to ?bf cre?Uon
such tribunal and its action will not j
be prejudicial to the fair interests of
the railroad employes/
Buys Airplane to Race With Stork.
Fort Dodge Iowa, Aug. 1.?A doc
He bought an airplane today.
Bir Church Ad. Campaign.
Stonv Brook, N. Y.. Aug. 1. A
tion-wide campaign of church ad
Using through newspapers was
launched today at the new era con
ference of the Presbyterian Church.
.nd Surplus. >2.000.000
HEN choosing a custo
dian for your surplus
earnings, bear in mind that
this bank is serving more
than 39.000 depositors.
Conclusive evidence that our
facilities and methods of doing
business give uniform satisfac
" Same rate of interest paid on
both small and large accounts.
National Savings & Trust
Cor. 15th and N. Y. Ave.
Sold ?rally fey Us ana ?ot 115 Sftosrss
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14th and C Sts. N. E., knows Corby's Mothers
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Standard Market,
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